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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  April 20, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc >> announcer: right now breaking news. parts of i-80 and highway 50 are shutdown between west sacramento and davis. police are searching for a man who opened fire at a business and crashed the car on the freeway. >> also news affecting commuters on the san mateo bridge. all the cars and trucks involved in a multi-collision crash that shutdown both directions for hours itch good morning i'm cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze. -- we have live team coverage.
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amy hollyfield is live near the san mateo bridge. frances dinglasan will have the delays and alternative routes. >> reporter: an all-out manhunt underway for a suspected gunman who shot a repair shop in west sacramento. because of this all-out manhunt look behind me parts of i-80 including the yolo causeway is closed in both directions. at least one inintroducer was in the shop around 6:00 when three workers walked in. the workers called out and asked who's there? the suspect shot at them they were able to take cover and escape the building shortly after a carjacking took place it is possible that the is same person at the shooting police pursued him, he even shot at police the suspect crashed and has fled on foot triggering this massive manhunt. all this means bad thus to drivers trying to get to and
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from the bay area. i-80 shutdown between davis and west sacramento. it is bumper-to-bumper traffic as highway patrol tells people to exit. some are pulled over to the sigh, i imagine with gas prices so high no one wants to needlessly fuel. it is unclear we the highway will be back open. bay area folks will be trying to get to lake tahoe later today. hopefully, it will be open by then. here live just before the yolo causeway, you can see this is where highway patrol, one of the exits highway patrol is trying to tell people to get off. all the police have now pore the us is expense description is that it is a young kay man in his 20s wearing a -- young caucasian man in his 20s wearing a long trench coat. for now it is a massive headache.
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nanette miranda, abc7 news. amy hollyfield is live where it has been a nightmare for morning computers. >> reporter: downright dreamy out here now compared to what it was -- look at those cars they are finally moving this just happened a few minutes ago they opened all westbound lanes 45 minutes ago the back-up was so bad in the last five mines it started moving. for those of you stuck in it this morning, here's the story -- robert's pick-up truck caused two accidents and an incredible back-up that lasted the entire morning. the truck just quit on him at 6:00 this morning as he was driving westbound on the san mateo bridge. he tried to do everything right. >> turn on my hazards and i got over to the right lane as close to the curb as i could when i came to the stop i got
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out, put a reflective triangle out. >> reporter: chp officers say other drivers didn't behave as well. first the driver of the tractor trailer, he was at the call box phone when he saw him coming. >> he was moving too fast ran into it full speed. >> reporter: chp officers say looking ahead, way down the road, could have helped prevent this first crash. they call it high visual horizon. >> had the truck seen the stalled vehicle maybe he would have had enough time. >> reporter: the truck was spilling fuel, blocking two lanes, the average 86,000 vehicles that travel on the bridge everyday were reduceed to one lane. while he ed for -- while he waited for a tow truck he a lot of time to watch others. >> i noticed a lot of spectators trying to film it. >> reporter: that business us to our next crash. someone on the eastbound side appeared to be looking at the wrecked truck when that driver ran into a patrol car slamming
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it into a fire truck. the driver suffered minor injuries. >> had they been paying attention to the road rather than the other side this could have been avoided. >> reporter: he says that diver will likely receive a traffic citation. there were no -- that driver will likely receive a traffic citation. 10 gallons spilled some didn't end up in the bay the coast guard said that not much enough to create a sheen not enough to recover. for more on the traffic situation out here let's turn it over to frances dinglasan. where you are, traffic has recovered. here at the san mateo bridge toll this is westbound traffic leaving hayward still heavy. even though we've been reporting delays of over an hour all morning it has decreased to 45 minutes. hopefully will be getting better. lanes were reopened over half an hour ago it still has residual effect through the area. then i'll take out to maps to
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show you how traffic is doing. dumbarton bridge busy alternate back to i-80 you heard nanette on the yolo causeway between davis and west sacramento. if you are heading eastbound you might want to an individual this for a while. eastbound traffic is being detoured on to 113 a long way around. westbound traffic coming off westbound 80 or westbound 580, they're trying to get traffic on to i-5 this going to be a mess. we saw the heavy traffic in both directions. we'll keep you posted on our website as well. searchers are in the heat in santa rosa right now scouring two parks for a missing 15-year-old last seen six days ago. katie marzullo is live at the search command center in spring lake park. >> reporter: one of the first things searchers with dogs did this morning was go to a
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location not at either of these two parks the spot where investigators last got a signal for charlotte molinari's cell phone that signal went dead monday they didn't find anything this morning they have good reason to continue searching the wooded area around these two parks. saturday morning charlotte told her dad she was riding to ving like one of the pieces of that led investigation -- riding her bike to spring lake. one of the pieces that led to the investigation. it is clear she left of her own freewill but they are desperate to find her. >> as we got more information there might be some emotional issues going on where she was upset. but at this point, absolutely nothing to indicate foul play >> reporter: still, charlotte could be in danger. locals who walk these paths regularly admit they've been lost before. one woman made a point to come
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out early and keep her eyes peeled. >> i said if it was you i would want anybody in our area to be looking. >> reporter: the search began saturday night when her dad reported her missing 9 p.m.. 5'9, 150 pounds, brown hair and eyes on a green mountain bike and had her backpack and a ukulele with her possibly even a laptop. >> i hope we find her tired and cold and deliver her back to her home. >> reporter: you can see behind us the sonoma county sheriff's helicopter just taking off foye second pass in the efforts to find -- off on a second pass in the efforts to find charlotte. [ inaudible ] if they find charlotte and need to bring people down to her. -- [ inaudible ]
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this morning we are learning new details about the 17-year-old suspect accused of crashing into and killing a father and daughter in concord. the teen driver was cited for narcotics and weapons violations by the walnut creek police a week before that deadly april 7th, crash. the 17-year-old driver could now face vehicular homicide charges for hitting and killing solaiman nuri and his young daughter as they rode their bikes on easter weekend. the district attorney is waiting for the investigation to be completed before dieding on charges. -- >> happening now grief counselors in oakland after one student killed and another injured in a car crash yesterday near king city. a 23-year-old man was seriously injured. chp says their car rolled over on highway 101, investigators found marijuana at the scene. they don't know if it played a role in the crash, alcohol was not a factor.
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a superior court judge told ross mirkarimi that he will not be going back to work before an upcoming ethnics hearing. mirkarimi was suspended without pay after pleading guilty to one count of false imprisonment related to a domestic dispute. mirkarimi argued that his suspension should be overturned because of the mayor tried to dismiss him on official misconduct for actions that occurred before he was officially sworn in as sheriff. the judge struck down the argument. the ethics commission is now scheduled to hold its initial hearing on the suspension money >> the end of a san francisco institution. a -- 100-year-old restaurant served its final meal today. apology from a neighborhood watch volunteer accused of killing an unarmed teen. photo that could offer a clue if the case. help wanted. we'll tell you about the jobs opening up at pg&e.
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and what you need to do to applpl
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this morning a judge decided a florida man can be released on $150,000 bail as he awaits trial for the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager. george zimmerman is facing second degree murder charges in the shooting death of trayvon martin many zimmerman claims martin tacked him first and slammed his head
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repeatedly against the ground. abc news has obtained a photo taken minutes after the shooting that shows what appears to be the bleeding and bruised head of zimmerman. zimmerman took the stand during a bail hearing this morning. apologizing to martin's parents. >> i am sorry for the loss of your son. did not know how old he was, i thought he was a little younger than i am. did not know if he was armed or not. >> as you can see from trayvon's parents reactions they don't agree with the court's decision today. they are devastated. >> zimmerman the volunteer for neighborhood watch could be freed in several days. his attorneys want him to live outside florida because of threats against him and his family. california's unemployment rate is up slightly after two months of decline. the rate rose back to 11% last month up 1/percent from the previous month more than 18,000 -- the first time since
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december the jobless rate hit or exceeded 11%. the nation's employment rate is.2%. if you are looking for work you may want to -- 8.2%. if you are looking for work you may want to check out pg&e they are liking -- they are looking for 66y line work -- for 60 line workers. we have a link on look under see it on tv. american airlines' three biggest unions have reached a contract agreement with us airways. the unions represent 55,000 pilots, flight attendants and ground workers upset american is trying to cut jobs and labor costs. the deal will take effect if us airways takes over american. san francisco institution will serve final meal tonight
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after serving chinese food for more than 100 years. the restaurant opened a year after the 1906 quake in chinatown on washington street. workers say too many upgrades need to be paid because of the old building the kitchen had to be brought up to cold and the lease is coming up. the restaurant was made famous by celebrities who visited mostly because of the late world's rudest waiter all in good fun, a lot of love that place will be missed. >> especially by tourists. lisa argen in for meteorologist mike nicco. bringing on heat for the weekend for most bay area neighborhoods. fog, only 55 half moon bay 79 santa rosa a good summertime spread i'll let you know if we'll see records and when, coming up. check this out, maybe his
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seats weren't close enough adventurous young boy gets closer to the action at a major league baseball game.
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you can see h@
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an overly exuberant fan managed to bring a game to a stop in chicago last night. >> that's one of the littlest fellows that i've seen come on to the field. [ laughing ] >> that's him, a young white sox fan managed to escape his parents' watch and slip through and get on the field during the 7th inning in chicago. he wanted to play with the big boys. a player scooped him up and returned him to his family. no harm, no foul. the boy and his parents were ejected from the game. that's the standard punishment for any fan who gets on to the feel. o boy what a story has to tell. >> i think he might get in a little trouble. >> a little bit? >> yeah. >> we have quite a variety of weather. fog at the coast, already 73
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downtown san francisco. depending on where you, -- where you are, you might get a little sea breeze. nice out there, visibility is fine towards the east. we have fog around the bay and we don't have an offshore flow. because we don't, the high pressure right overhead is creating that sinking air. sinking on top of the bay also by the coast. look at half moon bay improved with eight miles visibility, san francisco already 73°, warmer than san jose and mountain view, 71 fremont, upper 70s, concord, santa rosa 79, we are 13° warmer now than this time yesterday. warm to hot today and tomorrow possibly records into tomorrow we are looking at lingering fog at the shoreline. if you are thinking of heading to the beach, it is like a summertime pattern you know the drill, bring the sweatshirt, much cooler, 30°
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spread with temperatures well above normal, perhaps records in jeopardy. today 86 in santa rosa, 16° above the average. oakland at 78, 11 degrees above the average. down through livermore and san jose, as much as 15° above where we should be for mid to late april. overnight with all that heat this afternoon, we are not going to drop off that much. in the mid 50s for the most part around the bay, morgan hill 60, 59 san jose, 59 antioch very mild evening then overnight we finally drop off. high pressure sinking air compressional heating allowing for fog to be compressed. visibility picture only 50° last hour, the fog there, pulling away interest the coast around marin, looking at this staying in place high to the east and south and west of us for today and tomorrow that
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will allow warm to hot weather around the bay mid 80s common today in the south bay records would have to below 90s 80 within redwood city, 66 pacifica. san francisco, depending on where you are, the financial district mid and upper 70s, 60s closer to the water even fog, 84 petaluma, 78 oakland. inland east bay mid to upper 80s monterey bay smoking hot there with low to 80s and upper 80s even 90s maybe. everyone will cool the middle of next week maybe rain. we are going back and forth like much of the country so enjoy this for now. >> you are not done yet are you? >> no. >> next friday's perfect pet. lisa will be back to introduce !
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>> time for perfect pet. >> lisa is here with a new friend. >> this is batrix and krista she is just two months, her little mates already got adopted, right? >> yeah. she came with three others they've already been adopted. >> she's a black terrier and she looks calm and mellow. now is the time to train and get her into a home, right? >> absolutely, it is really important with puppies. you have to have time to train them and social light them. it is really important. >> you have a good campaign
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going on. in case you are thinking of getting an animal at the spca. >> absolutely. we just launched an anti-puppy mill campaign this week. get a survey and realized 30 five% -- realized 35% of people are getting puppies online, which means you are getting a puppy mill dog. thanks so much for all of us here at abc7 news thanks for joining us. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next. >> keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter and talk about it at >> have a great weekend. closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc
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