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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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katie marzullo joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: we captured amazing video. look quickly at what is happening right now and the damage that is left. you can see a gaping hole in the roof. it did take firefighters about an hour to put out this fire. the calls started coming in around 2:15. they got several calls which made them know this fire was raging pretty good. take a look these are the
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the home was vacant under construction that's a good news/bad news scenario. good news because nobody is inside and nobody was hurt. when a home is under construction firefighters don't know what phase the home is unthey don't know howvnna sturdy it isc$purfh is that causes a collapse risk for them. >> right now our safety officers cordoned off the front corner of the building because there is collapse potential we make sure firefighters know that and work with the safety go in and give the -- and get the hot spots it close the process. -- it slows the process.
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>> reporter: there were two thins in the firefighters' favor, one no wind that kepted keep the fire from spreading. these lots are fairly large on this street so firefighters did not have to evacuate any other homes and none of the other homes were damaged. fire investigators are on scene now working to determine the cause. the battalion chief couldn't say whether or not they thought the fire might be suspicious. they think it may have started in the garage. katie marzullo,1ñ abc7 news. we know it will be hot and dry today. let's hope the third ingredient for high fire danger won't be. >> mike has the forecast. winds is the third ingredient southwest 13 fairfield fastest everywhere else seven miles per hour down to calm conditions as katie mentioned that was a big help keeping that fire under control and it will do so with our fire conditions today it will be hot, much hotter than yesterday seven degrees warmer santa rosa, 91.
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11° warmer fremont. oakland 78, san francisco 72 san jose 90° today, 14 warmer than questioned. all this stagnant air could have poor air quality in the east bay valleys, it is a spare the air day, the second of the summer season. potential hot spot in oakland if you normally take northbound 880, injury crash report approaching fifth avenue. traffic spotter reported heavy traffic 20 minutes ago waiting for chp to arrive. four cars blocking the right lane. northbound 880 is slow approaching the scene of the crash another traffic spotter moving around 25 miles an hour, that person is approaching the scene. we'll keep you posted on the delays on northbound 880. 580 might be a better alternate, depending on how long that is out there. bay bridge toll still light, no major trouble.
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spare the air day, if you can take mass transit, all reporting no major delays. new this morning santa rosa police investigating a shooting incident outside a restaurant that was the scene of a fatal shooting last december was 2:00 this morning at the bar on santa rosa avenue. police heard gunshots they found one person injured a number of potential witnesses. we are still waiting for the details. last december one person died and another wounded when a fistfight at closing time escalated into gun violence. oakland police are investigating a robbery and shooting near the oakland zoo it happened 9:00 last night on 107th and macarthur beautiful. police say someone tried to rob two victims. those victims resisted, that's when police say the would be robber opened fire the victims at the hospital injuries not life-threatening and the
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gunman on the loose. police in davis trying to figure out who left a swastika on a johnior high school picnic table. somebody burned the image into the metal table. school officials found it yesterday many this is now the third hate symbol to show up in davis in the last month a noose hanging on a football goalpost and another swastika have also appeared in town. police don't think the incidents are connected but not ruling anything out. san francisco mayor lee speaking publicly for the first time about accusations he tried to use his political clout to find a new job for suspended sheriff mirkarimi then lied about it. >> i've told the truth to the ethics commission. i will continue doing that if called upon. it sounds like another part of this campaign that keeps going with people that say i'm not telling the truth. i know that with supervisors all each one of them we have not talked with each other
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about it. >> mirkarimi's attorney plans to issue subpoenas to four people to appear before the commission. that commission will decide whether mirkarimi can keep his job. ed is today the santa cruz city council will consider measures aimed at protecting the environment, a ban on plastic bags, ban of sale of foam including toys and packing materials a third measure would tackle how electronic waste is recycled if the council gives approval final vote the end of the month. seriously injured chp helicopter medic this hospital and alive thanks to the heroic efforts of the hikers he was sent in to rescue he he was outside the helicopter at the landing zone in the shasta trinity forest when he was in the head bay one of the rotor blades. as luck would have it the hike fell and break his leg works as a critical care doctor with the air force despite that broken leg the
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doctor hobbled to the helicopter and provided life saving aid to the officer. >> at one point he started to wake up and was trying to grab his skull and i was talking to him and saying you are hurt. you are going to be okay. just let us take care of you, these he kinds of things he gave me a thumbs up at one point. >> with the help of his friend and two counselor the doctor establish add airway, gave the officer oxygen and put pressure on his head. 6:07 this is the second spare the air day of the season. >> that's what mike is telling us. he will tell us more. temperatures going up, going to be very warm today, starting off warm in a few areas sill 60, so is san jose. walnut creek 59, pleasanton 58. 54 vallejo. 52 inverness and 51 in santa rosa, as comfortable as it gets if you do not like the
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heat many temperatures stay in the 50s with clouds -- clouds breaking up by noon, mid 70s around the bay, 30° warmer over a few hour span inland from 7:00 until noon. by 4:00, highs for the day mid 90s inland 80 around the bay mid 60s free air conditioning at the coast, 7:00 comfortable around the bay mid 70s warm inland mid 80s and upper 50s at the coast. talking about the next three days tomorrow even warmer poor air quality possible even in the -- into thursday inland mid 90s friday still around 90 inland that temperature is dropping around 10° over three days, 8° at the coast. this is about as warm as it is going to get today and tomorrow. following this injury crash in oakland northbound 880 approaching fifth avenue slow approaching the scene 24 miles an hour things starting to back up, chp just arrived
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hopefully we will get updates. check out this speed on 580, 65 miles an hour better option. crash in petaluma on the boulevard south on-ramp to south 101. south 101 itself is fine. heavy traffic right now in antioch westbound 4 and slowing through the altamont pass on westbound 580. 6:09. ahead, the a's say thanks but no thanks to a california city hoping to lure them from oakland. protecting your expensive gadgets from water and . michael finney will tellñ!ñcús
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good morning many sacramento mayor johnson is hoping a major league baseball team can keep fans happy assuming the city loses the kings the task force announced yesterday it will shop for a team possibly the a's because they are shopping for a new home. the a's have had their eyes set on san jose but that territory belongs to the giants. sacramento has the triple a river cats team the minor league team for the athletics. >> whether it is your ipod or smartphone electronic devices aren't cheap if your vacation takes you near water or sand you want to protect them. michael finney is here with
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travel bags offering the best protection. >> reporter: good morning everyone! there are lots of summer hot spots that are far from tech-friendly. consumer reports has just checked out bags designed to keep you connected and protected. summer means time at the beach or the pool. you want to take your tech gear wherever you go, right? so what happens when your pricey piece ends up in the drain? you can buy bags to protect your stuff from elements. consumer reports tested several from $15 to almost $40. the first challenge, dropping each one into the water. >> we didn't want to risk real electronics devices so we used objects that were similar like paperback books and post-it notes. >> reporter: all bags kept the contents dry as a bone. next challenge, sand. you know how that gets everywhere.
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this time the cases were dropped in sand in partially covered the bags go the job done here too. the boast of the bunch, the dry case bags, they also provided the most secure fit. you will pay $38 for the large and $29 for the small. >> we decided we would dry out a regular grocery-style plastic bag to see if that protected just as well with >> reporter: turn out hefty one zip gallon size protected fine against water and did a fine job with the sand and at 10 cents a bag you will have more money to spend on the sunscreen. consumer reports says the hefty bag should work well for trips to the beach or afternoons by the pool. for more extreme outdoor situations like kayaking or mountain climbing it is probably worth getting a bag specifically designed to protect your electronic gear. i'm michael finney, 7 on your size. >> got your dry bags? >> i do. but i need water bad going to
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be hot today. >> you want a pool or lake to jump into. >> or the coast since we don't have a land breeze which means winds blowing from the land to the ocean the heat will never make it to the coast. we see clouds rolling through now. that is not going to ang around long that's for sure because of the -- to hang around long that's for sure the sinking air going to make things clear quickly. first live doppler see if the clouds any mist, any drizzle? looks quiet. reinforcing the fact that no worries in that regard we'll keep an eye on sfo. we'll have that report in five or six minutes. let's talk about temperature-wise. we are still 47 in santa rosa half mile visibility everybody else in the 50s same monterey bay. spare the air day that means all of us have to heed
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warnings even if the poorest air quality is going to be in the east bay valleys. possibility of another one tomorrow and thursday that would be two, three and four the summer months. hottest afternoons today and tomorrow, cooling trend for the weekend. you will probably need the air conditioner today and tomorrow inland. today san francisco going to jump up a little, that should be santa rosa 83 up to 86, oakland is going to be about four degrees warmer, napa five, six san jose and livermore about seven san francisco about eight degrees warmer than average. here's a look at cloud cover as you see it, it -- back to the coast starting 9:00, 11:00 for sure, already seen breaks there, 60s to 100s inland. mid 60s around the coast with upper 70s to mid 80s around the bay. mainly low to mid 90s or low to upper 90s inland one area may hit 100 where brentwood is
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more 100s inland wednesday with 90s around the bay upper 60s at the coast saturday temperatures 10 to 15° cooler from the coast to inland neighborhoods. all the hot spots traffic-wise in the east bay right now. northbound 88 know oakland traffic jammed with -- 880 in oakland traffic jammed 18 miles an hour approaching embarcadero fifth due to earlier injury crash, chp moved everything to the shoulder it is no longer blocking the right lane. 580 still an alternate. hopefully, we'll see traffic recover, sometime it is still slow with a lot of folks taking a look at the crash on the side. westbound 4 very heavy 16 miles an hour no accidents just normal slowing. westbound 205 jammed out of tracy, red is a crawl 18 miles an hour, under 30 into the altamont pass. i want to show you live shots, bay bridge tl looking good, no
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major delays now metering lights not on yet. golden gate bridge look out for thick fog as well as on highway 1 in pacifica. san mateo bridge still flowing well in both directions. 6:19. top name in tennis is expected in the bay area today. from paperback to the big screen. one of the biggest books of the year is about to get the hollywood treatment. so... [ gasps ]
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good morning. this is a look from our vollmer cam. you see covering of low clouds in some places fog especially bay bridge you can see some right now. inland warmer and sunny today i'll let mike give you all the details. wimbledon champ serena williams due to arrive in the bay area later this morning to play. the 30-year-old comes off her wimbledon victory where she won the women's single title saturday now ranked 4th in the world. also the top seed and defending champ at the bank of the west classic she plays her first match tomorrow night. steamy summer novel 50 shades of grey is going to be a movie the same team that produced the social network
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has been tapped to produce the film version. 50 shades of grey has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. >> eric your face turning 50 shades of red reading that story. abc news confirmed a 911 call is justin bieber he was speeding on an l.a. freeway trying to get away from photographers. >> you know people who are following you? >> no they are drive being reckless and will not stop following me. >> what is your name? >> justin. it happened friday bieber was calling 911 saying people were driving recklessly as they tailed him on the freeway police stopped him and ticketed him for speeding while the paparazzi took pictures. get the full story on "good morning america." >> think he would have gotten faster action if he said his last name instead of justin? >> maybe i was wondering if he was trying to evade the paparazzi why didn't he get a
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more low profile car. coming up, still ahead, a south bay home under renovation bursts into flames. this is video you will only see on abc7 news. we are live with the investigation underway. next step in the ongoing investigation into the fatal shooting of a south bay toddler inside his own home. >> reporter: decision has been made over what to do with this land known as the gill tract in albany. some occupy the farm protests tried to influence the vote we'll tell you how it turned out, next. microclimates today clouds along the coast low to mid 60s to sunny and hot inland near 100 in antioch. most of the country cooling-off while we are getting warmer 102 salt lake, 114 phoenix 80s and 90s east of the rocky mountains. good news, even with the clouds sfo on time flight
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departure delays out of washington national reagan international airport and around houston. flight tracker at the bottom. metering lights on at bay bridge toll, fastrak lanes backed up to west grand update on delays on northbound 880 in [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh.
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good tuesday morning. it is july 10th, we are starting out with this live picture on the embarcadero in san francisco where you can see we still have low clouds, marine layer with us this morning all going to give way to warm temperatures and sunny skies. damages for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. we realize this may not look like it going to turn into a sunny day, but it is live doppler good news even with the cloud cover being locally dense along the coast into parts of the bay not dropping any rain. when we get really hot this afternoon we don't have to worry about the humidity making it feel worse because it will get hot. mid to upper 90s east bay valleys, lower 90s south bay, low 90s north bay valleys upper 80s to upper 70s to mid 80s around the bay shore the coast free air conditioning
6:31 am
low to mid 60s to 72 in san francisco this isn't the hottest day it. -- hottest day yet. traffic recovering in oakland. northbound 880 approaching embarcadero earlier injury crash off the freeway on the right -- cleared from the right lane on the shoulder, 42 miles an hour, 62 miles an hour 580 either way okay at this point if you are heading through oakland. mass transit systems reporting no major delays, good way to go for the spare the air day. foggy picture across the golden gate bridge. no major problems out of marin quiet south bay as well with live shot of 280 and 17. 6:31. santa clara county firefighters are trying to figure out what lead to an overnight house fire. katie marzullo joins us live from the scene. >> reporter: it is easier to see the damage that was done
6:32 am
now it is light out. the roof is basically gone. this home was under construction also on the roof you can see where there were piles of roofing material or building material. fire investigators are on scene. it appears they have the hot spots out cool damp morning here so they can move forward with their investigation. take a look at video we captured when we were first on scene the only station to bring you these pictures of this fire. it was around 2:15 this morning the neighbors started calling it in fire department got several calls when they arrived the fire was running through the attic. the home was vacant, which is nice they didn't have to rescue anyone so they could proceed cautiously and fight the fire from a defensive mode. it did take firefighters one hour to put out. as bad as it was they did not order evacuations of the nearby homes. here's why. >> we didn't have an exposure problem we have to look for
6:33 am
that and address that but with the large space around the home and no winds, it was concentrated on the original structure. >> reporter: last i talked with the chief here on the scene she said it was too early to know the cause. the investigators are on scene and looking into that she didn't have any indication as to whether the cause might be -- might be suspicious. the fire may have started in the garage. one neighbor out here says her neighbor called it in and he described it as an explosion coming from the garage. that is some witness testimony as to what went on. officials looking into the cause. katie marzullo, abc7 news. also new this morning the albany city council decided overnight to move ahead with a controversial development despite opposition from occupy protesters. amy hollyfield joins us live with the story.
6:34 am
>> reporter: uc police were worried that some of those activists that were upset about the vote would come out overnight and express outrage so they added extra patrols to this gill tract in wall ban any overnight, but it is quiet -- in albany overnight, but it is quiet. 200 people packed into that meeting to express their opinions. the city council was being asked to rezone the land that marin and san pablo here in albany. uc berkeley owns the land and wants to build a grocery store and housing for seniors. majority of people there last night spoke out against the project. they are in favor of keeping this land open and using it for urban farming. >> i have witnessed families farming together, hands connected to the earth. parents teaching their children the kind of lessons that are denied to most us who live in an urban environment. >> choices for our retired member who live in albany is
6:35 am
to move 60 miles away from their kids, their grandchildren to find some place to live. this is one of the few opportunities they will have, to have senior housing. >> reporter: the debate started because activists moved in and started farming on this land in april. the university owns the land and uses it for research. activists thought farming was a better use police kicked them off and arrested nine people. now they've put an explanation point out, no trespassing sign new layers of fenceing to make their point -- police still concerned people would trespass again they did add extra patrols we haven't seen anyone out here. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. an autopsy has been performed on the san jose police officer's 3-year-old son but it could be several weeks until test results are released. preston orlando was found with
6:36 am
a fatal gunshot wound in an upstairs room of the family's home last thursday. his father brandon orlando has been on the san jose police force for nine years. the gun that killed the child was a privately owned 45 calibre semi-automatic pistol, not the officer's service weapon. san francisco fugitive awaits extradition from north carolina this morning where he was arrested for the 2008 murders of three members of the bologna family. police arrested 31-year-old wilfredo reyes yesterday. there was a five million dollar arrest warrant out foray yes, sir. he's a want add accomplice of edwin ramos -- convicted and sentenced last month for the murders of anthony bologna and his sons. ramos' attorney says the arrest supports his client as story there was a second person in the car when the fatal shots were fired. >> it gives him credibility first of all that he wasn't alone in the car as the
6:37 am
prosecution's theory was since andrew bologna didn't see anyone else in the vehicle women >> prosecutors belief the killings were a case of mistaken identity. today the san francisco board of supervisors will consider whether to reduce the minimum living spay in the city from 220 square feet to 150. that is smaller than most -- most college dorm rooms and include just enough space for a fold-out bed, kitchenette and bathroom. the idea after planners new york city invisioned 300 square foot studios to house the big apple's's growing population of young singles. no word on how much the san francisco microapartments would go for. thousands of californians are looking for work and we want to help in the bay area. employers, including sutter health, prudential insurance and the federal reserve bank of san francisco will be participating in a hire event job fair hosted with the job journal today. it takes place from noon to 4 at the hotel on arquette in
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san francisco g to and click on -- see it on tv. abc7 news will be one employers recruiting. maybe you can be our colleague. yes indeed. 6:38. time for the weather forecast. grey foggy start to the morning in spots don't worry it is going to heat up. how many shades of grey? >> at least 50. >> okay. up to 60 walnut creek and pleasanton, 61 vacaville and san jose live doppler showing it is dry this morning. the clouds and marine layer very thin and you can see that on the water have -- vapor imagery that's what the original means things are moving clockwise the -- the area of --
6:39 am
clouds are back 11:00 sun developing 50s by noon 70s around the bay 80s inland 90s at 4:00 inland, 70s and 80s around the bay, 60s along the coast into san francisco, company it will be a slow tapering of temperatures 80s inland south bay, north bay, 70s around the bay upper 50s to low 60s along the coast tomorrow hottest day probably another spare the air day poor air possible through thursday could be 8 to 10° cooler by friday. good morning. ace train one to two minutes late still a good alternate if you want to take mass transit for spare the air day. remember to keep tires inflated properly that helps gas mileage and therefore, less pollution. bay bridge toll a minor back up, metering lights on, not much of a wait. westbound 80 just crowded right near university. overall, still looking good
6:40 am
along the east shore freeway, no delays out of vallejo, no major trouble out of fairfield to the bay bridge toll plaza, nice ride across the san mateo bridge both directions this is westbound on the right. north 101 san mateo earlier accident and a stall they never blocked lanes or caused much slowing. also, check out how nicely northbound 880 has recovered almost 60 miles an hour through oakland despite an earlier injury crash. 6:40. top trends on twitter and news about angry birds. >> trading underway on wall street as european leaders promise to help out struggling spanish banks. live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. >> right now the dow is up 80 points. the injuries reported in spain on this day four of the running of the bulls. have you seen this? downtown san francisco turns into a racetrack.
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the commercial shoot taking over the city streets. reminder to like abc7 news on facebook and make a difference to bay area foster kids. for every new like we get this summer one dollar goes to the sleep train d ñ!ús
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welcome back. coming up on 6:45.
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clouds at the coast in the 60s head there to escape the heat 70s and 80s around the bay shore, 80s and 90s inland may hit 100 in brentwood may see more 100s tomorrow. live doppler showing the entire state under this area of high pressure and hot from 74 big sur, 75 san diego, 85 l.a. and tahoe. 100s through the central valley into yosemite and 117 in palm springs. here's a look what the is trending on twitter right now in san francisco, next issue new all you can read magazine app nokia bridge the name of the incubator program giving employees money to pursue start-ups trending now shares hitting another 17 year low niccoia, 98% decline. -- facebook marketing. let's check in with josh
6:46 am
elliot for a preview what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. good tuesday morning. prices at super market set to takeoff why the warmer weather is taking a toll on your wall let. hit-and-run trial that tore a football star's family part the woman who convinced her stepmother to turn herself in. how does she feel now her step mom has been sentenced. all next here on "good morning america." >> that comes up in 14 minutes. right now in fremont police looking for two who staged a bold daytime burglary at a home where a family was moving in yesterday afternoon. the1)vfx say a 12-year-old girl hid in the closet and called police after the pair entered the home. officers go there just minutes later but the suspects were gone. nobody was hurt. also new, internet users in russia cannot access wikipedia. the site has shutdown in the country to protest proposed law that could give the
6:47 am
russian government powers to black list certain sites. russian lawmakers say the bill is designed to block sites harmful to children but critics say the law is too broad in january wikipedia shut itself down here in the u.s. to protest an anti-pirating bill considered by congress. >> new from cambodia health officials have figured out what has been causing child deaths. this hospital has been filled with sick children now we've learned 52 deaths are blamed on ev-71. the strain of hand foot-and-mouth disease a common childhood illness it can result in paralysis, brain swelling and death most cases in cambodia involved children younger than three. from spain the fourth day of the annual running of the bulls in pamplona this is saturday the first day. the bulls injured four bumps and bruises, following today's
6:48 am
run there will be four more runs. >> back here, senator feinstein's campaign says the san francisco democrat has no plans to debate her republican challenger. she challenged feinsteins to debates all over the state. a poll over the weekend shows the challenger trails and 65% of californians don't know who she is. feinstein has more than two million dollars in the bank the challenger just $23,000 but she says the poll is good news because with wall of the feinstein's advantages her lead should be bigger. pinterest has moved from palo alto to san francisco. pinterest has fewer than 50 employees. the company is recenting space -- is renting space in the neighborhood as zynga and other tech firms.
6:49 am
mayor lee says he's thrilled to welcome the company in san francisco. pigs may hog center stage in a new version of angry birds. >> google may be close to a settlement with the government over privacy issues. jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange. finally time for the pigs to get revenge that story in a second. first google close to settling charges it violates user privacy on apple's internet browser google would pay more than 22 million dollars to resolve an ftc investigation over how it used software that can follow user activities when they were on safari browser. coog says it has remove the cookies in question. stocks now fairly strong out of the gate with the dow up 70 points. european leaders promise to open up the loan tap to the
6:50 am
struggling spanish banks markets have a little relief rally. bloomberg index is trading up about a half percent. shares of advanced microdevices unsevere pressure down after reporting a sales slump, worsening economic climate in europe some say that could mean intel is in trouble as well. we'll know the phenomenon angry birds how about a pig's eye-view of things the maker said to release a new game this year that will see you play from the perspective of the bird's target. which is of course the pick. would feature the cat -- the bird's -- 6:50. don't stay in and play games all day get out and enjoy the beautiful weather.
6:51 am
>> drink as much fluid as you can. sunscreen, loose fitting clothing find shade when you can. right now shaded in some areas by the clouds cascading through some of the east bay hills. live drop sherr show you how dry it is this morning clouds have a short shelf life today temperatures running 47 in santa rosa now, low to mid 50s everywhere else low to mid 50s monterey bay. one of our big stories is spare the air poor air quality second one this season most of that in the east bay valleys, all of us under the spare the air flag. 24 hour temperature change everything starting to go up, seven degrees warmer santa rosa nine concord 11 fremont oakland and san francisco and san jose jumps 14° today, three of those six areas in the 90s it
6:52 am
is this area of high pressure making today and tomorrow our hottest days inland let's start down in the south -- in the east bay valleys mid to upper 90s, 101 brentwood today east bay shore mid to upper 70s richmond berkeley oakland low to mid 80s everybody else south bay mid 80s to mid 90s from 87 milpitas, 93 los gatos peninsula low to mid 80s millbrae 76 pockets of sun low mid 60s coast low to mid 70s downtown south san francisco and sausalito mid 80s to near 90 north bay valleys low to mid 60s at your beaches 66 monterey 78 santa cruz low to mid 90s inland. two to four degrees warmer when the heat peaks tomorrow, 10 to 15 degrees cooler by saturday. be careful. new injury crash just reported. traffic spotter had it as well westbound 80 through fairfield past 680 towards jamison
6:53 am
canyon road seven minutes ago, injuries reported in this crash. it is going to slow things down out of fairfield there's the traffic spotter now moving at less than 10 miles an hour approaching the scene. you can see how heavy it is on city streets or jamison canyon road westbound towards napa, 11 miles per hour. keep you posted. bay bridge toll look how light it is! not a holiday, barely a wait, metering lights on. fog a problem across the go go bridge thick, highway 1 through pacifica, skyline boulevard, keep that in mind. give yourself a lot of extra space between the car ahead of you. also live shot in san jose luckily in the south bay quiet just some of the normal delays on north 101 that's about it 280 looking good towards cupertino. check out a wild ride on the streets of san francisco but it was all street legal.
6:54 am
>> that is the bay bridge with the commercial shot last may for d.c. shoes, originally the driver went crazy in a decked out ford screeched off fremont exit did circles around the cable car jumped an intersection. the highway patrol says the crew had all the necessary permits. i'm not sure there are enough permits to go around for what he did. >> i'm not seeing the shoe connection. i guess to get people excited. >> i'm sure he was wearing those shoes underneath. >> okay. here are five things to know before you go. number one, firefighters are trying to determine what caused a fire that burnt through a vacant house in saratoga this morning. abc7 news first with the video. fire started after 2:00 house being renovateed no injuries.
6:55 am
>> number two, albany city council voted early this morning to approve plans to develop a plot of land that occupy protesters took over and farmed during may. protesters wanted to keep the land under developed. number three, spare the air day. you can't tell now with all the low clouds in san francisco high temperatures around the bay area are like to increase pollution levels some places will approach triple digits officials are asking you to help the environment by driving less and using public transit. avoid operating gas powered with tools or barbecues. number four, how small is too small. san francisco supervisors will consider squeezing down living requirement right now it is 220 square feet the new proposal would shrink it to 150. smaller than most college dorm rooms. >> number five, hundreds of jobs will be available today in a free job fair co-sponsored by abc7 news.
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it is from noon to 4. final check on your forecast. live doppler take a look at temperatures from 64 cloverdale to 63 walnut creek, 62 san jose, the rest of us in the 50s dry this morning even with clouds no mist and no drizzle to make it feel any more comfortable than the 51 to 62 spread. warm quickly 56, 89 inland by noon hot inland 4:00, 98 coast 64 heat tapers to 58 at the coast to 89 land by 7:00. bay bridge toll -- great spot not much of a delay just minor wait for the fastrak lanes slow to the metering lights. injury crash westbound 80 near
6:57 am
jamison canyon two right lanes blocked traffic slow approaching the scene. also accident north 101 continue view slowing things down. thank you for -- thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> don't forget to download our new alarm clock app this is just for your iphone you can wake up to the bay area's latest headlines, weather and traffic all there on that one page on your phone
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