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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 2, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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hey, everyone, i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm katie couric. good morning, america. this morning, mcmystery. does this mcdonald's worker hold the winning ticket? new questions this morning about who really hit the jackpot. an abc news exclusive. a newly enhanced videotape shows george zimmerman did have marks on his head the night of the killing of trayvon martin. major fumble. an nfl cheerleader and former accused of having sex with a student. her mother, a principal, alleged to have covered it up. will they both end up behind bars? and look who is back in the
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morning on "good morning america." >> for one night only on "dancing with the stars," katie couric, live! >> she's dancing with the stars. and you won't believe what else we have in store for katie. ♪ there it is. so what else do we have in store for you this week? >> i'm not sure, but it's making me more nervous, george. >> hello, everyone. as you know, robin is on the least publicized spring break -- or, least publicly sized vey spring break in history. how are you? >> it's a bit strange, i'm a bit nervous.
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my heart is beating quickly. >> it's been some time. six years. >> yeah, six years. i first woke up at 1:15 this morning like, i'm ready to go. i was like, wait a second. i don't have to get up this early. >> did you get back to sleep? >> yes, i got back to sleep, i'm happy to report. i have to be honest with you, getting up this early was a lot harder than i remember. ♪ [ alarm ringing ] ♪ i'm sexy and i know it >> hello? what? that's today? ♪ wake me up before you go go don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo wake me up before you go go ♪ ♪ i don't want to miss it when you hit that high wake me up before you go go ♪ ♪
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♪ if you start me up if you start me up i'll never stop ♪ >> okay, guys, i'm ready! >> you're all ready. >> the things i do for my craft, george. you had to wake cooper up, too. >> i did. but my other dog was still sleeping. i feel like i won the lottery sitting next to you this morning. >> what a smooth transition, like you did it your whole life. >> that's right. we'll get the latest on the megamillions lottery. three people sharing the largest jackpot ever in the u.s. who are the lucky winner, still a mystery and some controversy brewing as one woman in maryland said she is the big winner. abc's ryan owens is in red bud, illinois where one of the winning tickets is sold. ryan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, katie.
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i did buy you a gift. we normally don't do this for our anchors. this is the big seller in town. yes, i'm from red bud. no, i'm not the winner. there's a lot of small town intrigue in this community of 3500 people. we don't know who the winner is here. we might have a clue who got it in maryland. call it a mcmystery. this morning's "new york post" reports a simmering fast food fight. at issue, 37-year-old immigrant said she bought the ticket on her own, her mcdonald's coworkers say the ticket was purchased in an office pool. wilson tells "the post," i was in the group, but this was separate. the winning ticket was a separate ticket. is she the winner? or is this a lingering april fool's? the truth is, all anyone knows is the ticket was purchased at
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this 7-eleven outside baltimore. the maryland winner and the winner in northeast kansas can remain anonymous. here in red bud, illinois, the winner must come forward to get the check for $218 million. >> everybody's wondering who won it. >> reporter: this is the only happening place in town. maybe someone knows something here. at the bar, we came across gary. according to the rumor mill, he's the big winner. >> i didn't win. i didn't win. >> reporter: he showed us his phone with 150 missed calls. too many texts to count. >> congratulations. hey, did you win? across the country, 158 players matched five numbers and won $250,000 each, including 29 from california. among them, this guy who already quit his job at an l.a. doughnut shop. new york had 17 second place winners, including a dozen employees of this sushi restaurant. in my hand, i hold the official check from the illinois lottery. look at this, it says it all.
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question mark, question mark, question mark. in this town, the median income, listen to this, $39,000 a year. whoever won this thing, would have had to work 5,590 years to make this kind of money. they have up to a year to come forward. katie, it's nice to have you on board. i just wish this was the gift i was bringing you back, then you could throw away that alarm clock. >> that makes two of us. when will the mystery winner step forward? joining us is the lead director of megamillions from austin, texas, gary grief. hi, gary. >> good morning, katie. how are you? >> do you expect a lot of people to come forward today? i know the winners were announced friday night at 11:00 o'clock? are you expecting your offices to get stormed? >> well, right, katie. this is the first time that the state lottery offices have been open since we had the drawing friday night.
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typically we hear from our winners via telephone first. we're able to see if they are holding a winning ticket based on the serial number on the ticket. i expect my colleagues will be receiving the calls today to see if there's a winning ticket out there. >> the situation in baltimore sounds like a megamess. this woman saying, pool, what pool? what do you do in situations like that? >> well, it's frustrating to h-i'm not sure of all of the we tail, katie. that's why we encourage our players to sign the back of their tickets, put it somewhere secure, and make sure you get the right financial and legal advice to avoid any problems just like we potentially may be seeing in that state. >> what kind of financial and legal advice do you give, gary? do you have a seminar to explain what kind of steps to take? >> state lotteries, as a general rule, stay out of that. we try to push and encourage our winners to seek that legal
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advice. most of the winners in the last few years that have won big jackpot prizes have formed trust or partnership agreement. and we want to make sure they get the very best advice they can, form those agreements correctly, and avoid the type of situation that we're potentially hearing about this morning. >> and real quickly, gary, do you expect, or think winners will get the amount in one lump sum or over a period of time? what usually happens? >> the vast majority of the winners pick the lump sum, katie. we have very few who pick the 26 annual payments. in this case, these three winner, they've got up to, or even more than 180 days in some states to choose which way they want to take that prize. so that will be a personal preference for them. >> it will be an exciting day for you, gary grief. thank you very much for talking with us this morning. i hope you won't have a lot of aggravation today. >> thank you, katie. >> did you buy a ticket? >> i did.
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i bout a lot of tickets, $25 worth. they added it all up. they bought enough tickets to buy $5 worth for every single man, woman, and child. >> i bought three. >> wow, it's crazy. >> i take it you didn't win. because you are here this morning. >> exactly. josh elliott has the other top stories. >> i guess that makes three of us. here i am. katie, welcome. >> thank you, josh. >> we're very excited to have you. proving once again that coffee is magic. >> thank you. >> let's get to the news. breaking news. the first images coming in from the crash of a passenger plane in russia, in siberia. the fuselage splitting in two. after nose-diving into that field. 32 people killed, 11 survived the crash. the pilot was trying to make an emergency landing. no word on what went wrong. as news becomes available, we'll have it for you. now to an abc news exclusive in the trayvon martin shooting case. we were the first to show
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you this surveillance video of george zimmerman arriving at police headquarters, seemingly uninjured. this morning, a new version of that same tape. matt gutman joins us to show us what that reveals. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, josh. we took the video, enhanced it, we redigitized it to find what we think is the clearest, sharpest image yet what may have happened that night. revealing for the first time what appear to be a pair of gashes or welts on george zimmerman's head. this video enhanced exclusively for abc news showing more clearly the first moments after george zimmerman arrived at the sanford police department just after shooting trayvon martin. the entire raw video obtained by abc news, and clarified by forensic protection inc., sharpened the video from this to this. the sharpened video showing some form of mark or gash in the
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back of zimmerman's head. a police report from that night describes blood on the back of his head and his nose. >> enhanced videos are used to identify individuals injuries. what you're able to see in the enhanced video is marks on the back of mr. zimmerman's head. >> reporter: overnight, orlando station wkmg obtained dispatched audio as emergency responders cancel the second ambulance called to take zimmerman to the hospital. and as the clamor for zimmerman's arrest grow, thousands crowded into this miami park late sunday, for a rally, chanting -- >> justice for trayvon. >> reporter: in their demand for justice, the family is calling on the department of justice to investigate the first state attorney involved in the case, the one who rejected the police recommendation to charge zimmerman with manslaughter. josh. >> matt gutman in florida, thank you for that. and taylor swift has been crowned queen of country yet again. for the second consecutive year she won entertainer of the year.
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the academy of country amusic awards. the 22-year-old woman becomes the second woman to win it twice. carrie underwood being the other. i think she might have a future in the business. >> my 16-year-old daughter is very happy about that. >> as are we. >> big taylor swift fan. >> and my daughter. elliott and i were watching kids choice saturday, she was very taken with the first lady's outfit. >> i think taylor is great. >> she's a good role model for young women. let's get to the race for president now. the exclusive interview with former president bill clinton. the republicans closing ranks behind mitt romney. clinton gave jake tapper a blunt assessment of romney's prospects and hillary clinton's future. it's a special "your voice, your vote." jake, you caught up with the president at this fifth annual clinton global initiative? >> yes, first, hi, katie. >> nice to see you.
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>> 25 years ago, clinton faced the same kind of situation that romney faces now. i asked him about it. you turned it around. can he? >> i doubt it. mr. romney has a different challenge than i did. mine was just one long character attack. we never had to change what we were saying from the primary to the general. >> we're going to let this guy do it. >> the problem that governor romney has is his character attack was, you don't know what he believes. he did this, he says that. and the poor man who got in trouble for the etch-a-sketch remark, that's like saying there's nothing more damaging in politics than telling the truth. the truth is that's what he's got to do. >> reporter: we caught up with the former president at the fifth annual clinton global initiative university. with more than 1,000 students coming together to discuss community service projects. at a time when people are so
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skeptical and distrustful of government, corporations, how do you convince young people that public service can be effective? >> there are young people that are always idealistic. and always have good ideas. then there are the young people who are disillusioned with government, or with the private sector who think, okay, i want to take things into my both hands. we have both types of people here. it's interesting. >> reporter: how do you get them to leave the computer and get their hands dirty? >> that's why we do it. one of the lessons of the spring in thahrir square, i remember when those young people in demonstrations, could bring down a government, but they couldn't build one. who won the elections? the muslim brotherhood, why? because they have been working for years from the grass roots level.
7:15 am
>> in '96, your answer was yes. and you got reelected. president obama is not going be able to put that question to the people. how does he get reelected? >> i'm not sure that is true. if it is true, it's because the financial collapse occurred in september 2008, a couple of months before he became president. i think his argument will be, we put a floor under a recession and kept it from becoming a depression. we've begun to work our way out. i think he'll win handily. and i have for a long time. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton said she won't stay in her post during a second obama term, but what about a presidential run in 2016? do you think there's still a possibility she might run? >> i don't know, that's totally up to here. i hope she comes home. i miss her. we have fun together. she wants to come home and
7:16 am
decompress. i believe she's been honest when she says she doesn't think she'll go back to politics. if she comes home and we do this foundation stuff for the rest of our lives, i'll be happy. if she changes her mind, i'll be happy. i don't think -- that's light years away. >> i think the secretary of state has said about three dozen times that she's retiring from politics next year. but he opened the door again. >> i think he wants her to run. i said, what do you want? he said, i want whatever she wants. but -- >> he's got that one down. right? >> but i have to say, i think that there's part of him that really wants her to run. >> do you think he wants it more than she wants it? >> at this point, i think so. i think she's exhausted. she's been in public service for more than 20 years. >> and her schedule has been insane as secretary of state. >> i take her at her word. when she says she doesn't want to run. no one has any idea what the world will look like then. >> it's a long way from april to november, too. >> absolutely. we should point out. >> i was surprised he went directly at mitt romney as well. >> i think he misses politics in
7:17 am
that sense. he's been pretty restrained. >> he has. jake, that was great. you can see the entire interview on on yahoo! you in this amazing rescue. now to the hair-raising rescue of the california mom who plunged head-first into a snowbank and found herself trapped upside-down and struggling to breathe for almost 30 minutes. her husband frantically trying to dig her out. abc's david wright has the story. >> reporter: when kristin and eric johnson set off on this black diamond trail, they had no idea how harrowing their day would become. >> as i was literally saying the words, don't go there, kristin literally disappeared. >> my feet came up, my head went down, i sunk. >> reporter: she had skied into a creek bed, flipping head over heels into the powder. >> my initial thought was it might be an avalanche.
7:18 am
are. >> reporter: from the surface, you would only see the bottom of her skis. >> snow packs in around you like cement. i couldn't hear a thing. >> all i could do was dive in and try to dig her out. the more i dug, the more she sank. >> reporter: the snow started to swallow him, too. >> i knew i needed to make an air pocket. i couldn't move my arms. when i started to lose consciousness, i remember ripples up over my eyes. it might have been tears. >> reporter: luckily help was nearby. >> i just happened to see her riding up the lift and see her husbandying. i don't know how long she was in the hole before i saw the husband. he said it took us approximately ten minutes to get there. >> reporter: it took them 20 more minutes to dig her out. all the while, she's headfirst in the snow. >> we were possibly minutes away from not seeing her alive again. >> reporter: unconscious when they finally pulled her out. her lung bruised, her face blue with cold. but alive. >> we just held each other and
7:19 am
cried. >> reporter: for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> boy, that is some good work on the mountain. now we have sam in here. sam, look at all that yellow. what a march we've had. >> this is incredible. katie couric. >> sam champion. >> let's talk about the yellow dots, if you feel like you've heard the phrase "record ohios" over the last month of march, more than 7,000 times, at least. it's not unprecedented. you could never even think this might happen. unbelievable. here's the highs today. 88 in st. louis. tallahassee is close. dallas looking at 800 degrees. here's where the strong to severe storms are rolling.
7:20 am
>> does she have a future or what? >> starting to relax now. it feels good. coming up, the nfl cheerleader and former teacher under fire. she's accused of having sex with a student.
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7:25 am
crews say the five people in the burning house and residents of -- residents of neighboring hopes got out safely. a garage next to the property was gutted. >> let's see how traffic is going. sue in for frances >> good morning. problem san rafael southbound 101 earlier accident still blocking lane at lincoln the reason for slow traffic. accident at 19th and winston a free waze app you can download you can get that information here, you can see 19th is jammed. when we come back, mike nicco has the bay
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well can come back. sun is up -- welcome back. sun is up, officially monday morning has started. 38 napa, the rest of us in the 40s until you get to livermore and mountain view upper 30s. during the afternoon, upper 60s to near 70° except for mid 60s near the coast. high clouds on the increase could bring a chance of light rain across the north bay tuesday and
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right there is sara jones, a cincinnati bengals cheerleader, she's under fire right now. a former high school teacher accused of having sex with a student. her mom, a principal is now taking heat for being part, prap perhaps, of a cover up. good morning, everyone. robin is on break. we're so happy to have katie here this morning. >> i'm a bit rusty. i haven't done it for six years. new outrage this morning from susan powell's family as newly released evidence seems to implicate her husband, josh. did police have enough to arrest
7:31 am
him before he took the life of his sons? >> i know you is worked with dan before. you have never done the tag team. >> i ever in have. i'm a little nervous. i brought this whistle. [ whistle blows ] if you get out of line, i'm ready. if i have to break it up. >> you're going bring us something special in the next half hour, "dancing with the stars." >> already, one of my dreams has come true on my first morning. i never miss "dancing with the stars." i'm a fanatic. i take a spin or two. >> you're dancing with derek there. you got tony and maks, too? >> i ogled maks. i danced with tony. i dropped it like it's hot. >> you have to explain what that means. new evidence in the case of susan powell.
7:32 am
it seems to link her husband, josh, to her disappearance. cecilia vega is here. >> reporter: we're so glad to have you. george and i are here for you. we are learning for the first time just how much police knew about josh powell and day his wife disappeared. and how susan powell's family wants to know why he was never arre arrested. a mountain of evidence, potentially damning details. information in search warrants that raise questions about susan powell's disappearance. >> i don't see how they let him leave the state with at the kind of stuff on his computer and with a missing mom. >> reporter: police found susan's blood inside the powell home just after her
7:33 am
disappearance. josh set up fans to dry a sofa and carpet that appeared to have just been cleaned. josh once bragged to a friend about how to dispose of a body and not get caught. police found a gas can, tarps, and a shovel many hin his car. they found susan's cell. josh could in the say why. susan kept a secret safe deposit box. inside, letter saying if she died, it may not be an accident even if it looks like one. susan's botd was never found. west valley police call it a missing person's case. >> we have an active investigation and are not willing to intersphefere with t. >> reporter: susan's family says if they had reacted, the outcome could have been different. last month, josh murdered their
7:34 am
two young suns before killing himself in an infer know. >> if he had been in jail, our grandchildren would have been alive. >> reporter: josh's father was obsessed with his daughter-in-law. he had images of naked women with susan powell's face put on to them. >> we're joined by dan abrams and by nancy grace. good morning to both of you. nice to be with you. >> good morning, katie. >> hey, katie, nice to be with you. >> why country josh powell arre arrested? >> when i heard there was new evidence, i thought i would have to come in and defend the prosecutors and the police. i look at the evidence and i can't understand it. to me, the fact that she spoke from the grave, the fact that she wrote this letter in her will and testament, locked up in a safety deposit box that said, if susan powell dice, it may not
7:35 am
be an accident, right next to another document talking about how she's having marital problems. it's stunning to me. put it together with the blood evidence and the fact that he drained their i.r.a. accounts. >> didn't he drive 800 miles and nobody noknows where he went? >> that's right. when you put it together, i can't explain why the authorities didn't arrest him. >> nancy, what do you think is the most damning piece of evidence? how surprised are you that there was not an arrest in the case? >> i've been surprised for a long time. i spoke in depth with susan's parents and her sister. they told me they begged the judge not to give visitation to josh powell. and that's really what this is all about. it's not just the murder of susan. she's dead. she was murdered. and the fact that the west valley police say they don't
7:36 am
want to disturb the integrity of the investigation, what integrity, they're calling it a missing person. hey, she's dead. she was murdered. it's not a missing person. to hear dan say he didn't want to attack the police, i never heard that before. >> oh, here we go. >> that aside. that aside, i think the strongest piece of evidence, twofold. number one, the children, we haven't talked about that, katie. you raised two girls. you know at this age, they verbalize. they're verbalizing what happened. they said daddy took mommy on the camping trip, put her in the mines, mommy is in the car trunk. they told their sunday schoolteacher mommy's dead. >> this is reminiscent of case you and talked about many, many, many times over the year, the o.j. simpson case. nicole brown simpson left a note with pictures of herself bruised
7:37 am
and battered saying to anyone that would find it, if you find this, look at him. look at what he's done with me over the years. >> they could have arrested him on obstruction. which i toent you use your cell cell phone? it might power down. the cops saw it charged into his car. they could have arrested him for lying to cops and soften him up behind bars and find the body. those children could be alive today. >> you mentioned the judge. did he have access to all this information when he granted supervised visitation? that seems to strange to me? >> i'm just sick about it. and we -- the parents and the sister told me that they begged the judge not to give visitation. they gave him up a of this evidence. those children did not die of smoke inhalation. they died by an axe to the neck. he chopped them in the neck with
7:38 am
aaxe. that could have been avoided. >> it's a little chick. and egg are regard to the children. we're looking at the case, the evidence, saying how the heck could this have happened. when someone is not charmed, they're the parent, they're at home, i think the blame goes on the people that didn't charge him. it's not about the judge who does or does not grant supervised visitation. >> they need to be stewing in the same pot, dan abrams. >> no, no. >> you'll have to discuss it at commercial break. i'm happy i didn't have to use my whistle. nancy grace, dan abrams. it's a tragedy. nice to see you both. now it's time for the weather and sam champion. sam? >> hey, katie. pictures out of southern california. the wind and surf are strong. you move the win inland.
7:39 am
you have 10% or below humidity, you get big-time high fire danger. that goes from the coastal area well into the plains. what about the snow and cold and rain into the or not east? we're replacing it with milder temperatures this week. boston, 60 on wedn >> all of that weather was brought to you by pringles. oh, katie? george? josh? a big story coming up. the nfl cheerleader and former teacher under arrest, accused of sleeping with a student. why her mom, a principal is
7:40 am
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we're back with the shocking sex scandal with the nfl cheerleader who led a double life. she was also a schoolteacher alleged to have had sex with a student. her mom, a principal in the same district, could have helped to cover it up. linsey davis is here with the details. >> reporter: good morning, george. the cincinnati bengals lead the
7:44 am
league in the most player arrests since 2000. now, one of the ben-gals, the team's cheerleading squad is now adding to the infammy. this morning, she'll be appears in front of a judge. ♪ american woman >> reporter: this was sara jones, cocaptain of the ben-gals, the cheerleaders for the nfl's cincinnati bengals. until her resignation last november, she was a high school teacher. >> i worked my butt off to make sure i had a clean, great reputation. >> reporter: but this is jones now. after her arrest on thursday. she's now charged with having sex with a former student, a minor, and using election reason toic means -- e-mails or texts -- to fuel the affair. and this is her mom, cheryl jones. as the community knows her best, a middle school principal, seen here in a local news interview after a tornado. >> we have counselors on staff. kids need to be talked to if they want to talk to somebody.
7:45 am
>> reporter: she worked in the same district as her daughter and is now accused of what would be described in football as trying to run interference. she's been charged with tampering with ed to cover up her daughter's alleged sexual relationship. the penalty for mom, up to five years in prison. up to ten years for her daughter. what cheryl jones did to protect her daughter hasn't been disclosed. >> i would say because they've indicted her, she was actively involved in altering or destroying evidence in this case. >> reporter: their lawyer called the indictment of the mother completely baseless and says later this morning, both will enter pleas of not guilty. this is not the first time the ben-gals cheerleader found herself playing defense. in 2009, she won an $11 million defamation lawsuit when a website alleged she slept with several bengals players.
7:46 am
that case is being appealed. she's back in court with a whole other matter. coming up, katie gets her first tas of "play of the day." [ female announcer ] introducing coffee-mate natural bliss. made with only milk... cream... a touch of sugar... and pure natural flavors. coffee-mate natural bliss. from nestle. add your flavor naturally. you know who you are. you can part a crowd, without saying a word.
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here's "the play of the day." >> pressure's on, josh. >> one could argue it happened at 7:01. we want to roll out all-time favorites. >> oh, this guy. >> oh! >> with the antelope. we thought, hey, that work sod well for those of us not on the bike. >> he was fine, by the way, katie. >> we're going take another look. we realized we're on to something. and so, as george pointed out, this is jub jub. and rocketing him to the top of the polls when he balanced a budget on his nose. the balancing st. bernard, that poor, poor kid. moving right along.
7:51 am
the girl who wanted to blow the candle out and blow and blow and ploe and blow. a bit unclear on the concept. happy birthday, too you. >> meanwhile, she's inhaling. >> oh! >> almost bathing suit season. go, big fell larks go. >> that is so cute. where was that? >> that's a very good question. allergy, fact or fiction, brought to you by allegra. having friends over allergic to pets? keep your dog or cat away and everything will be fine, right? find out if it's fact or fiction. ♪ [ female announcer ] irresistibly touchable skin hour after hour.
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7:56 am
good morning i'm eric thomas. occupiers remain at a san francisco building they took over last night. occupy san francisco and occupy oakland joined forces to move into the vacant bidding. it belongs to the sacred heart preparatory school. the group held a rally and marched up from union square. a check on the forecast now. here's a look at high temperatures for today. good morning. high clouds and sun mid to upper 60s in most areas 70s santa rosa east bay valleys and santa clara valley warmest
7:57 am
day this week, slight chance of light rain tuesday and wednesday. good morning hot spot muni accident by san francisco state 19th at winston, surface streets backing up, it will be a problem for the rest of the morning commute. the news continues now with "good morning ameririririri
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ i just came to say hello hello ♪ a little hello this morning because everyone out there in times square saying hello to katie couric. welcoming her to a big week right here on "gma." look at the crowd. >> it's a spirited crowd. they have come out in droves. >> they sure have. they're here for you today, katie. >> they're here for everybody. >> you had to come farther west than you're used to. >> it's true. i got a little lost along the way. ♪ i know it's not sunny. believe me, i'm doing you a big favor. ♪ pressure pushing down on me pushing down on you ♪
8:01 am
>> good morning. no, no, not this morning show, "gma." ♪ it's too late to turn back now i believe i believe i believe i'm falling in love ♪ >> good morning, america. good morning, america. ♪ i believe i believe i believe i'm falling in love ♪ >> that's right, i was practicing all morning. good morning, america. good morning, america. >> i was so impressed. you walk in with a three-ring binder, seven inches thick. >> i know. you guys were intimidating me. i got it last night, i was like, holy smokes! this is a lot more work than i remember. >> a week's worth of shows in it? >> it was one day. >> a secret playbook. >> it's been so much fun already. i have gotten to dance with the stars this morning. i did it last week. derek hough and i danced. we'll show you what happened when i dropped by the ballroom to learn the secrets.
8:02 am
honestly, this was a dream come true, seriously. i had so much fun. look. >> you have moves. >> no, no, not really. >> light on your feet. look at that. >> no, not really. >> so did you get the fever? >> they make you look good. >> you ready to do that next? >> no. it's not enough antiperspirant on the planet to equip me for that job. seriously. i would be so nervous and forget everything. i don't know how the people do it. that's why i think it's such a great show. you're so impressed that all these people that aren't dancers have the guts to go out there and strut their stuff. >> they are dancing. >> they have dancing. >> they are dancing. >> boy, if i were on this season, i would be right next to martina. >> so you get to go dance. and i get to go to the town dump. >> sorry. >> however, i actually like that. this makes me happy. you'll find out why this is my passion. you see junk, i see treasure. you say hoarder, i say collector.
8:03 am
that's all i'm saying. >> let's not rush by. this is a very big day for you. your book is coming out today. >> my pet project. >> congratulations. >> total labor of love. we'll put some of the tips to the test in a little bit. >> they're smart. this is not just one of those books where people say, i look at things, i buy things. these are some really good ideas, lara. this was a good read. >> twitter is wondering what you and i might do to haze katie. we're giving her the day off. at least the day off. >> i heard you are serious hazers. thank you for being gentle. >> josh has to do the news. we're going to begin with breaking news. one of the winners of the $656 mega jackpot not seen on this set has been revealed this morning. david kerley outside a mcdonald's restaurant if baltimore right now with the latest. good morning, david.
8:04 am
>> reporter: good morning, josh. no ticket has been produced to lottery officials or to the workers here at this mcdonald's. here's the story. 16 of them pooled their money. five bucks each. and one of their coworkers went to buy $80 worth of tickets. she says she bought another ticket. one dollar, one ticket, and won. so she doesn't have to share it with the 16 workers. so a bit of a controversy here. here's the news from maryland. it was one ticket with one line for $1 sold at 7:15 friday night that won the big part of the lottery jackpot. $218 million here. the person who has this ticket has about six months to bring it in. they're still talking about it here at the mcdonald's. the other workers are saying, please, at least something. none confirm sod far, but maybe a winner in maryland. >> still more to come from there. meanwhile, a coast guard cutter is carrying two injured sailors to the bay in san francisco right now. pulled off that yacht in the
8:05 am
pacific during round the world race. their boat was slammed on saturday by a massive wave like this one, captured by another boat in the race. a closer look this morning at the surveillance tape of george zimmerman the night of the shooting. the video of zimmerman arriving at the police station, first seen here, sharpened now by experts and it appears to show a mark or gash at the back of zimmerman's head, suggesting he may have been in a struggle. as for the 911 tapes, two audio experts say that the screams on the tapes are not zimmerman's. meanwhile, trayvon martin's parents are asking the justice department to investigate possible interference in the case. more with our exclusive interview with bill clinton. he spoke with jake tapper about a program that's creating jobs for an oft-neglected group.
8:06 am
>> started a project to help inmates go into the work force. when they left prison, they were trained to work in shirt manufacturing. managing the inventory, doing other aspects of the business. moving them into other jobs. >> is there a larger message about what needs to be done? >> it's just a small project for one college. if every college in america within 40 miles of a prison did it, they could have a huge impact. >> more of jake's interview over on and finally, we want to introduce you to yet another new member of the "good morning america" team. take a look. bianna golodryga, weekend anchor, and hubby, welcome little jake spencer orszag into the world this weekend weighing in at a robust 6 pounds, 10 ounces. meaning she'll never have to face the question of when are you having the baby, bianna? >> hopefully not. >> happy, healthy. >> that would be a huge bummer.
8:07 am
>> have you ever done that, said, oh, when are you having the baby? it's like, six weeks ago. >> little jake happy. and jake checking in for pop news, i understand. >> so cute, by the way. congratulations. >> congratulations. >> mom, we love you. that's great news. i wish that was leading "pop news." instead, we're going to talk about thinking different about who should play steve jobs in a new independent film. "variety" breaking the news that it will be ashton kutcher. chronicling steve jobs' life. ashton does have -- i know you're saying uh, sam. >> i would do greg kinnear. >> i like greg kinnear. >> they already named him. so can i finish? he's got to chops to pull it off. he was the first twitter user to pass the 1 million mark back in 2009. and he already plays an internet billionaire on that other show. he's in the mode. >> he can do that. i like it.
8:08 am
>> all right, good, i've got stephanopoulos. >> and when you've got that, what more do you need? >> well said, josh. >> how high wattage is katie couric? this is a billboard in iraq. tweeted by a reporter there. turns out it's a public service announcement by the electricity ministry. it says daily electricity bulletin which, ironically, katie is what we were thinking of renames the show this week. >> i thought we were going to let you translate that. >> that is on twitter. they said, i think this is your face. yeah. isn't that weird? i'm calling my lawyer. >> good luck with that. >> exactly. >> and finally, riddle me this. what do these four stories have in common? jessica simpson gave birth in l.a. to eight baby girls. congratulations to the new octomom. kate middleton is trying to shed her good girl image and has
8:09 am
agreed to racy spread. in "harper's bazaar." kodak, a new product, kitten printer. choose the color and out pops fluffy. and finally, the hip eye wear company called warby parker has unveiled a new line of glasses for dogs, warby barker. get it? >> april fool. >> they were all april fool's jokes we saw online. thank you, george. you were on my side a moment ago. how quickly we turn. >> i had to do it. you still got sam. >> good morning, everybody. we're outside with an incredible times square crowd. gosh, i love our crowds. sabrina, where are you from? >> dallas, texas. >> you look like katie with the hair and everything. can i see what i look like if i get the katie face? katie, am i close? what do you think? >> it's working for you. >> can i pull it off?
8:10 am
>> yeah, it's working for you. looking strong. >> let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to tell you about. as you head outside your doors. we're going to start with a picture from killington, vermont. they got a dusting or coating of snow. new england got some wet snow over the weekend. that low is pulling away. in comes some milder temperatures. boston going on the way to 50. brand new storm into the northwest. after you have had a
8:11 am
>> from all over the nation, but an awful lot of kentucky making up the crowd this morning. lara? >> making you feel at home. thank you so much, sam. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma" morning menu. katie gets the "dancing with the stars" spin, get it, before tonight's sizzling competition. in the ballroom. and what a season. plus, what a dump. i'll show you how my double life can more than double your decorating pleasure by turning trash to treasure. and what did rachel dratch do after leaving "saturday night live"? she walked into a bar. and you won't believe what happened next. stay with us on "gma." [ male announcer ] most people tend to think more about how they brush than what they brush with.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:16 am
♪ you want to move like jagger i've got the moves like jagger ♪ ♪ well, look at this crowd. so nice to see you all. as you all know, it's a big night tonight. on "dancing with the stars." nice move, josh. as the celebrities and their partners get ready to strut their stuff once again. i got to go behind the scenes for a sneak peek at the ballroom action. gee, can you back up to cleveland? including a spin and a dip with derek. so, shall we dance? ♪ >> welcome. for one night only on "dancing with the stars," katie couric. live! oh, you're cute. >> ooh.
8:17 am
>> i'm creepy. >> reporter: it's the hottest two hours on television. ♪ rolling rolling >> reporter: as the 11 remaining couples spin, soar, dip, and cha-cha-cha. the one thing the judges can all agree on, season 14 sizzles like no other. >> the hottest package of the season! >> reporter: it's no wonder millions of fans have caught the "dancing with the stars" bug. present company included. who do you think's going to win? >> one of the couples definitely. the odds of another couple coming into the competition unknown to us at this time and win, very slim. >> reporter: meanwhile, gladys knight, for one, was glad she wasn't the first to say good-bye. ♪ i heard it through the grapevine ♪ ♪ oh i heard it through the grapevine ♪ >> reporter: are you having fun? >> i'm having so much fun it's
8:18 am
ridiculous. >> reporter: are you supernervous when you get out there? >> yeah, i'm out of my comfort zone. i could hardly speak. >> reporter: you can really shake your groove thing. i just missed the pips. >> that was their move. we just did their move. ♪ going back going back to a place in time ♪ >> reporter: and right on cue. it's a pip. this is bubba. this is gladys' brother. are you having fun? isn't gladys doing a great job? ? i'm having fun. she's doing a great job. >> reporter: show me a pip move. >> you want a pip move. ♪ on the midnight train ♪ i'd rather live in this world than live without him ♪ >> reporter: behind the scenes, even i felt like i was meeting my partner for the very first time. hi, maks. oh, i'm really hating this assignment. hi, maks. >> you ready, maks.
8:19 am
♪ >> reporter: hey, cheryl. where's your partner? >> he's always late. he's on latin time. ♪ you can't catch me boy >> reporter: you lucked out this season, missy. seriously. >> i have to say, i did. >> reporter: latin star william levy is causing quite a stir. >> even fully clothed, you have the ability to dazzle. >> reporter: you have created a big sensation, william, here in the united states. >> oh, my gosh. yes, it feels great. >> reporter: what is the deal with the mexico's brad pitt. is that what they call you? >> no, willie, william. i don't know. it just came up. >> all right, well, it's a compliment. i'm blushing. he really is cute. so this is the "dancing with the stars" makeup room. hi. nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you, too. >> reporter: you're doing amazingly well. have you done any dancing before? i know you're a professional singer. >> when i sing, i don't have to move around and shake my bits. i guess. >> reporter: shake your bits. yes. you do a good job of shaking
8:20 am
those bits. i don't mean to sound weird, but it seems like it would be very easy to have an intimate relationship with your partner. >> i'm sure. not in this case. mark has a girlfriend. so let's put that out there. >> mine has a girlfriend, too, it don't stop me, and i'm married. >> reporter: fun backstage. fierce competition on the floor. and while they drop it like it's hot on monday, come tuesday, they're holding their breath and crossing their fingers. do you think you'll make it all the way and get the disco ball. >> disco ball? no, you didn't. she called it the disco ball. >> the mirrorball trophy. >> we're not here competing for a disco ball. >> reporter: this season has len goodman smiling. >> i liked it. i'm caring and sharing. heart of gold. >> reporter: are you having a good time this season? >> it's a fantastic show. such good dancing, i've gotta say. >> reporter: why do you think the show is so popular? >> oh, oh, oh. it's innocence.
8:21 am
it takes you back to a nicer time a little bit. the elegance of the ballroom dancing and the hot latin stuff. it's wonderful to see the celebrities start with baby steps and gradually develop. i think it's great. >> reporter: fancy meeting you here. i was hoping i would run into you because you're one of my favorites. shh. you're such a good teacher. >> can i teach you a little bit right now? >> yeah, sure. >> oh, wait a minute. okay. she knows what's going on. exactly right. there it is, there it is, there it is. >> reporter: i'm going to show you what a i know. it's called the pretzel. i learned it in college. put your hand behind your back. what do you think? >> amazing. incredible. watch, watch, watch, watch. ♪ see that? >> reporter: what happens when you feel like you're going to throw up? >> you stop and look into the camera. here we go. >> reporter: thank you. >> fantastic. look at that. >> the judges have their scores. >> 10!
8:22 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> and you can see all the ballroom action tonight on "dancing with the stars" at 8:00, 7:00 central. on abc. >> a lot of friends out here. >> the grass roots campaign has already begun. katie on "dancing with the stars." what do you guys think? [ cheers and applause ] . >> great. >> everyone was so nice. i want to say a big thank you to all the people, not only on camera but behind the scenes. because they were so hospitable and great. it had so much fun. george, if you play your cards right, i'll teach you how to pretzel after the show. >> i'm in, i'm in. the cameras will be rolling. >> if you can get me to do that. we gotta go to lara right now. you have big news this morning. we're going to learn lara's secret passion. it's not william levy. it's making beautiful homes out of bargains. she writes all about it in her new book, i have it right here, "i brake for yard sales." >> and i do.
8:23 am
everybody loves a good makeover. we love to see the before and after. for me, it's not about people. it's about that gnarly old chair and turning it into something incredible. i've been doing it for my entire life thanks to my mom who showed me even with a small budget, you can have style. taylor swift says she loves a good one. courteney cox says she can't stop doing it. and tori spelling can't go without it for a few days. even kris jenner has shown me how she likes to get down and dirty. the whole idea is that my thing is going to be worth more than kris'. look over there. what do we all have in common? a love of hunting down inexpensive treasures and giving them a new life. a new lamp shade breathes life into an old lamp. using them to create rooms worthy of stars like kathy griffin, whose house i
8:24 am
decorated in mid-century chic. this is a bench from a waiting room in a doctor's office. i was done in orange vinyl. i recovered it in faux croc for kathy. as soon as the camera is off, i love to throw on the jeans and start digging. i was a spring board diver in college. now i'm an expert dumpster diver. i love the chair. is that wrong? can you hear that in the background? [ playing the theme from "sanford and son" ] sanding and painting. i'm sure martha stewart wouldn't do it like this. but it works. re-creating diamonds in the rough. creating first rate interior designs. i bet you have never seen a chair covered with a shower curtain before. i got the idea after my kids covered my chairs in ketchup. >> oh, no, my pants. >> reporter: shower curtains are
8:25 am
not only good at repelling stains, they're cheap. the name of my book came from the bumper sticker on my mom's car, and now mine. this entire room is assembled using second-hand magic. my design philosophy, never judge a book by its cover. or in this case, a bench by this fabric. the fabric is terrifying, the shape is cool. i found these beauties at an estate sale for $25 a piece. look how quickly '70s can become sexy. with two yards of gray velvet and some tack trim. people are intimidated by reupholstery because they think it's too expensive. ask for remnants from a store and use solids. it takes less to cover. remnants are the leftovers. the ends of the rolls. they're normally a fraction of a price because they want to get rid of them. i scored this sofa at $160 because of its great classic lines at a thrift shop.
8:26 am
recovered, it looks like a million bucks. you can build a whole room around one piece. like this, $40 gift of thrift. i went green and glam. and the '60s vases, just $2.50 each. and i'm not talking $250. and remember this baby from the dump? this is what i'm talking about. that's a true diamond in the rough. all right, baby. you ready for a new life? let's go. one less piece this the landfill. one more example of my mantra, rescue, recycle, reinvent. yeah. the dump chair. i'm giving that to the producer, thank you, kelly, for doing a great job. my last piece of advice is -- you snooze, you lose. if you see something at a yard sale, buy it. >> you have a lot more coming up tomorrow. >> i do. we're going to do a room for a lucky viewer. he wants to surprise his wife for mother's day. a new master bedroom. watch tomorrow. fe for mother's day.
8:27 am
good morning i'm eric thomas. firefighters are looking into the cause of a tire that destroyed a home in west san mateo this morning. -- the building in the 300 block of barneson avenue was engulfed in flames around 4:00. the five people inside the burning house and their neighbors all got out safely. a garage next to the property was gutted. >> let's see how traffic is going. good morning. hot spot san rafael southbound headed towards central san rafael earlier accident at lincoln now cleared. continued problems 19th at winston, muni bus involved in an accident this morning. still very slow from golden gate park to the 280
8:28 am
freeway. when we come back, meteorologist mike
8:29 am
welcome back. mainly mid to low 40s. 39 mountain view. into the afternoon, high clouds continue. still warm in the east bay valleys, santa clara, santa rosa 70 everybody else mid to upper 60s. chance of light rain possible
8:30 am
across the north bay tuesday and wednesday all of us cool and blustery by thursday. news continues now with "good morning america." ♪ get out of my dreams get into my car ♪ this is the crowd out here in times square on a monday morning. boy, they know how to give you a warm welcome, don't they, katie? >> it's so great. so fun that so many people turned out. it's chilly out here. >> we want to say hi to robin. we know she's enjoying her break today. >> i hope she's sleeping and not watching. >> maybe she has it on dvr. what can we do for katie that's special? one more thing. a flying car. >> seriously? >> seriously. there it is right across the way. there it is flying. we're going to have the first demonstration right here on times square at the end of the show of a car that should be out and in the market this year. there it is.
8:31 am
>> don't you wish you had that when there's really bad traffic? that and a grenade launcher. >> you're really taking to this, aren't you? also ahead, surprising health news. more and more girls are starting puberty at a young age. we're talking about, like, 9, 8, 7, in some cases, even 6. it's called precocious puberty. we're going to find out more about that this half hour. >> there's a lot of theories why that happens. also ahead, remember debbie downer. you could say, it's so beautiful out, she would say, it's going to rain. rachel dratch. what happened after she left "saturday night live"? she'll be with me to talk about her mid-life miracle. >> i love her. >> she's really funny. and we saw a shot of governor nikki haley earlier.
8:32 am
and sam, you have weather. >> robin sent us a twitter picture for weather. put them up, the one on the right is from @robin roberts. it's just a gorgeous glow of the sun. and palm three in there. >> if you look closely, you can see her feet. her little toes right there. >> we love you, robin. and of course, amy freeze from wabc sent us is other shot. these storms here will be powerful. from del rio, all the way up to kansas city, you're 84. st. louis, right by the record at 88. follow the severe storms and go east. plenty of sunshine in florida today. a little windy in sout
8:33 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by jc penney. we're outside in times square. but inside, here's katie couric. >> thank you, sam. if it seems like kids are growing up faster these days, it may be true. according to a new article in "the new york times" magazine, more and more girls are showing signs of early puberty. a lot of parents are concerned. experts are confused. it's been a hotly contested topic for years. for decades, age 11 was considered to be the average age for the beginning of puberty. doctors are saying now that some girls are ma chuturing before t hit double digits. 10% of caucasian, 23% of african-american, and 15% of hispanic and 2% of asian girls started developing breasts by the age of 7. some reasons could be obesity, that can produce hormones like
8:34 am
estrogen. chemicals in house hold products. family stress can be a factor. girls that grew up in homes without biological fathers are twice as likely to enter early puberty. we spoke to melissa jones, her daughter had a problem with her thyroid. and showed science of early puberty at just 5 years old. >> she was having a cycle and lactating. i was really freaked out. >> reporter: while doctors say, it might be difficult, but try not to worry. >> you can't drive yourself crazy worrying. you might have to have important discussions with her at an earlier age than you might have expected to. >> elizabeth weil wrote a length thi piece on this. dr. jennifer ashton is cohost of abc's "the revolution." and author of a book. welcome to both of you. elizabeth, you followed the story of a 9-year-old girl,
8:35 am
ainsley, and her mom, as they tried to get medical advice and attention for what i guess is called precocious puberty. why were they so frustrated? >> ainsley's mother took her to a lot of doctors. they herd from them that she was normal. the doctors weren't wrong but it's an alarming thing to hear when your daughter is developing early in elementary school. >> we heard that ethnicity plays a role in the trend. can you explain that? >> i don't have an excellent answer. but it's an excellent question. as you mentioned, a lot more black girls start going into puberty early. the numbers are 23% for black girls, 10% for white girls. 2% for asian girls. there's a big difference there. we need to understand better what part of this is obesity, what part is stress, what part this are environmental toxins?
8:36 am
and how can we protect our kids? >> and jen, i know we heard about obesity and stress and the pressures that kids may be under. but what about the environmental factors? thilates and bpa. they make plastic hard and soft. are they contributing factors? >> that's the million-dollar question. that is the area of the enormous research. these so-called endocrine disrupters. things we're exposed to every single day. they can act like hormones inside our body. i think that may turn out to be part of the puzzle. but again, as we have heard, obesity, ethnicity, stress. it's very complex. >> and the plastics encourage estrogen production. is that right? >> that's the theory. but we have to remember, when you're talking about breast development, you needesttrogen.
8:37 am
body hair, it's testosterone. >> girls are having their first periods about the same time. that hasn't really changed. >> exactly. it's about 12 average age for first period for african-american girls. 11 for caucasian girls. that's not gone down. that's not to say it might not in the future. i think it's important to draw the distinction between normal and common. we're seeing it a lot, but that doesn't make it normal. i think doctors and parents need to be on the lookout for this more often. >> there can be serious medical problems for girls that develop early, correct? >> yes, you know, girls are at higher risks for depression, girls that get their periods early are at higher risk of breast cancer and winding up with short stature. these are huge things. >> is there anything parents can
8:38 am
do to prevent this? >> i think education is the key. you want to education yourself and reassure your daughter, this can be an incredibly frightening experience for a girl at the age of 6 or 7 who doesn't understand what apg going on with her body. get a team together, if you can. whether it includes a therapist, specialists, doctors. be the captain of that team. so you can take care of your daughter. >> this can have big psychological impacts on the girls that are experiencing this. elizabeth weil. thank you so much for talking to us. i know it's quite early out there. >> thank you. >> so we appreciate it. dr. ashton, nice to see you again. inside the beat states.abñsç
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8:42 am
and we're back now with one of the brightest and fastest rising stars on the political stage. nikki haley is the first woman governor ever in south carolina. she took on the state's down and dirty campaign actual chur. you with read all about it in her new book, "can't is not an option." love the title. >> it's the story of my life. someone as the only indian family in a southern town, going through a state house race, a governor's race, being a wife, a mom, a governor. can't is not's option. >> i want to ask you about the book. i have to get to the politics, first. we had former president clinton on at the top of the program. blunt statements about mitt romney. saying he doesn't believe mitt romney can win. he picked up on the idea that romney is an etch-a-sketch candidate. he's going to have to wipe away the positions he took to be
8:43 am
successful after the primaries. >> i think president clinton is saying what he's supposed to say. but it's not true. if we look at the debt, the credit rating. in the three years opposed to bush's eight, we look at the economy, if we simply look at his record, there's though way they can say he can't win. i would say it would be hard to see how president obama does win. >> they went up early with a graphic i want to call up now. one of the other hurdles that governor romney will have is a huge gap with women. heig right now, he's tied in men, a little bit ahead of president obama in men. but 18 points behind. this is because of a war on women by the republican party is what the democrats are saying. >> nobody talks about president obamaing the behind with men. i'll tell you why i support
8:44 am
dpompber romney. he's not a part of the chaos gnat is washington. he's proven it. he took a failed olympics and made ate source of pride. he was part of a liberal state, cut taxes and balanced his budget. we could use that in washington. he's the one and only candidate that president obama continues to hit. >> he knows he's going to be the nominee. think you're right that. a lot of people think that what might help governor romney with women is if he picks someone like you. any interest? >> no. not at all. i love being the governor of south carolina. the more he puts ann romney out there, the more people will understand that he has a very strong woman at his side. she's all people need to see to snow that he's -- >> if he asks you to consider it, you'll have to say yerks right? >> no, i would not accept. i made a promise to the people of my state.
8:45 am
i intend to keep it. >> you dedicated your book to your parents. imgranlts from india. >> i am the proud daughter of indian immigrants who reminded us every day how lucky we were to be part of america. how amazing sit that south carolina elected a 38-year-old indian-american female for governor? if that doesn't say anything about south carolina or america, i don't know what does. >> after an incredibly tough campaign. allegations of infidelity. false reports of an irs investigation. you have two little kids. what to you tell them when they're seeing and hearing this stuff? >> they don't see and hear it. we don't watch the news, read the newspaper. they can get on our bed and talk to us like they always do. day know they're mom is tough.
8:46 am
if there's a problem, i'll talk to them about. what i hope the media understands is the bloggers that have anonymous sources that have no credibility that the media can't pick it up. you had the incident last week where i was supposed to be indicted. the ir sx said there was never an examination. there was no truth to it whatsoever. what you see in the campaign from last week, it's what's wrong with the media and what i hope will be right as we go forward. >> the book is called "cant is not an option." governor nikki haley, thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up here, "saturday night live" alum rachelododododd
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
and welcome back to "good morning america." 8:48. it's a classic setup for a joke. girl walks into a bar. when that girl is rachel dratch, it's no joke at all. it's the beginning of a whole new life. i caught up to her to talk about her new memoir, "girl walks into a bar." sthoet you can't stop debbie downer ♪ >> reporter: it's become part of the lexicon. don't be a debbie downer. >> that crackup we had, the first one, elevated it. >> reporter: rachel daratch created debbie downer. >> four doing the fireworks. >> it's the number one killer of domestic cats. >> reporter: debbie downer was one of a whole slew of characters she created and
8:50 am
performed. >> i love the hot tub with will farre farrell. >> we usually crave spiced meat. >> reporter: you talk at "snl" your eyes light up. >> it was a big dream. >> reporter: the self-proe fessed wacky chick there boston got her start at second city. ♪ hit me with your best shot help the children. >> reporter: all of them got their big breaks on "saturday night live." for some, a launch pad for superstardom. >> you're on there, nothing is happening. you're like, i'm going to be one of those "snl" people. >> reporter: initially, life after "snl" seemed good. rachel was cast as jenna on "30 rock." >> i didn't understand what a
8:51 am
big deal that was. tina's writing some big show. i'm in it. i got a call that i was being replaced. >> reporter: instead, the part goes the jane krakowski. >> you don't think, i'll live and have a big public face plant. i kind of thought, another job will come up. this won't be who i am forever. but then, like, nothing was coming up for a really long time. i would get little jobs. >> reporter: so at 43, she decided to channel her tales of career woes and disasters into a book. >> the first part sat for awhile, almost a year. i didn't know where it could go or what is the point of my whole book. then came the crazy plot twist and life. >> reporter: the plot twist, rachel walks into this bar and meets john. and hence, the name of the book. >> yes, girl walks into a bar. it's a setup of a joke and it's w457d to me. i thought it would be a good title. >> reporter: just six months later, another twist.
8:52 am
>> i thought, i'm, like, over the hill. any way, i wasn't. because then i was pregnant. >> reporter: she calls 19-month-old eli her mid-life miracle. for the guy she met in the para? >> we're neighbors. and coparents. in the booblg, i leave k, i lea we're evolving. >> reporter: she could soon be coming back to tv. check out her new book
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
hey, guys. it's warm in here. i'm inside the world's first flying car. a company named terrafugia has designed the car. i'm here with the coo. you're putting the wings up? >> i'm deploying the wings. takes less than a minute. we have demonstrated this vehicle flies, drives, and converts between the two within a minute. >> you drive to it the airport and take off if you have $279 tho ,000. >> that's reasonable for an airplane. >> i can't wait to try it. it looks to be on the market by
8:56 am
tend of the year? >> yes. within the end of the year. >> is that unleaded or regular. >> katie, we're going take off. you have to tell us. a big interview tomorrow. you're going see sting today? >> i'm going to hang out with sting this morning. can't get much better than this. >> so much fun to have you here all week long. >> thank you, george. >> really great. >> we love you, george. >> whoo! >> have great day, everyone. [ woman ] before allegra, my allergy medicine
8:57 am
8:58 am
took hours to work or made me drowsy. after allegra, i have the only one that's both fast and non-drowsy.
8:59 am
after allegra, i have it all. good morning i'm eric thomas. two seriously injured sailors competinging in an around the world race are expected to an -- to arrive in alameda today. they were among several hurt when a huge wave hit their boat during part of the race. meteorologist mike thee co-is here with the forecast. good morning -- increasing high clouds warm air, east bay valleys, santa clara, santa rosa near 70° mid to upper 60s for it rest of us cloudy tonight mid to upper 40s slight chance of light rain across are in bay tuesday and wednesday. good morning. hot spot continues to be 19th in san francisco earlier accident at winston still blocking l.


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