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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 9, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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i'm alan wang. >> and i'm uh ma dates. we start with breaking news out of oakland. several people were shot outside a movie theater in jack london square. lilian kim is live on the scene with the latest developments. lilian? >> ama, we are at the corner of second and washington streets, and it is an active crime scene. we are in front of the regal cinemas where police say five people were shot. it happened at around 9:20 p.m. witnesses say there were a bunch of people in front of the building when shots rang out. oakland police say five people were hurt by gunfire and three went to area hospitals on their own. paramedics transported two of the victims. crime scene technicians have been processing the bullet casings left on the ground. police say it is unclear what the motive was. we spoke to a man, however,
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who was across the street from the movie theater, and he told us as far as he could tell this was a drive by shooting. >> there was a bunch of kids out here playing and going to see spider-man. the car pulled up and started shooting. >> then what happened? >> everybody started running. that's pretty much it. >> that same witness says he saw of the five victims at least one was a young woman. oakland police say none of the injuries appear to be life-threatening. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. 234* other news, firefighters have been on their toes all day stamping out wildfires across the bay area. abc7's thomas roman has been on his toes covering at least three of the wildfires. he is live in el cerrito where mutual aid played a key role. thomas? >> alan, these grass fires were put out quickly because fire agencies were helping each other out. during the dry and windy
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weather they are doing all they can to knock the small fires down before they become firestorms. in bay point a grass fire blackened 20 acres. the fire came close to homes. the fire burned near the highway. here, contra costa county firefighters using mutual aid were able to put the fire out within an hour. and then in vaw knee -- vie necia they were called out to a train trestle fire. it extends over the sacramento river. the location made it difficult for firefighters to access the area with normal gear of the they carried water tanks and fire suppression fluid. they managed to put out the fire, but rail service was delayed for a couple of hours while the trestle was checked for damage. >> they had a pretty good wind on it. >> this is what is left of a wheat field near cherry glen. mutual aid was called in because the wind whipped the flames into a four-alarm
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fire. crews came to help. the assistant chief says they were worried. >> it burned about 15 acres. our main concern is it would jump cherry glen road. from there it had a clear path into the city of vacaville. >> the fire was put into control with three dozen firefighters from other agencies. fire districts are being forced to rely on mutual aid because budget cuts keep widdling away. >> it is such that we are seeing a lot more grass fires and conditions that warrant a lot of resources and going out and trying to help our neighbors. >> they say some simply need equipment they no longer have. >> it is a very effective way of dealing with resource needs , budget problems with equipment maybe a local agency has if they call for resources they will come and assist. >> if there is any good news about the grass fires, no structures or homes were damaged or destroyed and no one was hurt.
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thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thank you, thomas. another brushfire is burning out of control in the mendocino national forest. this is a big one. 12,000 acres have been charred already, and there is no estimated time for containment. the flames are burning in heavy brush and timber. 25 structures are threatened including several camp grounds. evacuations are underway. an inter agency team will coordinate tomorrow morning. >> they are fighting a fire that burned between two floors of a building that burned through oakland. it broke out in the crawlspace on telegraph avenue near 29th street. pg&e will keep the building's power turned off until it is determined that the fire did not damage any wiring. today the local horse racing community remembered a jockey who died during a race at the alameda county fair. 24eur9 -- 33-year-old jorge herrera stumbled and he
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suffered severe head injuries and died at eden medical center in castro valley. >> jorge loved this profession. he loved this life. herrera's fellow jockeys and others remembered him during a prayer service. >> being a jockey is a very dangerous profession. >> it is the only sport in the world where you have the ambulance behind you. >> he never talked about nobody, nothing. he goes to his business. he likes to ride the horses as best as he can. he said, i like to be in the pictures a lot. >> a group signed a picture of herrera that will be sent to his family. now to the newest image of a shark spotting right on the trail of a kayaker. now, here is the latest on the findings on the east coast and the west. >> cape cod beaches were back open for swimming a day after a 12 to 14-foot shark was spotted taling this kayaker
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100 feet off the beach. he was able to paddle to safety after crowds screamed warning him from the beach. it was like a scene out of jaws. but for the kayaker, it was all too real. >> the shark was no doubt checking out the kayaker. the kayakers, of course have to unsdz -- have to understand that when they are paddling in these waters they are taking a certain amount of risk. >> great whites have been spotted close to the cape cod shore, snacking on seals. the west coast has seen its share of near misses. this week, a 52-year-old was knocked off his kayak by a shark. he survived, but the same can't be said of the kayak. >> his boat was lifted by a 14 to 18-foot shark. the boater was then kicked out of the boat, and the shark bit the kayak. >> this just days after the beach in la jolla was closed after a shark was spotted near swimmers. >> my seven-year-old was out there.
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she couldn't hear them. it was a little nerve-wracking. >> for now many beachgoers are keeping an eye on the horizon. >> we are in their turf. i would be lying if i told you every time i paddle out you don't think at least once about it. >> shark experts say the biggest advice for beachgoers is to low whercal fhe local fuel population is and swim near a lifeguard so they can alert if you a shork is near. >> a baby beluga whale is beating the odds to survive. he was separated from his mother a few hours after being born in alaska. he is the first beluga whale to be rescued as a baby. he is being fed 10 times a day, and rescuers say he is not out of the woods yet. if he survives he will have to spend the rest of his life in captivity. ?ai the city of santa cruz is considering several measures designed to protect the environment. they will consider a ban on plastic bags. it would include toys and packing materials. a third measure would tackle how electronic waste is
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recycled. if the council gives its approval, they would come up for a final vote at the end of the month. just ahead, the deadline to beat the malware attack is over. tonight thousands discover they can no longer get on-line. >> and the shocking discovery of just what is in the food you eat each day. >> and remembering ernest borgnine. >> hi, everyone. i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. we have patchy fog out there. i know today the temperatures cooled off as much as 15 degrees in some neighborhoods. you know what, get ready for a big warm up. we are going to get hot by midweek.
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unplugged the servers to keep infected computers on line. if your computer has the malware virus you should be okay. if you can't get on-line now, you are most likely infected. 24r* is a contingency plan so if you are having a problem, call them. there was a scam to take overcome piewters. computers. when they took down the hacker itself temporarily kept the computers running to keep people on-line. a man convicted of murdering his wife is back in court tomorrow. hans riser's children filed a wrongful death suit against their father. lilian kim explains. >> they lost their mother six
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years ago. their father, hans riser, is serving time in prison for her murder. now the children are seeking unspecified damages for wrongful death or emotional distress. they brought the suit on behalf of the children now 11 and 12 years old. >> they have suffered. somebody took their mother. if anybody else took their mother in a car accident or something else they would be entitled to compensation. it was no different the fact it was their father. other than the fact it is more tragic. >> the riser children won't be at the trial. they will be in russia with their ma ter national grand mother. but friends have been pushing for the wrong of the death suit. they believe riser has money hidden possibly in russia. a judgment in the name of the children would allow them to go after assets and would entitle them to money riser could make in the future. prior to his conviction he was a successful computer programmer who created file saving software. >> once you are convicted of a
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crime, it is conceivable he could come up with some idea that is a value. and we would like whatever value there is to go to the children. >> nina and hans riser were in the middwell of a divorce. she was last seen alive at hans riser's house. none of the neighbors wanted to speak publicly about the upcoming trial. he will be acting as his own attorney, but he is expected to accuse his dead wife of murdering their kids. it is where a caregiver harms a child to generate sympathy. >> we tried to control him as best as we can both by imposing time limits on trial and preventing mr. riser talking about things not appropriate. what exactly happened at the trial remains to be seen. >> abc7 news. a judge will hand down a ruling with a far reaching impact on governor brown's tax
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plan. at issue is where on the ballot the proposition will land. he signed legislation at the end of june that would put his initiative at the top of the ballot, but they filed a suit to block the legislation and put her own tax initiative at the top. the judge's decision will place brown's proposition either first or eighth on the ballot. a hug turned deadly for a detroit woman. authorities explained that the 25-year-old was dancing at a party and hugged an off duty officer from behind. the pressure caused the officer's holstered weapon to accidentally fire killing the woman. in washington state a man is recovering when a parking pay station blew up. the man and a friend were walking by the station when they heard an explosion. the victim was hit in the arm. it is a nonlife-threatening injury. detectives say it appears to be a case of vandalism gone bad. if you think pink slime in your beef is gross, wait until you hear this. the chicken you buy at
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supermarkets are full of pharmaceuticals. a study at johns hopkins university found grocery store chicken had prozac, caffeine, tylenol and benadryl. prozac reduces anxiety in chickens that can lead to tougher meat. caffeine keeps the chickens awake so they eat more and grow faster. nasa released two new images from the surface of mars today. the mars exploration rover opportunity captured the picture with the fifth martian mission. it combines more than 800 images taken by a pan or -- panoramic camera. opportunity has spent nearly a year next to the crater. beautiful weather today. but leigh glaser says it is going to start getting hot. >> it really is. temperatures in the extreme east bay locations near 100 degrees as we head into tuesday and wednesday. a big contrast in what we are seeing right now.
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mist and drizzle and low clouds and fog. folks, this fog is going to hang tough tonight and tomorrow morning. it could slow down the monday morning commute. be advised of that. live doppler 7hd is not picking up the very dense band of fog over the golden gate bridge simply because it might be just a little too light there. you kwan -- you can get a sense it is pushing off toward the south. we are picking up toward the hayward and san leandro and toward fremont. you can definitely see it migrating over the bay. it will be hit and miss and just moving near the coast and the bay overnight. and definitely first thing tomorrow morning for the commute. would you check out antioch right now? 81 degrees. it is 60 in concord and 58 in livermore and 57 in oa 54and sa4 degrees right now. san jose is at 58. in the north bay, santa rosa is getting cool with 54 degrees.
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continuing with low clouds and pockets of dense fog overnight tonight. the warming ginsz tomorrow -- begins tomorrow, and get ready for some hot temperatures in the east bay. 95 to up to near 100 degrees as we head into tuesday and wednesday. the exsechtion is those out toward antioch where you will probably be sitting in the mid to low 60s and maybe the upper 50s. the rest of us will be in the mid to low 50s with the fog near the coast. the big story will be the bubble of warm to hot air, the record high broken in the midand eastern half. that is moving in our direction. the hottest days will be tuesday and wednesday. midninetys in the east bay. tomorrow santa rosa 90
2:19 am
degrees. by tuesday, 95. wednesday, near 100. oakland, 72. you can see there tuesday 80, 84 by wednesday. and check out concord and livermore. low 90s tomorrow. midto upper 90s on tuesday. and 100 plus degrees expected by wednesday. keep that in mind. construction workers, if you work outdoors, go easy on your crews as you head into the tuesday and wednesday time frame. tomorrow though not too bad. 84 for san jose, 85 campbell. we will look for mid60s developing near the coast. half moon bay 64. 80 for redwood city and palo alto. san francisco will warm up nicely tomorrow with afternoon sun, 66 degrees. north bay 90 santa rosa. 86 for sonoma. oakland will warm to 72. we will look for 80 in fremont. that's when you will start to heat up with the mid-nineties for brentwood, antioch and concord. concord 90 degrees and we will look for 93 for gilroy. and it is going to get even hotter especially as we head into tuesday and wednesday.
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high temperatures inland near 100. even 90s near the bay. close to 70 at the coast, and it will slowly, gradually begin to cool off a bit on friday, saturday and sunday. and don't forget this year's aidswalk san francisco will be held in just seven days. sunday july 15 in golden gate park. register call 415-615-walk or visit aidswalk . net. and mike will be here at 4:30 tomorrow. >> thanks, leigh. shu is here and big week for tennis lovers. >> hate to see it end. it has been a great two weeks at wimbledon. there was plenty of drama the night murray tried to be the first brit to win since 1936,
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the sport of tennis 30 years -- at 30 years old is ancient unless you are serena williams or fedderrer. the king of the grass court
2:24 am
roger fedderrer won his seventh. his opponent was trying to be the next brit to -- the first brit to win since the 30s. he finds his groove and a great drive shot there. then the rain fell. 40-minute delay. nobody was left. after the delay murray seemed to struggle. he takes a wicked fall this imam imam. this game alone lasted 30 minutes. a great lob here. andy tries to recover and flips on flips on the wet grass. roger goes to third. and then fedderrer serving and after a short rally he goes wide. fedderer ties pete sampras with his seventh title. he is now number one in the world. not bad for a 30-year-old. >> i was getting out there.
2:25 am
is this your best chance dism -- chance 1234* roger is 30 now. he is not bad for a 30-year-old. i think i played some of my best tennis in the last couple matches. it worked out so many times at wimbledon. i play my best at the semis. i couldn't be more happy. it feels good to be back here as the winner. >> great two weeks in tennis. your final baseball game before the allstar break on pie have a pie in your face post game you did something special.
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took extra innings as the teams went at it. he struck out five in eight innings of work. of course marilyn monroe and lucille ball loved it. the king, felix hernandez, looked sharp. he allowed one run and the
2:29 am
game goes to extras. they are getting hungry. come on. let's get this over with. weeks on first and reddick has this walkoff. he gets the old pie in the face before he could speak. >> he has a plane to catch in an hour and a half. we said let's end this thing. i have a six-hour drive ahead of me. i am ready to hit the road and it was a good way to get the win and get it at 500. >> he is going to vegas. and getting in allstar mode he is warm -- warming up in the homerun derby. one of two homers on the day, 18th of the year. then in the third, neil walker and gone. lynn succumb -- lincicum falls to 3 and 10 and has the worst e.r.a in the majors. giants are smoked 16-2. teeing it up at the women's u.s. open and we have another first time major winner.
2:30 am
24-year-old south korean lead by six shots and heading into today's final round, but she was shaky. she saved face making this incredible par putt and it kept her at six under on the day. she bogies 18, but it doesn't matter. she wins her first major by four strokes for her 6th career victory. final round decided in the playoff. second playoff and they make the long par putt. potter who went eagle to get into the playoffs has the win. he gets another chance on the third playoff hole. this time he buries it. to texas and check this out between the rangers and the twins. >> a huge thunder clap in arlington had the players
2:31 am
scrambling for the dug out. football player s who have stayed where they were. nobody was hurt. this is abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. you lived in texas, you know. when it strikes you need to get under it. >> football players standing by the posts, you run faster. >> thanks, shu. still ahead, a look back at the career of ernest borgnine. >> and politicians lay blame for the recession. >> and don't forget, if you like abc7 news on facebook, you can make a difference for bay area foster kids. for every new like $1 goes to the campaign
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good evening. i'm ama dates. >> and i'm alan wang. at least five people have been wounded in a shooting outside the regal movie theater outside jack london square. it happened before 9:30 in oakland. none of the injuries life-threatening. >> it has been a day of fires in the bay area. this one burned 20 acres of brush in bay point. firefighters battled high temperatures and gusty winds throughout the day. >> and a fire burning out of control in men dough seen know national -- mendocino national forest. evacuations are underway, and several structures are being threatened. the local horse community remembered a jockey who died last week during a race at the alameda county fair. he suffered severe head injury when's he was thrown from his horse. despite a disappointing june jobs reports, the economy is making a slow and steady recovery, but today some gop leaders say the president's failed policies are to blame. here are the details.
2:36 am
>> reporter: after a disappointing june jobs report, political leaders are battling it out on who is to blame. the gop points to president obama's policies. >> by any measure his policy has been a failure. >> it is terrible. we have had 41 straight months of unemployment above 8%. 41 straight months. this is the most tepid recovery if it is a recovery in american history. >> some have a different opinion. >> like president obama everyone acknowledges we have a long way to go. we have made significant progress, 28 straight months of job growth and more than 4.4 million jobs created. >> while campaigning in ohio and pennsylvania, the president says the economy recovery is slow, but steady. >> our mission is not just to put people back to work. it is to rebuild an economy where that work pays. an economy in which everyone who works hard has the chance to get ahead. >> if job reports are a telltale sign of the growth
2:37 am
and which candidate will win the presidential race, there are still four more to come before november's election. kristina muchler,abc7 news. the bay area is bucking the national trend of rising gas prices this weekend. our prices while still higher than else where are trending down after dropping for 75 straight days. gas prices are rising once more nationwide. the national average is $3.83 -- or $3.38, up one cent from yesterday. gas is $3.87 a gallon, and a little less expensive in oakland and san jose where gas cost an average of $3.72 a gallon. the debate over the real gas mileage offered by one particular car is jumping from the internet to the courthouse. >> michael finney has the details. >> luis bird is filling up his 2011 hyundai elantra. it is a sweet ride. he takes good care of it and keeps close track of it too.
2:38 am
look at this little book. every time luis buys gas he writes how much he bought and how far he has gone. >> had about 26,000 miles i have an over all rating of 29.92. >> and that he says is the problem. look at the sticker that came with his car. city miles per gallon, 29. highway mpg, 40. the smaller print shows in the city, mileage could go as high as 34 miles per gallon. and highway, as much as 37mpg. >> my mileage is no where close. i tracked every gallon of gas i put in this car from when i got it. >> there is a lively debate on-line about how many miles per gallon the 2011 and 2012 elantras get. here is a video posted by usa today technology aren'ter jefferson graham. >> promises 29 to for 40 miles
2:39 am
per gallon, but better than 22 miles. >> i got 22 miles per gallon average driving in the city and on the highway in this new elantra. call me disappointed, i am disappointed. >> hyundai has been making impressive strides in fuel economy. >> n consumer reports has a video on-line where it finds the mileage very good. >> we got nearly 40 miles per gallon on the highway in our test. >> popular mechanics has a test that says its test demonstrated significantly better fuel economy approaching 50 miles per gallon highway and in the mid30s for city driving. but luis and attorneys with consumer watchdog are unmoved. they have filed a lawsuit claiming these advertisements for the car concentrate on the 40 miles per gallon and don't follow federal rules about justifying and clarifying that number. >> the point is not whether 1 out of 100 people could get 39
2:40 am
miles per gallon. the point is 99 out of 100 people are not likely to get it, and yet the car company sold the cars based on the fact that every customer would get it. that's the point. >> i contacted hyundai motor america, and it issued this statement saying it stands behind the fuel economy ratings of 10 for the elantra. ratings that were repeatedly substantiated by reputable testing and the driving of legions of satisfied buyers and by the epa itself. hma also stands behind the accuracy of they plan -- of the elantra. they will contest the consumer watchdog allegations. hyundai says third party testing finds fuel economy ratings lower than the epa numbers. consumer watchdog says this lawsuit should stand as a warning to all car makers. michael finney, 7 on your side.
2:41 am
>> if you are getting good gas mileage maybe you have collected enough money to get the $5 million needed to own an island in san francisco bay. red rock island is for sale at a discounted price. the six-acre massive rock is six miles north of san francisco near the richmond-san rafael bridge. the price is under $5 million, a drays strick -- drays strick drop from the $22 million price listed earlier this year. >> what a bargain. >> absolutely. just ahead, remembering ernest borgnine, the career of the unlikely star. >> and the spider-man reboot takes over the box office. the big success five years after the film. >> and it looks like the heat wave was finally going to move in across the bay area, even into southern california. we will check out the travel map for you coming up in a bit.
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the amazing spider-man reboot. it made $65 million over the weekend and $140 million since opening on tuesday. last weekend's number one hit, "ted" fell to second and" brave" at third and "savages" opening at number four and" magic mike" is coming in next. ernest borgnine passed away. he enjoyed a remarkable career
2:45 am
in the movies and television and won an academy award. now, a look back at his career. >> a generation will best remember ernest borgnine as the skipper in the 1960s tv series. >> this is chief lenoni. >> with his gap-toothed smile and bushy brows and stomach, he was an unlikely star. he first made his mark playing an army sergeant in "from here to eternity." >> who is the broad? >> my sister. >> hollywood quickly cast him as the villain, but it was as marty, a gentle butcher looking for love he became a star. >> i am a fat, little man, fat ugly man. >> you are not ugly. >> i'm ugly! >> and it won him an oscar.
2:46 am
>> i just want to thank my mother for giving me the idea of doing this. >> it was his mother who encouraged him to try acting after a stint in the navy. it was good advice in a career over half a century. he was in more than 100 films. he played a general in "the dirty dozen" and in" the wild bunch." >> i would like to say a few words for the dear, dead departed. >> and he fought for survival. >> the bow is on the water! >> how do you know? have you seen it? what makes you so sure about everything? >> he was not so successful in his personal life. four marriages ending in divorce, one to diva ethel merman. but in 1972 he found happiness with his fifth wife, a norwegian business woman and continued to work for years. >> if i can't cut it, then i want to know. >> there were two more tv series "air wolf" and" a
2:47 am
single guy" and in the 70s was animated. he lent his voice to "the simpsons." >> don't worry, kids. i will take care of him with my trusty -- >> he acted well into his 80s. asked once about his longevity he said, as long as character actors are living and breathing, they can work. and working is what he loved above all else. >> ernest borgnine was 95 years old. "wild bunch" was my favorite. >> was it? let's get to leigh glaser with a look at our forecast. >> and the entire state will start to heat up this workweek. 105 in fresno. palm springs 116. the hot air mass will start to invade much of the bay area. we will head into tuesday and wednesday. traveling elsewhere tomorrow, you will find a cooler air mass settling over the central and eastern half of the united states. they will get a little heat relief. st. louis 91. 84 for washington, d.c. and
2:48 am
new york city 87. we will look for a little rain around dallas and 93 expected there. here is a look at our numbers for tomorrow. the temperatures start to come up. mid-nineties for antioch and concord 90 degrees tomorrow. 92 for livermore. in the north bay, santa rosa will what tomorrow 90. 66 san francisco. you notice the fog will start to push off the coast. plenty of sunshine expected. san jose 84. 93 for gilroy. 66 for monterey. and get ready for the high heat, especially tuesday and wednesday. inland temperatures near 100 degrees. 90s around the bay. near 70 at the coast and then we will start to cool things down by next weekend. have a great week. >> thanks, leigh. mike shumann is here and he says we are officially in the allstar break. >> that's right. the giants have four players headed to the allstar classic and the a's have one.
2:49 am
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2:51 am
dismie -- a's and mariners. they are all trying to get out of town before the allstar break. pitcher dual. colon allowed one run and struck out five in eight innings.
2:52 am
look. marilyn monroe and lucille ball. hernandez looks sharp. he allowed one run as well. we go to extra innings. the bought to much 13 and weeks on first and josh reddick with the walkoff double. again, why is he not an allstar? they take two out of three from seattle and he gets a little pie in the face. >> he has a plane to catch in an hour and a half. i have a six-hour drive ahead of me. i'm ready to hit the road. a good way to go into the break with a win and get it to 500. >> the a's ryan cook got some work today before he heads to kansas city to represent the a's as their lone allstar. came up as starter and became a reliever and in his first year he is an allstar. >> it was tough at first for me. as a starter i told people you are just cruising in the game and seeing how the game goes,
2:53 am
and certain situations call for you to be nasty or to strike somebody out now. you don't have to -- as a reliever you don't have time to let things happen like that. you have to be good. you have to be your sharpest and as nasty as you can be and get guys out right now. >> and nasty. tune in tomorrow at 6:00. we will have ryan on the allstar game along with his teammates. giants and pirates and matt cane will be in the allstar game. warming up at the homerun derby he hit two off tim lincecum. 2-0 pie -- pirates. then in the third it is a solo shot. three innings and falls to three and ten. he has the worst e.r.a in the majors. they lose it 13-2. today in the finals at wimbledon he ties pete sampras with the title and claims the number one ranking in the world. poor by was trying to become
2:54 am
the first to win since 1936. he won the first set and there was a lot of hope. the second set and roger woke up. he will dak -- he will take the set. nobody was leaving though. he seemed to struggle after the delay. looks like he wasn't going to get up. lucky he didn't get hurt. the game alone lasted 20 minutes. fedderer ended up breaking murray. there he goes again. roger wins the third. edderer serving and the shot goes wide. he wins his 17th. >> i was getting asked the other day. is this your best chance?
2:55 am
he is not bad for a 30-year-old. i think i played some of my best tennis. it worked out so many times that i played my best in the semis and the finals. obviously i couldn't be more happy. it feels great being back as the winner. jay a imr week for roger and i am always pulling for the old guys. we tee it up at the women's u.s. open and another first time major winner. 24-year-old south korean heading into today's round. she is a little shaky and triple bogey on 12. deep in the weeds. guess what. she saves face. captured six under on the day. bogies 18, but it did not matter. shoots a one over 73 and wins her first major by four strokes. her 6th career lpga victory. they decided in sudden death the second playoff and the long par putt and went eagle
2:56 am
birdie and a four footer for the win. he will make that. he gets his first ever pga tour victory. pebble beach where the seniors play i with the sewn yes, sirs. where the seniors play with the juniors. it was an eagle on two and check out the approach on three. that leads to a birdie. and then on 16. a birdie chip and par 4. nothing but net. 60 under 66 with a two-stroke victory. this is abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock. and serena williams will be in palo alto. she plays on wednesday for her first match on wednesday afternoon. get on down there and support. >> all right. that's it for this edition of abc news. i'm ama dates. >> and i'm alan wang. >> they continue at 4:30 and don't forget you can wake up to the abc7 news team with
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