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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 26, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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go morni good morning, america. on this holiday weekend, extreme weather triple threat. a tropical storm comes ashore out west. another huge storm barrels towards florida and then a brutal heat wave fuels wildfires in the eastern half of the country. so will your weekend be sunny or soaked? a spy in the vatican? the man by the pope's side day and night, his personal butler, now around arrest. accused of stealing secret information. it's a plot out of the da vinci code. did the butler do it? >> leap of fear. look at this. an 80-year-old seemingly forced out of a plane. and her first ever sky dive gets worse from there. her absolutely terrifying jump
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from 13,000 feet, all caught on tape. and captured. a penguin that scaled the walls 2 1/2 months ago is back behind bars this morning. how did he survive in a big city for so long? hey, good morning, everybody. look who is with us on this first unofficial weekend of summer. her name is paula faris, she is my friend and the co-anchor of the overnight news cast "world news now." primarily, she my best friend. first qualification. >> we are best friends? >> my bff. she is filling in for my other bff, bianna golodryga, finishing up her ma tern tif leave, will be here soon. >> happy memorial day weekend. thanks to the men and women in the military. past and present. no place we would rather be this weekend, except maybe your barbecue.
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you think we should crash a barbecue? >> we can crash. new details about the suspect in one of the country's longest missing person mysteries. etan patz, was 6 years old when he vanished. 33 years ago. officials have charged this man with the murder. we will tell you why he is in the hospital this morning and there are a lot of questions about how much evidence police have against the guy. >> the question about whether the cops moved too fast in the case. will get into that. and a new twist in a story out of colorado. a couple woken up in the middle of the night by a female intruder. the husband shoots her while the wife dials 911. listen to this. >> she was coming in the bedroom and we shot her. >> we know now that the intruder was this college student who was allegedly intoxicated. this morning, we will get her side of the story for the first time. and we're also going to have a little bit of fun this holiday weekend. is this pippa middleton's first fashion fail? she was at another wedding and nobody is raving about this outfit. i like it personally, but that
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gives you a taste of my poor fashion sense. >> i'm not going to give my opinion on that. we are going to start this morning and i'm going play it safe here, with that triple threat of severe weather on this holiday weekend. check this out. three pieces of video. this is tropical storm bud hitting land overnight. and these are the hard rains hitting the caribbean friday from beryl, now lurching towards florida. and this is one of the wildfires in the country as a massive heat wave settles over half of america. our meteorologist ginger zee has a full plate this morning. ginger, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, dan, the heat is going to be the headline especially here in the states. look at this. tens of millions of folks are going to feel like july. not just the heat but the humidity, for cities like chicago, that will end up in the upper 90s. that is where we find an extension of our team, alex perez, live in chicago this morning. >> reporter: good morning. for a lot of people, this is the
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type of weather they had been hoping for this weekend. for a big part of the country, the unofficial start of summer will be a sizzling one. millions of americans hitting the road this weekend, most driving in blazing temperatures, 99 degrees expected in st. louis. a sweltering 94 in atlanta. and in indianapolis, bracing for the hottest indy 500 on record. the mercury expected to rev up to 96 degrees sunday. and the oppressive heat has already hit down south. at this high school graduation in georgia, several had to be treated for heat exhaustion. they were desperately looking for relief. >> they are trying to find shade, getting water. i saw a couple that had to leave. didn't look well. one more left an ambulance. >> reporter: the high temperatures have many across the country on high alert. this weekend's marathon in madison, wisconsin, has been canceled because of the scorching heat. look at this map, wildfires across the u.s., and there in
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the southwest, the white area, a smokey haze the fires are throwing off, stretching across multiple states. even in florida. look at this. you can see thick, black smoke hanging in the sky above epcot center in disney world in orlando. the biggest fire right now, in new mexico. that fire has already torched through more than a dozen homes. >> basically, what is left is someone's personal belongings is a metal roof and a fireplace. >> reporter: and because of that smoke and haziness in the air, authorities are asking people who live near the wildfires to try to limit their time outdoors. ginger? the weather is going do the fires no justice, and not helping out at all. 70-mile-an-hour gusts. look behind that low pressure system. and the wind goes nowhere. we are going to see dry and windy conditions through memorial day. different story on the east coast. a much rainier and still windy. we will look at a picture out of cuba. this is what happened when what was to become beryl rolled through cuba.
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yes, very heavy rains falling. and now the storm is just off the carolinas, more than 200 miles, really. but it looks like a mess of thunderstorms. it's called a subtropical storm because of its disorientation. here is what we do. we watch the storm pass by 2:00 a.m. early memorial day right along the state line near georgia and florida. that's the path by memorial day early morning. and what does it mean? it means some gusty winds, not too terrible but heavy rains and we are also going to look for really gross cloud cover. not anything you want for your barbecue. finally a look at bud. and bud was a hurricane at one point. 24 hours ago, the strongest ever this early in the season. it went to almost nothing as it hit parts of western mexico. more coming up in the next couple minutes. dan and paula? >> ginger is in for a busy weekend. a lot of weather out there. let's check the forecast -- let's get the other headlines. we did check the forecast. let's check the rest of the
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morning's headlines now with my other friend, ron claiborne. >> good morning to you, dan and paula. good morning, everyone. the fbi is investigating a man who rushed towards a cockpit at the end of a flight from jamaica to miami. the 24-year-old canadian will be in court tuesday facing federal and state charges in connection with that. the flight was taxiing to the gate and the man defied crew instructions to be seated and headed for the cockpit. other passengers tackled him and turned him over at the gate. new details in the disappearance of a louisiana college student mickey shunick. the police have a new surveillance video they believe shows her on a bicycle. the night she disappeared. investigators are looking for information on a white pickup truck also seen in that video. the 22-year-old was last seen early saturday a week ago riding her bicycle home from a friend's house. the former university of virginia lacrosse player convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend is seeking a new trial. attorneys have file the papers for a new proceeding, for a
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series of errors before and during his trial. he was convicted in february and faced 26 years in prison. >> sbhnchts a very emotional president joe biden opening up about his own family tragedy in a speech to families offalen soldiers in virginia. he talked about the intense grief he felt after losing his first wife and 1-year-old daughter in a car accident in 1972. >> for the first time, i knew how someone could consciously decide to commit suicide. not because they were deranged and not because they were nuts. because they had been to the top of the mountain and knew they would never get there again. >> biden says meeting and later marrying his current wife, jill, saved his life. he told the families, eventua y eventually, they will be able to smile thinking of the fallen family or spouse.
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and the international space station entered the dragon this morning a day after its historic docking. the capsule is the first to be sent to space by a private business. the capsule is filled with supplies for the space station. it's scheduled to return to earth next thursday. and finally a neighborhood in fresno, california, turned into a rodeo of sorts friday. residents reported that a 1600-pound bull was running through their neighborhood. they didn't know it was 1600 pounds. discovered that later. police responded and an officer on the force with 30 years of roping experience, he managed to lasso the bull. disturbance resolved. listen. i don't know where the bull came from. it ended up running around fresno. i have been looking into it. >> spain? >> that would be a story. >> you have never run with the bulls, did you? >> no, i watched. from a safe distance. that is enough for me. >> thanks, ron. this morning, we are learning more about the man charged with killing a 6-year-old boy in new york 33 years ago. etan patz is one of the most famous missing child cases ever. and yesterday, the man who
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police say confessed to his murder is formally charged. police are reviewing the evidence against him. abc's t.j. winnik is here with that story. good morning. >> reporter: pedro hernandez remains hospitalized. his attorney claims he is schizophrenic and bipolar. he will under go psychiatric evaluation before taking to jail. after 33 year, charges at last in new york's famous cold case. the complaint, just five paragraphs long, charges pedro hernandez, seen here in this photo, with one count of murderer in the second degree for alleged by strangling etan patz and placing him in a plastic bag, thereby causing his death. the only evidence cited, his alleged confession to a new york city police detective. police say that he was working in a soho bodega just down the
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block from where the 6-year-old waited each morning. in the arraignment, the district attorney proclaims it's been 33 years and justice has not been done. prosecutors told the court he made similar admissions to others. >> in the years following etan's disappearance, hernandez had told a family member and others he had "done a bad thing and killed a child in new york." >> reporter: etan's father, stan patz, returned home friday to the same soho loft where he and his family lived for over three decades. he had no comment. pedro hernandez was arraigned in not a courtroom but by his bed side in new york city's bellevue hospital where he was taken friday morning. authorities concerned he was suicidal. the suspect's mental health may be a charge for prosecutors whose case now depends on the 3 1/2-hour confession. >> his mental state today is only relevant to whether he can stand trial. will he understand the proceedings against him?
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it won't help him with we regard to what his mental state was 33 years a guy. >> reporter: a former soho neighbor remembers that hernandez was one of the few teenagers in the neighborhood who didn't join in the search in the weeks after the boy disappeared. he did been recently living with his ex-wife and daughter in southern new jersey. dan? >> thank you. the big question right now is whether the case really is closed. let's bring in abc news cons consoltant and former fbi agent brad garrett. good morning. this is the criminal complaint. that was released overnight. if you look, it's recently thin, and the hinges entirely on the confession. without a body and a crime scene, what can the cops do now to get enough evidence for a conviction? >> they are going to have to build a relationship between etan and pedro. in other words, were there people working at the bodega or around the doddega that saw the two of them together. it's hard to buy that he could
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go in the basement with hernandez. that is one key avenue they have to pursue. was there a past history between the two of them? beyond that, you want to look for other confessions that t.j. alluded to. in other words, going back to 1979 and forward, apparently, someone in 1971 heard him make some version of a confession. were there others? you want to find those people and independently interview them. because that does capture his thought at the moment about them and maybe provide more detail. it's a real problem for the police. because they are probably never going to have any forensics. i understand they have gone back to what used to be the bodega, but the idea, unless this was a very violent death, there is not going to be any forensics left probably in the basement of this building. >> "the new york times" makes an interesting point this morning. juries care about motive.
7:14 am
why did it happen? at this point, we don't know why hernandez may have done this. how big of a hurdle is that for prosecutors moving forward? >> it's very big. the real question is, does pedro even know what his motives were at the time? clearly, if it moved into a sexual arena, that would be an important component if it's true. so they are going -- you are exactly right, they have to get to the bottom of that. >> brad garrett, always valuable to have your insight. appreciate it, thank you. paula. over to you. >> thank you very much. now a story that sounds like the da vinci code crossed with a spy novel. one of the people closest to pope benedict, his personal butler, is under arrest for accused of leaking confidential documents. this morning, officials are looking for accomplices. we get the details from jeffrey kofman in london. good morning, jeffrey. >> reporter: good morning. it has all the ingredients of a thriller. the setting, the vatican. the story, scandalous leaks of papal documents.
7:15 am
who did it? well, it's the vatican investigators to be believed, the butler did it. and no, we are not kidding. he is at the pope's side from morning to midnight. that is butler pablo gabrielle pouring papal wine. and there he is sitting in the front seat of the popemobile literally at the pope's right hand. he dresses the pope, serves him, tends to his every need. now, the vatican says he has betrayed him. >> the notion this betrayal could have come not from somebody on the outside of the system or a minor functionary, but from someone who was in the papal apartment and a member of the papal family, obviously is going to cause a great crisis of caution. >> reporter: for months, italian newspapers had been filled with stories of corruption, bribery
7:16 am
inside the vatican of pope benedict xvi. the vatican leak scandal, vati leaks, as the media calls it, had to be an inside job. but the nagging question -- but who done it? investigators said they found a stash of confidential documents inside the butler's private home. >> most people suspect that even if the butler is involved, he may also be a convenient scapegoat for people that are higher up in the system. >> reporter: sound familiar? >> i need access to the vatican archives. >> access to the archives is only by decree of the father. >> reporter: it could be a plot twist ripped from dan brown's thriller "angels and demons." but vati leaks is not fiction. it's a huge embarrassment to the pope, highlighting corruption and lack at oversight at the vatican bank and staggering mismanagement of the vatican itself. and there is no jail in the vatican. the butler is held in a secure room some where in the compound.
7:17 am
there is an old saying that in the vatican, everything is mysterious but nothing is secret. it feels like that these days. dan? >> well said, thank you. we have good news this morning in the valiant struggle waged in a hospital room in georgia by this young woman. the victim of a very rare flesh eating bacteria. her father said she just achieved a gold medal moment. steve osunsami tells us what it is. >> reporter: for the first time since that rare infection began to take over her body, aimee copeland is finally breathing on her own and is now able to sit up for hours at a time. >> that's a big victory. because it's something that no one anticipated. the doctors didn't order it. she requested it. in my mind what it says, it says a lot about the strength of her spirit. she is one step back to being her normal self. >> reporter: her father shared the news on this facebook support page. in the most beautifully written words. saying that each breath is a victory.
7:18 am
each heart beat is a cause for celebration. when she opens her eyes, that is like a ticker tape parade down broadway. when she mouths words, angelic hosts rejoice. >> i would hope that every father out there loves their children as i love they daughters. my daughters mean everything in the world for me. i would do anything. i would die for my entire family. >> reporter: she was hurt may 1st after a zip line accident over a georgia river. a common water bacteria got caught in her wound. she lost that leg and most of her limbs. ♪ georgia southern belle fell down a wishing well ♪ she had a special visitor this week. singer/song writer cory durkin wrote a song for aimee copeland, calling her a southern belle who fell down a wishing well. he has been following her father's facebook posts. he traveled to georgia, sat beside her hospital bed and sang the song. and she smiled. ♪ i don't know anything about you but i want ♪ >> you could see her mouthing the words and i picked it up.
7:19 am
she said basically, she thanked him from the bottom of her heart and told him she really, really appreciated it. >> reporter: steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> i know a lot of you want to know if the severe weather is going to dampen your holiday plans. let's check back in with ginger zee. ginger? >> your weather is a part of holiday weekend. and it was yesterday too. let's take a look at the tornado pictures we got in. just incredible rope tornadoes. usually means they were dying out. and there were multimillion reports, 32 reported. likely when they are filtered, you will see less tornado. impressive pictures out of walker, kansas, the last tornado you are seeing. west central kansas was the heart of it yesterday. who gets it today? isolated tornadoes. damaging winds and large hail possible. in red, the general thunderstorms in orange. from the plains, oklahoma and texas panhandle and one area in eastern wyoming. now, all of that heat and
7:20 am
moisture out in most of the nation. the whole two-thirds, the eastern two-thirds going to fuel some of the parts. 98 in chicago tomorrow. it will tie a may record. if they go above it, it will break. we will see a lot of have one facebook photo to share with you this morning. from cedarville, ohio a foggy sunrise. that's right, paula. ohio. give it up for you. >> that is cedar, where i want to school. >> i know.
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>> well, thank you, ginger. she knows me so well. so a jailbird on the run busted after two months waddling around tokyo. a fugitive penguin is back behind bars. >> the story of his escape, and his life on the lam, how it came to an end. from this story. >> may 25th, 2012, penguin number 337 was apprehended after 82 days at large and has been returned to custody in tokyo's sea life park. >> reporter: you can just see the defiance, the penguin known as 337, refused to even face the media, gathered for his highly publicized arrest. he caused quite the flap in japan since his flight from captivity 2 1/2 months ago. the 1-year-old humble penguin scaled over a wall to freedom, winging his way to tokyo bay,
7:22 am
all that time, alluding capture and bellying up to an all you can eat sardine buffet. that is him taunting his pursuers. yesterday, it was his captors doing the daunting. the captor telling the press he caught the bird with his own bare hand. 337 is not the first animal to go rogue. this deadly cobra fled from the bronx zoo for six days and lived to tweet about it. and this chimpanzee in japan, he spent hours fighting for his freedom. remember this peacock? he flew the coop from a central park zoo for an afternoon of people watching in new york city. still, none have managed to hold on to freedom as long as this penguin. back in tokyo, 337 is in his home, safe and sound. tokyo's sea life park says he will do his time behind newly reinforced walls.
7:23 am
>> i was rooting for the penguin there. coming up, a new twist. this couple shoots and injures an intruder in their home, who turns out to be an allegedly drunk college student. we have the 911 calls and her side of the story. nightmare dive. an 80-year-old woman pushed out of plane. her first ever sky dive and something goes horribly wrong. the terrifying ordeal on tape. and the reporter who got the smack from will smith? after trying to kiss him? he is speaking out. who does he want to kiss now? >> you? ♪
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check this out. this is one of the craziest pieces of video we have seen in a while. this is an 80-year-old woman on her first skydive. it was a decades-long dream for her. but as you can see, not going so well. we will get her story coming up. good morning, america. i'm dan harris. thampblts video is really, really tough for me to watch. >> it is. but it's an incredible story. >> as he said, i am paula faris, we like to be dedown tant redundant around here, right? in for bianna golodryga. who is going to be back next weekend. we're excited to see her. it's saturday, may 26th. happy memorial day weekend. pippa, not perfect? what in the world? who wears orange to a wedding any way? i might. >> when you are pippa, you can get away with that. >> the dress is considered a mess, at least some people are saying so. coming up. it's an orange hot mess. >> orange hot mess, paula
7:31 am
coining a phrase here. >> she can send it to me and i'll wear it. >> i bet that is true. coming up -- actually, we are going start here had half hour of the home invasion, the terrified couple, the shots fired, the frantic 911 call and the intruder, turned out not to be a robber but this woman, allegedly drunk. a young college student. we are going to hear her side of the story and john muller is here with that. good morning. >> reporter: we don't know why she wandered in the house but her attorney and friends say she is anything but a criminal. the district attorney's office sees it differently. and now charges against the colorado grad could land her in a colorado pen. >> she was coming in the bedroom and we shot her. >> reporter: the 911 call from the boulder home owners moments after they shot a stranger in their dark bedroom. >> yeah, she is in the house, awake. she is fine but she is shot. >> reporter: the 21-year-old intruder, zoe ripple, a recent
7:32 am
university of colorado graduate, was drunk at the time, three times the legal limit, according to police. when she wandered unarmed in the multimillion boulder home through an unlocked screen door wednesday night. she is now recovering from a gunshot wound to the hip. but the da announced she will face felony trespassing charges. that could send her to prison. her friends say the charges are too harsh. >> she is the most happy, nonaggressive looking girl you could ever see. >> reporter: why did he is enter the home in the first place? still unknown. ripple's attorney released this statement, saying she had no criminal intent when she entered the home. she has been truly traumatized by this and i think getting shot should be punishment enough. >> in this situation, you think she would be punishment enough. after all, she was shot. in the course of a two-bit trespass. it's surprising they could charge a felony. >> reporter: the homeowners will not face any charges.
7:33 am
for them a clearly bizarre and terrifying incident. listen as the wife and noted author of the book "queen of the road" questions her while she lays on the bedroom floor bleeding. >> why do you walk in the house when we were screaming to get out? she seems kind of stoned or something. >> reporter: the boulder district attorney says that drunk college students wander in homes more than you think, 12 to 15 times a year. often leading to violence. zoe ripple is lucky to be alive and now she may need some luck to stay out of prison. ripple's attorney says she is a wonderful person and a community volunteer. they also point out that a 2010 shoplifting charge against ripple was dismissed. and the couple is protected under the make my day law. >> three times the limit? >> yeah, .20. >> she had been overserved. all right, thank you. let's get it over to ron claiborne with another look at the headlines. good morning. >> good morning, everyone.
7:34 am
in the news, 33 years today since the disappearance of etan patz, pedro hernandez was charged with murder, with patz's murder. hernandez is being hold without bail. his lawyer says he is bipolar and has a history of hallucinations. and a charity started by former penn state coach jerry sandusky is closing. the charity wants to transfer its money to a texas based youth ministry. and jpmorgan chase ceo jamie dimon has been called on the carpet for his campaign's $2 million loss. he have been asked to testify before a senator panel on june 7th. and a much different business story from apple's ceo. tim cook is passing up $75 million in dividends. without that money, he is still one of highest paid ceos in the country. it's time now for the weather and ginger zee. ginger? >> good morning, everyone. we want to begin to beryl. maybe you heard about the atlantic hurricane season starting early. it's not supposed to start until friday. june 1st, the official start. don't tell the second named storm of the season.
7:35 am
it's already heading for memorial day right to georgia and florida. and south carolina and north carolina, you will have cloudier days at the beach. heavy rains, up to about four inches. this is not going to be incredibly dangerous. something to note for the holiday weekend. something that could be more dangerous, the heat, 94 in memphis, 94 in atlanta today. 90 in indy. this is not just heat, it's the muggy conditions too. you have the cold and the mountain snows in montana and idaho there, mixing with the warmth and a pocket of severe weather in the center of >> this he >> this weather report has been brought to you by party city. dan and paula? >> thank you, ginger. coming up here on the broadcast, she wanted to
7:36 am
celebrate her 80th birthday with a sky dive, but it did not go as planned. her frightening fall coming up. and a reporter who planted one on will smith says he has eyes for only one hollywood star. we will tell you who it is coming up. . we will tell you who it is coming up. only one hoopd star. we will tell you who it is coming up. we charge everything else... maybe it's time to recharge the human battery. only the beautyrest recharge sleep system
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welcome back, everyone. and now that absolutely terrifying video we have been talking about all morning. an 80-year-old woman bravely decides to try her first ever sky dive. but the resulting jump, anything but smooth. as you can see her horrifying ordeal is all caught on tape. abc's clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: nearly plunged to her death another 125 miles an hour is not exactly how her birthday was supposed to go. this woman, we know her as laverne. >> excited to go sky diving? >> i'm real excited. >> whose idea is that? >> mine. >> reporter: she turned up, last year at this california sky diving company. dropping into her gear and heading sky way. all seems well but when it's her turn, she hesitates. a death grip on the door. >> it's hard to tell if she is just nervous or just saying no, i don't want to go.
7:41 am
>> reporter: ready or not, her instructor pries her hands loose and jumps, but it's immediately clear something is wrong. they are spinning out of control. her safety harness is coming off. her instructor grabs her legs. desperately holding on as they plummet to the earth. >> it's astonishing video to see. >> reporter: the video has gone viral. experts say it's extremely rare but it's clear what went wrong. >> the harness was much too loose. if the harness is too loose, it leaves a gap that somebody can slip out of in the back. >> reporter: abc news learned that the federal aviations administration sent a safety inspector there to investigate the campaign, known as the parachute center. it's not their first brush with trouble. in the last two years, they have racked up $1 million in faa penalties for failing to properly maintain aircraft. >> they need to look at the
7:42 am
instructor training and aircraft maintenance practices and evaluate how they are going practice. >> john, help them, help them, john. >> reporter: after a nightmare ride, laverne and her instructor reach the safety of terra firma. she is shaken but apparently not hurt. >> let me get my clothes. >> reporter: having survived a birthday that was nearly her last. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, los angeles. >> thinking she is never going to try that again. we have this statement from the parachute center involved in the jump. this happened a long time ago. everything worked as advertised, no one got hurt on injured. >> i would be interested to hear her side of the story these days. >> exactly. coming up here on "good morning america," beyonce back on stage for the first time since baby blue ivy made her debut. that story coming up after a quick break. made her debut. that story coming up after a quick break. [ woman ] for the london olympic games, our town had a "brilliant" idea.
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all right, it's time for pop news. joining us here in new york, instead of l.a. where she too often is, is l.a. entertainment reporter and host of on the red carpet, rachel smith. good morning to you. >> good morning to you guys. great to be back. you ready to talk fashion? >> yes. >> always. always. >> all right, well, pippa middleton had her first fashion fail. yesterday, she showed up to a friend's wedding wearing this worng dress and a navy hat and clutch. she is known to steal the spotlight from the bride but that may not be the case here. some people are saying the outfit is hideous and she doesn't dazzle. she looked stunning in another wedding last weekend, arriving in a raspberry issa dress and it started with a form fitting bridesmaid dress at the royal
7:48 am
wedding that put her on everyone's radar. girks what do you think of the orange dress? >> it didn't compliment her skin tone. >> i didn't either. >> hmm-mm. >> not a fan? >> dan? >> i can't match my tie to my shirt. i'm out. >> let's talk about another gal. beyonce, she is back. she hit the stage for the first time since giving birth in january. looking fierce. she rocked several different sexy outfits, showing off her post baby curves. she said it felt good to be back home on stage and she got rave reviews, including from husband jay-z who tweeted beyonce is the performer in the world, period. she played some of her biggest hits as well as whitney houston's "i will always love you." . that is bold.
7:49 am
>> comes right back, wow, that is impressive. you can't wait spanx or a girdle underneath the outfits. good for her. >> she is looking good, indeed. >> who knew? wow. >> the word spanx should never come out of your mouth. >> there is true. >> you learn something in the show. >> last weekend, we told you about that ukrainian reported who tried to plant a kiss on will smith and he received a slap from mr. men in black himself. well, the reporter is creating buzz again, this time around for proclaiming his new kissing target, selena gomez. the reporter told tmz, i love her. this is my future project. and he is not afraid of justin bieber. he is not competition to me. other celebs he would like to pucker up to, cheryl crow and angelina jolie. >> she is a project? that is a little concerning to me. >> yeah. >> is the biebs going to get upset about it? that is the question. >> we should see. >> they are on the outs? >> we shall see.
7:50 am
finally a video that seems harmless, right? okay, to toddlers performing in a dance recital, but take a closer look. the two get in a shoving match mid routine. and her classmates -- they are not fazed. >> look at that. >> it's a fight. >> like dan fights. >> what? >> well, the two were separated and the video has been viewed tens of thousands of times. >> i don't know, man. >> and these baby ballerinas will join us tomorrow morning on "good morning america." >> really? >> hopefully they will be able to do their routine without fighting. >> let's hope so. >> a real jab. >> an uppercut, right? >> rachel, always great to have you here on the set. wish you could be here every saturday morning. we'll be right back with more. it's time to live wider awake.
7:51 am
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we are kind of obsessed with the battling ballerinas. we compare it to ginger and paula, for sharing office space and are known to duke it out. very gentle way. >> right. >> which one of you wears the tiara? >> definitely ginger. >> which is paula and which is ginger? >> that is me to the cute outfit. >> that never happen, right? >> no, no. >> we have a programming note, right, paula? >> yeah, the celtics and the
7:56 am
76ers game, that is game seven. only going see it 8:00 eastern. that is game seven. this is for a chance to play the miami heat in the eastern conference finals. >> in other words, kind of a big deal. >> yeah, a great -- as you are eating your barbecue sandwich, whatever you are doing this weekend. >> check out b-ball. >> check out the hoops. >> thank you for watching, everybody. later today, "world news" with david muir. a guy named dan harris fitting in on that show tonight. >> that's what i'm taking about. >> see you then, people. ee you then, people. good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. huge three-day weekend whasm the is the weather going to be like? let's check in with lisa argen. >> unofficial start of summer and typical low clouds and fog you can see from the sutro camera that the marine layer is with us. we have mid-level clouds in the
7:57 am
picture today. another cool afternoon and most of the country is baking. 49 in san francisco with a couple of 50s out towards the delta. concord, 51 in livermore. we will be looking at the visibility to improve. two and a half mile visibility at half moon bay, delays are 55 minutes at sfo the clouds will pull back but mid-level moisture in the north bay. clouds around half moon bay keeping it cool with temperatures just in the upper 50s. an area of low pressure that continues to head out of town but not before leaving some snow in the sierra nevada. 32 and a little bit of snow falling last hour in truckee. back side temperatures will remain below average with just 61 in the city. we should see upper 60s, 65 in oakland today. ballgame this afternoon underneath mostly cloudy skies.
7:58 am
66 in san jose with warmest numbers in north and east bay valleys. chance of a light shower. 66 in santa cruz and hollister, 64 today. warming trend beginning tomorrow. coming up next, an urgent warning from the coastguard following two close calls at the beaches and what san francisco detectives are hoping you can tell them about this video. abc7 news at
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