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tv   Nightline  ABC  July 18, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am PDT

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a disgraced convict. a reality star. and now, a broadway show? mike tyson answers some tough questions and tells us why we should believe he's a changed man. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," july 18th, 2012. >> good evening, i'm cynthia mcfadden. tonight, the frantic hunt for clues in the mysterious disappearance of two young girls in a tiny iowa town. six days ago, they went out on a bike ride but never returned. triggering a sweeping fbi search, with the help of hundreds of local volunteers. but still, no substantial leads, on a trail growing colder by the minute. abc's alex perez comes to us from evansdale, iowa. >> reporter: it's the mystery that's turning the tiny town of
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evansdale, iowa, upside down. >> the more time and things that go by, you know, more thoughts that go through your head and the worse the pit in your stomach gets. >> elizabeth collins and lyric cook vanishes after leading for a bike ride friday, seemingly without a trace. the only clue, their two bicycles, found at the edge of this local lake. that was five days ago. so far, no break in the case. hopefully we'll find something. today, even the mayor flew his own twin engine plane over the search area in hopes of spotting any evidence that could help investigators. what are you looking for with your eyes? >> just anything out of place. any colors, you know, maybe there would be some clothing or something like that. >> reporter: on the ground, six long days of frantic searching by hundreds of volunteers and police investigations have turned up nothing. and misty morrissey, mother of 10-year-old lyric cook, is losing patience. >> we are still stuck with a lack of evidence and no girls.
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and who wants to go weeks, you know, not knowing where their children are? >> the first week is extremely important. beyond the first super critical 24 hours, every day counts. >> reporter: and so, here, there's a sense that investigators are truly working against the clock. the family says the girl's grandmother was sitting for them last friday when shortly after 12:00 noon, they went on a bike ride around the neighborhood. >> they asked me to go for a short bike ride. and they just never came back. >> reporter: investigators know that so much depends on what happens in the first hours and days after a child goes missing. within three hours, after the girls initially left the house, family members became worried. >> i just, like, had a gut feeling, i mean, my daughter would not leave that long. >> reporter: at that point, heather collins drove to the police station and reported the girls missing. within four hours, authorities had found the girls' bikes on a trail behind the lake about a mile from their home. near the bikes, little
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elizabeth's purse, with her cell phone, which she used to play games, but wasn't equipped to make calls. on saturday, with the girls gone 24 hours, about 1,000 community volunteers searched a 12-square mile area surrounding the tiny town. >> can't lose hope. >> reporter: at this point, authorities dredged the lake for any evidence, but by sunday, with the girls missing for two full days, police have still iled to turn up any additional clues. >> every hour, you know, it makes it that much worse. >> reporter: and the family cannot believe the girls would have gone willingly with an abductor. >> i, myself, have taught her if a stranger approaches you, you know, number one, you don't talk to them. walk the other direction. >> i don't care about what happened to him, i just care what happens to my kids. i just want them -- i just want my kids back. >> reporter: the reality is missing child cases in small towns like this, abduction by strangers, is rare. >> there's around 100 of them a
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year in the united states. you're really only talking about a happenedful that are abducted by strangers. the rest are abducted by people they have some relationship with. >> reporter: come monday, elizabeth's mother is begging for help. >> we just ask that they just continue to keep looking, not to give up. we will find these girls. these girls will be found. i just know in my heart. >> reporter: finally, on tuesday, the authorities begin draining the man-made lake near the trail where the girl's bikes were found, after fbi search dogs hit on a scent of the girls. that same day, the smallest break. world from one neighbor who saw the girls that fateful afternoon. >> they just come riding by on their bikes, said hi and that's the last thing that, you know, i heard from them. >> reporter: police are working with the fbi and the girls' parents are reportedly cooperating fully. >> we've done extensive interviews. hours at a time. we've done polygraphs.
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>> reporter: this morning, lyric's mom told us she's trying to remain hopeful. >> we hope the more time that passes, the greater chances that they are -- >> reporter: now, with the girls six days missing, the community is on edge. but would any answers, the desperation only grows. for "nightline," i'm alex perez in evansdale, iowa. >> our thanks t alex. next up, she hated the way she looked on skype. so, she's going under the knife to look better online. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wet
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>> announcer: "nightline" continues from new york city with cynthia mcfadden. >> well, move over, botox. when it comes to plastic
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surgery, chin implants, or chin-plants, are the fastest growing new procedure. so, why the sudden fixation on the perfect jaw line? doctors say they are seeing more and more patients who hate the way they look online. and have decided surgery is the best way to make a radical change to their profiles. here's abc's cecilia vega. >> i'm going to be a super model! >> reporter: triana is about to undergo a radical transformation. and she's doing it for a radical reason. she wants to look better online. she's decided to change her face through surgery. specifically, a nose job and a chin implant. with the help of this beverly hill's doctor. >> i don't want to make the nose too small but i want to make it straight. >> at what point are you going to be well enough to post the pictures on facebook? >> as soon as the doctor tells me i'm camera ready. >> reporter: we first melt her, a 37-year-old tv producer in los
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angeles, almost two months ago. >> i wanted to talk to you about this project. >> reporter: it's hard to see the flaws nagging at her. buff she tells us she doesn't like the face staring back at her during skype chats. >> i can do that. >> okay, thank you. >> reporter: in facebook pictures. >> ten years ago, i don't think i noticed i had a weak chin. >> reporter: she tried to change the camera angle, even untagged photos she didn't like. but none of it was enough. >> my darn chin just bucks the living daylights out of me in this photo. first thing i look for in a photo is, how does my chin look, which is really weird. >> reporter: she's not alone. and doctors on the other side of the knife say more and more patients are asking for the facebook facelift. chin augmentations have increased 71% in the past year. >> i can analyze her face on the computer and i can show which plastic surgery they should have and really make the camera love you, baby.
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>> reporter: he just moved things around a bit, raise the camera so the angle suspect shooting you so bad, isn't that an easier solution than getting onto your operating table? >> it definitely is, and most people should do that. but there are people who have tried to get a picture to make themselves more attractive and they just need a little bit of a boost. >> reporter: the surgery $12,00 though, triana got a discount, for being a family friend. >> when you do a chin, sometimes you have to do a little bit more than that to balance the face and the chin. >> reporter: he recommends triana get additional procedures, like fat grafting, and a nose job. it sounds like you are going to a pretty far extreme to -- >> does it sound extreme? >> reporter: people might say, surgery, that's a huge commitment. >> well, to me, plastic surgery should be a last ditch effort. after you have worked out, after you had good discipline in your diet and exercise. then you go to surgery.
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>> oh, wow. >> reporter: the day of the surgery arrives. how are you feeling? >> i'm very excited. starting to border on nervous. so, i'm ready to get going. >> okay. ready to rock and roll? this is going to be her cheekbone. this is the chin implant. it curves around the side a little bit. it's a rounded one that's very soft. it's not pointed for her face. >> reporter: it takes two hours for all the tips and knotucks. >> you look good. very good. very nice. >> good? you happy with everything? >> i'm thrilled. i couldn't be happier. >> reporter: a week later at her followup appointment -- >> okay. >> reporter: she's still bruised, but pleased. >> i can see, it's still swollen, but it's just perfect. >> reporter: we went to see her a month after her surgery.
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hello! >> hi. welcome. >> reporter: wow. after a nose job, a chin implant and fat grafted, her new face is complete. >> here is the profile shot. >> reporter: which, before, you never would have put on. >> i never would have put that on because my little chin would have been, you know, looking like a little turtle. >> reporter: she is finally ready to show her nearly 800 facebook friends her new face. do you feel a little more confident about it now? >> i do. it extends all the way to skyping with people, to having other people tag me in a facebook picture or something. i feel great all the time. before i even used to, like, hold my chin, you know what i mean? and now i want to show my face. hello. >> you look gorgeous. >> aw. i walk taller, i feel more comfortable. i feel really good. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm cecilia vega in los angeles. >> our thanks to cecilia vega.
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and just ahead, from boxing champ to broadway star. mike tyson tells us all about his new one-man show and mike tyson tells us all about his new one-man show and cleaning up his real life act.♪ [ male announcer ] this is our beach. ♪ this is our pool. ♪ our fireworks. ♪ and our slip and slide. you have your idea of summer fun, and we have ours. now during the summer event get an exceptionally engineered mercedes-benz for an exceptional price. but hurry, this offer ends july 31st. for an exceptional price. but why doesn't it last? [ male announcer ] even after a cleaning... plaque quickly starts to grow back. introducing crest pro-health clinical rinse. it actually keeps your teeth 91% clean of plaque even at 2 months after a dental visit. new crest pro-health clinical rinse.
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his infamous exploits in and out of the ring have earned mike tyson enough labels to last several lifetimes. champion, convict, addict, actor. and now the heavyweight champ is ready to knock them out on broadway, in a confessional one-man show. he told my co-anchor terry moran all about it, when they went "on the town." >> reporter: mike tyson is back in new york.
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that rock solid physique, that voice. >> thank you, brother. >> reporter: that tattoo. >> how's it going? >> reporter: but something's changed here. in a lot of ways, you are looking at a prodigal son come home. a man that's lived a glorious and notorious life. >> one big family. >> reporter: and who now is starting something new. >> i think i'm a bum metimes. >> reporter: that humility might startle you, coming from a guy that once swaggered like a gangster through the hot life of celebrity. but this is the new mike tyson. >> this is who i want to be. i want my kids to tell my grandkids, daddy went from this to this, i lived through it when daddy was a pariah. >> reporter: tyson's taking his life story to broadway, a one-man show, directed by spike lee. >> oh! >> reporter: growing up in brooklyn, what did you think of broadway, where you're going to be? >> i used to come to broadway
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and 42 pd street, that's where i used to snatch change and stuff. >> reporter: you arrested there? and now you're going to play. >> that's crazy. >> reporter: the show is called "undisputed truth." we asked him about it at gleason's gym in brooklyn. in this show, you lay it all out. the good, the bad and the ugly. >> i like to describe it as me being naked on stage. not, you know, physically naked. >> reporter: he's got a hell of a story to tell. he's some such a long way. the bone crushing heavyweight b champ ever. the long downfall. a rape conviction, in prison. the ear-biting disgrace against evander holyfield. the near bankruptcy. and then, a comeback of sorts. >> mike tyson? >> reporter: on the screen in "the hangover" movie. through it all, tyson has grown
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relentlessly introspective. how do you feel the public sees you now? >> only thing that matters is how i see myself, really. and i see myself as a work in progress. we're all slaves to something. >> reporter: this is a man on the long road to recovery, from alcohol and drug addiction, from what he admits was deeply disordered sexual behaviors, from all kinds of demons. there's a history of heavyweight champions kind of just drifting off. and now, you're kind of forging this new mike tyson in the public mind. >> people always equate success with money. my success is being a responsible father with my kids. my success is not using drugs, not drinking. not being abusive to my wife or my family. >> reporter: the booze, the drugs, the women, the whole lifestyle nearly ruined him. he earned a fortune in his fight career and nearly all of it is gone. how is it financially for you right now? you came out a couple of years ago, said, all that money, $300
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million -- >> i don't know. i'm just happy, you know? by no means you're ever going to have holding a charity for me or anything. but i don't have a mansion in every state. i'm not all over the world on my jet but i'm just -- i don't know, i'm just grateful. >> reporter: where did it go? >> i was pretty reckless and out of control. >> reporter: his recklessness infamously landed him in prison for 1992 for three years after he was convicted of rape. has he changed? i got to ask you this. >> go for it. >> reporter: women. >> what about them? >> reporter: you talk about abusive relationships. you say some pretty outrageous things. some things, a lot of women look at you, say say, that guy hates women. >> no, no, no. i don't know, maybe you're right, but from my experience and the people coming to my show, i don't know, a lot of
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them cry. i explain my relationship with my mother that probably allow women to know why i'm like this. >> reporter: have you accepted responsibility for the rape conviction? >> hell, no way, because i didn't know that, you know what i mean? i'm never going to say i did it. >> reporter: at 46, tyson is through with boxing, though, he's in shape and he's a vegan now. but the fight game can take a terrible toll, just look at hue hall m.d. ali. >> are you concerned about brain damage? >> when you think about it right now, when you look at me, you go from the beginning of my career to now, i'm talking better now than i did when i first started boxing. you really think about the whole scenario. i speak better now. >> reporter: that was such a long time ago. we're all on a journey threw this life and nearly all of us stumble and fall. some, more than others. the thing about mike tyson? he keeps getting up. >> body. >> there you go. >> our thanks to terry.
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thank you for watching abc news. "good morning america" will be right here waiting for you in the morning. good night, everybody. and join jimmy kimmel, next. up next on an all-new "jimmy kimmel live" -- >> 2012 is also on track to be the hottest year in united states history. and not just because of magic mike, because of everything. >> kate beckinsale. >> i worked my way slowly towards his blow hole. >> chris harrison. and music from rubblebucket. >> being an adult boy scout is literally the only thing gayer than actually being


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