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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 21, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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in the news this saturday morning, april 21st, a man is dead after touching a live power line that came down on his car? san mateo. and they will be back out missing for morgue hill teen sierra lamar missing more than five weeks ago now. good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. we always say good morning. this could be a great morning. here is lisa argen. >> you like the heat. right now it is pleasantly cool. from our roof camera it's nice out. temperatures in the 50s and 60s around the bay. 56 fremont, 61 redwood city. with the sun coming up before 6:30. we will continue to drop off another couple degrees. the winds are flat and we are looking at another big warmup today. we still have the setup, high
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pressure to the east and to the west of us. so with this big dome. high pressure, that is going to provide sinking air, and that allows the air to warm quickly with the sea breeze just at the shoreline. so warm elsewhere. the particulars, the numbers in your neighborhood coming up. terry. >> lisa, thanks very much. pg&e this morning is saying that restoring power to the final homes in the san mateo neighborhood still several hours away. last night a man died after touching a live 12,000-volt power line that came down on his car. it happened in san mateo on south norfolk street. abc7 news reporter tells us what may have triggered the tragedy. >> reporter: she and her family were stunned about 6:30 when the lights went out. >> i heard like three explosions. >> the explosions were caused by a 12,000-volt power line coming down on the 1600 block of south norfolk street. culprit was a mylar balloon.
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>> i looked up and it was flashing and the lines were coming down. this is the power line t also burn itself into a sidewalk. a man in a pickup truck went out to investigate the fallen line according to neighbors. >> what i heard, because i didn't see it for myself, he actually tried to move the power line. >> he actually tried it pick it up? >> yeah. and when the boys were running over and asked him not to. they started screaming don't touch it, don't move anything, but it was too late. he had already touched it. >> she called 911. she said the man was not moving when the paramedics took him away. this is pees of concrete sidewalk tharpe turned to glass by the extreme heat when the power line hit the ground. they say about 73 homes were left without power when the line went down. >> the victim was pronounced dead at stanford hospital. pg&e said it will not confirm yet whether or not the mylar law
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loan was in fact the cause of the line coming down. in san mateo, abc7 news. sacramento county authorities have not yet identified the carjacking suspect who was shot and killed by police yesterday after a day-long crime spree. it began about six in the morning when shots were fired as officers were chasing a stolen white pickup truck. the driver crashed, ran away, then is believed to have hot wired a tractor. and then drove it to another carjacking. officers spotted the suspect running into a sacramento county apartment building. as deputies tried to get him toú surrender, they saw the apartment was on fire. a sheriff's spokesman said the decision was made to shoot him to save the lives of residents. >> being unable to suppress the fire, being unable to evacuate residents because of the threat he presented, the decision was made he needed to be neutralized. at that point our officers discharged duty weapons, striking him. once the fire was contained we were able to get a team of officers in and the suspect was
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determined to be deceased. >> they managed to get the fire knocked down without anyone else being injured. interstate 80 was shut down for six and a half hours during the manhunt and obviously causing a huge traffic snarl. this morning preparations are underway for a memorial flow till law in honor ever the yacht club members who died last week. we learned the vote called the low speed chase will be retrieved from the farralon islands last week. abc7 news reporter sergio has the story. >> the fire department's boat shoots an arc of water into the air. this is part of the moment of silence in the first yacht race in the bay since last weekend's fatal sailboat accident. it's prompted second thoughts from at least one sailor in this race. >> there's a supplier there's a danger but it's hard to explain. i feel a little funny tonight
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actually after it happening. >> john says he did not know any of the crew of the low speed chase personally but they were all familiar because of the camaraderie of the close-knit boating community. >> i think the whole sailing community very distressed about people dying. it's just not a typical experience. >> the boat remains marooned out on the rocks of the islands. as you see from this exclusive video, there are sea lions and other things surrounding the yacht. it's a wildlife santuary. so to retrieve the boat, divers have said they have secured the necessary permits for the job and will likely use a large helicopter to pluck the boat off the island early next week. dragging it off with another boat could cause the boat to break apart and the fiberglass pieces could then be dangerous for the animals. back in tiberon, a starting again fired from the roof of the yacht club, kicks off the race of about 30 boats.
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for this racer, john, the tribute puts the risks of racing into a new perspective. >> you think about going out and sailing being a lot of fun and do you it for the fun and recreation, that's why you get out in the water because you really enjoy it. it's difficult when you have this in the background. >> this event was a bit of a preview what's expected to be a larger event saturday evening. i talked with a member of the fire department who tells me they expect a flow till law of boats from around the bay area. in tiboron, abc7 news. >> an autopsy will be performed monday to confirm the identity and cause of death of a body believed to be a 15-year-old santa rosa girl who had been missing since last saturday. investigators believe it was the body of charlotte molinari who was found. police were led there by computer records with that showed she looked up directions to the park. they feared the worse when they read her journal which said she
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had been contemplating suicide. they said it remains an open investigation. >> about four hours from now investigators will be out again looking for a missing sierra lamar. only a few of her personal belongings have been found. today's search include parts of morgan hill, gilroy and search dogs will also take part in today's search. they are being provided by sheriff's department in four local counties. alameda county supervisor, nadia lockier, has resigned. she claims she was assaulted by an ex-boyfriend and then went into rehab for alcoholism. there was reports of a sex tape and an e-mail from her account saying her husband supplied her with drugs. she then claimed someone hacked her account. >> it was something almost every
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week and it was a distraction and it was a distraction for us on the board of supervisors in terms of trying do our job and serve the public. >> in a statement released yesterday, she said she wants to concentrate en being a mother. she says, quote, i can surely be a great mom and represent district 2, yet not while also religioning the waters from earlier recovery from addiction and the aftermath of interpersonal violence. her husband released a brief statement yesterday as well. he said the last year has taken a follow on her wife and he fully supports her decision to resign. suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi heads into a hearing, having lot another battle to get his job back. mirkarimi's attorney said his suspension was unconstitutionally vague since it was not related to his duties as sheriff. but the judge said those issues should be raised before the ethics commission. mirkarimi said he tried to tell ed lee what happened with his wife and how she got those
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bruises on the arm before he was suspended last month. >> how did you arrive at this position? you don't even know what had happened. would you like to here my story? and the mayor was mute, where he changed the subject. >> the deputy city attorney, sheri, said the mayor's recollection is very different. someone tells you they want to tell you something, you say okay. you wait for them to tell you what it is. sheriff mirkarimi didn't do that. >> again, that ethics commission hearing begins monday. both mirkarimi and the mayor are expected to of it. coming up next, a surprising moment in a florida courtroom as george zimmerman apologizes to trayvon martin's parents. and these babies picking a wireless network
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>> this morning the man who says he killed trayvon martin in self-defense remains behind bars even after being granted bail by a florida judge yesterday. it was an emotional day in court as george zimmerman apologized directly to martin's parents. here's abcs matt gutman. >> stunned. the courtroom watched a shackled george zimmerman shuffle to the stand. the gray suit hiding a bulletproof vest. >> please state your full name for the record and state your last name. >> george michael zimmerman. >> only to be shocked once more when zimmerman directly addressed the parents. boy he killed, dabbing tears just feet away. >> i wanted to say i am sorry for the loss of your son. dy not know how old he was. i thought he was a little bit younger than i am, and i did not know if he was armed or not. >> at one point his lawyer grilled the state's investigator and seeming to punch a hole in the prosecution key assertion
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that zimmerman was the addresser in the confronttation with martinez. >> do you know who started the fight? >> do i know? >> yeah. >> no. >> do you have any evidence that supports who may have started the fight. >> no. >> his father also testified by phone that his son was hurt that night. >> his lib was swollen and cut and there were two vertical gashs on the back of his head. >> did you see any pictures of that. >> yes, i have. >> inaudible] >> i saw one on the news today. >> he's talking about this image provided to investigators and obtained exclusively by abc news, which the photographer says shows the bloody back of zimmerman's head. the photo snapped just three minutes after martin was killed. after a two hour hearing the judge made a bail decision on the spot. >> set bond in the amount of $150,000. >> heartbreaking to martin's family. >> it was devastating that he got to give a self-serving apology to help him get a bond.
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>> abcs matt gutman reporting. zimmerman is expected to be released as soon as the attorneys can get the money. his attorneys said that could take several days. before he's released he will be fitted with a gps ankle bracelet. >> two years after the gulf oil spill there are still big concerns about the safety of seafood from that region. after repeated government tests have concluded louisiana shrimp is safe to eat, some researchers are not so sure and they are speaking out about their concerns. >> as the shrimpers tell me are decreasing in numbers. no eyes. their appendages are missing. they are seeing in some a very deep yellow pigment that we are analyzing. so definitely this is an impacted species. >> dolphins are another impacted species. before the spill an average of five dead dolphins would be found in the month of may. last may 40 dead dolphins were
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found. the year ended with 143 dolphin deaths, eight times the average. knew this morning, a blind sea lion in southern california has found a new home, home, in e utah desert. the 700-pounder known as big guy has been swimming in a pool at a san pedro rescue facility since he was put there a year ago. because he's partially blind he won't be released back into the wild. instead he will be sharing an $18 million habitat with another partially blind sea lion at a salt lake city zoo. >> more wildlife news. a couple lost baby owls are back with their mom. they were found at the bottom of a eucalyptus tree. the nest was made stronger by using a laundry basket. while mom looked on the babies
5:16 am
were brought up and out. >> mom is present, she's in the streaks which is great. we looked up and there she is. we aren't too worried about these guys. we will have people checking on her from time to time. but we want to get all of us, the predators, out of here so she has time to reunite with her babies. >> the nest for the great horned owl should last her several years for an annual broods. i wouldn't have thought of a laundry basket, but it will be up there for years. it's stronger than what was there before. >> yeah. 48 at half moon bay. >> really? >> yeah, contrast that to 64 degrees in our east bay. so we have 50s and 60s for the most part and look at the warmest day we will see in a while, that's today. i'll tell you how warm next. >> a lot of twinkling lights out there. >> next, the giants and mets highlights coming up in
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>> so far this year we are going from season to danny and day-to-day, week to week. >> so this is not going to last? is that what you are trying to say. >> well, i like it's here. we like summer. >> today is the warmest day. sea breeze kicks in overnight for some of you. i will explain in a moment. outside from the julymer peak, it is nice out. temperatures quite mild.
5:20 am
the official sunrise 7:52. 13 hours 25 minutes to enjoy today. that's as much date as we have. so, yeah, it should be a beautiful day out there if you like it warm. it's already in the upper 50s in redwood city with 58 in san francisco. 48 half moon bay with more 60s out towards our east bay. so we will look for a couple degrees of cooling in the next few hours. then rapid warming once again. so we are looking at temperatures to come up probably two, three degrees from yesterday's readings. don't think we will see any records, but it will be toasty inland with temperatures once again in the low 90s. santa clara valley, east bay valleys, mild to warm around the bay and coast. that sea breeze, though, the light west winds will be intact right along the shoreline. so we aren't looking at an offshore flow, we are looking at a five to ten miles an hour, say half moon bay, pacifica, but the overall cooling begins tomorrow.
5:21 am
overnight tonight the fog will come up and we will see a cool down in san francisco and also in the north bay. but the setup remains for a big dome of high pressure which allows for the sinking air, down-sloping winds and allowing for the rapid warmup. but here is what is on tap for the next 24 hours. i should say 36 hours. notice this area of low pressure spinning to the north and west of us. as this continues to drop down to the south, it is going to pull up that fog from the big sur coast and that will aid in our cooling overnight tonight. and then eventually another piece of energy is going to slide down, bring us more clouds, and would you believe we could see some showers here by the middle of next week. so, yeah, enjoy it while we do have it. this is the setup then for overnight tonight, saturday into sunday. and this southernly surge really kicks up the wins. in marijuana county, around san francisco, and will be knocked out of the 90s in much of our inland valleys. 92 in fresno. saw a record record in reno.
5:22 am
103 in palm springs with 91 in sacramento. so back home we are looking at numbers coming up a little bit, 90 san jose, 91 los gatos, with upper 0s for sunyvale, 80 in milbrae, half moon bay 72 with 89. san francisco once again in the upper 70s. yesterday by noon it was 73 degrees. 76 in south city. and in the north bay, plenty of 80s. in fact, more like upper 80s toward santa rosa, napa, and near east bay a couple degrees warmer. oakland 83. 85 toward union city. fremont 87 and our inland east bay looking at upper 80s to low 90s. 92 pleasanton and down by the monterey bay we are talking the 83 watsonville and 92 hollister. here's the forecast. cooling on tap tomorrow and monday. we call it partly cloudy. by tuesday back in the 70s. the warmest days wednesday and
5:23 am
thursday. cooler, a little bit of rain possible and then back to partly cloudy. but here we are used to the one, two-day heat wave. >> yeah. i think we pretty much have every season coming up next week. nice of you to provide that for us. thanks, lisa. >> my pleasure. >> in sports tonight the sharks are on the bridge of elimination, needing a win in st. louis to stay alive in their playoff series against the blues. puck drops at 4:30. this morning, vogelsong will be pitching. after a nail-biter last night. here's the sports. >> the giants began a four-game set against the mets yesterday in new york with barry zito on the hill. only city more beautiful from new york, san francisco. top of three, no score until angel pagan takes jonathan deep to left center. first home run of the year. zito looked strong early but struggled mid-game. gave up two home runs. nieuwenhuis went to second.
5:24 am
3-2, giants. john close it had out in the ninth. singles. and we go to extras. top ten, runners on second. sanchez comes through with a single and melky cabrera comes home. giants twin, 4-3. a's hosting the indians. he missed his bobble hit. 1-nothing in the third. reddick a solo shot. his second of the year. bottom of one. the double down the left-field line. two men score. hannan three rbi on the night. 4-2, indians. jamal weak scores after the single. two runs batted in. 4 i have-3, bases loaded and two out. and kyle grounds out to hannan to end the inning and the a's fall to the indians, 4-3 that final. one of the best rivalrys in sports, yankees red sox on the 100th anniversary of fenway park. this game was all yankees. former a eric chavez, solo shot
5:25 am
in the second, one ever two homers on the day for him. the yankees ruin the party for the sox with the 6-2 victory. the warriors in dallas, five games left them lost six straight. if they lose out it will be better news for them in the nba lottery. one victory away from cleanching a lay off spot for dallas. the one handed slam. 17. 40-29, mavs. to the third, charles jenkins, the alley. jeremy the hoop. warriors take the lead. mavs without a three-pointer until west gets one at the buzzer. dallas, an nba record, 1,084 consecutive games with a three-pointer. they go up six and pull away in the fourth. last year's finals mvp dirk nowitzki, the jumper. warriors seventh straight lot. 104-94 that final. after thursday night's loss to st. louis the sharks find themselves in a 3-1 hole. the startle are against them. only 24 teams have ever come back down 3-1. but the head coach mlellan is confident his team can come back
5:26 am
tonight in st. louis. >> i think there's going to be a team that comes back from 3-1 in this playoff series and there's a number. us that are at it, and it might as well be us. >> i think it will bring out the best. it always does. this time of year you want to play, whether it's game one or game seven or, you know, do or die. we are in now, they won three against us. there's no reason we can't. >> game five, predators, red wings. tied at one. legwand, the wrister past him. 2-1 predators. they hold on to win it. red wings are the first teams to be sent home in the playoffs. nashville wins it and advances. that's the way the ball bounces. have a great weekend. >> still ahead, a big scare for passengers as they prepared for takeoff at lax. also next weekend doyle drive closer dome. what will it look like when it reopens? san jose state's new president, the immigrant from afghanistan who can use his new job to
5:27 am
influence foreign policy.
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>> knew this morning the faa is investigating a big scare on the tarmac of los angeles international airport last night when two planes collided on the ground. take a look at a picture sent by a viewer to our sister station, kabc in los angeles. a parked sky west plane received damage to his right wing after
5:30 am
it was struck by another sky west aircraft preparing to take off for palm springs. you see the damage there. the collision occurred as the palm springs-bound plane pushed back from the gate. 28 passengers on board. no one hurt. the faa is investigating. good morning america will have more coming up at 7:00 a.m. congress is poised to reject funding for california's high-speed rail project. the sacramento bee reports it's not necessarily the end of the line for high-speed rail. the state has already received more than $3 billion in federal funding to build the first leg. the chairman. the high-speed rail authority said he's not surprised another billion dollars got left out of next year's spending bill. butt long-term plan is built on the expectation ever the feds kick in $42 billion worth of the $68 billion project. next weekend doyle drive will be closed completely to traffic. it will be demolished and replaced with a detour. a major step in construction of the new doyle drive.
5:31 am
abc7 news transportation reporter, heather, got a behind the scenes look at the project. >> this caltran animation those what it should look like in 20 is 15 with traffic coming offer the golden gate bridge heading into the first tunnel. the new southbound connector to the tunnel is completed and so is the first tunnel. but come monday morning, april 30th, both north and southbound traffic will be on that new bridge and in the new tunnel, sharing them for three years so that the rest of the new doyle drive can be built. traffic will be separated by a movable barrier. >> this is a whole brand new driving condition so we need people to be aware that there is going to be an adjustment period. >> the three-year detour that begins april 30th also features a ground-level road east of the completed tunnel and an intersection near the palace of fine arts. but before any of that is put into use, the old rickety doyle drive dating from 1936 needs to be demolished. that's why it will be completely closed to traffic the weekend of
5:32 am
april 27th. >> the golden gate bridge will be open to and from 19th avenue. but we are asking people to avoid the area completely. expect major delays on the golden gate bridge. >> the finished product promises to be worth the traffic hassle. the new tunnel is only one of four that will create uninterrupted views of christie field and the bay. from the cemetery those cars will be gone, down below in the tunnel instead. and the tunnel roof covered with vegetation. >> there was a lot of time spent going into the aesthetic part of it because we are in a national park. and obviously we are at the shadow of golden gate bridge. so we have to make this -- make it look pretty. >> that movable barrier will be a huge improvement over the existing doyle drive where there is no barrier between north and southbound. also the detour and the new doyle drive will be a vast improvement in seismic safety, which is the whole reason behind the replacement project. along doyle drive, heather
5:33 am
ishikawa, abc7 news. >> knew this morning president obama is talking about the higher cost of hire are education n his weekly address he points out that for the first time americans owe more debt on their student loans than they do on their credit cards. president said a college education is no longer a luxury. >> it's an economic imperative that every family must be able to afford. that's why next week i'll be visiting colleges across the country talking to students about how we can make higher education more affordable. and what's at stake right now if congress doesn't do something about it? >> the president wants congress to extend the law that cut interest rates on the federal lone program for low and middle income undergreats grads. in their message republicans say the president should be more focused on lowering gas price by expanding domestic production. >> yesterday an event was distinctive for a number of reasons. here's david louie with a story from san jose. they call it an investiture
5:34 am
ceremony. all the pomp and circumstance of graduation, but instead this marks the assent of a new university president. >> all we can say is with confidence is that change is constant, and necessary. that's the best way we can predict our university's future is to create it ourselves. >> dr. mohammed qayoumi was born in afghanistan, the son of a carpenter. the president of afghanistan sent a special greeting through it's ambassador to the u.s. >> you are a source of our pride. we miss you, the best of everything. our pray will stay with you and our support will be with you forever. >> students seized the inauguration to protest fee hikes and budget cuts that impact class offerings. other see it as a new start with leadership change. >> a new president equals new ideas, new improvements. >> dr. mo as he's finally called sits on the board of the central bank of afghanistan.
5:35 am
faculty and staff wonder if he will use his position as a bully pulpit to re-examine the u.s. strategy in afghanistan. it came up at a reception. >> he can say things that other people can't say or they can say it but nobody hears them, and he can say things from the base of knowledge that is his country. >> this president isn't tipping his hand. >> in my native land, but at the same time when i became an american citizen, i take pride in it, and i take pride in truly this is the land of opportunity. >> dr. mo did tip his hand about one thing. he wants to see more interdisciplinary courses integrating science, technology, math and engineering in all courses. in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. thousands of bay area residents are expected to celebrate the life and legacy of farm labor and civil rights leader chavez today in san francisco. it starts at 11:00 this morning
5:36 am
with a parade. that's followed at noon by the twelfth annual cesar chavez holiday festival along treat and bryant street. as always there will be great food, fun and a lot of live music. this year there will be a special tribute to mark 50 years of the farm worker movement. and at that gathering, any gathering, it will be a nice, warm day, right? >> yeah, upper 70s today downtown. that's what it was yesterday. we should be about 63. and outside this morning the winds are flat. temperatures are in the upper 50s here. so feeling good already. if you don't like it too hot, the coast will be cool. i'll have the details and temperatures where you live coming up. >> also ahead, a good ole american ingenuity now trendy again. all you need to make your own museum exhibit and a little imagination. >> what is it?
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the lucid by lg for only $79.99. verizon. >> welcome back, 5:38 an saturday morning. we are looking at a live picture
5:39 am
ever the golden gate bridge. as you can see, not much traffic out there. but the big news in that bridge, 75 years old come may 28. big to do about that. we will have more as the days go by. by the way, it took four years and five months to build that baby. it would cost $2 billion if they were going to do it today. google will go beyond the internet when two members of their executive team team up with james cameron to conquer outerspace. the two will help lead a project called planetary resources. the venture includes other investors like cameron who will endorse space exploration and ninth astroids for natural resources. they claim it could add trillions of dollars to the global gdp. they announced it will take place tuesday up in seattle. scientists ever getting closer to making an electric car that can travel 500 miles on a
5:40 am
single charge. the concept is being worked on at ibms research park in san jose. abc7 news reporter has more on the battery 500 project. >> this is what cutting edge battery invasion looks like. ibm super computer has already told these researchers it's possible to build a car battery light enough and powerful enough to travel 500 miles on a single charge. >> we have demonstrated that this fundamental process is actually occurring. and it was not like -- like sherlock holmes has all kinds. twists and turns going on. >> the battery 500 team is unraveling the mystery of how to borrow oxygen from the air and produce an electrifying chemical reaction using lithium. one key element is membrane technology. >> it has to be holey enough for the air to get through and have
5:41 am
the reaction take place with the lithium eye ons. >> the battery technology takes time. they hope their lithium air batteries are powering our cars in the next ten to fifteen years. so far they have been able to build a battery the size of a dime that powers this tiny led light for two days. now the work focuses on how to produce a a larger battery that recharges safely, cheaply, and can work for many years. this machine is helping abm fine tune the formula. >> this is essentially a breathalyzer for batterys in the end. it allows us to look at gases that evolve from our battery as we recharge the battery. >> ibm is known worldwide as big blue, but it admits to taking on a green hu with its battery 500 project. in san jose, karina rusk, abc7 news. >> a breathalyzer for batteries? you have to love that. got to love this forecast too lisa is talking about, if you
5:42 am
like warm weather and i think many of us are ready for it. >> yeah. a brief shot at it. >> however brief. >> yeah, we are looking at coastal sea breezes to keep the beaches comfortable. this morning it's very nice out there with numbers ranging into the 50s and 60s. but 48 on our coast. this is mount damage. we will be looking at a beautiful day here with numbers probably a couple degrees warmer today. we saw 66 yesterday half moon bay. so we really did feel the effects of that westerly wind. but today the westerly wind is going to be a lot lighter. it's 48 half moon bay, 59 redwood city and 60 concord. 64 antioch. good morning, antioch, 69 for you. 66 los gatos. once again we will see some 90s inland. yesterday the warm spot was 91 in redwood city. mild to warmer on the coast and bay. by overnight tonight we will see the fog move up from the south. so the cooling will begin
5:43 am
tomorrow. in fact, we will be out of 90s, probably come down 2 to 4 degrees in our inland valleys. so we've had the jet stream push the storm track well to the north, but it's the high pressure to the west and to the east of us, strong ridge of high pressure that allows for the compressional heating and that's bringing the warmup around the bay. we aren't look at the offshore flow so that's why it's tempered a bit and the sea breeze breezy in the afternoon, and the spread, 309-degree spread from the coast to the inland valleys. we have a system to the north and west of us and this will be dropping to the south and east. once it does, in response the fog moves up from the south. so this will be our cool-down that gets underway overnight tonight. especially in the san francisco bay area and all the way up to marin county. the southerly surge bringing up the breezy winds. elsewhere more subtle cooling but nonetheless we have the warm day today and a couple of nice
5:44 am
days before we could see a little bit more moisture come our way in terms of some rain. do you believe it, into next week? but it's looking pretty hot from north to south. 88 in chico. 91 sacramento, with 69 in san diego. 13 in palm springs. more warm weather in the south bay today. 91 los gatos. cupertino 89. santa clara 89 and on the peninsula we will see more upper 890s out toward menlo park, san mateo 84. half moon bay 72 today with san francisco once again in the upper 70s. so pretty comfortable day there. and the sunset district warming to the low 70s. a couple degrees of warming in and around the city. 88 inna sought toe with 87 in sonoma. near east bay, low #* 80s should do it at berkeley. union city 85, newark 84 and in the inland east bay in the low 90s again. from five to fifteen degrees
5:45 am
above normal pretty much all-around bait today. 83 watsonville and down around the monterey bay we are talking about 70 there. look ahead obviously today, the warmest day out of the next 7, and tomorrow our cool down. as much as five to seven degrees warmer. monday and tuesday partly cloudy with steady dropping temperatures, increasing clouds tuesday and wednesday. and then rain likely on thursday. but even a chance tuesday night into wednesday. so all short-lived events. >> and we are counting down. wow, options we all like. lisa, thanks a lot. usually when you go to a museum you are looking at exhibits made by someone else, like a famous artist perhaps, but san francisco is turning the idea upside down. now you can create your own exhibit. it's part of a resurgence in making things. abc7 news anchor dan ashley tells us good old american
5:46 am
ingenuity is trendy again in assignment 7. >> this is open make, a once a month event where people reconnect with how things work. there's no right or wrong. >> what is it? >> just tools. a wild collection of supplies and imagination. >> see what it looks like. oh, i love it! >> i feel like people destroy a lot of things, so it's nice to create something. >> it's really about getting your hands on things and investigating. >> a lot of visitors really get into it. six-year-old henry has been working for an hour and a half. >> taking a pot, a typewriter. >> the water comes out of the reservoir -- >> he is here to inspire others with his invention. a lollipop licking machine. >> and i kind of wanted to look at what happens if you are licking a lollipop but it's three feet away and you can't actually taste it. >> she is making jewelry out of old binoculars. >> it's the most fun on earth. you have to try it. >> that kind of enthusiasm has created what is known as the maker movement.
5:47 am
>> this do-it-yourself spirit. there's a resurgence partly because of the economy, partly because of the creativity that's in all of us. >> it's really exciting. >> san francisco's hands-on science museum, the exploritorium, is helping lead the way. >> the bay area is a hotspot for making and tinkering. >> the exploritorium's open make days was developed in partnership with make magazine, head quartered in sonoma county. it also puts on an annual maker fair in san mateo. the company gave us this video of the fair which last year attracted 100,000 people and has inspired similar events all over the world. >> what they come away with is appealing, they can do things. >> making thing is so hot right now the exploritorium is planning on make it a big part of the new museum it's building on the waterfront. it's under construction at pier15. >> the tinkering studio and the
5:48 am
activities are part of a trial run for the museum. >> what it is for us, we are able to blown the traditional topics of science, art and technology. >> the new building will open next summer, continuing the tradition of hands-on exhibits with an increased focus on turning consumers into creators. >> dan ashley, abc7 news. you will find links to the maker fair next month and open make day at the exploritorium today. go to our website under "see it on tv." don't go away, 7 on your side is next. 3q lysol knows the soft places we love
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could be home to thousands of bacteria. so use lysol disinfectant spray on soft surfaces everyday when you're cleaning up to keep your home healthy. it kills 99.9% of bacteria, won't stain, and leaves your soft surfaces with a light, fresh scent. lysol - the number one pediatrician recommended brand. lysol. mission for health. >> like millions of others, a bay area couple lost their home and job in the recession. on top of that they had a hard time getting a regunned for
5:51 am
overpaid bill until 7 on your side got involved. here's michael finney with the story. >> it was always my dream, go, unquote, the american dream. >> it was devastating when kathleen paul and her husband lost their home to foreclosure. nearly a year later the house still sits empty and the hurt remains. >> i cried for a couple of months. and even now i get. >> the couple moved into some small apartment and now a reminder of their devastating loss, a bill from adt home alarms which had protected the house they lost. >> end up paying for two extra months because they were claiming that i owed this money to them, so i went ahead and paid it. >> kathleen said she cancelled her service last june when they had to leave their home, and in a flurry of moving she overpaid. adt agreed to refund her $215, but months later she hadn't received her money. >> some people say that's not a lot of money. well, maybe it isn't to some
5:52 am
people. >> but on top of losing their home and looking for work, the money meant a lot. >> it was devastating. it was just real hard. i mean, you just have so much that's coming down on you. >> kathleen contacted 7 on your side. we contacted adt, and it wasn't long before she received the 215-dollar check. >> as soon as i contacted 7 on your side, i would say within three days i had my refund. so i was ecstatic. >> adt said there was a delay in issuing the refund back in june when kathleen couldn't recall her cancellation code. adt won't shut off service until it confirms the cancellation is really being made by the home owner and not a potential burglar. there was another delay when the check was sent by mistake to their old address, twice, before finally reaching kathleen. the company says we apologize for the inconvenience to our customer, and we are very happy
5:53 am
she received her refund. >> we've made it through, and now things are starting to look up. so i was happy. [laughter] >> kathleen said things are getting better. both she and her husband are now working again, and they hope to buy another home. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> coming up next, old-time radio. the bay area's role in the birth of broadcasting. picking a wireless network
5:54 am
is a lot like picking a team. you could go with the fastest, most reliable, and at the very least, talented at what they do. or...
5:55 am
you could go in the other direction, and see what happens. pick the right team. with over 6 times the 4g lte coverage, verizon is the obvious choice. >> a forgotten part of broadcast history is being recalled in a new book. it was about how san francisco was once the second most important broadcasting center in the country right after new york city. abc7 news parts entertainment reporter don can the tunes in to some long forgotten sounds. ♪. >> he takes great pleasure in presenting dr. frank mccoy. >> radio the way was it.
5:56 am
and across the nation people were listening to shows from san francisco. >> before radio there was no national entertainment. >> it changed our culture. radio historian john snyder has chronicled bay area broadcasting in this new book. a thousand actors, musicians and writers were employed. the soap opera "one man's family" or ridge natured here. >> cost was no object. >> in the early days the networks set up duplicate west coast studios. >> after we did a program in new york, they would put all of the scripts and the musical scores and everything on a train and send it to san francisco, and a duplicate staff would duplicate the entire program for the west coast a week later. >> san francisco had become a broadcast center because there were no direct lines to los angeles. and movie studios wouldn't allow their actors on radio. >> they saw radio as competition because people who would listen to the radio at home wouldn't go to the movie theaters. >> but, of course, that changed.
5:57 am
everything headed south to hollywood. people like merv griffin. >> hello, san francisco calling. the san francisco network broadcast era went from the late 20s to the early 40s." it's a legacy that really has been forgotten. but now this book is bringing it back on the air. so, too, the experience here in the california historical radio society museum. it's like a time machine. old radio lives here. >> south of the island will be heard again at 9:15 tomorrow morning. >> in berkeley, don sanchez, a. bc7 news. >> next at six, a downed power line kills a man and leaves dozens of homes still without electricity. and the deadly and end to a long search to a carjacker in
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