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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 16, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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mountain bike. and his family told us he was going to graduate next month. and tony guzardo is a good friend of the family. >> i've known since he was a little kid. he lived up here on belvedere. wonderful young guy. an artist. >> and one man survived with a broken leg. he was at the memorial yesterday. >> this is a tragedy. it's a big sailing community. and i believe the race has been going on 143 years. >> well, james bradford was rescued by the coast guard, brian chong also rescued. one other person is still
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missing and you'll hear about her next. thank you very much. >> one of the lost crew members holds a special place in baseball history. alexis bush the first bat girl and you can see barry bonds high fiving alexis. she developed her passion for baseball being around her father. and she played in a women's league and encouraged others to play the game. >> she's tremendous, feisty competitor. just fierce. and worked hard to develop her catching skills. >> the giants paid a memt of silence before tonight's game against philadelphia. >> a facebook maijz been set up in memory of the low-speed
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chase. and there are also a place where friends and family can post messages and prayers and other pictures. you'll find a link on our web site. >> a concord principal called parents to warn them about a report of an attempted kidnapping for school along glacier drive. a 7th girl told police a man asked her to get into a van mice. the man described as heavy set in his 30 was a black mustache. >> a second grade teacher today was killed by her estranged husband. 43-year-old kim conover was shot by kevin conover who then shot and killed himself.
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friends were still dropping off flowers today where that shooting happened and they're just shocked. >> unbelievable. this is not anything would you have expected to happen. a tragedy. not anything you think would happen to kevin and kim. >> there was grieve counseling today, kim was a mother of four, including 2-year-old twin autos police are searching for a person who kidnapped and sexual assaulted a woman in oakland lake shore district as the woman was walking from a home on the 2800 block of lake shore avenue about 3:00 this morning. adorgd police a man pulled up and got out of his car and demanded she get in, forced her inside and drove her to a location where he raped customer pushed her on the sidewalk. a $5,000 record being -- reward
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is being offered. >> the search for sierra lamar continues. tonight, family members, friends and volunteers will mark the one-month anniversary of her disappearance with a candle light vigil and balloon release. this 5-year-old has not been seen since she left home. and there is a live report coming up at 6:30 tonight. >> an effort tonight fro detective california homeowners from what critics call an unfair banking practice. >> given the occupy movement many thought help for disstressed homeowners would pass but it's harder than it seem autos you're just in the mode of i've got to do what i've got to do save the house. >> like many after losing her job monica did everything she could to keep her home applying for a loan modification.
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she thought she got good news. >> i received an agreement on one day. the 27th of june, and the following day, the home was foreclosed on. >> kenny was a victim of dual tracking. banks go through a lone loon modification with you but continue foreclosure plo ses in case the modification doesn't work out that. is just one practice that this mourning is trying to quash in her bill of rights package. a series of proposals aimed at giving consumers greater protections. at the last minute the banking committee pulled two bills an indication there aren't enough votes. she vow owes to keep pushing. >> this is not about bailing people out. it's saying let's have clear rules so if you want to follow rules, you can actually succeed. >> california bankers association supports some of the propose walls but opposes the ban on dual tracking saying it only delays inevitable. >> we're concerned about legislation that pro tracts
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the foreclosure process and california housing and economic recovery impacting all of us. >> foreclosure victims say they're not surprised given the power of who they're ceiling with. >> we're going to make our stories and faces known. >> banks spent nearly $70 million on lobbying fees. live in sacramento abc 7 news. >> thank you. washington now the so called buffet rule is going nowhere. the rule would have forced top earners to pay 30% of the income in taxes. the obama administration is denouncing the vote. >> israel'sinnis sister of the
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defense is holding several meetings. he and the israeli council general take a look at the disaster preparedness and earthquake metro fitting. >> i saw how the new bay bridge declined all the way out. and how they're dealing with this. >> they knew in last night and went to a fund-raiser by roots of piece in san rafael. and there is the just ahead here at 5:00 judgment day for a california rape victim in prison for not testifying
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against her accused attacker. >> taking a look at the growing demand for a certain item being smuggled into the state. >> are you ready for warm weather? don't go away. when temperatures will climb into low to mid-80s coming up. >> and training exercise along cal train track that's could keep homeowners living nearby up at night. stay with us. abc 7 news continues in one minute.
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a 17-year-old rape victim is freed tonight after not testifying against her accused tacker. the teenager arrested last month because she failed to appear in court but today a skt county judge ordered her release. >> i hope that you have been striking by outpouring of support for you by the community in recent weeks.
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you've demonstrated great coverage for a young woman. may you continue to do so if the trial. >> the judge apologized to the girl but did order she be outfitted with a gps device to ensure she thoe shows up for her accused rapist's hearings. it's unclear if she'll testify. >> the full weekend closure of the doyle drive approach is about two weeks away. starting tonight there will be a nightly one lane closure northbound from san francisco to marin county. >> people who use doyle drive might not realize there is a sidewalk along the northbound lanes as you enter. that is where work will be going on beginning tonight. now, to clarify this is not, to the a full closure, just one lane, northbound,
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overnight. there is a original pipe wrapped in asbestos. >> this is within the structure. >> there is a full closure planned for weekend of april 27th-30th. and the newly discovered pipe has to be removed first to meet regular raigss. that is why a section of the northbound lane will be closed week nights from 8:00 to noon and with that in place until april 27th. >> there is only one lane. the far right curb lane will be closed nightly from 8:00 p.m. until about noon the next day
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so that it doesn't have an impact on the evening commute. >> caltrans says the pipe removeal does not pose a health risk tt public or workers and will be a surgical demolition. >> to take it down carefully, you can seal off the ends. there is the new doyle drive known as presidio parkway is scheduled to open in 2015. >> thank you. people living along cal train can an increase in rail traffic during next month or so. there is as it qualifies
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engineers. the rail agency says neighbors will notice an increase in train activity and horn use and gate down time. engineers must go to a qualification process to familiarize them self was the right of way and operation autos a truck driver escaped unharmed after a cable snagged a power pole and wires. pg&e says power was cutoff and this is soon they touched the ground. the utility believes a telecommunications cable pulled down a power pole. >> this is liking -- nothing like this. >> this is 13, six is what i thought. average right should be 13, six or higher. >> pg&e says it may not be tibl get power back on until
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midnight tonight. >> two silicon valley giants began duking it out tonight in a patent battle. ora cell arguing google used java software without licensing it. and ora cell is discussing using with out permission. >> there is its case tomorrow and ora cell seeking almost $1 billion in damage autos california's $60 million economy of counterfeit items is getting new attention tonight. >> the state is cracking down. there is that and some tax day news. >> the underground economy made up the bootleg movies and hand bags and a lot more. and there is a big money may be in tobacco. and that is almost $9 a
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carton. about $8 billion when counting up taxes. >> there is a hitting main stream. some products could be found in retail stores. and there is a board of equalization gave a look at at where the bogus goods are kept. this stuff is smuggled into california from around the world. >> californians get a two days longer to pay taxes traditional april 16th day, or 15th tax day fell on a sunday this year and today the district of columbia celebrates emancipation day in the state of massachusetts celebrating patriot's day. and with states pushed back it's tax collection day.
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>> for last minute filers if they haven't started filing today don't panic. consider e filing your return. it's fast yefrt way. so... try that. don't panic. have you plenty of time. >> do not panic. if you need more time to get taxes together you can file or an extension. it's simple to do. there if you think you're due a refund filing out an extension is easy f you're going to owe follow instructions if you pay the full amount you'll avoid late fees and interest. you must file by tomorrow. or they're not happy with you,. >> then, we panic. >> there you go. >> yes. >> thank you. >> and let's talk about the weather now this is what we're talking about. >> there is a nice warm up,
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tomorrow we're going down a little bit. temperatures falling a few degrees and trr tl is more cloud cover. there is some high level temperatures. temperatures 67 and there is some mild weather except near the coast. temperatures mid-50s places like pacifica. here are the numbers. mid-50s now san francisco, half moon bay. most other areas are into 60s, warming trend and 80s likely inland by the weekend. so... get ready for real warm spring weather. we do have a cold front first to deal with. it's not going to be a rain maker. this is going to bring in some cooler weather just a little bit. so this cold front comes through here, we'll temperatures falling tomorrow,
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we'll see some cloud cover both low and high-level clouds. and into wednesday, high pressure starts to build in with a ridge building in. there are temperatures getting into low to mid-80s range. latter part of the weekend into weekend so warm weather coming here. tomorrow morning with the clouds around low clouds, high clouds around the coast and near the bay. temperatures comfortable. 49 in half moon bay. and mid 40s in some coolest locations like san rafael and napa. and 50 degrees in antioch. 49 in fremont. and santa cruz 48 degrees, taking a look at highs tomorrow, coming down just a little bit. 70s in antioch and upper 50s for clouds hanging around near the coastline. we'll see 60s in most other areas. 68 santa rosa.
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and 63 in oakland. 68 in san jose and also 70 to 69 degrees in livermore, monterey bay, you can see lingering low clouds. 65 salinas. there is your accu-weather forecast. there is a rain-free forecast. upper. >>s to low 70s tomorrow, warming takes off as we head into wednesday. thursday, you can see an increase in numbers, low 80s by friday inland. mid 60s coast side, mid-80s by the time we hit saturday. and you look at temperatures and people who live in san francisco say why are you so excited about warm weather? it's not going get that warm. so you'll have to worry about it. and if you like it... >> there is a choice.
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and you'll see low to mid-80s and ahead a sexual dysfunction warning for men who use a certain drug. >> then at 6:00 on abc 7 news a service checking your credit card bills for overcharges. explaining why you can sign up for that at 6:00. we'll be right back here.
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breaking news now. police on the scene of a fatal shooting on buell street. it's a closure of an on ramp from interstate 580 been closed about 35 minutes now and there is we'll bring an
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update at 6:00 can as we get more for you. >> some health news for you no. the fda warning about two drug that's can cause long term sexual dysfunction. propecia is said to cause side affects including poor semen quality and decreased sex desire after men stop taking the drugs. the drug manufactured by a giant merck who says findings aren't clear. fda is changing warning labels on the medication autos actor ryan o'neal reveals he's battling stage four prostate cancer. the "love story" star made that announcement in saying he was shocked and stun bid the diagnosis and says he's fortunate because it was detected early and doctors feel he can make a full recovery. >> if you like your fast food
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salty, you're in the right country adorgd a study it's saltier here than in canada than in uk and researchers found studying the nutrition information where you are chicken mcnuggets and several pizzas have the most salt. research is in the canadian medical association journal. >> a loyal lab needs a home. >> coming up... what is being done to find grace, a dog somewhere to live after her actions made national headlines. stay with us. ♪
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america has more cyber attacks than newborn babies. the call to service homeland sek to is making to silicon valley. and a huge step being taken to crack down on contraband cell phones. and one man who isn't afraid to challenge multi national corporations like apple in his quest for cleaner air and drinking water. the stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> thank you. and there is a loyal lab bra dor is expected to get a new home today. >> this black lab named grace making national headlines after standing guard on a busy street last week. >> a passerby took this individual yoi. the black lab doesn't have tag autos half a dozen pem


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