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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 20, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. 6:00 being beautiful sunrise longest day of the year summer solstice. what more can we throw at you. i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. here's mike. summer heat in most areas good morning live doppler clear except for a few clouds around san francisco and pushing across the golden gate bridge otherwise thickest clouds around the monterey bay. sunshine everywhere with low to mid 60s at the coast, low to mid 70s san francisco, oakland, richmond upper 70s to mid 80s around the bay shore mid to upper 80s north bay east bay and low to mid 90s deeper into the east bay valley monterey bay 65, 72 watsonville, 92 gilroy. first day of summer not a bad commute reports of accident oakland northbound 880 before embarcadero big rig
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right lane minor slowing past the scene as they get the tow truck in. westbound 580 before grant line still a stall slowing out of central valley up and over the altamont pass. ace, bart, muni all mass transit on time. this morning federal investigators begin their probe into what caused last week's massive fire that damaged the tracks by the west oakland bart and crippled the transbay commute for 13 hours. katie marzullo is live at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: take a look behind us you can see what awaits federal investigators this morning just skeleton and rubble left behind of what was supposed to be seenior housing. atf the alcohol tobacco and firearms agency have already been onsite previously doing planning. we have video of that for you. we understand this morning is the first morning they will go into the rubble.
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just because atf is investigating does not necessarily mean this is definitely a crime scene. it does indicate they are looking at arson as a possible cause of this fire. there's the security guard on scene that night who says he saw three people around the back of the building and one of them had something in his hand he could be a key witness. atf was well as oakland fire department are the main investigators looking into burn patterns trying to figure out what caused this fire to burn so hot and intense. oakland police department will come in and play a larger role in the investigation if in fact it is determined that the cause of this fire is criminal. the fire of course was only one aspect there was the commuter aspect you remember the transbay we've seen bart trains go -- go by you can see how close they came to the fire the fire did damage the rails which is why bart service was shutdown until
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3:45 that afternoon. there are security guards here keeping an eye on the scene. the atf investigators will be here around 9:00 this morning. katie marzullo, abc7 news. san francisco ethics commission hearing on the case of suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi ended without much action there could be fireworks when he returns next week to begin his live testimony. attorneys for both mirkarimi and the city attorney's office -- [ inaudible ] mirkarimi is facing possible removal from office after mayor lee suspended him for -- from office on official misconduct charges mirkarimi pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence with his wife. today the contra costa county district attorney's office is expected to tell us more about raids on several
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recycling centers. yesterday a task force served search warrants as part of the crackdown on metal thefts. authorities say the centers fail to follow legally required checks when buying metals from undercover officers. bart and pg&e were involved because they are often the victims. >> there has to be a point where we stop the chain of theft from ripping off the taxpayers to the thieves getting paid. >> pg&e says copper wire thefts have cost the company more than five million dollars since 2005. 17-year-old marin county teenager due to enter a plea in adult court today on two counts of attempted murder and a slew of crimes, including stealing a celebrity chef's lamb gooney. max wade is being held on two million dollar -- game gene any. max wade is being held on two million dollars bail. prosecutors say he tried to kill two mill valley residents
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april 13 in and you related incident. authorities say he may be connected to a series of bank heists still under investigation. judge takes up dui case involving southern california state assemblyman. democrat roger hernandez arrested in concord march 27th. he was legally drunk at the time of the arrest expected to enter a lee not clear whether he will be or an attorney will end the plea. members of the occupy movement have joined a group of parents trying keep their children's elementary school from closing down. they rallied yesterday the school closed when classes ended for the year friday. a victim of budget cuts. one member of the school board believes administrators can find a way to reopen lakeview. >> including sitting down with the parents and restructuring this effort and reorganizing this effort. >> including reopening?
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>> including saying we want to -- we changed our mines we are going to keep the school open in september some local merchants have donated food to the parents who are camping out at the school. the school district says they will have to leave at some point. a spokesperson says right now is not that time. investigation continues to pinpoint point the cause of a fire -- -- firefighters say the house was gutted the damage estimated at $750,000. the house was a rental no one inside. investigators not sure if it started as a grass fire or inside the house. things going to heat up in parts of the bay area today hopefully the winds will stay down. >> that will be good. live doppler showing how clear it is outside. one little finger of fog
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moving through the golden gate trying to make it to alcatraz having a hard time making it to treasure island won't make it past that we don't have the winds out of the west six miles per hour a good thing when it comes to fire danger we won't have fast winds today even though it will be rather hot in some areas. this morning 7:00 sunshine temperatures in the 50s.#o lunchtime temperatures nice to sit outside inland low 80s bay mid 70s coast upper 50s near 90 inland by 4:00 near 80 around the bay, near 60 at the coast temperatures taper quickly after 4:00. 70 around the bay and 59 at the coast i am definitely need a coat during the evening. watch out for tree, grass and ragweed mold moderate. winds come in tomorrow and bring a wealth of change 6 to 16° cooler from the coast to inland. will remain below average
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friday and saturday with more cloud cover than today. good morning. minor traffic issue in oakland. big rig still blocking right lane before embarcadero accident there and apparently just a little minor slowing past the scene. nothing significant as you head towards oakland. 101 through santa rosa to novato, 30 minute drive, typical. 80 looking good to the maze. less than 20 minutes. altamont starting to slow out of central valley. 6:09. still ahead, high-def television gets super sized. new set bigger than anything else on the market. >> you seem excited. >> it was wild. coming up first, consumer reports calling it a widespread problem. antibiotics -- tips on now to shop smart at the supermarket.
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welcome back. 6:13. the world's largest television is about to hit shelves, sharp has a new 90 inch l.e.d.-tv. the new tv is four feet tall, eight feet diagonally, six feet wide this comes in at 141
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pounds price tag massive sharp telling it for just un$11,000. >> don't have a room that can handle that. you can't sit too close you can't see a thing. something you gotta have, something you don't want superbugs on the rise bacteria resistant to one or more antibiotics and can be deadly. >> reporter: you probably assume most antibiotics are prescribed to people, not so. it is estimated that 80% of the antibiotics used in this country are given to animals to help them grow faster and prevent disease in unsanitary conditions this is contributing to the rise of antibiotic resistant superbugs. if you get sick, you could be in trouble. >> it may be very difficult to find an antibiotic that will help you get well. it may be impossible. >> reporter: the problem is widespread. when consumer reports last
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tested chicken, 2/3 of the samples had harmful bacteria. more than half of these bugs were resistant to antibiotics, foods raised without antibiotics only meat for sale. other stores it can be harder. >> we found a few labels that are misleading and not approved. >> reporter: antibiotic-tree is one example. the lay -- antibiotic free is one example. more helpful labels are ones like, no antibiotics administered and no antibiotics ever. even better are labels that also say usda processed verified. >> this means that the government has again out and checked up on the processor to make sure they are doing what they claim. -- >> reporter: organic another sure bet. looking for these labels the best way to ensure that the
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meat you are buying has no antibiotics. >> consumer reports found meat raised without antibiotics does not necessarily cost a lot more than regular meat. shoppers found it very reasonable in several stores so you can get it better and get it about the same price. >> a little careful shopping. if you are going to be out today sunscreen something to pick up. >> hat, even umbrella, going to be bright, even to the coast marine layer trying to develop clouds they keep falling apart towards the west into that sinking air. looks like we going to have a smooth morning whether you are driving or flying no flight arrival delays. let's look at live doppler, good news there, showing a clear sky outside. a few clouds along the coast most still stuck around the monterey bay. temperatures cooler than they are up here 50 santa rosa and
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half moon bay. everybody else in the mid to upper 50s antioch 69. monterey bay fog and low clouds upper 40s santa cruz 52°. today warmest day in this seven day forecast cycle summer solstice 4:09 gets up to 23°26 minutes north latitude, cloudy misty tonight along the coast cooling trend starts tomorrow and hangs out through the weekend 11° warmer than average in livermore, six napa four san jose three oakland san francisco and redwood city two and one degree warmer than average. sunsets 8:35. south bay mid to upper 80s, 85 in santa clara and sunnyvale. low to mid 80s redwood city menlo park south. low to mid 60s along the coast, near 70 downtown and south san francisco, north bay
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beaches, 62 bodega bay. east bay shore mid to upper 70s fremont castro valley and hercules could hit low 90s dublin 89, low to mid 90s inland today. 65 today in monterey. a's did their part yesterday maybe the giants can do their part today and a's can do it again they won -0 over the dodgers. -- they won 3-0 over the dodgers. marine layer comes back tonight mostly cloudy cool in the 50s tomorrow and then by the afternoon hours sunshine six degrees cooler at the coast to 16 inland temperatures day below average the rest of the forecast. here's sue. first day of summer traffic is cooperating, nice, bright sunny morning if you are traveling from marin through the waldo tunnel
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across the golden gate bridge, traffic at the limit, no problems, as you head to the new doyle drive extension. here's san rafael past lucas valley road and freitas parkway past the civic center no problems through central san rafael into southern marin no issues there. big rig accident just now being cleared out of that right lane northbound 880 before embarcadero minor slowing past the scene nothing significant there. we have a grass fire just reported on the altamont pass near north flynn you will find slow traffic now out of the central valley tracy from 205, 20 miles an hour over the altamont pass into livermore you will find slowing and no major stalls or accidents, just that grass fire. folks are seeing that smoke and slowing a little. we'll update you on that in a couple of minutes. 6:19 on this first day of summer.
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aheading surprising young actress money the highest paid in all of hollywood. miami heat one game away from making nba his ts
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good morning. >> beautiful wednesday morning. it is. >> sun has risen on this first day of summer arriving at 4:09 sum of us will feel the heat
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today as -- some of us will feel the heat today as we look at downtown san francisco. meteorologist mike nicco will be up ahead to talk about temperatures in your neighborhood. >> you delivered much of that with bated breath you are excited about the sun. >> not that excited about last night's giants scores. >> we must check the scores. giants loss to angels 12-5. vogel song will start tonight in -- a's help the giants by shutting out dodgers 3-0. dodgers got two hits two teams meet again at the coliseum first pitch at 7:05 with pwhapl me heat one game from winning the fran -- miami heat one game from winning the franchise's title.
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heat will have a chance to close it out tomorrow night in miami. stars 5:30 going to watch it right here on abc7. twilight star kristen stewart has parlayed that vampire franchise into big bucks. according to the forbes list the 22-year-old commands amazing 34 1/2 million dollars per film. the movies make a lot of money. cameron diaz gets 34 million per movie. after that sandra bullock 25 million per flick, jennifer and miss , boo-hoo, mere 11 -- jennifer aniston, boo-hoo, 25 million dollars per movie. the important meeting today following accusations that a peninsula school district former superintendent embezzled money from his own
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district. >> reporter: what did mayor ed lee say with about ross mirkarimi as the ethics commission hearing got underway? you will find out, next. temperatures low to mid 90s east bay valleys warmest, 80s everywhere else until you go san francisco, richmond, oakland san mateo, 70s, 60s with sun along the coast there's the heat, mid 90s to upper 90s from the midwest to the east coast to 111 in phoenix. right now only major airport reporting delays is newark departure delays. flight tracker at the bott
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good morning. 6:30 on this wednesday live look at the bay bridge, sutro tower in the distance gorgeous shot as summer arrives today in 9 1/2 hours. who is counting. we are actually. very excited that you are here with us as we start summer i'm kristen sze. i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. you have been talking weather let's go to a guy who talks about it for a living officially, professionally. good morning. happy hump day, live doppler picking a few clouds along the coast very thin ticker clouds around monterey bay fog there
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this morning. we are doing well with the sunshine already. hid to upper 70s around san mateo, oakland richmond low to mid 80s rest of the bay shore mid to upper 80s south bay and north bay low to mid 90s east bay valleys. relief head to the coast sunshine low to mid 60s today. good morning. if your commute takes you from san jose to cupertino smooth sailing 280 northbound no problems that's the way we like it in the traffic world. 880 before embarcadero big rig accident cleared. traffic flowing well from oakland into the macarthur maze. if you are traveling 580 from the central valley 205 up and over the altamont pass, slow traffic now significantly from 205 grass fire reported near north flynn and rubberneckers are slowing to take a look. new this morning, oakland firefighters quickly put out a one-alarm fire at a paint
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store. crews were alerted to the fire before 4:00 this morning. they contained it to the rear of the kelly moore paint store on telegraph avenue had it out in 15 minutes no one injured. federal investigators begin their probe into what caused last week's mass i have fire that damaged the tracks by the west oakland bart station and crippled the transbay commute for 13 hours. katie marzullo is live at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. i called the lead investigator with the atf on this case for insight on how this investigation if -- is going to go i haven't heard back yes -- heard back yet. atf will go through the rubble in just a few hours. their involvement does indicate it is possible they are considering arson as the cause for this fire. of course there is the security guard who was working overnight last thursday when
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this fire broke out he has told authorities that he saw three people around the back of the building and that one of them may possibly had something in their hand. the oakland fire department is assisting the atf with this investigation. oakland police department will take on a larger role if the cause of this fire is determined to be criminal. this fire forced shutdown of bart between east bay and san francisco almost all day thursday. it did not reopen until 3:45 that afternoon a lot of long lines for buses and crowded ferries. also plenty of traffic on the highway filled with cars who otherwise with drivers who would have otherwise been taking bart. the commute is look since back to normal but this fire investigation just beginning this morning when atf gets on scene 9:00. katie marzullo, abc7 news. there could be firework as head in the ethics commission hearing of suspended san francisco sheriff ross
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mirkarimi. he's facing possible removal from office after pleading guilty in a domestic violence case involving his wife. amy hollyfield is live at city hall with more. >> reporter: good morning. mayor ed lee says the city can't have a top law enforcement official who engaged in the beating of his wife. ross mirkarimi says the mayor is engaging in sensationalism and smear. that happened outside of the hearing. take a look at how the hearing got started. good start for ross mirkarimi, he was applauded by his supporters who were there to watch the hearing. mirkarimi has not been allowed to see his wife since this case started. she and the couple's son are visiting her native venezuela. while mirkarimi is here fighting for his job. his supporters say, they don't think he's getting a fair shake.
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the commission also has not decided yet whether the video of mirkarimi's wife crying and showing a bruise on her arm will be allowed into evidence. the mayor wants it in evidence. mirkarimi does not. we do know that those two central figures will be testifying in this case. mirkarimi is scheduled to take the stand next week expected to happen thursday. the mayor will follow him on the witness stand this hearing is expected to last for several weeks. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. this morning investigators are trying to determine the cause of a boat fire that forced everyone onboard to jump from the vessel. amazing pictures. it happened near the antioch bridge the beaten gulfed when firefighters arrived on the scene yesterday the owner says he was taking some people pout for a ride on the san joaquin river when the vessel suddenly erupted in flames after jumping into the water
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everyone swam to safety the fire torched a nearby pier nobody injured that boat sank. the cyclist who hit and killed a pedestrian in the castro district earlier this year will be arraigned this afternoon. 36-year-old chris bucchere is facing felony vehicular manslaughter charges after he rode into the 71-year-old april 2nd. he was killed in the collision. witnesses say bucchere was flying through red lights at a high speed moments before the crash prosecutors allege he made no effort to stop or slow down before hitting the pedestrian. bucchere was charged and arrested then released on bail. later today parents are expected to learn how much public money a former superintendent may have embezzled from the portola valley school district. the board will meet at 5:00 tonight to reveal details about the alleged embezzlement by tim hanretty. he made his first court appearance yesterday.
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charged with using the money to renovate his home. he faces charges he stole money from his previous employer woodside district. a martinez judge will decide whether suspensions of dozens of seniors at heritage high violated their right to due process the judge will decide if the suspensions should be taken off the records of the 67 seniors. monday a judge ruled all students would be allowed to make up their fines. -- make up their finals. not allowed to attend graduation ceremony because they were suspended. the prank included graffiti using paint and chaining a sheep to a post. instead, the students celebrated their graduation off campus at an alternative ceremony hosted by their own parents. first day of summer, it is a golden day already, longest day of the year. let's check in with mike and
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see how warm it is going to get. good morning. great question. it will be the hottest day into this forecast cycle. live doppler showing how clear it is this morning until you the monterey bay where the clouds are right now couple of features this area of low pressure and other area of low pressure here they are going to one, bring the sea breeze back and then push a cold front through that is going to bring cooler weather into tomorrow and possibly through the entire weekend this is as warm as it gets we are mainly in the 50s to near 60 in fairfield and antioch from now up to 7:00. if you are heading out for the lunchtime, temperatures already in the mid to upper 80s east bay valleys, mid to upper 70s bay shore coolest half moon bay 58 to 66 san francisco, 4:00, come off highs for the day, toasty inland mid 80s to low 90s, mid 70s to around 80 bay shore and 60 at half moon bay 68 san francisco, clouds coming
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back by 7:00, upper 50s to low 60s half moon bay, san francisco and oakland rest of us 70s, 80 fairfield and antioch. six to 16 degrees cooler tomorrow into friday and saturday hope you enjoy the warmth today. if your commute takes knew the macarthur maze traffic flowing smoothly from 80, 880, 580 no issues as you head into the bay bridge toll beautiful bright sun hard to see traffic is now backing up past the first over pass, ing lights on at the bay bridge. -- grass fire westbound 580 slow from the central valley 205, 18 miles an hour up and over the altamont pass. drive times through marin, santa rosa to novato, carquinez bridge to the maze and 580 altamont to 680 about 25 minutes. 6:39 right now. trading underway on wall street. investors get mixed news on housing market. live report from the
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new york stock exchange straight ahead. the dow right now is down 12 points. first, 5,000 hotel guests forced to evacuate late at night. --.
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welcome back. happy hump day. 6:43 low to mid 90s east bay
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valleys most of us low to mid 80s. richmond, oakland, san francisco, san mateo 70s. it is dry on live doppler showing how clear it is across the entire state where we have mid to upper 90s chico and sacramento with yosemite. 112 palm springs. you want relief? tahoe l.a. mid to upper 70s. how about a little more weather. new tropical storm formed in the atlantic not causing much concern. national hurricane center says chris is off the coast of new finland and moving at 45 miles an hour, no watches or warnings issued forcasters say the storm not expected to strengthen and should fizzle out by tonight. in alameda county some might see smoke in the air as firefighters continue annual controlled burn. seven fire departments are participating in the exercise it is done each year to reduce fire hazards. it provides valuable training for the agencies involved.
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officials say a 100% containment firebreak has been established around the training areas to prevent any fire that may past the planned burn. controlled burns are planned true friday. wildfire forced evacuation of more than 45 homes and structures near the western shore of lake isabella started after 6:00 yesterday and grew to 300 acres within a few hours more than 160 firefighters are battling the flames. the cause of the fire still being investigated. let's check in with josh elliot for what is coming up on "good morning america." good wednesday morning. coming up, exclusive rielle hunter in her own words what she says elizabeth edwards said when edwards learned about the affair teen and her husband john and how hunter feels about john edwards now, next right here on "good morning america."
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new this morning from china, 17 people are dead after a bus plunged down a deep ravine it happened today, crews responded to save survivors, 45 on the bus at the time of the crash not clear why that bus plunged down the ravine road safety is a problem in many parts of china. nashville 5,000 how tell guests back in their rooms after an it happened at the on trial land hotel. the -- at the opryland hotel. the cause is still under investigation. no one was hurt. the hotel was reportedly sold out for the evening. today former penn state football coach jerry sandusky may be called to testify in his child sex abuse trial. the defense is expected to rest after calling its last few witnesses. his wife took the stand yesterday the only other adult in the house when the alleged abuse took place.
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sandusky faces more than 50 counts of abusing 10 boys over 15 years. mrs. sandusky testified she never saw any inappropriate conduct between her husband and his accusers. now the spotlight turns to sandusky. his attorney says he has not yet decide if his client will take the stand. security officials in egypt say hosni mubarak is off life support but alive and improving after suffering a stroke in prison. it was reported yesterday he was in a coma and clinically dead. that does not appear to be the case. the 84-year-old former president has been serving a life sentence for failing to stop killing of protesters during last year's uprising. the unrest there continues. protests are growing in tahrir square the uprising is the result of what many call this month's outrageous actions by the military which controls egypt. the military dissolved the country's newly elected parliament and plans to
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rewrite the constitution and take control of the budget. egyptian born haven't capitalist thought the8/u'try was changing course. >> i felt that this year we would have an elected parliament that we would have a president like for example elbaradei or someone else who is focused on what we need most. >> political analysts say whatever happens in egypt consequences will be bad for some and a little better for others. tv on the market that may be too big to fit in your apartment but can make kristen sze's face look eight feet wide. you like that? >> no. jane king at the new york stock exchange with that and -- [ unintelligible ] what a scary thought. >> i wouldn't like that either. and it is too big to fit in my new york apartment that story in a second.
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home values continuing to show signs of firming up. zillow says nationwide home values rose half a percent in may compared to april wasn't a lot, but a little stabilize. they did fall compared to a year ago at the slowest pace since 2007. bad news for renters, rents climb 2% in april to may, home prices in the san francisco area more than 2% lower in may than a year ago rents up 9% locally almost twice the national average. markets flat now little negative bias we are waiting on the federal reserve and their announcement about possibly more economic stimulus. bloomberg index down slightly. taking a hit. coming out with sales and profits that were lower than some estimates causing disappointment in the stock. for those who think bigger is better, take a look at this.
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sharp just unveiled what it says is the largest l.e.d. television in the world, 90 inches. it weighs 141 pounds and costs $11,000, 3-d ready and comes with two pairs of 3-d grasses saying 3-d has been a success from a sales perspective, majority of consumers don't feel it is a crucial feature. i'm jane king. the tv itself is thin, it might make us look larger than life. >> be great for sports. >> yeah. >> meteorologist mike nicco here. >> fan -- fantastic. good morning. let's talk about what is going on. 6:51, beautiful picture some of the haze around the bay area sutro towards from from
6:51 am
mount tam to mount sutro. live doppler, clear start this morning only thing you need an umbrella for is for the sunshine going to be so strong and the heat that it will block into the afternoon. 69 antioch rest of us in the 50s now fog around the monterey bay upper 40s to low 50s. winter warmest today as the summer solstice 4:09 this afternoon. cloudy tonight. cooling trend tomorrow first full day of astronomical summer going to be cooler. longest day of the year san jose 14 hours, 44 minutes and 16 seconds sun. santa rosa 14 hours -- the sun comes up nearly 3:00 in the morning doesn't set until the next day at 12:48 in the morning. even when it sets it is still light out because it looks like dusk for dawn those other
6:52 am
two hours and -- five degrees warmer in concord, four warmer in oakland and san francisco. 89 dublin everybody else in the low to mid 90s's by. east bay shore mid to upper 70s, until you go hercules, 80. mid to upper 80s south bay santa clara around 85 low to mid 80s most of the peninsula, san mateo north mid to upper 70s low to mid 60s along the coast near 70 downtown and south san francisco north bay valleys mid 80s bodega bay stinson beach low to mid 60s. 65 monterey, 75 santa cruz, 92 gilroy. a's helped giants last night. sunny and 69 at 7:05 first pitch. tonight cloudy 50s, mist and drizzle possible along the coast. tomorrow afternoon breezy and six degrees cooler at the coast, 16 inland temperatures
6:53 am
remain below average the rest of the forecast. commute starting to pick up. live shot of 680 southbound from pleasant hill, concord through walnut creek. bumper-to-bumper now as you head towards the 24 junction into the san ramon valley no stalls or accidents, but you are in good company. same with 80 westbound traveling from golden gate field past through berkeley into the macarthur maze. a bit slow, but at least it is moving as you head towards the bay bridge metering lights on traffic backed up to the first overcrossing. northbound 17 glenwood drive santa cruz mountains stall blocking left lane there southbound 880 before a street stall blocking left lane from union city towards hayward and on up into the san leandro and oakland area no significant slowing there you have significant slowing just under 30 miles an hour past the san mateo bridge and 92.
6:54 am
6:53 now. president obama back in washington, d.c. this morning. the president stepped off marine one on to the white house lawn last night following his visit to mexico for the g-20 summit. he admitted europe's ongoing debt crisis could hurt his reelection prospects at home. he went to say he's confident europe will be able to fix its financial troubles. >> vice president biden in carmel this morning for what is being billed as ain't mit fundraising event at the sunset center. biden was first in l -- first in l.a. then sacramento ticket prices from $500 to $3700. this morning's carmel rent from $100 to $15,000. california remains the number one state in the u.s. for presidential fundraising this year. >> as we get ready to hand off to "good morning america" here's five things you need to
6:55 am
know before you go. number one, there could be fireworks when ross mirkarimi returns to begin live testimony at his hearing next week. attorneys for mirkarimi and the city argued last night on what declarations from witnesses would be admissible to remove mirkarimi from office. >> number two, atf today will officially launch an investigation into last week's fire in west oakland the fire damaged the bart tracks near the west oakland station leading to a shutdown of trafpbz bay service for 13 hours. >> number three, parents learn more details about how much money a former superintendent may have embezzled from the portola district meeting scheduled tonight to discuss his arrest and the finances. >> number four, long term care facility that was slated to close in san mateo county has been spared. the center in burlingame is home to 160. private company will take over. number five, so-called superbugs, bacteria resistant
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to antibiotics increasing more of a threat to humans. huge number of antibiotics given to livestock to help them grow faster is helping foster these superbugs. researchers recommended buying meat raised without antibiotics. one final check of weather and traffic. clear start on live doppler, sfo, owning land and san jose all on time. -- oakland and san jose all on time. 54 coast, 64 inland through 7:00, noon watch out inland near 90, 58 at the coast spread will be six -- start cooling at the coast and around the bay 59 to 87 by 7:00, clouds coming back big cooling tomorrow. couple problems cropping up now, stall northbound 17 this is the actual about toll sun is shining metering lights on. fastrak cars on the right of your screen breezing through.
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northbound 17 at glenwood stall left lane slow as you head through the sandusky mountains -- head through the santa cruz mountains stall a street in hayward southbound 880 problem in marin just reported accident 101 at sir francis drake. that does it for this edition of the abc7 morning news. >> keep track on twitter and talk about it on facebook have a great day!
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