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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 28, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> terry: doyle drive is coming down this weekend. caltrans racing to knock down the old approach to golden gate bridge before monday morning. the golden gate bridge is still open. we'll show you how to get around the closure this weekend. good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. thanks very much for being here. massive effort is under way to demolish the old sky way by monday morning's commute. caltrans has doyle drive shut down all weekend. so far things are off to a good start, that is what i hear from frances dinglasan. >> things are quiet across the golden gate bridge. you are safe to take this route heading in or out of san francisco. i need to clarify a lot of confusion on the detours in san francisco. this is the official detour map.
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this is the doyle drive section that is closed. technically it does let you make a left turn on california street but there is a sign saying no left turn. i just talked to caltrans. they said right around now, 6:00 they are sending somebody there you should be able to make a left turn on california. there are detour signs on geary and traffic is light in the area. if you want to take the bay bridge, not much of a wait. >> terry: left on california and left on geary? okay. thanks very much. what kind of weather if you are trying to make the left turn or go to the beach. here is lisa argen. >> lisa: no fog to speak of. in fact, temperatures are a little cool in north bay valleys. 46 in napa. 62 in downtown, 51 in oakland. pretty nice out there. we are looking for clear conditions. temperatures coming up today. in fact compared to yesterday at
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this time we are a little bit warmer. we do have high pressure in our favor that is pushing the storm track to the north. that means warmer weather and warmer weekend. the demolition of doyle drive is expected to continue for 57 hours straight right up to 5:00 a.m. on monday. take a look at this picture from sky 7 hd showing the heavy equipment pulverizing the structure that stood for 75 years plus. >> finally may be the best word to describe the demolition of doyle drive. >> it's dramatic and history making. >> reporter: it's what everybody has been talking about. it's can be hammered and torn to pieces. it begin at 8:00 with a few pieces of equipment but equilibriumly went all out. >> if you look out there are big
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clippers that take down columns and other excavators. an awesome site for anyone nearby. >> i think it's kind of cool. it's been here forever what they are going to do is beautiful. >> reporter: also they will be paving it and striping it. while it's going on they were will be bringing down the old road until doyle drive is no more. as i said, this is 57 hours elevate have demolition work going on here. that is two days and nine hours until the next one comes in at 6:00 a.m.. a busy night ahead and busy weekend. so far everything is going according to plan. >> terry: drivers are having to take detours to get around that. and traffic on park presidio can
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turn left on geary and california. enforcement officers is what you are going to see. officers will be stationed there throughout the weekend. sfpb pd will help commuters moving along and help drivers that are not expecting the changes haven't been watching "abc 7 news" all week. some commuters want to avoid it altogether, leave the car at home and take a ferry. >> there are lots and lots of people on the boat. i took one of the earlier ones. >> having your ticket early prevention from you standing in line. they say extra shuttle times and water vessels were added. sky 7 was overhead as the last two cars entered the city on doyle drive. looked like it was just one at first, an suv, they are going to have bragging rights -- wait a
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second, a pickup truck enters the picture. were they working together? was the suv kind of disappointed to see somebody in his rearview mirror, saying hey i was the last one across but the chp did two sweeps of doyle drive to make sure no one was lurking to try to have the distinction 6 being the last one across the doomed structure. checking out live cameras to see what the impact the closure of doyle drive is having on all of that. abc7 is your source and instant updates on twitter and facebook. you can download waze app and show us the traffic you see. upload your video and e-mail in. post your experiences on facebook. an attempt to drive a
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stabbing victim to the hospital in an suv ended badly. the suv never made it. instead it rolled over after it collided with another car. it happened around midnight. fire officials say a total of six people were taken to local area hospitals. no word on their injuries. >> overnight, hayward firefighters save not one life but three. we'll show you the house fire that nearly costed her and her pets their lives. >> and collision with a bicyclist was all caught on camera.
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>> terry: firefighters in hayward are getting credit for saving her and her two dogs from a burning home. the woman was cooking last night. she woke up to find her apartment on fire. emergency crews say the woman was transported to eden hospital. he is expected to be okay. her two chihuahuas were rescued. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> this morning in alameda county a house fire in unincorporated san leandro is under investigation. take a look at video from sky 7 hd over the scene last night. on pico place and page street. the fire was knocked down in 30 minutes and house was destroyed.
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the neighbor says he was having a late dinner around 9:00 and heard loud booms. >> i heard three loud explosions. went out, took a look. i seen the neighbors, they are running around saying they want to get out. i looked up and sure enough the flames are shooting up 20 feet up high. >> we know there with a number of individuals, the house was occupied at the time of the fire. everyone got out safely. >> they are focusing on what caused those booms. berkeley police have arrested a man suspected of running two bicyclists off the road last week. the moment on wednesday when the driver of a black acura rams the first bike ride other tunnel road. he was knocked off his bike the cameraman and neither were hurt. 43-year-old michael medaglio,
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high reported the car was stolen. he is on parole. he faces charges of fellly hit and run and heroin possession. >> we're going to have bright sunshine. it's coming on slowly. >> we'll see some warming today around the bay. in fact temperatures will warm through above normal. about 7 degrees warmer in inland valleys and comfortable at our coast. i'll have details coming up. >> terry: so far, we'll it will be nice to see what is normal. >> the demolition program could mess up your plans if you don't know how to get around it. frances dinglasan joins us next with alternate routes to the golden gate bridge. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
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[ female announcer ] if whole grain isn't the first ingredient in your breakfast cereal, what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first on the side. from honey nut cheerios to cinnamon toast crunch to lucky charms, get more whole grain than any other ingredient... without question. just look for the white check. >> terry: welcome back. 6:14 on saturday morning. that has been our focus this morning. golden gate bridge, right now you are looking at it. there is nobody there. >> there is going to be a lot of people there. maybe too many people there.
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here is how it looked from sky 7. massive effort is underway to demolish by the structure. servicing will be back to normal on monday morning. we'll take a look at the overall project but look at traffic and ways around it. here is frances dinglasan. >> it is. here is why. it's light right now, as well. at the golden gate bridge. we've been warning drivers to avoid it. us a drive southbound on 101 through san rafael. there are signs telling drivers to avoid the golden gate bridge and head over to richmond-san rafael bridge and gay bridge. no big problems. here is interstate 880 heading toward the toll plaza but giants game, it could be a big mess especially on city streets in
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san francisco. this is the exclusive waze traffic app. it will help you get around the delays and help you decide what is the best alternate route is. we're not seeing any delays on either of the richmond-san rafael bridge, bay bridge or golden gate bridge. i've been taking a look at some traffic spotters driving through park presidio boulevard. you are now allowed to make left turn on california and geary. we haven't picked up any traffic along that area, but you can download this free app yourself at >> terry: save us a lot of time there. at age 75 the golden gate bridge is doing well thanks to ongoing safety earthquake safety upgrades but for doyle drive, no. it has to make new standards. heather ishimaru has more. >> reporter: the fire department was here doing tests outside the
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new tunnel. it will go into use on monday. when the project is completed in 2015 it will carry southbound traffic only. in the major earthquake the walls are designed there might be damage but no collapse. seismic fitting was rejected here with a low safety rating. >> it's pretty low. out of the inventory of all the bridges in the highway network in california, it's probably the lowest. >> replacement will require demolition of the structure. first phase will take place with the full closure of doyle this weekend. the bridge will be open but expected to be congested. >> by suggestion would be to take advantage of the ferry. if you haven't been on a forever for a while. larkspur, if you haven't been on ferry, they have doubled.
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>> and they expected it to be a parking lot. >> i think it's a head-on collision on the bridge, you are lucky. >> replacement was also considered as an option for golden gate bridge. after the loma prieta quake, it was in danger of collapse in a magnitude 8 or greater. a multiphase retrofit project has been underway in 1997 and should be done in 2018. the chief engineer can't replacing this icon. >> what we are doing right now, we are repairing small elements, a large element that needs replacement. you but you can do it indefinitely. >> terry: "abc 7 news" is your source for the closure. we'll be watching traffic all week long. we show you the alternative routes you can take. at you can download
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the waze app to help you navigate through that mess. show us the traffic. we're interested. upload video to ureport or e-mail your photo to ureport. post your experiences on facebook. one thing about the destruction of doyle drive, so many things are going on in san francisco, there wasn't person that said save this glorious structure. >> lisa: really? >> terry: no. >> lisa: because it's history. it's been around for so long. >> terry: i didn't feel sad. [ laughter ] >> lisa: you have so much to say. >> terry: i talk too much. [ laughter ] >> lisa: and 6:17. should be nice for the roof camera. you can see how clear it is. the giants game and temperatures in the 50s tonight with some fog
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towards the latter end of the evening along the coast. 52 redwood city. 4849 in oakland. right there. -- 49 in oakland and 48 in santa rosa. 52 in downtown. numbers today this morning are warmer than yesterday, 3-9 degrees of warming. that is due to the westerly wind. clear skies, dropping a little bit in our valleys. without that westerly wind it's pretty nice out there. sunny and warmer this weekend with a cooler pattern beginning on monday. here we are today with temperatures mainly in the 70s. san francisco, 67. average highs should be in the mid and upper 60s for san francisco. in oakland with low to mid 70s around the bay. that will bring us anywhere from 3-8 degrees warmer than average around santa rosa. 5 degrees warmer than average in livermore as well as oakland today. pretty nice looking weekend with
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high pressure, eastern ridge of high pressure continuing to build not only today but tomorrow, as well. storm track staying to the north should be nice with lots of sunshine. although the only change we're seeing in the next 48 hours is for a little bit of coastal fog to come our way. that is not today. today we're looking for warmer days. after midnight onshore flow, this afternoon we will have those northwesterly winds, 10-20 miles an hour. that will keep it cool at the coast and fog will be moving into the bay after midnight and numbers will go down coastside. 63, northern sierra. reno, 72. 83 in los angeles. mid 70s around had bay. 78 in los gatos. 70 in millbrae. 60 in pacifica.
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northwesterly winds, keeping it cool with mid-60s south of the city. in the north bay, numbers ranging from the upper 50s bodega bay. 77 in petaluma. you get towards napa. 80 there. 70 in hayward. 70 in union city. couple of 90s, concord, fairfield. 78 in livermore. monterey bay, 62. look ahead weekend, really the warmest weather from our coast to inland valleys, a little bit of cooling monday and another system, maybe a rain drop on thursday. it sounds crazy. >> terry: so much is so nice. thanks a lot. >> sharon joins live from new york coming up what is coming on "good morning america." >> good morning. coming up on gma, breaking news overnight. surveillance video surfaces in
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the case of missing isabel. they want to speak to witnesses the night she went missing. who are they and what do they know. new rules for secret service agents in the aftermath of prostitution scandal. no more drinking and no more racy bars and does the scandal bigger than believed? and terrifying crime on tape, a woman's purse is snatched. she reliving the dramatic moments with it. and big competition for the title of the world's smallest puppy. the doggie battle of the century will her rival be crowned? i got to tell you, i will show you the very impressive statue we have put together for these dogs, but it is being spray-painted in the alley of
6:24 am
gma right now. it is nothing but class this morning on weekend gma. >> terry: is it weight or length for the smallest? >> it is weight. it is weight. i think one has a drink of water it's going to affect the scales. it depends who had a bathroom break first. >> terry: thank you for the inside information. look forward to the show in 35 minutes. day two of the n.f.l. draft reui nients nights kobe and andrew luck. larry beil will tell which players were selected. >> michael james terrorized jim harbaugh when he was stanford, now he will create havoc with the 49ers. they took the second round of the draft. james is just a blur. along with the first pick of jenkins, they added speed. james was electrifying in oregon but at 5'9", 185 pounds hearing
6:25 am
is was hurt in college. but it's repaid pretty crowded with gore, huntser and jacobs. >> he had a great story about getting a call. his cousin had crank called him pretending to be an n.f.l. so when the 49ers who called. they had to get jenkins out of the bathroom and on to the again. >> this time he was serious. he was crying wolf. i didn't believe him. i'm in the bathroom still. he kicked the door down literally on the floor. so i have to buy my mom a new bathroom door. >> raiders had to wait for their selection but they utah guard tony berd strom was the choice. he is 26 years old. 6'5", 313 pounds he was an all
6:26 am
pack direction. >> round one disappointment turns into jubilation for kobe who will be reunited with andrew luck. second pick in round 2. is fantastic combination of size and speed and first tight end taken in the drafted. other players selected, mitchell schwartz on goes in round two. and also round two, stanford tackle jonathan martin to the dolphins. plus brian an ger to jackson joongville. >> freddy sanchez they are wondering if he will get healthy again. his return is once again on hold. >> giants and padres, eric hacker making his major league debut for the giants. trouble in the first, nick huntedly rips it through. chase headly scores.
6:27 am
1-0 san diego. an jell pagon, is there anybody hotter? homers, his fourth and we're tied at 1. this made it with an r.b.i. single. buster posey, deep, aloha. solo bomb fourth of year. giants down 5-3 but houston street slams the door in the ninth. padres win it 5-3. a's in baltimore, hawaiian connection, kurt suzuki, he scores all the way from first and we're tied at 1. a's with a 2-1 rally. eric sogard, come get some, 2 run homer. a's win their third straight. they are a game over 500. that is wrap. mike shumann will have a final coming up at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. have a great weekend everybody.
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i'm larry beil. >> terry: coming up next, how drivers are reacting to the weekend closure of doyle drive as they look for alternate routes. this morning, reward for information leading to a missing bay area teenager about to grow. we'll update the effort to find sierra lamar. ♪ so, this is delicious okay... is this where we're at now, we don't care anymore? we just eat whatever tastes good? excuse me? [ man ] like these sweet honey clusters, they're awesome so no way they're good for you. but i guess that's okay right? actually there's a half a day's worth of fiber in every ... why stop at cereal? ya know? cancel the gym membership. bring on the pork chops and the hot fudge. fantastic. are you done sweetie? yea [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
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>> a traffic alert for san francisco, doyle drive closed forfeiture weekend, the crews have demolished the old approach. they are chipping away as we speak. you are looking at video of the demolition. traffic is being rerouted, so far things are going smoothly. it was built back in 1936. come monday morning, both northbound and southbound traffic will be on new presidio parkway. let's see if they have a nice look to it. here is frances dinglasan. >> it is looking great right now. if you normally take the golden gate bridge, it's a safe bet at this point. i want to show you the exclusive waze traffic app. traffic is very light. he is park presidio boulevard and it is moving nicely at this point. i just talked to caltrans and they said they do have traffic control officers allowing to you
6:32 am
make a left turn on to california and to geary. of course, the other detour is richmond-san rafael bridge and no delays at the follow plaza on the bay bridge. >> terry: warning from caltrans, don't go over the golden gate bridge if you don't have to. it's expected to have a major impact on the traffic for first time in memory. southbound traffic on park presidio being allowed to turn left on geary and california. nick smith continues our team coverage. >> reporter: at exactly 8:00 p.m. this is what happened. traffic enforcement officers disable traffic lights and took position. they will be stationed here throughout the weekend. they believe it will help commuters moving along and help drivers that weren't expecting major changes to the traffic pattern. take a look at that map from officials. in red the closed off doyle drive. the green shows drivers have two
6:33 am
opportunities to make a left turn, california street or geary boulevard to get across town. that is big change for drivers who are familiar with this stretch of highway 1 and use it regularly. some commuters decided to avoid the confusion altogether by leaving the car at home. >> she works for golden gate transit. extra ferry trips have been added a. the larkspur ferry saw 55 extra people. >> having your ticket early prevents from you standing in line having to get one. last minute frustration. >> reporter: for martina, taking the ferry and avoiding doyle drive in the process was a no-brainer. >> there are lots of people on the boat. i took one of the earlier ones. it's one of the best things to do. >> reporter: nick smith, "abc 7 news". >> terry: and abc7 news is your
6:34 am
source. we'll have instant updates on twitter and facebook and text alert. at you can down the waze app to help you navigate through. we want to know what you see, upload your video or e-mail photos at ureport. you can post your experiences on facebook. new this morning, an attempt to drive a stabbing victim in a pickup ended badly in brentwood. the truck collided with another car near walnut and balfor streets. fire officials are saying that a total of six people were taken to area hospitals. three had to be airlifted. no word on their injuries. >> new this morning, reward for information on missing teenager sierra lamar is going up. we'll be learning more from her family.
6:35 am
in fact at 9:30, her father is scheduled to hold a media briefing to announce new details about the reward which currently stands at $10,000. she never made it to school on march 16th on the way to the bus stop. they found her purse and cellphone but no other clues. $10,000 reward was posted earlier this month. san francisco medical examiner has identified the body of one of the sailors lost at sea two weeks ago in a race to the farallon islands. jordan from. he was a graduate of redwood high school. he was among eight yui kroo men when the incident happened. five people died. they did not say where the body was found. three other victims are still missing. >> we're getting our first look inside the san francisco home where a shocking crime occurred last month. it's where five people were slaughtered inside their ingleside district home. this man, binh thai luc is
6:36 am
responsible for the killings they believe. vic lee takes us inside that house with exclusive details and the cellphone call that broke the case. >> reporter: five bodies were found early friday morning march 23. the violence and carnage happened some time the night before. the victims a cook at a chinese restaurant, his wife, their daughter, their son and his wife >> steve chen is married to the only member of the family that is now living, a daughter that discovered the bodies when she and her 12-year-old child went to the home the morning after the murders. he showed us the pictures of the victims that were placed neatly in a row in the dining room. they had been bludgeoned to death, one by one by their killer. police forensics investigators have already removed evidence from the house but the two story home is pretty much wait it was the day after the murders with
6:37 am
bloodstains covering the floors. several law enforcement agencies have given abc7 the following chronology of what happened. they say the suspect binh thai luc new both lei and his wife. he was hired as plumber to help renovate house. the first to be killed the body was found in a two room unit where she and vincent lived. this en, he most likely murdered the parents. the killer went up to the stairs and went into the daughter's bedroom and bludgeoned her to death. he waited for vincent to come home. the body was found near the entrance door. before the murder, he severed his hands with what they described as a sharp edged weapon. after it was over, he washed unless the bathroom and wiped
6:38 am
bleach to remove fingerprints. he poured bleach on the floors and turned on faucets to flood the rooms. while police were able to catch binh thai luc two days later, our sources say the suspect binh thai luc will you used lei's cellphone. they were overheard why are you using my cellphone and why you are telling me to come home now. two friends called police and gave them binh thai luc's name. >> president obama says he will veto a house approved bill that prevents the cost of student leorngs from doubling. that is because the republican controlled house will pay for the bill by abolishing a fund that helps pay for cancer screenings for women. he is focused on protecting
6:39 am
members of the military under the g.i. bill. >> there are people that are less helping our men in uniform and more interested in making a buck. we need to guard against the bad actors. the president and first lady is going to have some spoon fun. they will be attending a white house presses corps dinner at washington hilton. jimmy kimmel will be featured comedian for the dinner. you have probably seen these before, the president gets roasted and he roasts himself and roasts the press. everybody gets roasted. they have a good time. its lot of fun. lisa argen joins us with take a look, we've got a golden shot behind us. >> lisa: it's really nice, with no fog to speak of, but right at the coast, patchy fog, sunshine from here inland with temperatures warming above normal.
6:40 am
i'll detail that and have a look ahead next. >> terry: a wayward dolphin takes a wrong turn finding unless trouble. efforts to help him survive resume this morning.
6:41 am
6:42 am
>> terry: big story is not the bridge behind me but the other one, golden gate bridge and how to get on and off. let's check in with frances dinglasan. >> good morning. literally on the phone with
6:43 am
caltrans molly graham right now. here is a live shot of the golden gate bridge, traffic is light heading into san francisco right now the detours on park presidio, is light. you are good to go in that direction. southbound 101 on san rafael, the seibs warning. legged over to richmond-san rafael bridge. but i want to show you the waze traffic app that will help you decide which alternate route to take. right now traffic is flowing well on park presidio boulevard. the main detour as you head on to park presidio boulevard is to make a left on to geary. molly graham was saying from caltrans, as need they had will allow or put people on traffic control at the park presidio and california intersection.
6:44 am
they are en route to cover up the illegal left turn sign to clear up confusion. >> terry: she was literally on the cellphone as i was saying her name. [ laughter ] >> terry: talk about up to et second. marine mammal experts will return to the orange county coast outline see whether a dolphin found his way to back to the ocean. the healthy adult, 700 pound dolphin appeared lost and disorientated. he became separated from members of his pod on thursday. they are hopeful they will be able to make it out on his own. the other members of the pod were tired of that guy. we don't know. they different him. >> and we have a lot of sunshine warming trend. the coast and beaches, it's cool there. temperatures are around average from the shoreline but above
6:45 am
average elsewhere. here is a look at sutro camera. pretty shot of golden gate bridge. 6:17 was the official sunrise. 7:58 and numbers coming up from what we experienced yesterday. that would take us above normal anywhere from 5-8 degrees above the average. 52 in redwood city. san jose, 51. most areas a little warmer. delta and antioch and santa rosa 7-8 degrees warmer. we don't have any fog except right at the immediate coast. mostly clear and cool. sunny and warmer throughout next two days. cooler pattern begins on monday when our ridge begins to break down. notice 67 in san francisco. that is three degrees warmer than average. average high is 63 and oakland today, 72, five degrees above your 67. santa rosa, 8 degrees warmer
6:46 am
than average. redwood city and livermore, everybody is warming up today. should be nice afternoon. this is high pressure and the storm track is going way to the north. we'll look for the clouds to stay in extreme northern california. with the ridge off the coast, we're going to see the warming getting underway and especially away from the coastline. temperatures topping out around 80 in warmest inland valleys. not so warm along the coast. northwest winds will be blowing and return of the fog after midnight. if you are going to the giants game, bring the jacket. it will be cool with numbers dropping to the 50s. 67 in southern sierra today with 81 in sacramento. 97 in palm springs. back home in the south bay, what a day here. 74 in milpitas with 78 in los gatos. 75 in sunnyvale. peninsula looking at numbers
6:47 am
ranging from 74 in menlo park. 75 in mountain view. low 60s with breezy northwest winds. 62 in the sunset. san francisco coming in above average. 77 in petaluma but a couple of 80s as you head towards cloverdale. calistoga at 82. 72 in oakland as well as union city with castro valley and fremont coming in at 73. as you head inland, 77 in pleasanton with 78 in livermore. 80 in gilroy. accu-weather seven-day forecast, the difference from today and tomorrow is that we'll see more coastal fog. a little more warming inland. then we'll look at few more clouds with slightly cooler temperatures but you notice thursday, maybe some north bay sprinkles but not a sure thing. we got 80s and 70s. looking good. >> a brand-new lookout opens today at land es end but a
6:48 am
chance to look back at an interesting part of san
6:49 am
6:50 am
>> a i place called that the newest jewel, the new land's end
6:51 am
lookouts and you can see the city's past clearly inside. >> a look to look out. an educational area divided into three sections, one is nature. >> the plants that are growing here. what the geology of the area. >> the middle area is future orientated, showing off the building itself and deals with financial sustainability, as well. >> part of it is to tell the story to give us an opportunity to learn about the area as well as to create a financial stream to pay for it. >> reporter: third section is the cultural aspects of land's end and i mean rare film clips of life out here and few decades ago. the glory days of sutro baths. >> this was an outer land area. sutro brought people here. the train that was coming here, he made sure it was only five
6:52 am
cents for everyone. >> and how much you don't notice it. >> as you came to the site, you didn't have the view lost as you come to the land's end lookout. >> reporter: not a bad place to come for a cafe snack and daydreaming, even if it's dreaming of a day long ago. the grand opening is 11:00 this morning. the new visitors center has beautiful view to keep you busy until the crowd thins out. >> san jose's winchester mystery houses is calling hollywood. can you believe that?
6:53 am
hey guys, breakfast! ♪ [ female announcer ] if whole grain isn't the first ingredient in your breakfast cereal, what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first on the side. from honey nut cheerios to cinnamon toast crunch to lucky charms,
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get more whole grain than any other ingredient... without question. just look for the white check. >> terry: here is the winning numbers from $88 million drawing. mega number was 37. nobody got them. tuesday night's jackpot estimated at $102 million. >> coming soon the winchester
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mystery house the movie. los angeles based studio they have acquired the film rights to make a movie about the popular tourist attraction. most of the 106 room mansion was built by sara winchester. it's considered to be haunted by some, exclusive media is currently looking for a writer and hopes to begin filming in san jose next year. >> you could become an award winning photographer with your cellphone. new exhibition of mobile photography award winners has opened up at art house gallery. don sanchez shows us some of the stunning photos. >> it's new need yaium where you can shoot in black and white or color. all of the photos why shot on an iphone. >> i shuid i shoot every day.
6:56 am
>> she won the landscape category taken at sharp park. >> i couldn't help seeing this tree that struck me that was bent from the wind and cyclist coming through. >> shane won in this category with photo of torso and flowers. >> there are six different photographs but many layers of the figure and the flower that is merged down and combined in different days. >> they are two of more than hundreds of entries in the first mobile competition. there are photo apps that is creation of moods and zbloox it allows you to switch between images for different effects and blurring and different things like that. >> for photography it's about composition, energy, flow and movement. the iphone does a jock just like any other camera. >> this is a work from curator fltd show proving that iphones
6:57 am
are not only made for calls but to create works have art. they find the iphone less intimidating. >> it's really discreet. i'm able to blend in the background. >> that is how a new york contestant was able to get this photo in the subway. the exhibition will be featured at fine arts fair. it will be up in art house gallery through june 30th. >> terry: one last check of the forecast. >> lisa: should be flies out there. already looking at a lot of sunshine. just a little bit of coastal fog. we're talking to 58 in warmest inland valleys. more fog tomorrow and slight cooling trend. we get into the first week of may. >> terry: everything is smooth on the golden gate bridge. more from frances. thanks for joining us. keep track of us on twitter and talk about it at o facebook.
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"good morning america" is coming up. next. we'll see you again shortly. have a great day.
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