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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 17, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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contingency plan in case governor brown's new tax hike is not passed. you could think somebody stuck in a picture of january but that today. >> kristen: it's very san francisco type of summer. >> definitely a little extra on the fog and drizzle this morning for summertime weather. it's out there and very patchy right now. you'll find residual moisture on the ground. i want to show you the low up to the north, healthy set of thunderstorms right here. in fact, 76 strikes out of this cluster over the last hour or so. this is slowly going to sink down to the south. that is why i think we have a chance of a stray shower, an outside chance of a thunderstorm in the north bay. clearlake, ukiah, farther north the better. you are likely to have it. for the rest of us with the low and counterclockwise flow and
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onshore flow and temperatures 10-15 degrees cooler and possibility of 70s in the south bay and east bay valleys. good morning. when is the last time you checked your windshield wipers? you may need them this morning, you see a minor delay for cash paying folks but no problems on the incline into san francisco. golden gate bridge you can see the fog and slick roadways here as you head southbound through the waldo tunnel and on into san francisco. check this time, it's brake lights headed in the westbound direction up the incline on the san mateo bridge over towards foster city. >> eric: today, yahoo's new chief executive melissa mayer plans to into her new office and she is planning on having her first child in a few months.
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terry mcsweeney joins us from sunnyvale. you so a stork down there yed yet. >> the new ceo, melissa mayer carrying a lot of responsibility and carrying a child due in october. take a look at the new ceo down here at yahoo. a big surprise she was selected. a lot of people were talking about a lot of names and that name didn't come up. she was stolen from google where she was been there for 13 years, an engineer and helped developed the company's g-mail and maps. mayer wants her to increase the bottom line at yahoo but to return to it to the glory days where others have failed. >> she has not run a company.
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that is going to be a big challenge. i think she is from an innovation and engineering standpoint. she is solid. >> reporter: p&l stands for profit and loss, the bottom line. she has hosted fund-raisers for president obama. she is connected for the past several weeks. lots of names talked about. it's funny how mayer was below the radar. she came back from china and here about a month later and she is the new ceo. she starts this morning. she resigned from google yesterday. she called in and said i'm not coming in tomorrow,, i'm going over to yahoo will. >> kristen: the cal state university board of trustees meets today in long beach to budget for a worst case scenario school year. where they would have to charge students higher tuition or slash enrollment to make ends meet.
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their budget if voters reject the tax measure in november forcing them to cut $250 million midyear. stay with the morning news, amy hollyfield will bring us more from san francisco stated coming up at 6:30. >> eric: in san francisco, a noon rally is scheduled outside city hall by opponents of ed lee stop and frisk proposal. the mayor says he wants to stop a spiking murder rate in the city and is looking at programs that other cities are using including ones that allows police to stop and search people they consider suspicious for weapons. opponents say it would increase racial producing. aclu has filed a lawsuit against the practice and several supervisors are expected to join them in the rally. >> there has been a recent wave of home burglaries, 20 have been reported since june 1st. most have taken place in the northern section of town. they say thieves are getting through unlocked doors and windows often in the back of the
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house. >> eric: former running back marshawn lynch faces driving under the influence charges, they arrested him on saturday night. he was booked at santa rita jail and released on sunday morning. he was here to honor a college bound oakland student that was injured in a shooting. he currently place for the seattle seahawks. >> business is expected to return to normal this morning at san francisco superior court following a one-day strike by court clerks. 120 staffers walked off the job yesterday morning. that was an unexpected move. they claim the management is refusing to open the books to show the union why they should accept a 5 percent pay cut. they are open to making concessions but should be allowed to make an informed decision. they have been working out a contract since february. >> eric: mike fre diktd because of the clouds out there there
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would be fog and delays and he was right. >> let me check right now. >> three hours and 31 minutes. >> that is nasty. three hours and 31 minutes. didn't have a chance to check that. i was working on the radar trying to find out some of the areas where we had limited visibility. you can see in the financial district where they are showing some of the better mist and drizzle this morning. thunderstorms up to the north, you see the low spin and pulling a little bit more to the southwest. eventually it's going to make a turn to the east later today. that is when i think it could rotate a shower into the north bay. as far as planning your day, drizzle out there for the better part of the morning commute and temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. as we head towards noon, clouds will break out farther east and south away from that low. temperatures in the 50s at the
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coast. mid to upper 60s around the bay and inland breezy, too. we'll to happen out mid-70s by 4:00, upper 60s around the bay and upper 50s at the coast. it will be quite chilly in the 70. mid-50s by the water and stray shower is possible in the afternoon hours, mainly in the north bay. tomorrow we don't have the stray shower after the morning drizzle but temperatures well below average. mild on thursday, getting back to where we should be by friday. good morning. going now to san rafael, we'll take you south 101 out of novato on towards the civic center, light traffic through marin county. we have a slow section here, coming off the altamont pass, bumper-to-bumper, earlier accident that is gone. you can see slow traffic into the dublin pleasanton area, just 20 minutes.
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and before the expression way, had an accident on the shoulder right near san tomas, as well. i don't see any significant slowing past the scene there. all mass transit on time and good alternate for you this morning. >> eric: we are coming up on 6:00 09. >> same-sex marriage greeting cards you'll soon find on the shelves of a popular discount retailer. >> and it's a tomato sauce taste test, michael finney will tell you which store that bought sauce comes out on top.
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>>. >> kristen: good tuesday morning. take a live look at golden gate bridge. i wanted to see some sunshine but good morning wet and drizzle and weather roads. mike nicco says some of you may experience some rain before the day is through. check out the week's forecast. >> eric: okay. retailer target is stocking shelves with same sex greeting cards. cards reportedly feature phrases mr. and mrs. . there may be an ulterior motive
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they may be trying to make amends after donating to a group that opposes the same time sex marriage. >> kristen: this is making me hungry. nothing compares to homemade tomato sauce. michael finney is here with the tomato sauce taste test. >> good morning. consumer reports just tested more than one dozen pasta sauces to find out which ones were best. price and taste were considered. store bought tomato sauce, norma panetta wouldn't think of it. >> they opened up a jar. fine you can have it but i won't buy it. >> its family tradition to make it. but if you don't have the time you might wand which jar sauces. big names, prego, ragu and
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others. also tested, two celebrity test sauces from gilati and two store brands from walmart and whole foods. >> tomato intensity and flavor, level of sourness or sweetness, whether a herb or fresh or dry. >> testers blind testing the sauce. >> it should have the flavor of ripe tomatoes and flavor suld be balanced. >> test results were mixed for instance, hunt's pasta sauce was the least expensive but it was also the least tasting. >> it had a sourness to it. >> also 3655 every day marinara pasta sauce wasn't much better. >> the sawss 1 were freshly sauces one of the best had a,
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gilata basil sauce from target. to two other sauces from victoria to bartelli. >> they say don't assume that all sauces made by a particular manufacture her taste just as good or bad. for example the bartollis sauce is very good but marinara sauce rated lower with a somewhat sour taste. 6:16. >> i would go for ragu. all right. we wanted warm pasta. very comforteding this morning. >> absolutely. good morning everybody. 6:16. here is a look at the clouds, they are low and not typical marine morning clouds, added moisture and a little lift thanks to the on low pressure that is going to create that shower chance in the north bay during the afternoon hours. right now we have mist and
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drizzle owl there will. notices the as thick as it was earlier this morning, probably thickest in the highest elevations along the coast. the drizzle will probably hang out for another hour or two and then came it spinning up around mount st. helena. very mild out there. mid to upper 50s. morning drizzle then we'll have a stray shower during the afternoon hours. drizzle and clouds will repeat tonight and then the lows will move on starting thursday and warming trend begins. today we're about two degrees warmer in concord and san francisco. one degree in oakland. two to three degrees cooler in san jose and fremont, 69. all these temperatures are about 5-15 degrees cooler than average. here at low. more it pulls away from the coast more likely we'll deal with a cool and breezy day. as long as it has the
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counterclockwise flow, it could push a stray shower up to the north. low to mid-70s in the east bay valleys. mid to upper on 60 50s with less sunshine along shoreline. more sunshine down to the south, low to mid-70s in the south bay. we'll start at 70 and end up in the mid-60s. mid to upper 50s around the coast. heading up to the north bay, stray shower is possible and mid to upper 60s in most neighborhoods. be in the 50s at your beaches. mid to upper 50s around the monterey bay. low to mid-70s inland. game tonight, it will be cool and dry 60 dropping down to 56. temperatures a few degrees warmer tomorrow and then we jump 10-20 degrees from the coast to inland neighborhoods by the weekend. it's going to be quite warm then. >> good morning. we have slick roads out there this morning and moderate traffic if you are traveling from vallejo through el sobrante
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to the golden gate fields area, speeds of about 30 miles an hour as you head into the macarthur maze. no significant stalls there. no metering lights yet but minor delays as you want to pay your toll heading to the upper deck to san francisco. take a look the drive times, carquinez all the way to maze, 20 minutes or so. highway 4 good ride out of antioch towards concord and slowing from the central valley up the altamont pass and dublin and pleasanton area. elsewhere we do have a problem in the san jose area, no significant slowing there you this but you will find that accident will be a rubber necking going on. >> kristen: it's now 6:19. >> busy two days ahead at the international space station. >> and actor christian bale
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good morning, 6:23 on the mornings news. live look at 1270 at the 17 interchange. this is one of the areas with a gray start to the morning, doesn't look like the roadways are wet but elsewhere around the bay area they are, drizzle we are experiencing and mike will have more about the weather
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forecast coming up. >> kristen: a soyuz capsule docked with the international space station. had this is video of capsule docking just a few hours ago. they join two russians and u.s. astronaut already on board the space station. today's docking marks a busy time for the space station. a japanese cargo ship will reach the station next week and eight more spacecraft will make contact in the coming days. >> new york city for the premiere of krion nolan. actor christian bale, he appeared at the premiere last night alongside with his wife. ann hathaway she stars as cat woman. bale faces off bain portrayed by tom hardy. it opens on friday. still ahead at 6:30.
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set back for organizers trying to stop gay and lesbian history from being cut from california schools. >> kitchen stove fire in the east bay leaving 20 people out of their homes this morning. quick action from firefighters to make sure the flames didn't spread out of control. >> and cal fire is calling today a pivotal day as it continues to battle a sprawling wildfire. what needs to happen before crews reach containment. >> should they pay more while campus presidents get a raise. i'll explain it all coming up. >> here is a look at high temperatures across the area. it's going to be breezy and cooler than average and pockets of sunshine developing. stray shower possible across the north bay. rest of the country is very summer like, 100 in phoenix. st. louis and boston. we do have flight arrival delays of three hours and 31 minutes. all other major airports
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including oakland and san jose running on time. >> good morning. i'm sue hall. you see the golden gate bridge, golden gate we have areas of slowdowns and
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>> eric: good morning, it's 6:29 on tuesday july 17th. a gray start to your day and even drizzle out there. we're all in this together. so thanks for joining us. >> kristen: we're getting wet this morning and roads are getting wet, as well. let's check in with mike nicco. >> live shot. someone got the memo, they have the umbrellas. even a few little ponds on the roadway. that is one of the areas where we're dealing with the thickest drizzle this morning. it can be patchy anywhere during the morning commute. live doppler 7-hd showing the drizzle around and how it's patchy in nature but afternoon hours, cluster of thunderstorms up to the north. 78 lightning strikes over the past hour. that low is going to come far enough south, we could see a stray shower in the north bay and breezy with temperatures in the 50s to even a few 70s in the east bay valleys and south bay.
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good morning. traffic moving well on 19th. metering lights just turned on. traffic is backed up to the west grand overcrossing if you are heading into san francisco. sluggish traffic on the incline section heading on the upper deck. westbound, slow traffic and slow and go heading out the central valley. traffic is bumper-to-bumper, earlier problem grant line is clear. sunnyvale area around san tomas. >> the board of trustees are s meeting on the agenda a financial worst case scenario if case voters don't pass the tax measure. amy hollyfield joins us live from san francisco state. this is not news students want to hear. >> reporter: not a lot of great things on the table. what is worst telling students they will have to pay $300 more a year or telling 6,000 students they can't come back.
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there won't be classes for them. those are two of several options that the trustees will be considering at their meeting today. this is not an optimistic group. this group is planning as voters will reject the tax increases that will be on the november ballot. if those taxes are rejected there will be $250 million in midyear cuts at the 23 campuses. that is the scenario that trustees are planning for, a tax rejection and more cuts, even though cuts will be very unpopular, especially since the trustees are planning to approve pay increases for three campus presidents. they would be paid for privately raised money but it's still upsetting to students and state senator leland yee who issued a statement, it's sad that the trustees are completely fixated on giving pay hikes no least need the money.
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this discussion on how to make cuts to campuses is just that, it's just talk. the vote is scheduled for september. so you do still have time to get your voice heard on this issue. >> eric: possibility of a big tuition hike will be discussed during the board of regents. they are expected to endorse the state's new budget plan that freezes u.c. tuition at current levels but it assumes that governor brown's plan is approved. if not, u.c. leaders say tuition could rise by more than 20% in january. >> kristen: a proposal to keep gay and lesbian history out of schools will not make it on the november ballot. organizers learned last night they were 50,000 short of the signatures they need. governor brown signed the bill into law requiring public schools to integrate lessons
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about lesbian gay and transexual and transit gender history. alameda county firefighters are looking what caused an apartment building fire in newark that left 20 people out of their homes. they say the fire started after 10:00 last night when a cooking pot caught fire. they called for back-up to make sure they can keep the fire from spreading beyond the two apartments that were already burning. the fire also knocked out electricity to the building. a consumer watchdog group is calling for regulators to shut down the evergreen oil refinery in newark. recycling planted has had a series of mishaps and accidents. on july 6th a pipe leak spewed superheated liquid making an evacuation. in march of last year a pipe burst and this past month, hazmat crews made another visit
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after a 55 gallon drum blew open. >> it's just simply unacceptable to let a company off the hook that way for years at a time. >> ceo sent a memo to employees. the company has been working diligently to bring up to compliance. >> eric: a warrant has been reportedly been issued in a suspect of paul morse who said he was attacked by a tenant at one of the properties that his company manages. he woke up an hour later inside his car that was parked near golden gate fields. they say he was told by investigators that a warrant has been issued for a man suspected of felony battery. richmond police would not reveal any new details in the case. >> an alameda county jury will
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decide whether the children to the computer engineer to killing his wife will get $25 million in punitive damages. he is representing himself and presented closing arguments yesterday. he is willing to give his 11-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son his right to intellectual property' assets. he is serving 15 years to life for killing his wife in 2006. >> weather conditions are improving for firefighters battling the 26,000 acre robbers' fire in sierra foothills. they report the fire in placer county is now 45% contained. lower temperatures and higher humidity has slowed down the fire but for now the focus continues to be putting crews around the 170 homes that are still being threatened by the fire. cal fire expects to be a pivotal day. if the weather remains favorable they hope to make good progress to extend the containment. >> kristen: let's turn things over to mike nicco monitoring
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the drizzle and possibility for showers today. >> absolutely, up in the north bay there is possibility and firefighters will get a break today. temperatures will be cooler. humidity will be higher and thunderstorms we showed you well up to north will not make it to the sierra. stray shower is possible. live doppler 7-hd showing not quite as wet in the north bay as it could be later today. the rest of us is dealing with drizzle. it's unlimited everywhere except at the coast. drizzle is not as thick as it was earlier this morning. that will be indicates over the next couple of hours. it will be patchy through the 10:00 hour. then we'll focus our attention on the low and thunderstorms to the north. low retrograde more to the southwest than to the southeast which makes it less likely we could see a shower rotate into the north bay. see all the patchy drizzle and temperatures holding in the 50s. as we head toward the lunch hour patches of sun will develop in the east bay and south bay
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valleys. everybody else will see pockets of sunshine 50s and 60s at noon. we are in the 90s at noon. 4:00, we'll have a chance of showers up in the north bay. everybody else should be dry. 60s and 70s san rafael will be in the 50s and you will of us will be in the 50s and clouds will thicken and drizzle will begin to develop tonight. temperatures from four degrees warmer at the coast and 14 inland by friday. >> good morning, happy tuesday, a little bit wet out there. some slick roads. we've got not too bad past lucas valley road through central marin and southern marin moving at the limit. once you get through the tunnel, you see the fog. you have slick roads and wet. you will need windshield wipers if you are coming into san
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francisco but no significant delays there. you can see the fog and not really on the bridge, but up in the mountains if you are heading westbound on the highway 92 toward foster city. a little bit of brake lights and slowing towards foster city but nothing significant there. bart to muni everybody is on time this morning. mass transit is a good option for you. take a look at driver times from santa rosa to marin county, highway 4 and 580 altamont are still good this morning. san francisco based gap is trying to get an edge on competitor. trading is under way on wall street. here is a live look at the big board right now, dow is up 68 points. >> airline passengers make a disturbing discovery inside their sandwiches, a federal investigation underway and new security concerns that are raised. >> getting some votes from
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hopeless romantics, personal display of affection between the president and first lady coming up. ñ!ús
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. 6:43 and going to be breezy and chilly with stray shower
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possible across the north bay. on the coast in the 50s and most of us in the 60s and 70s. thunderstorms are rotating in counterclockwise fashion. that is an area of low pressure that will dip down south that we could see a stray shower in the north bay. heading down to fresno, 87, hundred any hundred in palm springs. san diego, low to mid 70s. partly cloudy in tahoe. >> kristen: let's check what is trend on twitter. marissa mayer the new yahoo ceo. she worked at google and terry mcsweeney reported, yamer announced she is pregnant. the dallas cowboy arrested for allegedly assaulting his mother. they announced a game will be made following next year and.
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we'll show you why that is trending. follow us on twitter. delta airlines beefing up security after four different passengers found needles inside sandwiches over the weekend. katie marzullo is following the story from the breaking news center. >> this morning, police at the amsterdam airport say they have no idea how needles ended up on delta flights. but the f.b.i. is on board and working to investigate. needles were found in five turkey sandwiches on four different flights from amsterdam. two men on the flight to minneapolis say they ordered the turkey sandwich and was pricked by the needles inside. he told the flight attendant. she was shocked but it was also the second time she heard the same story. >> she told me a passenger on
6:45 am
the other side of the plane, on the other side of the aisle had the same thing. so obviously there was something going on. >> i felt the poke on the top of my mouth, i pulled it out of my mouth it was very clear, i cleaned the food off, it was about one inch long straight need. >> will the catering company that provided the food for the flights released a statement. we take this matter seriously. they launched a full investigation to determine the root cause of this disturbing incident. we are treating this as a criminal act. federal authorities are investigating who had access to the food and all of the sandwiches have been removed from the flight. pizza is being served today instead. you can hear more live on gma this morning. >> kristen: police in toronto are looking for one more suspect after a shooting at an outdoor party caused mass panic,
6:46 am
injuries and two deaths. at least 19 are injured ranging in age from 20. they have one person of interest in custody. they believe two people were involved in the shooting. the police chief says there was some kind of altercation at a large outdoor barbecue. two people started shooting at each other, they panicked as they dashed for safety. >> eric: top advisor says mitt romney could name his running mate by the end of the week. they seek to deflect intensifying criticism from president obama and other details and some republicans over romney's business record and refusal to release years of tax returns. a senior campaign advisor said yesterday that romney has not finalize add decision on a running mate but it could come within days. >> president obama is scoring points with the first lady and with voters who are hopeless
6:47 am
romantics after being caught on the kiss cam. it happened at basketball exposition game in washington, d.c. first couple, the president, but when fans boo'd. they gave the couple another chance. and commander in chief came through and the crowd liked it. >> eric: we're seeing signs of the housing market hit bottom right in our own backyard. >> live at the new york stock exchange, good morning, debra. >> reporter: good morning. the number of homes on the market dropped last month led by shrinking inventories from san francisco to san diego. they say it shows buyers are finally returning to one of the country's hardest hit housing markets. on the website, national association of realtors says 7 out of ten metro areas with the
6:48 am
biggest inventory reductions were in the golden state. oakland topping the list where they say 58% loss. getting to stocks, what we are seeing, we do have a higher open today for dow, s&p and nasdaq. taking a look at bloomberg silicon valley index moving higher. shares of yahoo moving higher as big day for new ceo marissa mayer as she takes the the helm. quarterly results will come out after the close of the day. gap isn't all about jeengs anymore. the retailer started selling fitnesses apparel. bloomberg reports it is to compete with lulu. gap will own its own store nearby, gap has long way to go, because lulu generated one billion in sales last year with
6:49 am
112 u.s. locations. that is your latest look at business at the new york stock exchange. >> kristen: we want to remind you, wake up to the same lovely sound we wake up to every morning. >> that is awesome, too. and alarm clock app. download it for free. i will put my mic closer so i can hear them. you can get your news headlines, traffic and weather all there. >> that will get you flying out of bed, am i late? oh, no. >> find it on twitter on facebook page.
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[ laughter ] >> and latest headlines all on the front page. all you have to do turn your phone on and turn on the tv on to get more details. >> kristen: kind of hard to wake up this morning. >> especially the clouds out there. if you have the windows, damp and humid, makes you feel like fall. you want to sleep in as we look at telegraph hill and coit tower this morning. live doppler 7-hd. more patchy as we head through the morning commute. higher elevations, few radar returns. that is what we are dealing. low pressure and all those lightning strikes, it is starting to temper, 53 over the past hour. it is slowly heading to the south and weaken, just a stray shower is possible in the north bay. right now dealing with the clouds and some of the drizzle and residual moisture on the ground. temperatures are mild but down in the monterey bay, mid to upper 50s. i think it will hang around 9:00
6:51 am
or 10:00 and flight arrival delays going. three hours and 31 minutes right now. patchy drizzle and not as thick as this morning. warming trend, warmer summer type weather, around the weekend redwood city, san jose, livermore and napa, 12-15 degrees cooler than what we should be for july. this is why, we had the cloud cover, drizzle block the cool air mass. sun breaks out around 11:00 and 12:00, then the breeze kicks off the ocean. 50s and 70s elsewhere with some 70s in the south bay. low to mid-70s for you. few 70s on the peninsula, mainly mid to upper 60s. mid to upper 50s along the coast. low to mid 60s in downtown san francisco. mid to upper 60s in the north bay valleys with breezy conditions at your beaches. mid to upper 60s along the east bay shore. warmer low to mid-70s in the
6:52 am
east bay valleys. all the way down towards morgan hill and gilroy and hollister. as far as the game, it's going to be cool one over at coliseum. first pitch, rangers and a's, 60 dropping down to 56 degrees. tomorrow a few degrees warmer after the morning drizzle. more sunshine in the afternoon and no chance of a shower. then look at the temperatures over the weekend. 10-20 degrees warmer. heated is back on for the weekend. we have the tuesday morning commute underway. if you are traveling past golden gate fields. fog is settling in on the picture, no major stalls or accidents but a lot of traffic as you head towards the macarthur maze. here is what you'll find at bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on, past the overpasses now and slow go on the upper deck and incline section into san francisco. elsewhere, santa rosa got a
6:53 am
problem westbound 12 past farmers, a flipped pickup is blocking a lane there. slow westbound 580 with a stall in the right lane, 16 miles an hour past that stall and slowing into the livermore area. here is a look at waze app. traveling towards petaluma, very slow traffic. you can download on your iphone, android and take a look at what the traffic spotters are seeing. >> eric: a brooklyn housing authority worker is being celebrated for his heroic deed that saved the life of a 7-year-old girl. take a look at cellphone video. captures the drama after the girl crawled on to an air-conditioning unit and started can't go on it. he veemd and called for people to call 911. just then the girl fell almost into his arms. he didn't quite catch her but he definitely cushioned the impact
6:54 am
injuring his arm in the process. girl is going to be fine. >> kristen: here are five things to know before you go. number one, its wet, misty morning in san francisco. meteorologist mike nicco has been telling us he sees morning drizzle, so be prepared for a damp start to your summer day. showers are possible later today. airport officials are reporting arrival flights are three and a half hours later. >> cal trustees meet in long beach. they are choosing between deepen rom. cuts or raising tuition. they will have a worst case scenario. >> yahoo's new ceo begins her first day on the job. they hired long time google executive marissa mayer. she becomes the fifth ceo in the past five years. they are expecting her first
6:55 am
child in october. >> number four, opponents of san francisco mayor's stop and frisk proposal or planning a noon rally. it would stop and search people that they are suspicious for weapons. >> business as usual this morning at san francisco superior court. 120 clerks and staffers unexpectedly walked off the job yesterday morning for a one-day strike. they claim the court's management is refusing to open the books to show the union why they should accept a 5 percent pay cut. they have been working without a contract since february. >> final check on weather and traffic. >> measurable drizzle, but it's been out there and it will cause some slick streets and possibility some of problems. we'll talk to sue about that in a minute. you can see how patchy it is. it's enough that ceiling is low enough and moisture in the air that is causing those flight
6:56 am
arrival delays. san jose and oakland are running on time. forecast through 7:00 hour, dry with sunshine by noon. showers possible in the north bay by 4:00. back to the golden gate bridge where if you take a look at camera. you can see the drizzle that mike is talking about. it is fogged in and wet. bay bridge toll plaza, traffic backed into the macarthur maze. very slow traffic and problem headed into san francisco from santa rosa. its bit slow this morning. >> thank you for joining us. >> we wanted to invite you to take a part in the campaign, if you like us on facebook, one
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good morning, america. airline scare. six needles discovered in sandwiches on four delta flights. at least one person injured. this morning, the fbi investigating a possible terror attack. we speak to the passengers shocked by what they found. dangerous drive. brand-new details from the trucker hit by kerry kennedy, as she erratically raced down the interstate. saying he was convinced she was drunk. this morning, the first family member to speak out, her cousin, patrick kennedy. caught on tape. this 7-year-old little girl falling three stories.


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