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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 29, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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coops abc-7 news is next. drive is drive is reduced down. of rubble pile of rubble as demolition crews remove the old roadway. >> ama: from busy roads to ferries, the impact on commuters. good evening, i'm ama daetz. >> alan: i'm alan wang. we coverage. tomas roman is live at the demolition site but first sergio quintana has a look at the impact. >> reporter: ferry service between san francisco and marin county today saw about a 50% jump in ridership today. but around 8:00 this evening operators realized that 14 people -- 1400 people who came to the city from marin county had not yet gone back, and so
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there was worry they stayed here for the last boat that leaves at 10:30 and there were going to be too many people for the last boat. >> last and final call. anybody else for larkspur. >> because so many people the ferry and lots of people lated for the last run, two boats had two boats ready and would double the number of ferries, and regular ferry riders felt the squeeze. >> was it more parked than usual. >> sure. a lot more bike riders. >> one of the most popular ferries was the route to at&t park for the giants game. it's sold out through the weekend. >> this is traffic coming over the golden gate bridge saturday afternoon. according to numbers from the highway district they saw a 50% drop in traffic and are hoping for the same for the rest of the weekend. for those who insisted on driving over the golden gate,
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one alternate route got gummed up. >> sitting here ten minutes, looks like another 10-15 minutes to get a block. >> it's slow. just got to bring a lot of patience. i knew this was going to be like this. >> the doyle drive alternate route recommended by caltrans is through practice pre -- presidio boulevard. >> i was going to take the 580, but now i think i might risk the golden gate bridge because sounds like it's reasonable. >> reporter: they did not have to use the second ferry. they figure a few hundred people decided to stay in the city overnight. but there will be expanded service again tomorrow for ferry service as the continuation of the destruction of doyle drive, and so they are -- they want to make sure that people are going to be making preparations for sunday as well.
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reporting live in san francisco, abc-7 news. >> arightraffic right now. we're looking at the golden gate bridge. not a whole lot of cars out there. people choosing to stay away, fortunately, and checking out the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see there is a little bit of a backup there approaching the toll. but let's look at the actual bay bridge and you can see things are moving smoothly there. the primary alternate route to get around doyle drive and over the golden gate bridge is 19th avenue park presidio. the recommend san rafael bridge is also an option but whichever route you take, expect heavy traffic. >> alan: the doyle project has been moving at a feverish space since friday night. we're at and at last check they were on schedule to finish before monday morning's commute. how are theying too now? >> so far so good.
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it's been 27 hours, and all but a quarter of a mile of what was once doyle drive is still standing. these machines at 200 workers have been working, pounding away at the highway 8:00 last night and it's going to be a matter of hours before the entire roadway is histay is tonight this is taking workers half an hour to demolish. this roadway leading to the golden gate bridge, built in 1936, was weakened by a quake qe and will be history. he's here recording the activity. >> for posterity for my grandkids. i worked here and live just up the street. i want to see what the whole noise is about. >> the work has been an attraction all day long. many are their watch sections to the ground after being pounded to pieces. the amazed look on this girl's face is a feeling shared by many
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onlookers. from sky 7 the remains looked like the skeleton of a giant prehistoric creature. the sillersteens are impressed. >> this is astounding. i wonder what it's going to look like when it's done. >> we're trying to figure out which piece is going to connect to what. >> reporter: this is animation of the new temporary roadway for the next three years. monday morning, marin commuters will pass through this tunnel and then on to the paved roadway that replaces the old doyle drive. dave pang is the project's construction manager. >> areas are on schedule. we're looking good for monday. >> reporter: he says this type of work has never been done before. the dem mission is -- demolition is taking place in six places smallly. a concrete divider is almost complete. a massive amount of debris is being separated. con treat and steel will be
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recycled. the project managers say there haven't been any hitches but tomorrow is a crucial day. >> the contractors want people to stay away from this area tomorrow. they know there's going to be an the bay which may attract a lot of traffic and tourists but they're going to be dozens of as fault trucks coming into the area tomorrow to start laying down the voorp the project can be completed by the opening on monday morning, which is expectedded a 5:00 a.m. they say if there's a lot of tourist traffic it could cause a major delay so they're asking people to please stay away. reporting live, abc-7 news. >> alan: and abc-7 news will have updates all weekend on the progress of the doyle drive construction project and the detours. you can get an instant notice when the road re-opens, and our exclusive waves app can help you and a navigate around it. '. >> ama: a little boy died on his
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first birthday hours after being attacked by his family dog. he was on his floor of his grandmother's house when he called over to the dog and started petting him. the mastif mix latched on the boy's face and gap to shake him violently and the grandmother tried to pull him from the dog's jaws. >> she is historical. she saw everything. she saw him shaking him like a rag doll. she saw his face. she held him while he stopped breathing. >> police say the dog has been declared vicious and will bethe. the family owned the dog since it was puppy and had never been aggressive before the incident. >> alan: there's memorial at the site of a car crash in brentwood that caused the death of a 14-year-old girl today. mourners came to remember ashley malone who died when 0 two vehicles collided shortly after midnight.
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>> we heard a really loud boom, and we saw a bunch of dust and debris and saw a car flying through the air. >> or two cars with major damage, one of the side, one damage in the front, and basically a couple medical helicoptersle we had a total of six patient mentz. >> alan: three people were stabbed during a identifying in brentwood, not far from the crash scene, and attempted to drive one of the stabbing hospital ended in that collision. >> ama: a chp of drew his gun on a driver after a high-speed chase over the bay bridge. you can see the woman walk backwards as the chp over holds a gun on her. it's a little difficult to see. but another officer handcuffed her. chp says it issue initially tried to pull her over for a car pool lane violation. >> a santa rosa man is in custody after crashing his car
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on highway 101 in a high-speed chase. he lost control of his volvo near the petaluma boulevard north exit. he slammed into a drainage ditch. he was pulled from the car before its burst into flames. >> alan: san jose police released the names and pictures of suspects in a stabbing death that left to a nine hour standoff with police. the brothers are wanted for murder and are at large tonight. yesterday a 5 #-year-old man was found outside his house and later died from his injuries. >> ama: friendsesfriendses and f the yachting community came together to remember a victim of the deadly cross-this morning. elmer morris see what a visiting scientist from ireland. a memorial service was held for him at st. mary church in
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berkeley. he had been working on reducing energy in buildings. >> he was an extremely talented and extremely promising young scientist, and his loss is really immeasurable. >> he is one of five crew members who died during a boat race when waves overtook their boat, crashing it. three others survived. >> another yacht race disaster. three crew members of thesale beat agee yap is dead and a fourth is missing off the coast of mexico. it pass wart of the newport to ensenada international yacht race that began yesterday. the coast guard is searching for the missing crew member. >> alan: dangerous winds tear down tent and injury dozens of people in st. louis. >> ama: a wayward dolphin in trouble in southern california. >> so cover your ears if that's possible. >> alan: jimmy kimmel pokes fun
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at the president. the jokes, both good and bad, coming up. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. clear sky right now. tomorrow is opening day on the bay. i'll have that forecast for you, and also look ahead for the n
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>> ama: one person died after high winds blew over a beer tent in st. louis near busch stadium.
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the blast blew the tent 100 feet and sent the poles and everything under it flying through the air. >> we caught some high straightline winds in the area. at the bar after the game. we had 150-200 people underneath some outbuildings or tents. as you can see, picked the tents if. >> ama: 100 people were treated at the escape and 17 people were hospitalizedded, five in serious condition. >> a standoff at an underground bunker near north bend, washington is it over. authorities discovered a body they think is the man who murdered his wife and daughter. here's scott goldberg. >> reporter: the terrain at the foot of the cascade mountains was so rough police used helicopters to drop s.w.a.t. team members at the sight of the underground bunker. they bhe roof and fired tear gas inside. then they spotted a body on the
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ground. >> appears to have been dead for some time. >> investigators say the survivalist may have been there since last sunday when the bodies of his wife and daughter were found after a fire at hise. >> house. >> both of them had been shot to death. the family dog and cat, were also found shot dead. >> utterly blown away this happened. >> excellent found n >> investigators found photos on the hard drive of a computer at the murder scene that led to this hideway where his red truck was parked. a bomb unit will check the bunker keller spent eight years building to make sure there are no explosion soifers booby traps them major concern is explosives. >> detectives will then be allowed to enter the bunker to conduct a crime scene >> alan: officia >> alan: official says the bunker was fortified with at least 14 guns, propane tanks, gas cans and binoculars.
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>> ama: a huge crowd jammed into the civic center plaza to talk about senior health care. the event focuses a bill in the state legislature that would provide better care for the aging population. >> we're going to see costs ride for the state if our clients have to go into nursing homes. what is going to happen also is their dignity will be lost, their ability to stay in their home and live out their life in the comfort of their home with a care provider who genuinely care their needs. >> 400,000 people and persons with disability count on support programs to remain the their home. >> alan: experts are hoping a dolphin will find its way off of shallow water. the dolphin became stranded in muddy waters. the dolphin has moved closer to
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a bridge and is heading toward the harbor where it can reach open water. if necessary, crews have a harness ready to help the dolphin. >> ama: expect a lot of red, white and blue on the san francisco bay tomorrow. the occasion is the 95th 95th annual opening day on the bay. up to 500 boats and 1,000 boaters are expected to participate in this very colorful event. the theme is the american spirit. along with some goofy decorated boats there will be a tinge of sadness as the boating community works through the emotions of the death of five sailors on the fair lop islands. >> leigh: it should be nice tomorrow. temperatures for opening day on the bay tomorrow will actually warm up a few degrees. we have some nice low 80s in the east bay valleys this afternoon. upper 50s to near 60 degrees near the coast, and low clouds and fog from this van vantage
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point you can see the bridge. clear skies, and temperatures dropped into the 50s. napa right now, 57 degrees. 58 in fairfield. 64 in antioch right now. a high earlier this afternoon of 80 degrees. there's going to be 82 tomorrow. 55 for oakland, as well as san francisco and los gatos, clear skies, 56 degrees. so we'll we'll keep it clear overnight. most locations we'll bring in a few low clouds, a little fog near the coast. a warmer day for the bay tomorrow, and then after that we'll start to cool things down as we head into the middle and latter part of next week. here is a look at our closeup satellite. you can see the clouds that were there today, just moved on out. thanks to those north to south winds there. we may see a little light fog develop on the coast but most of the night will be clear and that will mean 40s in the north
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bay. accept rose sacks -- santa rosa, napa. san francisco, 52. 50 for oakland. and 49 for morgan hill. but this is the setup. strong winds today. thanks to a pretty strong gradient with high pressure to the west of us, low pressure to the south. that has since started to relax. but as weghhead through tomorrow we will remain dry. look for the clouds to gather near the coast at -- as temperatures there will be in the upper 50s to low 60s, but the further east you go, you'll break out into brilliant sunshine and tempera the mid-to-low 80s interior east bay. here's a look at the forecast animation overnight. you see we should remain clear, and then tomorrow morning, this is 7:00 a.m. we start to see a little stratus start to form near the coast. some could move in for the bay, so mariners, morning may have a
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little overcast and then clearing by later in the afternoon. here's the highs tomorrow. 80s. more so tomorrow. accept rosa, 81. 80 for napa. 57 for san francisco. breezy coast side. 52 for half moon bay. east bay, concord, 81. 82 for antioch and livermore, and look for monterey tomorrow, 64 degrees. gilroy, 82. the seven-day forecast, you'll see that tomorrow really is the warmest day of the next seven days. start to cool down monday, tuesday, wednesday, temperatures in the 80s tomorrow. only reach the mid-to-low 70s and might be able to squeeze out a few raindrops in the nort thud next thursday and friday. >> alan: thank you, leigh. >> ama: perfect weather to beat the padres. >> mike: something like that. an interesting game. giants stole one from the padres. tim lincecum playing an interesting role, and you won't believe the
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>> mike: what a train game between the giants and padres. a perfect game for five innings. giants score two after a questionable call at first and sandoval's 20-game hit streak is over. bass on the hill for the padres. perfect game until the sixth when tim lincecum gets a single. a pitcher ruins the perfect game. bottom seven. 1-0 padres. al a.l. lon sew pulled off the bag but maybe note. bell scores cabrera and sheer sr holes. timmy with perhaps his best
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outing, goes eight. three hits, one run, five ks. giants take it. >> orioles identifiesing on ty son ross. here comes jones. davis 3-4, two runs scored. to the their. wilson betemit doubles, then session pet desshow off the gun. the only a's highlight, johnny gomes. the a's go down 10-1. >> the raiders sat around for two days waiting to make their first pick, the last choice of round 2, and they took tony berg strom, he wail play guard for oakland and was formally introduced today. 25-year-old spent two years after high school on his mission for the mormon church and is eager up suit up for the sill
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silver and black. >> it's an honor to me. i couldn't be more honored for them to come into this draft and have the only one firstic and have me be it. it's something that's unexpected, and honestly just quite an honor. >> didn't panic. we just went off the board and the best player available was the direction we went, and we felt good about the guys we picked. >> mike: raiders addressed self needs in the draft, taking miles burris in the fourth, criner in the fifth and then the first player ever taken out of georgia state in round six. >> the 49erss had five pickses. they were fortunately enough to be able to add depth their roster and what a draft. nine players from cal and
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stanford. campbell the panthers and the vikes vehicle took trevor. the nba playoffs tipped off today and bad news for the bulls despite their victory, and oklahoma city defeats the mavericks hempioicks he old fashioned way with thehehehe
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>> mike: the ncaa -- nba playoffs could not have gotten off to a worst start, losing derrick rose for the season. knocking down the three here. bulls up 11. rose 23 points, nine boards, nine assists. fourth quarter. game is out of reach. what is he doing in the game? lands awkwardly on his left foot and tears his acl. ss for the bulls. >> what a finish game one between the mavs and thunder. dallas up one. kevin durant over the double-team. how's that bounce. marion up the floor but time
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runs out and the thunder steal game one. >> the playoff action, lebron james has 32 in miami's win. former warrior jason richardson led the magic in the win over the pacers. to the size, former sharks coast in st. louis. kings on the penalty kid, and deflied by elliott. matt greene gets the goal and the kings upset in game one. >> we have so much more coming your way, earthquakes saber good ats, golf, nascar. nowhere else to go, doyle drive is down. >> ama: coming up, a missing chinese activist and the u.s. might have him. the details behind the mystery. >> alan: politicians on the white seat at tonight's white house correspondents dipper.
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>> alan: the doyle drive demolition projicts underway. >> ama: crews are racing to open up the new bridge, roadway and tunnel before the monday morning commute.
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hers here's the demolition zone. we're live the scene with the latest on the progress. >> reporter: there's about only less than a quarter mile left of rive after 24 after 24 hours of work. now, more than 200 workers and this heavy machinery have been going nonstop to tear down doyle drive and open up the new roadway by the 5:00 a.m. deadline. the work has been an attraction all day long. many are here to watch the sections fall to the ground. the amazed look on this girl's face is a feel shared by many of these onlookers. sky 7hd the remains look like the skeleton of a giant prehistoric creature. the heavy equipment looks like crab feeding on the rest. >> this is history in the making and i'm wondering what it's going to look like when it's done. >> we're trying to figure out which piece is going to connect to what.
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>> reporter: back here live. managers say the work is on schedule and feel confident commuters will be able to use the new roadway on monday morning, if people will stay away from this area. project managers are concerned tomorrow is a giants game and opening day on the bay and a lot of towerrizes and traffic but there will be dozens of asphalt trucks coming into the area to finish the roadway. so they're asking people to stay away from the area so those trucks can come in, do their business, and finish this project on time. reporting live in san francisco. abc-7 news. >> ama: let them get the job done. we'll have updates all weekend on the progress of the doyle drive construction project and the detours. you can get instant notice when the road re-opens via twitter, facebook, and text alert, and >> alan: an early morning crash in brentwood killed a
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14-year-old girl. the girl was taking a stabbing extreme the -- victim to the hospital. >> ama: a woman driver had a gun pull on her by a chp officer following a high-speed chase from the east bay over the bay bilge. the chp tried to pull the women over for a car pool violation. >> alan: the reward for the safe return of sierra lamar has more than doubled. 25,000 tuesday will be given to the first person provides information leading to her safe return. the 15-year-old has been missing since mid-march. >> ama: five days for hillary clinton is set to arrive for top level talks a cas china, a case of international intrigue is playing out in beijing. the big question, is the u.s. protecting a chinese activist? >> it's like a plot from an international thriller. a blind activist, under house arrest, surrounded be security guards who peer into this
2:39 am
windows. when christian bale tried to visit, he was pushed back by security. but chang, who has protested and exposed forced abortions and sterilizations was able to scale a wall and escape. supporter tho beijing, where a car chase ensued with police, ending at the u.s. embassy. that is where activists say chang is under the breck of american officials. what does the u.s. say? >> can you confirm chang is in the embassy or in the custody of the united states. >> youthing for you on that subject. >> this would be the first time since the teen -- tianimen squa the u.s. protected aning a activist. this couldn't have come at a worst time. secretary oflinton a clinton and treasury secretary geithner are set to return to beijing for talks. >> this does have the potential to be a major international
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incident. it could become that if it's mishasn't el. >> we have to see how the chinese handle it. >> the chinese signaled this issue should not disrupt the talks, but since the u.s. has long criticized the chinese human rights record, the secretary of state will be walking a beijing tightrope next week. >> alan: tonight was the annual white house correspondents dipper in washington, dc. it's typically a roast of the political establishment, and tonight was no exception. jimmy kim mel was the featured comedian but first president obama warmed up the crowd. >> my mother was born in kansas. my father was born in kenya. and i was born, of course in hawaii. [applause] >> four years ago i was lost in a brutal primary battle with hillary clinton. four years later, she won't stop drunk texting me from carta happy na.
2:41 am
>> mr. president, you remember when the country rallied around you in hopes of a better tomorrow? that was hilarious. >> you know, they say that inside eave american governor is a president struggling to get out, and in christy's case it's the only one where you can still hear him screaming. >> the first laidis right. americans are out of shape. we used to march, now we occupy. >> quick congratulations to the "occupy" protesters. took months and months of hackie sack but finally wall street isn't greedy anymore. congratulations. >> hugy is the dog from the movie the artist. uggy is amazing. he can roll over. he is a democrat. >> where is chesley sullenberger. mid him outside the -- sully,
2:42 am
would you mind driving lindsey lohan home? i talked to a guy who was a huge supporter of obamacare some a guy who says it's a disaster that should be killed immediately, and it was interesting because i never met mitt romney before. >> santorum is out. i guess just wasn't rick's year. >> you know, it's one thing to oppose gay marriage. it's another to do it in a sweater vest. >> alan: the highlights of the evening there. proceeds from the dipper go towards scholarships for aspiring journalists and award for distinction in the profession. >> ama: coming up. the lifetime checking account that didn't quite last that long. "7 on your side" steps in to help. >> alan: demolition derby days in half moon bay. >> leigh: looks like fine. if you're going to half moon bay, the giants game tomorrow, even participating on the
2:43 am
opening of the bay tomorrow, it's going to be terrific. a little warmer. we'll look at the forecast coming up.
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>> alan: when you buy something with a lifetime guarantee you shouldn't have to ask how long to that guarantee lasts. a man opened up a checking account that was free for life. then the bank got swallowedded up by another bank. >> june of 1971. >> reporter: the was a
2:46 am
17-year-old high school junior in virginia when he made a great financial decision. >> virginia commonwealth bank was opening a new branch and if you signed up now you got free checking for life. >> life. of his friends were that impressed but he immediately hopped on a bus, went across town and signed up. >> i'm 17 years old. i'm thinking, that's going to last me a long time, free checking for life. >>d since has happened since then. robert grew up and moved to san francisco hitches bank was swallowed up. >> to he kept the same account all this time and true to promise, it stayed free all this time. then, nation's bank merged with bank of america. robert became a b of a mumper and not too long ago his free checking slipped away. >> it was -- we've billion charging you a service fee, and
2:47 am
i sigh why is that? well, we sent you a letter. we changed the terms. >> the freebie end last fall after 40 years. it happened when his balance dropped below the $1,500 minimum. and these $14 monthly charges kicked in. robert called the bank. >> yes you head free checking for life, and but that expired. i thought ways free checking of my life, not the life of the promotion. he decided to fight it. >> he contacted us and we con b, teactd bank of america, and in e looked back in time and, sure enough, b of a says robert had a lifetime promise, his lifetime. the bank would not discuss the case but did say we tiply honor legacy free checking count agreements so b of a refunded him $168 in charges and placed a permanent fee waiver on his account. >> i'm not how permanent the
2:48 am
permanent waiver is. >> robert says with all the bank fees today he is glad he had the wits to open the free can't. if you have a free for life account and are now being charged for it, let me know about it. go to >> ama: if you're thinking about getting a lottery ticket overnight you're out of luck. the california lottery is town all shut town all this lottery terminals until tomorrow morning. all 2 # thousand retailers and expected to be back up by 11 tomorrow morning. >> alan: the dream machine show going underway with a demolition derby. the first year the show is featuring theupernaturally supey championship. the winner walked away if a $3,000. it all benefits the coast side adult day health center and continues tomorrow from to:00 ae
2:49 am
half moon bay airport. >> ama: super narly. >> leigh: i want to do that. >> ama: i can leigh out leigh ot there. >> leigh: i'm just teasing. if you're traveling tomorrow, big sur, terrific day there. 75 degrees. would you check out palmrings in 95 tomorrow. l.a., 76. 56 for san diego. tahoe warms to 63, and sacramento warm at 58 degrees. a great place to cool down would be, of course, on the bay's opening day on the bay tomorrow, and the forecast coming up here. you can get a sense that temperatures will be in the mid-to-low 60s on the water. those west winds pick up 10-20 miles-per-hour, and we'll keep a few clouds right near the coast. some of those may drift in beside the bay by late tomorrow afternoon.xt seven days, enjoy
2:50 am
tomorrow. 80s inland. 70s around at the bay. 60s see coast. monday, tuesday, wednesday, we drop into the low 70s. by wednesday, inland, 60s in the bay, and 50s at the coast, and then a few drops thursday and friday. >> ama: not bat. '. >> alan: shu has it all. what don't you have? >> mike: demolition derby. i've seen leigh drive home. we have a lot of sports on deck, hope your
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>> mike: quite a game between the giants and padres. the perfect became for five inning. won't believe who broke bronco that up. giants scored two and sandoval's -- tim lincecum breaks up be perfect game. bottom spin, 1-0 padres. ow lan dough is pulled off the bag. replay shows might not be true. but bell to deep left. scoring cabrera. 2-1 giants. timmy with perhaps his best
2:54 am
outing, goes eight, giants take it. >> ore -- orioles, davis 3-4, four rbis, two runs score and a home run. to the third. betemit, adam jones score. then cespedes, guns down betemit at third. he's got an arm. the only ace highlight, johnny gomes. solo shot presents a shutout. the a's go down 10-1. last night in baltimore, the guy commanding all your attention didn't play for either team. check out the shirtless fan running around the bases and sliding into home. that's when the umpire jeff kellogg says, party is over, dude. he tackles the fan. now, have either one of you ever done something really ridiculously stupid in public like that? i know your parents wouldn't let you. >> ama: never. never. >> mike: come on, am ma.
2:55 am
>> ama: i don't want to do anything that ended up on youtube. >> alan: but i'll have whatever he is having. >> mike: nba playoffs off to a horrible start for the bulls. chicago loses derrick rose for the rest of the season. bulls and sixers. rose dominant. 23. fourth quarter, game out of reach. why i his still in the game? lands awkwardly on his left foot and tears his acl. out for the rest of the year. bulls win the game 103-91. >> what a finish, game one between the mavs and thunder. kevin durant over to the double team. thunder up one. time runs out. thundershowers steal fame one. other playoff action, lebron james, 32 points in victor miami's victory, and former warrior jay rich scored 17 to lead the
2:56 am
momentum in a game-one win of the pacers. to the ice, kings in st. louis, on the penalty kill in the second. brown denied by elliott. the rebound for the short-handed goal. kings with the upset in game one. 3-1 the final. >> rangers hosting the cats in the garden. chris crider scores on the slap shot. six games into this nhl career, and scores what turns out to be the game-winner, rangers take game one. >> the earthquakes keep on rolling. san jose back east in philadelphia. looking to extend their unbeaten run to six games. scoreless in the 76th minute. chavez the cross. the diving header. 1-0. fast forward to stoppage time. a little déjà vu. chaff res in -- quakes win 2-1, remain atop the western conference standings. >> saber cats in iowa. mark reef on the money.
2:57 am
his 100th touchdown catch of his arena football career. then the games out of hand. the saber cats win big, 76-33. >> let's tee it up. jason dufner leading in around three of the zurich classic but ryan palmer, tying the course record with an 8-under 64. still four off the lead which belongs to dufner. thatches to this approach on 16. sticks right nor the jar. birdies the hole. shoots a 5-under 67. dufner up two shots heading into the final round looking for his first pga victory in 163 starts. >> capital city 400 in richmond. kyle busch with nine laps left. and busch takes the checkered flag for the fourth straight year. he loves that track. snapping a 22-race winless
2:58 am
drought. >> now i have to spend an hour going across the golden gate bridge. >> ama: thank you. captioned by closed captioning services inc. rsñcñcñcñcñcñcñcñcñc?xuuuuuúp
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