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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 16, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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a lot of sun and warm weather this week. -- [ inaudible ] good to have mike nicco back. >> always. >> i'm eric thomas, thanks for joining us. i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. ors have not given up hope that -- sailors have not given up hope that crewmembers are still alive. amy the coast guard not as hopeful. >> reporter: the coast guard says there is no chance they are still alive. the race officials here at the yacht club say they believe the sailors had life vests and foul weather gear so the was
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hoping to be able to rescue more people. they say they don't think there's any chance at this point. they've been looking for 30 hours and they've decided to give up. here's a shot at the boat stuck on the farallon islands. it was hit by large wave that knocked some overboard when they turned the body around to try and rescue the sailors another wave hit knocking everyone except for one, overboard. one confirmed dead, four missing, three have been rescued. the woman who took a picture of the boat says seeing it really affected her. >> i was heartbroken when we saw a sailboat on the rocks knowing what happened yesterday, it was horrific to see that in person. >> reporter: the may-day call went out 3:00 saturday. the coast guard decided to suspend the search last night, saying 30 hours is well beyond the calculated surviveability window. the crew was participate morning in a 100-year-old race
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managed by the san francisco yacht club. there were a total of 49 entrants. sailors from this club have been participating in the search they haven't said whether they will be going out again today. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. this morning as we've mentioned many who know the missing sailors are still holding out hope. hundreds attended a vigil last night in belvedere. we are learning new details about the experienced crew of the boat. rescued are the skipper 41-year-old and two others. the only female member of the crew in this photo alexis. still missing a 25-year-old who lives in san rafael along with two others visiting from ireland. >> an event like this happens of this magnitude is going to hit every sailor and racer in
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the heart. >> the only person who is confirmed dead is 41-year-old of -- man of belvedere his body was recovered saturday. the first death of the san francisco yacht club. flights into and out of landon's gatwick airport suspended after a virgin atlantic flight bound for orlando was forced to make emergency landing after reports of smoke in the cabin. the airbus a 33300 landed without issue 13 crew and 299 passengers onboard everyone was safely evacuated to word on what may have caused the smoke in the cabin. if you own a vacant building in san francisco, police have a message: board it up. they are trying to keep protesters from squatting in local buildings. >> reporter: san francisco police will be busy trying to get that message out. their message is another
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occupy protest is in the works and could happen any day now. they want vacant buildings bored up as soon as possible. you may remember dashboarded up as soon as possible. you may remember two weeks protesters stormed a building owned by the archdiocese of san francisco what they left behind was thousands in damage from anti-corporate slogans they wrote on the wall and vandalism that building had been used by the catholic church as a sacred heart prep school recently vacated. police warn this could happen again. that is why they are urging owners of vacant buildings to board them up across the city. they say this is a new extra swreu by the occupy movement to target vacant buildings to scat in them and using them to try and get their message out about economic disparity. police believe the next take over could happen as early as
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may 1st. aside from the incident two weeks ago protesters took over ava kay cathedral hill hotel in january. -- police issued a newsletter over the weekend telling people please help us out, fence, board, cover your vacant property. they hope by getting this warning out they will help the owners protect their property from a possible occupy protest take over. sue thompson, abc7 news. 6:06. update on developing news we brought you at 5:30, after records of a fire at one of is flash flood's most popular restaurants the house of prime rib. before 5 a.m. the fire department began getting reports of a fire at the eatery ultimately it turned out the fire was in a dumpster outside the restaurant. officials say there were was minor scorching to the building, no serious damage. the restaurant should be able to open as usual.
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the tonight the family of missing teenager sierra lamar will hold a vigil. i was one month ago today since the five -- it was one month ago today since the 15-year-old was last seen. volunteers were out again over the weekend. divers have looked in lakes and res viewers, but found nothing. the family will hold the vigil 6:30 tonight at burnet elementary in morgan hill. two people are dead in what petaluma police are calledding a murder-suicide. several people -- called 911 one to report gunshots yesterday afternoon officers discovered a gun lying next to a man and woman suffering from gunshot wounds. >> apparently they were visiting a person inside of 10 keller street. it is an attorney's office. there might be other businesses there. >> divorce attorney? >> i don't know. >> the two are identified as a
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man and his wife, the husband shot his wife before turning the gun on himself, both decide after being rushed to santa rosa memorial hospital. >> the wife of suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is negotiating to extend her stay in her native venezuela. eliana lopez is communicating with mirkarimi, through intermediaries. he's uncourt order to hn#p÷ no contact with her and she is uncourt order to return to san francisco april 28th. mirkarimi pleaded guilty to false imprisonment, related to domestic violence involving his wife he has been suspended without pay. his case heads back to court april 19th. 6:08. time to check in with mike nicco for a look at the bay area weather forecast. good morning. 24 hour temperature change we are all over the place depending on if you had clouds or a little breeze this morning from the same in fairfield, concord and san francisco, to cooler around santa rosa, napa,
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oakland, hayward and half moon bay by two to four degrees about one to three degrees warmer around redwood city, mountain view, -- not much of a change this morning. let's look at specific numbers, here's what you need to dress for, 42 los gatos and santa rosa, mid to upper 40s elsewhere until you go antioch, concord, -- storm track moving north you can see a few clouds making for a beautiful sunrise can't wait to show you sutro tower during the next weather segment, gorgeous now. the storm track going to stay north andrew in warmer air low 60s along -- and draw in warmer air low 60s along the coast. near 70 antioch, concord, livermore, san jose and morgan hill. it is going to remain seasonal, sunny, no rain. warmest days now are friday and saturday. here's sue with your traffic.
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good news, improving conditions in pleasanton, "sig alert" lifted. earlier overturn past stone ridge now cleared out of lanes. sensors picking up a little improvement in the speeds there. northbound 680 past scott creek overturn on the right shoulder no significant slowing northbound 880 new records of an accident big rig vs. a taco truck they've mixed it up in the right lane slow as you approach the macarthur maze. next time we will give awe overview of your travel times before you leave the house. 6:10. just, ahead, a plan to allow kids to ride muni for free comes up for a vote. more changes for airport security. how a new way of checking your id could speed your way
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6:14. san francisco's muni will decide tomorrow on a plan to give youths free rides. the proposal would waive transit fares for anyone between 5 and 17 on muni buses and street cars. opponents say it is too expensive for the city estimated to cost 6 1/2 million dollars every year. supporters believe it would promote san francisco's transit first policy and groom a new generation of riders. proposals to electrify caltrain and extent the terminal have been put on the fast track.
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the transportation commission has prioritizeed the project to be among the first bay area transit projects for federal funding. the downtown extension stands to get 650 million dollars from the feds. the plan to extend caltrain from current terminal at 4th and king to downtown through an underground tunnel. california's planned high speed rail would share caltrain tracks to the new center. the tsa assessing new method of checking ids and boarding passes in hoping it will get you through security faster. the new process scans and swipes id cars through digital screeners and compares the names from the passenger's identity. tsa is checking the new system in houston and puerto rico. right now, security screeners compare names by hand. as you know f you travel, that can be a long process. >> yes. -- a lot of long processes at the airport. >> time for a check of weather
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with mike. >> you know what makes for a long process at the airport? thunderstorms make a long process at the airport. good morning, we'll check flight delays in 10 minutes. everything is quiet as you can see across the bay water clear, over the ocean near the coast east bay hills from vollmer peak clouds developing, partly cloudy today warm weather here to stay all week. that's your number one highlight, no rain and warm weather, at least warmer tan last week. here's live doppler, all is quiet this morning. we'll head up north where the rain is, storm track will progressively move farther to the north as we head throughout the next couple of days. the last three hours or so, you can see the rain is up to the north, and it is going to stay up there for the better part of this week. let's look at temperatures and we are running 42 santa rosa
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and los gatos mid to upper 40s elsewhere 50s around san rafael, san francisco, fairfield, concord and antioch mid to upper 40s monterey bay low to mid 40s inland gilroy and salinas right now with the cloud cover visibility rather well, seven santa rosa maybe a little fog forming up there winds calm, 50 miles per hour fairfield out of the southwest the fastest next to that south wind nine concord west wind at nine sfo. we have a cold front that you can see is mainly moving north high pressure dominating the western u.s. and eastern pacific once again, north california into washington and oregon will get the rain once that front passes that storm track migrates further north that means dry and warmer all week if you look at the cloud cover overnight, and through today, you can see not much, plenty of sunshine and temperatures will run from the
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low 60s at the coast mid to upper 60s elsewhere to near 70 east bay valleys and down in the south bay. we'll keep clouds at the coast and keep you in the upper 50s to low 60s the rest of us in the 60s and 70s through wednesday. friday, saturday, everybody in the 70s except low to mid 60s at the coast. good morning. improving conditions in the pleasanton area, "sig alert" lifted southbound 680 had an earlier overturn now out of lanes sensors getting speeds back to norm slow traffic off the altamont into livermore earlier accident portola in the median there. things are beginning to improve a little slow traffic towards the 580/680 junction headed westbound. northbound 680 accident overturn right shoulder no significant slowing past the scene. accident northbound 880 at high, big rig and taco truck mixing it up in the right lane. crews on the scene to get that
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out of there as promised, let's look at drive times 680 still slow from 580 to 101 altamont pass drive coming to a grind towards the 680 junction and 880 at 238 pretty good so far. live look at the toll, mei tering lights on, traffic beginning to back to the caltrans parking lot. 6:19. still ahead, the feds slap google with a hefty fine. why the internet giant is being accused of stonewall ago investigation into their data collection practices. why brian wilson could sit out the rest of the season. ♪
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good monday morning. 6:23. you are looking live at the skyline of san jose the sun is coming up. looks buff. mike will have to fill us in -- looks beautiful. mike will have to fill us on in the temperatures. federal government says google is refusing to cooperate in its investigation. according to the fcc the company is stonewalling by refusing to answer e-mails and identify employees. the fcc is investigating google's data collection practices which includes using street mapping program to pick up information from home wireless networks like passwords and text messages. the fcc fined google $25,000
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for obstructs its investigation. pitcher brian wilson expected to get one more doctor's opinion today but says he will likely have season-ending right elbow surgery. an mri reveals structural damage on his elbow that will require what is called tom any john surgery, a procedure he had in 2003. he has felt discomfort in the elbow the last couple of years and has been pitching on borrowed time since 2010. the giants are left hanging without a closing pitcher. the manager says he will use his bullpen the same way he did last august. >> baseball and rock and roll. special guest showed up at the filmore last night to play with san francisco's rock band train. ♪ ♪ ♪ you recognize that guy 6'4,
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250 pounds worth of the brian zito another giants' pitcher rocking the house he's an accomplished guitar player. his dad was nat king cole's conductor and arranger. barry zito the left handed curve ball pitching giant he plays well. his dad was the musical deck for -- director for nat king cole. i didn't say his name, sorry barry. still ahead, we are tracking developing news. deadly tornadoes tear through parts of the midwest. latest on the recovery efforts. president obama and the growing secret service scandal, the swift investigation he's proepltsing. sailors from the san francisco yacht club missing since saturday afternoon. what the has decide do about
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the search and why. here's a look at airports all major airports on time.
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good monday morning. 6:29. a lot of people going back-to-school and work after the easter break.
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i'm eric thomas. and i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. one body has been found but the coast guard is no longer searching for other missing boaters who went overboard during a sailboat race near the farallon islands. amy hollyfield is live at the san francisco yot club this morning. >> reporter: they were participating in a 100-year-old race managed by in san francisco yacht club -- in belvedere now the club is in mourning. here's a still picture of the ship, it ran aground at the farallon islands. it is now pinned against the rocks. one crewmember was found dead after the racing accident. four crewmembers are still missing. there were a total of eight people onboard. the coast guard recovered that body and rescued three sailors, after a very long day, using four helicopters, airplane and three cutters, the coast guard called off search. >> coast guard isn't -- has
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been searching more than 30 hours well beyond the surviveability window with we are calling off the search. the coast guard would like to extend condolences. >> reporter: officials say a large wave knocked some of the crew into the ocean. the team turned the boat around to try and rescue them, that's when another large wave hit and ran the boat an gun. swells as high as 15 feet, the temperature of the water 50°. members of this yacht club were part of the search. they say the sailors who were out there are some of the most talented around. they believe they were wearing their life vests and foul weather gear. they a lot of hope they would find more survivors. now the members will have to decide whether they will go back out without the help of the coast guard. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 60 yachts set out on the farallon race, it is a 48 mile
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course that began 9:45 yesterday morning. the race started near san francisco aquatic park and went around the farallons before returning to the water front. the yacht race has been held annually more than 100 years. stay with abc7 news for the latest on the missing sailors. you can go to any time for updates on the story. san francisco police are asking property owners who board up and fence in vacant buildings to prevent potential take over from occupy protesters after dozens were arrested two weeks ago for taking over a vacant turk street building owned by the archdiocese. the protesters caused thousands of dollars in damage. the san francisco examiner reports, rumors are swirling around about a may 1st, take over of an undisclosed property. faculty members of all 23 california state university campuses begin voting today on whether to go on strike a week after mediation between the
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university and the california faculty association ended without agreement. the main issues include pay and class size. the faculty association says the impasse sets in motion a series of events that could result in a massive strike, possibly delaying the fall semester. faculty members will be voting through april 27th. 6:33. president obama is back home from south america this morning. he returned amid an investigation of secret service misconduct in colombia. the alleged sex scandal involving 11 agents hiring prostitutes overshadowed the president's work at a major summit this weekend. the misconduct reportedly taops before president obama arrived. -- took place before president obama arrived. the president expects the investigation to are thorough and rigorous and he will be angry if the allegations turn out to be true. member of congress called the behavior outrageous. >> -- things like this don't
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happen once. >> the security was compromised by the fact these agents were in this compromised position where they could be blackmailed. >> the alleged scandal might have remained secret if not for an argument between at agents and a prostitute who demanded she be paid the money owed to her. five military service members are also being accused of misconduct. officials say the president's safety was never in jeopardy. at least three are among -- three children are among the sick people killed when tornadoes raked the midwest over the weekend, in woodward oklahoma lightning knocked out the warning sirens. live report from this devastated town. iowa and kansas were also hit by a month's worth of tornadoes in more than one muhammad in one day. >> i'm shocked there's -- more than 100 in one day. >> i'm shocked there ising in left. through anything like that, scary >> strong warnings issued by
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credited withv: saving countless lives.jf÷ú mike nicco is keeping an eye on local weather. >> yes, welcome back mike. thank you. welcomezxú toçó monday welhá4ha different weatherymç pattern tn what we saw last week quiet this morning it will be this yñ no rain in the forecast. right nowçxd 42 in los gatos aç santa rosa mid to upper 40s elsewhere 50s san rafael,cñ san francisco, winds light to calm this morning temperatures you see is what you should dress for no wind chill to worry about. storm track well north, rain in the northern sections of your state northwestçó corner specifically oregon and washington going to getç pounded. look at 70s around cloverdale, fairfield,çç antioch, livermoç concord,ç san joseym, morgan h, mid to upper 60s elsewhere, low 60s along the coast, a few more clouds than the rest of
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us. you can see that the warm weather is going to be hereç through at least sunday with the warmth peaking friday and saturday mid to upper 70s inland upper 60s to low 70s around the bay low to mid 60s at the coast. here's sue with an update. improving still in pleasanton area southbound 680 before burnell earlier accident overturn "sig alert" all that cleared out of lanes still slow traffic remaining of 33 miles an hour continues to be tough grind over the altamont through the central valley into livermore closer look in a second. still, accident off the shoulder they've not gotten it out yet northbound 680 past scott creek on the right. this is now on the off-ramp northbound 880 at 29th, big rig and a taco truck. let's take a look at live bay bridge toll metering lights on, you can see traffic bumper-to-bumper past towards
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the over crossing past the caltrans parking lot. waze app, 580 altamont pass to livermore tough this morning average speeds of 20 miles an hour. you can see our traffic spotters on the freeway app showing it at a complete standstill towards 580 -- 680 i should say. still ahead, the bay area best below cases that will be closing for good. we'll take you live to the new york stock exchange for the latest on early trading. the dow is up 116 points. precarious rescue on a dangerous road in the east bay hills. how the passengers in the car managed to escape, unharmed. six ordinary people bestowed with a big honor. who won this year's goldman environmental prize?
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here's a look at live doppler at 6:41 in monday morning rain to the north storm track will continue to migrate north today keeping rain around eureka possibly chico, stray shower around tahoe, 58, yosemite, 65. mid 70s through the central valley to 88 in palm springs.
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6:42. >> time to check in with josh elliot for what is coming up this morning on gma. good morning josh. >> reporter: good morning. you both i would like to make it 9:42, i can't go back to 6:42. >> oh come on. >> reporter: sorry eric i've been there, i've seen that movie before and it doesn't end well. we have a lot to get to. we are going to beginning it is our extreme weather team covering the weather all over the country, started this past weekend those tornadoes that struck in oklahoma leaving five dead. also going to look at the advance warning system that saved so many more lives as we here in the northeast, i heard those temperatures for tahoe and yosemite, we are bracing for a heatwave, going two get near 90 in new york, 90 in boston where they are running the marathon. sam has the full report this morning. also, a story breaking overnight from paris, france
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pippa, the younger sister of kate middleton caught in photos that could launch an international investigation. you want to see these photos to believe them. trust me we have not heard the last of this story by any means. also "dancing with the stars" favorite donald driver opens up how he made it to homeless to the super bowl with the packers. he is the star of the ballroom. they come no finer as a human being than donald driver. also hollywood tough guy has a new movie coming out and jane goodall, an absolute pleasure to meet, fair to say, it is a jam-packed monday straight ahead. >> i'm interested in every thing you said. >> that makes you the man today. >> every single thing! >> i've never gotten to that pinnacle. so gosh, thank you very much. >> thanks josh. >> you bet. more news right now.
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four top san francisco leaders are about to receive big raises even though the city faces a 170 million dollar deficit because voters approved a 2006 measure calling for salary reviews every five years based on what other bay area leaders make. the examiner reports the district torn gascon could get additional $13,000. -- more than $8,000 could come to the public defender. mayor lee could get the same. and nearly $4,000 raise for city attorney herrera. this comes at a difficult time for the mayor, seeking pay cuts and higher health care contributions in heated negotiations on 27 city labor contracts. new numbers would suggest all of us more time and money at our favorite stores last month. >> jane king with more on that and the latest on early trading. we opened in positive territory.
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yes, we did. a lot of it because of these retail sales numbers. we were out shopping last month, much more tan what was expected. people -- more than what was expected. people bought ipads, shopped at clothing chains like gap. electronics showing gains and the mild weather helping. little -- this news is too late for best buy, detailing the locations of 39 stores slated to close and seven california locations among them, including one in east palo alto, one in pittsburgh and one -- manteca. they talked about transfering or getting severance pay. numbers driven by strong retail sales the dow, s&p and nasdaq all in the green. bloomberg silicon index trading down just a smidge. shares of schwab getting attention. the company did slightly
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better than expected. 240,000 new brokerage accounts. fcc seeking a maximum fine of $25,000 against google. that is chump change for . the government examined how the company gathered -- [ unintelligible ] google says it provided all the necessary materials for the investigation. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. 6:46. six people from aren't world will be award the goldman environmental prize in san francisco tonight for their grassroots efforts to protect the environment. the award clues a $150,000 prize. the winners are caroline cannon, former investigative until list working to expose environmental violations by
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supply chain manufacturers in china. also a winner, argentina mother trying to stop the use of pesticides that poisoned her community. blocking a new dam that could cut off water to her community. a russian mother fighting to prevent a highway project from destroying a forest. and a catholic priest in the philippines battling to prevent a nickel mine from destroyed a rain for -- rain forest. we'll have complete profiles this evening. the senate is voting today on a democratic tax bill inspired by the buffett rule it would impose minute 30% tax on the wealthiest americans the vote is symbolic republicans are guaranteed to kill it. gop members of the house will vote later this week points own bill giving a 20% tax deduction to businesses with fewer than 500 employees.
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that bill should pass the house but not the senate. time for a check on the forecast, little clouds, partly sunny. here's mike. starting off gorgeous, check out this sunrise from our roof cam here as we see it coming over the east bay hills, on top of the bay bridge, includely stunning mid and upper level clouds, jet contrail running through the middle of the picture. let's talk about where the rain is. just off the shore around eureka, over the last three hours definite northeasterly trajectory going to stay well north heading up that way you will run into rain in the 50s today, we are in the 60s and 70s. right now 50 san rafael, is. and concord mid to upper 40s elsewhere except los gatos 42°. monterey bay partly sunny, mid
6:49 am
to upper 40s around the bay, low to mid 40s gilroy and salinas. here's what i'm thinking, partly cloudy today, the warming trend continues, our warmest afternoons are friday and saturday, cooler air sunday, right now all seven days are looking dry. 70 cloverdale, fairfield, concord, san jose. 72 antioch warm spot upper 50s low 60s along the coast mid to upper 60s for everybody else. monterey bay mid to upper 60s, inland 67 salinas, morgan hill, gilroy hollister, 70 to 72°. more 50s vallejo, concord, oakland, san francisco, san jose, antioch everybody else mid to upper 40s. two areas of high pressure moving the storm track north we'll see a few clouds in our forecast otherwise a benign system for us.
6:50 am
that storm track you can see it staying well north this week that's why we have temperatures that will hang in the low to mid 70s inland through thursday, mid to upper 60s around the bay, upper 50s to low 60s around the coast friday, saturday, 80 inland, 70 around the bay mid 60s at the coast cooling trend sunday. hope you have a great monday good morning. improving situation on the road. live shot walnut creek southbound 680 past north main you can see the bunching and brake lights as you make the corner towards 24 slow as you head into the san ramon valley. southbound 101 through san rafael, overcrossing, you will find brake lights civic center into central san rafael where speeds improve to the waldo grade across the golden gate bridge. earlier overturn in pleasanton long gone out of the roadway, you still have very slow
6:51 am
traffic towards the fairground exit, sensors picking up 35 miles an hour. tough grind out of the central valley over the altamont pass into the dublin pleasanton interchange, drive time 680, 580 and 880 earlier accident out of lanes. rovers of an accident in petaluma, 101 southbound involving motorcycle out of lanes debris in lanes, slow past the scene. our time is 6:51. notorious curve along oakland's grisly peak boulevard almost took the life of another driver. the car theatered over the canyon after the driver swerved to miss a hiker and skidded off the road. after he and his three passengers carefully crept out of the car he was surprised to see there were no reflectors, no guardrails, no signs march -- marking the curve. >> the police officer said all of these trees, he said most
6:52 am
of them were knocked down by cars. there's been numerous accidents throughout the years. >> one tow truck company refused to pull the vehicle off the so a heavy duty truck was called. nobody was hurt. some changes are coming to commuters who use the go go bridge. starting tonight part of the doyle drive will be closed nightly from about 8 p.m. until noon. the right hand northbound lane will be closed so crews can remove sections of the adjacent bridge sidewalk in preparation for the april 27th, weekend closure traffic using 19th to the golden gate bridge will not be affected. recapping: the coast guard has suspended a search for four people missing after a deadly boat crash outside the bay. >> amy hollyfield has the latest. >> reporter: the coast guard tells us it is never an easy decision to make. but, they just don't think they could have survived this long. today the coast guard will now start to figure out what to do
6:53 am
with the sailboat. members here at the san francisco yacht club must decide whether they will head out and continue to search without the help of the coast guard. there is only one woman among the missing. alexis busch. the other three missing are men, all four disappeared saturday afternoon after a boating accident during a sailing race. a couple large waves during a very windy day overtook their boat which was call the low speed chase, the name of the boat, it is stuck on the rocks at the farallon islands. the coast guard was able to rescue three sailors and recovered a body. they haven't found the other four. the water is 50°, sailors tell us people usually can't survive more than an hour in water that cold. the accident happened at 3:00 saturday afternoon. our other top story in san francisco.
6:54 am
sue thompson is there she has an update on occupy san francisco. >> reporter: good morning amy. san francisco will likely see a lot more boarded up and vacant buildings around very much like the one you see behind me the fenced in front san francisco. why do this? police say occupy protesters may be ready to strike again and will likely target vacant and empty billings and home that is what they did two weeks ago when they took over the sacred heart prep school building owned by the archdiocese of san francisco. the result inside was thousands and thousands of dollars in damage. police warn this very well could happen again and soon, possibly as early as may 1st, it is asking owners and people across the city that own vacant buildings to board and finances up their property or it could easily become a take
6:55 am
over from the movement. aside from the occupy take over that happened two weeks ago another happened in january, both in the northern san francisco police jurisdiction, the area police say they are most concerned about. sue thompson, abc7 news. 6:55. >> time for a final check on weather and traffic. good morning. welcome to monday, welcome to a day where the warming trend continues. temperatures outside not bad, mild around san rafael, san francisco and concord, 50, the cool spot los gatos, 42, close to where we should be for this time of the year in the afternoon same temperatures closer to seasonal averages a little below in some areas like low 60s along the coast mid to upper 60s bay shore into the north bay valleys cloverdale 70, san jose and morgan hill to santa clara valley low 70s. east bay valleys low 70s also. last week the rain and cooler
6:56 am
weather, today is not a bad day to get out maybe you have your spring break this week. 39 in clear lake tonight, 38 fairfield 38 cloverdale everybody else in the 40s during the overnight hours. here's your seven day forecast dry all seven days, warmest weather in the afternoons thursday, friday and saturday. good morning. welcome back from spring break if you were off. traffic is resumed and we've got typical monday commute grind and hot spot out of the central valley 580 westbound earlier accident 680 south pleasanton out of lanes but continues to be slow both decks of 580 and 680. let's -- directions of 58' and 680. 101 southbound novato accident with a motorcycle out of lanes debris in lanes at south petaluma boulevard. live shot of the bay bridge backed up, metering lights on,
6:57 am
slow on the incline into san francisco, traffic backed up into the macarthur maze. thank you for joining us for the abc7 news. >> we'll be back with a local update. keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter @abc7newsbayarea and talk about it thanks for watching have a thanks for watching have a great morning. closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc
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