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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 25, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. ask 6 a.m. on this wednesday
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morning i'm eric thomas. i'm kristen sze. good morning. we've been following sprinkles in the north bay, quiet there according to the radar. santa clara valley around los gatos, los gatos boulevard to cupertino on 84 also in the diablo range around mount hamilton we see rain. 101 rain from morgan hill to gilroy this is all moving slowly up to the authority to northeast. looks like it will stay in the higher elevations possibly sprinkles in the east bay valleys over the next hour. complete forecast in a minute. first traffic. good morning. so far, so good. light traffic across the bay bridge threatening sky, towards the west. we'll see how that develops as mike has told us this morning. no problems off the waldo into san francisco over the golden gate. problem in oakland with this police investigation ongoing at 40th that intersection is
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closed. westbound highway 4 accident in the median slow out of antioch past the scene not so bad into concord. 6:02. rescue attempt that started in waters off southern california resumes at sunup off the central coast where a gray whale is tangled if a fishing net. terry mcsweeney is live along the coast with more. >> reporter: just got off the phone with the california whale entanglement team. crews heading out of moss landing across the monterey bay from where i'm standing now leaving in 20 minutes going out to try to find this whale, a 40 ton california whale entangled in very thick fishing line. if they cannot get that line off this whale, it could be the end of the whale. take a look at the first sighting we have, video from last tuesday in southern california off laguna beach when the whale who has been
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named june, was discovered, dragging 50 to 100 feet worth of crab pot line, very thick line impacting the whale's ability to eat. yesterday morning the whale is spotted coming into monterey county it has three buoys attached to it that's what the crews did last week, making her easier to find. the whale is very did to find at sea. as the crews get closer to the whale it stars flipping that tail, that could be deadly to the rescuers. rescue groups last her last week, yesterday spotted. today the team which responds to this kind of predigment, is going out. a spokeswoman says they are going to hug the coast. the coast guard is on standby in case the whale is spotted they are going to set up 200 yards around her on all sides. the whale team is going out
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there. again, this whale was spotted close to the coast of monterey yesterday. that was 24 hours ago meaning it has 24 hours going three to five miles an hour it could be in santa cruz county. they are asking if anybody is out there onshore or just offshore and you do spot a whale, again it has three buoys attached it to, they are asking you to call this number: 1-877-sos-whale. give the location of that whale and they are going to get out in if they can cut that line off of it. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. right now we are involving developing news from sonoma county. this morning deputies and chp will try to recover a body found yesterday in the waters off bodega bay. chp contacted by the sheriff's department 7 p.m. requesting a
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helicopter to help recover a bed from the water. they were un-- recover a body from the water. they were unable to retrieve it appears to be that of a man. they land to attempt again after sunrise. in oakland mayor quan's crime-fighting plan has suffered a setback after police admit moving extra officers out of so-called high crime areas the plan focuses more resources on the city's 100 most violent blocks the mayor says 90% of the city's murders take place within that area. yesterday there were reports that -- last night the police chief tried to reassure people at a public safety meeting that the 100 block initiative is still working and officers are just spreading out. >> what we saw is it didn't move too far, i'm talking about shootings, robberies and murders moved within a block or two away from each other.
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>> based on taking resources we have and focusing them in a smart way. >> chief jordan says crime is down in the 100 block area but noted overall crime in the city is up 21%. critics of the 100 block plan say there aren't enough officers to cover the initiative and protect the rest of the city. the city has 653 officers and some think the city should have 1200. this morning union city police are searching for the driver of a white pick-up truck seen driving away at the shooting of a 15-year-old blocks from his school. it forced authorities to lock down two schools near the crime scene for hours yesterday. the 15-year-old victim is a student at one. police say james logan high was never threatened. they instituted the lock down as a precaution. a nearby lotry school also locked down no word on motive. the student is in serious condition. 18 hellish years, that's how the mother of jaycee dugard described the
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time without her daughter. she spoke at a crime victims rights event yesterday telling the crowd she bears an overwhelming sadness and incredible anger for the 18 years of separation from her daughter jaycee dugard, dew guard and her two daughters fathered with by her kidnapper now live with her mother. tonight san jose planning commission will consider a proposal to stop payday lenders from setting up shop in low income neighborhoods. say lenders prey on the poor and charge -- critics say lenders prey on the poor and charge high fees. hours from now in washington the senate is expected to vote on a bill to slow proposed cuts to the united states postal service, giving the postal service 11
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billion dollars delay cuts to saturday mail delivery and make it harder to close thousands of post offices. the postmaster says the bill is short term he would rather make cuts to try to become profitable again. rain in the forecast today, it is not going to get that coal. >> no. may need the umbrella later. >> -- >> you are right on both accounts. nice southerly flow today will keep temperatures mild also pump the moisture needed for the rain during the afternoon and evening right now just scattered sprinkles. 60 redwood city also half moon bay, 61 mountain view mid to upper 50s for the rest of us, mostly cloud -- cloudy. the bulk of the moisture now in southern california we are starting to see wrap around and move up towards us look to the south today where the rain
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is coming in north the northwest like normal that is tomorrow's system. by 2:00 in the afternoon when we hit our highs partly sunny to mostly cloudy, stray shower possible mid to upper 60s in most neighborhoods, 70 in fremont low 70s around san jose, morgan hill, fairfield and east bay valleys. pollen high for tree, grass, mold, ragweed -- light rain another chance of showers tonight northwest to southeast across the bay area thursday six to eight degrees cooler tomorrow 10 to 15 degrees warmer by the end of the weekend. details on a new accident. we have a situation now westbound 80 at san pablo dam road fortunately out of lanes, multi-car accident on the right shoulder. this is headed a little farther west as you drive towards the macarthur maze through emeryville and berkeley. traffic moving at the limit.
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starting to bunch up a bit southbound san rafael lucas valley road into central san rafael. san jose good 280 snaking its way from san jose to cupertino. just ahead, going high-tech? why ferry riders might have a new luxury during their commute. first of its kind exhibit on princess diana, including items from the royal family. it will be on display here in california.
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you can see
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internet access may soon be available to ferry between san francisco and the north bay. golden gate transportation district is considering a plan to spend $264,000 to install wireless capabilities on its fleet of ferries. the district's finance committee is expected to vote on it tomorrow if approved it would go to the board friday. if the board authorizes it, the wireless system could be available to commuters within a month or two. items from the british royal family will be on display here in california. the queen mary in long beach will host a first of its kind princess diana exit. legacy of a princess will showcase 2 -- 2,000 artifacts, letters, gowns, and wedding gifts. the exhibit is co-hosted by breast cancer awareness and opens june 16th. 6:14. time for a look at our
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weather. may run into drizzle, right? yeah sprinkles this morning at best better chance afternoon and evening. good morning 6:15 on the dot. as we look west across emeryville to if, from vollmer peak, this morning let's talk about temperatures how should you dress? you are prepared for the sprinkles. how about mid to upper 50s to fremont and mountain view at 60 this morning. monterey bay and inland to salinas mid to upper 50s gilroy 53° up from 52 last hour. afternoon and evening showers, thunderstorm possible today, another round of showers tomorrow and then warm and dry for the weekend. as far as temperatures compared to average today close in oakland two degrees warmer 69, san francisco two degrees warmer 60 sick. livermore 70, san jose 71, redwood city 70. napa five degrees cooler than
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average. beautiful sunrise in a few minutes, a few breaks in the cloud cover. sunset 7:55. fairfield, antioch, livermore, fremont, all 70 to 71, the rest of us mid to upper 60s partly sunny to mostly cloudy stray showers early parts of the afternoon high temperature around 2:00, pacific. low -- 2:00, 3:00. a's won last night. showers possible be prepared but not going to wash out the game. 65 for the day game. tonight lower to middle 50s, light rain possible tonight santa cruz, santa rosa and cloverdale upper 40s. low pressure moving east --
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some clouds starting to move our way that's why i think we'll see an increase in showers in the afternoon into the evening. our next system from northwest to southeast tomorrow with one more chance of showers and maybe an isolated thunderstorm. 7:00 this morning, mainly cloudy, showers develop along the east bay in the south bay from the monterey bay south. that's where the concentration of them will be a stray shower possible anywhere today and thunderstorm, once those move east during the evening, you can see the light rain out ahead of the next system, best clans of -- best chance of showers -- temperatures will drop 6 to 8° tomorrow then about 10 to 15° warmer by saturday, sunday and monday. problem 80 westbound past
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san pablo dam road, multi-vehicle accident out of lanes on the right, slow past the scene. farther west past golden gate field, university avenue into berkeley, past the marina into the maze a bit of traffic there, flowing, no further stalls or accidents towards the bay bridge and points beyond. marin county southbound 101 grey skies, clear roads off the waldo grade no problems at the toll through the golden gate bridge. san mateo bridge taillights westbound foster city direction, highrise looking good on towards hayward no problems. drive times 101 through marin slow out of san rafael towards the 580 junction. altamont beginning to slow. 6:18. some quick food for thought as you eat breakfast.
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consumer reports has been scouring the nutritional information for more than 100 fast food breakfast sandwiches. tomorrow morning at 6 a.m., michael finney will join us live, for a look at who came out on for nutrition and taste. >> like we want to know, but we don't want to nope. but we'll be happy to see michael, great with tough night for the giants. one very bright spot. trouble for the lakers playoff run after the nba hands didn't a suspension for this very nasty elbow from one of the team's more notorious m
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. tonight sandoval will try to tie the franchise record for the longest hitting streak to start a season. last night a hit in the 9th extending hitting streak to 17 games. one ahead of willie mays. about the only bright spot in the 9-2 loss to the reds. cain got the loss and had his 18 inning scoreless streak end in the first inning barry zito will start in today's 4:10 p.m. start. in oakland, it was a pitcher's dual last night malone threw for eight scoreless innings again the white sox a's broke the tie in the 8th when barton scored.
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a's shut out chicago 2-0. nba has suspended los angeles lakers forward metta world peace you may know him better as ron artest, for seven games following sunday's elbowing incident. during the game he swung his elbow into guard harden's head. world peace will sit out the last regular season game against sacramento and six playoff games. harden suffered a concussion and has not been cleared to return this is the 10th time the lakest forward has been suspended since 2003. last night "dancing with the stars" said good-bye to the empress of soul. ♪ ♪ she had a good time with her jive in the duel but it want enough to keep gladys knight in the competition. she and her partner became the fifth couple of the season to
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be eliminated. she had been a crowd favorite for her positive attitude. >> it a miracle and we experience those everyday, if we know how to recognize them as such. and it is definitely a miracle. i got a chance to experience the dance world. the competition of it and that kind of stuff. i don't have as much of that in my personal environment, because i control that. [ laughing ] >> that's right! you can see more from gladys knight when she appears this morning on "good morning america," coming up at 7:00 she would win the singing competition going away. >> hands down! oh yeah! still ahead, is your burger safe? big questions after a cow is found suffering from mad cow disease in the central valley. why health officials are not overly concerned. >> what to do with the remnants of a disaster? question still looming for san bruno residents in the wake of a pipeline explosion. >> reporter: it appears the
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district attorney has made a decision in the case of a bicyclist who hit and killed a pedestrian here at castro and market. you will hear what he's going to do, next. good news if you are plying, all major and regional airports in california on time that could change because of the rain so use our flight tracker$$$ppppppppi
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it is wednesday april 25th, thank you for waking up us -- waking up with us, i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. a lot of cloud cover from the east to sutro tower even breaks in the clouds. there you go, over the extreme east bay down the diablo range towards livermore and altamont pass, patterson pass road, all showing sprinkles. come down crass mount hamilton into gilroy, especially hollister -- light rain -- this is all coming from the south more in the forecast for the afternoon. that in a minute. first traffic. so far so good weather not a factor. 80 westbound a stall right lane past central and farther east san pablo dam road in the
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westbound direction, car accident out of the lanes. a lot of company headed westbound towards the maze. 580 beginning to be a grind off the altamont pass stall left lane past north flynn and very slow towards pleasanton. a few foreign retailers are halting u.s. beef imports after the discovery of a california dairy cow with mad cow. the first case in the u.s. in six years. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom. is it safe to eat beef or drink milk? >> reporter: the usda says it is. not everyone is convinced. south korea halting u.s. beef imports and two railers there have stopped selling it. the usda again assuring everyone food supply is safe. it was a dairy cow, found at a processing plant outside of fresno. its meat was never headed to market. you cannot get mad cow from milk. it appears the cow did not get
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the disease from contaminated feed. the animal had a random mutation. that has not put this issue to rest with some food safety advocates. >> our laboratory confirmed the findings and also indicated it was an atypical form of bse which is a rare form. >> the usda has not completed their investigation of this case. we'll be watching carefully to see what they find. obviously, if it turns out that we have tainted feed, we will have a larger problem. >> reporter: this is the first case of mad cow in the u.s. since 2006 and the fourth case ever. the disease is fatal in cattle and can cause a rare but deadly brain condition in humans. on our website we posted a list of questions and answers to read more about mad cow, go to and click on see it on tv. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 6:32 now. developing news, new reports that as soon as this morning,
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felony charges could be filed against a bicyclist who hit and killed a pedestrian in the castro district. amy hollyfield is live near the scene. >> reporter: this has been a hot topic since it happened last month. there's a good chance you will hear this at the water cooler today or in more modern terms it will appear in your local blog. the san francisco chronicle reporting a man who rode his bike through an intersection and hit and killed a 71-year-old man will face felony vehicular manslaughter charges. last night there was -- last time there was a fatal collision between a bike and pedestrian the d.a. charged it as a misdemeanor. this times it appears it is going to be a tougher charge. a source tells the newspaper that the d.a.'s office has strong evidence that shows the bicyclist was grossly new jersey. many have been calling for criminal charges in this -- grossly negligent. many have been calling for criminal charges in this case.
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others consider it a horrible accident. >> a tragedy all around, very, very sad. perhaps the best thing that comes out of it is we have more awareness about bike safety. i think it is a terrible tragedy. >> reporter: the wreck did prompt city officials to promise there will be stricter enforcement of traffic laws. part of the evidence the d.a.'s office says it has, is a motorist who saw the rider -- the bicyclist blow through stop signs and red lights before the collision. a conviction of felony vehicular manslaughter is punishable by up to 16 months in jail. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:34. san bruno school officials are meeting with parents tonight to consider closing two elementary schools. officials say budget cuts and declining enrollment are the factors in their decision to consider closing the schools. crestmoor is near the site of
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the deadly pipeline explosion and fire. the superintendent of schools says the 213 students would be relocated to other neighborhood schools. parents say the closures will hurt a community still trying to recover from the disaster. the residents living in that san bruno neighborhood will have to wait a little longer to fan out what will happen to a damaged gas pipeline under their city. the pipeline used to be connected to a section that exploded more than a year killing eight, destroying more than 30 homes. several thousand feet of line remain unused underground. last night staff recommended digging up some and filling the rest with concrete. many residents spoke out again the digging which could cause months of road closures. the mayor made his preference clear. >> it will never be used again. we have those assurances it won't be filled with concrete i just want to get it done. >> council decided to survey residents closest to the line
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before making that final decision. pg&e says it will pay for whatever the city decides to do. a few hours from now, the u.s. supreme court is set to hear oral arguments on arizona's controversial crackdown on illegal immigrants requiring authorities to check immigration status of anyone arrested, stopped or re-- detained if they suspect that person may be an illegal immigrant. the obama administration challenged it arguing the state's have a limited role in immigration policy. supreme court will -- five other states passed similar measures parts of which on hold pending the high court decision. we are going to get precipitation today, interesting thing, it is coming from the south this time. a little warmer for us. >> let's check in with . absolutely, mild flow out of the south, temperatures in the 50s to near 60 now, also one of the reasons why we'll
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have a chance of showers possibly isolated thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. right now visibility unlimited that's what 10 means even though there's clouds we don't see rain dropping the visibility around our neighborhoods that's a good sign that those scattered sprinkles are just that scattered and sprinkles. winds light, starting to pick up a little, near 10 miles per hour oakland south of the southeast fairfield southwest at 10 everybody else around six to eight miles per hour it is rather calm this morning. mostly cloudy conditions, scattered sprinkles around 8:00 and mid to upper 50s. by noon, breaks in the cloud cover, stray shower possible, mid to upper 50s along the coast. san rafael, santa rosa, low to mid 60s elsewhere better chance starting to see showers ignite around the 4:00 hour with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s except half moon bay 61°. you will be happy to have showers not only is it free
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watering also going to knock down the high amounts of tree, grass and mold for the next 24 to 48 hours. better chance of showers tomorrow moving northwest to southeast temperatures cooler with that storm from alaska and look at the warming trend, well above average this weekend, everywhere away from the coast. good morning sue, you have an update? first bay bridge metering lights are now on and traffic is ing up, bumper-to-bumper unless you are -- taking the fast trac past caltrans parking lot towards the san francisco area very heavy upper deck this is san rafael as you head towards central san rafael out of the terra linda area beginning to slow a little no real problems once you get up and over the waldo grade traffic light. no problems with rain yet on the roads. slow off the altamont pass with a stall left lane at north flynn. no reports of any rain in this
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area yet. affect your afternoon commute very slow, 25 minutes towards the dublin pleasanton interchange. 80 westbound continues to be a grind. multi-car accident on the shoulder, stall left lane at central. 6:39. investors taking a new shine to apple again. we are minutes from a live report from the new york stock exchange. dow is up 70 points. why the owners of the cosco busan say a bay area pharmacy is partly to blame for the bay bridge oil spill disaster nearly five years ago. big sweep for mitt romney in the gop presidential primaries. more momentum could be coming his way.
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welcome back. check out the wall of water moving into southern california from san diego up to santa barbara to about monterey now this is all moving northeast most of the state will have scattered showers today. one of the few areas who won't eureka, big sur, 70 around l.a. and san diego, scattered showers and snow showers down to around 9,000 feet in the sierra. we are about 16 minutes from "good morning america" let's check in with josh elliot. >> hey josh! good morning. all of new the bay area, big
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show straight ahead, much more on the breaking news surrounding that missing girl madeline mccann if you recognize the name there's a reason she vanished while on a family vacation five years ago in portugal. there's now reason to believe according to english authorities she may still be alive we have the latest this morning on a multi-national effort to find this little girl, including a computer enhanced picture. i don't know if you have been showing. she is about to turn nine. we have the latest there. also, something of a dirty little secret about a popular household cleaner. teens are using -- are using hand sanitizer to get drunk, many are ending up in the hospital. what every parent needs to know this morning. we have something of the ultimate national beauty. a contest looking for the most beautiful natural face in the world. we have a teenager, no make-up, no computer enhancement, no
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photo-shop. lara and i spent time at the tvland awards, we reunited old casts. today we sit down with the cast of "in living color" the show that gave us jennifer lopez, jamie foxx and jim carrey and al wentworth. -- and ali wentworth. >> would that be mrs. stephanopoulos? >> it would be. i tell you what, the day -- today in the stephanopoulos household is going to be a long one you will know what i mean when you see the piece. >> can't wait, take care. pg&e customers who are willing to pay a little more each month can help the company generate more renewable energy. pg&e says customers who choose the green option will pay $6 more a month the money wouldn't buy electricity
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directly but would help fund renewable energy that accounts for 20% of the power the utility generates that will rise to 33%. new wonder and worry over the bay area housing market. burger king making a big promise related to animal cruelty. >> jane king joins us with more on that. good morning. low forecasting on a nationwide -- zillow forecasting on a nationwide basis home prices will bottom by december. no such luck in the bay area. san francisco one of 11 metro areas that will have price drop beyond with seattle. higher opening this morning apple one of the big reasons reported profit almost doubled last quarter. this is demand for the iphone, especially in china, global
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demand for the latest ipad. apple shares up 53 -- up $53. bloomberg index trading up 4% apple i'm sure a big part of that. strong day here so far. burger king moving toward what some consider more humane treatment of animals an noing all eggs and pork will come from cage-free chickens and pigs by 2017. burger king uses hundreds of millions of eggs and tens of millions of pounds of pork each year. mcdonald's and wendy's made similar moves earlier this year. if you are hoping to get a high powered degree to boost your value and paycheck, study the cost first. growing number of universities charging more for math, science and business degrees saying they are more expensive to teach. research from a cornell
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research institute which says more than 140 universities are using this type of pricing as states cut higher education funding and schools try to pay for expensive technical programs. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king >> a crew member who survived the deadly sailboat racing accident off the farallon islands revealing new details. a salvage crew move the low speed chase from the airport yesterday. the boat overturned in rough seas a week and a half ago. brian chung was a guest crewmember. he described the terror he felt as he saw a huge wave come toward the vessel. he says the last thing i see is the boat tipping towards vertical. a single thought races through my head, this is going to be bad. chung was thrown from the vessel when the wave hit. he was able to swim to the island. two others survived. five were killed.
6:49 am
big pharmacy chain drawn into the legal battle over the huge 2007 cosco busan oil spill. the owners of the ship are suing longs drug stores for wreck res -- wreck resly and negligently dispensing drugses to the pilot. 53,000 gallons of oil spilled into the the suit says the pills clouded the captain's judgment. the suit does not say what the drugs were or what he was being treated for. longs now owned by cvs which has not commented. kind of grey out there mike here to talk about what is next. you know because he's been warning you. rain on the way, breaks in the cloud cover, sprinkles light and scattered. we do have flight arrival delays nor any of the airports in southern california the regional ones.
6:50 am
you can see radar return around santa cruz and throughout the diablo range into the central valley along i-5 where the best radar returns are now on top of the altamont pass moving north to northeast a 5 away from us it looks like we are going -- to get a little reprieve before the better chance this afternoon and this evening. mid to upper 50s, 60 around fremont and mountain view now mid to upper 50s monterey bay and inland. afternoon and evening showers stray thunderstorm possible also, another round of showers tomorrow, warm and dry for the weekend. 24 hour temperature change with southerly flow not much of a change around san francisco and santa rosa 66 oakland one degree cooler 69 concord two degrees cooler 70 fremont four degrees]%ç
6:51 am
san jose around 70 to 71 mid to upper 60s for the rest of us this is 2:00, 3:00 hour just a stray shower or two possible then. mid to upper 60s monterey bay into salinas. better chance of showers down here during that timeframe. showers are possible at the coliseum today but don't let that stop you from going. 62 warming up to 65, 12:35 first pitch. a's won 2-0 yesterday. mid 50s to low 50s tonight light rain upper 40s cloverdale. lows starting to come towards the coast so far south most of the rain going to fall south us during the daylight hours we'll get showers in the afternoon into the evening and then this cold front will roll through and bring us showers more of 'em tomorrow in an isolated thoroughly. just expect a stray shower over the next five to six hours as we head to noon, you
6:52 am
can see maybe more showers developing in the east bay and south bay where the bulk of them will be more rain for all of us into tonight, tomorrow and through thursday. temperatures 10 to 15° warmer by sunday. good morning. a bit of a back-up at the bay bridge typical past the caltrans parking lot, metering lights on, bumper-to-bumper heavy on the upper deck into san francisco no major problems with stalls or accidents. grind at the altamont 580 earlier stall left lane slow and go, 25 minutes as you head in towards the pleasanton dublin interchange. rubbernecks have things slow past san pablo dam road into berkeley where we have an earlier stall. doyle drive closure this weekend, a great way, several alternates bay bridge, richmond san rafael bridge to get around it. it is going to be very slow. your free waze app is an
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excellent resource. you can see what the alternate routes are doing. you can see what the back-up looks like. it is free and available now as you can see it is clear. for more information. right there on the website for you. this morning a senior north korean army official says his country is armed with powerful mobile weapons capable of striking america. he says the weapon which he didn't give details on, would defeat the u.s. at a single blow. north korea is thought to have nuclear weapons but not the technology to put them on long range missiles. clean sweep for mitt romney numbers released show the gop presidential candidate won primaries in new york, pennsylvania, connecticut, rhode island and delaware. the primaries are the first since santorum suspended his campaign. i can say with confidence and gratitude, that you have given me a great honor and solemn responsibility.
6:54 am
and together we are going to win on november 6th. >> santorum says he expects to endorse romney and plans to meet with some of his staff today and with romney personally in the next week or two. two other candidates gingrich and paul say they have no plans to dropout. romney is still 400 delegates short of the number he needs to formally gain the republican nomination. here are a few things to know, if you are heading out especially to today's a's game, you want to bring your umbrella. there's sprinkles this morning. you may see more at game time. showers and isolated thunderstorms could slow down your evening commute. right now, a live look at testimony in the senate of homeland security secretary napolitano questioned by a senate subcommittee on the secret service prostitution scandal. this is the first public hearing on the scandal since the firing or resignation of
6:55 am
nine agents they are accused of hiring prostitutes in colombia. the supreme court will take up arizona's tough crackdown on illegal immigrants minutes from now the obama administration challenged the law which requires police to question the status of people they stop if there's any reason at all to believe they may be in the country illegally. two major south korean retailers have suspended sales of u.s. beef following the discovery of a dairy cow infected with mad cow in the central valley. this is the first u.s. case of mad cow since 2006. in monterey county, hours from now, they may be starting right now, marine mammal experts will try free a grail whale entangled in -- free a gray whale entangled in a fishing net. [ unintelligible ]
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final check on weather and traffic. best radar return altamont pass heading up towards brentwood and oakley towards tracy as we speak stretches down to diablo range into the southern sections of the santa clara valley around gilroy into the hollister area all moving north northeast scattered sprinkles through the morning better chance of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon through the evening light rain overnight another chance of showers tomorrow temperatures today from the low 60s at the coast mid to upper 60s around the bay to low 70s inland 6 to 8° cooler tomorrow, 70s and 80s starting saturday through next week. live shot san rafael traffic headed to central san rafael past the civic center, heavy traffic, bumper-to-bumper once it clears up through central marin on to the golden gate bridge.
6:57 am
waze app, traffic spotters say traffic is heavy past that san pablo dam accident. 16 miles an hour through that area. bay bridge toll is backed towards the maze. thank you for joining us for the abc 7 morning news. we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. keep track on twitter and talk about it at have a great day see you back here tomorrow morning.
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