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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 26, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning tuesday 6 a.m. thank you for joining us at this early hour i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. er day head, right?
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-- good morning thank you. live doppler showing a clear sky to start sunrise spike on the radar showing the sun is up and it is going to take our temperatures up with it about one to eight degrees this afternoon we'll get near 80 antioch and fairfield a lot of upper 70s east bay valleys, mid to upper 70s north bay and south bay low to mid 70s around the bay low to mid 60s along the coast into san francisco breezy at times. if you are heading to the monterey bay 64, salinas 69. mid 70s to near 80 inland. here's sue. looking good. good morning happy tuesday nice easy commute, this is san jose 280 northbound as you head from san jose towards cupertino, very, very light this morning. this earlier issue still there stalled big rig since 4:00 this morning no slowing past
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the scene that big rig is blocking three right lanes, tow truck on scene trying to get that out of there for you. here's a quick look at your drive times heading out now. :02. we start 6:00 with breaking news. crews searching for a man believed to be missing in the water near at&t park. >> reporter: there are a few police officers at the end of this pier looking right now but we saw police cars leave one officer told me they are headed to pier 40, they say there's no sign of the man here. they also have the search from up above covered the coast guard helicopter was up all throughout the night, we got these pictures at 4:30 this morning. they are right now refueling and switching out the crew. then they plan to send it back up. the coast guard has a boat out on the water searching as
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well. the man was reported missing before left :00 last night by his friend. -- the man was standing at the end of pier 32 relieving himself his friend looked the other way when he turned back around he says his friend was gone he said they been at the giants game and his friend was drunk. police, fire and coast guard have been involved in the search throughout the night. no one saw the man in the water but that is where they are presuming that he is. no plans on -- or idea when they will call off the search they are waiting for more staff members to come in before they start talking when they will call it off. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. also, breaking news in oakland right now. two people in critical condition after an early morning house fire that fire started around 4:30 this morning the fire is out, but two men were pulled out of the home with serious burns and taken to the hospital. the victims are in their 40s
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and 50s the cause of the blaze is under investigation. katie marzullo is heading to the scene right now and will bring you updates on air and online. another fire, from san francisco's stern grove firefighters had to move quickly to knock down flames before 2:00 this morning this fire burned near a homeless encampment, fire kept to one acre keeping flames on the ground out of the trees. :04. a few hours from now, defense attorneys for a man accused of beating a priest will be making a request for a mistrial william lynch is on trial for the 2010 beating of father gerald lindner. lynch says lindner repeatedly raped him when he was a child a judge denied a request for a mistrial yesterday. the father refused to answer any more questions the judge struck all of lindner's
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previous testimony after the defense argued it would be unfair to allow it to stand if they couldn't cross-examine father lindner. the statute of limitations has run out on the alleged rape but he could be charged with perjury for denying the know low s on stan. police -- sunday night investigators say two 27-year-old men were walking with friends when they got nikon front with a group of people -- they got into a confrontation with a group of people. suspect is described between 19 and 25. this morning bay area police departments are investigating two officer involved shootings in east palo alto, san mateo county vehicle theft task force agent fired at a suspected car thief. that thief tried to ram them
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with a car. suspect ran from the scene but was arrested a short time later he's now facing several charges. sky 7 was over an antioch neighborhood after police tried to serve an arrest warrant on a man. this happened yesterday. one officer opened fire and wounded the suspect after miss say he pulled a gun on them. he underwent surgery police expected to survive. antioch police and d.a.'s office investigate. pittsburg firefighters think a child playing with matches started a fire that burned down the family home leaving 11 people homeless. the father heard the smoke alarm and saw his children run from the house he went in to find his son's bed engulfed in flames around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. the fire created a lot of smoke which firefighters say hampered efforts that smoke visible to drivers on nearby
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highway 4. no one was hurt. contra costa fire officials drawing up plans to close 10 of their 28 stations and they say will have to implement those plans also voters approve a par shell -- parcel tax. voters say taxes are too high but might accept a $63 a year tax hike fire department is hoping for an $88 increase 2/3 of voters would have to improve the increase. the district says revenues are down 32 million dollars since 2008. east contra costa fire does in oakley passed budget last night -- cuts stations and lays off firefighters. the board voted to see if 40 residents could be willing to volunteer as firefighters. the volunteers would have to go through hundreds of hours of training and firefighting medical emergency handing and
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driving emergency equipment. firefighters in colorado can't catch a break another wildfire is now burning. this latest fire burning in el paso county, waldo canyon fire started saturday, 4500 acres only 5% contained near triple digit temperatures and high winds are fueling the flames. 6:08. how about our temperatures? >> nowhere near triple digits. starting off with live doppler, good morning. it is off to a dry start this morning. we have some good news if you like the warmer weather it will start to climb afternoon temperatures today and tomorrow thanks to the storm track barely wobbling north taking us out of the coolest flow a few clouds along the coast this morning, low to mid 50s noon cool at the coast again breezes start picking up mid 50s, comfortable around the bay upper 60s to mid 70s
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inland upper 70s by 4:00 inland around the bay 70, coast at 60, if you have outdoor activities around 7:00 may want to grab a coat coast inland upper 50s low to mid 60s there upper 60s to low 70s inland. pollen count going up very high amounts of grass still high amounts of tree and ragweed and moderate amounts of mold. next three days warm up tomorrow another couple degrees and then hold steady with mid 70s around the bay low 60s at the coast and mid 80s inland. let's fan out about our traffic. good morning. -- good so far this tuesday morning live shot of the san mateo bridge, taillights headed westbound you can see -- i can see the incline section moving well no problems lightheaded eastbound. live look at the bay bridge you cannot see traffic you can see a sunrise, traffic beginning to back-up behind
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the toll plaza, stalled big rig still blocking three lanes, tow truck is on the scene hoping to get that out of there. 6:10. straight ahead, one of the world's largest media companies could be split in two. the new plan for rupert murdoch's news corp. coming up later, big surprise, wet surprise for a bride and groom [ inaudible ] all caught on camera.
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good morning. 6:14. beautiful shot from our rooftop hd camera of the san francisco skyline and blue sky there. temperatures a little warmer today mike will tell you how much coming up in a couple of minutes. one of the most highly anticipated supreme court rulings of the year is expected thursday. high court should release its decision on president obama's health care reform act. the expected decision comes after the court heard arguments three months ago. the court released another highly anticipated opinion on arizona's immigration law yesterday. >> after allegation of news corp hacking into people's phones in the u.k., rupert murdoch's news corp could be splitting in half. considering dividing into two companies, one would hold newspapers and publishing
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properties the other fox movie studio and television networks the murdoch family would still have controlling interest in both companies. news corp is not commenting on the story formal announcement could come later this week. microsoft beefing up business social networking buying yammer. the 1.2 billion dollar cash deal will give microsoft control of the company that provides features similar to facebooks for big companies. yammer tools help employees collaborate in the workplace and should help microsoft compete. yammer was founded in 2008 by a former paypal executive. you saw that beautiful shot moments ago of the skyline, pretty day. >> looks like. clouds giving a little backdrop, that beautiful as you look back towards sutro tower you can see a few clouds trying to move in, a little late to the party, so i don't think they are going to stay long we'll see a lot of sunshine in many areas this
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morning let's see if anything has fallen out of those clouds any drizzle, any light drops like we had yesterday like terry sent me a beautiful picture from mill valley, 74 deposits yesterday, i'm like okay, can you be more specific? not much going on we'll move on. temperatures cooler weather mid to upper 40s around los gatos, fairfield, napa, santa rosa everybody else low to mid 50s. santa cruz 40s, low to mid 50s monterey, salinas and gilroy. today a lot of sun, temperatures climbing up the scale, a few clouds tonight at the coast mostly clear for the rest of us near average highs through the weekend. once we warm up there we are going to stay there for a while. today temperatures anywhere from seven degrees cooler than average to 10° cooler as we head into our inland neighborhoods mid to upper 70s in most areas of the south bay today 67 millbrae low to mid
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70s peninsula. mid 60s downtown south san francisco low 60s bodega bay. mid to upper 70s most of the north bay valleys. berkeley 68. everybody else in the low to mid 70s east bay shore. 76 dublin. upper 70s to low 80s east bay valleys. 64 monterey. morgan hill gilroy 78 to 80. l.a. once again, 7:15 breezes taper 61 first pitch down to 56 upper 40s cloverdale, santa rosa, santa cruz more clouds along the coast comfortable when you wake up tomorrow morning low to mid 50s. mid 80s inland just about everyday mid 70s around the coast and low 60s coast with mid 70s around the bay. have a great day here's sue. nice commute so far so
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good east shore freeway past golden gate fields through berkeley and emeryville a little company you won't find significant slow traffic. tow truck on scene southbound 680 before south main trying to get that big rig blocking three lanes since 4:00 this morning, finally in the clearing stages. hopefully, in the next report we'll have an update on that drive times headed on highway 680 towards the 580 junction still a nice drive, slow traffic up and over the altamont pass headed towards dublin pleasanton. mike was saying go giants, game time tonight 7:15 embarcadero usually gets busy as folks are leaving the city on a normal afternoon commute if you are planning ongoing to the -- on going to the game give yourself extra time highway 4 headed westbound i wanted to thank one of our users for posting a nice picture, looks like traffic is slow in the vicinity, no major
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problems headed towards the concord area. it is just about 6:19. who won the photo finish for two women trying to maybe it to the summer olympic games. >> caught on camera, the wedding party collapsed. bride and groom and
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good tuesday morning. you have a live picture in
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l.a. county of a bear in a tree very unusual sight apparently in the backyard of a home it has been there for quite a while since 9:00 last night they managed to scare it away but the bear came back. they believe he's attracted by the trash. this morning is trash day for them. the plan by fish and game now is they are out there and waiting they might try to tranquilize this bear when it gets lower. right now you can see folks are just watching the situation in sande mass, bear in a tree -- >> get a load of this, a real photo finish for two women hoping to make the olympic team. alex on top geneva on bottom both fighting for third place in oregon over the weekend. the rules say, your torso has to hit the finish line from this picture it is impossible to tell whose torso hits it
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first. it is so rare the sprinters will decide later this week whether to flip a coin or race against each other again. the two women clearly support one another, but they want to go to the olympics. weekend wedding in michigan didn't go as planned. take a look. [ screaming ] >> a different kind of photo finish. done, this happened saturday in michigan. the bride, groom and their entire wedding party fell into the lake after the dock they were standing on collapsed. no one was hurt. the bride had to change out of her dress falling the -- following the fall but says she couldn't help but laugh. taking a plunge. >> indeed they took the plunge is that good luck or bad luck? >> i think that is good luck. >> welcome. this will be a trend people falling in the water at weddings. still ahead, we continue
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to follow breaking news from san francisco, a search for a man who apparently fell into the bay. what happened moments before he went into the water. san francisco police donning blue going cover at at&t park. -- check out high temperatures from the low to mid 60s along the coast into san francisco, a few 80s in the east bay valleys, as far as what is happening around the country, hundreds in the high plains denver and dallas cool in the east 70s and 80s, 90s and 100's are going to spread that way tomorrow into thursday -- flight departure delays in newark all major airports in the lower 48 and our three airports here on time. good morning. following your tuesday morning commute, so far, so good live shot of san rafael from lucas valley road past civic center no problems into the golden gate bridge. next report we'll have an
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update on that stalled big rig in walnut creek i'm
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oh what a beautiful morning! oh what a beautiful day! >> what key was that in? key of h. >> kind of a flat key.
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gorgeous shot of the golden gate bridge few clouds, clear and sunny morning nice way to get out of bed and get ready for work. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. >> picture postcard beautiful. i'm eric thomas let's check in with mike nicco giggling over there. >> i was hoping kristen would sing that normally we peck that nowadays. >> we do. >> we want to attract viewers. >> getting used to getting serenaded. live doppler 7 hd quiet clouds not dropping any rain clouds have a short shelf life a lot of sunshine in the forecast today. low to mid 60s into san francisco, low to mid 70s around the bay shore. upper 70s to low 80s in the east bay valleys. quick check on traffic with sue. good morning. good news too if you are getting up and at 'em in the walnut creek area big rig is
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cleared out had stalled or stuck brakes they got the tow truck in, it is moving nicely past the scene. here's a look at your drive time, from 24 to 580 still less than 20 minutes. altamont pass getting a little slow in the dublin pleasanton area. alameda fair ongoing. right now breaking news coast guard is searching san francisco bay for a man who fell into the water at pier 32 after attending giants game. amy hollyfield is live in san francisco with more. including video you will see only on 7. >> reporter: the coast guard had to pull that helicopter out of air because the crew had been searching all night long they needed to give that crew a break. the helicopters on the ground now getting refueled waiting for a new crew to come in. we have pictures of its last lap around the bay around 4:30 this morning one last attempt
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to find this man, no sign of him. the coast guard does have its cutter out there. the san francisco fire boat has been out there and police walking along the shoreline. no one has seen him he was reported missing before 11:00 last night. his friend saw him on the end of pier 32, the friend looked away, when he glanced back he says the man was gone. he says he was drunk they had been at giants game. no one saw him in the water that. is where they are presuming that he is. that is why they called in the coast guard police officers and the fire department. police officers who have been searching have just pulled out they are headed to pier 40 to look there. they say they see no sign of him here. the coast guard tells me they will be launching that helicopter as soon as the new crew gets in. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. new this morning,
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firefighters in san francisco's stern grove had to move quickly to knock down flames before 2:00 this morning the fire burned near a homeless encampment, nobody was hurt firefighters managed to keep the fire out of the eucalyptus trees that helped limit the fire to one acre. martinez police still looking for a man who crashed into a goodyear store after a chase 10:30 yesterday last night the black honda crashed into the store on alhambra avenue the car burst into flames after the collision investigators say they were trying to pull over a wanted suspect when the chase began. the man reportedly assaulted someone with a baseball bat earlier yesterday evening police were searching a nearby apartment complex for the suspect. two suspects in custody after reported kidnapping in san pablo. sheriffs focused on a house on michelle drive. they set up a crime scene at the neighborhood last night. detectives are saying very
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little about their investigation. two men were detained in connection with the case. they are talking to a woman. prominent san francisco gay rights activist larry brinkin is facing child pornography charges the 66-year-old who led the fight to recognize same-sex partnerships was arrested friday. he's now out on bail. brinkin retired from the city's human rights commission two years ago. police seized computers, videos and floppy disc from his home. an investigation was land everyoned after a tip from the los angeles police department. san francisco police took on a different blue last night dodger blue to root out troublesome fans during the game last night. 40 fans were thrown out of the game for misconduct, no one was arrested. staffers say recent problems are due to alcohol consumption. increase enforcement is in
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response to the severe beating of brian stow during last year's opener. fans tell us that incident changed things. >> i say less heckling it is in the back of their mind. >> i think it has changed in general at all ballparks not just at dodger stadium. i think it brought those type of incidents to the forefront, unfortunately. >> that dodger fan is also a police officer for the lapd and he patrols dodger stadium. he says this was his second time wearing dodger blue at at&t park and he has never had a problem. the city of is. -- the city of san francisco will honor matt cain tonight the mayor will give him key to the city cain pitched the only perfect game in giants history two weeks ago, retired 27 straight batters, 14 strikeouts, cain shut out astros 10-0 in that game.
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back to breaking news that we were following this is in los angeles, in a residential neighborhood where a bear is in a tree in a backyard. you can see the the bear still there, first got to that neighborhood around 9:00 last night, another resident scared the animal off with an air horn that bear came back. apparently they think attracted bay the trash that is out there because it is looking for food, it is trash day. right now fish and game there, waiting for this bear to come down as low as possible before they try to tranquilize the animal. right now, a lot of folks in the area, residents kind of nervously watching and a little anxiously, decidedly watching this bear. >> looks like the bear has moved a little from where we saw him or her before. fish and game and deputys on the scene. >> this season you start to have them out and about in
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lake tahoe. >> like that bear cub in the garage. >> right. we'll check in with mike. >> picnic basket at the trunk of the tree. >> yogi will come. >> hey boo boo! >> clear this morning, sorry, thanks for indulging me. back to my childhood, let's act like adult and talk about the weather. west winds 10 miles an hour at sfo no need to worry about delays, clouds along the coast, those won't live long, a lot of sun in the forecast today. upper 40s to mid 50s through the 7:00 hour. clouds will decrease as winds increase by noon along the coast where we will hang out in the mid to upper 50s even san francisco mid to upper 60s bay low to mid 70s inland. 4:00 70s inland mid to upper
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60s around the bay low to mid 60s along the coast into san francisco you might need a coat during the evening low to mid 70s inland, mid 60s around the bay near 60 at the coast. if you have allergies, it is going to be worse high amounts of grass. average temperatures through thursday and friday hey sue what is going on? >> i love boo boo and yogi. >> i was about to do it again, i thought that was too much. san mateo bridge now, headlights coming in the eastbound direction and back end of those cars headed westbound incline section moving well and on into foster city area no problems, good ride from foster city to hayward sunup bay bridge toll tough to see metering lights on, they went on 6:10, traffic sluggish upper deck headed
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into san francisco incline section. giants-dodgers 7:15 expect traffic around the embarcadero atn)6ç at&t park later today 580 westbound new accident past seminary cleared, no significant slowing past the scene. once again if you are heading out now, drive times to marin county east shore freeway off the altamont pass it is getting a little sluggish into the dublin pleasanton area. boo-boo thank you too. >> trading underway on wall street after a horrible, horrible day yesterday. right now they are watching housing market, continuing to get mixed signals there. we'll see how things are going, live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. the dow is up 24 points. first president obama campaigns in mitt romney's backyard. new attacks the president is making in his rival's home state. the damage is from debby the path for the storm after
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leaving sinking ground and flooding across the east.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. how about we look at temperatures low to mid 60s along the coast low to mid 70s bay shore. upper 70s to near 80 into the
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east bay valleys. oregon is our storm tracker moved north a little today that allows a few showers to spread across eureka 59, low to mid 80s through the central valley, 65 tahoe. 72 with sunshine in san diego. you want heat, palm springs 106. tropical storm debby which mike is watching, is continuing to pelt florida's gulf coast with high winds and heavy rain moving at a snail's pace in the gulf of mexico. state of emergency still in affect amid fears of widespread flooding. debby is expected to make landfall tomorrow night not likely to let up for a few more days up to two feet of rain could fall in some places roads in tam parlor washed out and -- in tampa, already washed out tens of thousands left without power. this giant sinkhole is in jonesville, florida it is 60 feet long up to 20 feet deep
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in spots more than seven inches of rain fell in jonesville sunday that's what caused the sinkhole. president obama is continuing his fundraising today with events in georgia and florida after the president campaigned in mitt romney's backyard. he attended a fundraiser last night in boston with senate candidate elizabeth warren.9jí the president went after romney telling supporters the former government another's economic policies would lead to more outsourcing and union busting. this morning rielle hunter is live on general motors telling george stephanopoulos that she and edwards split up days after her new book came out revealing intimate details of her affair with edwards and their love child. >> many s this -- many things in the relationship were a mistake but i don't regret loving him. >> you still love him? >> i do. >> and he still loves you?
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>> you have to ask him that, but i think he does. >> earlier this month edwards was found guilty of accepting illegal campaign contributions. you you can watch hunter's entire interview coming up after our husband cast at 7:00 this morning. jeopardy host alex trebek will be able to take a walk this morning when he wakes up in los angeles. a spokesperson for sony which produces his show jeopardy says trebek is recovering well from a mild heart attack last week. he's in good spirits and now in a regular room at cedar sinai. he's expected back at work when producing for the new season begins in july. the oldest grandson of william randolph hearst has died. george ran doll hearst, jr. was board chairman of the -- corporation he died of complications from a stroke yesterday. he was chairman of a privately held media conglomerate dating back 125 years, when his
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grandfather took over the san francisco examiner. he succeeded his uncle as chairman in 1966, leading the company for more than 50 years. george randolph hearst, jr. was 84. if you use facebook you have your e-mail address attached whether you use it or not facebook automatically posting to profiles displaying them as the default e-mail address the network says the change has been rolling out for weeks but many were not aware of it until posts and articles began drawing attention to it yesterday. big day for zynga and the housing market continuing to send mixed signals. >> join king joins us live from the new york stock exchange the morning after a horrible day of losses. it was. we are rebounding a little emphasis on a little. first the report we just got on home prices. in san francisco home prices are on the rise, this is the
6:48 am
index for april locally up 1 1/2% compared to march. nationwide the index fell compared to a year ago a small decline smallest since november of 2010 maybe we are seeing stable -- stabilization in the housing market. stocks higher, dow up whooping 19 points, s&p and nasdaq a little in the green as well. still, a lot of caution, especially about europe and markets. bloomberg index trading to the upside. majority of facebook users are women. there's now a woman on the bore. facebook shares this morning are trading a little higher -- backed back up $32 after the company got its first female director former google employee also worked at the treasury department she started at the world bank impressive resume. zynga headquarters, new games
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and features to attract attention of game players annual street as well. zynga shares have been lower from their ipo price trading up a little today, still below that $10 that the stock debuted at in december. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. following breaking news in oakland. early morning house fire critically injuries two men. >> katie marzullo has rushed to the scene. what do you have? >> reporter: we are just on scene right in front of the house take a look this is the aftermath. fire broke out 4:30 this morning. crews had it out in about 12 minutes. but, two people still were critically injured. i just talked with the battalion chief lisa baker, she doesn't have an update on their condition. the two men in late 40s or early 50s were taken to the hospital in critical condition. firefighters found them upstairs in the house
6:50 am
unconscious presumably due to smoke inhalation. the chief tells me when her crews arrived they found the home engulfed in flames out of the front of the house which is easy to imagine now that you can see the aftermath. as far as the cause, it does not appear electrical and it does not appear to be suspicious that. is two things taken off of the -- taken out of element, they are still investigating. the investigator inside at this time. what they will be looking for are working smoke detectors. when crews first got on the scene did not hear smoke detectors that does not mean they were not inside and operable at the time the fire broke out. right now, you are seeing the investigation underway. that chief who i spoke with is in inside what remains of this house after an early morning fire. i was put out quickly, still too late for two men already
6:51 am
unconscious due to smoke inhalation upstairs now in the hospital in critical. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 6:51. >> you can see we are starting out with a beautiful, clear day. is it going to be warmer? >> i think so. temperatures will warm up everywhere except maybe san francisco, close to where we were yesterday if you liked it around emerald city you will like it again today. clouds trying to roll in light sea breeze this morning, northerly wind will scour those out as we head into the mid-morning hours expect a lot of sunshine everywhere. doppler showing we are off to a dry start this morning, no need to worry about wet weather. temperatures, most of the us low to mid 50s, los gatos, fairfield, napa, santa rosa low to mid 40s. watsonville, santa rosa, low to mid 50s.
6:52 am
sunshine for today, warmer highs, clouds at the coast tonight clear for rest of us during tomorrow's morning commute near average highs starting tomorrow through sunday we have to warm up a little more even more so than today to get back to average concord eight degrees warmer today 79 santa rosa five degrees warmer 78 san jose 76 three degrees warmer than yesterday oakland and fremont 70 and 27 two and one degree warmer is -- -- 72, two and within degree warmer. east bay valleys warmest, dublin 76, upper 70s to near 80. berkeley 68, low to mid 70s today on the east bay shore fremont around 72, south bay from 73 milpitas to 78 in losu.uñ
6:53 am
south mid 80s inland everyday mid 70s around the bay low 60s at the coast. good morning. metering lights on at the bay bridge toll, pretty sunrise, traffic is back now beyond the over passes and you are in good company as you head on the incline upper deck, 80 east shore freeway past golden gate fields in the estuary and on into emeryville and berkeley, emeryville and the act arthur maze, a little bunched up as you make the -- make the on to the straits past university so far so good northbound 880 before
6:54 am
washington, big rig fire on the shoulder, slow traffic past the scene in that area and northbound 101 past 880 in san jose, big rig accident on the shoulder there. significant slowing speeds 32 miles an hour. once again, a look at drive times 101 through santa rosa and into novato there's the east shore freeway a bit slow off the altamont pass slow as well. 6:54 now. >> as we get ready to hand things off to "good morning america" here are five things to know before you go. number one coast guard and san francisco authorities searching the bay all morning for a man who fell off the end of pier 32, a friend reported the man missing before 11:00 last night. he says they had attended the giants game and the man was drunk. >> number two, developing news in oakland. two men suffered critical injuries after an early morning house fire you are looking at live pictures of that the home this started 4:30 this morning the fire is now out and firefighters are looking for the cause.
6:55 am
>> number three, firefighters managed to get the jump on a fire that broke out 2:00 this morning in stern drove. it began in a canyon area near a homeless encampment, nobody was injured. >> number four, questions loom about where the assault trial of a south bay man guess from here after the priest he's accused of -- guess from here after the priest he's accused of beating refused to answer questions on cross examination he invoked his fifth amendment rights the judge struck all of lindner's previous testimony from the record. >> number five, giants' pitcher matt cain will receive key to the city in a pregame ceremony tonight. cain will be honored for those that perfect game two weeks ago. still fresh in our minds the first in giants' history. final check of your forecast. let's start with what is going on, live doppler, low me get out of the way so you can see the entire sweep over the last three hours very quiet
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enjoy, easy commute weather-wise. today 7:00 this morning, cool start, 48 our coolest temperature, 57 our warmest, mild at noon, nice time to be out, breezes start to pick up a little along the coast into san francisco, 56 at the coast to 75 inland breezy at the coast 4:00, 60 there to 81 inland. by 7:00, breezes will tart to taper and temperatures start to drop, -- start to taper and temperatures start to drop probably need a light jacket as you head inland, three to eight degrees warmer than yesterday we'll keep the warming trend going tomorrow and it will hang around near normal through the weekend. you wanted to know about traffic here's the person you need to talk to. bay bridge back-up beyond the overcrossing metering lights on. speeds glacial pace as you head into the toll plaza. once you get on the upper deck things are moving well you are in company through treasure
6:57 am
island. northbound 880 before washington big rig fire on the right, traffic flowing past the scene. another recap, if you are headed northbound 101 in the sand jose area big rig accident on the shoulder. new accident santa cruz mountains 17 getting busy. that's it for this edition of the abc7 morning news. >> you can keep track of news on twitter and talk about it at
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