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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 20, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. thanks for join us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. a look at the weather and does for warm temperatures, right? >> yeah, nice and clear behind you guys. good morning, mike is taking the day off. we are looking at fog compressed right near the surface this morning. you may run into it at the
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shoreline otherwise we are talking about a big ridge of high pressure building into the eastern seaboard and that's bringing temperatures well above normal today. tomorrow the heat will peak. today low 70s in san francisco. i wanted to start with a live shot of san mateo bridge a stall was just reported within in the last minute. westbound as you head out of hayward, we'll see if that causes delays. chp en route now. bay bridge toll hasn't been bad this is the biggest back-up we've seen this morning towards the end of the parking lot for the cash paying lanes at this point. elsewhere, quiet, but look out for that thick fog across the golden gate bridge into san francisco. hours from now suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi will make a critical court appearance as he battles to get his job back. amy hollyfield is live at san francisco's superior court with the latest.
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>> reporter: if he wins today, he would get his job back it is looking like it is not going to be a good day in court for ross mirkarimi. the judge issued a tentive ruling yesterday saying he will be denying his request. mirkarimi and his attorney want to argue in court today that mirkarimi should not be suspended. they say the official misconduct that happened, happened before he was sworn in as sheriff. so he shouldn't be punished as the sheriff. mirkarimi pleaded guilty last month to a domestic violence-related charge. he was sentenced to three years probation. after the guilty plea, he was ready to put all this behind him and get to work as sheriff. the mayor suspended him without pay. mirkarimi is trying to fight this in the courtroom. >> all i can tell you is that i've taken responsibility for what has occurred. and being held accountable for it now. that has already been adjudicated. >> reporter: he lost a court
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case yesterday in his fight. it appears he will lose again today. if he does, then he will go before the ethics commission, that hearing is scheduled for=v monday. ultimately, it will be the board of supervisors that will decide if he will be able to continue as the sheriff. it is a lengthy process, one that mirkarimi is trying to avoid. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:04. we are following developing news out of florida this morning. the man accused of killing teenager trayvon martin is due in court for a bail hearing. here are live picture from the courtroom. you see george zimmerman in the center of your picture. his hearing is set to get underway any minute now. he will ask a judge to release him despite concerns about his safety. the hearing comes as abc news has obtained a photo of zimmerman, photographed moments after he shot and killed martin. the picture shows cuts on the back of his head with blood
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trickling down seeming to back up his claim that martin attacked him, before he shot the teenager. gps data shows the picture was tan three minutes after the shooting, at the scene, using an iphone. zimmerman's torn may present the picture as evidence during the hearing. we'll continue to monitor that hearing and bring updates. oakland officials will go to courthouse from now to try to shutdown what the city calls a hub of prostitution and child trafficking. attorneys are asking an alameda county judge to shutdown the economy inn motel on east 12th street, near lake merritt for one year. last fall a court order required the owner to install cameras to allow police monitoring. the city argues the cameras have not helped enough and both hotels need to be closed. today president obama is expected to officially make california's fort ord america's new national
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monument, newest. the former military base along the scenic monterey peninsula date dates back to world war i closed in 1984, more than 14,000 acres are expected to be included in the monument. it will include more than 7,000 acres of liking, horseback riding and biking trails. it will not include the campus of cal-state monterey bay or the oceanfront lands along highway 1. bay area real estate appears to be making a comeback. nearly 7700 houses and condos were sold last month up 9% from last year the best march sales rate in five years. according to the data quick information service, the increase in sales was due in part to low prices. foreclosures and short sales accounted for more than a third of the sales and almost 30% went to investors who paid cash. construction has officially started on the new 49er stadium. it was kicked off as the team
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held an elaborate groundbreaking ceremony last night. ceo york was joined by city leaders, his parents and several players. it is on the location of the future 50 yard line. the 1.2 billion dollar state-of-the-art stadium is expected to be completed in late summer of 2014. 1,000 construction jobs will be created. it is going to be a technological powerhouse a far cry from candlestick. york insists that the location may change but the san francisco team name will not. >> rice, montana all those guys left their mark on that field it will be great for us to leave our mark on in field. >> york says the new stadium will have 40,000 parking spots and twice as many women's restrooms he will push a bid to host super bowl l at the new stadium in 2016.
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>> you just mentioned the best part. >> women's restrooms. >> doubling the number of women's restrooms is always the best thing. get set for a warm couple of days. good morning san francisco, 56 for you, 50 knee napa, 63 in antioch the sun coming up in 20 minutes, we'll lose a couple more degrees before the warmth begins to build over the next couple of hours into the first part of the weekend and cooler on our coast sunday overall temps well above normal for the weekend. in fact, we're talking about mildest readings confined to the shoreline this morning the fog is compressed to about 2 knight. pretty soon it will disappear,
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warm temperatures around the bay, very warm inland and that's due to high pressure east and west of us with those light northwesterly winds this ridge dominating for the income couple of days. get set for more 70s in san francisco, 78 oakland, 82 palo alto, 86 concord, livermore, 89 in gilroy. then we'll see the following try to sneak back not until sunday, more cooling into next weekend. frances has a new crash. apparently on the san mateo bridge, there was al earlier stall reported westbound then it turned into an accident. we are looking westbound here. we'll keep an eye on this to see fit causes delays. i think the chp might have gotten there, while get the latest for you. if they get there, no injuries reported. just a heads up on the san mateo bridge if you are heading to the bay bridge toll plaza, minor wait for some of the cash paying lanes. i wanted to show you the waze
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traffic app, we are not picking up any major slowing yet across the san mateo bridge or the dumbarton bridge at this point. 6:10. just ahead, caught at cal. the peeping tom that police say was caught in the act on campus. why his arrest isn't doing much to calm nerves? the bay area company offering online college class from some of the nation's moss prestigious
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he welcome back i'm frances dinglasan. breaking news across the san mateo bridge a fuel spill in all lanes westbound on the right as you leave hayward heading towards foster city. it started with a stall that turned into a crash involving a big rig. chp still en route as well as fire crews. keep you posted on this. more news with eric. 6:14. for the second time this week, a person from the pacific northwest has been detained by airline authorities for indecent exposure. this time the incident involved a southwest airlines flight from albuquerque to seattle. flight attendants told police the man flashed them during the flight. police met the plane at gate in seattle where they detained the man. earlier this week, a nude man protesting the tsa was arrested at a check point in portland. he was flying to san jose and said he took his clothes off because he was being harassed bay security.
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uc berkeley student out on bail after being accused of peeping on women in dorm bathrooms. he was arrested earlier this book he's accused of spying on an 18-year-old woman showering in a coed restroom the victim says she saw someone pointing an iphone at her in the shower. witnesses say they saw lee running from the bathroom after she screamed. there have been several peeping incidents on campus in recent months lee has not been linked to the other cases. five of america's top universities including stanford, princeton and uc berkeley are offering free classes online. the program will offer more than 30 courses for students worldwide with subjects from greek mythology to calculus to contemporary american poetry. the program was dreamed up by two computer science professors who raised 16 million dollars from venture capitalists to back the idea.
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i said something earlier about greek miltology and zeus heating up the sky. >> apollo or the god of the sun. >> need a lot of sunblock out there we are going to see temperatures 16° above average today north and south end of the bay not -- to shatter records we would need to see low to mid 90s both days. not likely today in san francisco pleasant the sea breeze confined to the shoreline. isn't this interesting, fog only at a couple hundred feet and the atmosphere really pressing down and that is allowing for that fog to be just at the coast and where you have it, it is a little thick and dense in spots but it won't be lasting lodge. it will all but disappear and we'll look at temperatures today well into the 70s
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downtown. we have a mild morning with the fog and the warmth builds on through the weekend with the warmest day tomorrow, temps well above average and we will look for that cooling trend get underway just in some spots on sunday. the highs today expected in the mid and upper 70s, san francisco and oakland, low to mid 80s for santa rosa and livermore, 80 in redwood city, coming up a couple degrees into saturday in redwood city as well as livermore and even oakland flirting with about 80° on saturday. sunday just a couple minor cool downs around the bay, inland folks will have to wait until early next week. high pressure to the east, west, building ridge allowing for that dominant downsloping winds that aids in the heating and that will happen quickly today. temperatures well into the mid 80s around the bay and campbell today 87 los gatos,
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84 sunnyvale, 80 menlo park 66 pacifica, 74 millbrae, san francisco 72, sunset district, 67, beautiful day petaluma 84 getting warm towards calistoga at 86, 78 in oakland today the numbers will climb into the low 80s from union city to fremont out over the hills, concord 85 today as well as pleasanton ton with 86 in livermore, -- 81 watsonville, tomorrow couple degrees of warming, cooling sunday, increasing clouds by the middle of next week. frances has a look at that crash. this is going to be the spot to avoid this morning westbound across the san mateo bridge. i hope you get this information and tell your friends i think it is going to be really bad westbound before you get to the highrise a stall then turned into a crash, big rig hit the stalled car
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then fuel leaked in all lanes. for a while all lanes were blocked. now chp just go to the san a few minutes ago only the left lane is open their issued a "sig alert." they considered contacting the coast guard but haven't decided to do that yet. westbound traffic will start to back up as you head towards the highrise. they are telling folks to head over to the dumbarton bridge. we'll keep an eye on this for you and start to track the drive times. right now the delay is about five minutes or so. i think it is going to be a lot worse especially by the time you get there i want to show you the maps and check out your alternates. dumbarton bridge traffic flowing well, 880 getting there moving at 58 miles an hour through union city into fremont 101 still fine, some folks may be headed to the bay bridge backed up beyond the end of the parking lot. we are going to keep following the "sig alert" on the san mateo bridge coming up.
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still ahead, the event at san jose state that is bringing out international dignataries. it appears san francisco taking mom's message about eating veggies seriously. new study offering a new techbytes," i'm paula faris. have a great day. abababababababi
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i'm frances dinglasan with
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breaking news. westbound across the san mateo bridge will be the spot to avoid in mo. there's a fuel spill in all lanes. this is westbound at the highrise. -- only the left lane is getting by. sorry, right now they are holding all westbound traffic for a few minutes. looks like the left lane will be open. in the eastbound direction, the left lane is currently blocked eastbound, westbound all lanes blocked right now we'll keep track of the drive times for you, coming up shortly. this morning san jose state will inaugurate the university's 28th president. he will be installed at 9:30 at the san jose state university event center extraís security will be in place. he grew up in a rural suburb of kabul, afghanistan, he has 26 years of experience in the system, including president of cal-state east bay from 2006
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to 2011. this may come as no surprise to most of you but sandusky cans have some of the healthiest eating -- but san francisco cans have some of the healthiest eating habits in the nation. the study found our favorite food to be caesar sally. in took top honors in the study as being the healthiest eating city. 6:25. we'll continue to follow that "sig alert" westbound on the san mateo bridge. delays in both directions right now. frances will have another update with manhunt underway in the north bay for what police say is an armed and dangerous robbery suspect. new honor for five sailors lost to the sea during a bay area yacht race. >> reporter: teenaged girl missing in santa rosa. i'm katie marzullo live at the police department. officers will resume their search today with the help of
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the sheriff's department. they are focused on a state park. temperatures in the mid and upper 50s with fog around the bay and the shoreline we will see a mild day at the coast very warm inland through tomorrow.
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it is friday april 20th, thank you for being here i'm eric thomas. breaking traffic news. >> frances has been tracking this and is here with an update. this accident or problem started with a stall at 6:00 this morning. westbound across the san mateo bridge at the highrise. big rig crashed into a stall, fuel leaked, it blocked all lanes for a while. looks like possibly the left lane open westbound as you1e hga across theç san mateo bridgegvxecause they were only gonna have all traffic heldq for aç few minutes. it is causing at least five minute delays at this point.q%i "sig alert" issued they are saying to use the dumbarton as an alternate. so far looking good if you are heading through that directionçó traffic now backed up towards 880. good morning. we have a warming trend we've been advertising all weeklong. right now we have fog at about 200 feet if you are headed
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over the golden gate bridge, bay bridge bridge you can see that. 74 today in san francisco, we add on a couple more degrees tomorrow. 86 in livermore, 80 redwood city. today anywhere from two to five degrees, another two to three degrees of warming saturday. then the fog returning for some areas around the bay on sunday, the real cool down will get underway into next week. it is 6:31 now. hours from now, sheriff's deputies and volunteer searchers will be out enforce to comb a sonoma county park for signs of a missing teenager. she left her home in santa rosa saturday and hasn't been seen since. katie marzullo is live in santa rosa with more. >> reporter: her name is charlotte molinari. her dad said she left on her bike to ride to ving creek last saturday morning and never came home. police do not suspect foul play but of course they want to find her. charlotte is 15-years-old, 5'9,
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weighs 150 pounds, brown curly hair and brown eyes riding a green mountain bike she had her ukulele and backpack with her. her dad has created a find charlotte facebook page he's asking for tips to help locate his daughter. her school is also involved. she was a sophomore, excuse me she is a sophomore at sonoma academy. the school is putting up fliers. her friends have told police they have not heard from her at all in the past week. when her dad reported her missing an officer searched the neighborhood near her home. since then a more massive search has taken place. yesterday santa rosa officers and sonoma deputies scoured the state park and the area of spring creek. the sheriff's department launched its helicopter but they called off that search when they didn't fan any trace of charlotte around 8:00 --
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didn't find any trace of charlotte around 8:00 last night. that search is expected to resume today. katie marzullo, abc7 news. meanwhile, down south the search for a missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar will continue this morning. yesterday searchers went through parts of the reservoir, dive teams conducting sonar scans in the reservoir northwest of morgan hill. if nothing is found in the next few days the authorities say the search of area waterways will be expanded. the girl has been missing for more than a month. san rafael police on the for a suspect after an armed robbery in marin county it started when four were spotted driving away from a robbery scene. deputies chased them into san rafael. investigators state suspects bailed out of the car near oak and marine drives, two were found hiding in near bayards, a third caught a hours later, -- the final suspect still on the loose should be considered
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armed and dangerous. later today funeral services will be held for the sheriff's deputy killed last week. deputy robert paris was killed while serving an eviction notice last thursday. a locksmith was also shot and killed. governor brown is expected to attend this morning's services set to begin at noon. the suspected killer 45-year-old shot himself during a standoff with police that ended with his apartment burning to the ground. corinthian yacht club of tiburon will dedicate its rate tonight to the five who died in the race around the farallon islands. huge waves washed the eight crewmembers aboard the yacht low speed chase over last sat dave. the coast guard rescued three sailors and re-- the boat is
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still stuck on the rocks near the farallons if salvage operations don't begin within days they may be delayed for months because of the nesting season. in a few hours marijuana legalization supporters and other demonstrators are planning to gather in front of the federal building in oakland to protest recent raids on medical marijuana dispensaries. earlier this month, federal agents raided oaksterdam university the nation's first cannibus trade school they took computers, files and marijuana plants and have yet to give a reason for the raid. protesters say the federal crackdowns have shutdown more than 100 medical marijuana dispensaries in the state since october. alameda police need your help. they are hoping you can help identify suspects who have left graffiti on several buildings this is the most recent on the alameda theater on central avenue. there have been eight incidents across the city. if you have any information, you are asked to call the alameda police department if
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you can help them at all identify the person or persons responsible. 6:35. let's turn to the weather. so thankful we have our microclimates if you are not one for heat you can get to the coast. >> indeed. a lot of us will be doing this with the air conditioner. >> if you have one. get out the old fan, not everybody is so lucky inland east bay you will be needing air conditioners because of the temperatures will steadily be climbing day-to-day. right now 57 in the city, boy a pretty picture with deck of low clouds at 500 feet, where you have fog it is dense across the golden gate bridge and around half moon bay and pacifica. we will look for our warming to really get underway today. it will build through the weekend for most areas, except if you are in the city around the coast, perhaps marin county by the end of the weekend you will feel changes up towards vallejo. temperatures above average for
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the next several days, records low to mid 90s, high pressure building east and west of us, shunting that storm track, well to the north and the atmosphere really pressing down that allows for that fog to be could be fined to the coast, 86 in exam bell today, 84 in sunnyvale. -- in and around the peninsula mid 70s millbrae, 80 menlo park, san francisco 72 north bay numbers in the mid 80s near east bay upper 70s today around oakland with 83 in fremont inland east bay in the mid to upper 80s. good morning frances. good morning. we are just hearing now that if you were thinking about heading across the san mateo bridge you want to avoid that, because the fuel leak from the big rig that spilled in all the lanes is now leaking into the bay as well. so, they have call the coast guard and all lanes have been temporarily blocked.
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it does look like they have within westbound lane just reopened within the last minute right at the highrise. i've been reading some of the communication it looks like they may consider closing the san mateo bridge west bun. they are definitely recommending everyone to head over to the dumbarton bridge at in point. we have sky 7 hd heading to the scene. in the eastbound direction they are saying that just the left lane is blocked temporarily. we could see some delays in both directions. here's a great shot sky 7-hd now at the scene. we can see there's a big rig involved in this crash. it looks like they are slowly getting cars through in the left lane only. again, this is going to cause huge delays for the morning compute. if you normally take the san mateo bridge i would just avoid it completely this morning and head over to the dumbarton bridge or the bay bridge. you can see right now that
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traffic is at a complete stop on the highrise. the backup is starting to grow towards the toll plaza although we haven't soon it stretch out seven miles to the toll plaza at this point. eastbound direction did seem like there were some cars in the left lanes but looks like eastbound traffic is getting through. again, live shots from sky 7 hd, do not go to the san mateo bridge westbound traffic absolutely jammed. we'll keep you posted on alternate routes. right now the bay bridge toll is backed up to towards the 880 overcrossing. great pictures, great information, thank you. trading underway now on wall street. live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. the dow right now up 79 points. parents in a san bruno neighborhood rally to save a beloved school. why they want pg&e to pay to
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keep the doors open. last call for a real san francisco institution. how fans are bidding farewell to a century old restaurant that was once home to the city's rudest waiter. os
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welcome back. i'm frances dinglasan. breaking news. check out these live pictures from sky 7-hd showing you the huge back-up westbound across the san mateo bridge. because of a "sig alert" crash
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at the highrise, only the left lane getting by at this point. during this past hour we have all lanes blocked term rarely in the eastbound direction, they did -- did have the left lane blocked. apparently within just the last few minutes, our cameraman just witnessed a rubbernecker hit the cop car this is in the eastbound direction, the cop car then rear-ended the fire truck. now we are going see delays eastbound as well. westbound, don't feed to tell you, you want to avoid the san mateo bridge completely. they are recommending to head to the dumbarton bridge. massive delays across the san mateo bridge this morning. you can see from these live shots, why you want to avoid the area. there's a fuel spill from the big rig involved in the accident and the fuel is also leaking into the bay.
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>> we see the remnants of that accident. if we can get greg to go back to the east been accident -- eastbound accident looks like a chain collision several vehicles lined up, they all rear-ended each other into that police car. >> you are right, four cars involved and five, including the police car. chp car as well. what i'm also noticing is i did not see any eastbound traffic getting through. so, it looks like they are blocking eastbound lanes as well. i'm going to try to keep track of the drive times for you. we know there are at least 10, 20 minutes. i've also been trying to see if the chp might even detour traffic away from the san mateo bridge out of hayward. we'll keep you posted on that i'm just trying to read the latest information. >> let us know about any injuries too. thank you. new this morning we are
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learning new details about the 17-year-old driver accused of hitting and killing a father and daughter in concord. the teen suspect was apparently cited for narcotics and weapons violations by the walnut creek police one week before the deadly april 7th crash that took the lives of a concord father and his young daughter. the teen was released earlier this month from the juvenile detention center while the investigation continues. officials say he could face vehicular homicide charges once the investigation is finished. san bruno residents near the pg&e pipeline site could be losing their neighborhood elementary school. the san bruno park elementary district recommended closing crestmoor. parents say the closure will hurt a community trying to recover from the 2010 deadly cho shun. they want to use 70 million dollars in restitution funds to cover costs in keeping the
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school open. if you are looking for work you might want to look at pg&e. the utility is looking to hire dozens of new employees, looking for 60 preapprentice linemen workers. the next four days the new positions will be posted on pg&e's career page candidates must complete an online profile. we have a to the application on -- look see it on tv. business news, us airways appears to be a step closer to making a hostile take over offer for american airlines. we could be seeing a big merger perhaps soon. american airlines' biggest union coming out just a few minutes ago saying they've reached a contract agreement with us airways, a labor agreement that would go into effect if us airways were to take over american.
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us airways hasn't made that offer yet, this agreement between the unions is a sign they are moving closer to that. us airways would force some deal with american's -- [ inaudible ]
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right now we go to lisa in a second but frances working on information on the san mateo bridge fuel spill westbound and chain reaction accident eastbound a big mess. more pleasant matters. if you like the warm, we are cranking up the heat. isn't this a cool shot? the towers at 746 feet, you can see how compressed the marine layer is.
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driving over the golden gate bridge, be careful, the fog will slow you down and you heard what has happened on the san mateo bridge. be careful out there 55 redwood city, 57 san francisco, 54 napa, mild morning numbers in the 50s, we have 50 at half moon bay and fog there. the warmth will build over the weekend. we to make it to 93° oakland and san francisco to break a record. i don't think we'll do that but we will be above average. jet stream pushing storm track well north with high pressure to the east and west, highs compressing the atmosphere that's why we are looking at those northerly gradient that will aid in our quick warm-up today and tomorrow. you can expect 86 today in campbell, 84 in milpitas and sunnyvale on the peninsula 80 menlo park 82 in palo alto with san francisco coming in the low 70s, 67 sunset, 66
6:51 am
daly city, 85 napa, 76 berkeley, 81 union city in castro valley inland 85 today in danville as well as pleasanton upper 80s by the delta, 89 gilroy, 82 salinas, warmer tomorrow and then that sea breeze for some areas sunday still warm inland cooling for everyone into next week mostly cloudy by thursday. frances has an update. good morning. we've been following this problem on the san mateo bridge. we have live pictures from sky 7-ht accidents in both directions of the san mateo -- bridge. westbound there was a major problem and a fuel spill and this big rig involved in that crash you can see that costco truck there. westbound the left lane getting open and it looks like eastbound all traffic was health for a while because they had -- was held for a
6:52 am
while because they had this domino effect of this accident eastbound direction one lane open out of foster city. on the phone we have chp officer with us. good morning. >> good morning how are you? >> busy. can you tell us more about this crash? >> i don't have too much information. all i have is that it is a big truck versus a pick up. there is a fuel spill and there's been a "sig alert" issued. >> do you know if any injuries have been reported in either accident the westbound or eastbound crash? sorry folks we lost him. here's the latest from the chp tag what we are now hearing is that in the west direction it looks like the left lane is
6:53 am
open at the scene. i think i'm hearing also as well that with the "sig alert" they much -- they might shutdown the westbound san mateo bridge. i think they just did actually this past minute. everything is being diverted off. here is a live shot san mateo bridge just within the last minute, no more cars getting through westbound. only one lane open westbound at the highrise in the eastbound direction with that other crash looks like it is open but again you want to an individual this completely. consider the dumbarton or the bay bridge. >> you don't see traffic coming eastbound. >> not yet they did shutdown all traffic eastbound for a while because of that crash. they did reopen one lane eastbound. i'm starting to now see traffic out of foster city towards hayward. i would still avoid it in either direction. looks like an ambulance
6:54 am
just arrived eastbound. we don't know about injuries yet. news now after serving chinese food for over 100 years, a san francisco institution is closing today. the restaurant opened a year after the 1906 quake in the city's chinatown. it has been a fixture on washington street ever since and gained fame for once having what many called the world's rudest wait a minuter. the kitchen is on the bottom floor the customers eat upstairs the restaurant was made famous first by a lummist and later by conan o'brien. >> accommodating customers who know we are going to be closed. we going to make whatever happen happen. be able share our last moments at the restaurant with customers. >> the restaurant got hit with a triple whammy, old building, kitchen has to be brought up to code and lease about to expire. police and deputies
6:55 am
preparing for another massive search of two santa rosa parks hoping to find a teen who has been missing nearly a week. >> katie marzullo is live at the santa rosa police department. >> reporter: the search will resume today. yesterday the search was call off at 8 p.m., not before a massive effort was put forth. police officers and sherr deputies searched both areas by ground and air they are looking for 15-year-old charlotte molinari, 5'9, 150 pounds, brown hair and eyes riding a green bike. her dad says she left on that bike to ride to spring creek last saturday morning no one has seen her since. she did not come home. no one has heard from her. her dad created a facebook page. he's hoping people will post information and comments there that will help lead to her recovery.
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the police do not suspect foul play. katie marzullo, abc7 news. right now in florida, the man accused of killing teenager trayvon martin is in court for a bond hearing. you are looking at live pictures inside the courtroom. george zimmerman's attorney is asking the judge to release him, despite concerns about zimmerman's safety. if released his attorney hopes to keep court documents sealed and zimmerman's location a secret. one check on hot -- one final check on hot weather. 55 san francisco 58 oakland upper 50s san jose highs today 71 san francisco 85 concord as well as san jose upper 80s inland. do not go to the is -- go to the san mateo bridge it is closed westbound chp estimating for the next two to three hours because of an
6:57 am
accident involving a big rig and fuel spill live pictures showing you an accident at the same spot in the eastbound direction. eastbound also impacted only one lane open. >> chain reaction accident. we'll keep you informed in our breaks.
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