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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 28, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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are you done sweetie? yea [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. good morning, america. this morning, breaking overnight. new surveillance video released in the case of a missing tucson girl. five possible new witnesses near her home the night isabel celis disappeared. who are they? and what could they know? new rules. a new code of conduct for the secret service, after that prostitution scandal, including no more boozing. no more overnight guests in their hotel rooms. and check this out. agents will now have chaperons. caught on tape. the dramatic moment a woman's purse is snatched. and she doesn't let go. dragged 150 feet. why these crooks picked the wrong woman to rob. and it's the clash of the
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tiny titans. a battle for the ages. two puppies. but only one of them can have the title of the smallest in the world. which of these compact canines will take the crown? it's beyonce versus milly. the live event of the decade. so, maybe i oversold it when i said live event of the decade. >> that much. >> good morning, everybody. bianna's on maternity leave. we're happy to have abc news correspondent sharyn alfonsi at the helm this weekend. good morning to you. >> i'm very happy to be here on this historic morning. >> a few weeks ago, we had on this dog, beyonce, who might be the tiniest dog on earth. then, we heard about this dog, milly, who appears to be as tiny, if not tinier. we're doing what any reasonable person would do.
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we're going to have them both on live this morning. and we're going to weigh them. it's kind of a big deal. also this morning, we're going to take a look at this. a very public breakdown at the trial that is riveting one of america's largest cities. we're going to tell you why this former nfl star was out haranguing reporters at the courthouse. >> what a scene there. and the entire city of los angeles, is watching the dramatic story of this wayward dolphin, trapped in the city's wetlands. ginger zee has been following the tricky rescue mission to save the dolphin. she'll have the latest in just a minute. we do have some news to get to this morning. the secret service with new rules after that scandal in colombia. a new code of conduct, radically changing their behavior. david kerley is in washington with us. david, we're hearing sweeping changes. and talks of chaperons for the secret service? >> reporter: that's the word some people are using. this is an effort of the head of the secret service to get in front of the scandal that is plaguing his agency. so, we're talking about new
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rules. on the trips, more supervisors will go along. two supervisors. and one of the supervisors will be from the office ore responsibility. their job is to remind them of the rules. no foreign nationals in an agent's room when they are traveling out of the country. and alcohol use must be moderate, when they're off hours. and never ten hours before back on duty. new rules, being caught up by some agents. saying, look, we've always dealt with this. now, they're in writing. >> and all of this started at a nightclub. will they be allowed to go out, get dinner? hit the nightclub still? >> reporter: they can get dinner. but here's one of the rules. it is specific. patronizing nonreputable establishments is now prohibited. this came after a trip to colombia, where agents drank heavily and brought prostitutes back to their hotel rooms. and at least one agent had a disagreement over payment, which unraveled this entire affair.
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so, the secret service director has put out the new rules. he's done it very quickly. and this is one of his efforts to hold on to his job. and he's getting high praise from those on capitol hill, and so far from the white house, as well, sharyn. >> thank you so much. david kerley in washington this morning. >> trying to put the scandal behind them. first, a lot of news overnight. ron claiborne is here with the other top stories. good morning, ron. >> good morning, everyone. the core of al qaeda is eventually gone. that's according to u.s. counterterrorism officials. speaking one year after the raid that killed osama bin laden in pakistan. they say the group's new leader, ayman al zawahiri, still aspires to strike inside the u.s. but there's less threat of a major attack here. the officials warn that al qaeda's affiliates are a bigger threat to this country. new pictures of north korea's nuclear test site appear to show that the rogue nation is preparing for another nuclear test. the photos show a lot of activity at the site. if it happens, it would be north korea's third nuclear test. and was widely expected after the failed rocket launch earlier this month. and the man who shot trayvon
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martin will not have to put up more money to remain free, at least for now. a florida judge rejected a request to increase george zimmerman's bail, after it was disclosed that he had received more than $200,000 online for his defense. but the judge wants to know more about the money. house republicans have fought a veto threat from president obama, pushing through a measure to stop doubling of student loans. the fight is over to pay for the bill. the gop wants to fund it by limiting a program in the president's health care overhaul. senate democrats are expected to derail that measure. and wall street finished the week higher, despite fresh evidence that the economy is slowing. the dow climbed 23 points on friday and has regained all of the ground it lost earlier this month. the gains followed the report that showed the u.s. economy grew at a slower rate in the first three months of this year. and the space shuttle "enterprise" took its final flight, piggybacking on a jet.
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the shuttle got a tour of new york city, flying over the statue of liberty, and past the city skyscrapers. it landed at kennedy airport. and will move to the intrepid air and space museum. there was so much publicly in advance, not a single person, out of the millions who live here, including me and dan, did not call saying there was an oddly low-flying plane over manhattan. >> overriding our impulse les. >> yeah. imagine. >> thank you. now, to the breaking news overnight. police in tucson releasing this surveillance video of five people who may have witnessed something in the case of a missing 6-year-old girl named isabel. who are these mysterious people and what could they know? abc's neal karlinsky has been on this story from the beginning. >> reporter: police don't know if they witnessed anything. but this morning, detectives are looking for this group of strangers, captured on surveillance people. they're five people, two men and three women, who where in the area near the home where isabel
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celis vanished at about 1:30 a.m. police believe they were leaving a nightclub and may have seen something walking away from a club, right by a church, just a block from the house. >> we want them to come forward to us and tell us, did they or did they not see anything unusual? >> reporter: after seven days of searching, police are essentially stuck at square one. sources tell abc news, they're awaiting lab results on evidence gathered. but what they really need are solid eyewitnesses. which may be why they're reaching out to find the mystery five. >> if this child were abducted out of her house, through a window, out a door, somebody may have seen that. >> reporter: it was saturday morning when the family says they discovered the 6-year-old missing from her bedroom. a window open and screen detached. law enforcement experts say it is statistically likely someone known to the family is involved. but a close family friend told us, if you knew this family, you wouldn't have a shred of doubt. >> i would leave my son with
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them anytime, day or night, no problems. >> reporter: detectives are also chasing down tips. but there are now fewer coming in. >> we're looking for you, isa. >> she's in harm's way, every day. it's more of a concern about the welfare of isabel. >> reporter: a full week later, police say they still don't have enough to call this a kidnapping or something else. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, tucson. >> such a tough case. so, let's bring in legal analyst, sunny hostin, who is a former federal prosecutor. she's worked on crimes against children. good morning. >> good morning. >> how big a break do you think this is? what are the odds these people know something? >> often times, people do see things but they don't realize they see things that can help law enforcement. so, it can be a break. but unfortunately, it's been quite some time since she went missing. so, i'm not sure that it's going to be that helpful. but any little thing helps at this point. >> just to drill down.
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these people on the videotape, may have seen something. >> yes. >> they maybe looked off-kilter or maybe didn't. they may have more information than they think they have. >> absolutely. i've had the experience where i brought people back, witnesses back into my office and asked them questions in just a different way. and it sparked a memory that have been helpful in cases that i tried. that can happen, no question about it. >> that's why on the cop shows they just keep asking people the same question over and over again. >> that's right. >> how common are surveillance cameras? in your average american city, are there just tons of these all around? is there just more video for police officers to mine in this case? >> absolutely. and they use them often times in abduction cases. and there's surveillance video. something that typically happens, though, is they're on a loop. after a week or 30 days, the tapes are erased. so, it's very, very important that they do have surveillance video because that doesn't always happen. >> have to get to them quickly.
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one last question for you. we're on day eight of this frantic search. at what point do we run out of gas and run out of hope? >> the first 24 to 48 hours are the most important. i'm concerned that we're on day eight without finding her and without more information. >> not what we want to hear. >> that's the truth. >> sunny, thank you very much. we really appreciate it. sharyn, over to you. now, to a bombshell at the criminal trial of former presidential candidate, john edwards. the star witness, edwards' biggest accuser, says he feared for his life. he believed edwards may have someone try to kill him. abc's bob woodruff has all the courtroom drama. >> reporter: the opening week of the government's case against john edwards was, by any objective standard, a bad one for the prosecution. their key witness, andrew young,
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withered under a methodical takedown by edwards' lawyers. >> the defense didn't just cross-examine andrew young. they verbally assassinated him, again and again. >> reporter: on the stand friday, young said he was in fear for his life, when he and john edwards were alone on a deserted country road. their scheme to hide edwards' affair was unraveling. did you think john edwards was going to shoot you? asked an attorney for edwards. not personally, young replied. edwards' lawyer pressed on. you thought there was a gunman in the woods that was going to come and shut you? that did cross my mind, young responded. edwards' defense worked tirelessly to discredit young and got him to admit he spent most of the money on himself, for construction to his family home, even vacations to mexico and a disney cruise. >> of the $1.2 million they got, he can only account for $200,000 going directly to rielle hunter. >> reporter: young, explaining, i was just dismissed from the campaign. and we took a break. he continued, my family was under extreme stress from what
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mr. edwards asked me to do. edwards' defense lawyers questioned young about holding on to a sex tape, proving the edwards' affair. the lawyer asking, you also told mr. edwards you had a private videotape of miss hunter's. but the judge shut down the questioning immediately. and said she would rule later on whether the tape could be discussed in court. the damage done is undeniable. and now, the government turns to young's wife, cheri, in the hopes that she and other witnesses can help revive the prosecution's case. for "good morning america," i'm bob woodruff, in greensboro, north carolina. now, to aer if terrifying crime caught on tape. look at this. a woman hanging on to her purse, as she's dragged across a parking lot, as thieves took off in a van. but the victim had some extra skills up her sleeve. lama hasan is here with more. they picked the wrong woman. >> absolutely. good morning to you, sharyn.
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it's quite dramatic video. these purse snatchers picked on the wrong woman. a black belt, refused to let two teens get away with her purse. a dramatic and narrow escape all caught on surveillance video. take a look at these incredible images. a white van circled karen rake as she loads her groceries into the car. all of a sudden, a passenger grabs her purse and drags her 153 feet in the parking lot. >> instant reaction, grabs the purse. well, they were already moving. >> reporter: you can clearly see karen by the side of the car before falling to the ground. >> she yelled to the driver. slow down. when they did slow down, i said, well, this is it. now or never. i've got to fall off now or get taken out on to the road. i skidded and bumped a little. hit my head. and my glasses flew off. >> reporter: luckily karen emerged with just bruises and cuts. but it was still a traumatic experience. >> because they accelerated. the thought kept going around,
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they're not stopping. >> reporter: this video and witness statements helped police arrest these two women on charges of stealing karen's purse. what they didn't know, they picked the wrong woman to mess with. >> i have a black belt in tae kwon do. i was a certified kick boxing instructor. >> reporter: a brave woman saved by her quick thinking and good luck. >> i'm extremely lucky. i'm going to be a safety vigilante now. >> reporter: lucky, indeed. what every woman can learn from karen's experience, don't ever leave your purse in the shopping cart, even for a moment. keep it on you. or you're giving thieves the chance to make you their next victim. >> unbelievable. forget the black belt. she should be a stunt woman. she hung on for dear -- what was in that purse? >> something she really wanted to keep. >> she didn't want to give it up. >> i like her. thank you, lama. hollywood is riveted by the ongoing drama of a wayward
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dolphin. i'm not describing a pixar film. this is real life. all of l.a. is watching a lone dolphin who got separated from the group and is now stuck in shallow water. our meteorologist, ginger zee, has been tracking the rescue. good morning. >> good morning, dan and sharyn. good morning, everyone. of all the things to do in los angeles, the plight of this stranded dolphin is the number one attraction. and how marine teams go about the rescue is a very delicate operation. this may just be the most dramatic story in hollywood right now. a 700-pound dolphin, separated from its pod, seemingly lost and disoriented in wetlands just south of los angeles. >> you just don't see mammals like this in this protected wetland area. >> reporter: the dolphin followed its pod into the area wednesday, feeding on fish. while most of them swam away at high tide, this one seems to have been left behind. scientists feared for its life, worrying that during low tide, the distressed animal could beach itself and suffocate. rescue crews swept into action.
7:16 am
diving in to help. but once in the water, they decided the dolphin was well enough to find its own way out. >> if we intervene prematurely, we can complicate the issue and it can backfire on us. this is a healthy animal. we're going to kind of back off. let the tide come up. nine times out of ten, these animals will find their way out. >> reporter: the trapped dolphin quickly turned into the city's main attraction. >> marine wildlife experts are keeping a close eye on a dolphin. >> they believe that the dolphin made it underneath the bridge behind us. >> for now, it's a waiting game. >> reporter: and spectators turned out to catch a glimpse of the action. >> we love dolphins. >> i can't leave. i've been here for hours. >> i was surprised. caught my attention. i had to come over and see what was going on. >> reporter: everyone hoping this lost dolphin finds its way back to its family. >> it used to be out in the ocean water. hopefully he can find his way out of here. if not, we have to help him out.
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>> we had the l.a. desk call. unfortunately, he's still out there. we're keeping an eye on that. good weather for los angeles today. a little rainy and unsteady. not going to happen today. slightly above average. severe weather is something that's been happening for the last two days and will again today. look at this video shot in kansas. and you can see the tornado touched down for about 30 seconds or so, in cloud county. they had some big hail, too. that's another element to all of the storms. that's what i think you'll see today. let's look at who is going to be affected by severe weather. in our map, includes louisville, st. louis, a lot of kentucky. cincinnati on the outskirts. oklahoma to abilene, that's another target. and then, there's the cold. this morning, early. atlantic city, down to 29, a record low. so, the cold is settling in the northeast. not until this morning with frost and freeze warnings. tomorrow, going to be cold, too. who is warm then? somebody has to be. and it is. tallahassee, 90 by sunday. atlanta 88 by sunday. and memphis, up to 86 by the end of the weekend.
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>> let's go to the facebook and twitter photos. please, share your great photos with me. as this one from douglas county came in. debbie, thank you for that. a sunrise with some fog there. very pretty. at ginger zee on twitter. look at the bees in the background there. >> action shot. >> that makes you want to sneeze, though. you have a very allergen-full day. should i tell everybody what you were doing during the local weather break? talking like dolphins. >> ginger speaks dolphin. >> dan has the best dolphin.
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>> thank you, ginger. it's one of the toughest gigs in all of comedy. the annual white house correspondents' dinner. a room filled with celebrities, reporters and politicians, including, by the way, the president of the united states. top-notch comedians have bombed in this venue. so, how will the abc star, jimmy kimmel, do tonight? jake tapper sat down with him. >> here's jimmy kimmel. >> reporter: tonight, jimmy kimmel will play to one of the oddest rooms in comedy. the white house correspondents' association dinner. >> a strange mix of people. you have the president. you have kim kardashian. you have lindsay lohan. and you have general petraeus. i hope everybody gets out with their jewelry. >> reporter: we sat down at my perch on the north lawn to talk about the gig. how does one prepare for this very strange comedy performance? >> it's hard.
7:20 am
sometimes i'm in a room full of comedy writers. and think think the most horrible things are funny. i have to remember i'll be there with the president and first lady, et cetera. >> reporter: the line between edgy and over the cliff can be tough to negotiate at this dinner. >> you have dogs on the cars. you have the secret service, having sex all over the globe. these things are on the news. we walked into the white house today. and on the tv screen, it said secret service sex scandal. >> reporter: kimmel said he studied past performances and thinks well of seth myers last year. >> donald trump often appears on fox, which is ironic because a fox often appears on donald trump's head. >> reporter: myers advised kimmel, make the president laugh, as he did with this one about katie couric. >> katie was known best for asking those tough questions like, name a newspaper. >> reporter: the president's been known to get a laugh in or two, as well. >> the jonas brothers are here. sasha and malia are huge fans.
7:21 am
but, boys, don't get any ideas. i have two words for you. predator drones. >> any competition with the president, i lose. i just feel like i have to be funny. >> reporter: he will be. for "good morning america," jake tapper, abc news, the white house. >> gutsy to make a predator drone joke. we should also say, this is a big night for jake tapper. he's going to receive the merriman smith award for excellence in presidential coverage under pressure. as if there's any other kind of presidential coverage. congratulations to jake. he's a one of a kind. and a giant and incredibly hard worker. we salute you, jake. >> they call this the nerd prom. that makes jake tapper the king of the nerds, the homecoming king, if you will. >> she said it, not me. you can get mad at her. coming up here on the broadcast. he's a former nfl star, now snapping on camera. look at him there, as a family drama plays out in a courtroom. his daughter, turning in his wife over a fatal hit and run. we'll tell you what he said to reporters, coming up. and this morning, new
7:22 am
details from buckingham palace. one year after will married kate, the royal newlyweds are letting some secrets slip on how they're going to spend their first anniversary. >> lama hasan with the details, coming up. and it is the main event. you hear the "rocky" music there. we're calling it the puppy thunderdome. two puppies will enter. only one will leave, with the title of tiniest puppy in the world. the live weigh-in, just minutes away. keep it here. a party?
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coming up on "good morning america," did we just look at each other like that? we're going to be -- will and kate, it's been a year. can you believe that? >> hard to believe. >> have you sent your gift? >> i have. apparently, it's the paper anniversary. >> we're going to look at how they're spending their first year anniversary, coming up. this is a big one. we brought sharyn in especially for this. the live weigh-in coming up between beyonce and milly. who is the tiniest dog on the planet earth? the "rocky" music playing for a reason.
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the champs are being massaged. the weigh-in soon. ababababababab
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♪ there they are. both of those dogs look tiny. do not adjust your screen. that's what they look like. but only one is the real deal. and only one will take home the title of the world's tiniest puppy. it's beyonce versus milly. a showdown for the ages. we've been working tirelessly to bring these two together. you'll get to see it here live in just a few minutes. good morning, america. i'm sharyn alfonsi. >> and what i love about that is as you're doing the hype man voice, your voice goes down an octave. you're bringing it. i love it. >> i'm trying. i like that music. i'm going to have that play all the time when we do headlines. >> good morning, everybody.
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i'm dan harris. bianna golodryga is on maternity leave. this is saturday, april 28th. also this morning, from the live event of the decade, coming up in a few minutes, to the wedding of the century. will and kate, married one year ago tomorrow. how is the royal couple celebrating their first anniversary? lama hasan has all of the details on that. we're going to begin with a dramatic day in a high-profile trial, putting a stepdaughter against her stepmom. sparks flied outside of the courtroom from the man caught between the two. a former nfl star lashing out. abc's tanya rivero, joining us. this is quite a story. >> reporter: it is quite a story, sharyn. former nfl player, joe senser, is feeling the strain of being caught in the middle. he lashed out at reporters covering his wife's trial, all why the public has been riveted of this family drama as it publicly unfolds. >> why don't you guys get a life? >> reporter: as his family turns against each other, the relentless spotlight is clearly taking a toll on joe senser. >> shall i smile for you? hi. good morning.
7:32 am
what channel are you? >> channel 5. >> hi, channel 5. >> reporter: the former nfl player lost his cool in the lobby of a minneapolis courthouse at the end of a stressful week for the prominent senser family. joe and three of his four daughters, each took the stand in the trial of his wife, amy senser, accused of a hit-and-run last august, that killed a 38-year-old chef. hitting his car on a ramp. >> this is the trial of the year in the twin cities. a former vikings player. a well-to-do family. a family with a well-known chain of restaurants in minnesota. >> reporter: on wednesday, joe, who was standing by his wife, told jurors she didn't turn herself in until her stepdaughter, brittany, threatened she would call police herself. brittani senser, an aspiring
7:33 am
singer, said on the stand, she was furious when somebody began speculating that she was behind the wheel and amy still hadn't come forward. >> this has relative against relative. best friend against best friend. >> reporter: emotion was high on friday when joe and amy's daughter, molly, had to testify about whether her mother was drunk on the night of the accident. molly herself, asked her mom if she had been drinking. she responded, she wasn't drunk or anything. but when the prosecution asked specifically if her mother told her she had a drink, molly was forced to testify, she had a sip of something. the daughter having to testify against her mother, seemed too much for the father charged with holding his family together. amy senser, who has pleaded not guilty, could take the stand in her defense. if convicted of all counts of criminal vehicular homicide, she faces up to four years in prison. >> see why he's under stress. tanya, thank you. let's check the other headlines with ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, obama administration could make a
7:34 am
major concession when talks over iran's nuclear program resume next month. "the los angeles times" reports that the administration might support letting iran continue enriching uranium if they take steps to prevent it from developing a nuclear weapon. and police in washington state have surrounded an underground bunker where a man suspected of killing his wife and daughter might be hiding out. they pumped tear gas in. but they fear it may be booby trapped. detroit tigers delmon young apologized following his arrest yesterday, after being charged in a hate crime. police say that young screamed anti-semitic epithets during an argument at his hotel. he could face up to a year in jail. finally, angry birds in milwaukee. a sheriff's deputy was attacked trying to shoo some geese off the highway. she got a little too close. and one of the birds jumped at her, causing her to fall down. later offcamera, the deputy pistol-whipped the bird in retaliation.
7:35 am
not really. >> the views of ron claiborne, do not represent the views of abc news. >> it was a joke. an attempt at humor. time, now, for the weather, and over to ginger zee. >> what are you going to do with that one, ginger? >> i'm going to leave that there with the geese. and we're going to go ahead and move on to weather. a stormy morning, ron, in chicago, is where we begin. our friends at wls have this camera for us to see it's going to be an umbrella day. it won't be thundering the entire day. but a lot of folks, hearing thunder. rain in place, not only for chicagoland, but along the warm front. and storms, severe storms possible in parts of kentucky, eastern missouri. and back into parts of oklahoma and texas today. i want to leave you with a look at how much rain is going to fall. pockets above an inch here south and west of springfield. that's the big picture.
7:36 am
>> this weather report was brought to you by walgreens. >> thank you, ginger. no geese were harmed in the production of that weathercast. coming up here on "good morning america," almost one year after kate and will got married, we're learning new secrets about the plan for their first anniversary. >> and we're talking about it. and the canine clash of the century. there, you see them. beyonce, and milly, getting ready for their live weigh-in. who will take the title of the world's tiniest puppy? coming up. [ male announcer ] for two years in a row,
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can you believe it was a year ago? the kiss seen around the world. how are william and kate celebrating their first anniversary tomorrow? that seems like a personal but lama hasan has all the details. >> reporter: a year ago, the scene was decadent, lavish, and epic. the wedding of the century. watched by millions around the world. for the first year anniversary, there will be no pomp, no ceremonies.
7:41 am
just a quiet get together. a private affair. >> their first anniversary, they're not going to want a big parade or anything. they want to enjoy the time together privately. >> reporter: we're told close friends and family will be invited. but we don't know who or even where. it could be a private celebration at their new home at st. james' place. or they could sneak away. william and kate have spent much of the past few months apart. he, in south america as part of his military duty. she, in the u.k., fulfilling her royal duties. it has been quite a year for kate. she looks quite a same. this is her as a commoner, just one day before her wedding. this is kate now. she's blossomed into a princess. >> the walkabouts, the crowds. the constantly being on. it's like she was born to do it. >> reporter: the celebration, a good idea. the next couple of months will be crazy.
7:42 am
they'll be helping the queen celebrate 60 years of being on the throne. then, there's the olympics. finally, another overseas trip. but there is one major royal duty yet unfulfilled. kate and william on thursday, cooing over a baby. one witness described her as doting. >> i could see a baby being born in 2013, really the way to go. >> reporter: and since tradition holds up for a first anniversary, the proper gift is paper. we will be sending off our script this morning to will and kate, with our best wishes. no expense spared. >> they'll be happy to receive them. coming up, if you are a fan of either, "a," dogs or "b," unrestrained absurdity, you're going to want to see this. it's milly versus beyonce. it's the weigh-in live on television. who is tinier? keep it here. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water, i'm different. i've got nine grams of protein.
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i believe we called this the live event of the decade. isn't that right, sharyn? >> you called it that. >> the big moment has arrived. it's beyonce against milly. who is the world's tiniest dog? before the weigh-in, here's the backstory. it is a clash of the tiny titans. ♪ i'm a survivor >> reporter: in one corner, beyonce, the puny pooch who has proven she is a survivor. her mom was nearly put down while pregnant. and beyonce, the runt of the litter, was stillborn, weighing less than an ounce. the vet didn't think she could make it. >> she wasn't moving much at all. it was evident that the puppy was trying to take some breaths. but wasn't able to inhale air. >> reporter: when beyonce first burst on to the scene a few
7:48 am
weeks ago, we thought she was the tiniest dog on earth. then, we heard about this puppy. a new canine contender, for the tiniest title. she is milly, a 4-month-old chihuahua from puerto rico. her owners realized that milly had topped out at 2 1/2 inches tall and wasn't getting any bigger. >> when she was born, she had to be fed with an eye dropper because her mouth was too small. >> reporter: before the two small dogs square off, we put them into a puppy posedown. [ shutter clicking ] >> milly. >> reporter: but now, play time is over. it is time to answer the burning question. beyonce or milly? who is tiniest?
7:49 am
we are definitely not overhyping this thing. it's time for the moment of truth. let's bring in milly. astrid is her owner. we're playing milli vanilli as her theme song. sharyn's going to do some interpretive dancing. look how cute. good morning. let's get it up to sacramento, where we have beyonce and her owner, beth. beth, good morning. how is beyonce doing? >> good morning. she's doing great. >> we wanted to have you with us in new york. but beyonce just had her shots. and you were worrying about her traveling. but otherwise, her health is good? >> she's doing great. just being careful with her. >> and how is milly enjoying new york city? >> she loves it. >> she loves it. how does she feel about the attention? she appears to be soaking it up. >> yeah. >> we had to warm up the studio because she's so cold. >> let's do the weigh-in. we're going to start in sacramento with beth. put her on the scale, if you don't mind, beth. >> sure. >> are you nervous, sharyn?
7:50 am
what's this? it looks like one pound, four ounces. okay. >> did pricewaterhousecoopers check this? >> we're making sure that no rigging has been done. let's put milly on the scale. >> what does it say? 13 ounces. i guess we have a winner, ladies and gentlemen. it is milly. cue the confetti. and here's ginger zee, doing vanna white, with the small trophy. congratulations. how are you feeling? are you very excited? >> very excited. >> there's a chance she may get the guinness record. how long do you have to wait for that? >> one year. >> one year. a ways to go. beth, before we go, we're having a good time here. but there is a serious message about pet adoption. your dog was saved so many other dogs and cats out there, that need a similar rescue.
7:51 am
>> absolutely. what we're asking everybody to do is if you love beyonce, go to and help her to save the thousands and millions of animals out there that would otherwise be euthanized. we really encourage everybody to do that. >> can't emphasize that strong enough. there are thousands of cats and dogs all over the country that need a good home, tiny or otherwise. congratulations, again to you. >> thank you so much for having me. >> wrap her back in the blanket. i know she gets cold. >> smallest dog in the universe. >> does she take walks on the leash? >> yes. >> she runs. >> incredible. >> on a string. we'll be right back. ♪ [ female announcer ] walgreens introduces...nice! [ woman ] i got it. where's your brother? [ dog barking ] ♪
7:52 am
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7:56 am
all right. there it is. that's the moment of triumph for little milly, getting weighed in at 13 ounces, winning our global competition of who was the tiniest dog on the planet earth. it's a moment of triumph here. and looks like the aftermath of a serious party with confetti everywhere. >> the second match with the ears. we have to see who has the biggest ears. >> another burning question. stay tuned next weekend. thanks for watching abc news. david muir is back with "world news" later. >> terry: good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. let's start with weather. here is lisa argen. >> lisa: good morning. here is the place you shouldn't be, right? lots of sunshine with temperatures in the 50s
7:57 am
downtown. should be beautiful but we will have the 30-degree temperature spread from the coast to the inland valleys. 47 in napa. 51 in fremont and 47 in livermore. we are starting out warmer than we were yesterday morning because of the lack of an onshore flow. we will get into a coastal breeze throughout the day. that will keep our temperatures a little cool beach side. warmer than tomorrow. so if you are keeping track we should be in the mid and upper 50s in san francisco and oakland. warmer than that today. san francisco, 67. oakland, 72. everywhere else, 5-89 degrees warming. the setup is this, high pressure is building into the eastern pacific strongly today and tomorrow. so that means warmer days inland but tomorrow, we'll see a little bit of that coastal fog stick around. that means temperatures coming
7:58 am
down a few degrees here. we'll look for high temperatures then today. 72 in san mateo. 74 palo alto. with 80 in concord as well as napa. up in morgan hill and look ahead showing that little cooling to get underway coastside and few more clouds for the first week of may. >> terry: coming up next, take a look what caltrans crews are doing. they have been working away on doyle drive. you can see the progress they made. a live report from the scene. frances dinglasan has realtime advice for getting to and from and around the golden gate bridge. the news is next.
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