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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 28, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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america this morning. closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc
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good morning i'm katie marzullo in for eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. breaking news. a police chase and manhunt overnight in vallejo ends in a suspect shot. he is gravely injured in the hospital now. an officer during this process was bitten by a police k-9. amy hollyfield is getting to the scene at wilson, still active scene gathering information. will be bringing an update. again officer-involved shooting in vallejo for the second straight week. in a few hours from now memorial day services will get underway to honor the nation's war veterans. at the presidio there will be a parade 10:30. boy scouts and other volunteer groups busy all weekend placing flags on each grave.
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more than 116,000 graves at the golden gate national cemetery in san bruno and another 30,000 at the presidio. >> president obama will have breakfast at the white house with families who have lost their loved ones in combat. later the president will continue the holiday tradition of laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown at arlington national cemetery. he and mrs. obama will recognize the 50th anniversary of the start of the vietnam war by visiting the war memorial. police in new york working to cement their case against the man who has confessed to killing etan patz, 33 years ago. the suspect's mental health is throwing down on that confession. pedro hernandez has admitted strangling patz and putting his body in the trash. he apparently confessed to family members. >> it was many years ago i didn't know if it was true
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like he hurt somebody but i didn't know that was true. >> the new york post reports he revealed details about the murder only the killer could have known. officials aren't saying anything in case he's exonerated or there were others involved. family and friends of nursing student michelle le marked the first anniversary of her disappearance over the weekend. they gathered in hayward yesterday. le attended nursing classes and vanished when she took a break during a training shift at kaiser permanente in hayward. the family of sierra lamar wanted to show their appreciation for the support le's family has given to them. >> unfortunate, but that'sf[ one of the great things that has come out of this is kind of friends that we've made and will be friends for life. >> searchers found le's
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remains in pleasanton in september. her former high school classmate giselle esteban faces murder charges. prosecutors say dna links her to le's death. hundreds of thousands who sought spectacular fireworks show at the golden gate bridge will be talking about it this morning. the fireworks celebrated the span's 75th anniversary last night was enough to take your breath away. only the second time fireworks were set off from the bridge and the first time they were accompanied by a light show. people who lined up to get a view were in awe. >> best i've seen in years, ever, gorgeous. >> the people here love their city. san francisco is amazing it >> the 75th an anniversary celebration was an all day event yesterday. sunday's festivities do not
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mean an end there will be events throughout the year. >> does the bridge look any different today? some traveled down memory lane yesterday. here's the picture of the bridge today enshrouded in fog. yesterday some fogs -- so many folks retraced the steps they took opening day 75 years ago. john alston has their story. >> i'm thinking about my family because they are all gone and i'm the only one left. i feel lots of good memories. >> reporter: three generations of this family of san francisco may the anniversary trek. 82-year-old john was 7-years-old on opening day. >> i remember the cars going
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through. there were all antique cars. there was a show at beginning. >> reporter: he had his two grandchildren as well as his son with his dad on the last big anniversary. >> for me it was 50th, now 75th hopefully i will be here for the 100th with them. >> one day i won't have them any more and i get to have them now. >> reporter: on the day after the bridge was dedicated it opened to traffic. the toll was 50 cents each way. pricey for 1937. it cost 25 cents to walk the bridge on that first day, 75 years ago. this original ticket belongs to diana webb who drove from her home to walk the golden gate like she did as a 7-year-old girl. on the golden gate bridge, john alston, abc7 news. >> hopefully we'll be doing the same thing a few years from now. >> you were out there yesterday was it overcast?
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>> it changed. >> good to see the fireworks were beautiful and bright and not clouded by fog. winds are blowing in from the ocean once again. we have a than average afternoon clouds are returning as we speak. i don't think they will hang around as long as yesterday, 7:00 in the morning most of us still in the 40s to low to mid 50s. noon hour you could see how quickly the clouds are pulling back to the coast by noon and temperatures there in the 50s through the bay shore. inland low to mid 60s and during the afternoon hours we'll see a lot of sunshine, pockets of it develop along the coast mid to upper 50s half moon bay, san francisco, san rafael, oakland rest of us in the 60s maybe wrapping up the day's festivities at 4:00. getting ready to head inside by 7:00, 50s everywhere low 60s hanging on in the north
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bay and east bay valleys outside today high amounts of tree, mold, moderate ragweed and very high grass. here's frances with your first look at traffic. good morning. we have an early crash in san rafael north 101 couple vehicles and truck involved. currently, all lanes blocked at the central san rafael exit. so, chp right now has all traffic taking the off-ramp and getting right back on. however, the oil spill from the accident is out there and this happened right after 4:00 this morning, they are saying the city going to be blocked at least another 15, 20 minutes. holiday traffic right now we'll keep an eye to see if it causes delays. we have the dumbarton bridge closure in effect until tomorrow morning. head over to the san mateo bridge or 237 right now of course traffic is light in the
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area. i wanted to show you how light it is live shot of the bay bridge toll. parking meters still enforced in san francisco. right now we want to get you back to our breaking news story that police chase overnight in vallejo that ended with the suspect shot and injured and an officer bitten by a police k-9. amy hollyfield live at the scene at wilson and far gut. >> reporter: we are still at the -- situation where we have a lot we can show but not a lot we can tell you. look at this huge police scene roped off here. you can see there are still officers out here searching for evidence still working the case they are not talking to us yet. we have a witness who was out here who tells us about:::30 police were chasing someone suspected of stealing a car and officers ended up shooting him -- we are waiting for
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details. in a strange twist, it does seem that a k-9 officer was out here and that dog bit one of the officers that officer was taken to the hospital this is at an apartment complex on wilson and fairy gut avenue in vallejo. -- we are hoping to get a briefing from police soon. stay with abc7 news for this developing story. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. still ahead, the head of security at dodger stadium is replaced. who the team has picked to keep fans safe. harrowing boat accident off the l.a. coast. how this vessel ended up splitting in half. less invasive pat-downs. new method screeners could be using soon.
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good memorial day morning.
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4:43. thank you for being with us. you are looking live at the embarcadero, ferry building and the bay bridge mike will have the forecast. little cloud or fog out there we'll see how it is going to clear for your holiday. more news now. person hospitalized with back injuries after a betting accident in southern california. -- after a boating accident in southern california. the boat plowed through a shell with nine boaters onboard splitting the shell in two sending a crew into the chilly waters. others launched a rescue. >> i saw the rowing shell and the people in the water i gave them my life jacket and seat cushion for floatation and helped get some out of the water until help i have an radioed. >> eight rowers were treated for -- for mild hypothermia. the driver of the boat that struck them said he didn't see
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the rogue shell. security change will be made at dodger stadium after several incidents. the dodgers say a former lapd deputy chief will replace, retiring security boss. he took over last year after the opening day attack on stow in the stadium parking lot. starting thursday and for the rest of the season lapd's michael hillman will be in charge. dodgers saying publish safety will be in good hands. new screening technology may reduce need for pat-downs at airports. homeland security department has put out a call for tech companies to develop handheld scanners to be used when passengers set off . critics say screeners resort to intrusive physical pat-down search -- searches. homeland security hopes the handhand wand will be the
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solution but they say it will take another year to develop one. coming up, latest on tropical storm beryl. east coast bracing. new questions about the structural integrity of the bay bridge. how an investigation finds potential problems about the concrete. plus, massive wildfire continues to burn out of control in new mexico. fires are -- how firefighters are tempting to calm the flames. apple's about face on the plant in china benefits and large pay raises expected.
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clouds lingering along the coast the rest of us mid to
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upper 60s bay shore mid to upper 50s along the coast flight delays everybody is doing fine now all major airports are okay let's look at temperatures low to mid 60s around seattle and portland, 96 phoenix upper 80s to mid 90s from the east coast into the central united states. severe weather could affect detroit, chicago, st. louis, dallas those would be areas for possibility of delays. use our flight tracker at at the bottom. this morning there are new questions being asked about the structural integrity of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. the sacramento bee is reporting caltrans' records show a builder may have compromised the tower. the builder did not report a section of concrete in the foundation failed to harden before it was tested and that failure meant no examination or repair was done. also, records show two of the piles built to whole the main
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tower were not tested -- to bill the main tower were not tested properly. two lightning caused fires in the national forest have grown to 122,000 acres. winds are -- lighter winds are helping. fires burned a dozen homes and threatening a privately owned ghost town. homeowners are waiting and worrying. >> really hope that if anything is destroyed by fire that people have a good spirit and they can rebuild. >> yesterday, new mexico's governor ordered national guard troops to secure evacuated areas. tropical storm beryl is swamping the southeast coastline washing away people's holiday plans. beryl made landfall in northern florida overnight it is expected to turn everything in its path in a soggy mess. tahman bradley has more. >> reporter: for resident along the southeast coast, tropical storm beryl crashed the memorial day party. the storm made landfall
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overnight in north eastern florida packing 70 mile per hour winds short of a category 1 hurricane it continues to cause heavy rain and winds. meteorologists expect the weather system will keep dumping rain in florida and georgia throughout the day tens of thousands are without power from georgia to daytona beach in jacksonville, the memorial day plans scrapped. >> due to concerns for public safety we've cancelled our memorial ceremony at the memorial wall. this storm has the ability to produce localized flooding, down trees and down power lines that can pose a threat to public safety. >> reporter: residents along beryl's path from south of charleston to daytona beach were expected to see a storm search of up to three feet, three to six inches of rain wind gusts up to 65 miles per hour. >> waves and winds are picking up, tides coming.
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>> reporter: there's the issue of rip currents, currents that pull perpendicular to the shore forcing swimmers to swim outside their powerful force. they are causing a mess forcing at least 100 rescues along the coast and emptying out beaches over the busy holiday weekend. >> i'm encouraging everyone to stay out of water, very important. >> reporter: one bit of good news meteorologists think upper level west winds will push beryl back out to sea by tomorrow night. that may be too late to save outdoor plans for so many this holiday. tahman bradley, abc news. let's get mike to take a closer look at beryl. we've got him rolling around in florida and georgia where he's going to stay, dropping heavy rain and flooding possibility of tornadoes there too. you will see that what he's doing is losing strength, losing a little winds. but he's still going to dump a lot of rain and ruin a lot of
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memorial holiday weekends. technically it doesn't start the atlantic season until june 1st, he's a few days ahead of time. spinning around jacksonville, throwing rain into savannah, rip currents myrtle beach, south carolina the grand strand there, pulling moisture from the gulf side. it is going to be a flooder. they definitely need some of the rain there not this type. this comes down too quickly. let's show you what is going on outside. here's a look at the ferry building, downtown san francisco, everything is quiet now. you can see clouds are ragtag but they are increasing as we speak. if you are stepping out now, upper 40s around santa rosa, napa, los gatos, everywhere else low to mid 50s. antioch 57° for the warm spot. santa cruz 48, low to mid 50s
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monterey bay and inland. faster sunshine but still cooler than average afternoon temperatures slight breeze, cloudy tonight drizzle mainly along the coast warm afternoons wednesday, thursday and friday here's a look at cloud cover. getting thicker by the moment. peaking around 9:00, then will start to retreat out of the east bay valleys and south bay by noon stubborn around the coast and into the bay i think we'll see more sunshine by 2 or 3, 50s and 60s for the coast into the bay 70s inland. east bay valleys, low to mid 70s today from 70 walnut creek to 76 brentwood low to mid 60s up and down the peninsula, fremont 68 upper 60s to low 70s south bay san jose 70 low to mid 60s peninsula palo alto and points south upper 60s mid to upper 50s along the coast patchy sun more around
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downtown and south san francisco low to mid 60s 60s even low 70s north bay valleys mid to upper 50s at your beaches 62 monterey, 70 watsonville. if you are traveling around the state today, low to mid 80s inland, sun over tahoe 64 and big sur 69. tomorrow like today then temperatures jump nearly 10° across the board by thursday. warmer than average friday. small cooling trend warmer than average saturday and sunday. have a great day. here's frances. we have a great picture from a traffic spotter on abc7's exclusive waze app this is north 101 approaching central san rafael, injury crash that lead to an oil spill and therefore, currently all lanes blocked. traffic detoured on the central san rafael off-ramp. you can get right back on. it is slow through the area in
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the northbound direction. southbound traffic for most commuters this holiday, if there are some, is moving well. we'll be keeping poufed on the delays developing on north 101 through san rafael. if you are taking mass transitted if for the holiday, ace train has no service, bart running on a sunday schedule. muni on a sunday schedule. don't forget, the n judah line has been shutdown, there are shuttles in place from ocean beach to van ness then you can hop on the muni metro. caltrain, ac transit on a sunday schedule. i wanted to show you a live shot, golden gate bridge look at how quickly things have changed we can see a little more of the span now the fog has decreased in this area. the facebook ipo debacle may have had a major impact on other tech start-ups some are
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being delayed, including dublin-based company and others will open to much lower valuations. some say it is healthy for investors to whole start-ups to higher standards. facebook went public 10 days ago, raising 16 pwpld, but it has been trading below its ipo price. -- workers at the chinese plants that make parts for apple and other computers companies may be getting a big pay raise. the president of foxconn wants minimum wage workers to be making just under $700 a month by next year. that's up from the less than $300 a month they are making now. it would be the fourth pay raise since 2010. foxconn has been scrutinized for how it treats employees after a rash of suicides. diane sawyer receive add honorary degree this weekend at brown university in rhode island. she is one of nine honorary
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degree recipients this weekend. others included oscar winning actress viola davis. and outgoing university president ruth simmons. she in good company. >> yes. congratulations. next, we are following developments out of vallejo, a police chase leads to a shooting. the bizarre sequence of vents that injuries a police officer. fallout from a massacre in syria. the u.n.'s harsh words for the country's leader after scores of civilians are killed. progress on the dumbarton bridge project. will it reopen in time for tomorrow's commute? lay-offs loom for major cell phone maker. how many jobs could be cut this week at rim. çkçkçkçkçkçkçkk
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