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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 16, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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this is where kenneth harding died. group isn't here yet but they didn't want to limit their statement just yet. they wanted it to be felt system wide. >> first move had the biggest impact. they sat in front of muni trains and kept them from moving until about 7:30 while police stood by and watched. >> our whole idea peaceful demonstration. as long as they remain peaceful and didn't violated any laws. >> commuters rushed to catch buses. muni officials had brought them in to help them bypass the protest. one man said he was first for his first day of work. others were in such a hurry they didn't comment. >> they say it's nothing compared to her suffering. >> my life has been terribly impacted.
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this isn't about the muni drivers, the passengers, this is about our children and our pain as mothers. >> kenneth harding died at third one year ago today an getting in a shootout with police. police say harding fired at them first. >> he shouldn't be gone over a muni ticket. today marks a year. i can remember when he did die and the impact it had a on bay view. >> the coroner's report found that harding's own bullet killed had i am a finding that they don't believe. >> we are tired of the police killing our chin. it's murder. we have to stand up and fight back as a community if we want to see change. >> police moved to start making arrests and the protestors marched up market street.
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eventually they ended up on muni headquarters at around 8:00 this morning. >> this is san francisco. we respect everybody's right to protest. we wish they wouldn't impact our service because people need to get to work and need to get where they need to go. we'll do our best to minimize it. >> reporter: muni services are back to normal. no arrests were made this morning and no one was hurt. we've new information on breaking news we first to you this mor7k. sunnyvale police say they have two home invasion robbery suspects under arrest. officers surrounded the area. one of the suspects was found in somebody's backyard. >> it was good solid police work by the officers involved in the search and the canines.
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we identified a person in the backyard that possibly didn't belong there and made the arrest. >> authorities tell "abc 7 news" there has been a string of home invasion robberies the last month. >> developing news out of san francisco, a search on the way for a gunman after two people were shot this morning. the housing project where police have sealed off the area. the shooter drove off in older green honda. a woman and man were both hit but expected to survive. developing news in san francisco, court employees walked on off the job on one-day strike. they say their move would shut down the system but that may not be the case. mark matthews joins us with the story. >> outside the superior court
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civil division there is about 120 court clerks that are out on strike. they have been working without a contract they are willing to negotiate but they are accusing the courts, the administrative officers of the courts of refusing to make public how much money is on the table. clerks say the a.o.c. has wasted on hundreds of millions that eventually had to be scrapped. there are hidden money hiding from negotiators. >> we want a fair contract. if it involves concessions. we are okay with that. that is a common theme around the world not just home here in the san francisco or the united states. we're not going to do it if they are going to withhold financial information from us and get us into a deal that is not fair and transparent. we want a fair contract.
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>> court clerks are striking at the civil division of superior court but i here there is similar protests at bryant stream and woodside up by twin peaks. it's a one-day strike. they want to go to the table and they want to negotiate. we are still waiting to hear from the spokesperson from the courts. i'm told most of court functions have been shut down today. we have been put in calls on the spectators person and office phone and haven't heard from them this morning. san jose crews are preparing to post eviction notices in kelley park. city is taking the first step to clean up the homeless encampment in the wake of suspicious firings there. nick smith is live at the park. >> reporter: good morning. some blamed the homeless encampments but fire investigators can't confirm
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that. we do know that employees from environmental services will go through the wooded area to post flyers and notice anyone camping out they will be clearing out the park. >> flyers will be posted like this throughout the park. santa clara water district will begin phase one of a camp cleanup thursday morning. the notice is warning if you are camping here illegally remove your property by 7:00 a.m. or you could be cited for trespassing. a move the city called necessary. >> concern is environmental issues of pollution. there is safety issues. dense of our neighbors. >> residents near the park are frustrated by what they call a rise in homeless encampments and increase in suspicious fires. there have been seven fires in the past two weeks. investigators aren't sure who is
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starting them. what they do say it's dangerous. dry vegetation and illegal park occupation makes for a combustible combination. >> this is to make sure that the people in the creek know we are coming and have a chance to clean their stuff out on their own. >> the notices will go up sometime today. city says there is a benefit for that. they allow those to move them out of the way. it uses less reso sources on their end to tag and hold this property. investigators in vallejo are trying find out what caused an early morning fire that destroyed a home. the fire was reported before 4:00 this morning. crews saw the house engulfed in flames when they arrived. it threatened to spread to make homes. the flames were driven by wind. unfortunately firefighters were able to contain the fire to one home.
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>> still ahead, a bay area company is part of a big milestone today in the 30-year battle against aids. >> if you think you got a good deal when you got refinanced. you won't believe the rate mark zuckerberg got when he refinanced hi
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>. fda approved the first drug
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to reduce the infection that virus that causes aids. its milestone in the deadly disease. they have marketed it since 2004 as treatment infected with the virus. the drug can show it prevents people from contracting hiv when used as a precautionary measure. two americans and tour guide were released this morning in egypt. boston minister and their guide are now in detention of egyptian security. the three were abducted four days ago. the kidnapper said he freed the americans and tour guide after officials promised they would work on releasing their uncle from prison. today mitt romney is renewing his demand for an apology from president obama following attacks his business
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record. he called on the president to apologize for his attack ads which accuse him of outsourcing during his time at bain capital. romney says the ads were unfair since he was heading the olympic committee during the time period in question. >> to be sorry for the kinds of attacks. >> we won't be apologetic. >> they say it's fair because filings list him as president and ceo of bain at that time. even republicans are raising eyebrows for his refusal to release two years of tax returns. >> talk about reverse sliding scale. mark zuckerberg proved the richer you are the less you pay. he refinanced his $6 million home with a 30-year adjustable rate loan starting at 1%.
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experts say high worth individuals can pay less using adjustable rates. we lock into a higher fixed rate. zuckerberg is the 40th wealthiest person. lisa argen is in for meteorologist mike nicco. >> we got a lot going on. mist and drizzle. wind conditions and sbhd here but the day is feeling more like fog than summer. and a travel nightmare turns really ugly. passengers on a u.s. bound flight are stranded in china for three days. their confrontation with airline officials, next. ♪ ♪ >> two roj electric ends talk the stage why this concert was abruptly silenced.
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>>. ♪ ♪
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it was an epic performance. people are still buzzing about it in london. paul mccartney joined bruce springsteen but concert organizers turned off the sound after they strayed over the curfew of 10:30 p.m. organizers didn't even tell springsteen who kept going. [ applause ] >> the outrage was immediate and fans included london's mayor cried foul. the guitarist. when did london back police state? they are standing by their decision. put a stop on the boss? >> whoa! understandable but this fog, i tell you. >> north bay getting the brunt
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of the cool and misty weather. elsewhere we have sunshine but the wind is churning out there. here is a look from high definition emeryville camera. it looks pretty out there with clouds around. it feels quite blustery. in san jose enjoying sunshine. you've had it all morning long. you'll notice we have plenty of low clouds in the north bay. in fact they are banked up along the shoreline, going to stay there and providing measurable rain on mount tam. take a look at the numbers outside of the cloud cover. we're talking 75 in antioch. 69 in livermore with 67 in mountain view. taking a look at santa rosa, 56 degrees. 58 in santa cruz. we will be looking at these winds to continue throughout the day. gust to go 35 by the delta. 39 in the liver who are valley and 29 mile-an-hour wind gusts around mountain view. making it cooler than the
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temperatures are reading. we are seven degrees cooler than yesterday. 11 degrees cooler in santa rosa. this area of low pressure is beginning to drop down to the south. it won't be out of the woods until mid-week. breezy today. mist and drizzle. it will be with us through the overnight hours and warming up by the end of the workweek. it really isn't going anywhere. we've got strong southerly winds throughout the day today. we will be looking at mist and drizzle to lift over the coastal hills. that will provide a damp 24 hours along the coast and even pushing south. 68 today. 74 in livermore. temperatures well below where they should be. cooling trend definitely getting underway today with breezy conditions and continue in to tomorrow. winds are translated go into high fire danger into western nevada. talking about relative humidity 10 percent there. temperatures, 62 in richmond and
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sunshine and breezy winds, 72 in concord. mid-70s for morgan hill. we talked about the mist and drizzle and that will be with us through the morning hours. then the system should had he head out by wednesday and we'll be looking at more sunshine, slightly warmer but the big warmup comes into the weekend. i know it's july in the city and but it is really cool. now to a travel nightmare this weekend for passengers trying to get from shanghai to the united states. they were stranded for three days in china and they staged a revolt. they say it got pretty ugly. >> reporter: you are looking at united airlines pilot at his breaking point. confronted with a gated full of angry passengers so anxious to
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leave shanghai, they barricaded themselves at the gate. >> you get the runaround by these airlines you are so powerless and frustrated. >> steve was one of the 225 frustrated passengers scheduled to leave last wednesday from shanghai to newark, new jersey but instead endured three long days at the airport. the 777 was cancelled for maintenance twice. there was miscommunication and this was the reaction. >> people started screaming and they rushed the pilot. >> when luggage was dumped off, actual fist fights with agents. >> they grabbed him with a tie and they pulled him across the counter and started slapping him. >> another day passes. passengers are promised they will leave even if passengers had to be bumped.
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but when they are asked to go to another gate. they organized a mini revolt. >> if we're not going on that plane, nobody is. >> the passengers are dealt a final humiliating blow. crew had been on the clock too long. >> they said we tei78d out. >> 27 hours late the plane is greeted by a special united airlines customer service crew and gives them each a thousand dollars in trip vouchers. a trip many say they don't want to take. >> wow! >> wow! >> when they got home
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coming up on good afternoon america, quite a show. we got a new interview with jennifer lopez talking about her big decision to leave american idol, but she seems to falter in the interview when asked if she really is going to do it. plus, a personal passion of mine. we are digging up secondhand treasures at yard sales and teach you how to turn those diamonds into pure ebay gold. finally, its real two-fer for me. ramon simone and great actress. she is all eyes. all that coming up on good afternoon america. >> it airs at 1:00 this afternoon and later today at 4:00. woman who gives you great inches is stopping by from "good morning america."
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>> then at 5:00, state park workers that received a expensive buyout. we'll have those stories and more at 4:00 and 5:00. >> thanks so much for joining us on "abc 7 news." >> "who wants to be a millionaire" coming up next. >> we have a reminder about the sleep train dream campaign. for every new like we get on the facebook page this summer, one dollar will go to help bay area foster kids in need. >> just to go "abc 7 news" and simply click like. >> if you go to facebook you can comment on the stories we cover during the day and share your views. >> thanks a lot, bye-bye.
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