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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 19, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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is it friday yet? no. maybe tomorrow. >> however it is together again. >> it is, for a while.
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we were separated for a while. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze not pay for grade but pay for attendance scandal that has 50 students suspended and a handful expelled. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with the shocking scheme out of berkeley high. >> reporter: as many as four students might be expelled in connection with this elaborate hacking scheme. they were changing their attendance records dating back to december using home computers and school computers, sometimes even during class. in some cases they were deleting absences and tardies from their own records. in other scenarios it was a money-making scheme. >> absences that were initially logged in by teachers had been corrected, altered. >> i heard there were a like -- [ inaudible ]
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they were selling the passwords. >> reporter: it is not known how much money exchanged hands. administrators spent months investigating and identifying the students they confronted those students before spring break. the suspensions, 50 students will last one to five days. expulsion can last up to one year. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> 4:32. san francisco's embattled sheriff is fighting a legal and public relations battle to save his job. ross mirkarimi will go to court today to fight his suspension by trying to remove the city's chief attorney. amy hollyfield is live at the courthouse. mirkarimi defended himself on the radio yesterday. >> reporter: that's right. he's fighting inside the courtroom and out. inside the courtroom he's going to go at it two ways. today he's going to ask that the city attorney be removed. mirkarimi claims that the city attorney has a conflict of
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interest. tomorrow, he's going to ask the court to overturn his suspension. yes, he also launched a campaign outside the courtroom. a public relations campaign. he appeared on a radio show forum yesterday to explain his side of things. here's how he described bruising his wife's arm the center of this case. he says they were having an argument on their way to lunch. >> i reached over from the driver's seat, still with my seat belt on on to put my hand under her arm to try to guide her back into the passenger seat so we could deescalate this and talk this flew. it was that when i put my hand under her arm where she got bruised. >> reporter: mirkarimi was suspended without pay last month after being sentenced to three years probation for his guilty plea to a false imprisonment charge. that was in connection with the fight they had december
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31st. it is looking like he will not be successful in today's fight. the judge issued a tentive ruling yesterday saying the city attorney can handle this case and can stay on. they will be argue ago that officially in court today if he loses today and then again -- again tomorrow the hearing will begin monday before the ethics commission. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. in oakland this morning, police are on the hunt for a suspect who shot and killed a 24-year-old man while the victim was pushing his one-year-old spoken if a toy car yesterday afternoon at 3:-- 3:15 in east oakland at fenham street and 66th avenue not far from the coliseum. police say tyrell smith had been walking didn't the street, the suspect got out of a car and -- ing down the street when the suspect got out of the car and shot him. you know me, you will be
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brought to justice. >> victim's mother says she hopes her grandson will be too young to remember what happened. sheriff's investigators say a tweet sent from 15-year-old sierra lamar's twitter account yesterday was a hoax. they are working to determine who hacked into her twitter page. a team of scuba divers continued its search yesterday focusing on waters south of the coyote creek golf course in morgan hill. her father remains hopeful new leads coming from evidence processed by the crime lab will help lead authorities to sierra, missing more than a month. >> alls they told us was forensic results whatever it is, we are still happy whatever it is. cause -- because we got something to go on. >> detectives are not offering specificking about what that i learned from the evidence because the -- because the
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investigation is ongoing. today the 49ers and santa clara officials will break ground on the new stadium site. construction equipment was out yesterday preparing for the ceremony. team has released animation what it will look like. the new stadium is estimated to cost 1.2 billion dollars and will seat more than 68,000. it is expected to be completed in 2014. terry mcsweeney will have much more. and the big complaint coming from some fans. a live report coming up. the california public utilities commission is expected to decide whether to fine pg&e three million dollars for failing to find all gas pipeline safety records. these images of workers sifting through thousands of boxes of company documents last year at a facility in daly city.
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regulators ordered pg&e to turnover all records following the san bruno explosion in 2010. the company admitted it can't find all the necessary records. initially the puc threatened to fine the company a million dollars a day until all the records are found. natural gas pipeline test today crews -- pg&e is warning you may get a whiff of natural gas if you are in that area possibly driving there. if you have questions or concerns about the smell of gas you are asked to call pg&e at the number on your screen. we've posted that same number on abc7 now we are back together, what sort of weather do you think we are generating? >> warmth, a lot. >> mike? >> absolutely not only up there but outside during the morning hours thee to six degrees warmer than this time
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yesterday. that puts us all in the mid to upper 50s to even 60 antioch the exception santa rosa you are not too far behind at 52°. no fog, plenty of cloud cover, mainly upper level clouds that will hang around through 8:00 with low to mid 50s also hanging around through that hour. noon upper 50s along the coast, mid to upper 60s throughout the bay shore into the south bay and north bay valleys, 4:00, high clouds and sun, a lot like yesterday. low to mid 60s along the coast into san francisco, 69 oakland, low to mid he haveties everywhere except fairfield, antioch and -- morgan hill, upper 70s. today may be the first day we see 80° highs. tree pollen and mold, nothing has changed, high like it has been the last couple of days. warmer mid to upper 80s inland
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tomorrow, saturdayy>fp and sundy with 80s likely around the bay friday and saturday head to the coast for comfort, mid to upper 60s there. good morning. we are off to a good start traffic-wise. wind advisory sign for the san mateo bridge westbound traffic barth the toll live shot. no accidents now to slow you down around the bay area it is looking good. a live shot of the bay bridge delay-free in and out of san francisco at this point, we'll also check out the south bay 280 and 17 interchange headlights northbound 280 out of the downtown area this is highway 17 heading northbound out of the santa cruz mountains. there's some roadwork going on and quite a3k bit on the 680 stretch through san ramon valley area between san ramon and through danville, both directions lanes blocked until 6:00 this morning. even eastbound 24 as you head
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through lafayette lanes could be blocked as late as 7:00 this morning. still, not much slowing out there. 4:40. he says it was for a good cause the a bart station agent's generosity may cost him his job. plus, spectator attack. what drove this grown man to charge the court and punch a local high school basketball player in the face? for george lucas no kiss and make-up. the bay area community now ready to roll out the red carpet pet for the movie icon's new3q
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moment and check in with frances to see how your commute is looking. the company owned by george lucas has rejected a new plea to reconsider his decision to stop trying to build a major production facility in west san rafael. the board of supervisors passed a resolution calling on the creator to move forward with the controversial grady ranch project. a spokesperson says, it is too late to reconsider. the company announced last week it was abandoning the plan citing regulatory delays and fierce opposition from home . vallejo city officials are hoping lewis -- lucas will consider mayer island a online petition is suggesting the shipyard would be an eye legal -- ideal location. a man recently began carrying for a 15-year-old hercules teen whose father
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died last year he was enrolled in a san francisco school and the compute became expensive so he gave the boy discarded bart tickets that are usually thrown away, that is against bart policy which he admits he broke. he faces a personnel hearing tomorrow to determine if he will be disciplined. >> video from a youth basketball tournament on easter weekend shows adult running on to the court and hitting a player. the video was posted online and went viral. the attack happened during a game between the rebels and soldiers, two rival teams with some of the best teen players in the state. >> i've never seen adult walk ton a court or playing field and assault a player. >> it was uncalled for. the sad part is, i want to say to the rebels i don't know who it was, the kid, his name, but to his parents we apologize.
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but that has no representation of the soldiers. >> officials from both teams say they will be making changes to assure parents this will never happen again. he's got some explaining to do. why rocker ted nugent has a meeting today with the secret service. across the country americans are remembering dick clark the cultural touchstone who was like a member of the family. a look back at his life. the secrets to fighting alzheimer's may be at home. the study that will have you doing more3q lysol knows the soft places we love could be home to thousands of bacteria. so use lysol disinfectant spray
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notice how warm it is from st. louis, dallas, new orleans, near 70s along the east coast. phoenix 92° today. severe weather possible around kansas city our delays are
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into charlotte and out of charlotte everybody else even our regional airports here, on time. any time you travel use the flight tracker at 4:48. new this morning series of deadly overnight blasts have several iraqi cities on high alert. over 90 minutes massive explosions were reported in kirkuk, baghdad and three other northern cities extremists taxes killed 30 and injured 100. nobody has claimed responsibility government -- officials say they resemble previous tax by al-qaeda o. activities. ted nugent plans to meet with the secret service today to explain some comments about president obama that many are calling threats. at last week's rifle association convention he urged nra members to chop their heads off in november. some took that as a veiled
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threat to the president. nugent says he will make it clear to the secret service that he didn't mean the comment literally. tributes continue pouring in this morning for entertainment legend dick clark who died yesterday at the age of 82 it started for clark with american ban an stand where many say he -- with "american bandstand" where many say he launched thousands of careers. >> reporter: americans are remembering dick clark a cultural touchstone like a member of the family. >> announcer: live from philadelphia time for america's father right dance party. >> reporter: starting from the 50s into the late 80s "american bandstand" played records and kids danced. >> this is rock around the clock. ♪ ♪ >> he had great -- we have great memories of dick clark, every say -- saturday, 1:00.
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>> i loved him. >> reporter: he introduce the world to new artists and bands spanning several generations. >> this is madonna. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: he helped soothe parental shock about rock and roll and helped break racial barriers by inviting black artists on stage. >> you send me. ♪ ♪ >> the jackson 5. >> reporter: by the time band stand went off the air he had become a media titan producing count less movies and tv shows. he have -- every new year he conned america down. >> clark never liked good-byes. he used to end his shows with for now dick clark so long and then he would salute. >> for now dick clark, so long. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: right back at you dick clark. tahman bradley, abc news. >> viewers are sharing their
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memories of dick clark on our dick clark facebook page. ja in says she spent so many saturdays watching american band stand trying to learn the dance may heaven welcome with you a standing ovation. kathleen: thank you dick clark for all the great music over the years. if you would like to join the conversation go to "good morning america" will have more. >> started as a local dance show in philadelphia in the 50s and then became the franchise. we'll miss you. time for a look at our forecast. warmer. >> a lot warmer this morning, this afternoon, through probably monday we've extended, i have at least extended the forecast as far as the warm weather. made it a little warmer the income couple of days. 4:51. looking out from
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mount tamalpais clouds hanging around, mostly cloudy, 52 santa rosa, 60 antioch most of news the mid to upper 50s. monterey bay 51 in santa cruz inland 55 gilroy mostly cloudy. coastal clouds today, everywhere else sunshine and warming most significant around the bay especially inland. brightest and warmest afternoons friday to sunday, cooler next week, looks like it will remain dry an. eight degrees warmer today in fremont biggest jump. santa rosa 76. san jose 7. concord six degrees warmer than yesterday when you hit 78. south bay mid to upper 70s. 68 millbrae. upper 50s to low 60s along the coast mid to upper 60s
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downtown and south san francisco. low to mid 70s north bay valleys. mid 70s to 80 around antioch and brentwood, morgan hill, gilroy, 78 hollister. low to mid 60s for carmel and monterey. traveling the state, near 80 check co-. 97° in -- palm springs and 62 in tahoe. tonight mid to upper 50s most neighborhoods, clouds around the coast partly cloudy yesterday's front pushing back as a warm front opening the door to all that heat down to our south and it will be heat in some areas upper 80s in the forecast saturday inland mid 80s tomorrow on the other side of it mid 80s sunday low 80s money. -- monday. 70s sunday, coast never warms up, looks like a summer
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forecast mid to upper 60s in your neighborhoods. bay bridge toll looking great, no delays. golden gate bridge traffic light, roadwork on southbound 101 through sausalito approaching golden gate scheduled until 5:00. as we look farther north we are 101 in san rafael southbound traffic here and it is fine as well. i want to quickly show you the exclusive waze traffic map so you can see we can check out the commute around the bay area. traffic spotter reported construction on 101 southbound in novato. there is roadwork scheduled there between atherton and highway 37 until 5:00. looks like it is down to one lane. that's great information you can pass on. over 40 miles an hour on i-80. you can get a free app by
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going to san francisco's malcolm plex is changing hands after the current owners spent millions to spruce it up. one of eight properties the west field group will sell for more than a billion dollars. the mall in fairfield is part of the deal west field will finish 30 million dollars in improvements including the addition of a target store before the sale is final. bay area mayor calling it quits on the peninsula. mayor klein has resigned from office effective immediately citing major setbacks in his personal life. he said that he and his wife have decided to dissolve their marriage. he also said he has begun treatment to address his situation but did not elaborate. a gray whale still swimming off the southern california coast this morning tangled in fishing net.
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a team managed to cut 100 feet of netting from the mammal on tuesday but weren't able to find the whale yesterday. biologists are especially concerned about the line around head and one of its fins. the mammal can survive for several days while entangled in the net. you likely know the physical benefits of exercise. it can also help reduce the risk of alzheimer's that guess for people of any age. researchers say the more intense the exercise, the better, even washing dishes, cooking, cleaning, gardening or playing cards is better than doing nothing many scientists say the least physically active are more than twice as likely to develop alzheimer's than the most active. another good reason to workout. >> stay busy. our time is 4:56. the 9ers have reached -- let's
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say they in the red zone. we have your ticket to the big groundbreaking for the long awaited 49er stadium. >> reporter: the discovery of a hacking scandal at berkeley high. dozens of students are in big trouble for altering their attendance records. protest shuts down market street in san francisco what do the union members want from the city? [ man ] did we get anything good?
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