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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  April 1, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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at 6:00. captioned by closed captioning services inc. welcome to "world news." tonight, victory and violence. march madness becomes a manic melee, rowdy fans riot after kentucky's big win. what will happen win or lose when the team plays for the national championship tomorrow? weather warning. in the season of deadly twisters, the new alerts you will not be able to ignore. get ready for words like mass destruction. guessing game. it's the $656 million question. where are the mega millions winners tonight? we will track down the latest clues. a family's anguish. stunning new evidence in the disappearance of susan powell. as her family says her two little boys did not have to die. and perfect harmony. almost 3,000 singers from far flung countries making beautiful
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music together. ♪ good evening. we begin this sunday night with march madness turning into an act of april aggression. and fears an ugly scene on one big campus could be repeated tomorrow night. with the college basketball championship on the line. police in lexington, kentucky, are bracing for new violence after some university of kentucky fans won't on a rampage into the wee hours of the morning to celebrate the kentucky basketball win. rioters flipped cars and people are wondering, what will happen tomorrow night when they play for the national title. abc john muller on what went wrong and what is next. >> reporter: flames and passion
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lit the lexington skies a cars burned openly on state street. what started as a celebration of win quickly descended into mayhem. thousands of fans whipping each other into a frenzy. armed with beer bottles and bravado, fans climbed on top of cars to the cheers of others. and the officers screamed to the partiers, down, down, get off the car. police were out in force, giving a new meaning to march madness. watch as revelers torched this overturned car. and it wasn't just cars. some burned anything they could find. by the time it was over, two dozen arrests and no serious injuries. meanwhile louisville mourn their loss gracefully and without incident. all this after a basketball game a big one, as kentucky won the battle of the bluegrass state to advance to the ncaa final. for thousands, the only intention was to celebrate. police in riot gear tried to close the street but they were
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outnumbered and showed restraint. the mob prevailed. the crowd and the fires burning themselves out. as you might expect, police met today to make adjustments in preparation for tomorrow's game with kansas. several hundred police will out. on the treat tomorrows to hopefully keep order. >> thanks. day two of the mega millions guessing game. people are wondering, who is holding the tickets in the record $656 million drawing. in the three places where the tickets were told, the curiosity and the clues are really the talk of the town. abc's david kerley is on the case. >> reporter: it's a mystery that may never be completely solved. >> i wonder what they are going to do. >> reporter: there are only three winning tickets. each worth $218 million, the maryland and kansas winners can remain anonymous, which sends us to red bud, illinois. population 3500.
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a town where you most likely know your neighbor. >> who would have thought we are on the map? >> it's exciting. it's exciting. in small towns, there is always gossip going on and stuff. and it gives everybody something to speculate about. and everybody's dreaming. >> reporter: along highway 3 in the middle of town, they are talking. is it their neighbor who is the newest millionaire? >> oh, my gosh, everybody is just guessing and rumors are flying. >> reporter: rumors and names popping up at the country kitchen. not me, they say. which is what nadine wright told her kids when they called. >> i said, sorry. you are on your own for awhile yet. >> reporter: anyone tired of being asked if they are the millionaire, can buy a t-shirt, yes, i'm from red bud, no, i'm not the winner. the winner did use a quick pick. their name will be made public. they have a year to claim the prize. unless they want the lump
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sum cash payment. they have to have for that within 60 days, jake. >> david kerley in washington. on this april first as we head to the peek of tornado season, there is word tonight of new weather warns that don't mess around. it's been an extraordinary year, 355 twisters across the country. more than twice what is normal and starting this week, forecasters want to make sure you know they are not crying wolf next time. here is abc's meteorologist ginger zee. >> reporter: devastation in tuscaloosa. joplin, missouri, a wasteland. and in henryville, indiana, this. all killer tornadoes. all had tornado warnings. hundreds of warnings go out and don't end like this. which is why the national weather service is testing a heightened warning system in parts of missouri and kansas, which would go beyond the normal warning.
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>> the doppler radar capable of a tornado. >> the hope is better description can have better action. >> reporter: words you might hear. you could be killed if you are not under ground. mass devastation is likely. mobile homes will offer no shelter. the words aren't meant to frighten people but to get people to take action. a lesson i have seen learned too late like in devine, texas. >> we get watches and warnings all the time. it just becomes routine. you hear it when there is a thunderstorm and you don't think it's going to come. >> reporter: let me emphasize again, all tornado warnings should be taken seriously. and a warning is only a beginning. you have to have a way to get that warning and sirens are not enough. get a noaa weather radio. and have a place to go when the warning comes through. >> and you and i were talking before. one of the reasons for the epidemic of twisters we have seen is because of the record heat. >> yeah, the heat has certainly helped, especially in the march tornadoes.
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and march was such a hot month for so many. more than 7,600 record highs. dozens of cities marking their warmest march ever on record. >> thanks, ginger. we turn to politics now, your voice, your vote, and two days until the wisconsin primary. today i talked to bill clinton at his clinton global initiative summit in washington which gives lodge students a chance to create service projects. in 1992, he went through a similar experience as romney. a long and bruising primary process that inflicted serious damage on his popularity. you turned it around, can he? >> i doubt it. mr. romney has a different challenge than i did. mine was one young character attack. but we never had to change what we were saying from the primary to the general. the problem that governor romney has, his character attack, he
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doesn't know what he believes, he did that, says that. the poor man that got in trouble for the etch a sketch remark, it's like saying, there is nothing more damaging in politics than telling the truth. i mean, the truth is, that is what he's got to do. >> as romney battles it out for wisconsin and beyond, i want to bring in our senior washington editor, rick klein. they seem to talk about romney as if he is already the nominee and now we are starting to see some republicans talk that way, right? >> that is right. the republican party is speaking with one voice right now and that is saying, this is over. the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is the latest to come out and say, it's time to fall behind the lines of mitt romney. he is not making endorsements but realizes, romney is a long ways from clinching the nomination. there is no doubt who the nominee is going to be. winning wisconsin on tuesday would be an exclamation for romney. but there is ending regardless
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of what happens tuesday. >> looking past wisconsin and washington, d.c. and maryland what is the next circle on your political calendar? >> rick santorum labeled the state of pennsylvania is must win for him. and he is right. that is just three short weeks away. if santorum doesn't win that contest in pennsylvania, he has no argument left for maintaining an active candidacy. for romney and the republican party there is finally a light at the independent of this very long primary tunnel. >> thanks so much. you can see all of the interview with clinton tomorrow on "good morning america." gma begins its big week with katie couric co-hosting. secretary of state hillary clinton on an overseas trip focused on the crisis in syria, warning president assad that the time for excuses is over. there is a brutal crack down on the opposition, there is a new mood to boost the forces.
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reena ninen is traveling with secretary clinton in istanbul, turkey. reena? >> reporter: thank you, jake. several gulf states have decided to pay the salaries for those joining the syrian free army. the move is designed to try to get the factors to move from president assad's military into the opposition. the u.s. has agreed to pledge an additional $12 million in aid for a total of $25 million and to provide communications equipment to help the syrian free army organize. secretary of state hillary clinton sat down with abc news to discuss the future of assad's regime. >> we think assad must go, the sooner, the better for everyone concerned. but we also know that we require a multipronged approach to to problem. >> reporter: u.s. aid includes medical supplies for refugees, but inside syria this weekend, the violence claimed some three dozen lives. just last week, assad agreed to a cease fire as part of a new peace plan. but there's no sign that is about to happen. reena ninen, istanbul. >> thanks, travel safe.
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and secretary of state clinton is hailing history in a remarkable victory in myanmar. crowds cheered in the streets as nobel peace prize candidate aung san suu kyi who went years under regime appeared headed for a landslide victory for a seat in parliament. and now high seas rescue for three sailors badly hurt in a yacht race. they were on a boat 600 off the coast of california when a huge wave and high winds struck. clayton sandell on a new race, the one to save them. >> reporter: when they left china for the u.s., it was smooth sailing. but just 400 miles from the california coast, the 68-foot racing yacht ran into trouble. just before dawn saturday, the boat was hit by a monstrous swell. steering was knocked out.
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>> the crew took the full force of the wave with them. they were knocked off. >> reporter: four people were hurt, including the ship's medic. she may have several broken ribs. a coast guard plane dropped medical supplies saturday but bad weather kept crews from reaching the boat. they are trying a helicopter again today. since august, the team has been sailing one of ten yachts competing in a 40,000 race around the world. on the latest race, a competing team shot this video. featuring waves angry enough to make the sailors seasick. this is the not end of the race. they have two weeks to fix the boat and set sail once again on hopefully smoother seas. the family of the jetblue captain that break down midair is breaking silence tonight. with the captain still hospitalized and faces charges, his wife issued a statement saying, it's our belief as clayton's family that why he was
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clearly distressed, he was not intentionally violent to anyone. and one other night. pope benedict ushered in a palm sunday mass in st. peter's basilica on the heels on of a visit to cuba. cu cuba's communist government has fulfilled his wish to make good friday a holiday. and new anguish from the family of susan powell tonight. new evidence. could it have saved the lives of her two little boys? i bathed it in miracles. director: [ sighs ] cut! sorry to interrupt. when's the show? well, if we don't find an audience, all we'll ever do is rehearse. maybe you should try every door direct mail. just select the zip codes where you want your message to be seen, print it yourself, or we'll help you find a local partner and you find the customers that matter most. brilliant. clifton, show us overjoyed. no, too much. jennessa. ah! a round of applause.
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. the family of susan powell has new anguish tonight after a stack of evidence has surfaced that strongly linked her husband to her disappearance in 2009. so they ask, why don't police act on the evidence and stop him before he took the lives of her boys as well. mark greenblatt has the details. >> all the signs were there. and the police didn't act on them. >> reporter: the sister of susan cox powell believes that the police in utah have blood on their hands. not arresting job powell and not protecting the powell kids after they have what is a noun tan of evidence linking josh to susan's murder. >> look what it did. i kill you had my nephews. by not putting him behind bars
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when he should have been. >> reporter: she is reacting to newly unsealed documents, how investigators found susan's blood on the floor near where two fans were set up under a sofa that appeared to just be cleaned. and a letter they found in susan's safety deposit box that susan asked not shown to her husband, joshua, if she dies, and it's an excellent, it may not be one. and he moved to washington without telling the family. >> they were foolish for keeping it from us. >> reporter: law enforcement agree. >> josh powell should have been arrested. >> reporter: and josh powell's father, obsessed with susan himself. arrested for child pornography. he had pictures of susan in her underwear, lending credibility with worries she once expressed to her mom. >> she said, just in case
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something happens to me, i want to you know where his dad lives. because he'll have something to do with it. >> susan's sister is struggling, telling me that she is still feeling hugely let down by police. and police telling us she has a right to her opinion. they say they hope people withhold judgment. they are still investigating the case actively. >> all right, thanks. eye opening revelation tonight for anyone with a cell phone. "the new york times" has found widespread tracking by police with no oversight or warnings. they looked at police records and found hundreds of police departments are tracking cell phones for emergencies and routine investigations with no court approval. some cell phone carriers are now charging police a surveillance fee for all the calls and texts. and a civil liberty group is
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after the game, one of the players cut down the net, except for one string. coach's widow shelly climbed up to finish the game. linsanity appears to be over for awhile. he has been linjured. he will be sidelined with a knee surgery. it's a disappoints turn for the undrafted harvard grad who shot to fame of leading the team to a seven-game win streak this season. and a 12-year-old from california has defied gravity. he pulled off the world's first 1080 on a skate board, spinning three times before coming back to earth. the maneuver has eluded the skate board champions for decades. but his dad said that he nailed it on his first try. it may help that he is five feet tall and weighs 80 pounds. when we come back, thousands of voices from all across the planet coming together online. tends to stay at rest... t while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis,
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then john... maurice... jill stepped in... made some calls... and saved me hundreds of dollars. that's a lot. it meant a lot to me. taking the time to help you with insurance questions. another reason to transfer your prescriptions today. ♪ i'm carol, and i bring all my prescriptions to my cvs. finally tonight, a world of sound as close as your computer. an online extravaganza is being unveiled tomorrow, the brain child of one man who needed almost 3,000 people to make his dream come true. abc's nick watt listened in from london. ♪ >> reporter: right here, right
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now, the world's first taste of an extraordinary collaboration. 2,950 singers from 73 countries from south africa to australia to kazakhstan. a visual choir, created by eric whitaker. >> from the earliest history of man, people have been doing this in one form or another, coming together in one form or another, making music. >> reporter: it comes together online, singing in bathtubs and closets. ♪ this woman is a librarian in remote norway. >> you have a general feeling of being connected to people everywhere. it's a lovely thought. >> reporter: harmonizing with jan, 4,000 miles away on vancouver island. she hadn't sung in years.
5:57 pm
you recently turned 60? >> yes, i did. and i wanted to do it as a challenge. because i like to be able to hold my head up and say, you know, i did it. >> we haven't ever turned away a single singer. they have all made the cut. ♪ >> reporter: global voices, united as one. nick watt, abc news, london. that is "world news" for in sunday. david muir and all of us at abc news, thanks for watching and first thing tomorrow morning, catch the start of a very big week on "gma." >> all right, have a great vacation. >> you are doing me a solid. >> i will keep the seat warm. >> do that!
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>> they are actually going let robin go away for a full week. >> not happy. i just hope they find somebody who knows something about morning tv to guest host. >> hi, guys. >> yeah. >> that will do. >> yeah. >> wolfy, how are you? nice to see you. >> good to see you, well, you are cooking. >> two, one -- >> hi, everyone. i'm katie couric and i'm thrilled to say, "good morning america." >> we are thrilled to have you. >> thank you, matt. i mean, george. gotcha.
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>> ama: a dangerous rescue is underway. the coast guard trying to save the crew of a damaged yacht. good evening. i'm ama daetz. at least four crew members are injured. lillian kim is live in alameda with the rescue effort. lillian? >> reporter: this coast guard cutter is identical to the one that is taking part in a rescue effort about a couple hundred miles offshore. the coast guard is attempt to rescue as many as four injured sailors, including a 50-year-old man and 25-year-old, both from the uk. their boat is part of a around the world sailing competition, a 68-toast racing yacht and there were a dozen people onboard when a large wave


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