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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 6, 2012 2:05am-2:40am PDT

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>> hi, i am larry beil. we talked to the administrator from the university who they had three intense meetings with the suspect in the deadly shooting rampage and we'll actual what made one go so. >> and a big mac attack. actors going after actors. >> and thank you, larry. that's it for us. we'll check it out tomorrow. stay tuned for the news at four. bye-bye . [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent. [ younger brother ] oh, do you want it? yeah. ok, we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light... ...buttery and flaky... this is half. that is not half. guys i have more. [ female announcer ] do you have enough crescents?
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and these are the ones you'll love as dinner. grandsmini pizzas. grands! biscuit dough... plus 3 ingredients make an easy dinner everyone loves. grands! mini pizzas... from pillsbury. >> one by one. they return to the school tonight to pick up belongings left behind during monday's shooting rampage. >> the feel sadness. >> students. teachers. and families of those who died. >> beautiful woman. she's beautiful. >> good evening i'm dan ashley. carolyn has the night off. they left that oakland campus this shock monday. they return
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today in sadness. 2 live reports in the team coverage tonight on the aftermath of the tragedy beginning with tl a.m. ma. >>reporter: a crime scene technician and homicide detectives finally left oicos university a little over an hour ago as they handed over the building back to addtors who have also gone home for the night. as you said it was very difficult day. some people came by to leave employers. pay respects. others came to pick up their belongings they left behind in all that chaos. boarded up front door of oicos university are an outside rae minder of the deadly somewhating that tack place inside monday. task of moving forward isn't an easy one as police finish processing the school for evidence. family of those killed and students came to collect their belongings even their cars >> >> whose difficult a lot more difficult for some people. >>reporter: garcia teaches english as second language sew
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didn't have any of the victims or suspect wan go in classes but feels the weight of the tragedy just the same. >> tl if filed with sadness. yes. you cap hear how sad some people are feeling right now. >>reporter: one by one police led each person down the long drive to the chapel area where they put all the personal items from the classroom. >> the after the family and students have collected their belongings they will open it for the administration i believe. >>reporter: garcia says when the time comes he'll be back to teach at the university that has been forever changed. i spoke with the chief operating officer for the university. he said the school will remain closed until monday. that's when administrators will be back in the building because they are left to clean up that crime scene that was left behind now that police are gone. in oakland, 7 news. >> thanks. as you can see behind her a growing memorial
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for all of the victims at oicos university and across the street special tribute to one of the murdered victims. one of her friends is now fighting for change. lillian is live with that story. lillian. >>reporter: we spoke to the friend earlier in the week. she's now decided to handle her grief in a different way. >> so i'm waking up and i'm thinking okay. we have got to do something rather than just talk about it. sit back. >>reporter: kk is redirecting her grief that action. her dear friend doris one of the 7 people gunned down at the university. for two days she sat around shocked. but now she's busy on her computer. she's e mailing lawmakers urging them to strengthen our gun control laws. she's also starting on line petition to get others to join her cause. >> this is supposed to be a free country where you come here and you make the best of yourself. you are not supposed
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to be slaughtered like a lamb when you go to school. >>reporter: doris immigrated to the u.s. from nigeria yeah. mother of 3 young girls plus teenager daughter. she married her husband the 10 years ago if a traditional nigerian wedding before moving to the bay area. >> she is beautiful. most beautiful woman. >>reporter: he says doris told him she was scared of suspect wan go and relieved when he left the school months ago. now a shrine honoring doris who collapsed in the parking lot few feet from the school. >> the only person she called on the phone every day is me. fch she was on the phone with me when i'm not at home she call. she wants to tell me every also thing that comes her way. i'm going to miss that. >>reporter: he says he hasn't been allowed yet to retrieve his wife's body from the coroner. because of that it's difficult to accept the fact that she's gone. live in oakland, abc 7 news.
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>> all right lil i don't know thank you. >> it turns out that wan go is not his given name. virginia court records say the name on the birth certificate was sue nam co-apparently felt it sounded like a girl name and changed it to wan go in 2002. be sure to stay with us for continuing coverage of these deadly shootings. we have all of the over tonight developments open the l morning news beginning at 4:30 am and of course on our web site 24 hours a day. we move on now. >> man accused of killing 5 people in san francisco pleaded not guilty today to murder charges. 35-year-old t luke appeared in superior court and entered the pleas. this is a meanumstances case meaning luke is eligible to get the death penalty if found guilty. district attorney office has still not decided what path to take on the question. police say luke knew the 2 men and 3 women and targeted them but have not released a possible motive for the killings. bail was set
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today at 25 million dollars. >> 3 week ago tomorrow she simply vanished and tom tonight try as they might authorities in morgan hill are no closer to finding 15-year-old la mar. craw searched area between san martin and gilroy and found nothing. so now what? lisa reports. >> big question i have for you is there any points of interest that you found in any of the assignments. >>reporter: still no sign of 15-year-old sierra la mar. search rescue team scoured the region south of sierra morgan hill house from san martin to gilroy and found nothing. especially trained dog that can track human remains and detect in water were also used. still not a single shred of new evidence. >> at this point our coverage looks pretty solid and we won't go outgain again until either se new lead or some new piece of
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evidence or we find that we have overlooked some area and need to check. >>reporter: so the search involving these teams suspended until further notice. sierra la mar last seen march 16 at her morgan hill home. cell phone and purse were found in the weekend following her disappearance. last week 2 used con dms and box marked handcuffs were discovered 2 miles from sierra's home. all being tested. while thousands of this dedicated to the effort long time searchers are confident they have done all they can. >> we are all holding out hope that maybe something else happened. it sound like it might not be a good situation but time will tell. >>reporter: volunteers community search efforts still taking place. next one will be here at burnett elementary school at 8:00 o'clock saturday morning. in morgan hill, lisa, abc 7 news. the faa is investigating the death of sky diver today in lodi. he took off this
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afternoon from the lodi airpor airport. pilot flying the man said the parachute opened prematurely second him in a spin. emergency chute never opened. the victim would has not been identified is described as an experienced sky diver who was well known at the lodi parachute center. >> he's had bad parachute in the past and not a history of all the time but in the sport you have what we refer to the as malfunctions and for whatever reason he didn't deal with it. >>reporter: that expert says the victim may have lost conscienceness and been unable to do anything. his body found in nearby vineyard. in santa clara county fish game agent found a hawk shot to death by a pellet gun in san martin. another wounded by the same type of weapon just last month. tonight there is a 5,000 dollar reward for information leading to the shooter. fish game says the dead bird may have been the parent of younger red shoulder hawk found with pellet gun injuries on march 11th. nights a rehab center at the silicon
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valley build life center. police arrested oakland man who they believe robbed 6 northern california banks. investigators say jeremy morton crime spree began in mid february. this he say the target included bank in oaklan oakland, san leandro, concord and livermore. he was arrested last subpoenaed by sacramento county sheriff's deputy during a traffic stop. more to bring you this evening. up next. explosives locker room tape shocking recording from the saints locker room just before they played the 49ers. you hear part of that. >> why the coast guard bomb a ship off the coast of alaska today. you will get that story. >> also what presidential candidate ron paul told a big crowd at uc berkeley tonight here visiting and hear what had he to say. all coming up later on "nightline". >> coming up next. may seem like average teenagers but the girls claim they are actually
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demon battling exorcist. take you to a fat camp for dog. vanity or should you actually worry about your best friend's vanity or should you actually worry about your best friend's pwaes weight?
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situation. sports is making news tonight. timing could not be worse for the new orleans saints. on the same day they asked for leniency from the nfl an audio recording of saints coach was released. you will hear the coach ordering his players not just to hit the forty-niners hard but to hurt them. seriously. larry is here and football is a brutal sport we all know that but this goes beyond that. >> this is clearly over the line. i think everybody would acknowledge that. go for the acl on michael crabtree. head open kyle williams. those were the specific strikes instruction from his ex saints coach williams. he told the players target key areas of the 49ers with the intent to injur injure. >> we will coo kill. every single one of you before you get off the pile l, effect the head. >>reporter: indicting account of the saints bounty program to date. audio recording prior to
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the play off game against new orleans featuring suspended former defensive coordinator greg williams encouraging team to injure opposing players like quarterback alec smith and offering reward for the big hi hit. >> we hit smith right there. tv i got the first one. i got the first one. soleil that. >>reporter: coach william sing erred a number of 49ers he wanted knocked out for specific body parts identified because of the previous injury. back up running back hunter one of several targets but williams took it even further. >> st he has no idea what he's in for. he's on the side line we have to turn that bleep over. turn the spectator over. get that bleep. great game. l production business. >>reporter: rae lease of the recording comes on the same day
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that new orleans head coach peyton appealed the nfl season long suspension imposed on him for his role in the team bounty program. >> the if you are in this room you understand that we didn't apologize. >>reporter: for all of the coaches bravado it was the 49ers who did the damage winning the game 36-32. niners we spoke with today say they hit hard but they are never coached to injure opposing players. >> i'm not in the locker room so i don't know what's going on but ours is a little different. >>reporter: recordings were made by documentary producer shawn diagnose a show on the saints. p.r. conscience nfl not happy about the remark from williams who is on suspension now and may never coach the nfl again after this. >> nfl will probably come down pretty hard on all of this on him. saints organization. see what the penalties are. >> see you later on with all the sports. >> republican presidential
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candidate ron paul spoke in berkeley tonight. >> i think if we have a military which we should have we should defend this country. we shouldn't be the policemen of the world. >> crowd was so big event was moved from this hall to out doors. he told political reporter mark that his message is resonate with young people across the country despite falling behind in the delegate count significantly he's determined the press on after tonight speech heading about a being to campaign in the home state of texas. >> coast guard today sank a ghost ship drifting across the pacific since last year catastrophic tsunami in japan. coast guard cutter fired several shots at the 164 fat trawler. took about 4 hours for it to sink. in world trade world trade centers 1,000 feet deep in the gulf of alaska. not sure how much fuel was on board the ship but epa felt sinking was the best option. >> 2 mile stretch of the great highway in san francisco shut down in both direction because
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of sand on the road. winds blue zapped on the roadway and prevented crew from clearing it out. draivrs have been advised all day to use upset boulevard or oral alternative routes. but it was awfully windy out there in spots today. sandy is here with the full forecast. >> yes. the winds have really dropped off tonight. so it's not quite as gusty and therefore the temperatures are going to fall. numbers right now are all in the 40's. we are looking at a clear and cold night again tonight. warmer pattern this weekend and rain develop next week. possibility of rain on easter subpoenaed. talk about the frost advisory first f.from 3 to the 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. prosecute text them. hard freeze warning to the north. interior mendocino county. temperatures first thing in the morning falling at or below freezing. look at nap a.down to 30 degrees. 32 in santa rosa. 33 for new fair field. pretty chilly in the inland east bay
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down to 34 degrees there 37 in san jose. not quite as cold along the coast and near the bay. here's what brought us the chill. trough of low pressure and that's why temperatures this afternoon in the upper 40's in pacifica high and windy conditions because of the trough proud a few showers around fairfield and also vac ville. high country. heavenly camera. it was snowing. chains required at one point on interstate 80 and if you are traveling to tahoe 42 tomorrow afternoon partly cloudy breezy pretty much for wee the entire weekend with low to mid for the morninl be chilly. 16 tomorrow morning. 20 on saturday. sunday 27 degrees. craig out in the tahoe area the next couple days as the trough pushes off to the east it's a ridge of high pressure taking control of our weather and this is the high that will provide
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us with warmer days. starts tomorrow but warm-up just really minor then we see a little bit more noticeable warming coming on saturdon then on theny. tomorrow afternoon not quite as windy. still see a little bit of a breeze along the coast line. 56 agrees in half machine bay. 58 san francisco. low 60's napa oakland 60 degrees and same thing for 63 in concord. san jose 62 degrees in sunshineing but temperatures not where they should be for this time of year. saturday sunday we'll catch up. 63 in santa cruz. 64 in inland in gilroy. home opener the seattle mariners 7:05 if heading to the game at the coliseum. mostly clear consolidate in the begins but turning chilly as game gets under way dropping into the upper 40's so make sure you have a jacket with you when you head out there if you are going. warmer than next couple
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days temperatures riseing in the low 70's warmest inland location like easter soypd. chance of rain mountain north bay. slight chance on monday 10 cooling trend tuesday wednesday with possibility of rape. rain likely on thursday. reason why unsettled area of low pressure sit off the coast lane and just send us we was of moisture. >> just bug us really. >> that's exactly it. until thursday when it will rain. >> thanks very much. california olympic dream. effort to bring the winter games back to lake tahoe getting serious. m m m m m m m q air wick and the national park foundation have partnered to bring you the vibrant scents of nature, from the wildflower valleys of yellowstone
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to the serene waters of alaska's glacier bay. it's from these magnificent sources that we found inspiration for our newest scents, so you can experience the spirit of these national treasures in your home. the new national park collection. something in the air wick.
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77. >> special airport terminal for pro athlete in san jose one of the headlines now from silicon valley business journal. city officials say they have 44 acres of licenseduild a to buila private terminal on the west side of the san jose airport for sharks earthquake and 49ers planes. >> lsi corporation at advance test america will bring 1300 work investigators san jose and occupy 3 36,000 square feet of commercial office space. the companies are in the semiconductor business. more on the head lanes in print edition of silicon valley business journal if you would lick to read more. >> old saying 2 heads better than one when it comes to
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bringing olympic games back to lake tahoe, 2 states apparently are better than one. california and nevada will combine their 2 ex employertory attempt to bring the 2022 to b s winser game last tahoe. salt lake city denver and bozeman, montana all expressed interest in the 20-22 games. both california and nevada benefit greatly if it comes here. >> larry back with all the sports. >> sfr snow to ice an depth of despair decide for huge. guess who just snuck into the play offs. sports is ne
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>> good evening. torture road for shark qualify tonight. they got in when dallas and colorado lost. they tie for first with one game left a.chipy game tonight. thornton bring it the evening mixing it up. hard left right there. sharks trail 3-1 late second period. jumbo joe deflexion in front. power my goal and momentum would carry over to the third period. just over a minute in. ryan cloe on the break away here. beats january thon quick and we are tied at 3. late in the third new 4-4. power my. low first lady at 5-4. just 4 minutes later. la responds. 2 man advantage. justin williams. over time.
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sharks power play. time wipe wipeding down. joe he missed it. shot it wide. but gets redemption in the shoot out. beating quick who is normally tremendously in goal not tonight. the only goal of the shoot out. marks whip host la saturday night. the game could decide who captures the pacific division title but sharks in the play off. >> bounty gate amplified with reportings of x saints coach greg williams on suspension but awaiting final penalty from the nfl. talking about targeting 49ers for injuries before play off game back in january. as we told you earlier in the newscast, saints coach targeted players like smith, gore and return man kyle williams. he suffered concussion early in the year and questi questions about being a target. >> i'm not going to talk bit what were your feelings about when you heard the audio. >> i'm not going to talk about it. >>reporter: it dent affect you at all. >> no. >> part of the game i'm what's
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they chose to do. everybody is not like that. every team is different. >> you never want to hear anybody talk about your teammate like that. especially people you are very cholesterol to. but once again that's a league matter. >> on to golf. westwood former no. 1 rank player in the world. never won a major but leads after round 1 at the masters. this is the way to start a tournament. with arnold schwarzenegger gary player and jack nicholas in the ceremony the tee off and ripping it. sentence son rolling for awhil awhile. 18 leading 5 under only to completely collapse. quadruple bogey 8 on the par 4 plummeting to 1 under. tiger woods said he hit some of the worst shots of his life today. finished bogey bogey and even par 72. westwood has first round lead in mainly first time in his career. 5 under 67. if mcllroy melt down of gust.take 4 back with 68. westwood from
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england. leader by stroke at minus. international flavor with tasting south after can and wind or peter hampton at 5 off the lead. at eastern part. see the look on his face at times just what am i fight doing. fight back. vl very much ther there. baseball back masters weekend. lots going on. >> thanks very much. "nightline"up next. for all of us here thanks so much for watching. keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter at 7 news bay area. for all of us here thanks for wavrn it was at 7 news bay area. for all of us here thanks for wavrn it was tv again tomorrow night
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age? who is getting hired first? younger or older workers? it turns out older. >> if an employer has a choice to get somebody with 10 or 15 years of experience instead of a new grad or somebody with less experience, they are definitely going to hire them. >> reporter: studies showder workers take fewer sick days, are less likely to quit and, quite simply, they get along better with customers. at duke energy in north carolina, listen to this, it takes eight years and a lot of money spent to train workers on the line. half the techs are over 50, which is why their workday starts with a workout hoping to stretch their time on the job. david muir, abc news, new york. more young people will be able to see the tough new documentary called "bully." its rating has been lowered from "r" to pg-13. the change comes after the film's producers agreed to drop out the sound on three expletives. they had resisted making changes previously because they wanted bullying to be seen as it really is.
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that movie will open in theaters on april 13th. they've been showing the news in the last couple of years. take your young teens to go see it, parents, please. the story about your new orleans saints gets more disturbing especially in light of the audio released today. the nfl is expected to rule soon whether the saints' coach -- head coach sean payton, whether his suspension will be shortened. he met with the head of the league, the same day damaging new recordings surfaced. here's abc's josh elliott. >> reporter: even in the brutal world of the nfl, america's unquestioned secular religion, the words are a stunning sacrilege. >> kill the head and the body will die. >> reporter: you're listening to new orleans saints defensive coordinator gregg williams firing up his players before a january playoff game against the san francisco 49ers. in the tapes recorded by a documentary filmmaker and first obtained by yahoo! sports,
2:38 am
williams seems to exhort the team to deliberately injure 49ers players. targeting old injuries and in the case of niners tailback frank gore, his head. >> we've got to do everything in the world to make sure we kill frank gore's head. we want him running sideways. we want his head sideways. >> reporter: but perhaps most troubling, a reference made to a bounty on driving san francisco quarterback alex smith from the game as williams rubbed his thumb and fingers together, suggesting financial reward. >> we hit [ expletive ] right there. remember me. i've got the first one. i've got the first one. >> reporter: the nfl has cracked down on the abuses, suspending williams indefinitely for his role in an elicit team bounty program unearthed last month. also suspended, head coach sean payton for the whole season and general manager mickey loomis for half of it. meantime, the players' association has hired an attorney to defend players against any possible criminal charges. but now this explosive tape brings new pressure on the nfl to keep clean a sport so violent
2:39 am
and for at least one team so apparently dirty. >> here's why we care. and we want to know that there is at least some effort by the powers that be to ensure these are not modern day gladiators who are metaphorically being thrown to the lions. >> reporter: and however pervasive these bounties may be, this is a hyperviolent sport. and it leads one to wonder, just where is the line? the line is this. players accept the inherent violence, but not the willful intent to maim, to concuss, to end careers or much worse. josh elliott, abc news, new york. >> so you mentioned -- you heard josh elliott mention gregg williams and what he said about frank gore. he said we need to decide how many times we can beat frank gore's head. gregg williams in those tapes which were released through a documentary producer, he says we're going to dominate the line of scrimmage, kill the bleeping head. every single one of you be


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