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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 10, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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returned it to the parent thinking it was nudging and that has now been washed and my value it had is now gone. >> the attorney for the principal says she will be self surrendering to police, she's facing misdemeanor charges for failing to report the incident. her attorney issued a statement quote the principal, child's parents and school district had no way of knowing that a conduct was a sexual nature. end quote. a student told us with her parents' permission what she thought of the principal. >> she was nice. she was also around to see how we're doing. >> he was given a heads up. and given an opportunity to create a story. he was given the opportunity to destroy evidence. and this could lead to six months jail time. the attorney for the principal
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says he's confident she'll be cleared of all wrong doing. the teacher chandler is next expected in court august 6. >> thank you. a lawsuit claims los angeles unified school district officials did nothing to protect students from a teacher charged with molesting more than 20 children. the suit filed today in los angeles contends the current and former principals of the schools ignored complaints dating back a decade. this suit filed on behalf of 14 mothers. >> the 22 kids we represent this first case started in 2002. they would have remedied the situation and removed this teacher mpl. >> and turns has been fired and pleaded not guilty to committing lewd acts with 23
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students. >> the board of trustees for city college is trying to save it from being shut down after a scathing report. and that meeting has been going on about 30 minutes now, the first step in making tough decision s for city college to keep it viable. there are serious issues to be addressed. the follow, this follows rather a report which blasted city clenl saying it ed needed to correct spending 92% of the budget on salaries and benefits. so now they have until october to show it's made progress or it could lose accreditation and state funding and possibly run the risk of closure next year its important we not just save city hall but we are able
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to offer programs that we've offered here. >> we think a focus on this stuff takes aus way from things that have to be down now which are serious. and major, we're not thinking about that possibility. we're doing everything we can to make sure that that doesn't happen. >> there are 90,000 students go here, many going on to work in san francisco restaurants as well as nursing field of city college has until march to prove this solved the problem but said they have to make plans for possible closure, officials say that that situation is overblown because if the worst should happen they believe that there is another board coming in and manage city college of san francisco and keep it running. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you.
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>> there is pun person killed and two others hurt in shootings today within half an hour of one other, first reported around 11:30 this morning on 82nd avenue near birch street. there are a dozenel yofdz markers. there is a 17-year-old girl shot in the arm. and there their injuries not life threatening. police say the suspected gunman is in custody. they found him in a car blocks away. police have no motive for this shooting and investigators are trying to figure out if that is connected with this one. the body of a man discovered near a car parked near a freeway. believing he may have been shot somewhere expels driven to the intersection near the seminary off ramp and 580. the identity has in the been released. >> there are police searching for two burglar who's ransacked a house while a
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12-year-old girl hid in the closet. tanya was home alone while his father took his older daughter to school. within minutes the burglars were in the house. >> the phone was fortunately on my desk. i rushed to the closet. and i called my mom asking her what to do. she said call 911 as fast as possible. >> this young girl made the call by the time police arrived burglars had gob, taking several computers and a black berry. >> investigators are trying to determine why a house set to be demolished caught fire for a second time around 4:00 this morning, dwugt the home the owner says is he can't believe it. >> this is worse because my neighbor's house is gone, too.
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>> there is no one living at the home neighbors used to cause the christmas house because of the displays. a crew removed the gas meter yesterday and investigators believe squatters may be to blame. >> ground breaking day for a new jail. many of the police chiefs, judges and state lawmakers attended the ceremonies. there is the first able to hold as many as 100 prisoners. and that is caused by reassignment of instates from state prisons. >> there is a sense of urgency. and this is going to provide that place of hope. >> the county will float a bond issue to fund the project,
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also hoping for a share of the $500 million the state is making available. officials hope to begin construction next spring. >> and heat as has arrived and we've reached triple digits here in the bay area. >> and it's going to continue actually. no relief is in sight immediately. inland areas are baking in triple digit heat in spots. i'll let you know how long you're going to have to hold on to ac, coming up. >> and there is a commercial that left it's mark in san francisco in more ways than one who. is cleaning up the mess left behind. >> the piece of history docked in the bay one local city wants to start charging rent.
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check out this wild
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commercial for dc shoes that has gone viral. it has left its mark. there are skid marks and who is doing clean up? abc 7 news is live in san francisco with that part of the story. >> there are five million hits on you tube and this commercial was shot here in the city. you're going to recognize familiar neighborhoods including this exit leading on to fremont street. take a look. this is a souped up ford focus. the raceway? the street of san francisco. and the bay bridge. this $1 million commercial took four days to shoot. mostly in the wee hours of the
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morning and on weekends. >> this permit was only $1200 but they also paid about $50,000 in just police fees. and we needed officers to make that space. >> we shot in eight parts of the city. everything had to be timed. >> we don't stop cable cars but they have to time everything. >> check this. on the bay bridge, more ped wral to the metal. no cars in sight on this weekend morning. >> there is a traffic break. they hold traffic for a little bit at a time. they went into the shoot. >> all that is left are the skid marks. >> this is not going to bother the indegree fwrity of the bridge. >> the skid marks are still visible on some streets where they did doughnuts. the film commission says the crew cleaned up the streets as
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best they could and hard stuff, hiring outside help. >> they hired dpw to clean up marks anything left over we were were told they'd wash off in the rain. >> and there is only a few complaints about the noise and some skid marks are still around but you heard the public works says that the rain will wash out remaining skid marks. one footnote there is the driver is a professional race car driver so please, don't try this at home. >> that is good advise. >> the sinking of a luxurious yacht in lake tahoe is a mystery tonight. witnesses say there were a dozen people on the three-story yacht yesterday morning.
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this is not clear but neighbors reported hearing tearing metal. the yacht has three bedrooms, three bathrooms fireplaces and a helicopter pad. >> and there is a packed house expected tonight. there is a proposal some fear could evict a ship from a port. sf victory as been docked at the port since 1998. and being restored made into a museum. it's been allowed to be there rent free, and a councilman says this agreement was only temporary and wants the ship to pay up to $10,000 in rent per month. there is a competing proposal that would make rent free rt agreement permanent. >> and there is a judge ruled a financier cannot force a junior partner to take the
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complaint to binding arbitration. it's a win for the person who brought the lawsuit and allows the venture capitolist to keep details confident yi. >> the legal item a judge in virginia dismissed a lawsuit by party houser tarik salahi against the rock musician who ran off with his wife, using and the judge ruled his claims could be better addressed in divorce proceedings. he says he will appeal that verdict. >> and in san francisco they will be shopping in larger laces. wall greens planning to open a quote, megawalgreens that will expand the current space and
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will be two stories including a bakery, a coffee bar and a cosmetics department. construction is scheduled to start in okay and should be open by may. >> there is michael finney here starting with a warning about back tax autos this is scary. a report is out on a side of the foreclosure crisis we haven't heard that much about. pechl who owe as little as a few hundred dollars are at risk of losing their homes. a report from the law center says this is happening in cities as big as new york and dallas. outdated law as lou local governments to seize homes as owners fall behind inappropriate taxes. big banks and other investors can swoop in, buy the homes as bargain prices, and reselling them. the elderly and those with little understanding of the system are most at risk.
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report says state laws need to make it easier for homeowners to retake their homes most cities -- . >> the popular over the counter medication excedrin is selling for hundreds of dollars on the black market after learning some bottles might have been contaminated with stray tablets from other medications. there is many migraine sufferers say generics areot the same and doctors, they say otherwise. >> i don't feel the generic affected me as positively. >>. >> if it has the same amount of ingredients it should work as well. >> and they expect to ship product in the second half of
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the year. >> you'll be able to buy the new windows operating system, windows 8 will be shipped out and should be on new machines in time for the holiday. >> thank you. >> local report today that those under 24 years old could suffer long term for the lack of jobs. the organization and urging governments to promote work study programs and internships. and companies are among those hiring. >> there is life guarding and security work and trying to find something more lasting. >> the next abc 7 job journal event will be held on tuesday at the vine street development center. you can also find information on our web site abc 7
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>> and let's talk about this hot weather, triple digits in spots. >> there is acs going to work into overtime mode. there are triple digits today, two more days of heat inland there is what it looks like from our sutro camera. you can see the fog. this is why this is not so hot along the coastline, highs in pacifica, 57 degrees. there is a 44 degree difference between coast and inlnld. welcome to summer. there is sunshine out there. and not so much along the coast. live doppler 7 hd, we have fog hanging tough from san francisco down towards the monterey bay. and it's not in a hurry to
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leave soon. so this is only 58 degrees, 101 livermore, 97 in concord. there is 94 in santa rosa. 76 in oakland. 88 degrees in san jose. so we do have warmer weather across the bay area, most areas running about five--5 degrees warmer, here are the readings still holding on to heat. there is 90s showing up inland there are third spare the aish issued so be aware air quality is suffering there is hot air remains overhead. there is some high clouds wednesday and thursday, and youl start to see relief.
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in the morning mild starts. you can walk out of the door and there are fog keeping you into low 60s and the fog going to be limited in coverage. poor air quality in the inland east bay. sea breeze keeping air quality good for the coastal areas. highs for wednesday there, 93 in san jose. there is mid 9 ows in saratoga. and warmer day, 88 in redwood city. 92 in los altos. mid-60s along the coastline. and there is 65 in the unset district and north bay mid-60s to 103 degrees and 94 in sonoma. 93 napa. there is 80 in oakland.
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and 100 in fairfield. there is 68 degrees in monterey. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. a steamy couple of days there. tomorrow, is 02 inland. mid 60 as long the coastline. we're going to keep the triple digits n heat starts to back off along coast and bay. and cooler weather for friday, partly cloudy skies and upper 50s to low 90 then back down for the weekend. and and monday, tuesday a trough will begin into the weekend meaning temperatures will head into the other direction. until then, try to stay cool. >> are those mid-80s lower
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than normal? >> a little bit. normally we're into upper 80s to low 90s and temperatures will be coming down cooler than average. >> thank you. >> comfortable. >> thank you. >> and still ahead a program one community college is earning a lot of praise from the state system. >> and relief from a sofa. how michael finney made things right for a south bay couple could not stand their new couch. that is at 6:00.
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there is a study finds as many as one of five seniors suffers from mental health or substance abuse problems and this care may not be there to
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address mental needs of baby boomers and found the focus has been on preparing for physical needs rather than issues such as depression. >> there is a nice honor for a bay area community college and skyline community college received a award for its spark point program. it reaches out to low income students. >> this is equity certainly was a theme we can find and believe in. >> there are other winners in san bernardino he was a pioneer advocate and was secretary of state condoleezza rice's father. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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coming up at 6:00 it is now against the law for restaurants to sell, but tonight how chefs are getting around the new ban on foie grass. >> and a glimpse into the future of tablets and mobile devices. and the bay area team helping discover hidden visitors living inside all of us. join us for those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> thanks, carolyn, see you then. >> world news is coming up next. >> we want to remind you about our hulu alarm clock app and you can receive news headlines the moment you wake up. >> thank you for inviting us into your homes tonight. >> we'll see you then.


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