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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 1, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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repeat when a large group of 200 to 300 converged on the intersection here to control the crowd. police did deploy one flash grenade and used tear gas with several. we saw a man wrestled to the ground. earlier a female was tackled to the ground. and earlier, that group of demonstrators had, as i said, marched around town, and they entered a bank of the west branch on broadway threw papers in the air and sprayed graffiti on windows there. demonstrators told us if there has been violence today, it's the police provoking it. >> they plan to turn this into violence. we're going to defend ourselves and we're not a violent group we have flash
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bangs to gain attention of the crowd and so they'd stop surrounding officers. it was effective. we've had reports of vandalism. >> and the vandalism we've seen has been minor, some bank windows have been sprayed and we understand a mcdonald's window may have been broken. we've seen windows smashed on one police vehicle and a van. now, we're told every available police officer is on duty today and there are many wearing cameras and we've understood there is mutual aid from several other agencies including from as far as pleasanton. we've seen police treating this demonstration differently from ones we've seen in the past. we'll show how it's working and tell you more about that tonight at 5:00. >> we want to give you the
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vantage point now from sky 7 hd. this group is marching back to city hall where a major rally is scheduled for 5:00 this afternoon, you can see it's quite a crowd here now. and jonathan bloom is on the ground and has been walking alongside them. and for several hours. >> you know you can see we've got protestors not exactly happy with the media but we're trying to show you what these folks are here protesting for. may 1 for a long time has been an international day for supporting rights of workers and folks are trying to bring that tradition tolt united states, which is something they've been doing for the past several years. this is san antonio park in oakland. the first place was frank ogowa plaza. police officers had to try to
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contain tain them this, is the video of what happened earlier, after they blocked 14th street the police officers formed a line and pushed them back and at one point throwing a flash bang grenade. the police officers then boxed proestors in and after that the pro testors marched down here. they're now gathering in preparation for what may be another march at frank ogowa plaz yachl they have a permit to protest z right now they're gathering in preparation for hearing speeches and getting you know, rallying troops before they march back there to the area in front of oakland city hall. >> how is the crowd out there? looks like we've seen someone perhaps spit on the camera lens? >> yes. there is someone dumping spit
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on the camera lens and someone poured beer on my head just a moment ago. the crowd is agitated as what they'd refer to as the establishment. and they generalize the main stream media and taking out their hose stilt on us as well as on law enforcement. a lot of protestors are covering their faces. and as pro testors ever continuing to do in part because they don't want to be identified on camera. >> and that group is about to get bigger. and abc 7 news is at the park and will have a live report after 4:30. >> that is the situation in oakland. across the bay we'll check in with vic lee live in san francisco, protestors taking
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over a building owned by the archdiocese of san francisco. vic? >> occupiers have taken over 888 turk street. you can see people milling around. and this is a building they took over several weeks ago. we did call them. they said they had no i'd yat building had been taken over again. and if you go over there it's almost like a festive occasion. people listening to music and milling around. they're on the streets here about an hour and one leader told them to get off the street and invited them into the house. >> this group of 200 took over this building. they hurled banners and invited others to come inside and join them. they want to make this an
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urban come yun. -- commune. protestors gathered to rally for immigrant rights, blocking the intersection, entertaining curious onlooker was street theater. and there is another group of mostly union workers. demonstrators used the street as their canvas. >> this is the 99% coming up. >> the protests today were peaceful. last night a group estimated at 50-100 people dressed in the black garb, broke away from a rally and launch aid vandalism spree and began smashing windows and throwing paint. and last night there was one arrest here. the situation is fluid.
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traffic is moving and streets empty. prot yettors are on the sidewalk but police are watching them from around the corner, as you can see there is no police presence here on turk street. at 5:00 we'll get shots of the inside of the house for you to see. >> and sky 7 hd is live in oakland. they're marching from fruit veil bart to san antonio park for a rally there. you can see they're taking over streets here. traffic is at a stand still here. and stay with us for the latest on these may day protests. we'll bring you developments as they happen here on abc 7 and are streaming lividdo for you at abc 7 >> there is developing news from afghanistan. president obama will give a speech in 20 minutes. the president secretly flew to
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the war-torn nation today and there is db details on the strategic agreement today that spells out the relationship between the us skus afghanistan and beyond 2014. you can watch the address right here on abc 7 that will start in 20 minute autos a house fire killed a woman in san jose and severely injured her husband and young sons. the fire started around 2:45. that is near 101 just southeast of kelly park. firefighters are trying to determine if the smoke detector was working and what started this fire. >> firefighters say the fire started in a garage, and seven people were inside whit erupted this morning. the family says the 51-year-old did not survive.
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>> she worked very hard, hard worker. she has a good heart. she cared for people. i love her so much. she's the one i love best. >> an ambulance took her and her two boys to the hospital. the father is in critical condition and so is the youngest boy, david, who soimpl seven. >> he's alive and firefighters did everything they could to save his life. he's on a vent later from what i understand. >> it's hard to comprehend this tragedy. but with 14 people living in these four town homes neighbors say koit have been worse. this early hour meant most everyone was asleep. >> my neighbor knocked on the door saying get out, fire, fire. >> survivors say they feel fortunate. >> i'm just so grateful. very grateful. >> for one family, the toll is devastating. in san jose, abc 7 news.
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>> let's get a look at the forecast now. >> there is spencer christian for us. >> it's been cooler than yesterday, you probably noticed that. stlut the evening we'll see mainly clear skies and will be on the cool side. looking for temperatures from about 48 to 60 degrees and tomorrow morning chilly in spots. low temperatures into 40s. it will be mostly sunny skies in early morning hours. high clouds moving in and temperatures from mid. >>s at the coast to low 70s inland. there are some showers on the way and i'll tell you more about that later. >> thank you. >> coming up next on abc 7 news at 4:00 facebook ceo mark zuckerberg makes a couple of ground breaking announcement autos one that will make money, and one will make a difference. >> someone's life is going to be better because of this. >> it's an exclusive interview,
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>> there is developing news involving facebook. "wall street journal" reporting the company's initial public offering is set for may 18th two, weeks from this friday. the journal is reporting that the company will begin meeting with investors on monday. this is as facebook faced questions about transparency. >> we're going to go about having to discuss what goes on here when you're not a private company any longer. >> when you're public there are rules for how you report stuff but we'll just do that. the focus here isn't going to change. our goal and the thing we need to do is keep building great thing autos sou don't think
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anything about the essence of the company is going to change at all? >> it's our job not to. >> and financial experts say the initial offering may be pegged at $5 billion placing the company value at $100 billion. >> and facebook is digging deeper into the notion of connecting people allowing users share their organ donation status and sign up to become a donor. >> facebook created an empire. and now, founder is hoping that staggering number can help the estimated 113,000 americans who need a trance pant. they explain part of the motivation to robin roberts. >> recently when the tornadoes came through in missouri, a lot of people were using
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facebook to organize and use items to return items in japan, help locate friends and family. >> the issue hits close to home for zuckerberg, his girlfriend is becoming a pediatrician. >> our dinner conversations are about facebook and kids she's meeting. she'll see them getting seker then all of a sudden an organ becomes available, she comes home her face is lit up because someone's life is going to be better because of this. >> and the late steve jobs was an inspiration, saying jobs was his idol and friend. and an estimated 18 people die every day waiting for an organ transplant. and 95% support organ donation but only 42% checked the box on the license. >> i think it's something people don't want to think b you're young, healthy. you don't want to think about the
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possibility something could end your life. >> but deciding to become a donor is only the first step. have you to make sure your friends and family know your wishes. >> this is a game changer. take power of facebook and kekdd and living their lives. you channel that towards something like this. >> if you don't want the world to know your status, you can choose who sees it. >> if this doesn't touch everyone, i hope it can make an impact. >> how does it work? drop down menu comes down and under health and wellness you'll see organ donor at the top. one more window pops up, fill it out and you're good to go. and to learn more you can go to our web site and click on see it on tv.
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>> more business news now. a black berry maker research in motion continues to struggle as people scoop up devices and it's not giving up yet. for that story and more let's go to emily chang. hi, emily. >> hello, larry. is it the last chance? the black berry maker making yet another pitch releasing 2000 prototypes of the black berry but it wasn't enough to convince investors for now. research in motion shares down almost 6%. the company gave the device to developers at the jam conconvenience today in orlando, florida. and have flocked as technology lagged so what is different? there is a touch screen without the signature black berry keyboard. phones will be scaled down
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version. line up to revive growth, last quarter revenues plummeted by more than 50%. and apple iphone continues to break records, broad com is riding the wave. iphone full of chips. the chip maker reported a decline and there is a survey finds 51% of smart phones used an droid in the first part of the year. google market share is up from last quarter. there are big gains on wall street today. the report showed manufacturing grew in april. the fastest face in almost a year, the bloomberg silicon valley index up slightly. shares of intel among index
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leaders, finally google versus ora cell showdown continues. and deliberations scheduled to continue tomorrow in federal court in san francisco. larry? >> thank you very much. >> time for a check on the forecast. >> it's getting cooler out there. >> it is. you know it's been sunny, breezy and cool today. you can see clouds push wade from the coastline today. there is a flee of cool winds. and right now we can see temperatures into 50s to just above 60s from the coast and bay. inland locations have temperatures into 70s now. winds are gusty. we have gusts 38 miles per hour in sfo now. there is all
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the bay area, pretty breezy, high clouds around in the afternoon and showers likely on thursday, let's take a look at our satellite composite image. you can see alignment and high pressure centered off shore and there is this system at sea moving into our direction and bringing us showers thursday. so we'll start on thursday morning at 5:00. most of the bay area will be dry. clouds will be thickening and by mid day, showers developing across the north bay and later into afternoon into evening hours thursday, showers spreading into other parts of the bay area, these will be light showers, we don't expect rainfall totals to be more than a tenth of an inch. overnight tonight, chilly conditions into the north bay. lows around 40. we'll see lows into mid to upper 40s across the bay area tonight and tomorrow. high temperatures and 50s at the coast. breezy to mid-60s around the bay to just around or just
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above 70 degrees inlnld. here is the accu-weather forecast. cooler still on thursday. showers arrive and things start to get milder friday. it will warm up into 70s by sunday and there are low 80s inland. >> there is a little bit of everything. >> you're right. >> thank you. >> just ahead jessica simpson had her baby and giving the little girl an unusual name. >> and are the tax incentives paying off in the form of jobs?
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it's baby news a lot of people have been waiting for. >> get ready for one of the spiciest summer concert tours in recent memory. jennifer lopez announced a 20 city north american tour later turning into a world tour, kicking off july 14th in montreal. >> this is the first time i've been on kind of a world tour, ever. so, yes... and i know fans have waited for a very, very long time. i want them... to be 100% completely satisfied. >> they get -- tickets go on sale on friday.
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>> it's classical week on "dancing with the stars" and look who has bragging rights. maria menounos and her partner had the first perfect score. the longest nine months in tabloid history are over. jessica sirpson gave birth to a baby daughter today. maxwell drew johnson. i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> coming up at 4:30 latest on team coverage of the may day protests this, is a live picture we're on the ground and in the sky following the demonstration. >> in just minutes president obama will address the nation from afghanistan. we're live with the latest on the visit, this is coming up next.
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our team coverage of the may day protests continues this afternoon. sky 7 is live above international boulevard this, is a crowd gathering and these protestors heading from fruit veil station to san antonio park. and they're going head over to frank ogawa plaza we guess that that will be around 5:00. >> there is another group
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concerned about some school closures that are headed to san antonio park as well. that group will be marching on to frank ogawa plaza this is a scene today, police in riot gear tackled and detained a bicyclist after shooting tear gas into the crowd. and several protestors have been arrested for vandalism as well. there is an intense scene and we understand all police are on duty. many wearing cameras to document what is going on out here. >> for the most part it's been peaceful. and there are some incidents. >> the president about to address the nation live from afghanistan this, is a surprise visit on the anniversary of the death of osama bin laden. >> president obama and afghan president have signed an
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agreement aimed at defining rolls between our two countries let's go live to diane sawyer with a special report. >> good evening, i'm diane sawyer in new york. here with george stephanopoulos on this one-year anniversary of osama bin laden's death. president obama is about to address the nation from the heart of afghanistan. >> this is the first time an american president addressed the american people from a battlefield. the battlefield now more than 10 years, also becoming one of the most unpopular wars in american history. the president is going to have two messages tonight. he's going to say to the american people we're coming home but has to give the people of ach began stan we'll not abandon them. and it was in afghanistan that oegs -- osama bin laden seared
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at tack on the september 11th attacks. george, this is a stealth operation to get the president in there. is it still dangerous? >> highest possible secrecy. highest staffers were not aware. and had it been discovered there is a good chance he would have had to come home, you saw the president address troops this evening yes. he said he wanted to meet with troops and nobody knew troops in afghanistan. and jake is standing by and our team is going to be weighing in. this hangar in bagram air force base has a long history in afghanistan. that is back to the 19. >>s. here comes the president of the united states in afghanistan. >> good evening, from bagram air base this, outpost is more than 7,000 miles from home.
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for over a decade been close to our hearts. because here, in afghanistan, more than half a million sons and daughters have sacrificed to protect our country. today i signed an agreement between the united states and afghanistan. that defines a new relationship between our countries. future in which afghans are responsible for the security of their nation. we build an equal partnership between two sovereign states. future in which a war expends a new chapter begins. tonight i'd like to speak to you about this transition. and first let us remember why we came here. here in afghanistan where osama bin laden established a save haven for his trif trift -- terrorist organization here are al qaeda brought new troops, trained them and plotted acts of terror, it was here al qaeda
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launched attack that's killed nearly 3,000 innocent men, women and children. so 10 years ago, united states and our allies went to war to make sure al qaeda could never again use this country to launch attacks against us. despite success for a number of reasons the war has taken longer than most anticipated. 2002 bin laden and his lieu tenants escaped and established save havens in pakistan. americans spent eight years in iraq and al qaeda's allies waged a brutal insurgency. over three years, the tide turned. we broke taliban momentum. and built strong afghan security forces and devastated al qaeda leadership taking out over 20 of the top-30 leaders. one year ago here in
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afghanistan, a troop launched the operation that killed osama bin laden. the goal set, defeat al qaeda and now within our reach. still there will be difficult days ahead. sacrifices of our men and women are not over. but tonight i'd like to tell you how we'll complete our mission and end the war in afghanistan. first, we've begun a transition to responsibility for security. already nearly half of afghan people live in places where afghan security forces are moving into the lead. this month, our coalition will set a goal to be in the lead to combat operation as cross the country next year. international troops will continue to fight alongside when needed but we'll shift into a support role as afghans
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step forward. as we do, our troops will be coming home. and last year, we removed 10,000 u.s. troops from afghanistan. another 23,000 will leave and more and more of our troops coming home. by the end of 2014, afghans will be fully responsible for the security of their country. second, we're training afghan security forces to get the job done. and forces have surged and will peak at 352,000 this year. afghans will sustain that level for three years and then, reduce the size of their military. and in chicago we'll endorse a proposal to support a strong long-term afghan force. third we're building an enduring partnership.
4:36 pm
agreement today sends a clear message to the afghan people. as you stand up, we'll not stand alone. this establishes a basis for our cooperation over the next decade including strengthen democratic institution asks supports efforts to advance afghan skmitment -- commitment and to protect human rights of all afghans. men and women, boys and girls. within this framework, we'll work to determine what support they need to accomplish beyond 2014. counter terrorism, and continued training we'll not build permanent bases in this country. nor will we be patrolling in cities and mountains. that will be the job of the afghan people. fourth we're pursuing a
4:37 pm
negotiated peace. my administration has been in discussions with the taliban. we've made it clear they can be a part of the future if a break with al qaeda, renounce violence and abide by aafghan laws. many members of the taliban have indicated an interest in reconciliation. path to peace is set before you. those who refuse to walk it will face strong security forces, backed by the united states ask our allies. fifth. we're building a global consense dwrous support peace and stability in south asia. chicago, the international community will express support for to plan. i haven't made it clear pock stan that it can and should be an equal partner in this pro snes a way respecting
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pakistan's sovereignty, interests ask democratic institutions. a pursuit of a durable peace america has no design beyond an end to al qaeda's save havens and respect for afghan sovereignty. as we move forward, some people will ask why we need a firm side line. the answer is clear. our goal is not to build a country in america's image nor eradicate every vestige of the taliban. this will require more years, many more dollars and many more american lives. our goal is to destroy al qaed yachl we're on a path to do that. afghans want to assert their sovereignty and build a lasting peace. that requires a clear time line to wind down the war. others will ask why don't we leave immediately? that answer is clear. we must give afghanistan the
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opportunity to stabilize. otherwise our gains could be lost and the command why in year, i -- chief, i refuse to let that happen. i recognize many americans are tired of war. and nudging is more wretched than signing a member of a family of the fallen and looking into the eyes of a child that will grow up with a mother or father. i will not keep americans in harm's way a single day longer than is absolutely required for our national security but we must finish the job in afghanistan and end this war responsibly. we've traveled through more than a decade under this dark cloud of war. here... predawn darkness we can see the light of a new day on the horizon. iraq war is over. number of our troops in harm's
4:40 pm
way have been cut in half. and more will soon be coming home. we have a clear path to fulfill our mission in afghanistan and delivering justice to al qaeda. the future is only within reach because our men and women in uniform. time and again, they have answered a call to serve in daempk russ places. in an age when many institutions have come up short these americans stood strong. they met their responsibilities to one another and to the flags they serve under. i just met with some of them. i told them as commander in chief i cannot be prouder. and in their faces we see what is set in ourselves and our country. our soldiers, our sailors, our air men, marines. and civilians in afghanistan have done their duty. now... we must summon that sense of common purpose.
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we must give veterans and families support they deserve and opportunities they've earned. and we must redouble efforts to build a nation worthy of their sacrifice. as we emerge from a decade of conflict abroad and economic crisis at home, it's time to renew america. america where our children live free from fear and have skills to claim their dreams. a united america. brisk and resillentent. where sunlight glistens off soaring new towers in downtown manhattan and we build our future as one people. one nation. here in afghanistan, americans answered the call to defend their fellow citizens and uphold human dignity. today those who suffered wounds both seen and unseen. through dark days we have drawn strength from their
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examples. ideal that's lit the world. a belief all people are created equal and deserve freedoms to determine their destiny. that is the light that guides us, still. this time of war began in afghanistan. and this is where it will end. the faith in each other and our eyes on the future, let us finish the work at hand towards a just, and lasting peace. god bless our troops. may god bless the united states of america. >> and the president speaking in afghanistan and george, he said the goal is within reach. he talked about the end of the war. >> no question about it. he said to american people our troops will be coming home. he didn't say what the time line would be but did say they'd come home over the next two years and that is a steady
4:43 pm
pace. you've been to afghanistan 20 times, tell us what that steady pace is likely to mean and how troops feel about it? >> only thing we know for certain is 20, 23,000 troops will be home by the end of september. but that leaves 68,000 troops, that is a a lot of troops, we'll still be there almost three years, we do not know what that steady pace means. i know general john allen over there would like to hold on to as many troops as he can. and there is probably a lot of negotiations going on. we won't know what the pace is until after september. i'll tell you what troops say to me is the mission now almost seems to be come home. the mission is leave afghanistan. train troops and get out of interest -- there. sometimes they're confused about what the greater mission s a lot of them don't disagree
4:44 pm
with the fact it's time to come home. >> and martha you're right. many different vantage points on that speech tonight. people will be hearing it. and the person people here at home, hearing it and american men and women who are not only fighting there but around the world. i want to bring in global affairs anchor who knows this region well. you've watched the long arc of history in afghanistan. what happens after this begins? withdrawal begins. >> the president said they're not going to be abandoning afghanistan. everybody remembers what happened last time the united states left after soviets were defeated. they sewed there was a dangerous vacuum. we know what happens in september 11th. that huge challenge remains. taliban is still not defeated and have not come into negotiations. president talked about negotiated end to the war.
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it's not yet clear how that is going to happen. then, important is the united states to lead a secure afghanistan it must end a save haven in pakistan. vital to fix the broken relationship right now between the us us and pakistan. >> there is a big mission still ahaechld i want to bring jake tapper this, comes just six months before the september 11th day this, is a big anniversary for the american people. for the president plit -- plitly as well. and the white house has not been shy about driving home the message. >> it seems clear the obama campaign will make the successful mission against osama bin laden a corner stone of his reelection campaign. it's emerged since last week as a major effort and discussion point, talking point for the campaign. this week, president obama advise the public to take a look at statements by mitt rom fee.
4:46 pm
and this is about as a candidate from 2007 and 2008 has made about going in to pakistan. about being willing to focus on osama bin laden. when mitt romney made comments suggesting this is a larger issue than just one person. yes, we've not heard the last of it i expect obama will be talking about this for six months. >> and you saw the turn at the end of the season. and we thank you for joining us tonight. we'll return you to your regular programming right now as george said this is an historic night and speech and first from combat zone live broadcast to the american people z for some of you i'll be rejoining you in just a moment. for the rest of you, good night. >> we want to bring you up to
4:47 pm
date on the many protests taking place this may day throughout the bay area. >> there is a large marsh on international boulevard thchl started at the fruit veil bart station. >> we're live on the ground here and we'll bring you live team coverage coming up at on abc 7 news at 4:00.
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sky 7 hd is live in oakland. people have been marching to san antonio park and right now we're live on the ground in the middle of the march to show how goitsing from the inside as pro testors head towards a large police contingent waiting for them around oakland city hall. from this camera there is a view two of arrests by police. there is one guy on a bicycle taken away and there is mars planned all afternoon and will culminate with a massive rally. >> checking now with leanne
4:51 pm
live in oakland san antonio park where there is a rally about school closures there. >> that is right. what's happening now is that marchers are meeting up with the occupy pro testors here in san antonio park. i want to make something clear. this is supposed to be a rally about education involving parents, teachers, community members and kids. and what happened here is that this park has been taken over by the occupy folks and one organizer feels very intimidated because there are kids here. a group is protesting closure of five schools and there is a vote to close them.
4:52 pm
and there are years of declining enrollment to 38,000 today. and there arement r many schools closing are in under served neighborhoods. parents say they won't give up, and that is why they're here. >> this connection and myself and the teachers there and breaking that up interrupts my life. where are my children going to go to elementary school? there is one a mile away here and the other is five miles into another direction. >> and there are five schools closing to the plan to have this education-related rally here and when pro testors were driven away from the plaza they moved here and it is only
4:53 pm
about two, three miles away from the plaza. so there is some organizers said this is supposed to be a rally about education here in oakland and they might leave. because they fear violence may escalate and i don't blame them. there are kids here and this is just stabbedding to one side, just waiting to see what is going to happen. >> thank you. stay with us for very latest on these may day protests in the bay area and we'll bring you developments as they happen. >> there is lividdo on abc 7 news just a moment. back in a moment.
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is there a prize in there? oh, there's prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are the great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a perhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ a plane crash made for tv
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could help save lives in real life. >> discovery channel use aid remote control to crash a 747 boeing passenger set on purpose into the mexico desert. >> investigators are looking for ways to improve safety rates in real plane crashes. >> there is only so much you can do with computer modeling so to get the data we need to crash an airplane into the desert. >> the pilot parachuted away. crash test dummies sat in passenger seats. >> the plane went down head first soit would break apart and aviation experts would get a better idea of what is surviveable and what wasn't. >> this red corvette proved to be tempting for the owner a valet parking service. a gps device planted into the device before parking it in a valet lot. >> cameras captured owners driving the car around town
4:58 pm
and dehe denies he took the car for joyrides and he left it unattended for about 20 minutes. you can keep track of the latest breaking news and talk about it right now. >> the news at 5:00 continues right now. >> thank you. coming up mars get out of hand and others turn into another occupy event. >> and i'm sandhya patel. shower chance in the forecast. how soon you may be reaching for umbrellas, coming up. >> police take down a bicyclist they say dispersed a smoke bomb into a crowd of demonstrators on this may day.
4:59 pm
cameras captured that and the moment it was released into the crowd. >> we have live team coverage of the activities and demonstrations taking place today beginning with nick smith. nick? >> good afternoon, demonstrators called for a day of strikes today and demonstrators and police clashed in a scene becoming all too familiar. the day started off quiet but it wasn't long before things got out of control. this clash happened just before noon. the pro testors marching down broadway and it was at the intersection when police moved in to make an arrest. >> slamming


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