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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 5, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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oakland police still on the lookout for the three men who careened their minivan into a market.
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[ inaudible ] we begin thursday 6:01 thank you for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. the latest on our developing news in the oikos university shooting. new questions over who the oakland school gunman was really looking for when he gunned dunton people at the school. katie marzullo is live at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: the shooting scene is still a crime scene
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as you can see the tape still in place and an officer still guards the school. the big question this morning is who was the target of the crime? we have video of this woman ellen cervellon the director of the nursing program here. she was named by the chief to the an society press and kind of admitted herself she was the target of one goh. now the chief is saying it want her. it was another female administrator. he's not going to name her he says she afraid for her safety. one goh was formally charged with seven counts of murder and three counts after tempted murder. it carried special circumstances which make him eligible for the death penalty. >> the scope of this murderous rampage is unprecedented here in alameda county. the defendant went to the school with a 45 calibre weapon. he also had four fully loaded magazines of ammunition. >> reporter: we understand the
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search for that gun, that handgun something going to resume today. divers had to cut efforts short yesterday at the estuary near the oakland airport, because of the weather. they want to continue searching that spot. we don't know what kind of evidence they have leading them to that spot. we understand the suspect one goh is being cooperative, he has confessed to the crime. for some reason he is holding out on the location of that murder weapon. katie marzullo, abc7 news. the first funeral for a victim of monday's deadly shootings will be held this afternoon. family and friends attended a memorial service for 21-year-old lydia sim last night at the korean baptist church in hayward where she had been a member and babysat many of the congregation's children. >> she has loving heart and really good daughter to her par -- parents. and she loved kids so much. >> sim was finishing her
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nursing degree she ultimately wanted to be a pediatrician. she will be buried in los altos this afternoon. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the deadly shootings. you can track developments online at in just a few hours the man accused of killing five at a san francisco home is expected back in court to face multiple murder charges. binh thai luc is being held without bail on charges that he murdered three women and two men on march 23rd inside a home. he made his initial court appearance last week. the victims were killed inside the house the killer poured bleach, water and paint over the scene to damage the evidence after the murders. searchers will look for a missing morgan hill teenager today in a new location as the search for sierra lamar goes high-tech through an app talk easily access. terry mcsweeney is live in
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santa clara county with the latest. >> reporter: we'll get to that app in a little bit. first i want to point out what is going on today in the search for sierra lamar different than what we've seen before. the search by the search-and-rescue unit is not going to be around her home, they've been staying fairly close to that most time. today, they are leaving morgan hill they are going to san martine and gilroy. look at the search as it went on for the past three weeks tomorrow, looking for the 15-year-old last seen by her family march 16th. she left her morgan hill home that morning shortly before 7:00, never made it to the school bus stop she vanished. they have found her cell phone, they found her purse, they've received 1,000 tips, nothing so far. the search-and-rescue team is focusing on san martine and gilroy out there with k-9 units this is not a volunteer effort as it was last week
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with the klaas kids foundation leading the charge this is a search-and-rescue effort. volunteers are not asked to come out there is something you can do. new tool to use in this search. take a look at the qr code. the quick response code it can take you to a poster of seer lala mar. that code is right -- of sierra lamar. that code is on the poster. you go to our application on your smartphone download the scan app. it takes a while i'm waiting for mine to come down, i starred it five minutes ago. i can show you if we come -- i started it five minutes ago. i can show you, once you scan that app and scan the information on the poster. you go get all this information on seer la. -- on sierra. this is what you scan. this is the mix of black and white that you scan with your
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smartphone and when you do, it comes down with a picture of sierra. you can bring down posters of sierra to download, information to tie you into facebook, twitter. it has all kinds of information. what to do if you see her, if you think you've seen her them are looking for any information. there are phone numbers. there is an immediate access to the santa clara county emergency response and they can have a unit to where you are in two minutes, if you think that you are seeing her right there. a lot going on that search begins this morning at 9:00. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. thank you for demonstrating that app. 6:07. a judge has set a november trial date for the nevada man charged with killing four northern california women. jury selection in joseph naso's murder trial is scheduled to begin november 7th. the 78-year-old defendant has
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pleaded not guilt to charges he murdered the women between 1977 and 1994678 the body of one of the victim -- and 1994. the body of one of the victims was left in fairfax. police in oakland are searching for three men who crashed a minivan into a market last night. police say the van hit a car on fruitvale ran over a fence and crashed into the black and white market on fruitvale and 27th street. the three men ran from the scene. fire officials left the minivan in place for several hours until they made sure that market was not in danger of collapsing. the market is red-tagged meaning it won't be allowed to reopen until serious repairs can be made. you won see frost this morning, you will just feel temperatures that feel like you can see frost. >> the winds keeping -- [ unintelligible ] winds keep the temperatures up also add a
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chill to the air. good morning. 6:08. almost 6:09 doppler quiet cooler this morning from one degree in redwood city and half moon bay to five in napa, san rafael, oakland, san jose, concord and livermore that puts us in the mid 30s around fairfield and napa, upper 30s santa rosa and los gatos low to mid 40s the rest of us except half moon bay 48. cooler air coming down on that jet stream going to hang around about another 24 hours then it is still unstable enough one or two stray showers may develop. mountains towards clear lake, lake county and farther north. mid 50s to 60° today under a mostly sunny sky. winds 10 to 20 miles an hour like yesterday. after a chilly night tonight temperatures like this morning, we'll warm about two to four degrees under sunny skies
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friday, saturday and even sunday before a chance of rain in the north bay that afternoon. good morning. just got off the phone with bart no bart delays but on the capita corridor there are system wide -- delays due to signal problems in the east bay eastbound train number 521, 14 minutes late, westbound a few minutes later. earlier crash southbound coming off the golden gate bridge it has been cleared traffic still looking good out of marin county across the san mateo bridge new stall reported westbound near the highrise we might see slowing out of hayward into foster city. typical delays elsewhere. if you want to get out of that delay altamont pass, ace train reporting no delays. 6:10. just ahead, still cleaning up after occupy. >> a fix planned for oakland
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city hall's damaged front lawn. warning from san francisco's top cop why he's saying there could be a police officer shortage, soon.úú
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you can see good thursday morning. 6:14. oakland mayor quan is set to roll out the first section of sod later this morning to
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restore the land at frank ogawa plaza the plaza was the scene of occupy protests from last october through january. the lawn was seriously damaged by the protests and police activity. the lawn is now being restored in preparation for the celebration of oakland's 160th birthday at the end of the month. san francisco's police chief says the department is hundreds of officers short and it needs to hire now. there are currently 1700 full duty police officers, 215 less than the number mandated by voters. the chief says due to retirements and budget cuts the problem is even though new officers need to be hired there is no money to do it. the police union and mayor's office are talking about a money-saving plan to lower rookie salaries for the first two years of service. south bay police warning people to beware of a er who pretends to be under cover -- of a would be robber who prefriends to be an undercover
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cop. he drives a green van and targets spanish-speaking immigrants, flashes a fake badge and takes the victim's wallet to the van to check for warrants when he returns it all the cash is gone. mike is here, watch out for breezes this morning. >> they are gutsy in some areas, won't be a detriment to any flights which is good news as you look outside we see a clear sky in the blues, cool blues of the bay either against the originals and yellows not only the lights but impending sunrise, beautiful picture have to put that on facebook, nice job, peter up in transmission doing a great job. mid 30s fairfield, napa, santa rosa, 39 never lore, low to mid 40s elsewhere -- livermore, low to mid 40s elsewhere.
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today mostly sunny, cool and breezy, like yesterday. clear and chilly tonight like this morning things change tomorrow afternoon saturday and sunday warmer temperatures. we'll get closer to average today, about 10° cooler than average. temperatures within one degree in san francisco yesterday's high, 55. oakland 59, san jose one degree cooler santa rosa 60, two degrees cooler than yesterday. santa rosa, napa, fairfield, antioch, concord and san jose the most likely areas to get to 60 everybody else in the mid to upper 50s. breezes out of the northwest around 10 to 20 miles per hour. morgan hill monterey mid to upper 50s, low 60s the rest of the bay and inland mostly sunny.
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tonight mid 30s to 40 north bay, east bay valleys upper 30s to low 40s bay shore. san mateo, san francisco, half moon bay exception mid 40s four. unstable air mass small area of low pressure north flow coming out of northwest for sure cool and breezy today. slight chance of a stray shower as we head into the afternoon mainly in the higher elevations of napa county possibly sonoma and into solano otherwise quiet today. more quietness for tomorrow, saturday, sunday afternoon possibility of light rain in the north bay, all of us get a chance of rain for everyday next week. have a great day. here's frances dinglasan. good morning. capital corridor reporting residual delays earlier signal problems between richmond and martinez. first they reported one train delayed 15 minutes. now possibly up to 30 minutes late in both directions.
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look out for that bart, caltrain, ace and muni, no delays as well as other mass transit systems. earlier injury crash eastbound 80 lagoon valley road on the shoulder. there was minor slowing westbound but looks like things have improved, not too bad there view vacaville, fairfield westbound across the san mateo bridge on the right shoulder near the highrise i don't think that will cause too much trouble traffic flowing well in both directions. live shot of the bay bridge toll, looks like metering lights are on we'll start to see the back-up grow beyond the end of the parking lot. fast track lane seems to be doing well, carpool lanes any way that's probably a better option at this point. we'll check out the waze traffic app, getting a little bit more crowded on 880 to 237. someone reported moderate traffic westbound 237 a couple minutes ago, thank you for that. we have a few traffic spotters
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on the road no major problems 680 out of the sunol grade and 880 through milpitas. when it does slow you can find out by going to waze, done load the free traffic app to your smartphone or iphone. 6:20. i'm going for a little alliteration. call them google glasses. >> high-tech lenses will let you use apps without ever touching a mobile device. ♪
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6:23. good morning everyone. you are looking live at east sun beginning to rise there, beautiful thing to time of morning the sun turns orange and a little purr buttish. mike will look at -- purplish. will look at forecast. hacker group anonymous claiming victory in attacking chinese websites calling it a protest against china's internet restrictions some sites remain down the chinese government is denying its sites were hacked. one message what you are doing to your people tomorrow will be inflicted to you with no mercy. china blocks users from seeing facebook and twitter. glass as will you to you do anything a cell phone can
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do without the cell phone. they use a microphone with a partly transparent video seen over the right eye loads specific apps such as social reminders and weather, lets you talk to friends and has a gps device. google won say when the glasses will be ready for sale or how much they will cost. back to that china internet thing i remember trying to log on there and very difficult getting on the internet. 6:25. bart passenger assaulted inside a station. critical clue that could make it easier for police to find the men accused of the beating. new developments overnight in the deadly shooting at oikos university including new questions about who the intended target was. live report straight ahead. republican presidential candidate ron paul's message to the bay area. where he will be speaking later today. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in san jose.
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three weeks tomorrow 15-year-old sierra lamar disappeared from near her morgan hill home. today the search continues with boots on the ground. you can help with a smartphone in your hand. i'll tell you about the app that could make a difference, coming up. flight departure delays out of newark and houston check our flight tracker at at the bottom. /ñ/ñi
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opening bell will soon ring to start the trading day. stock futures are sliding again -- [ inaudible ] number of people applying for unemployment benefits fell to a four year low last week. a report from the new york stock exchange in 15 minutes. good morning thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. less than three hours from now guillory and san martine will be the target of search -- of guillory and san martine will be the target of search crews looking for sierra lamar. >> reporter: this is not the volunteer search, search-and-rescue it -- units from the -- if you have a
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smartphone and you download the scan app then when you see a poster of her you are going to be able to scan the barcode, you get posters of her if you want to download that and all kinds of information on the search, everything you could want to know about sierra lamar. take a look at the old fashioned way of searching for sierra lamar this is video from weeks gone by. last week a couple hunt people turned out throughout the week part of the kids klaas search for sierra lamar the 15-year-old girl who went missing three weeks ago tomorrow. she left for school from her morgan hill home, never made it to school bus stop. today the santa clara county search-and-rescue team will be focusing, san martine and gilroy setting up shop at monterey and highland not a volunteer effort. take a look at the barcode this is interesting stuff, the
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quick response code which you can find on many of sierra's updated posters. you download the scan app, then you scan the code on that poster and you get all kinds of information about sierra, including a hotline number. you get e-mail information, if you want to send in information on her you think you might have seen her, you might know something more about her that information is all important more than 1,000 tips have come in to searchers and perhaps what going on today is a result of some of that information. it stars at 9:00. . -- it starts at 9:00. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. latest news on the oikos university shootings. overnight place announced the person they thought was the target of the shooting spree may not have been the one the gun man wanted to kill after all. katie marzullo is live on campus with new information. you just found new information
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on the suspect's personal history too? >> reporter: we did. that's according to a korean newspaper. apparently one goh had one failed marriage and changed his name to one goh when he moved here from korea in the year 2000. as far as his tar get -- his target in this shooting. the police chief is saying that is not the right person. the director of the nursing program her name is ellen cervellon was thought to be the original target she admitted she and one get had conflict over him getting his tuition back. she said he dropped out, not kicked out as originally reported. and he was not going to get his money back. she was not on campus monday the chief is saying cervellon was to the target, it was another female administrator, he's not naming that woman she is worried about her safety. one goh was officially charged with the murders yesterday. seven charges of murder, three
6:34 am
of tempted murder. the district torn is revealing more about how the administrators -- the district attorney is revealing more about how the administrators and classmates saw him. >> the information we received from some of the individuals who knew him at the school was that he was a loner and what some might call a loser. >> reporter: we also understand searchers are going to be back out at the estuary near the oakland airport resuming their search for the murder weapon believed to be under water. their efforts were cut short yesterday due to rough weather. the charges come with a special circumstance with several special circumstances i should say which make him eligible for the death penalty. the district attorney says she is not going to make a decision on that until after the preliminary hearing. katie marzullo, abc7 news. one of the wounded survivors of monday's deadly shoot something giving new details about what happened
6:35 am
inside the classroom where the shooting began. abc7 spoke with ahmed saeed by phone. >> he said line-up, he started firing, we saw the lady, she fell from the chair everybody scared and wanted to escape v class.nd wanted to escape he came from the backdoor. >> according to court documents, school secretary kathleen ping was probably the first person killed after saeed escaped to a nearby room he realized that he too had been shot. >> i feel some wetting my jacket when i touchy saw bleeding coming from my wound >> saeed was released from the hospital monday and is recovering from a gunshot wound to the shoulder. the other two people wounded have also been released from the hospital. charges filed in the case means the suspect could be facing the death penalty. the district attorney will not
6:36 am
determine whether to speak the capital offense until after the preliminary hearing. at that time the d.a. plans to convene a committee which will review evidence and any information provided by goh's defense attorney before deciding whether to pursue the death penalty. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the oikos deadly shootings and track developments online at right now police on the hunt for three men accused in a brutal tack on a bart passenger inside the transit agency's coma station the man was beat by three men after 7 p.m. last night. investigators say it is not clear if the man knew his attackers or was a random target. a camera captured the incident police are refugue that footage in the hopes of getting a better description. pedestrian hit by -- a
6:37 am
rider collided with 71-year-old at the corner of market and castro streets thursday morning. witnesses told police he was in the crosswalk and the bicyclist may have run a red light. the rider's name has not been released no charges filed the accident remains under investigation. brisbane voters asked to approve a new tax to save the jobs of 1/3 of their teachers. the district says it will have to lay-off that many teachers unless voters approve a $156 annual parcel tax next tuesday. homeowners over 65 could opt-out. the tax an requires 2/3 yes vote to pass. the board is considering a merge we are neighboring bay shore school district. republican presidential candidate ron paul set to speak at a fundraiser in san francisco later this morning at the marriott in union square. he hosted a town hall meeting
6:38 am
at ucla last night. he continues to push forward with his campaign, sticking to his message about threats to financial freedom and his call to end big government and the war. political reporter mark matthew will sit down with paul later today and have reports at 4, 5 and 6:00. >> juke see the sun has risen, going to be a gorgeous day, we got some breezes out there >> we don't have any rain and we don't have any frost. >> breezes were up just enough to keep the frost from forming. weather service discontinued the frost advisory 3:00 this morning the time it was supposed to start. doppler quiet now by the afternoon watch out napa county mountains a stray shower may pop as far as winds they've gone calm in a lot of areas still gusting around 11 miles per hour in napa, 12 sfo, 22 half moon bay. they will get up to 10 to 20
6:39 am
northwest with gusts around 25. manlyzq=pl sunny, mid to upper s -- mainly sunny, mid to upper 30s. a few clouds will develop by noon, low to mid 50s towards the 4:00 hour around napa green develops that's the computer models telling us that's the best area for stray showers to develop mid to upper 50s cooler than average once again. good news as far as allergies, grass and ragweed down, mold still medium, still have high amounts of tree pollen.gsr chilly again tonight, almost like this morning, tomorrow afternoon, saturday, sunday, two to four degrees warmer still a chance of rain sunday afternoon into the evening in the north bay the rest of us will get chances everyday next week. how about an update on your traffic? here's frances dinglasan. new crash within the last couplep of minutes, westbound
6:40 am
80 san pablo road chp en route now blocking a lane traffic will slow there as you get to the bay bridge toll metering lights on backed up towards the 880 overcrossing still a wind advisory for the bay bridge -- camera not bouncing around too much. compute north bay commuters from marin in is -- commute north bay commuters from marin in san francisco, right now no problems westbound across the is -- san mateo bridge a stall didn't cause much of a delay. another accident westbound 580 at 680 reported 10 minutes agoç ch en route sounds minor we'll keep track -- chp en route, sounds minor we'll keep track. slow westbound 80 altamont pass heavy basco road reported by a traffic spotter just a
6:41 am
few minutes ago. there are all these slow downs. you can find out what affects your commute, download our free traffic app, waze. our time is 6:41. an attack on macs with hundreds of computers are affected. >> the latest from the new york stock exchange. right now the dow is down 55 points. more criticism of the massive government loan given to solyndra. the new report slamming the treasury department's handling of the application. >>ia what is next for yahoo? @ @ @ @ @ @aaaaaaaaa)a)ppptt st
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welcome back. a few scattered showers to our northwest heading southeast that's why we have a chance of a scattered shower into the central valleys. mid to upper 50s big sur, sacramento, check co-, palm springs 82. -- 6:45 now. this morning analysts are speculating about the future of sunnyvale-based yahoo.
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yesterday yahoo passed out pink slips to 2,000 workers who found out their services won't be needed by the end of the year. that equals 14% of yahoo's workforce. timing is puzzling because the new ceo scott thompson won't explain his shreurbgs of the future many some think he might be preparing to sell the company. >> if you are going to do it properly you do it deep and fast this looks shallow and long it does look like he may be learning on-the-job. by the way, if you are doing lay-offs for packaging for sale you want to go very deep because you want to make the company look as good as possible as quickly as possible. >> yahoo says lay-offs equal a savings of 375 million dollars yearly in the past four years yahoo has laid off six thousand workers. president obama will sign key legislation later today aimed at helping small businesses and start-ups hire more people. the jobs act includes provisions to allow retirement funds be used by start-up
6:47 am
investors to allow small businesses to raise money faster. the signing will take place in the white house rose garden. gas prices have one group of automakers smiling. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning. return of $4 gas swrepb ing -- generating new life for battery powered vehicles. vehicle vehicles including hybrids, plug-ins and battery power cars were the fastest growing segment in the auto market in the first quarter sales soaring 49%. earlier this morning we had weekly jobless claims they did drop last week they continue to be at the lowest level in four years. we get the march report from the labor department tomorrow even though the stock market is closed, we will still have that report coming up, bond market open tomorrow. we find out if the unemployment rate moved from 8.3% that we saw in february.
6:48 am
here's how the markets are doing. we've had weakness this week that does continue today. bloomberg index looks like it is trading to the downside. live at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king. well, new this morning, scathing new criticism of the massive government loan given to solyndra. the new report from the treasury department's inspector general says experts were not consulted on the 528 million dollar federal loan to the last minute and had only a day to complete their review the report found concerns raised were never addressed. solyndra was the first green energy company to receive a federal energy department loan under a new stimulus program. the company declared bankruptcy last year and laid off more than 1,000 workers. we want to soak up some of that solar energy today it won't feel that warm. >> yesterday the -- if you are
6:49 am
sitting in a car or sheller it will feel nice -- shelter it will feel nice once you get that breeze, crisp. let's talk about temperatures should you -- how you should dress -- [ unintelligible ] mid 40s santa rosa, napa, fairfield upper 40s around livermore, low to mid 40s -- mid to upper 30s, gilroy, watsonville, santa rosa. today mostly sunny, cool and breezy, like questioned. clear, chilly again tonight -- like yesterday. clear, chilly again tonight. today well below average livermore 59, oakland 59, 55 san francisco and san jose 60. napa 60, redwood city 59, nine
6:50 am
degrees cooler tan where we should be april 5th. sunrise came up a minute ago set at 7:37. mid 50s to near 60 today except for clear lake better area for a stray shower 52. winds 10 to 20. 5 monterey, 59 morgan him, low 60s everybody else around the upon ray -- around the monterey bay. a few upper 30s to low 40s around the bay shore out to the coast in san francisco mid 40s. we are watching a couple of small chunks of energy roll through this cold air mass they could kickoff a stray shower or two let's see where that may happen. zoom down 7:00 this morning, all is quiet except for showers we just saw on live doppler up to the north, by 1:00, 2:00 showers along the napa county mountains as the sunsets, and we lose daytime heating, they are gone by midnight tomorrow we wake up
6:51 am
to a clear sky and calmer conditions and chilly temperatures once again, tomorrow afternoon, sunshine and temperatures will jump two to four degrees another two to four degrees of warming saturday, sunday and monday storm system passes to our north chance of rain in the north sunday afternoon all of us get a chance of rain next week. quite a few accidents out there, new one just reported in san jose north 101 at lem rock in the center divide, -- westbound 80 now at san pablo dam road accident blocking a lane 10, 15 minutes heavy traffic approaching the scene. the drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze growing, currently 23 minutes. a couple accidents dublin interchange one northbound 680 one westbound 580 slowing in the 580 direction heavy out of the altamont pass. capital corridor residual delays following earlier signal problems in, 30 minutes
6:52 am
system wide. other mass transit systems, no delays. bay bridge toll looking better. the back-up has improved only towards the end of the parking lot that's good news. north bay ride southbound some of the normal brake lights past the parren civic center towards 580. -- not bad southbound 680 walnut creek towards highway 24. 6:52 now. >> we are learning this morning more than 600,000 mac computers have been infected with mall wear half in the u.s. -- with malwear half in the u.s. the infection is significant -- computers users usually think of apple computers as virus-proof. the malware is a trojan horse that gets in through java. they recommend they scan their cute terse using a malware
6:53 am
detection program. new information about the gunman in the oikos university shooting and who he was really targeting. >> katie marzullo is live at the school with the latest. >> reporter: the police chief named her and then basically named herself. the director of the nursing program at oikos university ellen cervellon thought she was the target because she had a dispute with the suspect one goh over a tuition refund he wanted after he dropped out. she said that wasn't going to be possible. the chief overnight saying cervellon was not the intended target it was another female administrator the chief is not going to name her, he says she fears for her safety. one goh has been charged with seven counts of murder, three counts of attempted murder with special circumstances which make him death penalty eligible. the district attorney says she won't be announcing her decision on that until after the preliminary hearing which is not expected for a couple
6:54 am
of months. today we expect search crews to resume their search for the handgun. they are looking in that body of water estuary near the oakland airport they had to cut search efforts short yesterday due to weather. they will be back there today. the district attorney says she doesn't need the gun to prosecute, but she would like to have it. now to our other top story terry mcsweeney live in morgan hill with more on the search for sierra lamar. >> reporter: i'm if san jose and the missing girl i'm -- i'm in san jose, and the missing girl is from morgan hill, the search continues but not in morgan hill it going to continue in other parts of santa clara county, gilroy and san martine. it going to be three weeks tomorrow that sierra lamar disappear. they've been looking for her since last week, massive search effort turned up nothing. she disappeared from her home near morgan hill march 16th.
6:55 am
she left for school, never made it to school bus that day. today the santa clara county search-and-rescue team will be focusing, san martine and gilroy area, iting up command post at monterey and highland this is not a -- volunteer search like last week this is just for the search-and-rescue team. also, high-tech aspect to this search. take a look right now at some posters of sierra lamar. you are going to be seeing a barcode is the qr code or the quick response code on updated sierra lamar posters. you can get it by downloading it, it is the scan app, scan the code on that poster you get all kinds of information on sierra lamar, height, weight, downloadable posters, everything you want. i saw you tweeting this is the milk carton of the high-tech world. posters of missing kids was
6:56 am
considered a fail a 64% recovery rate. today it is a 98% recovery rate for missing children not because of qr but because of a variety of new techniques that has to be inspirational for the sierra lamar family. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> hopefully help her and a lot of other missing children. final check on weather and traffic. chilly, 30s and 40s by the afternoon, well below average in the mid 50s to around 60. from napa north where we have the best chance of a stray shower today. tonight, cool once again with mid 30s around 40° inland, 39 fremont to palo alto the cool spots everybody else low to mid 40s. total sunshine tomorrow, a few high clouds saturday watch out for the rain in the north bay sunday afternoon. bay bridge toll final check if you are heading out the door shortly, not too bad of a wait just beyond the end
6:57 am
of the parking lot. earlier accident westbound 80 has been cleared in the richmond san pablo area on the shoulder, minor slowing there. slowing with the waze traffic app, on highway 37 through vallejo. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. keep track of the latest news on twitter @abc7newsbay area and talk about it have a great day ♪ beth! hi! looking good. you've lost some weight. thanks. you noticed. these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right -- whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multi-grain cheerios -- 5 whole grains, 110 calories. creamy, dreamy peanut butter taste in a tempting new cereal. mmm!
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