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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 14, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> announcer: right now abc7 news begins with breaking news. you're looking live at sky 7 hd over the west oakland bart station and over the fire that has disabled bart service between the east bay and san francisco. no trains running in either direction. huge three alarm overnight fire is the cause.
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of course, commuters are being forced to find alternates to get into work. >> we have live team coverage. let's begin with amy hollyfield. the one silver lining is the damage to bart may not be as bad as first thought? >> reporter: jim is right here with bart, he's talking the damage. what they've figured out so far. >> the main issue now is electrical. until we can determine when it is safe to reenergize the system and provide electricity to the trains, there's no bart service across the bay right now. >> we can see there is some damage to that covering. that covering of the third rail from what i understand? >> there's a cover board that covers the third rail, the third rail provides power to the trains. a half mile of that is damaged. you can run trains with a damaged third rail that is not the big issue. the big issue is 35, 40 insulators that hold up the third rail that are damaged
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and a question as to whether the power supply that guess to the third rail can be safely -- that guess to the third rail can be safely reenergized. a question of do you turn it on very quickly and risk further damaging it? or do we need to take more time and make sure when we do turn the power back on it is not going to fry something else. >> the morning commute is definitely in trouble many? >> the morning rush hour for those of you who normally use bart please find a different way to get across the bay we are not going to have bart service for the morning rush hour across the bay. >> reporter: do you think this can be a days's long problem? >> it difficult to say. it is a -- matter of getting a detailed look and assessing risks and benefits of reenergizing that electricity earlier rather than later. >> reporter: how are the tracks? >> tracks it appears there's not any damage to the running rail from our preliminary
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inspections. we have specific equipment that is going to check that out to make sure. it looks like electricity is the main issue >> reporter: if we can say that's good news, i know is a terrible situation for cuters but it could be worse the tracks are okay, -- for commuters. but it could be worse the tracks okay. >> bad news for the 50,000 who use bart to get across the bay. we may be able to get back in service more quickly than had the tracks been melted away, let's same >> reporter: good job keeping us informed, thank you jim. now we want to tell you what happened. look at these pictures of the fire that caused this. this fire is just having an impact all the way around. it starred in a four story building -- it starred in a four story building at 2:15 it was under construction it was going to be a senior center, it is no more, just cinder blocks standing, firefighters said it was a huge hot fire
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when they got here. they feel like they have it control now. there are still problems in this area. of course the tracks, but it also burned a utility pole so pg&e is here to try and stabilize that pole to make sure it doesn't fall on to the tracks. they've taken out power for a few customers in this area while they work on that there's also a gasline they are are working to get turned off. construction equipment burned, street signs burned. this was a huge fire that caused problems all around it. of course the big one is the bart tracks this is just a nightmare for morning cuters. also people trying to get to the giants' game. people trying to get to the u.s. open. anyone trying to get to san francisco from the east bay. terry mcsweeney is talking to those people this morning who are undoubtedly frustrated. he joins us live with an update. >> reporter: we heard jim talking a detail add assessement. we go a good angle, folks at
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the elevated bart tracks taking a look right at the damage and you can get an idea of the damage you see that rail going along and all of a sudden it gets wavy, certainly appears that it was melted by those flames leaning over the elevated bart tracks. whatever in gets rolling again it won't be soon enough for people trying to get to work this morning. a scene that repeated itself again and again. people hoping to get on a train and there are no trains polling. we got a chance to talk to a company of the people. usually we are talking about people going into the city for the commute. not everything is heading that way. wherever you are going, not out of this station. >> looks like i'm walking. >> reporter: where are you walking to? >> downtown.
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>> [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: again, and again people showing up here. they didn't know what we were doing here. when they found out you can see their minds beginning to spin. where is my ride the persona just dropped me off i gotta get 'em back here. they want to get a bus bridge going from here but a lot of the streets blocked off. what we heard from a gentleman at the bart station a bart employ if i you take your bart ticket to 14th and bring you can get on an ac transit bus into san francisco. for free. most of the people are thinking immediately i've got to get my car i don't know when bart is going to be back up. keep hearing that again and again this going to be one heck of a morning cute. -- of a morning commute.
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ernest, how is this affecting yourselves, guy the way, good morning i'm sorry about that. how is this affecting yourselves? are you there ernest? ernest sanchez with the alameda oakland ferry. good morning this is eric and kristen from the morning news. let's find out from you right now now is affecting yourselves? >> well, the san francisco bay ferry is operating four routes this morning, we are operating between alameda, oakland and san francisco between alameda oakland and south san francisco and from are where bay alameda to san francisco. also the surface between vallejo and san francisco. we are going to operate our four routes and working on increasing capacity on those routes. as of now we are going to run
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our regular schedule with enhanced service. people are invited to go to san for the schedule. >> when you say increasing capacity how might you be going about doing it? >> we are trying to get additional vessels. the problem is this time of the morning is getting the crews into place. the customer service reps where we need them. we will run our regular boats and add additional boats as soon as we can. >> typical weekday morning ernest, how many passengers will you have? >> we would be running approximately seven vessels. and we would be caring around 3,000 passengers. >> ac transit is honoring bart tickets, they will not to pay on ac transit are they doing
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the same on the ferries? >> no, i'm afraid we cannot do that. we are going to be accepting ferry tickets. >> $7 each way or more? >> it depends on the service alameda oakland $6.25, one way. >> thank you for the information about the ferry service. san francisco bay ferry. that's one way if get to work this morning. >> for the other ways let's check in with frances. luckily, the stall on the bay bridge has been cleared. we had an earlier injury crash at the bay bridge toll. metering lights were turned on at around 5:50 that's a good half hour earlier than usual. here's the live shot of the bay bridge toll, backed up into the maze. i asked peter taylor in our transmission group to show me a shot of the oakland maze. it is just backed up already this is westbound 80 coming out of emeryville and -- sorry
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let me just show you if you heard that. westbound 80 emeryville towards the bay bridge this is westbound -- westbound 580 backed up through the maze heading towards the bay bridge. when i see a back up this bad it usually means a half hour wait getting to the toll plaza and metering lights which were turned on early. this is what you can expect if you have to drive. do consider ac transit you can get on one of the oakland stations the west oakland station is closed that's what we are hearing from bart as well. without transbay service you can get on the macarthur station, also san mateo bridge still fine as well as the richmond san rafael bridge and dumbarton bridge. you talked about the subject of ac transit one of the primary alternate means of transportation this morning. katie marzullo is live in the breaking news center with more on the reaction from ac transit. >> reporter: good morning. the newsroom upstairs hustling to get as much information as
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we can to the commuters. we did talk with the spokesman for ac transit. he says they are using their buses the best they can to make up for the lack of bart. >> we have 26 lines that run across the bay bridge. we will still be running those lines. it is just a matter of us trying to make sure that we get as many bart passengers as possible to locations where we can get them on to our buses to i go them across the bridge. >> reporter: that video judgment in from sky 7 hd you can see the crews on the tracks inspecting damage. damage that is going to put a lot of people on bus this morning. our time is 6:11. we'll get you a quick check on the weather. still cool today? >> i think it going to cool down in some areas. going to feel great possibly compare today this weekend if you don't like the eat get out of the east bay valleys and inland valleys where we could have triple digits.
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clouds around the bay north from sutro you can see most of the fog into the monterey bay up the san mateo county coast trying to spill across the bay. today just now we are going to have low to mid 50s through 7:00, by noon breezes start to pick up clouds dissipate. mid 50s at the coast lunch time, mid 70s inland. top out around 1:00, 3:00, a few degrees warmer then hang out there as we go into the 4:00 hour. 4:00, temperatures will be running 78 inland, 68 around the bay 57 at the coast breezy and jacket weather during the evening hours 56 coast, 61 bay to 68 inland. the next three days very important if you are going to be inland, a lot of activities outside are going to be affected by temperatures in the mid to upper 90s friday, saturday, sunday triple digits possibly east bay valley
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saturday 90 around the bay saturday low 70s at the coast. please be careful if you are going to spend time outside especially inland valleys. it is now 6:13. >> were we are still following breaking news. bar service shutdown now between the east bay and san francisco after a huge overnight fire. >> bart says it is not clear when service will resume. they have work crews out now checking the electrical system as well as the tracks. stay with abc7 morning news for continuous@a@a@a@a@a@a@a@a@a
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if you have drive to work you will have more company because of bart's problems. no transbay service on bart teen san francisco and oakland. head over to ac transit. hang on to your bart ticket they will honor them on ac transit you can get on at the 19th oakland station or macarthur or consider ferries, but you will have to pay for ferries. a lot of folks driving with bay bridge toll metering lights turned on 5:50. it is jammed into the maze this is westbound 80, westbound 580. i want to show you the waze traffic app, slowing started from highway 24 out of the caldecott tunnel. people reporting heavy traffic there as you head towards the macarthur maze. as a possible alternate if you
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need to consider the san mateo bridge that might be slightly better. so far traffic there fine across the san mateo bridge or the dumbarton bridge or you may also want to consider the richmond san rafael bridge to the golden gate bridge that is a little bit longer, but at least that stretch is okay at this point. again, this bay bridge back up jammed well through the maze. mike has better news on the weather. i'll take from it here. 6:18. good morning some of the clouds around the coast spilling over across san francisco as we look almost northbound from sutro tower this morning. let's take a look athf live doppler, you can see not causing precipitation good news at least weather will not affect your morning commute. 49 santa rosa most of us in the low to mid 50s antioch 61. monterey bay cloudy, a little drizzle there more likely low to mid 50s.
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today sunny and breezy this afternoon check out the weekend, heatwave triple digits possible inland relief from the heat but won't be until next week going to be three tough days to be outside, starting tomorrow. today, at the u.s. open, we are going to have the first ron today 50 up to 58°, west wind 15 to 25 miles per hour cooler spots. mid to upper 70s in the south bay today mid to upper 60s millbrae and san leandro, neighbors to the south low to mid 70s coast mid to upper 50s low to mid 60s downtown and south san francisco sausalito 68, 77 san rafael, low to mid 80s north bay valleys, cooler at beaches. east bay shore head into the east bay valleys, 79 dublin everybody else low to mid 80s 59 monterey, 57 carmel upper 60s to low 70's for the rest of the bay.
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12:45, adding more problems the fact that bart is not going to be running today, giants game afternoon game sunny 63. wear the sunscreen. inland mid to upper 90s friday through sunday low to upper 80s around the bay head to the coast mid 60s to low 70s. 6:20. coming up, the latest on how to get across the bay right now with no bart service between oakland and san francisco after a massive fire. giants making history. matt cain pitches perfect game that some are calling the greatest ever. the highlights, next. chbytes." .
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>> good thursday morning. :24. our breaking news massive fire caused damage to the bart structure right next to it in west oakland that has caused transbay service in both directions to be cancelled for this morning. of course that means extra cars on the road and of course that means a slow commute. >> the bay bridge definitely a hot spot. let's check in with tracy our news director who is driving across the bridge trying to get to work here in san francisco. how has the experience been? are you seeing more cars? >> definitely, good morning.
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and i got through the 24/80.cb - merge in 10 minutes backed up really bad for this time of the morning. usually i'm not on the road at this time. stop and go i would say it is moving at least not as bad as i expected it to be. the carpool lane is sailing through. that seems to be the way to go. if beam can pick up casual carpoolers i would say try to -- if people can pick up casual carpoolers i would say try to do that. difficult for this time of the morning with >> frustrating? >> it is. but it seems like people are just dealing with it. >> frances was telling us the metering lights went on a who have hour earlier than usual. have you got tone to that point? >> no, -- i am at the west grand almost to the west grand
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avenue exit not to the metering lights yet. >> okay, we are telling folks this morning, alternates are the best way, ac transit if you can, ferries as well. ac transit will honor bart tickets if you take the ferries you will have to pay but avoid the frustration of trying to get across with your car. we are looking at live pictures of bart employees checking out the tracks there in west oakland. tracy, we will notify the boss you may be a few minutes late. >> i'll be there shortly >> we'll see you then. >> hopefully. >> as we continue to look at that picture the crews have determined the tracks appear to be okay. the electrical system there insulators appear to be damaged. they are going to want to reenergize carefully that means slowly, possibly a few hours maybe more. we'll continue to follow that >> that is better than the initial report we had which meant it could be days to fix
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the problem. it is probably going to be hours now. so your morning commute is ruined maybe it will be back for the evening commute. >> we'll continue to follow this breaking news. certainly continue to have a commute impact across the bay bridge as you heard from tracy and frances, no bart transbay service this morning. the reason why, huge overnight fire near the west oakland bart station. we'll continue with live team coverage. >> i'm frances dinglasan. we are checking the back up at the bay bridge toll through the maze to 580 and 24.
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>> announcer: right now abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> >> you are looking at a live picture from sky 7 hd over the west oakland bart. right now because what is left of that fire and the smoke and the damage to bart, right now bart service between east bay and san francisco is totally shutdown following the fire and this is at the west oakland bart station, forcing computers to find alternates to get to work -- commuters to find alternates to get to work this morning has been a mess. we have live team coverage. let's start with amy hollyfield at west oakland bart. >> reporter: good morning.
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we are here trying to get the question answered that is on everyone's mind, when will the trains start running? bart officials are saying they think this is not going to be a long term fix but a short term fix it could take hours instead of days. however, bart officials are in no mood to make promises this is their initial assessment. they do want hopes to get too high. jim is the spokesperson for bart he is on the scene talking about the situation and what they have assessed so far. let's join in and see what he is having to say about this. perfect timing. when do you think these trains will be running? we know you have an an initial assessment your best guess is better than no guess. >> the afternoon commute is what most people are focused on now as the earliest time we would be able to provide service. i would say check or
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website for continuing updates people can sign up for text alerts to learn the latest. obviously, the morning commute is out of the question in terms of transbay service. we are hoping to get things ready for the afternoon commute. i don't want to promise anything that i don't want to make promises we can keep. >> reporter: there's also a giants game this afternoon, u.s. open. a lot of pressure on you bart officials, because everyone needs your trains. how are you balancing that with -- you have safety issues i understand? >> we don't want to run the trains until it is safe. one the issues is there are two power poles damaged by the fire that are in danger of toppling on to the tracks. these are not bart power poles we are relying on another agency to remove those poles that's one of the factors that we have. so, you are right we don't want to run the trains until it is safe to do so. we know a lot of people are counting on bat. we are trying to get it done as quickly -- as possible but
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in a safe wait a minute >> reporter: what is the issue on the rails? what have you assessed the fire did to your tracks? >> biggest damage is electrical. just to give you a sense of that. there are very high voltage lines that provide power to a substation that then provides power to the third rail. what we want to make sure that we do is, not turn on the power too soon and exacerbate the damage. they are going to isolate a section of that high power line and make sure it is safe to turn the power back on before they do it. they can't just flip the switch and keep fingers crossed. they want to make sure they don't cause further damage. >> reporter: the entire bay area watches and hopes and keeps fingers crossed, a lot of pressure, thank you jim, we appreciate it. i want to tell what caused this. we have amazing pictures of a huge fire that happened about 2:15 this morning. 100 foot flames lit up night.
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firefighters said it was huge and very hot. the arson team is taking a look. they don't want to call it suspicious at this point. they say the rate the fire spread has their attention. this building was under construction so there was construction equipment here. they have a number of factors to look into. this is going to be a senior center, four stories high, it collapsed. now it is down to cinder blocks is at fifth and mandel lark next to the west oakland bart elevated -- mandela, next to the west oakland bart elevated tracks and station the fire spread to the tracks damaging the electrical system. offs are trying figure out how long -- officials are trying to figure out how long can have service back. also burned power bowls, pg&e is worry the poles could fall on to the tracks they have deenergy advised them. customers around here don't have power. street signs burned,
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construction equipment damaged. this huge fire had far-reaching impact. the biggest impact is on morning commuters and anyone trying to get to the giants game and u.s. open. right now no trains running from the east bay to san francisco and vice versa. no word on when they may not starting again. right now it sounds like bart is aiming to have them up by the afternoon commute. at this point the bart officials are not making any promises. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. terry mcsweeney has been hanging out with the commuters. >> reporter: eye got a great angle to illustrate a couple of points that amy was making. you can see not only the tracks that were -- where the flames did damage you can see someone up there on the elevated bart tracks taking a look around. behind him you can see power lines maybe suffering damage
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possibly on the verge of coming down on the tracks and making everything worse which is why they don't have the power on. look at what people are experiencing. people coming to the bart station as we're speaking people are driving into the lot wondering when their train going to be running again. some jut finding out from us that it -- some just finding out from us that it is not running. this woman is a double victim. >> i called my work, i said i might come in and shower i'm trying to get my stuff together in the dark and walk a mile and a half. that's what i'm going to do and hopefully it is up. >> reporter: everybody taking the news fairly well although some people are very surprised that what they are anticipating to be another normal thursday is becoming anything but. most of the people we are talking to saying they are
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going to get into their car and get on the bay bridge. you know what is going to be like. others are hearing from bart personnel out here if you go to 14th and bring and you have a bart ticket you can ride ac transit for free into san francisco. another aspect is people are going back and getting in their cars to go to the city, even if the bart trains are up and running by this evening's commute those folks are going to be in tear cars. bart problem out here causing a mess for a lot of people. some people coming out here just now finding out about it and having to make a plan b. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 14th and bring, one place to catch ac transit buses there are a couple of others. frances has been monitoring that >> if you are using that option we are hearing the experience is tpraus stkraeut >> reporter: yeah, folks were tweeting lines around the an block to get on ac transit they are providing free
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transfers for bart cuters who are stranded because of no service -- bart commuters who are stranded because of no service. hang on to your ticket get on to macarthur, oakland, oakland city center stops nearby. lines around the block for some of those stations if you want to take the ferries great option as well. they are on a normal schedule. but you have to pay for that. i wanted to show you a live shot of the oakland maze backed up through the maze, westbound 80 traffic already jammed through the berkeley curve. this is westbound 580 coming out of oakland. it is already backed up on to highway 24. good half hour wait for folks heading to the bay bridge toll. however, this is a really unusual pattern. what you will notice is that the cash payinñeeádu are backed up through the maze. but, if you have fastrak once you get into the!+b dedicated lanes they are zooming along. there's no back-up there.
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if you can do casual carpooling, great way, no back-up there as well. i did need to mention another huge problem this just came up. traffic alert north bay overturned big rig. traffic spotter reported it is jammed eastbound 37 near highway 29 blocking lanes, chp has issued a traffic alert. here's a picture of the scene. we'll be keeping you posted on this as well. big back-up in the vallejo area. again, try to consider ac transit, if you can or carpooling. thank you very much frances. good morning, live doppler showing a clear sky around most of the bay and inland fog along the coast haven't heard any flight arrival delays into sfo. graduations, san leandro high 5:00 today sunny and breezy, 70° for you guys. pirates going off too the new world.
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castro valley high, 6:30 sunny and breezy for the trojans at 6:30. let's move on and talk about what is going to happen now, visibility low, around the bay low because it is hazy out at the coast fog and low clouds 1 1/2 mile visibility at half moon bay. as far as what is going to happen obvious the course of the day right now most clouds staying out at the coast fingers of fog trying to cross san francisco in the morning are doing so, by 7:00, a few clouds. temperatures in the 50s. now noon, clouds back to the coast even sunshine developing especially along the north bay coast, 50s into san francisco, 61 oakland, near 70 for the rest of the bay, mid to upper 70s inland not too hot. if you are going to be out at 4:00, 70s and 80s inland. mid 60s to near 70 around the bay. a few includes lingering around the coast for the most part sunny and 57 half moon bay to 62 san francisco.
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56 at half moon bay, 59 san francisco and oakland at 7:00, temperatures droppingly to mid 60s elsewhere around the bay shore into the south bay -- 60s to 70 inland. the big story after that the danger -- dangerous heat inland tomorrow, saturday, sunday, mid 90 to trip bull digits. 27 at the coast. >> - 6:42. because of this breaking news story of no transbay service on bart right now, we are going to stay on past our normal time, past 7:00 this morning to help cuters get across the bay. under normal -- help commuters get across the bay. under normal circumstances this would be the story. matt cain. >> one of the best pitching perform mans ever for a giant. trading underway on wall street, investors will be die jetting not promising lob jess
6:43 am
numbers released. live report from the new york stock exchange. right now a look at the big board. we see the dow is up 22 points. >> we'll continue to follow our breaking news story. this west oakland fire near the bart station that is now caused the cancellation of service between oakland and san francisco with no word of when that will resume, we'll get you alternates check in with our reporters mfmfmfmfmfmfmf
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welcome back. i'm frances dinglasan in the traffic center. no bart service between oakland and san francisco due to an earlier fire. here is a live shot we are looking at the back-up on westbound 80 that starts in berkeley goes to the bay bridge toll. a lot of folks getting in their cars. long lines for ac transit as well. we'll check out more alternates in my next report. our time is 6:47. a lot of people touched by the transbay problems with bart. >> one is our viewer and commuteers from walnut creek don. you normally take bart but can't. >> no had to drive in. >> had to wake up hubby and have him drive you this is that right? >> yep, my husband gets up with me in the morning i work
6:48 am
at the coffee bean tea leaf in san francisco and he drove me in at 4:30. >> must have been really happy about that. >> well, he's okay. he's a great husband. >> that's great. happy for you. also, because you got up at 4:30, i guess you missed the bulk of the traffic live pictures of the back up now horrible backed up well past east of the maze. not experience any of that? >> no. i did not experience anything. as soon as they said there was going to be a traffic back-up, i said let's gap. >> dawn, how did you find out about the problems with bart? >> news, i watch -- as soon as the news comes on i'm watching i get up at 3:30, 4:00 the first newscast comes on and it was breaking news. i arranged and i called my employees so they know ahead of time and a few other
6:49 am
friends that don't get up that early hopefully they are prepared. >> thank you dawn, good luck. bloomberg reporter jane king is live at the new york stock exchange with the laces business news. good morning. big drop in bay area for closures. filings in the san francisco, oakland, fremont area down 6% in may compared to april and didn't 26 in may compared to a year ago that doesn't moon you are out of the woods. initial notices of default jumped indicating new wave of distressed properties may be hitting the market. weekly unemployment claims actually came in a little higher than expected. we also saw deflation showing up. both of those numbers signs of a slowing economy. stocks are not taking it too hard. the thinking is with these reports the fed may be more
6:50 am
eager to do something to stimulate the economy. bloomberg index lower half percent. source telling bloomberg san francisco-based company in talk tossle itself to microsoft. the source says a deal may be reached as early as tomorrow. it is a social network site for businesses. the price tag could be we hear a billion dollars. that would help microsoft add social network tools. facebook stepping up ad game amid skepticism it could never -- it is getting ready to unveil real-time bidding for companies putting ads on the site. it will allow companies to target specific types of users base on browser history. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. one of the few days when we would be happy to swap graphic with you in new york city. >> absolutely. we -- swap traffic with new
6:51 am
new york city. we gotta get to this many fans still buzzing about witnessing history matt cain pitched the first perfect game in the franchise's 130 year history. >> in case you missed it, take a look at the final out. >> on the ground, got 'em, that's a perfect game. >> you see the throw off his back foot to keep cain's perfect game going he retired jason castro, a castro valley native for the final out and then mobbed by teammates. cain struck out 14 batters. that puts him in the same league for that game with sandy kovax the dodger great for the most strike outs and perfect game since 1900. >> this is incredible right now. i think it is starting to settle in now a little bit. maybe i will celebrate with the guys a little bit and enjoy it for a second.
6:52 am
that was something that i mean obviously never ever gonna forget. but it was unbelievable from the beginning. >> you keep icing that shoulder or doing whatever you got to do to take care of it. cain some the 22nd player in baseball history to hurl a perfect game two teams back in action this afternoon. usually you see cain so calm to see that emotional response not just him for the whole team. frances, a lot of folks are going to be trying to get into san francisco with bart service shutdown between the two ends that could be a problem. yeah it is going to be a mess. we heard approximately 50,000 folks who normally use bart for the transbay tube will be either getting in their cars or taking ac transit. both jammed right now.
6:53 am
here's a look at westbound 80 heavy from berkeley to the bay bridge toll. westbound 58 "jammed from 580 and 24. -- here's the toll back up, at least a good half hour wait. it is just an unusual pattern, because since we probably have more folks who don't normally take the bay bridge once you get into a dedicated fastrak lane, no waiting there to the toll. casual carpooling, a gate way to go this morning. now, hang on to your bart ticket. there's a free transfer on ac transit but there are lines around the block near the oakland bart stations to get across too san francisco so keep that in mind. ferries operating on a normal schedule, no delays reported. but you will have to pay for the ferry service and with a lot of folks possibly heading to the giants' game look out for that as well. just also i wanted to mention we have this overturned big rig in vallejo eastbound 37 at highway 29 this is causing big
6:54 am
problems for commuters in the area. 6:53. >> recapping: our breaking news amy hollyfield is live in west oakland is -- with an update of the closure of the transbay tube because of the fire at the west oakland bart station. >> reporter: we are here with bart officials trying to get that big question answered, when will trains start running again? it is not going to happen for the morning commute. it appears bart officials are caming to get them running for the afternoon commute. they are not making any promises. they do not want people to get their hopes up. as you know, the bay bridge has a twitter account. the bridge tweeted: bart why are you doing this to me? it is not bart it is this fire it happened 2:15 this morning to a building that was under construction that building collapsed. the fire also damaged bart's electrical system on its line at the west oakland bart
6:55 am
station. officials are trying to figure out when and how they can reenergize those rails, safely. that is not going to be happening this morning. they are hoping that maybe they can get it going by this afternoon. give you a train ride home. as of right now they are saying you need to hop on a bus or a ferry or your car that is certainly not recommended because the bridge is going to be tough. if you can work from home or take a sick day, this might be the day. this is a headache for morning commuters. terry mcsweeney has been talking to them this morning and figuring out how they are adjusting. how is the mood out there? >> reporter: not bad. i haven't heard anybody talking about taking the day off. i heard people talking getting in their cars and when they get to the bart station all they have to do is look up to see why their train is not running today into san francisco and not coming from is to -- coming from
6:56 am
san francisco to oakland. the fire damage is the problem. when they will get it fixed, they don't know. take a look at people, scene repeating itself again and again even as we are speaking people are walking towards the bart station here at west oakland hoping to get on a bart train and getting word it is if the going to happen. this station is closed. not only going into san francisco also in the other direction towards oakland it is just not running, it is not happening here. last word i got is that they are trying to get together a bus bridge from here to broadway and macarthur and 19th and 12th that is not happening yet. they are still working on getting that together. when it happens, you are going be able to come to the west oakland bart and get rides to those four places and then into san francisco. that will be how you can get into san francisco later. right now, no bus bridge here. no bart service here if you
6:57 am
are thinking about using the west oakland bart station, no point, it is not happening. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. :57. we are going to take a short break. then we are going to come back on abc7 morning news with more on the cancellation of bart's transbay service because of that huge fire this morning. >> you can keep track of this breaking news on twitter at abc7 news/bay area and talk about it on facebook also streaming on air coverage o
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