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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 11, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the fashional weather service confirming the tornado did touch down this afternoon. timing does not look good on this one. take a look at the weather after a tornado tore through a garage this afternoon. this picture sent by a viewer showing debris piled up against a building that hit about noon and broke the barn into pieces and damaged a power line. nobody was injured. >> and there is this a sound of pea-sized hail falling in tracy. cold enough to stick to the ground. hail reported in rancho cordova and south sacramento. >> developing news now. the pepper spraying of peaceful uc davis demonstrators was excessive and uncalled for.
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that is according to an independent report just released a short time ago on an incident that got national attention. there is a special meeting underway. >> that meeting just wrapping up. this is the task force report that is thick and critical of those campus administrators, police force and their combined decision to use pepper spray. >> with respect to the conduct of the police there are just serious faults, if you will. >> head of a special task force says the use of pepper spray n students was unnecessary. and that culmination of mistakes made by police in campus administration. >> there is no reason we can conclude to have used pepper spray. >> we're going to learn from what happened in november.
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this is a bad day for a great university. a lot to learn and this will help. >> in their 190 page report the supreme court justice and his colleagues found many problem was the way demonstrators were treated afternoon of november 18th, 2011. and this task force wrote quote the decision to use pepper spray not supported by objective evidence and not authorized by policy. the report says that the type used first arrow sol projector was not an authorized weapon for police who had not been trained in the use. and the unwarranted use there were also a report concluding police and administration demonstrated poor planning, decision making and communications of handling of the protest. the uc davis police force is
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dysfunctional with lieutenants that don't listen to chiefs and the chancellor shows poor leadership throughout. >> this leave meez with a number of feelings, one is that the university was acting on fear rather than following policy and procedure. and the different procedures they did follow and attempting to follow weren't done in full. >> and along with criticisms the report needs recommendations for uc davis and largest systems there is more tonight at 6:00 including a response from embattled chancellor here at uc dave kbris -- davis. >> nearly 200 people turned out to look for evidence in the search for missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. she disappeared near hi a month ago. the search is now souchblg
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gilroy and we are in the search center in morgan hill. >> the sheriff's office has divers on stand by in case some sonar images reveal anything and plan on sending out deputies on dirt bikes to remote areas and there is some community volunteers covering rugged terrain south of us. this search is getting more difficult. >> can you push forward over there? >> worried about finding a body. i don't think she's anywhere of her own free will. >> the weeds as tall as volunteers and odds seem daunting. >> you can't think about terrible things. have you to get serious. >> for investigators serious
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means revisiting waterways. this video from last month. today they're reviewing underwater images taken yesterday. and they're close to her home. >> depending on if any objects or items coming up on the imagery they'll send divers in. >> despite the fears about how this search ends there is no one at the search wenter giving up, least of all sierra's mother. >> i'm not losing hope. i'm not losing hope. and never will. >> some know surviving an abduction is possible. frank harper rescued a young woman from a field near gilroy in 1999. >> before i can get out of the van to try to help she's up to my window and saying she had been kidnapped and braipd three guy autos thanks to frank's help the men were found and convicted.
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now, sierra's family and an extended family of volunteers are pleading for their happy ending. >>s please let her go. her family needs her, she needs them. >> and the sheriff's office says it appreciates volunteer searches which are august manying their own efforts and a search assignment is expected from here saturday and sunday. thank you. the family now launched an official web site. in conjunction with child with quest to help anyone else interested to follow the search. you can find it at find sierra >> the man who seriously injured a boy in a hit and run accident last year was sentenced today. the 22-year-old was binge drinking the night he hit 10-year-old ryan white in august. the judge would not allow
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cameras to show his face but vargas issued this apology to ryan's parents. >> i know this has been really difficult for them. and everybody involved in this. very learn sod much and am determined to turn things around for them. i will do everything in my power to avoid others from making the mistake that i made. >> vargas will serve one year in jail and five years probation. he could be released by june because of time already served. >> richmond police are asking for help in finding a rit hit and run driver who ran down and kill aid bicyclist this morning. >> this bicyclist has been identified as a 28-year-old native of guatemala. this incident occurred at 1:30
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this morning and neighbors were sleeping. that is why police say it's going to be hard to find the driver. police found the bicyclist at the intersection of 33 ready street. and the driver fled. >> this bicyclist traveling across the intersection. so the person driving that hit him might not have seen him. but... this becomes a crime once they flee the scene. >> nobody reported seeing the hit and run. but police say there are ways to find the driver. >> there should be some maybe dents on the vehicle. >> there is no contest between a 6,000 pound vehicle and a 150 pound person on a bike. >> this activist owns richmond spokes and posted on his facebook page hoping one of 2000 followers may provide a
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lead. a state wide traffic data base operated by california patrol lists bare yet avenue as one of the dangerous streets. mcdonalds avenue ask cutting boulevard top that list. >> you're talking multiple lanes in either direction with the right of way through residential neighborhoods. >> they've push forward safety itch provements. the city council passed richmond bicycle master plan to create lanes. still, he would like to see traffic calming devices forcing drivers to slow down. now this friday night, about 500 bicyclists will gather at el cerrito bart station from there, traveling up san pablo avenue from albany to richmond.
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they said they want to bush for safer and better conditions for bicyclists. i'm live in richmond abc 7 news. >> thank you and sarn fran police investigating a roll over that may involve a hit and run driver. we first showed you the scene live on the abc 7 morning news today. police now say shortly before the accident the driver was seen hitting several vehicles in the area. and right now, he's at san francisco general hospital being treated for injuries. no one else was hurt. >> a developing news at this hour, neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman has been charged in the murder of trayvon martin. >> today we filed an information charging george zoomerman with murder in the second degree. >> he is in custody in an unknown location expected to appear in court within 24 hours, his new lawyer says his client will plead not guilty.
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trayvon's mother says she's satisfied with events. >> we wanted to arrest and wanted nothing more, nothing less just an arrest z we got it. and i say thank you. >> six weeks ago an unarmed trayvon martin was shot returning to his father's fiancee's house, zimmerman said he fired in self-defense, could face life in prison if convicted. >> a very strong earthquake just hit mexico a short time ago. reports are that there has been no damage that is because the 7.0 quake centered in a rural town about 240 miles from mexico city. and there is a remote area. and sent people running into streets. >> some of the best selling birth control pills will come with a new warning. >> the san mateo boy beating the odds but there is an
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urgent call for help. >> how would you like to be a 911 hero today? >> praise for every day people in san francisco. they became heroes and now, roll models for younger generation autos michael finney with an easy way to figure out how much students will end up paying for college. the news continues near one minute.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. some of the best-selling birth control pills will now have a label emphasizing the drug's may be more likely to cause blood clots than older contraception skpils contain a man made hormone that could increase the risk. and the fda points out it's still very rare.
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>> a 4-year-old intoi making significant improvements on medication. we told but him in january. he has aclassic aneema. and his family now says he's responding positively to suppression treatment and medicine and now regenerating cells that is great, however there is a rigs being he can relapse. his family calls it a surprise blessing and they're so relieved. if you'd like to learn more about the fight or find out how to become a bone marrow donor we have a link to his site under see it on tv. >> and one teenager and two public safety dispatchers honored today as 911 heroes in san francisco. the 14-year-old made this call to help her mom.
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and he was honored and both praised for their calm demeanor and receives a million 911 calls per year. >> 70% of the calls we receive are from cell phones if you think you can't dial from a cell phone, you can. if you have an emergency have you a cell phone dial 911 we'll get you help you need. >> good to know. public safety dispatcher don saw honored for helping a young child calling about his mother's chest pains and difficulty breathing. >> pay day lenders found another way to bypass regulation and charge four digitsit interest rates. >> and there is these guys are creative. here in california interest
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rates must be disclosed in plain view z the lenders found they can get around those limits setting up shop online. some pay day lenders charge rates of more than 1,000%. other lenders moved to indian reservations and they say state and federal laws do not apply. one person paid a rate of 3,000%. >> if you had known at the time you would be paying $1400 for $400 would have you done it?. >> never. >> you needed money. >> i needed cash but i probably would have gone someplace else. >> and many pay day lenders are mom and pop, others are owned by major banks and financial institution autos federal rg laters expanded their investigation into the jeep wrangler. 23 owners saying the jeep is prone to erupting into flames. four people were hurt, two houses damaged and up until
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now the investigation is focused only on the 2010 model year and today announced it would be investigating from 2007 through 2012. and there is no immediate sent and says it exyeedz safety standards. >> there is a way parents and students can determine how much they're going to end up paying for college there. is a web site allowing people to compare costs of different colleges and this calculates how much they'd owe after graduation. the web site is into testing phases including information from 7500 schools. and now there is a link at our web site. abc 7 just click on 7 on your side. my son, connor heading off to college ways using that web site and shaking and sweaty. >> and maybe you need a night job. >> yes.
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yes. thank you. >> and let's talk about the weather forecast. >> there is another storm coming in tomorrow. timing is not good. and there is wide spread rain. let's show you a live picture. there is some build ups out there and there is turning to snow from heavenly camera. they're getting snow right now, only restrictions on state route 88. there is a look at live doppler hhd. there is where we're seeing scattered showers and we're going show you street level radar. wet around wedwood drive. light to moderate rainfall there now. around blazing hot springs area there is a moderate pocket of rain right this hour
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and around highway 12 into skpeeft sacramento valleys we're seeing numerous lightning strikes this afternoon. close to 1100 lightning strikes some strong thunderstorms turned severe. and there is lightning strikes will diminish in intensity. in sierra nevada you can tell blue cannon and truckee getting some powder, be prepared for chain controls. there are gusting winds due to a trough coming in now. wide spread rain expected for morning commute. scattered showers friday. it's dry, milder this weekend. if you have plans don't worry about rain. will be out of here before weekend. this is the trogh.
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we're watching this next storm bringing in rain in the morning and turning into showers thursday afternoon. there is another wave of rain that is going to keep us into a wet pattern for friday. 7:00 tonight you're seeing rainfall. we'll go with scattered showers tonight. tomorrow morning 5:00 morning rush and wide spread rainfall there is some heavier pockets then, let's up. redevelops around midnight friday. and then we'll see moderate to heavy rain as well. 5:00 a.m. friday there is a commute that will be on the slick side as well, then, friday afternoon, giants home opener taking place at 1:30. we'll be seeing scattered showers. rainfall totals next two days looking like this through
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friday evening. there is half an inch to three quarters for peninsula. there is winter storm watch. and there is morning lows upper 40s to low 50s. and tomorrow afternoon, numbers into upper 50s to low 60s and scattered showers for afternoon so letting up and for the monterey bay, upper 50s to low 60s and sunny breaks at times as well. accu-weather forecast there is a slight chance of thunder friday. dry, warmer for weekend and heading into next week. >> if you don't like your job there is a new list for you. >> best, worst careers just ah
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this is a live picture from florida where george zimmerman has moments ago during a break been brought inside of jail after being charged today with second degree murder in the death ever trayvon martin the teenager shot and killed on february 26th allegedly by george zimmerman. he maintains in self-defense, he's just been transported and more on this at 6:00. >> moving on to another story today. a new list of the best and worst jobs is out. a lot of industries with top jobs here in the bay area. according to the career web site career cat software engineers have the best job writing codes for tech companies such as facebook comparing several factors including work environment, income, stress levels and job security. saying there is a high demand for software engineers earning
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$88,000 a year. and a total of 200 jobs were ranked and bottom 10 include kres res straunt servers broadcasters, oh boy and military soldiers and worst of them all... lumber jacks. >> and i take exception. >> sharks in a quest for the stanley cup. >> we found it super ee
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the quest for hockey's ultimate prize begins tonight. only one of 16 teams will get to rise when the dust set yeelz this giant replica in times square today. >> and it's capturing in the final ootz sharks begin a quest for this, the actual stanley cup in st. louis tomorrow night. nice to be in that big one too,. >> yes. hard to drink champagne, right?


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