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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 13, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> alan: some call it a battle of politics versus morality as the issue of same-sex marriage re-enters the national spotlight. >> ama: same-sex marriage is put back in the spotlight after preble probe revealed he believes gays should have the right to mary. religious leaders have been among the most vocal oappoint meants. nick smith is live in san francisco with how some attitudes are changing. knick. >> absolutely. you know, as for president obama's historic endorsement of same-sex marriage, bay area clergy are saying it might be time too take a closer look at the issue.
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>> having an opposition to gay marriage places howe churches in sink with other clip denominations but at this church things are different. >> what reverend brown says is a need for inclusion. >> there are people in this nation who happen to be gay or lesbian, and they deserve to have equal protection under the law. >> it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> president obama's historic endorsement pushed the subject back into the spotlight but former san francisco mayor and gavin newsom has a role in changing the national dialogue. he deidentified the law and allowed same-sex marriage at city hall. and today he was on "meet the press" to discuss the president's new position.
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>> i'm proud of the president and proud he is on the right side of hoyt and proud he did it during an election. >> reverend brown is quick to point out his church will not be performing same-sex weddings. he describes it as a wedge issue, design to divide the african-american community and diminish support for president obama. >> we're not going to be duped or fooled. let anybody do something that would derail the re-election of this man, mr. barack obama. >> but opponents to same-sex marriage say whatever the motivation, political or otherwise, an attempt to redefine marriage is a step in the wrong direction. >> it's a matter of sexual justice, marriage is the only institution that unites kids and moms and dads and we have to think carefully about eliminating that institution from the law. >> conservatives are saying that president obama's endorsement of smej smej marriage could be the
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fuel that mitt romney needs neeo unite the flight november. in san francisco, abc news. >> yahoo as a new ceo after accusations scott thompson embellished his resume. a hedge fun company, called third point, pushed for him to resign. third point owns 6% of ya hugh -- yaw hoo shares. ross live vepson will take over as the interim ceo. a yahoo spokeswoman did not return call for comment. lillian kim will have more on what is happening at 6:00. >> ama: a state lawmaker is expected to introduce a bill that targets bonuses of pg&e executives. jerry hills' bill will prohibit
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rate pair money for being used to pay for bonuses based on corporate earnings or share price. it would require executives to return bonuses if pg&e is fined for violation that occurred under their watch. the utility's former ceo left pg&e after the san bruno disaster with $35 million retirement package. >> governor province expected to lay out a revised spending plan tomorrow after revealing california's deficit is nearly double the state's estimate in a video yesterday, the governor says the deficit swelled from an expected 9 billion to a projected $16 billion due in part to tax collections that fell short in a slow growing economy. the governor's plan includes a temporary sales tax hike of a quarter cent and an income tax increase for people who make $250,000 or more. brown says without the tax hikes we can expect higher tuition fees, cuts in court funding, and the school year could be
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shortened by up to three weeks. community organizations will be protesting the proposed cuts tomorrow at the state building in san jose. >> developing news out of the nation's capital where a candlelight vigil is being held for fallen police officers across the nation. attorney general eric holder and home leaped security secretary footprint not napolitano are amg those speaking at the event. among the officers are a vallejo police officer. >> mothers of crime victims rallied against street violence outside of san francisco city hall. this comes as police search for the killers of two men shot to death in separate incidents. the healing circle for the soul support group, one mother said she is here to make sure gun violence does not claim anymore i can victims.
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>> we all have a few problems. violence is no solution, it's very important we let people know that we should seek god and not guns. >> alan: investigators need help finding the person who shot and killed a man and sent a woman to the hospital on friday. that shooting took place on turk street in the western addition. another man died after being shot earlier that evening at broad street and plymouth avenue. there have been no arrests in connection with either case. protesters remain on a tract of land in albany and the ball is now in uc berkeley's court. the university owns the research site where members of occupy the farm have been farming for three weeks, cal spokesman says equipment remains on the state despite promises to move and it she says university needs access to the site for researchers, adding officials are going to do what needs to be done. >> alan: the first stage of one of cycling's premiere races
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kicked off this morning. tomorrow they race from san francisco to santa cruz county, and on tuesday, racers start in san jose and to through central contra costa county while climbing mt. diablo and finishing in livermore. it features 16 teams riding more than 750 miles. mike will have more on that race coming up, and in case you were wondering, lance armstrong never won an amgen title and his retirement means he won't compete this year. there were reports federal agents met with lance armstrong's former team director and an ongoing doping investigation. the cycling manager has been served a subpoena as soon as he arrived in the u.s. he was armstrong's team manager during his record seven tour de france victories. floyd landis, who raced with armstrong, accused the man of
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playing a role in giving the team performance-enhancing drugs. >> ama: a new chapter in the john edwards trial. the defense gets its turn. >> alan: a common and potentially painful habit many of us are picking up, texting while walking. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. hope you had a nice day. hope mom had a nice day today. it was cooled down considerably, some locations down as much as 20 degrees. more cooling, and even some warming, a lot of things going on. we take a look at the
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>> in incomes police discovered the remained of 49 people in an
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area known as a battle ground for drug car tells. mexican security officials say the drug cartel is taking responsibility. the victims' bodies were found in plastic bags along the highway. mexican drug cartels have been raging an increasingly bloody war. >> ama: political analysts john edwards may testify in court to defend himself against charges of misusing campaign funds. edwards' defense team will begin calling witnesses tomorrow and witnesses will probably include his older daughter cate. edwards aide andrew young already admitted he collected much of the $1 million in question. part of the strategy might admit that edwardss lied about an extramarital affair bud did not violate campaign finances laws. >> just about all of us are guilty of it, walking while
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texing. now one town has had enough and getting caught in the act will mean a fine. >> reporter: most of us have done it. walking and texting on the street. it took seconds seconds to see f abc's new york studios. this guy texted off the concern, unconcern as the car turns in front of him. then crosses broadway. head down, fingers flying. don't try that in ft. lee new jersey. you will get a jaywalking ticket. after 20 pedestrian accidents this year. >> it's a big distraction. pedestrians are not aware. >> who can forget the video of the woman texting at a shopping mall before plunging into the fountain. or this guy texting in a hotel lobby before slamming into the wall. and remember the guy who was texting only to go eye-to-other with a wild bear? >> professor conduct research on walking and texting. watch the subject slowly drift to his right.
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texters are 60% more likely to veer off line than nontexters inch london, padded posted to protect texting and walking injuries but in new jersey the law is getting mixed reviews. >> kind of crazy. that's a lot of money. >> $85 fine, or not, experts agree texting is distracting, potentially dangerous and sometimes plain rude. something to bear in mind. john mueller, abc news. >> the bear thing is pretty funny. >> a big treat for one group of mothers. >> this is like, wow. >> ama: a little pampering and their day on the town, real rarity. while the celebration was extra special. >> alan: heading outside, expect weather changes. leigh glaser coming up with the forecast.
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>> ama: a very special mother's day was held for homeless women in san francisco. 25 homeless mothers got their hair and makeup done, and a donated trolley car whisked them away for lunch. this is the 18th year of the event for the hamilton center. a rare moment for the mothers who got pampered and feel special. >> this wonderful. i haven't had my hair done in a long time, or my makeup. i haven't been out in a long time. i have a four-year-old and a 17-year-old. i don't get to do anything very often. i am really very happy. >> ama: makeup and stylists donated their time for the event. many said they couldn't spend their day with their mothers and this is a good way to show their precious. >> alan: every mother deserves
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to be pampered. >> ama: absolutely. and, leigh, happen marries day to you. >> leigh: thank you so much, my dear. we started off this morning with a lot of fog and low clouds near the coast but we're looking toward ocean beach there with the suit crow cam, and a lot of it starting to thin out so actually it turned out to be a pretty nice beach day there although it was a cool day. here's a look at current temperatures. 70 in antioch, 69 in livermore. half moon bay, 57. north bay, napa, 63. compared to yesterday at this time, yeah, down 21 degrees. in concord. livermore, down 20 degrees. up two degrees because of the clearing in san francisco. up three degrees in half moon bay. we saw the afternoon sunshine, and down 20 degrees in san rafael. the cooling trend is going to be with us tonight and tomorrow. low clouds and fog. while we're not seeing them,
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they're well off the coast now, they'll rush back in tonight. local drizzle. morning clouds and drizzle monday morning, and a mid-day clearing and after that we'll start to warm things up heading into tuesday and wednesday. you can see the clouds, with started off with this overcast across much of theñç bay area ad right here is the leading edge of an area of low primplet want to show you this, the water vapor, these are the high clouds that moved in overnight, boom, and here's the clearing. most of the leading edge is to the north of us but all of this is going to wrap back around. you get the picture, the low clouds and fog will return overnight. a little moisture with this low as well. we'll call it just myself -- mist and drizzle right now. low 50s inland. mid-to-upper 40s around the bay, and then maybe some low 40s near half moon bay. coastal communities. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, possibility of some dense fog. keep that in mind. with an early morning commute.
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also some mist and drizzle and you'll notice, on our forecast, animation, by midnight tonight, picking up a little bit of moisture, some drizzle. we'll start to move into the north bay, near the coast. this 5:00 a.m. probably going to deal with mississippi and driz -- mist and drizzle over the golden gate bridge, and then bring on the sunshine. here's a look at the highs for monday. much like today. mid-to-low 70s. extreme east bay locations. antioch, 73. 68, santa rosa. afternoon clearing. you'll see the sunshine. 62, san francisco. 57, half moon bay. 70, san jose. gilroy, 72. santa cruz, morning overcast. afternoon partial clearing in at the low 60s. another cool one for monday. and then tuesday and wednesday, high pressure returns. temperatures returning to the 80s inland. another dip in the temps thursday and friday, and then next weekend looks great.
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>> alan: shu is here. the best oakland a players weren't able to play. >> mike: i thought i would have to be able to dress. not that funny. what a finish at the players championship. seems like everybody had a shot at the win. we have your champion n
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[ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. >> mike: the a's injury bug seems to be contagious. cespedes was out yesterday. weeks was out. and brandon inge has groin
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train. tigers in town on mother's day and breast cancer awareness day. how cute it that. bottom five. cespedes drills it to right. third of the season. ties the game at one. verlander would improve to 4-1. ball four came in and walked austin jackson, boesch scores. the game winner. cabrera add insurance with an rbi sing until the ninth. the tigers avoid the sweep with the victory. >> the giants trying to take two straight from the d-backs with birthday boy, barry cede to, on -- zito on the hill. top four, bases loaded. the single to right. 4-1 giants. then in the fifth, see ya. two-run shot. third of the year. giants, season high 14 hits, taking 2-3 from the d-backs, 7-3 the final. >> in golf this the players championship is i like the fifth
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major. the famous island green. number 17 at tpc saw grass, martin laird started 6 back, made a run. in the clubhouse at 11-under. third round leader, kevin na. 25 straight holes without a bogey until five. rickie fowler, last week's winner, birdie on 17th. in the clubhouse at 11-under. matt kuchar answers with a birdie of his own but bogeys 17. zack johnson, 18 for birdie. shoots a 68. tied for second at 11-under. matt kuchar had this tap-in on 18. wins the final round, his fourth career win, his family celebrates in style on mother's day. >> i'm about to buckle. that was just such an amazing feeling to play amongst the game's best and come out on top, to do it on mother's day, staying with mom and dad. it's magical.
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>> mike: all right. nba on abc. game seven, clippers and grizzlies. clippers led the series 3-1. memphis trying to complete the slam. l.a.'s bunch took over. martin, the dunk. clippers win by ten, face the spurs in the semifinals. >> to the pitch. manchester city needs a win to secure the premiere league championship. they're down 2-1, heading into stoppage time. but the corner kick ties it at 2. then 2:00 later, the game winner, manchester city gets their first championship since 1968. 44 years. 3-2 your final. >> the amgen tour of california started in santa rosa. ended with a sprint the finish line where peter overcomes a flat tire for the win. stage two is san francisco to
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santa cruz and more on the race at 6:00. >> ama: expressions of love. viewers share their
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>> ama: coming up at 6:00, a close call for a pilot in indian valley. and a mom power flame women who top the list of the most powerful moms in 2012. join us at 6:00. >> we've been celebrating mother's day all week with your mother's day photos.
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>> alan: this is mar he's marley and her mom cat who passed away last year. >> edna says her mom loves her unconditionally and she is bushel. >> you can share your photos at and does it for us here at 5:00. captioned by closed captioning services inc.


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