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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 18, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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variety television show nel vision history. >> and i have a terrible problem for people to keep referring to me as america's oldest living teenager he used this to build an entertainment empire, famously helping the country countdown the new year. clark was at his post in times square. only a stroke briefly stopped the celebration. >> my speech isn't perfect, but i won't have missed this for the world. >> clark never liked to say goodbye. he ended every broadcast with his signature salute. >> so long. >> i talked to sheila e in los angeles. she's shokd by the death she
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called him an icon. and dick clark, for now, so long. >> and that was his trademark. the president and mrs. obama released a statement talking about his career, i think many kids don't realize who dick clark was and how important he is to everything. >> yes. and this is a success. >> and have you to thank it. >> absolutely. >> viewers have been reacting to the death of dick clark on our facebook page. mary says it's an end of an era. the man who put teenagers on the map. and norma writes thanks for american band stand rocking new year's eves. you'll be missed. jerry says his greatness is legendary now. if you'd like to join the conversation go to our facebook page. >> with some breaking news to tell you about.
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three secret service agents have been forced out of their jobs for their alleged role in a columbian prostitution scandal. 11 secret service members and 10 military personnel are now accused of having 21 local prostitutes in hotel rooms before the president's visit to columbia. abc news learned a worker claims he saw a line of white powder believed to be cocaine in a secret service agent's room. lawmakers are pressing to find out whether this posed a threat to the president or national security. >> and i do think it's very embarrassing and it's clear there are investigations going on and i hope to get to the bottom of it, quickly. >> inspectors on the ground and collecting video. >> crews are searching for that gray whale entangled in a
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fishing net. they managed to cut away netting but lost track last night. there is the latest on the whales chances of survival. >> we're looking down into the mouth of san francisco bay. it is out there that 26,000 are making their northward migration that is presumably where this whale was headed when running into a fishing net. rescuers say it's a gill net draped around the mouth, dragging back to you skbreez line with it. yesterday, rescuers tried to cut away the floats and disentangle the 40-foot long gray. >> these are fishing floats. and saying pictures show the whale was likely my greating
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several miles off shore. >> there is the net probably draped around the mouth. part of the net. and this is drape add cross the flipper. >> from what they can see it does not look hopeful. >> i don't think they're going to be able to disentangle this whale at auchl goitsing to be impossible. >> he says if they speed ahead, the animal will be altering course and the young whale moving too quickly for a diver to get into the water. >> if they're hanging onto the rope it's going to rip their tanks off. >> it can travel 100 miles and will not tire. saying best hope is that the animal will stop on its own and rescuers will be with it when that happens. >> try to find where it's not moving. and then, a diver can try to
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cut it free. >> the last report we have is that whale was moving about two miles off of san onofre. coming up, the biggest threat to whales off our coast and what we can do about it a car burst floo noo flames this morning near downtown oakland. sky 7 was overhead just seconds after the car ignited. there is a firefighters doused the fire with water, it appears flames gutted the car's interior, police tell abc 7 news they made three arrests officers believe was connected to a burglary. and sky 7 captured this video taking arrests into custody this, is just after 11:00 this morning. they stopped a car from
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northbound interstate 880. >> the search for sierra lamar taking place on a couple fronts. divers continue to search ponds near the coyote creek golf course and there is a need for volunteers as well. we are live with the story. >> the family is following to search for evidence on several fronts. there are crime lab results as well as ground search taking place today. the sheriff's dive team finishing up a thorough search of the ponds. so far have ruled out thousands of underwater images looking for possible evidence in this case. >> if it's there, we're finding it and using our sonar and divers and kayaks but searching everywhere. >> at the search center the missing teenager's father says he's encouraged by news from
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detectives. they're following up on leads that resulted from crime lab analysis of sierra's cell phone, purse and other evidence. >> we weren't told what it was. and they haven't told us, all they told us was results. >> the sheriff's office says it's getting support from the fbi and despite investing thousands of hours in this case wants to reassure the public the office is not ignoring other case autos none of the divisions are being impacted at this time. we still have staffing levels. and patrol division. >> after a month there is concern that peoples attention is turning elsewhere. >> i've notice there'd is a decrease in number of people attending. and hopefully, they'll hear this and come over. >> and coming up at 6:00 we'll
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tell you why and how the search center is reaching out to the latino population for help. in morgan hill abc 7 news. >> thank you. uc berkeley denying reports it used student fees to help pay for memorial stadium project. the school spending $320 million to upgrade the stadium. today's "wall street journal" report that cal had to borrow most of the money. and that they tried to raise money through private fund raising. the school says there are $31 million cash in hand. the fact is that total value is $144 million. we have revenue we need to handle debt payments for at least the next 26 years. we're talking about massive debt with stadium and this is almost half a billion dollars of debt with interest and that
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is a $1 billion commitment. >> the school cannot directly use student fees they can use other funding for this project. >> an underground equipment failure knocked out power to 3800 customers. it blew off a man hole cover at martin luther king way and third street around 10:00 this morning and knocked out traffic signals and pg&e traced this problem to a transition splice that failed. >> gavin newsom has a new job on this side of the camera. he will host a weekly talk show on current tv. the time slots have not been announced yet. current has been adding programming with a liberal slant. he will be the first sitting politician to host the show. newsom will be paid for the show but neither he nor current will say how much and a spokesperson says money will be donated to charity.
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>> and things are warming up out there. >> warping up nicely and steadily. it's warmest still to come. this afternoon we've got sunny skies and there are low clouds on the coast and partly cloudy conditions and clouds thicken there is mostly cloudy skies with fog cling together coastline. low temperatures overnight 49-54 degrees, sunny skies inland and around the bay. will be warming up to about 80 degrees into warmest locations tomorrow and there is more warmth still to come, i mean summer like warmth. i'll give you a look in my accu-weather forecast later. >> thank you. >> do you see this little bit of hair? giving researchers now hopes for a cure from baldness.
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>> and bloomberg west will join us with that. >> michael finney taking your consumer questions and will answer them here live in just a little bit. you can contact michael at michael finney.
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oork there is another great reason to hit the sack early tonight. a study finds people that get less than five hours of sleep have an increased risk of type two diabetes. and the study found people who sleep at varying times of the day and night have different
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metabolism rates because the master clock is out of sync. >> drinking water during a test has been shown to improve student scores by as much as 10%. researchers at universities of east london and westminister made that discovery after taking ability and course work grades into account. the average improvements for water drinking students was 5%. and scientists in swrapan found a way to grow hair on bald mice, raising hope for a potential cure for baldness. the hair grew after transplanting issue -- tissue under the skin of the mice. researchers hope to have a treatment for humans within about 10 years. the research results are published in nature communications. >> the mayor of a texas city wants to take aggressive
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action to make workers healthier. the mayor says officials are considering a ban on hiring spokers for -- smokiers for city jobs, fort worth would be the first city to do so. >> we put taxpayer dollars into health care for our employees and anything that can benefit and make them more productive and healthy we're going to take a look at. >> employment turns say there is nothing stopping them from enacting a ban like this. >> on to business news. one company envisioning lightning fast wi-fi in the skies. and battle of the two larries in the skal silicon valley. i'm not involved. >> you can be involved layery but you're right. google and oracle went head to head.
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google ceo larry page testified today in a federal trial disputing the claim google stole java software technology. page acknowledged google had been in talks over a partnership but google went down its own path and page's testimony follow that's of larry ellison. and serving the web in the skies could get faster as part of a $2.8 billion deal, working to bring faster speeds and here is how it works, wi-fi hot spots community indicate with a satellite on the ground. and that is a lot faster,
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honeywell says the new speeds will be able to stream video host all sorts of stuff. stocks closed lower after a slump in technology shares. and there is a jump in shares of yahoo. and silicon valley still buzzing over facebook's purchase of intagram and zuckerberg only looped in his board after several days of negotiation was the company ceoa cord together journal he connected with insta gram on thursday, april 5th. it and lasted through sunday, it wasn't until sunday he reportedly told his board the deal was happening. as for the price tag, that was his idea. reporting that they asked for
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to million. big numbers. back to you. >> when mr. zuckerberg calls people listen. and this is what we're doing. >> fantastic weather out there. >> yes. yes. low clouds near the coast. thin high clouds overhead and sunny skies inland. this is a live view from our sutro camera. you can see evidence of low clouds beginning to move into golden gate. there are blue skies inland. we've got low to mid-50s inland now. 72 in los gatos. 71 in fairfield and there is mostly cloudy skies overnight with fog pushing local lynnland. then, coastal clouds tomorrow
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with sunny and warm conditions inland. more warming into the weekend. highs climbing up close to 90 degrees, there is a frontal system to the north. warmth out to sea. there is a ridge of high pressure building and bifding and moving into our direction. this is going to bring us a big warm up, lows into low 50s and some upper 40s inland and there is a little bit of rain with cloudy conditions overnight. and we'll see clouds dampen. we'll look at cool coastal conditions and that is also typical for this time of the year, this is like our summer time pattern, there are high temperatures inland. tomorrow, highs 62 degrees in
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half moon bay. and there are highs up to 80 degrees in antioch there is down near monterey bay. we'll see mid 7 ows near the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. highs up to about 86 inland friday. 88 saturday. and high temperatures backing off and still mid-80s then further cooling monday, tuesday, and wednesday. there is no rain in sight. dry conditions and summer like warmth throughout the weekend. >> this is like instant summer. >> yes. yes. >> and next at 4:00 gavin degrau says it's tough to walk
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in a dancer's shoe autos then at 5:00 michael finney takes a look at the best gps devices to keep track of roaming pets.
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bik names are going on line reacting to the death of dick clark. >> the entertainment world
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reacting to the death of dick clark who passed away this morning. russell simmons tweeted he will be truly young and rest in peace. this from pat boone we've lost another forever young legend. truly sorry to hear my friend, dick clark has passed. a dramatic duel to the finish on "dancing with the stars". there was a. >> this gave me another opportunity to step outside of my element. and someone else's element and realize what a big pair of shoes they are. >> remaining couples will dance to motown and the remaining members of the
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jackson 5 are reuniting for a tour. and is jam packed with entertainment news so surf on over. >> actor daniel craig is apologizing to fans, upset he's amendmenting james bond's drink order. and he will swap a martini for beer. they've got a product placement deal with hin kin. saying they're necessary because it costs so much to make a movie these days. it's not the same. give me a beer,? shaken, not stirred just doesn't work. >> we're live talking to two officials about a video of a fight during a game.
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>> officials discuss a woman's twisted motive for allegedly killing a woman and kidnapping her newborn. >> this year's commemoration for the 1906 earthquake had a big mistake in it happening here at the famous fire hydrant. a big oops. you'll hear bit coming up. i remember the days before copd.
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>> this video sent to you reports shows an assault on a youth basketball court in oakland. >> it's the kind of thing no coach wants to see this, afternoon official was both teams tell thus is not what their teams are about. >> nick smith is live with the story. nick? >> good afternoon. the soldiers and rebels are long-time rivals. that is why the commissioner of both teams decided to speak out and denounce behavior at sunday's tournament game. this is an easter tournament game. the teams are two of the best-known and feared aau basketball clubs in the state. their rivalry, legendary to. find them in a competitive playoff isn't out of ordinary. but what happens next is. take a look. the oakland soldiers 16 and under team leading in the
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second half of the game against the 17 and under oakland rebels. and there is here that an unidentify adult male threw a punch against a team player on the rebels team. we spoke to the commissioners and this is what they had to say. >> so it was uncalled for. you know, saddest part is, i just want to say to the rebels i don't know who it was, the kid, his name but to his parents we apologize from the soldier family but that has no representation of the soldiers. >> the most thing that upset me was that just, a person came on the court, assaulted a kid and was able to get away. that upset me the most. >> the comments on you tube range from rude to inaccurate blaming one of the coaches and that is not the case. and that is one of the many reasons both representatives
4:31 pm
wanted to speak out. they wanted to speak out that it was not a reflection of other organization. moving forward both tell me they're appealing to parents and players to not only identify the man who ran on to the court and assaulted the team players but they're considering plans to wear colored jerseys so they can identify who is a a.associated with the team and who is a coach with either team. nick smith abc 7 news. >> thank you. shocking crime wave near houston, texas a woman is accused of killing a mother and kidnapping that woman's newborn baby in an attempt to fool her fiancee. she wanted him to think the baby was theirs. >> verna maclaine seen here is a registered nurse and mother of three children. police say maclaine came to a pediatrician's office near houston and snatched a 3 day old from another mother's arms. >> not going to go into details and motive. but information is that she
4:32 pm
did have a miscarriage. she need to justify having a child to her soon to be fiancee. >> police called it the attack you only expect on tv. >> the suspect shot kayla several times, then took the child in the pick up. put him in her car and left the scene. >> when it was over, authorities say maclaine signed an affidavit confessing she kidnapped the 3 day old and shot his mom who died not long after. witnesses heard her screaming "my baby" as keegan was ripped away. >> she was laying on the ground. and. >> it doesn't take long to find the car and maclaine and keegan who they say wasn't hurt, nearby. >> the district attorney believes we have information to press forward to file charges of capitol murder
4:33 pm
against maclaine. >> baby keegan's fairj is mourning the loss of his wife but last night was able to hold his son, and told abc that was wonderful. >> a florida judge removed herself from the trayvon martin case because of a possible conflict of interest. her husband works for the lawyer who was asked to represent the suspect george zimmerman. the attorney declined. he's now serving as an analyst for the case on cnn. zimmerman is faced with murder and was working as a neighborhood watch volunteer he says he shot martin in self-defense. >> the white house and pentagon condemning photos that show u.s. troops posing with the dismembered corpses of afghan militants. many of the images are graphic. the photos published today by "los angeles times", one shows members of the 82 airborne
4:34 pm
posing two years ago with afghan police and severed legs of a suicide bomber. the times says photos were provided by a soldier. u.s. officials say an investigation is underway. >> that bee laifor violates both regulations and importantly our core values. this is not who we are. >> also today several nato allies promised to support troops after the us us and other fashions pulled away from front lines next year. >> there could be soon be a cash reward for a african war lord that was the subject of a video that went viral. there will be push for legislation offering a reward for the whereabouts of kony. the video exposed millions of people around the world. he and his lords resistance
4:35 pm
army responsible for a 26 year campaign of terror in central africa, marked by child abductions and wild spread killing autos he's being referred to as the nude dude. still ahead why this man's strip downed on his way to way to san jose. >> she giggled four hours, i think. >> last two winners of the record-breaking megamillions jackpot come forward. what they're planning to do with the dough. >> michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook and will answer them live here later. >> i'm spencer christian. clouds in the sky now will be soon replaced by blue skies and almost summer like warmth. we'll take a look at the temperatures in just a moment. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues.
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a portland oregon man was arrested when he stripped off his clothes at airport security. the computer consultant set off an explosives wand at portland international airport and decided to take everything off and they told him to put his clothes back on and he he refused. he was arrested no word on whether he made to it san jose. the pilot who appeared to have a breakdown on a jet blue
4:39 pm
plane plans to plead insanity in the case filing a motion claiming the pilot lost his sense whez left the cockpit, screaming about religion and terrorist. passengers restrained him until the plane landed. he will undergo a psychiatric exam. >> and spencer is here now with a look at the forecast. >> yes. >> warm and i guess getting warmer. breezy as well. >> this is going to warm up and breeze goesing to die down. and there is scattered rainfall across the mountainous interior west and into pacific northwest. cool across the states with highs into 60s and warm across southern states with highs into 80s, here in california painly sunny, rain up north and cooler condition was a high of only 58 tomorrow.
4:40 pm
here in the bay area there are sunny skies inland. high temperatures rising into upper 70s. 78 in cupertino. there are mainly mid-70s and upper 50s to low 60s with fog. downtown there is a high of 67 and very pleasant tomorrow. 61 will be the high. mid to upper 70s into the north bay. 76 in napa. low to mid-70s in the near east bay. 70s to 80s in the inland east bay. and there is mid-70s near the skbai low 80s inland. and more warm weather coming our way. going to be a spectacular weekend. stay tuned. >> a retired illinois couple has come forward to claim the final share of the
4:41 pm
megamillions jack pot. take a look. this is the winning ticket. he bought the quick pick at the local convenience store. they spent the past weeks hiring financial advisors and a lawyer. until now they told just about five people they became overnight tycoons. >> i have talked to several people around town that asked me. i answered most of the time truthfully. >> we were meeting with a lot of people just not here in town. so it keeps you busy. >> and they say they may treat them selfs to a vacation. >> good kind of busy. >> exactly. take a vacation. >> when abc 7 news at 4:00 continues a procedure performed in the bay area. >> a tomb stone addition is
4:42 pm
helping the dead maintain their social networking lives
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california pacific medical center performed a rare operation reattaching forehead and scalp of a 22-year-old stockton woman. we're live with more on this
4:45 pm
procedure. leanne? >> sonia domingez working on a machine when her hair got caught. doctors wasted no time in getting her to california pacific medical center. that was crucial. sonia and her doctors have a lot to tell. less than two weeks ago the 22-year-old was flown in from stockton. surgeons only had hours to reattach her forehead and scalp this, is what she looked like before her hair got caught in a machine. her father recalls the accident at their work place. a warehouse in stockton. >> walked in that warehouse without a scalp. without her hair. >> within hours she was in the operating room. >> people think we just put the scalp back on and stitch it buchl it would never live. it's lost the blood supply.
4:46 pm
>> this is not the actual operation but one using the same techniques. micro surgery. in order to save the scalp they had to repair and connect six blood vessel was the help of a microscope. each is the size of a lead piece inside of a mechanical pencil. >> for having a scalp and forhead is rare. there are a couple dozen reported cases in the world. >> the first performed by his father in 1976. >> and without them i won't probably have any hair or any -- probably not be here. so it's real good that the doctors took care of me the way they did. >> the company where the accident occurred is called methco label systems. and it's worth noting according to cal osh yat company never has been cited before.
4:47 pm
in the newsroom abc 7 news. >> thank you. that is an amazing story. moving on you can call this tomb stone technology. some grave stones can now link loved ones to online memorials using a smart phone. a monument company is offering to put them on headstones. you can scan it and it will connect you with a memorial web site about a loved one. and you can send text messages to families or share stories. the company says it's selling several every day. >> and just ahead a mix up at this morn's mem raigs of the 1906 earthquake but everything is golden now. >> have you ever ridden with a cab driver giving you a hard time for using a credit card? i'll tell you what's up with that today. >> i was angry that she wasn't hearing me.
4:48 pm
>> for the first time ross mirkarimi talks about what led to bruises his wife suffered at his hands. >> first, diane sawyer with a look at what she's working on for world news. >> there is tonight on world news, our friend dick clark, someone once called him the oldest teenager in america. we're going show you something we saw him do when the ball dropped one rocking new year's eve. we have an investigation tonight on whistle blower speaking out about a change that could be on the way in food inspections. what will it mean in kitchens? after the news at 567b8g9 it
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at the top of the hour checking traffic in downtown san francisco.
4:52 pm
it's gridlock whether heading to the bay bridge or away from the bay bridge. it's slow going at this hour. michael finney joining us now to answer questions posted to his face bs book and twitter page autos there is a question about a cell phone plan. >> yes this, is interesting. we had several of these come in. there is a viewer tweeting every verizon store tells me their gair run stee 14 days. i thought california law is 30. which is it? how long can you keep the phone, and service when first ordering it then return it and not have to pay a dime. and what it is, is the wireless association agreed that they'd go 30 days, execution me, 14 days, give you 14 days to decide if service and phone worked for you. all major companies said 30
4:53 pm
days but just recently, verizon dropped it down to 14 within their right as a member of this association. so when you get a phone, make sure and ask how long do i have to return this if it doesn't work for meechl the reason we have this is people would get a phone, show up at their home or work place and find out that that service did not work there. so you still need to grab the phone, run around, see writ works and doesn't. and there is pat a asks where can a person get childrens car seats installed? it's easy to do it incorrectly f you call up your local chp office make an appointment they'll check the chair and make sure it's okay. many local police departments do this and some toy stores and childrens' stores also have this so just call chp is
4:54 pm
probably the best way to go. john m asks are cab drivers in their cabs allowed to put up a fuss when you tray to pay by a card. they're cab drivers. they're allowed to put up fusses. that is what some do. the rule is that they have to take the card. we're talking about the city of san francisco here. other cities makeup their own rules. they have to take the card and it costs a couple bucks they have no choice. >> thank you. >> there is 106 years ago today the great quake changed san francisco over its special but today's event had one major oops. >> two survivors of the earthquake received a royal treatment this morning arriving at the celebration in
4:55 pm
the back of a 1931 lincoln. this is the first time when winnie hook participated. she was two months old whit hit. >> she was surrounded by rescue workers and regular people who appreciate the city history. some of whom wore fashion autos it's an opportunity to teach my sons about what happened. the earthquake killed more than 3,000 people. there was a meeting spot for victims after the quake and where people now meet every year to remember. >> the building around us, people that live here, the spirit of the city is a relation to that event. >> and this is credited for saving the mission district during the fire that's burned. winnie hook helped give it a
4:56 pm
coat of paint only there was an error. this gold hydrant was painted silver this morning. >> they had a gold tap on a silver can of paint. >> but scott sherman went to the hair ward store and fixed the problem, it's back tok gold. over breakfast winnie hook wasn't complaining with the paint. only thing she didn't like was riding in the back of the lincoln. >> it's cold. the top was down. >> i asked if she'd be back next year, she says yes, but only if she doesn't have to ride in a convertible. >> the commemoration serves as a good reminder to get ready for the next quake well. have information on abc 7 and you'll find advise for assembling a emergency tent.
4:57 pm
and you can find information on twitter. >> many of us remain unprepared. jamie moier is the ageless wonder and becoming the oldest pitcher to win a pageor league baseball game. throwing in-to-lead the rockies to a win over the padres. six padres were not even born when he made his major league debut its pretty much all i know and all i've done my whole life. and still happy to live the dream. >> there is some memorabilia from moier to commemorate this tight. 49, still going strong. >> love it. that is great. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> you can keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter and talk bit on >> thus and ak continues right
4:58 pm
now. >> thank you. for the first time suspended sever ross mirkarimi explains how he bruised his wife's arm. >> late breaking developments surrounding the campus police chief behind this pepper spray attack. >> there is summer like warmth headed to the bay area, when temperatures will approach 90 degrees. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> ross mirkarimi described what led to a fight with his wife. these are the pictures the prosecution released showing lopez's bruised arm. abc 7 news reporter joins with us the story. >> newly minted sheriff ross mirkarimi arrested january 13th, five days of being sworn in. last month he pled guilty to one count of false imprisonment and suspend bid mayor ed lee two days later this, morning since january,
4:59 pm
he himself told his story of how his wife got the bruise that started it all. on kqed forum, ross mirkarimi said he and his wife and son were on a way to a pizza lunch just before noon. >> a horrible quarrel started between my wife and i. it was just a familiar subject about impending trip she was going to take to convenient swaila. she'd taken one six months earlier she and my son, theo had been away. out of the country over two months. and that was excruciating to be apart from my feem he says ez turned the car ash and headed home against her wishes was he didn't want to be arguing in public. he said he parked the car and swore at her in front of theo. >> she was extremely upset to a point where i'd never seen her agitated before in a way where it made my


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