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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 2, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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monday morning, 5 a.m., thank you for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. breaking news. firefighters in san mateo are battling a house fire this home is just a few blocks off alameda. this fire started before 4:00. fires -- firefighters tell us everyone got out safely. five people, one adult, four kids. firefighters expect to be there for several more hours. we have a crew on the way. we'll bring you a live report as soon as they get there. coast guard cutter expected to arrive in san francisco bay in afternoon carrying a pair of seriously injured sailors. katie marzullo is live on coast guard island in alameda with the latest. this was a dramatic rescue. >> reporter: --
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>> we'll move along obviously a technical problem there. moving to other news. in san francisco, occupiers remain at a building they took over last night. occupy san francisco and occupy oakland joined forces to open the vacant building belonging to sacred heart preparatory school. the group storm into the building after 100 marched from union square delaying that traffic along geary street. they say they want to use the building to provide food and housing for the needy. >> we are trying to find common ground with the church. we believe church at least in their stated mission, has shared goals as us. and that they should be happy to have us providing services to the community that we're both a part of. >> the occupiers claim the catholic archdiocese is letting them remain until 9:00 this morning. police say things have been peaceful and they are not making a move until they get
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word from sacred heart officials. police trying to identify vandals who damaged property saturday night. officers are going flew video trying to identify the people who -- going through video trying to identify the people who damaged windows and spray painted graffiti they targeted businesses in city center next to frank ogawa plaza. police scaled back the number of officers present during the process -- protest. thousands scoured a morgan hill neighborhood in search of missing 15-year-old sierra lamar. now they are taking their search online to urge -- this online campaign began at 6:00 yesterday evening organized by the klaasj2 kids foundation in hopes of bringing the teen home now missing for 17 days. >> it is not going to end. that is something that my daughter took after me.
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she was very determined, you know. she did what it took to get the message out. she is feisty and didn't think twice she spoke first. >> next scheduled search for sierra is next saturday we hope to get new information from san jose police about a shooting involving one of their officers at richard's bar last night. officers were sent to the scene after a hold-up alarm sounded 8:30. one officer discharged a weapon. police say nobody was hurt. in alameda, police say an officer was forced to shoot and kill a dog last night as officers were respondedding to a call of a man brandishing a knife. as the suspect was being detained a pit bull broke out of suspect's house and charged at the officer. the officer feared he was going to be bitten or mauled so he opened fire on the dog.
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yahoo may be gearing up for layoffs in the thousands starting this week. yahoo's new ceo is preparing for a major restructuring of the company. the investigation is being targeted include products, public relations, marketing and research among others. earlier this month, yahoo said leadership was working on strategic change. yahoo has 14,000 employees. the company is not commenting on the report. new honor for a san francisco international airport. [ unintelligible ] fo or's has named -- fodor's has named sfo top airport. [ unintelligible ] a gem we all knew about
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now the rest of the world going to find out. how about a look at forecast >> shouldn't be any problems. >> not weather-wise. everything is quiet, we'll keep an eye, there could be other delays you can find those at at the bottom where the flight tracker is. [ unintelligible ] let's look at our winds. about -- half moon bay everybody else calm to nine miles per hour not as breezy as it was yesterday, no fog to speak off everybody has unlimited visibility. ought to be a beautiful sunrise and sunset colorful today with high clouds mixing with the sunshine. still a nice, mild flow out of the south with mid to upper 60s in most neighborhoods, 70 santa rosa, fairfield, antioch, livermore, concord, san jose,
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71 in morgan hill today. warmest day in the forecast until sunday, temperatures start sliding tomorrow chance of rain in the north bay. breezy and cool thursday into friday before that warming trend saturday and sunday. good morning sue. light this morning, want to take balk to the golden gate bridge, a few cars headed westbound, south into san francisco, across the golden gate often waldo tunnel no problems toll plaza and doyle drive, still got construction with the tunnel being almost cleated -- completed on doyle dive. headlights toward hayward no problem. fire happening in san mateo is at the intersection of ed dinberg -- ed dinburg asking that you avoid the area. this mainline is highway 92
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you can see -- [ unintelligible ] edinburgh and evan stan. -- evanston. we'll have video from that fire in san mateo and 300 -- meantime, more news. next, what a new poll reveals about californians concern about privacy online. >> political unrest in china leads to a big internet crackdown. glimmer of hope that we may be seeing a bit of relieve
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. a coast guard cutter is expected to rife this afternoon caring sear -- to arrive this afternoon carrying seriously injured sailors. katie marzullo is live on coast guard island in alameda with the latest. >> reporter: we just received actual video of the rescue this was taken from the advantage point of the coast guard cutter. we know that since then, the two injured sailors are onboard and heading back this way. we'll give you the update on that in a second. check out the video. the got was hit by giant wave saturday. yesterday the cutter was able to pull up along side the 70
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foot yacht and get two injured sailors off. within has broken ribs and punctured lung. the other suffered some kind of pelvic strain. you can see how choppy the water is, that's why the first rescue attempt which was supposed to be a helicopter airlift had to be aborted because of how bad the weather was. it is a dangerous sport. sailing around the world. >> we knew we were taking on the largest ocean in the world. there was a healthy sort of scariness, if you like. >> reporter: when the yacht was hit it was about 400 miles away. at this hour it is 200 miles away, maybe less. the cutter with the injured sailors onboard as well as the yacht should be arriving here later this afternoon maybe 3:00, depends how fast they can go.
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they were participating in!uñ te clipper 11-12 around the world yacht race from china to here in the bay area. the rest of the fleet has arrived in jack london square the ultimate destination there were 13 crewmembers aboard the damaged yacht the remaining 11, two were moderately injured but chose to stay aboard. the rest of the 11 are bringing that yacht into jack london square. that and the coast guard cut we are the injured sailors onboard expected back here on dry land pacific this afternoon. katie marzullo, abc7 news. -- california's high-tech firms maybe on the forefront of innovation butbá struggling when it comes to trust with customers. new poll shows most californians distrust tech companies in dealing with their personal information. those surveyed were asked to rank the largest companies on a scale of 1-10. apple got the highest with 4.6
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out of 10. google, linkedin youtube average rankings and facebook was second to last only 2.7. twitter last place at 2.4. china is in the midst of an internet crackdown this morning while a political crisis swirls among the leadership. government has shutdown 16 websites and arrested six for spreading rumors that a coup attempt was underway in beijing. analysts believe government leaders are trying to quash speculation about infighting. the people arrested are accused of blogging that military vehicles were seen to oust government leaders. in a new offer coming from down under, the australian government says it wants american plumbers, electricians and construction workers to join their growing industries, revising is system
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so skills can be assessed while they are still here and be given an australian work license and hit the groundworking the moment they arrive instead of having to wait months for a permit. some bay area residents are paying more sales tax this morning. increases went into effect yesterday. in vallejo up 1 cent to 89.37 . -- -- [ unintelligible ] latest survey of gas prices finds they are edging down in california according to aaa nationwide average is $3.92 a gallon up three cents from last week. in california gas prices have dropped. prices are didn't a penny to $4.31. in the -- bay area down one cent in san francisco $4.38, oakland $4.29.
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san francisco is among the top 10 greenest cities in the nation according to a new survey. travel leisure magazine ranks san francisco number nine. san diego eight. portland number one. -- i guess we are talking two green -- [ unintelligible ] speaking of rainy this week or is it dry? pretty dry compared to the last couple of s. still a chance out there the heaviest of the -- rain just about over as we start to transition back to a drier pattern. good morning. taking a look down at is from from sutro tower clear warmer than yesterday morning 50 oakland and antioch everybody else in the low to mid 40s until you go san francisco at
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48. we are headed down south, looking at low to mid 40s santa cruz, watsonville, gilroy, 47 monterey and salinas. warmer today with high clouds and sun this afternoon. chance of light rain the key is chance and it is light, tuesday and wednesday, coolest thursday and friday behind that front before a warming trend for the weekend. 70 today, fairfield, concord, antioch, livermore, san jose and santa rosa, everybody else mid to upper 60s sun and high clouds. 66 monterey everybody else in the upper 60s to low 70s around the bay even 69 salinas to 73 gilroy inland. tonight warmer clouds rolling over that blanket effect will keep most of us in the mid to upper 50s. as far as what is happening, warm front moving north, high pressure over top of us to our south. getting over room by clouds,
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any time you bring warm moist air over a cool air mass you get clouds that's what he are going to have during the morning into the afternoon and evening. keep our temperatures up overnight, i don't expect anything to befallinging from the sky, maybe a drizzle along the coast. by 6:00 tomorrow evening, rain moving into the north bay, scattered rain for the rest of us overnight into wednesday morning looks quiet, wednesday afternoon a stray shower or two is possible. check out where we have measurable, just across the north bay, 10th to quarter of an inch maybe higher elevations in the diablo range and around the santa cruz and -- high surf advisory continues as storm is kicking up waves 13 feet, 8:00 to 11:00 this morning. temperature drop nearly 10° by wednesday into thursday the coolest, a raw day with cool, breezes no rain calmer friday
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warming trend by saturday and sunday, little spring seesaw in your temperatures. have a good one here's saw. good mute this morning. good morning. live shot of the golden gate bridge cars traveling southbound through the toll, four lanes configured for your commute, heading in no problem, no fog on the bridge either. the maze here for you, you could see that is flowing smoothly into the bay bridge toll, 580, 880 no delays, bay bridge looking good, no metering lights this morning. wanted to go back to san mateo where the reports of this house fire at the intersection of edinburgh authorities are asking that you stay out of that area. for a better idea of where this is i brought our waze map up. this is highway 92. so far, will not be affecting highway 90 commute. if you want to get more
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information on the wazeman it is free join traffic spotters by going to to get more information. more on that breaking news now that two alarm fire in san mateo, five people barely escaping with their lives. sue thompson is live on the block what is going on? >> reporter: we just arrived on scene. this fire is in west san mateo. you can see it is very much still an active scene. the fire is under control and fortunately, five people inside, one adult, four kids, they did escape and we understand they are okay this morning. this was of course a big residental area in san mateo, homes close together. firefighters did have their work cut out for them this morning. we are joined with fire chief from san mateo. good morning dan.
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talk about the challenges and what you saw when your crews arrived on scene? >> we were dispatched to a structure fire before 4 a.m.. when we arrived, this fire involvement included two streets fire crews began to attack on within side to find that it had spread to another building on the adjacent street where the intersection comes together. >> reporter: as far as the situation here it looks like things are fairly under control, what will happen to the rest of the morning out here? >> second alarm involved in a number of structures, two garages, one house and [ inaudible ] all crews are still on scene we are making sure that the fire is extinguished, assessing the -- assisting the families. we'll be here a couple more hours. we are doing secondary searches no reason to believe there was anybody else involved. at least one family was displaced with one adult and
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four children. a total of five at this point. >> reporter: thank you. he mentioned a lot of structures, a lot of smock in the attic, definitely a -- a lot of smoke in the attic, definitely a busy morning this was a two-alarm fire. we'll keep you posted. sue thompson, abc7 news. 5:22. we are going to shift gears, fame face we know and love returns to morning tv, this morning right here on abc7, next. blockbuster movie weekend. can any of the new films take on "the hunger games?" the m
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new act sensitiv strong teeth, fresh breath. in a sensitive formula. moviegoers are still hungering for the hunger game the first installment based on the popular book trilogy earned 61 million dollars to take the top spot for a second weekend in a row. the it has earned 250 one million dollars in the u.s. alone in just 10 days. that's well ahead of the number two movie, wrath of the titans. titans pulled in 34 million dollars in its debut weekend. wrath is the sequel to clash of the titans. mirror mirror third, followed by 21 jump street. dr. seuss' the lorax rounds out the top five. nice to see you. >> have a great vacation. a
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solid. >> kyle keep the seat warm. katie couric will be guest hosting all this week subbing for robin roberts who so deserves a vacation. for 15 years katie has hosted rival network. september 10th her afternoon talk show "katie" will debut on abc stations including here on abc7. cannot wait you know it is going to be a lot of fun this morning. >> i seem to remember seeing her some place in the morning before. >> can't place it. 5:26. following breaking news in san mateo, firefighters battle a house fire that broke nut the past hour or so. a family of five got out safely. we are there live, coming up. dramatic coast guard res sue at sea. two yacht racers injured by -- by waves will arrive in the bay area. we are live with video of the rescue just released. maybe a new month but
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still plenty warm in st. louis, 90, mid to upper 80s dallas, new orleans, atlanta, miami, 75 phoenix, 50s and 60s in other areas. even with the clash of air masses we do not have thunderstorms creating delays right now we could. when they develop weep -- we'll have them. at the bottom. have a great day. [ mom ] to me, chex is not just a little bowl of cereal,
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good monday morning. 5:30 a.m.. thanks for being here i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. our top story, in a few hours harrowing journey comes to answer when the coast guard brings to dry land a couple of the most injured sailors in around the world yacht race. the sailors faced down a major storm off the california coast. katie marzullo is live on coast guard island in alameda with the latest. >> reporter: i just talked again with the spokes bomb for the team aboard the damaged yacht. -- spokeswoman for the team aboard the damaged yacht. they are still more than 2 muhammad nautical miles away from -- more than 200 nautical miles away from their destination here. they are tracking the yacht. the yacht is neck-and-neck with the coast guard cutter
5:31 am
headed this way. check out this new video we just have in this morning of the rescue this was yesterday. you can see as the coast guard works to get the two injured sailors off the yacht on to the coast guard cutter in some very bad weather choppy seas and waves the reason the original plan a helicopter rescue had to be aborted sunday. the 70 foot yacht was hit by a giant wave saturday it lost steering and two sailors were badly hurt one suffering from broken ribs and punctured lung. the other some kind of pelvis strain. remaining crew is still sailing the vessel here. >> in good spirits. although the steering was carried away we have a back-up system and they are using that. the boat is steering she not disabled. -- she is not disabled, not crippled. >> reporter: there were a total of 13 crewmembers, two
5:32 am
taken off, two others suffered minor injuries they decided to stay onboard and sail in. they are participating in around the world yacht race this was the leg from china to the bay area. the rest of the fleet has arrive -- has already arrived in jack london square. the crew will go there and repair their ship and continue on with the race. the race is expected to end in late july in england. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 5:32 now. thousands of volunteers scoured a morgan hill neighborhood in search of missing 15-year-old sierra lamar. they are urging social media users to change their profile pick tours a photo of the missing teen for 24 hours. the campaign began yesterday evening. she was last seen 17 days ago she disappear after leaving
5:33 am
her mom's house to go to school. the next scheduled search is next saturday. in pacifica fire investigators return to the seen san of a deadly house -- to the scene of a deadly house fire that claimed the lives of a child and great-grandfather. 11 were able to get out. a middle school aged boy and his great-grandfather were not able to escape. >> some did report there were possibly two still inside. we went in to rescue. >> the cause of the fire has not been determined. neighbors say the great only moved from mexico three months ago. the cost of the bullet train system on the way down. high speed rail authority expected to release revised plan later in fresno. the plan will be 30 billion dollars cheaper to build the train system. the authority originally put the project cost close to 100 billion dollars.
5:34 am
the authority's decision to share tracks in the bay area and los angeles is bringing the price down. good idea of how much snow the recent storms have dropped. state engineers will be going out this morning to measure the snow pack. this will be the fourth time this season department of water resources will conduct the manual survey. the winter and early spring have been relatively dry, the reservoirs are 80 to 100% filled. you ask why? state leaders credit our conservation efforts. kudos to you for your conservation efforts out there. we have been getting some precipitation especially over the weekend. good morning. here's a look at electron lickally what the snow pack -- electronically what the snow pack had. statewide average 52% the north 71% of normal.
5:35 am
39% in the south most of the storms were north of us throughout the better part of the winter right now all is quiet on doppler not picking up any precipitation returns. winds calm compared to yesterday fastest around five miles per hour. unlike yesterday, you won't have to deal with the breezes, nice looking air no fog to worry about. what we have coming in, warm air invection clouds, high level clouds making for a beautiful sunrise and sunset you may even see a halo around the sun. 70 fairfield, santa rosa, the rest of us mid to upper 60s. warmth won't last past tomorrow. cooler weather on the way wednesday and thursday, slight chance of showers tuesday and wednesday, warm weather will return just in time for the weekend. good morning. hello everyone if you are traveling from concord towards walnut creek this is your live
5:36 am
shot of 680 past north main into the 24 junction, 24 moving well towards the caldecott tornado tkphel, 680 to the dublin in-- tunnel, 680 to the dublin interchange, no problems. maze flowing smooth there to the bay bridge toll, metering lights off incline section inner deck smooth into san francisco no delays into town. we have this fire we've been reporting from san mateo intersection of barneson and edinburgh blocked we are asking that you an roid the area. this is -- that you avoid the area. i wanted to show you one other graphic. muni, everybody just checked in all looking good, if you you are heading out. caltrain a good way to get up from the peninsula as well. 5:36. >> wife of that jetblue pilot who had to be subdued by passengers last week is defending her husband.
5:37 am
what she has to say, next. new details in the trayvon martin case. you heard that voice yelling in the background of the 911 call? who was that? - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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5:40 am
overnight. sue thompson is live in the 300 block of barneson. >> reporter: good morning. this is very much an active scene in west san mateo this morning. two alarm house fire at 314 barneson this broke out after 4:00 this morning. that is when the call came in. san mateo fire department says she arrived minutes later and found orange flames shooting out of the back of a family home. they say fortunately, the family inside, a family of four, they were able to make out safely. crews have their work cut out for them. they had to scramble to keep flames from spreading to nearby homes. fire chief says everyone was out safely, but he did say a lot of damage behind the home, the second home off of barneson street there are lean tos, a neighbor's garage damaged and area behind the home itself. there was some problem that seems to be foe --
5:41 am
they say for the most part in fire is under control. they do want to make sure that nothing nearby a lot of homes nearby do not catch on fire they are staying on top of this they will probably be out here for the next couple of hours. did talk to the next door neighbor. she said she woke up when she saw the orange flames and a minute later her neighbor was banging on her door telling another get out of the house and call 911. fortunately, for the most part everyone here is shaken up in west m, but firefighters say thankfully, -- in west san mateo, but firefighters say thankfully, everyone is safe. in florida, forensic voice experts have analyzed a 911 call if a woman who reported fighting and screaming outside her home in february, before
5:42 am
george zimmermann shot and killed teenager trayvon martin. the experts say those screams did not come from zimmermann who claims he fired in self-defense after martin an tacked him and break his nose. -- and attacked him and broke his nose. zimmermann was shown with no head wounds. >> i saw george. he was banged up. i see him have a big band age on his nose and his nose swollen. on the side where his like eyes were at. >> trayvon's older brother says he doesn't understand why police and others accepted zimmermann's story without question. federal and local investigations are taking place. there are demands across the country for zimmermann to be arrested. the wife of the jetblue down caused an emergency land something speaking out. captain clayton osbon's wife
5:43 am
says she thinks her husband wasn't intentionally violent towards anyone. she thanked the crew and passengers for their handing of the situation. osbon was locked out of the flight deck by his co-pilot and had to be restrained by passengers on the new york to las vegas trip. the plane made an emergency landing in texas. burger king rolling out a new menu today. bloom tkerg business report is coming up. also, pay attention behind the wheel, big crackdown aimed at forcing bay area drivers to keep their eyes on the road. [ inaudible ] esep
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all an quiet. a lot of sun from coast to mountains and top to bottom. 56 eureka today, cooler in tahoe 49. low to mid 60s yosemite, big sur upper 60s fresno. low to mid 70s, chico, sacramento, san diego. 77 los angeles, 82 palm springs. 5:46. new this morning, we are getting new clues into who those lucky winners are who won last friday's massive mega
5:47 am
millions lottery jackpot. some of the winners were identified over the weekend already there's controversy over the winning tickets. tahman bradley has more. >> americans who played mega millions and didn't win are returning to work today wondering who did? >> i want to know what they are going to do? >> reporter: 100 million americans spent 1 1/2 billion dollars playing mega millions. there were three winning tickets each worth 218 million, one from maryland, one from kansas. "new york post" found the maryland winner, a mcdonald's worker singer mother of seven. her co-workers are claiming the ticket was -- was part of a lotly pool a claim she denies. the third from red bud illinois and can be identified the tiny town of 3500 is eager to learn who the lucky winner is. >> oh my gosh everybody is guessing and rumors are flying. >> reporter: in california one of several second prize winners has been identified.
5:48 am
a guatemalan immigrant matched five numbers he's expected to collect about a quarter of a million dollars. the winner from red bud has a year to claim the prize. if the person wants the lumm many sum he or she -- the lump sum he or she must come forward within 60 days. stanford women's basketball team had a great season but could not get past undefeated bail already. the star forward for stanford scored 22 points. no other cardinal could hit in double digits. baylor led by half surged after the break their 6'8 player put in 13 points, baylor wins 59-47 and will face notre dame for the title tomorrow night. major league baseball returns tonight. preseason series continues tomorrow night at the oakland
5:49 am
coliseum ends wednesday afternoon in san francisco. the giants looking forward to playing home again after breaking spring camp in arizona with losses to cincinnati and milwaukee over the weekend the a's opened the regular season last week in tokyo. the a's will resume their regular season with the mariners in oakland friday night this time they won't need a passport to play. [ unintelligible ] looking down on san francisco you can see how quiet it is this morning. let's move on and talk about temperatures. low 40s around fairfield, napa, mountain view, san jose, los gatos, livermore, concord, redwood city, everybody else mid to upper 40s, 50 antioch and oakland. monterey bay, 41 santa cruz to 44 watsonville. inland 40 gilroy and 47 in
5:50 am
salinas. going to be warmer today. probably the warmest day in the forecast. high clouds mixing with sun as the day unfolds. chance of light rain tuesday and wednesday as storm system passes to our north it will bring cooler weather thursday and friday then will quickly move on warm weather on the way for the weekend. as far as today compared to average, warmer by four degrees in livermore 70 oakland three tkwraoes warmer 68 san jose two, with 70, san francisco 64, one degree warmer. napa one degree cooler at 68. sunrise 6:53. will set at 7:34. more 70s around morgan hill, gilroy hollister, watsonville, santa cruz. tonight mainly in the mid to upper 40s cloud cover keeping
5:51 am
us warmer than this morning. couple areas of high pressure stubborn keeping the system to our west, really elongating it from north to sort going to help the high pressure pump in warm air today and again for tomorrow. you can see the warm air invection clouds mixing in with our sunshine today high and mid level clouds. here they are on the computer models, rolling in by 5:00, beautiful sunset, overnight cloud cover hangs around nothing falling from the sky. scattered rains at best overnight until 7:00 wednesday morning nothing going on. scattered shower possible wednesday afternoon up in the north bay. measurable in the north bay will only be around 1/10 to a quarter of an inch most in the higher elevations. the storm is kick up high surf until 11:00 this morning from 13 to 15 foot westerly swells.
5:52 am
dangerous rip currents possible there too. temperatures drop two to four degrees tomorrow, another six degrees wednesday, a couple more where we are all in the 50s thursday. calmer friday, warming trend through the weekend. have a great day. good morning. we go back to the san mateo bridge, taillights headed westbound from hayward towards foster city highrise moving well headlights toward hayward eastbound no problems if you are heading either direction this morning. san rafael coming down southbound 101 past lucas valley road towards the civic center no problems there this morning traffic flowing smoothly through marin county. san ramon valley headed to 580 junction no problems. starting to slow out of antioch so far so good out of san francisco this morning. we have the bay bridge series
5:53 am
around at&t park later today traffic will be hopping so give yourself extra time that game begins at 7:15 this evening. 5:53. this is different, burger king is parking food trucks outside fitness gyms to get to you try its new menu. >> here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. good morning. feds investigating reports of engine fires in gm chevy crews and suv. also looking into seven complaints of fire to the 2010 jeep wrangler. the government isn't done with foreclosure probes. "new york times" says officials are expected to go after eight more firms, including goldman sachs. they weren't part of the settlement over so-called robo signing. burger king hoping to win back customers after passing number
5:54 am
two crown to wendy's. special a revamped menu, with new salads, the trucks will be givinging away free samples later this month -- it is free cone day ben & jerry's tomorrow celebrates anniversary. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. 5:44. this morning nobel peace prize winner says she hopes her victory in myanmar's menry election marks the beginning. -- [ unintelligible ]
5:55 am
. passengers on a luxury cruise ship that caught fire and was stranded at sea says the crew was totally amazing. it drifted off the southern philippines with 1,000 onboard after flames end gulfed an engine room friday. five crewmembers were injured and the ship was able to dock in malaysia yesterday. 200 americans were among the passengers. >> it was really a trip of a lifetime. because there aren't a lot of cruises -- [ inaudible ] if they had it again i would come running. >> the cruise line is part of royal caribbean cruises. the ship left hong kong monday
5:56 am
for what was supposed to be a 17 day southeast asian cruise. >> heads-up if you are getting ready for the morning commute. police will be out enforce for the next several weeks looking for distracted drivers. the highway patrol and police agencies across the bay area are taking part any crackdown on cell phone use and nexting while diving. a ticket for violating -- while driving. a ticket will cost a minimum of $159. new details about life during the great depression. the 1940 census records are being released after 72 years of confidentiality expires. free to anyone on the internet but won't immediately be name searchable. we have a link on abc7 click on see it on tv. just ahead, a weekend march by occupy oakland leaves downtown businesses damaged. police are checking security
5:57 am
video to try and identify the vandals. >> reporter: two alarm fire breaks out overnight here in west san mateo, fire crews still on scene. we'll bring you the latest on this breaking story, coming up. ícícícícíc
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