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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 14, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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i don't know what to think about this. this is really, really frustrating. >> police are not releasing the names of the man and woman. all they will siis that they are both asian. live in san jose. abc 7 news. >> lisa, thank you. two investigations will be launched after berkly police officers shot and wounded a man. it was eighth and delaware street. officers are searching for a man who stopped several blocks
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away. he fired at officers who fired back. the man was hit in the hand and arm and expected to survive. berkeley police officers will look into the shooting. the search for a missing morgan hill teen continues this weekend. more than 400 people showed up to the search center located in the center in morgan hill. volunteers hiked through grassy and muddy terrain and found no sign of the missing cheerleader. the 15 year old was last seen a month ago on the way to catch the bus. >> i know that having the community and team support, keeping the message out there does help. and that's what we are doing to keep the message and keeping everybody's eyes open. >> the search organized by class kid's foundation is continuing tomorrow. if you wish to help show up at the elementary school. >> red cross is helping
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residents in hayword to find a new place to stay after fire damaged a duplex. >> this video from the hayword fire department shows the intensity of the flames. the fire began in a pile of flammable items in the entry way and spread to the attic. >> the company made specialized cut to prevent the fire from entering the second duplex and were successful on that. >> the second unit only suffered flight damage. the fire started around 9:00 this rning. the rain has passed and the soggy ground is causing problem in the bay area. this morning a tree tipped over and damaged the home in oakland. part of the tree is also leanning on a power pole and the oakland fire department tells us that a wire came down in the front yard. pg&e said it is not affecting the service in the area. ground is saturated from the
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rain and sent an entire hill side slide bringing a big tree and power lines down with it. a stretch of the road between red rock and oakland was closed last night. it is expected to reopen. severe weather is poised to hit a large portion of the u.s.. >> oh, god, it is coming. >> it is coming on the heels of a tornado in oklahoma. a super sized storm system is moving in the midwest right now. 5.5 million americans is falling under the threat of the storm that fired tornados. worst weather is expected tonight. people in parts of illinois and iowa and kansas and missouri and oklahoma and texas should be prepared for a life threatening storms. abc is live in norman, oklahoma. >> the wind gusts have picked up over the last hour or so.
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i want to show you what they are worried about. i am holding a piece of the kinder block that is now completely destroyed. that is a sign of how violent and powerful these storms are and many more are to come. >> workers removed the tree that is left in the home. ryan is stunned that his wife and son is alive. >> i tried to text and call and she was not answering. i saw the trees and i tught she was dead. and i saw her, and i was like thank goderving - god everything is okay. >> his heart is still pounding. he barely got the bathroom door shut and it hit. crash loud, loud noise and sounded like someone drove in the side of the house. >> the weekend is packed with tornados, stretching through oklahoma, nebraska and kansas. friday afternoon, norman,
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oklahoma took a hit. residents scrambled for shelter. most of the casulties were trees. more storms are on the way. neighbors are bracing for a new round of storms and removed that that first tornado was not worse. thank you jesus, god that it was not worse. and forecasters are taking the severe weather seriously and they turned a high end life threatening event. and word that it is a very long night. live in oklahoma, back to you. >> diana, thank you so much . in a rare occurancy. two tornados struck norgern california this past week. a tornado touched down north of sacramento. look at the damage caused by the 75 miles per hour winds. they blew the roof off of a
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car dealership. the twister was on the ground for 1-eighth of a mile and no one was hurt. on wednesday. a tornado near stockton packed wind speeds of 100 miles per hour. the twister destroyed an out build tipped over a trailer and buried a truck. >> the cease fire is broken in syria. and the u.n. security council is speaking with one voice to bring peace to syria. >> widening scandal involving government agencis and prostitutes in columbia and how thus military is involved. gone are the storm clouds and going to be a few there in the distance and get ready for plenty of sunshine as we head in our sunday and warmer temperatures. and we are going to account for cents in here.
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the first time russia and china joined a vote to send observers into syria and monitor a fragile cease fire there. despite thursday's cease fire, violence continued with government troops shelling neighborhoods. rebel forces were armed with rocket grenades. today this is the first united front since the uprising with assad began. >> it is one year of unimaginable brutality. >> there was deployment of 30 u.n. monitor and increase up to 250.
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>> and president obama and other world leaders are in columbia attending the summit of americas. president obama weighed in on the debate to legalized drugs as a way to ease the deadly cartels. the president is open to new oproaches but legalization is not the answer. >> he voiced his views along side passports of columbia and brazil. an incident in columbia has the white house in damage control mode. the president has full confidence in the secret service despite a prostitution scandal involving agents in columbia. and the lawmaker said almost all of the agents involved and women who are soon to be prostitutes in their hotel room. those agents are placed on leave. and a u.s. military spokesmen said five service members are
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accused. >> a look at how giant pride. and vandals targeting a parking lot in east bay . a picture perfect day outside and meteorologist said to get
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i vandals made a mess last night. it is on broadway and 17th street. they set a booth on fire and broke into 15 vehicles. it was covered in shards of glass. some people reported items stolen from their vehicles. >> with holding financial aid for 20,000 grad students. they are offered a federal
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loan at 8.6 percent. they could decide to permanently end cash grants. and it could cost 750 million cut from this year's budget. and giants taking on the pittsburg pirates. . and take a look. this is two generation. and during the home opener. send photose. and send the e-mail to >> and it is a look at the forecast as they start to play ball around 6:00 this evening. partly cloudy to clear. temperatures in san francisco
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are pen degrees - 57 degrees. temperatures will drop to 54 . by the 9th inning temperatures will drop down to 50 degrees . cool and breezy day in the ball park evening that is. be prepared for that. it is a breezy day and lots of sunshine, winds are up with gusts out of the west . southwest at 12 in napa. and it was gusting to 21 and 16 and oakland and liverr more trying to calm down . northwest at 12. these breezes will start to die down in the overnight hours. temperaturewise, nice warm up for santa rosa. scen degrees. 57 in san francisco, oakland 59. and 66 in antioch and 63 in livermore and mountain view, 64 degrees. here's a look at highlights. we'll go to cooler conditions overnight. look at the clouds.
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and look at radiational cooling to take place. breezy overnight mainliener foo the cost. get ready for the warm up plenty of sunshine and back in the 70s in locations. we'll keep up with the dry weather pattern for the next few days. northwesterly winds and pushing those fair weather cumulus clouds. we'll have 40s in the north and east bay locations. san francisco tonight getting down to 46. oakland 45 and 43 for san jose tonight. this is a storm system responsible for all of the wicked weatr that moved through the bay area thursday night and friday. high pressure starting to build in and it is it a fair weather maker for us . shortly for the next few days and cause dry and warmer temperatures for sunday and for monday. 70s for clover dale and santa
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rosa warming to 71 degrees and a 54 for frann fran x. oakland at scen. here in the east bay. mid to low cents andantioc sphen and concord and san jose as well. 7-day forecast, high pressure in place for at least the next few days. we'll see the bay area dry. we'll keep temperatures on monday like tomorrow. low cents inland and upper 60s around the bay . slight chance of maybe clouds and a sprinkle or two in the north bay . then we turn to what it should feel like. cents and spring-like. >> we are all back together again. but the giants are off to a bad start. >> the giants are in the park and may have got bad news. brian had a mri on the elbow
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only seven game season. giants got a bad news. mri shows damage to the right elbow. surgery is likely. wilson will seek a second and third opinion and meet with the specialist. he had a ankle injury on thursday in colorado. the elbow injury is caused wilson to miss a month last
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season. if he has surgery, it will probably be season ending. >> looking to break in game two. shark fans making the trip to st. louis. and minute in. a slapper and they slipped through the glass and tries to rescue the puck. 1-nothing blus . that's the score. we'll have highlights at 6:00. in the east, cat bruins and double over time. markulous and johanson. back at the net. defending in the garden 2-one. series is tied at a game apiece. >> another warrior starter out of the line up. daid lee may miss the season with a tress fracture. jefferson out with the swollen knee. and la took advantage early.
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another spike. they are up. 18 in the first half and warriors down at one in the break. the floater and two season high 28 points and chris paul takes over down the stretch. and this one to eric bledso . the clippers win it 112 to 104. i can't get enough football. no matter the time of year. head coach looking for a quarterback to replace andrew luck. fred came in and a mistake and picked off by jordan on the goal line. josh is his competition and looking good. and todd montgomery gets the touchdown and great grab. they show chemistry. nuniz to montgomery for a touchdown . the game coach. he talked about the young quarterback. >> we have to give them the entire play book.
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we went out there and challenged them. and we will let them go out and play. >> and under the lights tonight in seattle . we saw a terrific story unfold last night. in the inning. 13 year old kyle was stopped by an umpire . that's when kyle realized it was his dad. he just returned from afghanistan . 16 year old daughter laly, realized it. and he returned home and surprised everyone. what an emotional night for the smear family and our colleague grew up with steve and been facebooking him and gave him heads up. what a great story. why is this umpire stopping me. it is his dad. >> thank you. and some artist use paint for a metal . few mastered tooth pickings.
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>> coming up on abc news at 6:00. best buy is announcing the closure of 50 storings. we'll tell you which bay area stores will be closing their doors and dialing up disappointment. "dancing with the stars" fans are getting the wrong number when it come to voting for their stars. >> 100th year anniversary of
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the sinking the titantic. >> n're there is a plicat out of the ship and blue and includes details. >> that is the golden gate bridge made from 30,000 tooth picks. it tock him two and half years. it is now on display on the hyatt regency in san francisco . we understand you know this guy? >> he e-mail would me with the tooth picks athletes and said he will do one of me. i don't think my figure would signify a tooth pick. >> can you make one of him. and that's it for abc sevennews at 5:00.


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