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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 30, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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i'm ama dates. >> and i'm alan wang. the construction is almost finished and the roadway is set to open in just six hours. we have team coverage tonight. abc7's lilian kim shows us the new route you will see tomorrow morning. but first, let's begin with abc7 news reporter thomas roman. he has an update on the construction progress. thomas? >> the work that started just 51 hours ago is on track according to cal trans engineers. look at the roadway below me. 24r* are crews down there right now adding the finishing touches which will hopefully welcome drivers to the new doyle drive in six hours. tonight for the first time in 51 hours along doyle drive there was no pounding, no
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demolition, just workers adding finishing touches. like any tabooed worker will -- good worker will tell you, a finished product has to be made presentable. in this case the road is being swept clean and prepped for traffic. he says there are four things that have to be completed before 5:00 a.m. >> final sweep to place the k rail and to place the roadway signs. >> and that will take? >> it will take the rest of the evening, but we will be open at 5:00 a.m. for sure. >> these are the k rails that will line the temporary roadway. there is a lot of debris near the golden gate bridge. cal trans is sure that for a time commuters will slow down to stir up what is left of old doyle drive looking for the remains of ancient civilization. he missed the demolition, but is impressed by the debris. >> it looks like something from a movie. and, yes. >> ultimately you think it is
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pretty -- -- >> awesome. >> awesome is a good description. martha who lived in the pro presidio for 13 years says it is a vast improvement. >> it is going to be worth it all in the end. it is going to be beautiful and it will have a perfect skyline view. hopefully it will be better and safer for everyone to drive on. >> there is more to come. first, all of the debris has to be removed. it is being separated and the steel rebar will be recycled. then this fall work will begin in the last phase. this now unnecessary concrete and steel viaduct will have to come down to make way for the project in about three years. we asked one of the engineers if there was a possibility that the roadway will open before 5:00 a.m. he said, yes, about 15 minutes earlier. contractors are still cleaning up down below, but we have no indication that this roadway won't be ready for traffic at 5:00 tomorrow morning. reporting live in san francisco, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thomas, thank you.
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get ready for that new scenery tomorrow morning if the old doyle drive was part of your normal route. you will be on a slightly different path heading to and from the golden gate bridge. lilian kim is live with what drivers can expect. hi, lilian. >> cal trans is urging motorists to be careful and to be patient because there will be a lot to take in. one of the biggest changes is the new tunnel. if you are coming from marin it begins a half mile from the toll plaza. motorists driving in from marin county will notice the changes soon after leaving the toll plaza. the plastic pylons will only be used for a short distance. for the rest of the way, a moveable median barrier will be separating traffic. and the lanes will be a bit roomier. >> i found doyle drive a little tight. i always got nervous when i was approaching it and driving it. so this new thing i think i will adjust to it and i am looking forward to it. >> for the next week or two, expect delays as people get
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used to the new configuration. the new ect connector goes through a tunnel which measures a thousand feet. >> there is going to be a wow factor, and we want people to pay attention and be cautious and patient. there is an adjustment period. >> and perhaps one of the biggest adjustments is navigating the additional curves. th is a view coming on to the approach leaving san francisco. cal trans assures it won't be a repeat of the s-curve on the bay bridge that triggered several accidents including a fatality when it was unveiled three years ago. >> it is underground. you have more peripheral vision. it is safe. >> just in case there will be numerous signs alerting motorists of what is to come. extra chp officers will also be on hand. people we talked to can't wait to check it out. >> we have ridden on it for so many years. on the old structure, so just
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to see the change for something that was so familiar for so many years will be very interesting. >> now, cal trans is excited about that moveable median barrier. they say because of it there will be no more head on collisions. live in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. and the ferries played a huge role in keeping the traffic congestion under control. a soldout giants game had people pouring out on to the streets. there were so many ferry riders they had to run extra service into the evening to accommodate the crowds. >> richmond bridge and the the bay bridge and that seemed a little too long. >> golden gate transit says all of the special ferries that ran this weekend between larkspur and at&t park were soldout. other baseball fans took the regular service and walked from the ferry building to the ballpark. let's look outside at traffic right now. let's check the golden gate
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bridge. look, i see one car. you can see a few of the lights out there, but not a lot of traffic. checking the toll plaza, smooth sailing there as well, and on the bay bridge, you look pretty golden. that's good to see at this time of night. the new area is supposed to open at 5:00 a.m. and abc7 news is your source for the doyle drive closure. you can get an instant notice when the road reopens via twitter, facebook and text alert. post them at news. suspended san francisco sheriff ross mercarimi will go to court to try and return a stay away order that keeps him from talking to his wife. he spoke on kgo radio earlier this morning. >> the whole purpose are for reasons of safety. my wife is in venezuela so there is nothing that should at all suggest there is unsafe anything.
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it is my wife who has been saying since this whole nightmare has begun that she wants us to be together. she never wanted this to happen. >> he bruised his wife's arm during an argument that lead to domestic violence charges. he eventually pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor false imprisonment charge and is fighting his suspension on official misconduct charges. san francisco police hope witnesses come forward after a man was shot in north beach early this morning. someone opened fire on the 19-year-old richmond resident just after 2:00 this morning near montgomery and broadway. the victim was hit in the leg and is expected to survive. the gunman woke at least one neighbor. >> it was nine or 12 times, bang, bang, bang. then it was over. then within seconds i heard sirens. there are usually cops down the street. >> evidence markers covered parts of two blocks and no arrests have been made. tonight a vigil was held in downtown oakland for a 37-year-old hayward resident
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who was shot to death early this morning. police arrived on scene just before 6:00 and found the victim on the street. officers said the victim was in a verbal altercation before the shooting. police are still looking for suspects tonight. contra costa county firefighters say sparks from a metal grinder caused a fire that destroyed a bait shop on the marina. firefighters got the call before 7:00 this evening and it took a half hour to knock the train drown. amtrak was shutdown because of the tracks that border the fire. smoke could be seen all over the bay area. investigators believe a drastic over reaction by a driver lead to a mini-van plunging over a guardrail and killing all seven people inside. it fell 50 feet off the freeway and landed upside down near the bronx zoo. they were all from one family and wearing seatbelts. investigators believe the female driver hit the center divide and then turned the wheel to the right to
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compensate. wednesday will mark one year since the death of osama bin laden. that's when president obama gave the go ahead to attack bin laden at his compound in pakistan. today on abc this week, the counter terrorism advisor talked about that decision. >> i think it made a tremendous difference. it took away the founding leader who was symbolic -- who was a symbol of al-qaeda's murderous agenda worldwide. and so that has had i think a profound impact on the organization. he was his successor and he is somebody who doesn't have the same institutional support. he doesn't have the same charisma. >> it happened on may 2nd. an american citizen in pakistan and elsewhere are being warned to be especially vigilant on that day. the structure of replacing -- replacing the twin towers will become new york's tallest sky scraper weather permitting. 1 world trade center that
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looks liects this will sh -- that looks like this will have steel structures added. it is slightly taller than the empire state building. back on the bay, apple hauled in more than $34 billion in profits last year, but the cupertino-based tech giant was taxed at a rate of less than 10%. apple keeps the u.s. tax billow by moving profits from the california office to one in reno because and a nevada has a corporate tax rate of 0. other profits are shifted offshore to places like ireland and the netherlands before the money lands in banks. >> because of their pat -- patents which are very mobile to get their effective tax rates pretty much cut in half from what it should be in the single digits. >> tax experts say other they exploit the same legal
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loopholes to alleviate the tax burn. and abc7 news investigation lead to a band and now world famous chefs want to put a stop to it. >> i'm carolyn johnson. coming up, a new way to test your immune system, and researchers believe it could help diagnose debilitating conditions more quickly. >> and hi, everyone. i'm leigh glaser. some parts of the bay area seeing clear skies. the clouds will move in by early tomorrow morning. check out the forecast. >> and at 11:30, court ship for modern times, but are you wasting your money looking for love on-line? abc7 news at 11:00 will continue in 60 seconds.
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some of california's top chefs want to stop usingraw. flagraw. it is made from the liver of a duck or goose which has under gone a fattening process. animal rights advocates object to that which involves shoving foods down the birds' throats. but they say the ban is too extreme. they say strict new laws regulating production will work better.n dates back the ban dates back to 2003 when abc7's dan noyes and the i team exposed the conditions where the ding law caw see is made. they want to sponsor legislation to outlaw flaglaw. and a way ward dolphin is stuck in a wet lands channel in southern california.
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wildlife experts say the dolphin looks healthy, but it appears disoriented. it was spot owed friday circling in shallow waters. rescuers say they may try to herd the dolphin back out on monday, but they hope it finds its way out. bay area researchers developed a new diagnostic device. it can check the health of a patient's immune system in a fraction of the time as the older tests. carolyn johnson has the details. >> researchers say the device can check the health of a patient's immune system in a fraction of the time. and in certain cases it could lead to much earlier diagnosis and treatment. >> he is actually feeling pretty good considering that he and his brother were born with a condition that has devastated their immune systems. >> they are using other people's immune systems. >> it bolstered their ability to fight off infection, but in
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years case it took tw years before doctors diagno the immune deficiency. a delay that could soon be a thing of the past. >> he is also the lead inventor that can spot dozens of diseases. the inspiration came after he treated two girls who suffered from sc id commonly known as bubble boy disease. >> from the moment they are born if they are away count up the t cells and tell mom and dad they have scid. >> he says it works with a single drop of blood in a glass container. it is combined with bits of metal. the researchers want to count the blood cells and then push need a channel with magnetic force. then they shine a laser light
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through the channel to take a measurement. >> it will come through and it will pick up a signal and read out a current. the current tells us how many cells are there. >> the prototype can protect autoimmune de sisht -- deficiencies and it can take a month for result. >> we would pulled -- run it right then and there. >> earlier interventions were shown to have a higher success rate. just knowing their options at birth though could give them a jump on the road to recovery jie. we spent two years getting a diagnosis. to know from the beginning what your child is up against and what can help them would be life changing. >> stanford has patented the device with the hopes of partnering with a private firm to develop a commercial version. carolyn johnson, abc7 news. a new warning for
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overweight teens. if teens develop diabetes, they will have a tough time keeping it under control. some couldn't manage their blood pressure and one in five suffered serious complications. the message is clear that prevention is everything. hundreds marched today to stop genocideworld.oughout the world. the san francisco bay area darfor coalition organized the walk. they want to show solidarity with people being killed and displaced around the world. they say tens of thousands die every year because of their religion, ethnic background and the language they speak. >> genocide is seen as happening over there, or it happened in the past. th the realities is, especially in the bay area, northern california, our neighbors and our co-workers are often survivors and descendants of atrocities. >> some activists believe the u.s. government should do more to prevent genocide before it starts.
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they po nie t out -- point out thousands are involved before a crisis. the event marks the official beginning of the 2012 boating season on san francisco bay. hundreds of boats sailed through the choppy water thousaf spectators. >> it is definitely a parade party atmosphere. when i say party at atmosphere i don't mean drinking or just going too crazy, but it is feeling of celebration and fun and getting to use your skills and especially when the wind was blowing. the wind makes the sails go. >> this was american spirit. it celebrates the things that makes san francisco on unique. on unique. leigh glaser is here, an all-around cooler day. >> temperatures in the mid80s. we had some 50s at the coast and low clouds and fog sat off and on throughout the portion of our afternoon. and you can see from the high the veil ofan see the veil of low clouds already starting to
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make its way over the avenues there and in through san francisco. and by the way, i know we have that new doll drive configuration, low clouds and fog and reduced visibilities and could slow traffic down even more so. we'll look at the forecast for tomorrow morning. would you look at antioch?clear. the marine influence with you with 53 in oakland. san jose is 61 right now and napa reporting clear skies at 57 degrees. it will be a cooler workweek ahead and we will bring in a chance of showers as we hit into wednesday night and thursday. now, here is a look at our fog forecast and this is pretty much true to what we have been
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seeing. the low clouds and fog have started to push in overnight. it could start to reach out toward the delta. it has started to back off to the coast. we could see some of the low cloudiness and fog right down onthe deck.the so keep that in mind. inland locations will see plenty of sunshine late in the day. the lows tonight 52 for san rafael. we will go to midto upper 40s, santa rosa and the rest of us pretty much in the mid to low 50s. here is the set up as we head to the rest of the workweek. high pressure kept the storm track to the north of us the past several days. a delightful weekend, but as high willsday, the high will back off and the storm track will head south. so we will look for a cooler week ahead and more on shore wind and low clouds and fog in the morning hours, and then the tail ebdz of -- end of a
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cold front may bring a few midweek showers as we head into wednesday night and thursday. here is a look at our highs. 73 for san rafael and 74 forno . no 80sin the east bay. antioch 77 and 75 for concord. san francisco some afternoon picabo -- peek-a-boo sun. 78 for gilroy and watsonville at 70 degrees. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. we will start the cooling trend tomorrow, monday, tuesday and wednesday there is a chance of showers mainly north of the golden gate bridge. and then it is out of here. a fast-mover and we will break out with some sunshine and a little warmer next weekend. >> thank you, leigh. another good day for the giants. >> that's right, the weather helped them out. bumgardner went through four
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giants pitcher madison bumgardner is just 22 years old and shut the padres down. a great day for family fun at the ballpark. sandoval ended his hit streak last night and now back to work on another one. it was a two-out, two-run triple. first r.b.i as a giant and now it is a 4-1 game and plenty of room for mad bum. one walk in seven plus innings and improving to 4 and 1. 1. to baltimore and these kids stole the bag as they stole one from the a's. he throw itself wildly -- throws it wildly to first. he promptly gives up the lead. it was a two-run double. he ties the game at two. two batters later and he wins it. a three-run walkoff homer.
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they lose the series. he has agreed to sign with the a's after being released last week. the 34-year-old was an allstar in 2009. he will play third base. entering today, the third base man has a combined 127 average, a league low with two homers and six r.b.i and is expected to report to the a's tomorrow. for you jeremy lin fans he may be back for the playoffs. jeremy is hoping to be back with the knicks for a series with the heat. we have a h@cucucucucucucucucucuu
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we may not have seen the last of linsanity after all. he says he hopes to return to the team soon, possibly for game four against miami. he hasn't played since he went down with a may nighs cuss -- miniscus tear. he is able to move laterally without much pain. the knicks lost their opening game with the heat ints in mia
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ay tuned.eename one between the clippers and the grizzly. the g griz go up 27 late in the third. they respond to 28-3 run. the clippers up one with 50 seconds left. rudy gay at the buzzer, and no good. the clippers with the largest post season come back in 10 years. 99-98 the final. they don't need any miracle against the lakers. the to cod warrior to codbed kobed -- kobe flushes them down. tieing an nba playoff record and he had 10 points and 13 boards. the first post season triple-double since "magic" johnson did it 20 years ago. back in the east today, atlanta and the hawks and celtics and he wasnight. tonight.
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22 points, 18 boards. hawks lead by as many as 19, but they had to happening on -- to hang on. he got ejected and could be facing a suspension. they win it 83-74. let's go to the ice and the predators and the coyotes and ray whitney gets it to him and in front the coyotes with three goals and win it 5-3 to go up two games to none on nashville. one of the most difficult tasks in sports is to win a pga tour he has played in 163 tournaments and finally got his first win in new orleans. he was tied for the lead and had to make a choice. play this ball in the water with the gator or take a stroke. he decides to take a stroke and then roll in a 43 footer the hard way. it is to sudden death. he missed a six-footer for birdie and ernie can win it. second playoff hole.
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a tap in birdie and ending a 163-event draft for his first victory. and he is getting married next saturday. a great story of percent veerns. coming up later we will go to infinish yawn race way for the fer railroad rechallenge. co been 2m, it has been 20 t has been 20 years since the l.a. riot that took the lives of thousands of people. >> and doyle drive and whether it will be ready for your morning commute.
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major progress on the around the clockwork on the doyle drive demolition project. >> we are hour usa way from
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the deadline and your first chance to get a look at the reconfigured roadway. thomas roman is live. >> by all reports, the new doyle drive will be ready for traffic early tomorrow morning. looking at the roadway, right now the workers are busy making the finishing touches they say will guarantee that 5:00 a.m. opening. tonight there is no pounding and no demolition. the only sound now is ofen clue up and preparation of a new doyle drive roadway and bypass. earlier we drove along the roadway as contractors moved debris and connected the siganage. the barriers are in place and the lights are on in the tunnel. the lanes were out and ready for monday morning traffic. the promise that the new roadway would be open 57 hours after they started work this last friday at 8:00 tras cal trans resident engineer says it is a promise they can keep after tonight's work. >> the final sweep to place
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the k rail and the roadway signs. >> and that will take? >> it will take the rest of the evening, but we will be open at 5:00 a.m. for sure. >> these are the k rails that border the shoulder of the roadway. they will pass a lot of debris during the commute. all of this concrete and steel will be separated and recycled in the next two to three months. back here live, five and a half hours from now, the road will hopefully open to traffic. th is not the end of this major project. th fall work will start on the second doyle drive roadway and the two tunnels that cal trans says will take about three years to finish. reporting live in san francisco, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thanks, thomas. and sky 7hd flew the new route that the drivers will take tomorrow as they come off the golden gate bridge. you can see how they will head southbound off the bridge and through the new nel that runs both directions until the project is ready in three years. once you connell -- come out
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of the tunnel you will veer to the left and back on to the preexisting roadway. and you can get an instant notice when the road reopens via twitter, facebook and text alert. you can post your experiences at news. in tonight's other headlines, a 19-year-old richmond man is recovering from a gunshot wound in san francisco's north beach. evidence from the early morning violence nearly covered two blocks. >> san jose police are trying to figure out if the shooting death of a teenager was gang-related. the unidentifiwas found last-old ool sufferingt night at an from at least one gunshot wound. it is the city's 12th murder this year. nursing students at iokas university will start classes in fremont. it was just too painful to return where students were killed previously. former president bill clinton called this upcoming election crucial when he spoke to a group of democratic
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donors near washington, d.c. a motorcade streaked by as mr. clinton made the first of three planned campaign experiences alongside president obama. former president clinton told the audience of about 500 that obama has, quote, beaten the clock to help the economy recover, and he says president obama deserves to be reelected.e erupted after four l.a. police officers were acquitted in the beating of rodney king. the l.a. riots captivated the national spotlight as rioters filled the streets. >> 20 years ago today, april 29th, 1992, racial tensions in los angeles boiled over in one of the worst riots in our nation's history began. buildings burned and storefronts were destroyed and,000 of people of all -- thousands of people of all became races became victims. the rioting lasted for several days, and when the smoke cleared, 53 people were dead, and more than 2,000 were injured. >> it is not just one
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element. there are a number of elements come together that could cause a community and cause people to believe that you won't hear me? we can't have a fair day in court? we cannot have the same opportunities? listen to this. >> at first, the ame church -- at the first ame church they gathered to remember the riots and the teptions at that time -- and the tensions they say created a breaking point. reverend sharpton talked about the brutally in the riots and the day rodney king was beaten. >> what happened to rodney king should have never happened. and what we responded to should have never happened. violence is not an option in fighting violence. >> rodney king, a black motorist was beaten by four lapd officers in march of 1991. king refused to stop when police tried to pull him over when heg. when he finally did, king who was not armed was taken to the
2:41 am
ground by the officers with their bough tons. the -- bough tons. the four officers were acquitted on april 29th, 1992 setting off the l.a. riots. >> to protest a beating with killing 55 55 people is to continue the violence rather than answer the violence. >> reverend al on the called on the community to recognize the state of racial tensions in this city has k078 a long way -- has come a long way, but to never forget that there is more progress to be made. >> one year later the four officers were tried in federal court on civil rights charges. two were found guilty and the other two acquitted. king was awarded $3 million in his lawsuit against the city. occupy protesters hoes of es series of events for the public. a piece of land they took over in albany. the group even set up a children's petting zoo on the -- at the university as a way
2:42 am
to convey its message. >> there are a lot of community members who have lived here for 30 years and never set foot on this land because the uc never allowed it. we are engaging in your community with open dialogue and exploration of these topics such as urban sustain built. >> the occupiers are accusing the uc of selling the land to a developer, but a uc official disputes those claims. coming up, it is a multimillion-dollar industry, but is on-line dating really worth the big bucks? a closer look at the ups and downs. >> and celebrating a royal anniversary. >> hi, everyone. low clouds and fog are moving inside the bay. we will be looking at traveling in a bit.
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can on-line dating services helping find your soulmate? >> it is a global industry and are you wasting your money looking for love on-line? jim avila investigates. >> autumn is single and writes about her dating us"n her website "30 >> i hope i meet somebody that can be my soulmate and we would have a lot in common. >> these days she is writing a lot about the claims she has seen on e harmony commercials. >> researchers have quan day tiff algorithms. >> autumn paid $59 for the service and took two hours to
2:46 am
fill out the questionnaire. but after a handful of dates, she is not buying the science. >> it didn't seem scientific at all the way they matched me. >> autumn may be on to something. according to a recent study by this professor of jibing gee who runs the relationship institute, a love lab studying marriage at ucla. >> on-line dating sites are very unlikely to have the power to make better choices for you than you can make yourself. >> e harmony is proud of its methods, boasting it creates more love in the world every day, and is responsible for an average 542 marriages a day because of its matches. the former ceo told abc news two years ago -- >> i think of our algorithm as a starting point. it is a way to say to the user, here are a whole bunch of matches you are compatible with. >> e harmony points out that th the seen the actual science that goes into their love formula because it is se but carney's 50-page study says that's part of the problem.
2:47 am
e harmony and others claim scientific results, but won't provide evidence those hefty questionnaires actually use science to find a better match. since the answers cannot be verified. >> people aren't always honest. it is a shock, i know. but people aren't always honest about themselves especially in the context of relationships. >> the guys i met, there was no chemistry with. >> leaving autumn frustrated in cleavland. >> abc news, new york. >> then again, the to ben stilnceto beof romance working. right now today marks the one-year anniversary of the fairy tell wedding of prince william and katherine middleton -- catherine middleton. they married with two billion people watching worldwide. >> her hair is amazing. there there was a bubble flash mob at san francisco park. they gathered and started blowing it includes baby bubbles and
2:48 am
super sized soakers and the kids could not get enough. organizers say the point is simply to add a little to the day. if they had fun, that's all that matters. >> his hair was amazing too. >> cute kid hair. let's get to leigh who is checking on our forecast. hi, leigh. >> let's check in on the golden gate bridge right now. a fuzzy shot for you as some of the low cloudiness is starting to move in. if you went over this ban this morning there was dense fog right on to the deck. that could possibly be the same scenario tomorrow morning. we have the doll drive con fir ration. you could allow for extra drive time there. salt lake city some sunshine and 78. dallas toward st. louis and even chicago, that's where we will look for showers and even isolated thunderstorms. it will be hot and humid in dallas. 74 in st. louis and chicago 60 sibs.
2:49 am
66. check out washington, d.c. ssments temperatures are below where they should be this time of year. so cool in dc. 65. atlanta tomorrow 88 degrees and 80 with some rain in miami. here is a look at our accu-weather seven-day forecast. we will look for increasing clouds tonight. the low cloud variety and maybe a little mist and drizzle near the coast. the cooling trend will begin on monday and lasting pretty much throughout much of the workweek. temperature wise look for 70s and low 70s near the bay and midto upper 50s at the coast. and as we get into wednesday night and early thursday morning , we have a very weak cold front. the tail end could bring some showers north of the golden gate bridge. the temperatures will be much cooler on thursday. only in the 60s. and then after that we will return to some sunshine and
2:50 am
the high pressure will build back in. it looks dry for next weekend, and we will start to warm things up a little bit. >> looks pretty good. thank you, leigh. >> leigh spotted a ferrari out today. >> well, did shu have an answer? >> we heard the saying "built for speed." who ever said must have been saying just that.
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today at infinish yawn race way the challenge was held for the seventh straight year. it offers owners the opportunity to compete against classt world class venue throughout the united states and canada. check out the sights and sounds through the lens of aa. mendoza. >> when you say ferrari you think the sports car and exotic car market. to race a ferrari is the ultimate car to race. >> the ferrari, the sound, the feel, it is like nothing else.>> it is a grea >> it is a great car. it handles awesome. >> these are not street legal cars. they are prepped foraying. they are amaze -- for racing.
2:54 am
they are amazing on the track. >> it is a very difficult track because it a lot of blind turns. you need to be on the power before you can see where you are going which is nerve-wracking. >> the competition is really good. 24r* is a whole range of drivers from different backgrounds. there are a lot of talented guys here. >> i want to stay out of trouble. the main thing is bringing the car back in one piece. >> wheel to wheel is very exciting. it is a test of skill and endurance and good comradery ship. it is fun. >> racing with my brother it is great. if i can't win, i want him to win. my father enjoy itself and my mother closes her eyes most of the time. as long as we do as well as we can they are happy. >> i am from the area. i have friends and family who come here to watch me race. they have seen me race before, but to win here is that much
2:55 am
sweeter. >> that's cool. that was harry chung. and he ended up being your winner. it is rich guys playing with their toys. madison bumgardner only 22 years old, but plays like a vet shutting down the padres for his fourth straight victory. sandoval ended a 20-game hit streak last night and starts another one today. a solo shot here and 2-0 giants. 21 h the 6th. a two-run triple and first r.b.i as a giant. now it is plenty of room are to mad bum. zeks hits and one walk -- six hits and one walk as the giants take the series with a 4-1 victory. to baltimore and steel a base day for the kids. he can throw it over the plate, but can't get it to first. he throw itself wild and it puts runners on second and
2:56 am
third. a 2-run double. do the math and we are tied at two. he wins it with a walkout homer. they lose it 5-2. that's going to be tough to stomach. the first weekend of the playoffs continues with four games on tap. we tip it off and jack and that's all you need to say. lakers go up 15. they were coasting. the fourth quarter and it is two of his 31. andrew bynum, what a game. he ties the record with 10 blocks and that's the first post season triple-double for the lakers since "magic" johnson 21 years ago. i can lakers with an impressive game one victory. incredible game one between the clippers and grizzly. the grizz go up by 27 in the third. a 28-3 run to close the game. chris paul to evans.
2:57 am
clippers up one with 50 seconds left. had a chance to win it late. at the buzzer and quack. clippers with the largest post season come back in 10 years, 99-98 their final. two other games today and tony parker leads them to a victory. it is their series opener. from the court to the ice, over i'm in game one between the devils and the fliers. the blast from inside the blue line and it is the game winner and they take game one in philly 4-3 their final. last night we showed you video of a shirtless man running the bases. another man in l.a. took it further. he moons the pitcher right as the wave passes by.syce harper t big league hit and he had no idea what was going behind him. should be quite a memory when he sees the film. everybody wants to be on
2:58 am
youtube or whatever it is. >> i do not want to see that. >> i don't mind the shirtless fan coming home and getting tackled. i don't want moonshine going behind me. >> very distracked it for the pitchethe wave and the moon. >> speaking of the moon, 55% full in the first quarter. >> great segue. >> thanks for joining us. >> good night. ddddxxrsrsrsrsr
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