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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  April 13, 2012 2:40am-4:00am PDT

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that's not the case with mexico. it sits along the ring of fire. a horseshoe-shaped area made up of oceanic trenches and hundreds of volcanoes. and this is where 90% of the world's earthquakes happen. >> both the mexican and oregon one are places we regularly have a lot of earthquakes. those are plate boundaries. >> reporter: so scientists say relax. those tremors were random. however, there is one detail about the indonesian quake that had them all shook up. >> i mean, it's shocking, actually. >> reporter: they never recorded a quake bigger than 8.0 on that particular kind of fault line. until now. that's the same kind of fault line as california's san andreas fault which means the big one could be bigger than anyone imagined. and just yesterday we had another earthquake here in california. we'll just chalk that one up to the ring of fire! rob and paula, back to you. >> i love diana alvear. let me just say that. thank you for that shout-out in the beginning and the end. and to add to all that shaking,
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diana's ring of fire will be wet and chilly today. >> what did you just say? her what? >> just go with it. it's friday. heavy rain is soaking most of california's lower elevations with as much as a foot of new snow in the mountains. stormy from the texas gulf coast all the way up to the canadian border. expect downpours, hail and some dangerous winds. >> ring of fire, of course, famous line from "nemo," right? in the east, mostly 70s. mild with mostly 60s and low 70s elsewhere. >> read this real quick. i need to make a mental note. >> that's not a mental note. that's a real note. >> sorry. >> one of the most famous paintings is being auctioned next month at sotheby's here in new york. the painting is the screen by a norwegian artist, edward munch. >> there are four versions of "the scream." this is the only one in private hands. the others are in museums in norway.
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>> here's where you can get in on the action. they expect the scream to go for $80 million. that would make it one of the most expensive works ever sold. certainly looks like it's worth 80 something. >> $80 million? man. unbelievable. all right. we'll be back with more ring of fire and all kinds of fun stuff as "world news now" continues right after this. stay with us. ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by consumer cellular. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wetjet,
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♪ i lee ♪ i love coffee i love tea ♪ what you drinking there? >> fresh out. fresh out today. i need my coffee. >> have you ever been behind someone in line when they are
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ordering coffee but their cell phone blows up and keeps holding everybody up? >> a cafe owner was so fed up with these customers, he's taking some pretty serious action. bbc's john cranston is dialed in. >> reporter: little red roaster is a bit of an up-market market store. here they don't do bad coffee or bad manners. the owner has put his foot down because he got fed up with having to compete for the attention of certain customers. >> you order by going, can i have a cappuccino and we then can't ask relevant questions. do you want sugar? a lid? we had an increase in people doing it and being upset when we said we wouldn't serve them until they finished their call. so we put the sign up. >> reporter: it seems most of his clientele think he's absolutely right. >> i think it's a really good idea. i think i've worked in pubs before. it's quite rude when you are talking to customers and making eye contact and then suddenly the phone goes or they're on the phone talking to you. >> everybody's got mobile phones
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so you tend to get sidelined and the mobile phone becomes a priority where it should become the secondary issue. >> if people in the stores did it to the customer, then the customer would probably walk off. >> reporter: darryn and his wife have a coffee shop, too, where the same ban prevails, albeit not to universal approval. >> some turn their nose at it and snarl and think it's ridiculous and that we're being a bit precious, but can't please everybody. >> reporter: darryn insists he's not out to start a campaign. he just wants to make his own life a little easier. >> facebook question of the day. do you think cell phones should be banned in restaurants or on tv sets? go to >> i'll get to my in order a second. i need a couple more seconds. can you just hold off? all you just wait for me, okay. because i'm going to be on my phone for like ten more minute od
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and now to a truly amazing and now to a truly amazing story of a baby chimpanzee that was orphaned and then left alone in an african jungle. >> camera crews were able to capture and document the progress of the chimp. little oscar. adorable little guy. what they saw not only amazed experts but charmed audiences as well. from the very first frame, there is no doubt that oscar is the star of this film. an impossibly cute baby chimpanzee. we meet him as he's first introduced to life in this remote african rain forest. closely surrounded by an extended family of chimps. but none is more important to this adorable little fellow than isha. isha falls victim to life in the jungle leaving baby oscar to fend for himself. what we do get to witness is a real-life tale of loss and survival playing out in disney's new documentary "chimpanzee." without isha, oscar's chances of survival are slim, but that's when nature finds a way. the role of mom is unexpectedly
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and quite touchingly filled by this guy, freddy. while oscar may be the star here, freddy is most definitely the hero. the gray-bearded loner and stoic leader of the chimp group takes oscar under his massive arms and becomes a father, a teacher and a life line. world famous primatologist dr. jane goodall has studied chimps for 50 years. >> i've never seen before an alpha male or even a fully grown male adopt an unrelated infant. so for me, that was very moving, actually. >> reporter: and likely the first time it's been captured on film. the documentary crew spent more than three years shooting the movie, braving the elements and rough terrain to capture the all-too-human aspects of chimpanzee life. their routines, battles and family bonds. decades ago, there were more than a million chimps across africa, a figure that has now
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shrunk to less than 300,000. it's the heavy toll from years of humans hunting these animals for food and destroying the forests they call home. the conservation battle continues, but the hope with this movie is that viewers leave with more understanding of these animals, more sympathy. and above all else, a sense of connection. >> they are more like us than any other living creature. and it helps -- it helps us to realize that we are part of and not separated from the animal kingdom. >> i did watch that whole movie. oscar is a cute little guy. the movie comes out april 20th. it's a disney release, obviously, the parent company of abc. to meet jane goodall was actually a huge thrill. she still travels around the globe 300 days of the year around the world for her work with animals. she has a special fondness for chimps. she was thrilled with this movie. >> and portions of the movie's proceeds will go to fund the jane goodall institute as well. >> exactly. and the 20th when it comes out is earth day. so do a lot for the environment. go check it out.
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everyday life. bring it with bounty basic. affordably priced. tested by everyday life. >> announcer: "world news now" delivers your morning papers. >> we've always heard of dumb criminals. here's one of them. this guy was thieving cars, casing cars. kept butt dialing 911 on accident. this happened four times. of course, the 911 operator would stay on the line. one time up to 44 minutes in the background. this is what she heard. a male voice who appeared to be directing others throughout the calls arguing with another male as the sound of a racing car engine was audible. the ring leader ordering them to park the car near the gray 4runner. just a dumb, dumb criminal. this guy from seattle was arrested and admitted to a number of car thieves. >> when stealing cars, take the cell out of your pocket. coffee lovers, you'll love this one. a new machine for cup as zip
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whip in seattle. this allows folks to place a coffee order via text message and have the machine automatically make it. you text the word coffee or latte and, boom, text it to the machine and there, your cup of coffee on the machine when you get there, including a cup with edible ink with your phone number so it's correct. beautiful. here's your polka. >> next the polka. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ >> cute.
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>> not as cute a
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this morning on "world news now" -- developing story from new hampshire where five police officers on a small town force were all shot. >> the police chief just days away from his retirement was killed. a standoff continuing for hours into early this morning. it's friday, april 13th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everybody, on this friday the 13th. i'm rob nelson. >> my first date with my husband was on friday the 13th. >> so it could be a good luck thing. >> i'm paula faris. people in the small coastal town in new hampshire rarely see crime scenes. and the tragedy that's taken place there is unthinkable.
3:01 am
the police drama started last night with the drug investigation that turned violent and fatal. so basically, a drug bust gone horribly, horribly wrong. >> five cops shot. the police chief in that small town killed. eight days away from his retirement. >> can't imagine. >> that is just heartbreaking. we'll get to that in just a second. also this morning, world leaders were on the edge waiting for north korea's big missile test. just hours ago, the rocket was launched, and it failed moments after it blasted off. despite that, north korea will still face some consequences. and later this half hour, fast food franchises are battling for your business. well, burger king is test marketing a bacon sundae and the first taste tests are in. >> that was never sent to us. we would have tried it. >> we would have had them on the set tonight. >> we'll have to work on that.
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>> we'll get to it. to the serious news of the day first, the developing story in new hampshire. the scenario here is sadly all too familiar. fearless criminals using an arsenal of high-powered weapons to make police officers their victims. >> it's a dangerous and growing trend all across the country. but for greenland, new hampshire, it is devastating. this morning, police in this small coastal town had the suspects surrounded. the gunman wanted for shooting five police officers during a drug raid, injuring four of them and killing the local police chief. >> they entered the home at that time and they encountered an armed subject. >> reporter: the shooter opened fire on the officers as they entered the house during a drug bust. a woman also remained in the home early this morning. chief michael maloney was killed leading his men in the raid. he was set to retire later this month. as one town leader put it, it's an unbelievable situation. state leaders have rushed to the
3:03 am
hospital where the injured officers are being treated. >> i do want to extend my thoughts and prayers to the family and relatives and loved ones of the police officer that has been killed and the four police officers that have been injured. >> reporter: an unthinkable tragedy for this police department that only has seven members. >> so two officers have been released from the hospital. two are awaiting surgery at this moment. >> send prayers and thoughts to that whole town and the family. this is a force of only seven officers. so five were involved in this incident. only two of the entire force not involved in this incident. abc did a report, pierre thomas, just about this trend across the country of just criminals becoming so brazen and so much more fearless, not afraid at all to pull the trigger even against a cop. 2011 was a particularly bad year. a double-digit increase from 20 threaten. as of april 11th of this year, though, 31 officers killed. that compares to 59 this same time last year. so it's down slightly from 2011 into this year, but, still, it's
3:04 am
fearful. >> basically these officers went on a drug bust and the guys were waiting for them with automatic weapons. and we do know the police chief, the only fatality, was just eight days away from retirement in this small community. just egregious. so sad for that community. >> again, much like the trayvon martin situation. this is going to kind of maybe fuel another nationwide debate on gun control. as these incidents often do. we'll see where it goes. just our thoughts and prayers to that community this year. we'll have much more on this story as it develops on "america this morning" later today and our full team coverage on "good morning america." we turn now to the shooting that sparked an emotional national debate. the killing of trayvon martin. george zimmerman, the community watch volunteer who shot him appeared in a florida courtroom for the first time. now charged with second-degree murder. at his side, his new lawyer who said zimmerman spent his first night in jail in isolation, crying, weeping for hours. >> he's tired. he's stressed. again, he has, in effect, been
3:05 am
isolate for several weeks. that's got to take a toll. >> o'mara says his client plans to apologize in some way directly to trayvon's family. when he appears in court, he will enter a plea of not guilty. his lawyer went to say a little bit of relief because at least in jail in isolation he's safe from the outside world and those that want to do harm to him. >> sad, but true but probably prison is a safer place to be than outside. they expect this to be a year-long legal battle. in other news, returning to north korea which late last night admitted its high-profile rocket launch was pretty much a bust. the reclusive nation had invited the world to watch its show of technological power only to see it splash into the ocean within minutes. abc's martha raddatz has this story. >> reporter: north korea has had two previous missile failures, and now there is a third. just 81 seconds into the launch, this long-range missile began
3:06 am
having problems. at that point, the u.s. saw on radar a substantially larger flare than was expected. they believe that is just around the time when the first stage booster was separating from the rocket. about ten minutes after that, the missile was no longer on several radar screens, including the national military command center at the pentagon. it had clearly broken up and disappeared from the tracking system. there were three booster rockets on this missile. it's the third that puts the missile into orbit which means going about 18,000 miles an hour and more than 100 miles above the earth. but it looks like it was not really even close and began having problems even before this second booster separated. there are reports of debris near the philippines and certainly more debris will be found in the coming hours and days. there were numerous anti-missile ships tracking this as well just in case it went off course and over land. but that was clearly not a problem. the big question is what north korea will do next.
3:07 am
u.s. officials fear that north korea will soon conduct a nuclear test because they've been moving large amounts of earth at a nuclear site. there are fears it could be a uranium device. that would be a first and would mean there is a secret uranium facility in north korea. so while this is a huge embarrassment to north korea, this is not over. that nation is not about to give up. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. >> not over, but a huge embarrassment. particularly because they have this new young leader at the helm. this was his first kind of global, you know, stage here to kind of come out on and say, look, we are a superpower here. to have it fizzle out like that is incredibly embarrassing. also, another stat here, $850 million poured into that rocket when so much of the country is starving. this is a poor nation. they spent that kind of money when so many folks are starving and dying in that country. >> they want -- the whole point of trying to propel this rocket was so they could become independent. they said it was for economic
3:08 am
reasons. and -- >> the image takes a big hit. >> yes, it does. $850 million. still overseas in syria, today is a day for massive protests by those opposed to the ruling regime. the government forces of president bashar al assad have been observing a cease-fire in its second day. that cease-fire is so fragile, the u.n. chief says it may be broken by any single gunshot. and no one is giving either side too much credit for holding their fire. >> if it holds, a cease-fire is an important step, but it represents just one element of the special envoy's plan. >> another element is for government forces to return to their barracks which has not happened. that raises the possibility of those troops coming face to face with protesters today who are expected to pour into the streets after friday prayers. farmers in california's central valley are just starting to assess the crop damage from wednesday's devastating hailstorm. thousands of acres of tree fruits are now destroyed. some entire fields are total
3:09 am
losses. according to one farmer, the hailstones were so big they sheered pieces of fruit right in half. another damaging side effect on all of this widespread flooding from all that hail when it melts. and across the country, north carolina, frost is the culprit damaging or even wiping out acres of apples and other spring fruits. it benefited from the early bloom thanks to plenty of rain and the unusually warm winter most of us had. this week's mid-20s temps have stunted or ruined them. >> no break for your favorite state in the united states. >> they are still reeling from the tar heels loss. >> their early morning frost continues today. no break for them. but the entire east coast warms up with mostly sunny and dry conditions. stormy day in the middle of the country from the texas gulf coast north to the canadian border. expect rain and winds of up to 70 miles an hour. >> chilly on the west coast with highs only in the 50s. l.a. at 59.
3:10 am
normally 70 to 75. cool for the folks out west. check out on the east coast. highs, 60s and nearing the 70s from new york down to hotlanta. >> this will put us in a better mood. our favorite story of the day -- >> boom. >> and there's no reason to sugar coat this one. what you are about to see is the complete and utter failure. >> it's not this show. >> a failure in parking. a very small car. what seems to be a rather large parking spot. i mean, how hard that can be. >> oh, it's a girl? >> oh, there you go. >> i made a sexist assumption. i'm sorry. but i bet i'm right. it was shot in a spanish beach resort. it's only now going viral. that could go on all day. there is no way that car is going to get into that huge space. >> oh, come on. >> the most egregious angle, it was a smart car. it's like two feet wide and two feet long. >> car smart, driver not so much. >> in the end, she -- it was a
3:11 am
she. >> it was a she. >> she wound up going to another spot. >> don't you remember right straight, left straight. that's how you parallel. >> i can't parallel park well either. can you do it? >> i have a little camera, though. that's why it helps. >> a little safety net. >> parallel parking for dummies. >> we'll be back with more "world news now" right after this. ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by arriva medical. >> announcer:"world news now" brought to you by arriva medical.
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♪ i think i'm finally waking i think i'm finally waking up. >> good. caffeine takes a little bit. when it hits, it does its job. >> welcome back on this friday morning. time to look back at the week that was from tim tebow who took the pulpit on easter sunday -- >> to the capture of those responsible for the racially motivated shootings down in tulsa, oklahoma. it is time, as always, on this day of the week, our "friday rewind." >> it sickens me. it angers me. this is not what tulsa, oklahoma, is about. >> i think that somebody that committed these crimes was very
3:16 am
upset with black people. >> we are withdrawing as counsel for mr. zimmerman. we've lost contact with him. >> she is a very, very likable person. she's somebody who we look upon as kind of a hometown person. we want to help this person who has made it big. >> miracle after miracle, this race was as improbable as any race you'll ever see for president. >> this has been a good day for me. >> not just your run of the mill political debate. we have not seen a contrast like this in a long time. >> you are counting the number of employees on your hands. and those people are definitely walking away with a lot of money. >> if it can't be you, these are precisely the people that you would want to see win the lottery.
3:17 am
>> win or lose, hero or the goat, it's still most important that, regardless of what happens, that i still honor my lord and savior jesus christ. >> what a shot! >> i never got this far in my dreams. ♪ you're beautiful you're beautiful ♪ >> i posted about a little over 100. he just looked really good in that picture. >> i got to live a dream. and, you know, you never want your dream to end so it's, you know, to get off the ride so early, it's a little heartbreaking. >> i know what you're all thinking. how can she have a son that that's old? he's only 5. americans develop very quickly but then they stay the same age forever. look at my grandparents over there. hola. >> they do develop quickly. >> you love sofia, don't you? >> what's not to love? >> she's a wonderful woman. >> hey. >> the only thing missing is halle berry and kim kardashian. >> what a trifecta that would be. ooh lord, sofia.
3:18 am
>> are you okay? cool you off a little bit? >> where's my water? >> she is a beautiful lady. >> she'd be crazy not -- all right. anyways. >> can you go on? >> i don't know. can you read this? >> does bacon really make everything taste better? burger king is test marketing bacon sundaes and the first taste tests are in. meantime, rob is still thinking about sofia. >> you know it. >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will continue after this ♪rom our abc stations.
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♪ have it your way ♪ ♪ have it your way have it your way ♪ ♪ have it your way ♪ ♪ have it your way have it your way ♪ ♪ have it your way at burger king ♪ >> have it your way. yes, me and sofia's song. >> burger king. did you ever hear of burger chef growing up? >> is that a midwest thing? >> yes. in nashville, they are test marketing burger king's new bacon sundae.
3:20 am
>> that dirty swine. but this is a delightful concept -- >> your talking about me again? >> another example of all that is wrong with america's food indulgences. food obsessions. jamie tucker of wkrn gets some feedback. >> can i get a bacon sundae. >> yes, you can. >> reporter: only in nashville will you hear those words together. bacon sundae. music city is a test market for burger king's test concoction. >> what does it look like? >> awful. >> soft serve ice cream, chocolate and caramel and bacon chunks on top and a full strip sticking out of the sundae like a straw. >> it looks like an accident. >> reporter: but looks aren't everything. bk wants to know how it tastes. we bought ten people bacon sundaes for our taste test. here's what they thought. >> not bad. >> better than you expected?
3:21 am
>> yeah. way better than i expected. >> first you are like, oh, okay. then you taste the bacon and you don't want to put it down. >> it's really good. i like it a lot. >> uh-uh. >> uh-uh. >> maybe two bites. and then -- >> that's about all you want. >> yeah. >> this is different, totally. >> different in a good way? >> yeah. >> at first it tastes nutty, like a nutty flavor. >> it's pretty good. it's like mixing dinner with dessert. >> out of ten taste testers, three couldn't eat it, but seven said it's pretty good. burger king will take a few weeks in the nashville market testing this bacon sundae before making a decision. so the pressure is on nashville. we get to decide whether america has it our way. i've got part of an ice cream sundae stuck in my teeth. i'm jamie tucker. >> oh. >> i think it looks good. i'm willing to try it. >> even if it doesn't work, no such thing as bad pr. >> we'll be very, very busy, me
3:22 am
and you. >> am i in trouble. are you the manager? >> yes. i need to see you after the shift. e you after the shift. r the shift. [ female announcer ] it figures...on your busiest day
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♪ ♪ do what you do. >> what you do, girl? >> finally this half hour, insomniac theater. our look ahead at the two movies debuting today at the box office. >> i'm going to start with "cabin in the woods." five friends get together in a remote cabin. you'd expect something like this on -- friday the 13th. >> yes. >> i don't like horror movies but they are saying this is a mind-blowing horror film. five friends, like we say go to a cabin in the woods. the coeds are being monitored and sometimes controlled by a group of technicians. and then the kids unwittingly -- they summon a zombie redneck torture family and a whole host of horrors.
3:26 am
lots of blood, guts and horror. but as promised, on the film's poster, there's a rubik's cube on the cabin so it makes you think and lots of twists and turns. this isn't right. >> what? what's the matter? >> this isn't right. we should split up. we can cover more ground that way. >> yeah. yeah, good idea. >> really? >> can i look? >> yeah. you're safe. >> it's supposed to be "scream" spliced with "hunger games." when i watch a freaky movie, a scary movie, i plug my ears because the soundtrack scares me. i can't watch them. 92% rating. b online grade. so far pretty good ratings for "cabin in the woods." not so much so for "the three stooges." who doesn't love the stooges -- lo -- not low. they are all back here. some big names. sofia vergara, jennifer hudson.
3:27 am
jane lynch. they're back for whacky adventures and they are doing the whole old schtick. the old stuff as well as a new reality show. take a listen. >> what is that? >> this is an iphone. >> an iphone? hello. there's nobody there. >> works better on your ear. >> come on, everybody. >> where do you think you're going? >> smile. >> i smell oscar. this rotten tomatoes so far only gave this 51%, and san francisco chronicle said certainly a stinker. and one review said the latest from the farrelly brothers is the death of comedy. it is the death, burial and decomposition of comedy. so this is getting horrendous reviews. >> great. go see it, everybody go support it. >> getting back to your freaky movie fetish. >> rob, larry and mo. freaky as in scary.
3:28 am
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this morning on "world news now" -- provocative act. that's what president obama calls north korea's missile launch, even though the rocket failed. >> that launch was considered a test of a potential nuclear program, and it also put leaders around the world on edge. it is friday, april 13th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good friday morning, everyone. i'm paula faris on this friday the 13th. >> all you superstitious folks. good morning. i'm rob nelson. north korea will still face some consequences now that it attempted to launch a missile and flex its military might. that rocket test also comes with a huge price tag. nearly a billion dollars in
3:31 am
fact. all of this in a nation that struggles just to feed its own people. >> they've got their priorities mixed up a little bit. >> just a touch. also this morning -- an eye-opening investigation into large egg producers. the humane society reveals startling conditions and undercover video while egg producers in stores are put on the defensive. makes you think about going into your fridge and cracking open an egg tomorrow morning. >> what are we eating? sometimes you don't want to know. also later this half hour, veteran actor morgan freeman responds to reports that he is engaged to his step-granddaughter. we talked about this earlier this week. we'll have the latest on this seemingly family affair coming up later in "the skinny." morgan had no choice but to speak out as the story got bigger throughout the week. he's finally giving his response. >> look forward to hearing the down low on that. first, it was the planned rocket launch that had much of the world on edge. but in the end, it was pretty much a dud. north korea's highly promoted launch lasted just over a minute. >> it wasn't the first time a north korean rocket project ended in failure, but it is the first time north korea ever
3:32 am
admitted it. abc's joohee cho has the latest from seoul, south korea. good morning, joohee. >> reporter: it was a big embarrassment for north korea. they have invited world reporters to witness the launch, but we found out after it took off and obviously after it failed. the three-stage rocket was supposed to fly south towards the eastern sea of the philippines, but the stages did not even separate. instead it exploded into 20 pieces soon after takeoff and fell all over the west sea just 100 miles from where i stand here in seoul. this is the fourth try by the north korean scientists. the last one in 2009. but they had never acknowledged failure, telling their people the opposite. this failed rocket cost $850 million, enough to feed the entire nation for almost one year. north korea's also criticized for violating international law, and the obama administration is calling this launch a provocative act.
3:33 am
all that does not matter when it comes to national pride. more reason now to go ahead with north korea's third nuclear test. detected and suspected by intelligence sources. rob and paula? >> thank you, joohee. you'd wonder why you'd spend almost a billion dollars for something to ultimately fail. when you have a starving nation. feed the people for a year. that's a staggering statistic. analysts say there were three goals in all of this. one, a point of national pride for the north koreans. two, to shore up their power as a way to negotiate for food which they need to feed those starving people. and, three, to boost their reputation as a manufacturer of weapons and technology. on all those fronts, you think yesterday was a huge disappointment and a huge embarrassment. >> big-time embarrassment. okay. moving on now to new hampshire and the devastating blow to one small town's police force. officers serving a warrant in a drug case were met with a hail of gunfire. four officers were shot. the police chief just a week from retirement was killed. a half mile evacuation zone emptied out neighborhoods and shut down part of interstate 95. the state police and the fbi have joined the investigation,
3:34 am
rob. also developing this morning, the shooting deaths of three people in suburban cleveland. police were called to a cracker barrel restaurant in brooklyn, ohio, by a woman who said her husband was threatening her after she said she was leaving him. when they arrived, they heard gunshots and found the suspect inside with a gun. when he would not surrender, they shot and killed him. a woman and a girl were also found dead. george zimmerman remains in isolation in a florida jail this morning. the community watch volunteer who killed the unarmed teenager trayvon martin was in court for the very first time since being charged with second-degree murder. his new lawyer said that he wept for hours during his first night behind bars and that he wants to apologize directly to trayvon's parents. search crews will be out in force again today across a rugged southern california desert known as the badlands looking for a missing hiker. this person vanished on sunday leaving friends to explore mud caves in eastern san diego county. he had no shoes, food, water, flashlight. didn't even have a cell phone.
3:35 am
authorities believe that man could still be alive but possibly incapacitated. >> possibly he's fallen and broken a leg. he hasn't been able to get us to that way. but the terrain is such that it's making it a tough search. >> that man's name, guillermo pino. until now, temperatures there have been mild, but today's forecast calls for much chillier conditions and even some wet weather on top of that. this next story makes you think about the next time you order an omelet. new safety questions about one major producer of the eggs that make their way to so many of our breakfast tables. the conditions at one of that producer's farms is being called, quote, deplorable and intolerable. abc's brian ross investigates. >> reporter: in its promotional videos, kreider farms points to his pennsylvania dutch heritage and says its huge egg-producing facilities use state of the art equipment that can spot even a speck of dirt on a single egg. >> we have egg-xacting standards. >> reporter: they are all treated with great care, living
3:36 am
a contented life. a claim contested by the humane society of the united states. >> at this facility, we found extreme animal cruelty and very serious food safety concerns. >> reporter: the humane society released portions of undercover video it says one of its investigators made over the last two months working at one of kreider's five barns. the video shows filthy conditions, hens packed up to 11 a cage. dead birds seemingly left unattended. and of greatest concern to food safety experts, an infestation of flies that can spread salmonella and other diseases to the feed of the chickens. >> from the feed into the chicken, and from the ovary of the chicken it gets inside the egg, and from the egg into the human and you get salmonella. >> reporter: kreider farms is a major supplier of eggs for the shop rite grocery chain in the northeast. shop rite says they've launched their own investigation but has not yet removed any of kreider's
3:37 am
eggs from their stores. kreider farms questioned whether this undercover video was even made at one of its facilities and says the accusations only involve its older hen houses and ignore the brand new facilities that house most of its chickens. all in all, it's yet another chapter as we have reported on abc news, of what happens behind the scenes in the so-called factory farms that produce so much of this country's eggs and other food at prices everyone likes but under conditions that can seem horrifying when exposed. brian ross, abc news, san francisco. >> i know my folks go directly to a friend of theirs who has a couple of chickens. you know what you are getting there. >> otherwise, you know, bon appetit over breakfast. take a look at your weather this friday morning. today's biggest trouble spots, most of the nation's midsection. severe storms from the texas
3:38 am
gulf coast north to the canadian border. also rain will pound the west coast from san diego to san francisco. and plenty of new snow will blanket the mountains. >> the west stays chilly with highs mostly in the 50s. it's warming up nicely from the upper midwest to the east coast. 62 in minneapolis and chicago. nearing the 70s from new york to atlanta. here's a marketing stunt that ad men, even don draper, could truly love. it's a coca-cola machine in singapore that you can hug and then receive your free coke. >> the hug me machine is part of the company's open happiness campaign. coke says the idea behind it is to deliver doses of happiness in an unexpected and innovative way. >> making out with an inanimate object. they say it's a hit and there are already plans to put more hug me machines all across asia. no word on when or if it's coming here to america. >> give me a hug. >> there you go. >> how about a coca-cola for me? where is it?
3:39 am
come on. >> i have nothing to give. here. here's my wallet. there you go. you get my wallet. all four bucks. oh, six bucks. there you go. >> really? >> i need that money for the club later. we'll be back with more "world news now" right after this. make it rain. >> it's $6. nice. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. medicare card, y i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement nsurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to " 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company, not paid by medicare part b. that can save you from paying .up to thousands of dollars... out of your own pocket.
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♪ look out weekend because heom ♪ look out weekend because here i come ♪ ♪ because weekends were made for fun ♪ i was admiring your dance moves. i'd love to see you in the club. >> that's the problem. i have none. >> come on. >> let's just say that. maybe if i've had a couple of adult beverages. >> you'll break it down. with spring here, many high school students are starting to make their prom plans which has
3:43 am
led to many online searches for the perfect dress. they are beautiful. >> we did our prom pose earlier. there it is. also online this week, the huge spike in web traffic after that megaquake in the indian ocean prompted those serious tsunami warnings. with more on this, here's yahoo!'s web life editor heather cabott. >> here's our dance. >> good morning, guys. lots of breaking news this week. and on yahoo! that's driving a lot of the searches right now. first up, the massive earthquake and aftershocks in the indian ocean followed by two rounds of tsunami warnings. the quake put people in the region on edge and sent the rest of the world looking for details and images of frightened residents racing to higher ground. the tsunami alerts were lifted, but for communities like banda aceh, indonesia, which was ravaged by a deadly tsunami eight years ago, the tremors triggered scary flashbacks. yahoo! users continue to monitor developments in the trayvon martin case now that the man who shot the unarmed teen has been charged with second-degree murder. george zimmerman's arrest and
3:44 am
the announcement that the case against him would move forward sent searches spiking this week. also this week as rick santorum dropped out of the race for the gop presidential nomination, mitt romney's wife ann took to twitter to fend off criticism. a dnc adviser commented on cnn that romney, quote, never worked a day in her life, which spurred the mother of five boys to tweet that raising her family was, in fact, hard work. the democratic adviser later tweeted she has nothing against ann romney but doesn't think she should be speaking as an expert about women financially supporting their families. and for many families this weekend marks a rite of passage. prom season. we're seeing lots of look-ups right now for the perfect dress. some of the styles trending high on yahoo! now are mermaid prom dresses, pattern prom dresses, like plaid or camouflage. both sexy and modest prom dresses, and teens and their parents are on the hunt for inexpensive prom wear. young adults are wondering when is the best time to ask a date
3:45 am
to prom? that's a top search question this week. you better hurry up. and finally, we are heading into marathon weekend in boston. monday marks the 116th running of the iconic event. it's attracted more and more regular runners for years. and right now on yahoo! we're seeing a lot of searches for info on the boston marathon followed by new york, los angeles and chicago. have a great weekend, guys. back to you. >> thanks a lot, heather. you are pretty fit. you should get out there and do the boston marathon. we're not far from bean town. >> no way. i could do maybe one -- ooh my stomach is looking weird. my neck is looking all disproportionate. >> looking toned. >> i've got two kids. i'm going to average a 20-minute mile. >> actually running from the cops there. >> yes, i was. >> get off of me. you look good, paula. run that race. >> you're going to be right there at the finish line with open arms. >> yeah. coming up next, the pro baseball star who could be the
3:46 am
next striking leggy drag queen. and morgan freeman responds to a controversial family affair. it's all next in "the skinny." >> get busy living. >> oh, yeah. >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will continue after this md
3:47 am
3:48 am
this is from "good morning america." a woman in argentina gave birth three months early and they all thought -- the doctors and the mom thought the worst had happened. >> but it turns out her time in that refrigerated morgue may actually have helped her cling to life. >> wow. unbelievable. >> that it is. >> we're praying for you. >> yes, indeed. over back now to sam. >> speaking of temperatures below freezing -- ♪ skinny so skinny ♪ >> i was watching "gma" live. i thought that was hysterical. >> sam went there. >> sam had the little segue. it was funny. the crew, robin and george, were a little taken aback. i thought it was kind of funny. the kid is doing well. still in critical condition. >> no, critical condition. >> i mean, they thought it was dead so, critical is better than dead. >> yes. >> well done, sam. we talked about this earlier this week.
3:49 am
morgan freeman has finally chosen to speak out about these rumors that he is engaged to his 27-year-old step-granddaughter. and he says, look, there have been reports for years they were romantically linked. they've been together as long as ten years. he's coming out saying he didn't want to dignify those stories by commenting on it but now that it's been picked up by the mainstream media -- assuming he means "the skinny. he says the rumors of any impending marriage are defamatory fabrications from the tabloid media designed to sell papers. so as he's denying it, she herself is denying it saying there's no truth. there's never been a romantic relationship. she is the granddaughter of his first wife. they are not related by blood. and according to morgan, they are not romantically linked but that rumor has been out there.
3:50 am
larry david always likes to use real-life experiences for his material. he's got some here. tmz captured video of him getting stuck in a parking garage. couldn't figure out how to pay. he tried to pay with cash. didn't accept his money. he noticed a massive lineup of cars behind him. decided to get out to apologize. finally a woman showed him how to swipe his credit card to pay. he went on conan last night explaining the circumstances. he said it wasn't his fault. but i think we've all been there and that's a terrible feeling when you can't figure out the machine and people just keep lining up behind you. >> they get agitated. quintessential larry david situation. >> expect to see that in the future in some form or function. >> i'm such a huge larry david fan. i'm sure he'll work that into a "curb your enthusiasm" show. a-rod, baseball star, yankee, ladies man, the whole deal. there are rumors he could be offered a movie role. it's this upcoming indie movie on salvador dali called "the surrealist." they are hoping he will play dali's social secretary who happens to be a pretty stunning,
3:51 am
pretty leggy drag queen. they say it's a fit because the dali was obsessed with baseball. walt disney used to take him to games. his rep had no comment on this. maybe getting a glimpse into what a-rod can look like here. >> look at those arms. >> the rep just said he's focused on the season, winning another title. we're not going to comment beyond that, but maybe a-rod will be out there drag-queening it up. >> we'll call him alexa rodriguez. finally, charlie sheen has a comeback on fx. "anger management" is due out in june. apparently his new network and the comedy are trying to spoof and kind of poke fun at his real life anger issues. take a listen. >> charlie sheen died. and went to fx. "anger management" premieres june 28th, only on fx. >> obviously, spoofing the idea that his character was killed off "two and a half men." so back from the dead in a new sitcom and network.
3:52 am
>> and his career is resurrecting. >> we'll see if he can pull it off. charlie sheen, winning! >> he is. >> we'll see. winning! network. [ male announcer ] before the gold,
3:53 am
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♪ ♪ "the avengers" first hit the comic books 49 years ago. and now the hero dream team is coming to the silver screen. >> you were like minus 16? >> yeah. >> the star-studded cast -- >> you were 20. >> i was 8. turned on the red carpet for the premiere. kabc's george pennacchio was there. >> i feel like you've invited all of your children to the same cinematic party. >> it's a good way to put it. it really is. >> reporter: marvel comics icon stan lee is thrilled to see "the avengers" explode on to the big screen. >> i think the fans are going to just go crazy when they have a
3:56 am
chance to see this. >> reporter: these superhero behind the scenes of this one is writer/director joss whedon. >> this was the dream gig. i got to do it. and i'm really proud of the work we did. >> he knows who these superheroes are, and he knows what buttons to push to make them be larger than life, smaller than life, vulnerable and heroic. >> joss actually is really witty, and i think that that translates well into the motion picture. >> i don't play well with others. >> big man in a suit of armor. take that away, what are you? >> genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist. >> reporter: iron man may be strong but captain america says there are superheroes even stronger. >> it's got to be a battle between thor and the hulk. it has to be. thor is calling down lightning. hulk is punching jets. it's a tough argument to win. >> i have an army. >> we have a hulk. >> how do you feel about the
3:57 am
muscled mark? >> i'm liking the muscled mark. and i really didn't have to spend that much time in the gym, which was kind of perfect for me, actually. >> reporter: you'll see robert and chris and scarlett and all the avengers when it hits theaters may 4th. in hollywood, george pennacchio for abc news. >> it opens may 4th and is expected to take in about $125 mill on opening weekend. >> that's it? how will they eat? >> look at you, captain, oh, my captain. show that to your girlfriend. >> she knows how far from reality it is. if will only disappoint her more. our big anniversary this weekend. >> seven years? >> seven years this weekend. >> popping the question? >> put me in the hot spot. more from abc next. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades
3:58 am
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