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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 19, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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sun beginning to come up, second longest day of the year today. >> tomorrow is the summer solstice. good morning i'm terry mcsweeney eric thomas has the day off. >> and i'm kristen sze a former school superintendent going to court this morning accused of stealing money from a second district after he was earlier charged with embezzling from another district to renovate his woodside home. amy hollyfield is live outside the san mateo county courthouse. >> reporter: he's due here in court to face seven counts of embezzlement. he's currently out on bail. investigators believe tim hanretty started stealing months after he was appointed as superintendent for the portola valley school district he's been there two years. authorities say hanretty was using money for himself, that
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was supposed to be set aside for the district's solar panels. >> what they found was that six of the invoices were not devoted to solar panels for school, they were devoted to recent at his home -- renovation at his home yes the school district money was charged. >> reporter: pictures of his home and description of the renovations can be found posted online. the work includes work on his foundation, basement and the kitchen. hanretty and his attorney are not commenting. if he is convicted, he could go to jail for eight years. some of the parents that we spoke with say they are very disappointed, since lay-offs and other cuts are being considered because of money problems. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. at 9:00 this morning suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi will be in court for a report on his domestic violence counseling.
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at 5:00 he will be there for the start of city ethics commissions hearings on whether he should be removed on misconduct charges. i will be his chance to defend himself against the mayor's -- it will be his chance to defend himself against the mayor's -- the commission will make a recommendation to the board of supervisors will decide mirkarimi's fate. this morning it appears push may come to shove at the lakeview elementary school in oakland where parents have been camped out since friday. katie marzullo joins us live from the school with the latest on that >> reporter: it has been quiet according to the parents spokesperson. there are two police cars parked across the street keeping their distans -- keeping their distance. late yesterday police did warn parents they need to leave.
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parents say this is not going to be case, at least not today. they are going to see more protests that you saw yesterday, a lot of signage and parents. parents protesting the closure of this school and four others technically one turned into a charter school they say the oakland unified school district is mismanaging money they could keep the schools open if they wanted to. the district says it is due to declining enrollment, there are not enough student to populate all of these schools. i talked with one parent this morning. after you will hear from the school district spokesman his comments about the protests yesterday. >> more people have been stepping up and coming out and getting involved and helping us, businesses are donating food and water and supplies it has been an amazing experience. >> we certainly don't want conflictwbázó but we have certan entitlements, we could have
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acted friday again we've extended a grace period of four days. >> reporter: it was yesterday that there was an issue with police coming ton campus. it was campus police and oakland police, -- they said alarm was going off they came to make make sure there was no vandalism. at the same time they did notify protesters they would have to leave. parents say they are not going to leave short of act arrested. they going to stay and they are holding summer school classes here and they say they will do that this morning as well. katie marzullo, abc7 news. the ceo of jpmorgan chase will be back on capitol hill this morning. last week apologized during a hearing and told lawmakers the company's loss of at least two billion dollars on trad@ñqúl violated common sense. this morning military
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judge will consider whether to delay trial of army psychiatrist charged in a fatal shooting rampage at fort hood, texas. whether major nadal hasan will be at his hearing is unclear. the judge said he would bar him from the courtroom if he still had a beard which violates army regulations. the judge postponed the hearing when hasan showed up with a beard he's accused of opening fire in november of 2009 killing 13, injuring 30 the man convicted in fatal shooting of a man outside a san francisco nightclub faces sentencing this morning. the shooting took place two years ago following an argument. last machine a jury found the 22-year-old guilty of first degree murder. davis was shot and wounded by a security guard at the scene. a second suspect was never caught. davis faces 50 years to life in prison. in san mateo this morning, two men arrest facing charges
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of trying to intentionally run down a couple of cyclists with their track. the two teenaged boys were riding their bikes in the area of 4th avenue and grant street sunday, witnesses told the driver of a gold pick-up truck tried to run the boys off the road and you can see tire tracks where the vehicle jumped the curb. nobody was hurt. police took 24-year-old jason hernandez lopez and 31-year-old deion burton into custody. this morning, serious firepower off the streets of oakland police showing off a cache of weapons found inside the home of a robbery suspect. officers served a search warrant in north oakland inside they found three pistols, illegal assault rifle, machine gun and high capacity ammunition magazines. >> we don't see magazines with this high capacity this holds 100 rounds. we see them but it is rare. this was a quite a significant
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find to remove from our streets. >> officers discovered 100 marijuana plants, dried marijuana and electronics they believe were stolen. investigators say the suspect is a convicted felon with a litter bugs you've been warned. caltrans and chp joining forces against freeway litter. officers will be on lookout for drivers who throw out garbage or cigarette butts from cars and will issue tickets fines could be $1,000. enforcement locations include 101 near candlestick park, 580 in livermore, 101 between 87 and 280 in san jose. you shouldn't litter anywhere. >> that area by candlestick we slow down they're going to a game and you notice how much trash is over there. they picked their locations pretty well. >> as they do their cleanup work, we have fog to contend
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with. >> gotta be breezy by candlestick, mike? >> absolute . san bruno gap nice breeze, winds in a second. first live doppler tracking the following, moving up the san mateo county coast close to the golden gate bridge right now otherwise it is quiet. winds sfo light, six miles per hour same at oakland fastest wind napa 10 and san jose farther inland towards the central valley fairfield west 16. today mainly low to mid 50s clouds and a lot of sun through 7:00, clouds dissipate everybody gets sun by noon. near 80 inland. mid 80s 4:00 temperatures, warmer today, mid 70s around the bay upper 50s at the coast, upper 70s at 7:00, mid to upper 60s bay, mid 50s at the coast you may need a jacket if you are heading out this evening. high amounts of tree, grass,
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ragweed, mold moderate. tomorrow summer solstice warmest day in this forecast cycle mid 90s inland. look at dramatic drop, four to 14 degrees from the coast inland tomorrow and another couple of degrees inland friday temperatures well below average. no rain in the next three to four days. let's talk traffic with sue hall. good morning. good looking forecast and commute so far 101 southbound from novato past lucas valley road towards the civic center central san rafael moving at the limit, golden gate bridge farther south looking good, that in just a minute this is san jose very, very light one or two headlights through the screen. san jose towards cupertino northbound 280, 17 out of the santa cruz mountains, no problems reported at this hour. if you are heading from the coast out to san jose here's
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your golden gate bridge a little mist and fog as mike mentioned was starting to come into the golden gate no visibility problems if you are heading out of the waldo tunnel southbound into san francisco traffic at the limit and very light. bay bridge same thing, sky is getting lighter sun coming up no problems with metering smoothly through the treasure island tunnel and into san francisco. 5:11. microsoft makes a bid to challenge apple. the america's money report, next. face time for facebook. the big acquisition the social networking giant is making. why it may be tough to fan a taxi at major air -- airport. >> hitting the library in oakland will get more than a good book.
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good morning. relief for motorists gas prices below $4 everywhere in the united states. national average down a few cents this week. 18 cents in washington, 17 oregon, 13 in california. microsoft taking a page out of apple's book for the first time it will produce software and computer that runs it tablet should ensure windows 8 is a major player.
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facebook stock 20% in the past two weeks. it is gaining steadily. that's america's money. internet cafes are going to have to wait a while before they can operate in pittsburg. the city council voted unanimously to adopt a 45 day moratorium that make money making competitions available to those who buy time on the computer the concern is businesses attract criminals. antioch recently approved a similar ordinance. facebook acquired high-tech israeli company hoping to further mobile market.'s product allows users to click a picture of friends and tag it automatically before posting it on facebook it can identify gender and age. technology works only on the iphone now, terms of the deal are not available. as of today, new place go to check out what others are
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saying about your credit card companies. this morning the government's consumer finance watchdog agency launching online database of complaints on credit cards. you will be able to see complaints people filed against any bank that issues credit cards. you can search by zip code and see how the banks responded. the database does not include personal information. don't count on catching a taxi at oakland international airport today, 200 cabbies are boycotting to protest what they say is encroachment by shuttle van drivers. drivers say the shuttle vans are violating rules requiring them to wait for passengers behind the cabs and they say it is costing them fares. the port of oakland will allow taxis without airport permits to pick up passengers until the boycott is over. the library in oakland may have more than a good book. 11 libraries are participating in the free summer lunch program.
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kids 18 and under can get a meal there and more than 130 other sites including schools and community centers. without the program 20,000 low income kids could spend summer vacation hungry. >> during the summertime children often do not receive a quality meal if they are not school. we are bridging that gap and making sure kids have nutrition they need. the summer school lunch menu is much different than previous years chips and fries replaced by fruits and salads. parents are being educated about healthy eating habits. we'll get the opinion from the kids. >> by the way, if you want to find out locations we have a link on mike is back. did you enjoy your time off? >> a lot of baseball. i was out in the heat like everybody else this weekend we saw temperatures nose dive, a
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little ramp up the next few days before they nosedive again -- once the summer solstice comes. good morning, haze hanging around the inversion keeping pollution in the lower levels of the atmosphere no spare the air today we did have one saturday, whew, tough to be out! now live doppler all is quiet, good start we are picking up a clear sky with the radar as it spins on top of mount st. helena in the north bay. 48 santa rosa, low to mid 50s until you get to antioch 57, monterey bay and inland salinas and gilroy fog and low clouds low to mid 50s by the around a lot of sunshine and breeze from yesterday will taper. it is going to be warmer today from four degrees in san jose 82 fremont 79 at six concord 89, 67 closer to average in
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san francisco, eight degrees warmer oakland 73, nine. redwood city from 75 to possibly 88° today. 13° jump there. 5:48 to 8:30 few our sunrise and sunset. cloud -- clouds trying to spill into the bay in the next hour or two, back to the coast by 10, already dissipating from the coast by 11 in the afternoon hours. 60s and 70s for the coast in the bay 80s 90s inland south bay temperatures low to mid 80s today, cupertino 82. 79 palo alto, 72 millbrae. mid to upper 60s downtown and south san francisco, sausalito 72 low 60s beaches sunshine 20 to 25 degrees warmer inland valleys north bay. union city, fremont, castro valley, hercules upper 70s.
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80s for morgan hill, gilroy hollister. low to mid 70s most of the monterey bay. dodgers in town to take on the a's sunny start 7:0560 to eight to 60 -- 7:05, 68 to 60. warmest day in the forecast tomorrow temperatures tumble thursday by 4 to 14° we'll lose another couple of degrees coolest weather friday holding through the weekend. have a great day. good morning. east shore freeway 80 berkeley past golden gate field estuary to the macarthur maze beginning to bunch up no significant problems this is 680 walnut creek, light as you head towards highway 24 no probe lepts 24 west to the caldecott tornado -- 680 continuing to 580 through the san ramon valley also looking
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good earlier problem calistoga 29 before tubbs clear add that out of lanes no more delays southbound 29. 880 northbound yesterday this got stuck folks were backed up into san leandro for most of the day because of the emergency roadwork that should be picked up momentarily hopefully that won't be an issue again for your nimitz commute. all mass transit on schedule, no delays, great way to go and beautiful day in store. 5:21. still ahead, the heat will try to turn you up the heat on the thunder tonight in game four of the nba finals. preview of the match-up. --. m
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good morning. 5:24. score from yesterday interleague play continues in the majors this week. matt cain pitched 5-3 win against the angels last night. not perfect. >> but the bullpen was. >> yeah. the two teams meet again tonight and the a's return to action from a day off to host the dodgers in oakland. game four of the nba finals tips off tonight in miami with the heat leading the thunder two games to one. lebron james and heat took care of home court advantage sunday night they return to miami to play the first of three games. james scored 29 points, 14 rebounds heat beat thunder 90
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within-85. -- 91-85. catch the action live on abc7 coverage begins 5:30. boxer floyd mayweather is the highest paid athlete over the last year he earned 85 million dollars winning to fights. one last september and the other last month. none of his earnings came from endorsements. man any pacquiao came in second with 62 million. they both knocked tiger woods out of the top spot. woods fell to third with 59 million dollars. a pooch with a face that only a mother could love hopes to become top dog of an unusual competition in the north bay. it is the annual ugliest dog contest at the marin fair in petaluma getting underway later this week this is mugley. 8-year-old chinese crescent named britain's ugliest dog he arrived in san francisco
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yesterday. mugley has fierce competition, icky. you give a dog a name like this, of course. hoping to walk away with the title and the $1,000 prize. >> all right good luck all the pooches. that's tough competition. city begins laying out its case today against ross mirkarimi. the court appearance he will face this morning before his ethics hearing. discharging charges made against a san jose man who worked with special needs kids for years. cyclist falls off a trail why a highway patrol helicopter had to be called. decision expected today that could transform abandoned army base and bring thousands of jobs to oakland. high temperatures around our neighborhoods, inland 90s around fairfield, antioch, livermore, 80s in the rest of the inland valleys, mid to upper 70s bay shore low to
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upper 60s coast into san francisco traveling around the calmest weather northwest, coolest low to mid 60s great falls, 67 portland, 80s and 90s of the country 108 phoenix. all major air sports -- airports still on time. out here should be no weather-related flight delays. flight tracker our cloud is not soft and fluffy.
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our cloud is made of bedrock. concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats. it spans oceans, stretches continents. and is scalable as far as the mind can see. our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet.
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good morning i'm terry mcsweeney. eric thomas has date off. and i'm kristen sze, thanks for joining us. parents are starting a fifth day of occupying their oakland school which has been shutdown by their district they are
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refusing to leave despite warnings they could be arrested soon. >> reporter: right now it is status quo for this protest. you can see behind us the signage on the fence surrounding the school parents are camped out in tents on the school property. the parent i talked with this morning says they will continue their protests today it could look something like this is yesterday. the parents are against the district closing this and four other schools, turning one into a charter school. they accused the superintendent tony smith of mismanaging the money that he could keep the schools open if he wanted to. the district says the reason they are closing is because there are not enough students to fill all schools and closing them will save more than two million dollars a year. the superintendent -- the district spokesperson warning that camp out will have to
5:32 am
end. >> we are disappointed now the school district is handling all of this. they have to remember these are parents and teachers and children and we are doing something positive. >> certain elements of the movement were to fortify themselves that would make any extraction more difficult for both parties. we want this to be resolved through negotiation, without conflict. >> reporter: the conflict he's speaking of, police did come by yesterday to check on the school and make sure there was no vandalism. they also notified the parents they are trespassing. they did not enforce that and the parents are still here they said they are staying as far as they know this morning and the community supports them, people continue to come by and join their effort and bring supplies and food and water and other things to keep the protest going. this morning they open to open a -- they hope to open a tree summer school.
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katie marzullo, abc7 news. in a few hours suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi will be in court for a progress report on his domestic violence counseling. he's going to return at 5 this evening for start of city ethics commissions hearings on whether he should be removed from office on misconduct charges. mirkarimi was suspended without pay by mayor lee after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor false imprisonment charge. -- this will be mirkarimi's chance to defend himself against the mayor's action. the commission will make a recommendation to the board of supervisors which will decide whether to remove or reinstate mirkarimi. mirkarimi is planning to visit venezuela where his wife has taken their son. dan know yes, sir travel -- dan know yes, sir traveled to caracas for an interview. a judge ruled she can stay until august 19th and mirkarimi can visit his son. former superintendent of
5:34 am
the portola valley school district is due in court a few hours from now to face embezzlement charges. tim hanretty faces eight years if convicted. the district is missing $100,000 that was supposed to go into a solar panel escrow account. auditors discovered the missing money after hanretty was charged in april while working for the woodside district. amy hollyfield will tell us what authorities say hanretty did with all that money in a live report in our next half hour or coming up at 6:00. san jose man who worked with special kids or special needs kids for years, is expected to be in court today on child molestation and rape charges itch place arrested 33-year-old man -- last week he's accused of sexually molesting two young girls in his care and raping 18-year-old woman with a mental capacity of aiken
5:35 am
gartner. -- of a kindergarten. investigators fear there may be more victims. today a santa clara dive team will search reservoir near morgan hill looking for evidence of sierra lamar hoping the new sonar equipment might uncover new evidence. 15-year-old sierra disappeared three months ago on her way to school and has not been found. antolin garcia-torres is charged with kidnapping and killing her based on dna evidence. authorities say a facebook post that was ly made by sierra lamar is a hoax. -- the post with lamar's name and picture viral late monday night it says please call the police, he's coming back and gives an address in saratoga. the deputy who confirms it is a hoax said it is something
5:36 am
investigators had already checked out. this morning a mountain bike recovering from injuries she suffered in a fall off a marin county trail. helicopter had to be called to rescue her. it happened in san rafael yesterday. the woman was riding with her husband in the back ranch meadow she lost her balance and fell 50 feet down that ravine the terrain was so rugged paramedics had to airlift her to safety she was rushed to marin general where she is being treated for moderate injuries. the oakland city council meets tonight to consider major development plans for former oakland army base that could bring thousands of jobs to the city. the 830 million dollar project would transform the base into a shipping and distribution facility. the project faces a series of votes, a plan to give oakland residents 50% of the con stkwroubgss.
5:37 am
community groups are concerned whether loopholes could decrease the number of local jobs. this morning we know who will be operating the coliseum in oakland aeg has won approval of fay five year contract to operate the coliseum. -- the upside is the hope that the venue giant will bring new energy to the aging facility and more jobs and more dollars to oakland. the downside, concerns aeg will try to move the raiders to los angeles. >> oakland doesn't want to lose another team. don't the a's play tonight? >> up against -- [ talking over each other ] we'll check in with mike and see how the weather is going to be. >> hopefully neighbors across the bay can do a little damage and knock off the dodgers and help the giants move up a little. temperatures very nice, 68
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dropping to 60 sunny start to the 7:05 first pitch. fog creeping up the coast now made that right turn under the golden gate bridge trying to work towards oakland hasn't made that it far yet we'll keep an eye on it. winds calm 10 miles per hour fastener fairfield, 16. you can see clouds trying to make it to oakland and richmond and berkeley by 7:00, temperatures in the 50s just about everywhere except upper 40s north bay valleys. noon clouds to the coast starting to erase from the san mateo county coast. mid 60s to mid 70s around the bay. mid 70s to low 80s inland nice to be outside. 58 half moon bay 69 oakland mid to upper 80s inland by 4:00, temperatures in the 70s inland and mid to upper 60s around the bay shore mid to upper 50s along the coast into san francisco, tomorrow summer
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solstice warmest day, 80 around the bay, low 60s at the coast, four to 20° cooler by friday summer starts and it gets colder that's the bay area. frances has a couple days off. live look at 680 southbound, starting to get crowded still moving at the limit towards highway 24, no problems, continuing through the san ramon valley. live look through berkeley past golden gate fields into the macarthur maze getting a little crowded we don't have problems as you head into the bay bridge toll and points beyond if you are expecting travelers from farther south up from monterey, carmel, problem 101 northbound at dumbarton road stalled big rig before highway 156 possibly blocking both lanes in the northbound direction. we'll keep an eye on that as the commute gets underway. drive times for you, highway 4 beginning to bunch up a little
5:40 am
out of antioch past -- towards hillcrest concord looks good, carquinez bridge to the maze 80 still 20 minutes, altamont pass not bad either. 5:40. woman loses cash and jewelry in a lottery scam. what the crooks told the woman that made her anxious to hand it over. car crashes into a home in the east bay. what police are saying about the frightening accident. check this cell phone video out! you won't believe what this vandal did to that picasso. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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this morning new details about the accident that ended with a car smashing into a news alameda. a driver was taken to the hospital after her vehicle plowed into the side of this two story home late yesterday. this was the scene you can see a tow truck company trying to remove that car. police telling us this morning that the driver made a wrong turn and she will not face charges. no one in the home was injured. this morning south san francisco woman wondering if she will ever see her cash and jewelry again after falling victim a lottery scam. police say a man and woman
5:44 am
befriended the 33-year-old woman friday told the victim he would share some of the money from his $100,000 lottery ticket if she helped pay the upfront three there isn't one he gave the suspects jewelry and money they took her to the atm for more money the two took off. deliberations could begin as early as thursday in the jerry sandusky child molestation trial. defense testimony began yesterday with character witnesses who defended the reputation of the former coach. withinw4;í÷ former coach testifd that he knew sandusky took boys into showers but never saw him do anything wrong. he told jurors it was not unusual for grown men to shower with boys in the penn state locker rooms. sandusky faces more than 50 counts. we still dodge know whether he will take the stand. police using -- using cell phone video in the hunt for a man who vandalized a picasso at a houston museum he
5:45 am
spray painted a pick are of a bull and spanish word for conquer on woman in a red armchair it happened last week authorities just releasing this video there's the damage another museum patron shot this while the vandal was spraying the painting he says the vandal told him he's a young mexican-american 'tis who wanted to honor picasso. the picture is being repaired. -- >> i hope they repair it and find him and ask him about his way of honoring picasso. warning if you are traveling for the july 4th holiday. bloomberg business report coming up. president obama and the other g-20 leaders talk jobs. proposal they are expected to announce this morning. >> colorado firefighters make progress against a huge wildfire more neighbors learn the fate of their homes. bright ending for this young darth vader. his inspiring message coming up.
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welcome back. check out the beautiful sunrise from mount tamalpais to the east. check out temperatures today the day before the summer solstice warmer low to mid 60s along the coast upper 60s san francisco mid to upper 70s bay shore. 90s inland east bay valleys.
5:49 am
live doppler across the entire state is quiet now. 90s through the central valley, 74 tahoe, 73 big sur. 90 yosemite, palm springs 10, 72 l.a., 68 san diego both with afternoon sunshine. >> 5:49. we are following developing news in the race for president this morning. florida senator marco rubio is not being vetted as mitt romney's running mate. sources within the romney campaign tell abc news he has not been asked to turnover any documents rubio is popular with conservatives and comes from a swing state. "good morning america" will have more on this breaking political news at 7 a.m.. today the leaders of the world's largest economies will produce a global plan for job creation calling it top priority fighting the european
5:50 am
economic crisis. president obama and other world leaders are wrapping up at the g-20 summit in mexico. the plan supports greater government spending as a response to a worsening global economy. it says countries with the budget resources should stand ready to spend more. new study just out says asians out-pacing hispanics as largest wave of new immigrants coming into the u.s.. the pew research center shows in 2010, 430,000 asians immigrateed to the u.s. or 36% of all new arrivals here. that compares with 370,000 hispanics or 31% of new immigrants in 2010. researchers say the study reflects slow down in illegal immigration while american employers increase demand for high skilled high-tech workers. in colorado the most destructive wildfire in state history is 50% contained the fire near fort collins has burned 92 square miles.
5:51 am
189 homes destroyed. firefighters face dangerous conditions across much of the rocky mountain region yesterday hot weather, gusty winds, investigators confirm lightning striking a tree started that wildfire. breaking news right now. just getting word of a two alarm structure fire in campbell burning now near winchester drive. this fire was reported at 5 a.m.. the santa clara county fire department is on the scene now. we'll bring you more details as the fire in campbell becomes available. mike nicco joins us to talk about fire weather. >> winds are very light that shouldn't be a problem and it is cool and kind of damp also, if you are going to have one, now is the best time not that there is ever a good time. good morning, finger fog made the right hand turn along the coast now pushing towards al
5:52 am
-- alcatraz, oakland, alameda, berkeley and that area, a lot of sunshine in the forecast no rain, live doppler showing how clear it is outside this morning. 48° in santa rosa, everybody else in the low to mid 50s antioch 57 low to mid 50s monterey bay inland to gilroy and salinas cloudy. sunshine everywhere this afternoon, warmer, clear, comfortable tonight warmest afternoon in the forecast tomorrow followed by cooling trend thursday, friday through the weekend looks like temperatures will be at or below average. 103 concord saturday 100 santa rosa, 80s and 90s everywhere else. sunday into monday, sunday san francisco from 86 to 59
5:53 am
from saturday to sunday, 58 yesterday many areas dropped 20 to 30° from saturday to monday that is going to change today. four degrees warmer san jose, six fremont, eight in san francisco, nine in oakland. santa rosa jumps 13° today. brentwood could be at 93. a lot of mid to upper 70s east bay shore 71 berkeley low to mid 80s south bay mid to upper 70s most of the peninsula 80 redwood city and 72 the exception in san bruno, upper 60s in san francisco, low to mid 80s north bay valleys, 64 monterey, 74 santa cruz, 88 in gilroy, microclimates. dodgers in town to take on the a's, 7:05 first pitch, temperatures fall under a tonight.
5:54 am
mid 90s inland tomorrow, near 80 around the bay, low 60s temperatures drop four to 14° thursday and a couple more degrees friday and rebound slightly saturday through monday, at least comfortable after today and tomorrow. have a great day. here's sue. good morning. so far good looking tuesday morning commute-wise as well southbound 101 out of novato lucas valley road on into the central san rafael area no problems past civic center love that nice shot san jose very light from san jose towards cupertino 280 northbound and 17 across the top of your screen out of santa cruz mountains everything at the limit. bay bridge toll no metering lights yet, sun starting to come up, beautiful sunrise so far the commute is looking just as pretty on in the incline section upper deck into san francisco we will
5:55 am
look at metering lights maybe, maybe not a lot of folks on vacation this week we'll check that for you, 101 northbound out of south bay up towards san jose, stall big rig blocking some lanes at dumbarton road quick look at drive times highway 101, 80 and 580. 5:55 now. business news now. this morning walgreens will pay nearly seven billion dollars to buy a stake in european health and beauty retailer alliance boots. >> you own any of those boots? maybe not. first international venture for the largest u.s. drugstore chain. jane king has the rest of the business headlines. good morning. if you are driving anywhere over the 4th of july weekend, lots of traffic and long lines at rest stops. aaa says 35 1/2 million across the nation plan to travel more than 50 miles by car thanks to a more stable economy and the fact that the 4th is a
5:56 am
wednesday giving people a longer than usual holiday weekend. the number of people traveling by air will jump more than 10% to 3.2 million. what do consumers complain about the most? credit card issues and major banks. according to new information from the consumer financial protection bureau. the banking industry has said disclosing information like this would cause undue reputational risk and harm. that loveable little boy who played a miniature dart home from the hospital this morning recovering from open heart surgery. doctors at children's hospital in los angeles say the 7-year-old max paige is doing great. he played dart er in a very popular super bowl ad for volkswagen which he is amazed by how well the force works. he had his pulmonary valve replaced four days ago with >> i'm excited about a lot of things, especially having a
5:57 am
milkshake. i want to say thank you, you guys are so good, you are the best. come on let's give 'em the force. >> feel it? i feel the force. max was with a congenital heart defect he's undergoing several operations he hasn't seen any of the "star wars" movies. his mom says he's a little too young. >> i want to hear him say luke i am your father, great for him. still ahead, breaking news from campbell, firefighters are battling a two alarm fire, sky 7 hd en route. controversy over these shoes. why adidas has pulled the plug on this product. new privacy concerns over google maps you method of capturing images has one -- unique method of capturing
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