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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 29, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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this morning, historic ruling. >> new reaction to the supreme court's stunning decision on health care. what it means for the election, for opponents and those needing care. first victim. overnight, we learned of the deadly toll from colorado's fire zone. with 350 homes have been incinerated. high temperatures an issue there, as well as across the country today. courtroom collapse. a man convicted for burning down his mansion, pops a pill and dies right in front of the judge. and shades of green. an epic payday for the woman behind the summer's must-read, "fifty shades of grey."
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good morning, everybody. happy friday. the high court's decision is a constitution and political landmark, with implications for millions of americans. >> but it came with a major surprise. conservative chief justice, john roberts, siding with the more liberal members of the court. with more details on what the decision means, here's abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: across the country, americans are figuring out what the supreme court's stunning decision to uphold president obama's health care law means to them. for this cancer patient of ohio, the decision is a big relief. >> it allows us to relax a little bit. and know that steven, our son, is protected by the law. >> i've actually pursue the dream and the things i want to do in my life, not based on whether i can have health coverage or not. >> reporter: with the court's decision, major provisions of the law remain intact. children under 26 can remain on their parents' health care plan.
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children with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied coverage. and there's no limits on how much policies pay out. cheryl's daughter had a kidney transplant and reached her lifetime coverage. but the ruling means children with pre-existing conditions cannot be benighed coverage. >> we went on so many levels. pre-existing. they're not going to look at her. >> reporter: not everyone is thrilled. small businesses will soon from to provide insurance to all their workers, which some believe hurts their ability to grow. republicans vow to keep up the fight. >> today's ruling underscores the urgency of repealing this harmful law in its entirety. >> reporter: these chaotic images from outside the court yesterday -- illustrate the passions on both sides, signaling the fight over health care, may be far from over. house republicans say they'll vote to repeal the health care law, after congress returns from its july 4th recess. such a bill is probably dead on
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arrival in the senate where democrats have control. rob and paula? >> tahman, can you give us an idea of how stunning this decision was? considering that chief justice roberts, he is a conservative-leaning justice and he swayed that vote. >> reporter: it's an absolute stunner. many conservatives are furious, paula. he sided, the chief justice, with the liberals on the court, to keep the individual mandate in place. he ruled that congress cannot force americans to buy health insurance. but they can tax americans if they don't buy insurance. that was his creativity. and he saved the law. >> tahman bradley in washington. >> thanks, tahman. and the implications for the november election, they are wide-ranging. >> but abc's george stephanopoulos does not think this will all be much of an issue come election day. >> it also gives him a second chance to sell the popular parts of the plan. and that's what you saw the president doing when he came out to the east room earlier today. now, it also gives mitt romney a
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second chance to rally those who are really riled up against obama care in 2010. we saw that help the republicans. so, the debate is going to continue. i think it's a net plus, no question, for president obama. i question, though, how much of an issue this will be by election day. >> we will get a lot more analysis from george a little while from now, later on "good morning america." a tragic new turn in the fire zone this morning, as president obama prepares to tour the damage. at least one person has now died. the victim was found in 1 of the 350 homes that burned to the ground in colorado springs. the fire is now the most destructive in colorado history. eclipsing the blaze still burning in the northern part of that state. now, the cost of fighting the fire has already topped $3 million. and it's only 15% contained. >> 15%, after all these days. unbelievable. all that steamy, hot air is easing just a bit in the fire
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zone today. but that's not the case from texas all the way over to the east coast. 22 states are under heat warnings and watches. and more record highs are expected to topple later today. chicago hit 100 degrees for the first time in 7 years yesterday. atlanta, st. louis and d.c. all soar to record territory, hitting triple digits today. the extreme heat proved to be too much for the infrastructure of some cities. repair crews were called in after roads buckled in wisconsin. it was so hot near chattanooga, tennessee, that four firefighters passed out from heat exhaustion at an apartment fire. and zoos like this in alabama, are scrambling to keep the animals cold. there were cool showers, popsicles and even a.c. for those opting the stay indoors. smart move, guys. a bitter political fight has led to attorney general eric holder being held in contempt of congress, a first for a cabinet member. the republican-controlled house
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made the move against the country's top law enforcement official in a dispute over justice department documents from the troubled "fast and furious" gun tracking program. more than 100 democrats walked out, boycotting a vote. 17 democrats did side with the republicans on that move. another member of the president's cabinet also made a little bit of history. hillary clinton is now the most traveled secretary of state ever. she has now been to 100 countries, from afghanistan, to zambia. she spent 337 days on the road, including more than 1,750 hours. that's 73 days on her air force 757. all that according to the state department. >> she doesn't get frequent flyer miles does she? >> she's going to jupiter next month. yeah. time, now, for the weather from across the nation. in addition to the heat wave, showers in the northwest. scattered storms around sioux falls, omaha, des moines and indianapolis. and morning showers in the
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northeast, as well as across south florida. >> pushing triple digits in the south. 90s from new york to boise. upper 80s in the upper midwest. well, coming up, the crucial summer job going unfilled, even with unemployment so high right now. and get it while you can. the creative chef stuffing foie gras into about everything. it's all ahead of a ban going into effect this weekend. and nba superstar, carmelo anthony, off of the court. hey, your high speed internet here at home...
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welcome back, everybody. the supreme court decision on health care removes a great deal of uncertainty for businesses, big and small. and analysts say that is good for them. other winners are likely to be hospitals and clinics because more people will be able to afford more treatment. however, some government reimbursements may be cut. now, the other side losers will include health insurance companies whose profits could be cut. research in motion, also known as r.i.m., seems to be slowing to a halt. the blackberrymaker just posted a huge loss for the latest quarter and says it's delaying its new smartphone until next year. r.i.m. is cutting as many as 5,000 jobs or almost one-third of its workforce. but automakers are increasing their workforces as they boost production right here in the u.s. nissan is adding 1,000 jobs in mississippi to build a new center compact there.
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and chrysler may add up to 1,000 workers at a michigan plant because of demand for its ram pickup truck. overseas markets are mostly up, on signs of progress at the european union summit. tokyo's nikkei average gained 133 points today. hong kong's hang seng was up 408. in london, the ftse opened lower. on wall street, the dow slipped 25 points yesterday. the nasdaq index was off about 26. there's two more days to enjoy foie gras in california before a statewide ban kicks in. the delicacy was outlawed after animal activists say it was cruel to force-feed ducks and geese. the last few days, sales are booming. one restaurant is offering a full-course foie gras meal. and you can find foie gras in cheesecake, waffles and how about some good, old cotton candy foie gras. >> say it one more time. >> foie gras. >> one more time. >> foie gras. >> three times fast.
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foie gras, four-course. >> it could have been worse. >> a whole lot worse. when we come back, we'll get back to serious news this morning. george zimmerman heads back to court today. his latest attempt to get out of jail. and the nba coach whose private affairs have suddenly become very public.
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hd 8.
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. what makes hershey's s'mores special? pure chocolate goodness that brings people together. hershey's makes it a s'more... you make it special. pure hershey's. and now, for a look at your morning road conditions on this holiday friday. a few slick spots in the east coast, around boston and new york. some wet highways in south florida and the pacific northwest. thunderstorms could soak roads around the ohio valley, des moines, omaha and sioux falls. >> and it should be another good day for air travelers. weather-related airport delays are only expected in chicago. back to the news, now. a bizarre scene unfolded yesterday in a phoenix courtroom. just moments after a millionaire attorney was found guilty of
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burning down his mansion, he can be seen putting something in his mouth and swallowing. >> a few minutes later, someone hands him a tissue. he starts coughing, gasping for air. he was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. the judge did not allow the actual collapse on camera. investigators suspect the man poisoned himself rather than go to prison. they are waiting on the toxicology tests. and it's back to court today in florida for george zimmerman, who will try, once again, to get out on bail. the neighborhood watch volunteer who admits shooting and killing teenager trayvon martin had his original bail revokes after it was discovered that he and his wife lied when they said they were broke. the judge might release him today on much higher bail. and at ft. bragg, north carolina, an army battalion commander was killed by another soldier when their unit was attending a safety briefing. a third soldier was also slightly injured before the gunman turned his weapon
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himself. he was wounded and is now in custody. investigators are searching for a motive. a sex scandal at an air force base in texas is now growing. a senior commander now says investigators know of at least 31 women at blackland air force base that were victims of male instructors. there's allegations the female trainees were victims of assault, harassment and in at least one case, rape. a dozen air force instructors are under investigation. there's been an apparent extortion attempt against warriors head coach mark jackson. mark jackson is had an affair with a stripper named alexis adams. jackson eventually told authorities who arrested adams and the other man yesterday. and despite the high unemployment numbers, there's one important number that's going unfilled this summer.
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one job. "usa today" reports a shortage of lifeguards because teens aren't going after those jobs. they're finding the classes and certification too costly. or they're spending the summer at school. we turn to sports news this morning. cycling's biggest event, the tour de france begins tomorrow, in belgium and ends three weeks in paris on. stateside, here's our sports from espn. >> good morning. we go to the nba draft anthony davis was the top overall draft to bring him to the crescent city, where the hornets hope his presence on the low block will help them improve upon their 21-45 record. joe girardi and the yankees taking on the white sox. white sox trailing 3-1. a.j. pierzynski grounds to the pitcher. throws it into center field.
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instead of tur ningtwo, he got first and third. girardi to go with david robertson out of the pen. takes him deep. instead of 3-1 yankees, it's 4-3, white sox. just like that. girardi unhappy. but bottom nine, one on, jeter. sending it deep to right field. heroic? dramatic? or deep out. white sox go on to win, 4-3. rockies hosting the nationals. in the national league. first inning, rockies up 2-1. two men on. tyler colvin taking jackson deep to right field. rockies up 5-0. top nine, nats down a run. bryce harper, with that swing, deep to right. the solo shot. harper's eighth on the year. we're tied at 10-10. we go to extras. to the 11th, to be exact. two men on for marco scutaro. the base hit to right.
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rockies go on to win, 11-10, in extras. >> go, white sox. the stars at the x games which just started in l.a., seem to be getting younger and younger and braver. >> here's exhibit "a." mitchie brusco pulled off a 900, for 900 degrees or 2 1/2 spins on his skateboard. it's the first time one of those had ever been landed at the x games. >> two runs later, a 12-year-old, yes, we said a 12-year-old, did the same exact thing. an 11-year-old is also in the event. not sure if my kids ever broach that subject. hey, mom, want to do some extreme sport? we say no. >> without training wheels. look at those guys. >> can you now? >> it's iffy. well, up next, "the pulse." call it "fifty shades of grey." wait until you hear how much money is rolling in for the
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okay. it is time to check "the pulse," on this friday morning, storying you're going to be talking about at the watercooler. we're going to begin with a big payday for "grey."
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the writer behind the best-selling sizzler "fifty shades of grey," is said to be making $1.3 million a week, after her book. >> the book has sold 20 million copies. and e.l. james gets 20% on the paperback. and she got 5 million bucks just for the movie rights alone. >> 50 million shades of gray, right? >> whatever. >> read it. i want to be read. >> see spot run. >> that's been done before. grown-ups are getting a look at "dora the explorer" like they have never seen her before. >> everyone is familiar with the superstar, and the jingle, that teaches kids to speak spanish. she's sort of grown up now. but not exactly playing nice. check out this comedy sketch
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featuring tar are winter. >> dora. >> hola. >> cameras captured a man in purple mask and gloves removing the orp. >> swiper. >> you know where to find him? >> no. but i know someone who does. >> hola diego. >> dora, it's been a while. i haven't seen you since i was this many. >> the gun-toting dora may rough up the bad guys. and she has not forgotten the spanish. >> more than exploring these days. and at madame tussaud's got more than they expected. >> carmelo anthony came to life to the surprise of many visitors. he was at the museum for the unveiling after his real wax statue. >> he said it was the toughest acting job he's ever done.
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for some of you, your local news is next. >> for everyone else, more after this. [ virginia ] i do have a healthy diet,
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up next, the family of a suicidal antioch man killed in a shootout with police want a thorough investigation into what happened. >> sis spended sheriff ross mirkarimi back on the hot seat this morning. >> mike will have the forecast. waking up to mostly cloudy conditions and drizzlescattered falls to omaha. indianapolis. also showers in the northeast. and finally this morning, we've already covered just about every angle of the supreme court's health care decision. >> time to hear the comics' take on it all. here, now, are your "friday
4:28 am
funnies." >> this is a big win for president obama. after the ruling, he addressed the nation from the east room of the white house, where he explained this was a victory. not for him. but for all of us. >> i know there will be a lot of discussion today about the politics of all this. about who won and who lost. that discussion completely misses the point. >> he means to read between the lines. >> the race was on. which news organization would be the first to speak of the great decision? who would emerge from the chaos as today's grand champion of news firsty-ness. >> the supreme court justice has struck down the individual mandate, the centerpiece of the health care legislation. >> we have breaking news on the fox news channel. the individual mandate has been ruled unconstitutional. >> wow. that's a dramatic moment.
4:29 am
>> yes. yes. a moment of great drama. and like many of our greatest dramas, a work of complete fiction. [ laughter ] >> fools. roberts has always been in obama's pocket. think about it. he's the one who single-handedly made obama president. and come to think of it -- come to think of it, folks, what kind of name is john roberts? where did he grow up? indiana? oh, isn't that nice? that sounds suspiciously close to indonesia, where obama ate that dog. >> the bill was sold to the american people on a deception. >> it's a tax. >> it's a tax. >> it's a tax. >> it's a tax. >> senator? [ laughter ] senator akbar is right. it's a tax. >> have a great day, everybody.


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