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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 5, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning. 5:01 on this thursday, thank you for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. questions over who the oakland school again man was looking for when he gunned dunton people. >> the suspect is now officially -- officially charged with murder. katie marzullo is live at the scene. >> reporter: the scene is still a crime scene. you are right, question is, who was the target of the crime? we have video from yesterday of ellen cervellon the director of the nursing program. she was named by the chief, but also acknowledged she thought she might be the target of one goh.
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now the chief is saying it was not ellen cervellon. it was another female administrator he is not naming that woman. she afraid for her safety. one goh was formally charged yesterday. with a special circumstance. that special circumstance could lead to him getting the death penalty. >> the scope of this murderous rampage is unprecedented here in alameda county. the defendant went to the school with a 45 calibre weapon. he also had four fully loaded magazines of ammunition. >> reporter: also looking ahead, we understand that detectives and divers are going to resume their search for the murder weapon at that's water by the oakland airport. it was cut short yesterday because of the weather. we've been told that divers are going to resume that search today. the suspect one goh has been cooperative, even confessed,
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to the crime. cooperative only to a point. he is not helping the police in their efforts to find that murder weapon. katie marzullo, abc7 news. the first funeral for a victim of monday's deadly shootings will be held this afternoon. family and friends attended a memorial service for the 21-year-old lydia sim last night held at korean baptist church in hayward where sim had been a member and babysat many of the congregation's children. >> she has a loving heart. she is a really good daughter to her parents. she loved kids so much. >> she was finishing her nursing degree but ultimately wanted to be a pediatrician. she will be buried in los altos this afternoon with searchers will concentrate on gilroy and san martin as they continue to look for sierra lamar. tomorrow will be three weeks since she vanished.
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terry mcsweeney is live in santa clara county with a preview. >> reporter: the biggest concern for the family and the sheriff's office is that this story is going to be forgotten, buried and time goes by and no one is going to be thinking about sierra lamar. they don't want that to happen. today they resume the search not where they have been searching. they are going to gilroy, san martin. look at the search from days gone bay. -- days gone by. last week they hundreds out looking for 15-year-old sierra lamar last seen march 16th. she left her morgan hill home and never made it to school bus stop. today the search-and-rescue unit is focusing on san martin and gilroy with the command post set up at monterey and highland this is not a volunteer effort like the one that happened last week where hundreds of people turned out to help this going -- this is
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going to be done bay professionals. they have her cell phone, purse the first couple days after she disappear. they have more than 1,000 leads from the public. so far nothing strong to go on. the search continues today. take a look at a new tool that ising going to be available in the search. this is -- this is the quick response code. you can find it on sierra lamar missing posters. the code you can download with the -- if you download the scan light app and scan the code on the posters, you will get all the information on sierra lamar, height, weight, pictures, last seen, story of her, where they've been searching, what they've done. also on there is a link to the hotline. if there is anything that comes to mind when you see a poster, you download that information from that poster and you have an immediate
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access to the emergency officials. again, that search resumes this morning, 9 a.m.. volunteers not requested as they were last time this time it going to be a search-and-rescue team effort. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. a marin county judge set up a november trial date for the nevada man charged with killing four northern california women. jury selection in joseph naso's murder trial is set for november 7th. the 78-year-old defendant has pleaded not guilty to charges he murdered the women between 1977 and 199467 the body of one of the victims was left near fairfax. the district attorney announced it would seek the death penalty against naso who is choosing to defend himself in court. a follow-up to a story reported yesterday about a gas leak caused by a vehicle crashing into a home. fires are describing heroic acts of a neighbor who rescued
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the driver of the suv. they say 19-year-old austin reilly noticed the woman was unconscious, he brock the vehicle's window with a rock, called -- he broke the vehicle's window with a rock, called for help and pulled her out of a smoking suv with help from another neighbor. the fire captain wants reilly recognized by the city council. the driver has been booked on a decision ui charge. mayor quan is set to roll out first section of sod later this morning to restore the launch frank ogawa plaza the scene of occupy protests. the lawn was damaged from all the protests and police activity. the lawn is being restored in preparation for the celebration of oakland's 160th birthday at the end of this month. 5:07. time for a check on the weather. chilly out there this morning. >> that's right but i'm looking ahead to the warm-up that is coming. mike has that >> are you? mike? >> that will happen tomorrow,
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today temperatures like yesterday starting off cooler, while end up the same this afternoon. good morning. doppler clear for the morning compute, no weather worries southern a -- commute, no weather worries other than a slight breeze. our temperatures in the 30s and 40s mainly mid to upper 30s fairfield, napa, santa rosa low to mid 40s everywhere else concord 47, half moon bay 48. we won't warm much mid 50s to around 60 mostly sunny. you can see up here along the napa county mountains where we could have a stray shower during the afternoon. here's your seven day forecast. chilly again tonight, a lot like this morning. then you can see warming trend for friday, saturday and sunday, a chance of rain in the north bay saturday afternoon, more into the evening hours, chance of rain
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for all of us everyday next week. time for traffic. good morning. injury crash reported in oakland. off southbound 880 now on city street 16th avenue and embarcadero. with emergency crews getting there you might find some lanes blocked. 880 still flowing well both directions, 580 looking good. no major delays on the freeways at this time. wind advisory across the san mateo bridge cancelled. westbound past the toll, 880 fine in hayward and 101 zipping along through san mateo county. we'll check out the exclusive waze traffic app to show you the ride on westbound 205 in tracy getting heavy. just five minutes ago westbound 205 near mountainhouse, a traffic spotter reported it was a complete standstill. you see the thumb's up with a little one, that means someone
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else drove by and agreed this is the traffic spotter there moving at over 40 miles an hour once you get past that big slow down traffic starts to pick up through the altamont pass. a good job of reporting slow downs at tracy he's a reliable traffic spotter to become one and join the group go to and become a traffic spotter by joining our group. 5:10. still ahead, why many newly created jobs are going to older workers. next hurdle in the controversial plan to build a new hospital at the old cathedral hill hotel in san francisco. how raiders and 49ers are making sure a repeat of last year's fights if in the stands won't happen this year.
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another wave of for closures on the horizon. analysts warn barns are about to pick up the pass lenders had been holding back until -- pick up the pace lenders had been holding back. of the new jobs created are going to older workers putting off retirement. their savings were hammered by the recession another is improved health. with gas prices rising hybrid and electric autos may not save you purchase prices are so high "the new york times" says you would have to own
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your car longer than the average to see any savings even at nearly twice today's prices if you wanted your own town today is your day. buford, wyoming will auction off, its only resident is moving. convenience store, cell tower and its own exit off i-80. have a great day. 5:14. right now police are on the hunt for three men awe accused of a brutal tack on a passenger inside bart's coleman station -- the man was beaten by three men described as being in their 20s outside the coleman station's gates before 7:30 last night. investigators say it is not clear if the man knew his attackers or was a random target a camera captured the entire incident. police are reviewing that footage in hopes of getting a better suspect description. the planning commission will hold a hearing on a controversial hospital project. the medical center has
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proposed bidding a 550 bed hospital -- protested building a 550 bed hospital. -- tell -- staff members have given the project a green light. if the planning commission approves it will go before the board of supervisors. last call at san francisco's gold dust lunge may be sooner rather than later. the preservation commission has voted against granting landmark status the owners are trying to avoid being evicted from their powell street location. they receive add eviction notice in december. the lounge was supposed to close last month no final closing date has been announced yet. giants hoping for big hit off field. they want to turn the asphalt parking lot into a commercial complex. the nearly two billion project would include housing, retail businesses, restaurants and parks, construction could
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start in 2015. the giants say the project will add 13 million dollars yearly to the city's general fun. multi-million dollar mystery taken another bizarre turn an attorney for a maryland woman who claims she won part of the mega millions jackpot admits he hasn't seen her winning ticket. she first claimed she bought one of friday's three winning tickets for herself then she said a co-worker bought it for her while that person purchased tickets for a larger pool of employees at the mcdonald where they all work. the attorney blames attention for driving up his client's blood pressure. >> what we are hoping something that people will understand there are certain amount of privacy that this lady is entitled to as well as her children, her family and her relatives and we are hoping that everybody understands that and that you will all go home. >> the story wilson told as changed a few times on where
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the ticket might be. "good morning america" will have more, after our newscast at 7 a.m.. there's fall out from the violence that marred last year battle of the bay between the 9ers and raiders because of fights in the stands that spilled over into the parking lot where there were two shootings. that game has been cancelled. that ends an 11 year run of preseason games the teams won't meet in the regular season this year mike has the forecast this morning for all of you and then i've asked him for a separate forecast for myself. >> why? >> [ unintelligible ] bad mega millions joke. >> i got it. >> a little slow on the up-take. good morning. thursday, here's a look at thep] nearly full moon outside as we look to the west from vollmer peak absolutely gorgeous nice
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picture guys. let's talk about temperatures, cooler this morning, mid to upper 30s fairfield, napa, santa rosa and los gatos. low to mid 40s everywhere else oakland, half moon bay still holding out at 47 and 48°. monterey bay 39 at santa cruz 43 salinas, 48 monterey. watsonville and gilroy 40. this afternoon mostly sunny, cool and breezy today clear, chilly tonight stuck under the same air mass for the next 24 hours warmer tomorrow afternoon, saturday and into sunday afternoon. today mostly sunny stray shower possible especially up in the napa county mountains, 60 in santa rosa, napa, fairfield, concord antioch and san jose everybody else mid to upper 50s. same conditions around the monterey bay inland and same temperatures you may get up to 61 santa cruz, salinas and
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gilroy. back home tonight a lot of mid 30s to near 40 north bay, east bay valleys upper 30s to low 40s bay shore coast into san francisco mid 40s. while were you sleeping another small chunk of energy rolling through, behind it northwesterly unstable flow of of this cool, breezy air mass that has just enough moisture to create one last chance of a scattered shower during the afternoon. overnight most of the showers up to our north. right there you can see that's where we have a small pocket of showers possible. if you are heading into the sierra watch out for scattered snow showers. if you get caught under one of these -- no chance tomorrow, saturday, you can see the warming trend two to four degrees everyday. sunday a chance in the north mainly in the afternoon to evening hours. any egg-hunting should be fine in the morning maybe a little drizzley.
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monday to wednesday tapering of the temperatures chances of rain continue all next week have a great day. here's frances. you have an update? actually, a new crash. we had a few this morning. that i been cleared. the new -- they've been cleared. now southbound 680 at elser row two cars involved southbound -- traffic flowing well chp en route we'll let you know if things start to slow doesn't look like injuries. now to 680 a little farther north, walnut creek near north main traffic flowing well towards highway 24. things are looking good through the caldecott tunnel despite an earlier tractor trailer fire on the shoulder. bay bridge toll no delays just a wind advisory. you want to be a little extra careful as you head across the bridge. we'll check out the slowing in the santa cruz mountains. we can do that with abc 7's
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waze traffic app it shows you down to the street level how slow things are on highway 17. fern drive jammed northbound towards old summit road. in the southbound direction, traffic slows as you make your way past the reservoir, 29 miles an hour, until you get to somewhere near redwood drive. this is because we have roadwork in both directions of highway 17 scheduled until 6:00 this morning. this is a great tool to keep track of the exact back-up and the delays for you if you are heading through that area. you can also keep track of other areas go to waze to download the free traffic app. 5:21. next, plans for a new reality show in the silicon valley? >> how robotic rodents are being used to learn about a slithering reptile. glimpse into the future, the glasses that could one day replace cell phones.
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i'm paula faris. have a great day. [ male announcer ] can't get to sleep? can't stay asleep?
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good thursday morning. live look at a of the traffic getting into san francisco this morning. you can see a little bit shakey that camera trained on traffic coming into the city. a few breezes out there we'll check in with meteorologist mike nicco to see how those temperatures cool then warm-up he wants to tell you about all coming up. right now, reality tv coming to silicon valley bravo that brought you the real housewives series will chronicle the local tech scene. it will focus on the lives of
5:25 am
young high-tech professionals trying to become the valley's next big success story. the executive producer is randy zuckerberg if that name sounds familiar she is the big sister of facebook founder mark zuckerberg. scientists from uc davis are using robo squirrels to understand the interaction between rattlesnakes and ground squirrels. squirrels signal to snakes with what is known as tail flagging and with heat from the tail many here's an example of the robot squarely flagging but failing to attract the snake.oejj another example has better results. the snake strikes at the robo squirrel's head. scientists think the squirrels are trying to assess how dangerous the threat is from the snake. squirrels are quick at dodging snakes. by the way that study cost $390,000. mountain view-based google giving us a glimpse of new reality glasses. they allow you to do without a
5:26 am
cell phone they use a microphone with a partly transparent video screen over the right eye, it loads specific apps such as social reminders and weather, lets you talk to friends and has a gps device. google won't say when the glasses will be ready for sale or how much they are going to cost. >> you could be driving or walking and see all those things, those icons in front of you? >> you will need google's other device, the car that drives itself. >> right. next, new questions on who the shooter at oikos university was really targeting. survivor of monday's mass killings gives new details about what happened as the again man went on his shooting spree. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in san jose the search for sierra lamar resumes today. volunteers are not being asked to come out and help, you can still help with the search. i'll tell you how. here's a look at high temperatures, coolest great falls, seattle mid to upper
5:27 am
40s, 50 portland everything east warmer from 70 denver to 57 in new york. 78 in atlanta, possibility of severe weather today if you are traveling through hartsfield jackson airport you want to use our flight tracker delays will develop there that will affect the rest of the country.
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this morning deputies will resume their search for missing morgan hill teen see rather mar concentrating on areas in san martin and gilroy. live look at the bay bridge breezy from time to time. [ inaudible ]
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i'm kristen sze. i am eric thomas. the communities of gilroy and san martine will be the target of searchers looking for clues to the whereabouts of 15-year-old sierra lamar. >> she vanished three weeks ago tomorrow. >> reporter: a couple significant things about today's search. it is not taking place around her morgan hill home much of the searching to this point had taken place there. it is taking place in gilroy and san martine. another thing significant, the family wants to keep this in the public eye this is doing that. take a look at searches that have happened in the past few weeks. last week hundreds and hundreds of volunteers turned out to the missing 15-year-old sierra lamar. last seen by her family march
5:31 am
16th. she left her morgan hill home heading for the school bus stop and never got there today the search-and-rescue unit going to be out focusing on san martine and gilroy with a lot of power going out there a lot of k-9 units and searchers, not volunteers. they were used last week. they did not come up with anything. they did manage to keep in story in the public that is something significant to the family. take a look at something that everybody can use. if you want to get involved in this effort. this is called the qr or quick response code. you can find it on sierra lamar's posters. you can download this it is called a scan light app. download it on to your smartphone then you scan the code on that poster, you get all the information about sierra lamar. crystal clear focus.
5:32 am
-- photos, her height, weight, it can only help get the word out and keep this story alive. it is not going to be a volunteer search today, no volunteers are needed. it is a search-and-rescue effort in gilroy and san martine if you wanted to download that app called the scan light app, you can in a sense help with this search. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. developing news, oakland police an founded the person they thought was the target of monday's shooting spree at oikos university may not have been the one the again man wanted to kill after all. katie marzullo is live at oikos campus with new information. >> reporter: we were just learning more about why that administrator thought that she was the target just as the chief said, but now we are learning that a different woman has been targeted. that original woman her name is ellen cervellon this is
5:33 am
video of her, she was the original target, thought to be. she admitted she and the suspect one goh were having conflict over getting tuition back. he dropped out, he was not kicked out as originally thought. he was demanding a full refund on his tuition which had been denied to him. ellen cervellon was not on campus monday. the chief is saying cervellon is not the target but he's not naming the new person only she is also a female administrator he said she fears for her safety. one goh was officially charged yesterday, seven counts of murder and three counts after tempted murder. the d.a. revealed more about how classmates and administrators saw him. >> information we have received from some of the individuals who knew him at the school was that he was a loner and what some might call a loser. >> reporter: we understand investigators are going to
5:34 am
resume their search of the estuary near the oakland airport today. that is where they are searching for the weapon that goh is accused of using. they had to call off their search yesterday because of bad weather. they are going back under the water today still looking for that hand again. they say they don't need it for the prosecution but they would like to have it any way. those charges against one goh come way special circumstance. the -- several special circumstances and those could come with the death personal tip the d.a. won't make that decision until after the preliminary hearing. katie marzullo, abc7 news. one of the survivors of monday's shooting has new details about what happened inside the classroom where the tragedy began. according to court documents school secretary kathleen ping was probably the first person killed after saeed escaped to a nearby room he realized he
5:35 am
too had been shot he was later released from the hospital recovering from a wound to the shoulder. the other two people who were wounded have been released from the hospital. >> he said line-up he started firing, we saw the lady's fire on chest she fell on the chair -- [ unintelligible ] later he said he felting something wet on his arm that was blood from the gunshot wound. that is kathleen ping the woman who was probably the first person killed. monday was the first time most of us had ever heard of oikos university. the state department and consumer affairs is well aware of the christian college. for more coverage stay with abc7 news we'll bring you the latest on our website and on air.
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5:35. in a few hours the man accused of killing five at a san francisco home is expected back in court to face multiple murder charges. 35-year-old binh thai luc is being held without bail on charges that he murdered three women and two men march 23rd. he made his initial court appearance last week. the victims were killed in four areas in the home. sources have told abc7 news the killer poured bleach, water and paint over the scene to damage evidence after the murders. we turn our attention to the weather now. yesterday we had that chance for rain. i didn't see any. let's see if we can put that chance, that other over a chance aside for today. >> i know what we are experiencing this morning cold temperatures. yeah, you both have it nailed. one in the morning, one in the afternoon. let me fill in the blanks. live doppler, all quiet right now. the napa county mountains here
5:37 am
next to live doppler, would be the best area for scattered shower this afternoon. as far as winds, still up in a few hours, -- a few areas 12 miles per hour in oakland, sfo, 20 half moon bay the rest us 10 to even calm that has put our temperatures in the 30s mainly inland and low to mid 40s around the bay shore to the coast under a sunny start today. we will see an increase in clouds like yesterday not as many clouds, low to mid 50s, cool during the lunch hour that's also when winds will start picking up out of the northwest 10 to 20, they will hang around during the afternoon. you can see the green where we think the rain is going to fall during the afternoon hours that stray shower under a mostly sunny sky, mid to upper 50s. trees high, mold still moderate, grass and ragweed are low today. here's a look at your seven day forecast. two to four degrees warmer tomorrow, saturday and sunday.
5:38 am
chance of rain sunday mainly in the north bay in the afternoon to evening hours. all of us will get rain next week even through thursday and possibly friday. what a wet' week. until then let's talk -- what a wet week. until then let's talk about traffic. capital corridor trains delayed system wide because of signal problems between richmond and martinez. no other major delays at this time. we have a live shot of 680 walnut creek southbound towards highway 24 earlier incident has been hered as well. looking good through the san ramon valley and sunol grade. i want to show you the waze traffic app and talk about the slow down westbound 205 in tracy we heard about it earlier from one of our traffic spotters. a commuter even submitted a picture this is what it looked like a short while ago for this time of the morning
5:39 am
heavy. now traffic is still slow, 34 pile as hour westbound 205 through tracy, also sluggish through the altamont pass. also starting to see typical slow downs develop on highway 4, through antioch. there's another traffic spotter kevin moving at less than 10 miles an hour there as they head westbound on highway 4 now through antioch. of course, you can get the latest real-time information while you are commuting download our free traffic app, you can put it on your smartphone or your iphone. 5:39. still aide, let the voters decide. the election coming next week that could determine whether one peninsula school district will have to cut a third of its teachers. a federal judge makes a critical ruling on federal health insurance for same-sex couples who are married. is it a sign of something bigger? why analysts say yahoo may be
5:40 am
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5:43 am
federal law clerk who married his husband in 2008 when it was briefly legal in california. last year the government turned down his health insurance application for his husband on the basis of the defense of marriage act which is also being contested in court now. this morning analysts are speculating about the future of sunnyvale-based yahoo. yesterday yahoo passed out pink slips to two thousand work found out their services won't be needed by the end of the year. that equals 14% of the workforce. timing is puzzling because the company's new ceo scott thompson won't explain his vision of the future analysts say he could be preparing to sell the company. >> if you are going to do it properly you do it deep and fast this looks shallow and long so it does look like he may be learning on-the-job. if you are doing layoffs for packaging for sale you want to go deep because you want to make the company look as good as possible as quickly as possible. >> yahoo says the lay-offs
5:44 am
equal sayses of 375 million dollars yearly. -- in the past four years, yahoo has laid off nearly six thousand workers. brisbane voters being asked to approve a new tax to save 1/3 of its teachers. saying it will have to lay-off that many teachers unless voters approve a $156 annual parcel tax. homeowners over 65 could opt-out the tax requires a 2/3 yes vote to pafps the board is considering a merger with neighboring bay shore district. just got the latest jobless numbers from the government they may give job seekers their best outlook in four years. bloomberg report straight ahead. accident that has put an east bay market out of business and has police on the hunt for suspects. fast forward to the general election. president obama and mitt romney exchange harsh
5:45 am
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>> here's a look at live doppler, scattered light showers around eureka and crescent city some could head towards the sierra to create snow showers not much, cool tahoe, 34 today upper 50s chico and sacramento, 55
5:48 am
big sur. a lot of sun palm springs 82, l.a. 7 , 64 in san diego. -- 5:47. as we speak police in oakland are searching for three men who crashed a minivan into a market last night. police say the van hit a car off fruitvale then ran over a fence and crashed into the black and white market on fruitvale and 27th street. the three men in the van ran. fire officials left the minivan in place for several hours until they made sure the market was not in danger of collapsing. the market is red tagged, meaning it won't be allowed to reopen until serious repairs can be made. sonoma county animal park handler recovering from injuries she suffer yesterday when she was gored by a buffalo at safari west. a spokeswoman says the 4-year-old buffalo like this one, known as ruth, followed cows through an open gate. the handler was injured when she tried to coax ruth back.
5:49 am
the wrangler suffered austere leg wound. ruth was tranquilized and taken back to her pen. santorum, gingrich and paul insist they are still in the race for the white house. mitt romney increasingly sounds like he's already looking forward to the big showdown in november, with president obama. president obama will focus on the economy today by signing a bill that aims to make it easier for small companies to raise money from investors. romney campaigns in pennsylvania today ahead of that state's presidential primary on april 24th. he has sharpened his attacks on the president. >> we just gotta get him out of officers. he just doesn't understand what is happening in the country. >> it is not just romney . the obama campaign is releasing ads against their likely republican opponent even though the election is seven months away. ron paul is set to speak at a fundraiser in
5:50 am
san francisco this morning at the marriott in union square, part of his thee-day swing through california. paul hosted a town hall at uc -- ucla last night he continues to push forward with his campaign stickinging to his message about threats to financial -- freeh come and his -- freedom and his call to end big government and the war. mark matthews will sit down with paul later today. cool this morning. >> we are always cool. >> especially you and you. >> thank you. >> yeah that was cheesey, i'm sorry. temperatures outside might be a popsicle if you are not careful in some areas that's how cool it is getting. having a little fun, it is thursday, tomorrow is friday, almost to the weekend. we gotta get through today. today like questioned. except for this morning, it is
5:51 am
cooler looking down from vollmer peak. beautiful with lights and clean air. we are still in the mid to upper 30s fairfield, fan park santa rosa, los gatos low to mid 40s -- monterey bay upper 30s gilroy, santa rosa, 40 watsonville, mid to upper 40s salinas and monterey. our next three days or next three items will be your highlights mostly sunny, cool and breezy clear and chilly tonight and warmer afternoons come into the forecast friday saturday and sunday. not much of a change i hope you liked yesterday one degree warm per in san francisco the same in concord hayward 59. -- let's throw out other numbers besides san jose, antioch, --
5:52 am
[ unintelligible ] mid to upper 50s for the rest of us more sun than yesterday. clear lake 52 one of the areas clear lake to napa, higher elevations we could see one of those stray showers today. a lot of sun northwest breeze 10 to 20 like everybody else 56 in monterey to 59 morgan hill low 60s for everybody else. tonight you can see what the calm conditions do as we are still in this cool air mass, mid 30s to near 40 inland valleys, upper 30s to low 40s around the bay shore, san mateo, san francisco to the coast, 40s for you. let's look at what is happening, one more small chunk of energy going to pass to our north, keep most showers up to our north, still looked into this cool, kind of windy air mass that will hang around at least for another 24 hours. we'll start to modify it tomorrow afternoon. overnight the rain stayed to the north no snow in the
5:53 am
sierra yet starts to develop this afternoon snow showers like the showers you see here along lake county into the napa county mountains small hail possible if you get caught under one. here's your forecast, with all that sun, two to four degrees warmer tomorrow, saturday with a few high clouds and sunday the rain holds off in the north bay until late in the afternoon and evening then all next week, monday tuesday, wednesday, thursday, even friday, a chance of rain in the forecast. hope you have a great day. we have a new injury crash reported it was in the westbound direction that's how it was initially reported, turns out it is eastbound 80 near lagoon valley apparently it is not causing slowing in that direction, i put a speed sensor in the eastbound direction, 63 miles an hour i did find slowing in the opposite direction for most commuters heading westbound towards fairfield, 43 miles an
5:54 am
hour near the scene. even though the accident is eastbound it is causing slowing in the westbound direction. we'll keep you posted. bay bridge metering lights not on yet. just a minor delay for some of the cash-paying lanes. wind advisory in effect. you want to be extra careful, both hands on the wheel there. san mateo bridge no wind advisory cancelled earlier this morning, traffic flows well in both directions. traffic is pretty slow in antioch. you will find a lot of the slowing in the usual spots. you can check it out with the exclusive waze traffic app. we have a few traffic spotters moving at 27 miles an hour westbound 4 antioch. find outpour by going to -- 5:54 >> labor department has just released weekly jobless report a gauge of our economy. new applications for benefits fell to 357,000. the lowest in four years. that signals stronger hiring
5:55 am
and could pave the way to a lower unemployment rate. >> for the rest of the business headlines here's bloomberg's jane king. has it been a while since you got a raise? workers are now expecting a bump up in salary for the first time in four years. citing the labor department employment for older workers, 55 and up on the rise. many with improved health are jumping into the workforce others have put off retirement. closer look at the nation's job picture when the jobless claims are lease add head of the opening we get the march jobs report tomorrow. stocks took a tumble as demand dropped at a spanish bond auction. red bull may no longer give you wings. senator durbin says caffeine limits should be imposed on energy drinks because of potential health risks. energy drinks which can contain three times as much
5:56 am
caffeine in sodas are not subject to the same guidelines. win for mcdonald's a lawsuit saying it -- kpoeuts children through toys in happy meals dismissed. -- [ unintelligible ] . katie couric has been back on the morning shift this week filling in for robin roberts. this morning she talks to eva longoria about the show's final season. >> interesting, because i'm in a big transition in my life. i'm not married. i always thought i would be married at the end of desperate housewives. the show sending. a lot of chapters are closing in my life. i'm at a point where he get to redefine who i am. >> longoria called the recent
5:57 am
wrongful termination lawsuit against does from it housewives filed by her former co-star nicolette sheridan, a stain on the show's legacy. see more of that interview and katie's return to mornings on "good morning america" at 7:00 desperate housewives expert here. >> they are down to the final two episodes it is very juicy, what you might expect from that show. just ahead, he seems to know the procedures but he isn't one of them. why police in the south bay are warning the public about a fake cop. searching for sierra. volunteers prepare to head out this morning, looking for the @ @ @ @ @ @aaaaaaaaa)a)a)a)a)pt
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