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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 28, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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but they say he was living the straight and narrow and did not deserve to be gunned down. >> yes. he had duies but he wasn't a bad guy. >> she's talking about the father of her 10-year-old son. shot and killed by police officers this morning. >> for him to not have had a gun on him for them to shoot him down like that, i think that was brutal and wrong. i just want justice to be served. >> police claim barett was driving this white lexus without headlights on near an intersection where they were conducting a routine d uchl i check point. the chase ended at this apartment complex where and he two others jumped out of the car and ran. barett confronted and told show hands. the officer says he ran towards him, reached into his pocket and pulled out a dark metal object. the officer claims he was forced to fire multiple times, and then, when barett tried to get up another officer daysed
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him to subdue him. he would later die in the hospital from injuries. >> upon close examination you'd see it's not a gun. >> cops now say the object wasn't a weapon but a wallet. >> how many times do you have to shoot to stop someone? >> tasha says he may have ran because he was afraid of getting another dui and losing his job un armed and had a card holder in his pocket. >> she believes excessive force is used and pressing police officers for answers. >> when you're talking about seconds, there is not a lot of time to assess. >> abc 7 news learned that one of the two men who also ran was barett seen years son. he is now in police custody. all of the officers involved in this shooting are on administrative leave. >> thank you. police officers still have not released the name of a man shot and killed early friday
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morning. police say the suspect pulled a gun on a cabby and then a pedestrian, police opened fire when he turned it on them, it turned out, however, to be a bebe gun. >> a 21-year-old soldier has been killed in afghanistan. the army specialist died on saturday in the kandahar profians, officials say enemy force as tacked his unit with an ied. and he graduated from al va yez high school in 2008. family and friends say he proudly served his country. >> he was very proud of serving this great country. doing what he loved. >> his family is having a hard time believing he is gone. he was a loved son. >> the casket arrived yesterday at dover air force base in delaware.
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his death marks the age service member from monterey county to have died in iraq or afghanistan. >> and this is a day we set aside to honor those who served thchl year's ceremony marks the end of one march and 70 years since the start of another. here is abc 7 news. >> this san francisco ceremony has been a tradition for 144 years meant to honor those who fought in different wars and remember struggles they went through. obi nash was in the army in world war i i. we had black and white army at that time. the president said we'll have one army. >> there are those who came to talk about their proudest moments. >> we're saying is that. >> he fought in the war, in
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china. >> those veterans exchanged stories with their senior counter parts. >> this is from and down efforts overseas paved a way for awareness campaign autos there is a special excel braigs for those who fought in world war i skpismt iraq. the ire back war ended this year, 70 years ago, america became involved in world war ii and there is a wreath laying ceremony for veterans of the two conflicts. >> we tried to make the world a better place. >> and ceremonies took place around the bay area, several hundred people turned out for a special commendation at golden gate national cemetery. besides remembering fallen
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soldiers this also honors current members of the first brigade team this, unit given a hero's welcome 40 years ago when other communities were shunning vietnam veterans. the unit will be returning to combat duty. >> and i and my soldiers will be soon in harm's way again serving in afghanistan to secure the peace and prevent our enemies from ever using that place to attack america, again. >> also honored today, captain les williams. he was an original member of the tuskeegee airmen. a fly over at benicia arsenal post cemetery honored those who gave their lives. a kc 10 flew above the 300
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people there today thchl is the oldest military cemetery on the west coast. veterans from the civil war to the korean war are buried there. >> and today's memorial day observeance in walnut creek featured two service men who have been neighbors for years, they share a bond going back to world war ii but as abc 7 news explains it took more than a half century to realize it. >> the army. >> many joined the army to fight the second world war. >> i wanted to get into the air force because i didn't want to talk. -- walk. >> his bomber went down, he parachuted into the german countryside. >> unfortunately i landed one quarter of a mile from hitler
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youth camp he was taken prisoner and he was force to walk from one camp to another until his captors accidentally came face-to-face with american 104th infan tri. >> happy to liberate you both men moved to walnut creek. >> years later i first ran into paul at st. paul's church up here. >> in addition to medals their stories earned them a standing ovation. each men hopes to teach something this memorial day. for dick ing gram it's about a little bit of laughter that can get you through tough times. >> there are humannus moms in combat. not very many, but there are some. >> we, the older generation gave them that freedom. they've got to pass it on to
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their next generation. in walnut creek, abc 7 news. >> investigators continue to look for what sparked a fire that gutted two homes in fremont and showed dangers faced on the job. the fire spread from one home to another around 5:20 this morning. a group of firefighters climbed on top of a home and started to cut holes in the roof so heat could escape. the roof collapsed one fire fighter. >> this roof collapsed and he went through the roof z the fellow crew members pulled him out. >> that fire fighter suffered a minor burn on one hand. the fire did displace two families one from each home. red cross continues to work on fingd them a place to stay.
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>> there is the official start of wildfire season. store parts it started earlier because of our dry winter there are crews responding to 800 wildfires. last year only 700 brush fires and there is cal fire urging homeowners to take extra precautions now and clearing away anything that can burn. clear leaves and pine needles and only use power trimmers and mowers before 10:00 a.m. and after 6:00 p.m. when it's a bit cooler. >> just ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00 the retro fit project closing the dunbarton bridge. will crews get the work done in time for the morning commute? >> and going to take you live to tahoe for a look at how ski resorts are transforming them selfs into year-round
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playgrounds. >> noticeably warmer days wednesday and thursday. i'll show where numbers will end up, coming up. >> and there is automatic renewals can be a great convenience but there can be problems ending a
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. right now seismic work on the closed span is 75% complete. caltrans says crews are making good time and the bridge is on track to reopen by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. you know the span has been closed since friday. today, crews completed installing a new joint on the
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western part of the bridge. the joint will help absorb the shock of an earthquake. next steps include building new concrete barriers. >> we're going to start that this evening. it will go into early hours of tuesday morning. and then, we'll stripe. and clean up and open up the area to motorists. >> the $60 million project started two years ago. it should be completely done next year. >> and there is mechl yil day weekend marks unofficial start of summer, reese sorts of lake tahoe are hoping summer works out better for them that than this winter did. and there is weather improving some there, now, huh? >> that is right. it did not cooperate for the first part of the weekend. where i'm standing at lake level on saturday there is a mim tour of rain and snow, today, it's about 30 degrees
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warmer, memorial day sweekd hit or miss because of the weather but summer needs to be big for wiss here. >> this is a beautiful area. i do recommend hiking there. >> with a winter a memory all eyes are on promoting other assets. heavenly giving a bird's eye view of all tahoe has to offer once snow melts including a world class see area turning into a family playground. >> there is where we offer everything from hiking to rides. and there is adventure zone for children. >> jenna owns a clothing store at the base of the heavenly gondola. she knows better than to
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measure success by one money. >> we don't look at it as week or week or month to mochl i look over three years. if i don't have a good season one year, i probably will the next year. >> this state line hotels and owners are building a 7500 seat concert arena featuring a series of bigs names. >> the big country acts coming in. we've got brad paisley and toby keith coming in and maroon 5. >> and this memorial day weekend is iffy because of the weather but they're banking on a big summer. >> there is demand. people want to do something. they do have money but nifshus about spending. we're up to almost 20% for
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advance bookings for summer. >> next couple months this is the only kind of ice they'd like to see here and there is a tip for those of you planning to come up i'm told there are a lot of deals to be had. be sure to shop around before you book the trip. >> this looks great. >> one of california's national parks has the dubis distinction of being smoggiest in the nation. sequoia national park is home to the biggest living things on earth. scientists say there are levels similar to those in l.a.. some pollution is rising from san joaquin valley. the rest from the bay area, scientists say smog is damaging pines and redwood seedlings. long term impact is unclear. >> let's talk about the weather, sandhya patel is here, beautiful but cool. >> yes.
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this weekend was rather chilly. >> absolutely was and there is well below normal. and we're going to take you up to normal and then arks above normal. and here is a live picture from our camera. i know it's hard to believe. we're going to show 90s on the seven-day forecast. is going to get steamy here and you can see the sunshining. there is a beautiful day. and there is a what happened in the atmosphere, there are patchy low clouds, most cloud cover is cleared away thanks to the wind. it's been breezy out there. winds continue tonight with mostly sunny skies there are are winds gusting to 28 miles per hour at sfo. 24 in san jose. the wind is just coming off the ocean which is providing us can cool conditions.
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most bay area into 60s. we do have a few 50s in santa rosa. 70 degrees here are the highlights. wridwide spread low clouds. turning sunny and it's going to be much warmer wednesday and thursday. there is a look at satellite and radar. high pressure will push in. as it builds in over western u.s. we're going to see temperatures rising. warmer tomorrow, and noticeable will be wednesday and thursday. up into mid-80s by wednesday, thursday, warmest locations into low 90s, tomorrow morning we're going to start out with wide spread low clouds. it's going to be a cool start. just sending kids to school and heading to work you may want to just layer up. there is 49 in half moon bay. low 50s around the bay and there is cloudy, tomorrow afternoon, most of the bay
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area enjoys sunshine except for patchy clouds lingering near the coast. 59 in half moon bay. breezy day. 65 in oakland. mid 70s in santa rosa and livermore. 77 in antioch. it's warmer away from the coastline for your tuesday afternoon. there is a round the monterey bay, 67 in santa cruz, 72 inland in morgan hill sh warmer days, starting tomorrow, it's noticeable and there is by thursday and friday, we're going to average about 10 degrees higher than where you should be. there are low to mid-60s at the coastline, then, hitting weekend will turn cooler. there is breezy with partly cloudy skies. >> lots of ups and down autos oh, yes. >> thank you very much. >> this memorial day is full of samples of people
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challenging themselves. 400 swimmers took a dip in san francisco bay. and they jumped off a boat near alcatras and. >> there is a scary part is jumping off that boat. they say this is one way ticket. you have to jump. >> there is 9-year-old jordan freer. a 7-year-old boy is the youngest to make the swim but jordan may be one of the youngest females. >> that water is cold. >> buying a service is another matter. >> run around one man received when he tried to cancel antivirus protection. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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a san jose man found out
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when momentum gets going it could be hard to stop. >> michael finney is here with this story. >> we've been through one like this, best buy was very accommodating when he attempted to cancel his virus program protection. the hold up came when it's time to process that refund. >> he bought the program for his daughter's computer in 2009. that lap top is no longer in much use so he called best buy to cancel. the annual fee for virus protection had been just charged one day earl liver. >> i said shoot. i called best buy. i said look. i would rather not have this. they said, it's only been a day. we'll credit you. >> a few days later he received this e mail confirming the cancellation. a month later he called, wondering yes hadn't received a refund. >> i got a rep, nice rep she
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says weather you know looks like it's in the cue but it's hasn't gone through. i don't know why. >> several more months passed and with each passing month, he called best buy. >> and i talked to caylee, here, originally in january. then megan. and that is in march. and then, i talked to genea. that is in april. and then, the last person was margaret. >> finally the last time i called this is after like four, five times, i said, look. i can't call you anymore. i'm going to call a consumer advocacy group and let them handle this. >> he called 7 on your side. we contacted best buy. the company told us that the original request was not processed properly. and the refund was delayed we have contacted this customer with our apologies. and verified a full refund has been received. >> i have to say i was impressed and i've never used a series like you have and
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i've seen michael finney 7 on your side. i said i'm just going try it. very nothing to lose. >> exactly. he expressed thanks to best buy calling the staff extremely nice. if you have a consumer complaint let me know bit. >> and you'll spring into action. >> it appears facebook is ready to try a social network of a different kind. >> net a foray into the mobile phone business. they could find it rather difficult. >> and reports say the pope's butler may not be the center of the controversy. >> and support calling for a tobacco tax initiative. there are kblinls of reasons why.
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facebook ipo this month may not have been all that investors thought it would be but the catch may pay for the
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development of a mobile phone that, is the talk in silicon valley. abc 7 news's david louie is in san jose live for us. david, why would facebook want to get into the mobile phone market? >> it's all about money. you know, facebook has a user base of 900s million people. that would be a tremendous customer base. share holders expecting big things as a company a phone could be a lucrative move or a big gamble. we know facebook is a social network. why does it need a mobile phone? >> they don't need a phone. they have plenty of apps but not only will you be able to run facebook but it can have it's own apps. >> this can also help facebook become a major mobile advertising platt form, it generates from ads online, critics say it's behind in
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making mobile a money-maker, google facing the same issue led to the an droid operating system. and google develop aid phone built for google by htc. and however, making a phone isn't as easy as it sounds. >> there are technical issues and requires cooperation of carriers and price has to be right. and analysts say it has to cost less than an iphone. >> it could fall on its face and cost phone shallly billions of dollars and could generate no money. but if pulling it off, it could be a new future. >> apple succeeded with an iphone. google just completed a $14 kbrinl deal to acquire motorola mob yiblt. and facebook could do a similar deal, reports indicate its busy recruiting engineers who worked on the iphone.
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and i think the challenge is not to be a one trick pony. having a phone and lots of apps and eco ses tim around that could bring them a lot of money. >> and buzz that they hope to launch next year. bloggers are skeptical and no one is sure how far along the project is. >> and the social habits of the ceo mark zuckerberg on his honeymoon are becoming the target of tabloids. this shows them having dinner in rome. witnesses say the couple is blending in but tabloids are running stories claiming they look miserable. zuckerberg and chan got married on may 19th the day after the ipo.
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>> and the pope's butler says he will cooperate with investigators looking into charges he stole confidential vatican documents. he is accused of leaking documents to the media. his willingness to cooperate is raising suspicions higher ups can be involved. there is a report there is a network of insiders inside of the leaks including a cardinal. the stolen documents explain power struggles within the catholic church. >> and increased pressure on syria to end violence there. the call for peace comes after a very bloody weekend. and there is more than 100 civilians being called in one town alone. observers now there and un special envoy held talks today with the syrian president. >> i am shockedded and
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horrified by the tragic incident two days ago .s which took many innocent lives. children..., women, and men. >> he is now proposing a peace plan calling for a cease-fire. and staunch ally russia now says the syrian government bears most of the responsibility for 13 months of the violence. >> president obama who has denounced violence in syria attended several memorial day activities today in washington. the president laid the traditional wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. then he was off to the vietnam war memorial. he said no longer will americans and government treat veterans as they were in the 1970s. >> there was a national shame.
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a disgrace. should never have happened. that is why resolve it will not happen again. >> america became involved in the vietnam war in 1962 and white house said it will begin a 13 year program honoring those who served in vietnam. >> and in san diego mitt romney spoke about the military in a ceremony and declared the united states must always have a military larger and stronger than any other in the world. and said it must to not only win wars but prevent them. >> a $40 million blitz seems to be making a difference in swaying public opinion on proposition 29 on the june ballot. a poll sin stit yut poll shows support for prop 29 is at 53% done 14 points since march.
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it is with ad campaigns financed by the tobacco industry bank rolling opposition. abc 7 news looks at the hot button initiatives. >> proposition 29 would make smoking more expensive. if passed would it add a $1 tax to every pack of sig -- cigarettes bringing total to $1.87. ads are everywhere. >> imposing a billion dollars in new taxes on californiains. >> and it will keep kids from smoking. >> the tax would raise an estimated $735 mimin a year. the nonpartisan analyst says 80% of the money would fund cancer research and prevention programs. carol baker a lot of a loved one in cancer and is a long time volunteer with the american cancer society. >> they've put into it what they think needs to happen so we can get a cure for cancers.
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all cancers and all tobacco related diseases. >> and in part because he says initiative creates an unchecked bureaucracy. >> every taxpayer has right to ensure tax dollars being used correctly there is not conflict of interest. >> and nonprofit supporters say it's carefully crafted to dictate how money is spent using a citizen's oversight committee with annual reviews. last time voters passed a tax increase was 13 years ago. and the amount was 50 cents per pack. voters nearly defeated a tax increase and manufacturers want the same outcome again. tobacco companies topped a list of contributors spending $40 million to defeat the tax. a california republican party and a taxpayer group are also donors. supporters of prop 29 are spending one-fourth of the
6:38 pm
amount trying to secure funding for cancer research n addition the lance armstrong foundation and new york mayor bloomberg support prop 29. advocates say the dollar tax will keep 220,000 young people from smoking and prompt another 100,000 adults to quit. >> there is a simple lynn year relationship between price of cigarettes and youth smoking. >> critics argue money raised could fund cancer research out of state. and they point to dozens of reverences. groups such as hispanic chamber of commerce worried tax will hurt those who can least afford it. which is why they're advertising in english and spanish. >> the affect is on the poor people. is that what we want? because that is what we're going to get. >> if approved dollar a pack tax would take affect october 1.
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in san jose, abc 7 news. >> all right. a lot more to get to. coming up no ordinary holiday bike ride. >> just ahead some wounded veterans begin an incredible journey for a very special reason.
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and veterans began in the presidio today. >> they're journey taking them across america.
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abc 7 news explains. this army specialist lost of use of his legs. >> i have a spinal cord injury he sees no reason to be a cyclist now. >> there is options to keep cycling. >> he's one of 21 undertaking this pete. two orms are blind and others have brain injuries. they're psych qiling from san francisco to virginia beach. it's a 4,000 mile trip. they're not doing to it raise money, another, raising spirits. >> people serving our country are just like everybody else, they may have lost a leg but haven't lost their hearts or their minds. they haven't lost their souls to be great american autos the ride is called sea to signing shea. they're shining examples of strength. >> there are many people that
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made so many sacrifices whether with their lives or limbs. and are the a lot of people on have lost their lives, in every day like you don't enter counter those people. some will. on this ride. >> that he told me he's looking forward to meeting lots of new people. you can see that american flag is placed on every headstone. boy scouts and other volunteers made that possible for this event on this memorial day. >> there is so much respect. >> and still to come here on abc 7 news at 6:00 problem was a chemical the state has been phasing out for years. >> this is in too many places where it shouldn't be. >> next, why dry qleerns for decades and what has officials so concerned.
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a dangerous chemical used in dry cleaning is being phased out in california but regulators say we may have to live with it for years still to come. a closer look at the problem leeching into our soil and drinking water. >> and in san mateo there is a chemical and it is and this is how well it cleans. >> waterson owns what is likely the last perk washing machine in california saying this method is on the way out. >> i think it's a little bit of an extreme phase out, california is really the only state that has taken such a progressive stand. >> dry cleaners have been using the liquid since the 19 30s and others have used it as
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a lubricant. the state air resources board ordered perk phased out. >> there have been studies looking at workers exposed and there is evidence suggesting it's a human carcinogen. >> according to the sciences short term exposure can cause dizziness, lack of coordination and unconsciousnesses long term can cause liver and kidney damage. there she says it will be phased out and it's toxic legacy will be around for years still to come it can get into the air from soil. so it's volatile. would rather be in the air than soil. and this is into in the drinking water. >> todd thompson says unsafe
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practices and spills have contaminated ground water all over the state. >> this is a large problem state wide. there are a thousand cases active. and this soil is contaminated at this site. and it was once a business that recycled perk. >> and the state department shot this video for use because of the operations from activities we now have a legacy with this type of contamination. >> it's very expense dwroif clean up. this job alone will cost $1.3 million and it could take a year to finish. and there is 600 other contaminated sites identified around the state.
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and taxpayers will pick up the rest. >> they can go from military bases where they have dry cleaning operations down to local dry cleaners on the street corner. >> this is those smaller cleaners that state officials are worried. many are mom and pop shops and likely don't have money to pay for a clean up that. means taxpayers will likely foot the bill and in california every cent counts. the clean up will eat up more than 10% of the state budget for clean up budgets. >> jand is back with an accuweather update. >> and there is a warmer forecast. this is from our east bay hills camera. there is some patchy clouds and a nice, sunny day. there are breezy conditions this afternoon. and we're going to hang on to breeze and will warm up away from the coast line.
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there is 74 in antioch and san jose. low to upper 60s around the coast and near the bay. accu-weather forecast is warmer wednesday, thursday. going feel like summer. 60s coast side, 90s inland. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. >> and a flattering label yeyeye
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hope you can join me tonight coming up a virus unleash add cross the globe. what could be a most sophisticated cyber weapon yet. then at 11:00 a promising new development for a young woman fighting a flesh-eating disease. those stories and more see you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and there is baseball to talk about. >> it's fun when barry bonds comes back to the ballpark. it s and there is this, he referred to himself as a
6:55 pm
convicted felon. he's into cycling and loves the bike. he's appealing his conviction on obstruction of justice for che was convicted. >> look at this. this is a special place. do you miss it?. >> i love it here. and this is to give our fans the greatest show they can put in day in, day out. that is when you come here for. >> giants and d backs on this memorial day. triple amputee threw out the first pitch. there is a double field and there is a 3-0 game and there is 4-0 and there is barry zito
6:56 pm
here is one by john mcdonald in the 8. top nine, d backs threaten and there is a long fly ball. giants prevail 4-2. a's starting a six-game roady in minnesota this, guy is just tearing it up. there is his 14th of the year. there is the third of the year. and there is oakland up 4-3. he had not loud a run this season in 23 innings but that just call falls into a slooper. and there is a tag up and score what's turned out to be the run.
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a milestone today for roger fedderer. there is most grand slam wins, 233 in the opening round of the french open. fedderer facing germany. roger won the first set and had to come from behind in the second looking strong. and there is fed playing in his 50th major. game one, eastern conference finals mario charlotte-mecklenburgmers and lebron james hooking up here. there is miami leading 48-46 at the half. >> thank you. ask that is this edition. >> and have a good might. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good?
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sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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