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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 19, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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here's a look at live doppler showing a shower over the altamont pass heading up to stockton and sacramento that's where going to stay to our east. for the bay drizzle during the morning mid to upper 50s, clouds open up to sun by noon mid 60s to low 70s by 4:00, upper 60s to mid 70s dropping back into the low to mid 60s by 7:00. inland, cool conditions mostly cloudy, low to mid 50s during the morning, high clouds and temperatures up to 78 by noon up to 81 by 4:00. if you are hanging out at the coast today drizzle through the morning upper 40s to mid 50s there, dry by noon mid to upper 50s more sun by 4:00,in the 50s to possibly mid 60s. let's get the first look at traffic. moderate now. good morning. san francisco westbound coming off of the bay bridge 7th and bryant street accident still blocking two left lanes not seeing significant slow downs behind the scene.
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bart and all mass transit on time, no problems, no delays, everything on schedule. bay bridge toll metering lights off, if you are paying cash moderate delay, moderate upper deck into san francisco. in about three hours the city of san jose will move into kelly park to begin cleaning up a homeless encampment people who live nearby say it is a long time coming. >> reporter: 9 a.m. is one deadline there's an earlier deadline the homeless people wholy here at kelly park have one hour to take their stuff and leave. the city posted signage warning signs around the area monday letting them know they had until 7 a.m. to clear out and take their stuff. if they didn't, they would be cited for trespassing, potentially and possibly face
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charles -- face criminal prosecution. then the crews come in the city concerned for environmental issues as well as pollution also fire. we've been reporting on this for several week there is have been at least seven suspicious fires in the park in the last two weeks. that's where neighbors come in to play there are condos nearby, they've not been damaged in any of these fires, still the flames too close for come court for the -- comfort for the people who live here they say homeless camps and fires have been a problem for a while. the city is not outright blaming the homeless for the fires. they say it is dangerous and the people need to go the city saying it will provide shelters or hopeless services for the people that are forced to leave the park this morning. katie marzullo, abc7 news. the wife of suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi will continue her testimony today in her husband's ongoing
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ethics probe. the testimony is lopez's first appearance in san francisco since march she has been in venezuela. last night lopez said she made the move because she needed to work to support her son theo. coming up, amy hollyfield will bring more. stabbing suspect shot by police in san francisco's financial district has died. police say the still unidentified man used a box cutter yesterday to slash a colleague on the embarcadero and began walking south towards justin herman plaza. police caught up with him, an officer opened fire when she said he lunged at her with what looked like a knife. the stabbing victim told police he barely knew the man he said attack was unprovoked. workers begin fogging today in some east bay communities to kill mosquitoes that maybe carrying west nile
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following discovery of two dead birds infected with the disease. officials are warning contra costa residents to wear repellent when they go out. homeowners are being urged to remove standing water where mosquitoes might breed, especially neglected swimming pools. today's fogging will be in brentwood and other portions of eastern contra costa county. san jose officials will hold a permit hearing for a card room that has had its opening delayed. it was supposed to have opened in april near the san jose airport the city has delayed issuing an permit over regulation. the owner has again to court to force the city to hurry up but has lost. many jobs and incomes have been on hold. casino matrix is the 50 million dollar reinvention of the garden city casino. today the city could decide to allow a partial opening as early as tomorrow.
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mist all the way to the embarcadero. things are going to brighten up. mike has the warm-up. good morning. here's a look at live doppler, 6:06, along the altamont pass, patterson pass road, tesla road some of the vince yards in the southeastern part of livermore getting light rain heading into the central valley as close as we are going to get, you can see the plume of moisture what is left of tropical storm fabio moving east the three brought us cooler weather, you like wait i say fabio? [ laughing ] >> i wanted to put a picture of fabio there, a spin be -- a spinning fabio head, but we are above that so i didn't do that. >> tomorrow. >> possibly. low bringing cooler than
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average weather moving west that's why we'll have warmer weather today, mid to upper 60s coast, mid to upper 70s south bay into north bay 80 napa warmest weather east bay valleys low to mid 80s warmer tomorrow, back to average, highs saturday and sunday warm around the bay hot inland head to the coast for cool weather stuck in the 60s. stuck in the 60s, i like that. speaking of fabio that bad hair day with the hurricane wouldn't look good. light moderate traffic conditions out there now 80 freeway as you head through berkeley into the macarthur maze no delays. when you get to the toll, back-up on the incline because of the stall, bay bridge on the right. this is san rafael southbound towards central san rafael moving well no delays. there's san mateo bridge commute, a few brake lights
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headed westbound towards the high raise. san francisco coming off of the bay bridge that accident cleared at 7th and bryant. :07 right now. >> still ahead, ann romney reveals information about her husband's search for a running mate in an interview today on "good morning america." premeasured packs of detergent maybe , but do they get the job done? michael finney has results from a new consumer reports test.
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>> welcome back everybody. 6:11 overcast right now not as heavy or low as it was it is on the way out folks talking a warming trend mike will talk about that. we'll talk about traffic on the bay bridge with sue hall. in a new interview with "good morning america" ann romney says her husband hasn't decided who his running mate will be. she gave the interview to robin roberts. she told roberts her husband's team the weekend discussing possible choices. he says the person he picks will be a conservative and follow conservative principles. you can see ann romney's full interview on gma coming up after our newscast at 7:00. premeasured packs of detergent the latest development when it comes to laundry most give the exact amount you need for an average
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load of clothes. michael finney tells us how these premeasured packs compare to traditional detergents. >> reporter: good morning. laundry packs may be handy consumer records says there are draw backs. many detergents calm in small packs intended for easy use many consumer records tested one from tide, all, arm age hammer, ajax, some are quick to dissolve in water that can be a problem if you have lead hands. there are also safety concerns. the american association of poison control centers issued a warning about pack detergents it has received more than 1,000 reports of children being injured or sickened by them way >> as with all cleaners it is important to keep them out of children's reach. >> reporter: as for how well the packs clean tests using swatches soaked with to remove
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stains like wine, grass. the swatches are washed with a full load of towels, then this machine analyzes the results. only one pack detergent, tide pods cleaned well enough to eastern a recommendation. they cost 22 cents per load you can sees them in front and top loading machines. however, another tide detergent, a powder does a better job of cleaning, tide ultra plus bleach it costs about the same kepbl be used in high efficiency washers if you have a top loader, consumer report says consider powder laundry detergent ultra from target it doesn't clean as well as tide it costs half as much. because the dangers posed to children with laundry detergent packs tide says it is adding a safer double latch on the containers. consumer reports says if your child is exposed to a detergent pack, serious side effect occur quickly so call
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the poison control help line immediately. that number: 1-800-222-1222. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. fog in the morning, sun on the way. mike is here with the forecast. water weather also, checking to see if there are flight arrival delays because of the low clouds as we look down on from it mount tamalpais this morning you can see thicker, more moisture with it earlier, we ran into drizzle, terry did coming from the north bay. haven't seen any reports of any lately we have flight arrival this case into sfo running around an hour and 13 minutes san jose and oakland are on time. you can see moisture plume covering the better part of the eastern third of the state if you will, right through the central coast into the sierra where we'll continue to have a chance of showers even a thunderstorm this afternoon if you are heading to tahoe, yosemite, don't be surprised
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if you see lightning and hear thunder especially early morning to mid-afternoon hours. if you are hanging around here, stepping out now, mid to upper 50s. low to mid 50s monterey bay mid to upper 50s inland mostly cloudy conditions there and patchy drizzle. today partly cloudy and slight warmer, mostly cloudy tonight drizzle possible especially along our coast heat returns inland this weekend, 90s on the way for you folks inland. today baby steps oakland one degree warmer as is san francisco, 70 and 66, fremont 74, san jose 77, four degrees warmer. santa rosa biggest jump 78, six degrees warmer than yesterday. low to mid 80s east bay valleys, high clouds this afternoon sunshine by noon and pockets of sun along the coast during the afternoon. 69 berkeley low to mid 70s rest of the east bay shore.
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mid to upper 70s for the peninsula except millbrae at 70. low to mid 60s along the coast mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito with mid to upper 70s valleys, 67 monterey, 73 sun santa cruz mid 80s morgan hill and gilroy. yankees in town, 7:05 first pitch, partly cloudy and 61. 56 by the end of the game, temperatures jump two to four degrees tomorrow, two to six saturday in the low to mid 90s inland upper 70s to low 80s around the bay comfortable mid 60s at the coast. moderate commute so far. good morning. we hope over to walnut creek southbound 680 moving at the limit a few brake lights into the 24 junction drive to the san ramon valley and 680 junction is good, so far any way. san jose light 280 northbound
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snaking from san jose towards cupertino. you are in very light traffic there bay bridge metering lights remain off. back-up we have a stall on the incline section in the right lane. a bit of a reason for slow traffic, speeds of about 30 miles an hour on the upper deck headed into san francisco, a look at drive time 680 highway 24 to 580, through marin from novato into central san rafael altamont drive beginning to bunch up, up and over from livermore into san ramon and dublin, about 20 minutes. 6:18 now. this is an interesting one. the celebrity cardboard cut-out missing. set to be one of the biggest movies of the year not stopping controversy from surrounding "the dark knight rises."
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6:22. we have overcast as the sun against to make its appearance known. warm temperatures on the way inland warming trend happening we've got a nice day no matter what that looks like now. >> the sun is smiling, shining certainly on bay area baseball teams the giants are looking for a sweep in atlanta today after taking extra inanyone'ses to beat the
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braves last night -- extra inanyone'ses to beat the braves last night or should i say early this morning. 3-1 both top of the 10th two outs the giants win it 9-4. in oakland the a's beat the rainers in equally dramatic fashion with a solo walk-off homer run by hicks in the both top of the 9th, hicks first major league homer. a's beat the rangers 4-3. they welcome the yankee to the coliseum tonight. there's controversy swirling around the opening of the latest batman movie. it hits theaters midnight tonight the website rotten
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tomatoes cut off comments yesterday af"ñ users viciously attacked critics who gave it mediocre reviewses. -- reviews. one seller wants $600 for four tickets to a movie. >> do they know it is not broadway. >> retails for 18 at imax. holy hasselhoff. fans have stolen life-sized ads of hasselhoff promoting iced coffee. 550 cut-outs why were taken from a chain of convenience stores in new england and florida. the store is not upset. a spokesperson says sherr flattered. they just ask that fans keep their hasselhoff cut-outs safe. >> put them somewhere in a safe -- >> protect -- [ talking over each other ] still ahead, innocent victims injured in
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san francisco after a driver try to speed away from police. another california city moves closer to bankruptcy. the important step taken in san bernardino last night and what is making the situation worse. >> reporter: ross mirkarimi's wife testified before the ethics commission. i'm amy hollyfield, up next hear what she says on the stand. high temperatures, clouds back to the coast, pockets of sun there mid to upper 60s through downtown san francisco, low to mid 70s around the bay, warmest east bay valleys low to mid 80s. around the country today hot and humidity, st. louis 106, phoenix 106, 76 seattle, 80 portland. everybody else in the 80s and 90s. a few flight arrival delays into detroit. the rest of the airports until you get to san francisco on time, sfo delays around 75 minutes. oakland and san jose are fine. good morning sue hall following your bay bridge commute, metering lights just
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turned on, stall on the incline right lane that will have traffic sluggish on the europe upper deck. after the break i have an update on two accidents one in the north bay and one
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good morning it is 6:239.
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live look outside on this thursday, -- july 19th, gorgeous way to start the day in downtown san francisco. you can see the clouds are just starting to break outbreak up ail little bit. >> break out -- [ talking over each other ] >> they will be reunited tonight maybe we'll feel so good. that's for joey our stage manager. good morning everybody let's look at live doppler, showers over to our extreme east coming up from the south what is left of fabio tropical cyclone showers possible across the altamont pass, some of the cherry and peachtrees in brentwood and oakley higher elevations east of the santa clara valley seeing light radar returns. possibility of showers there, rest of us are going to deal with drizzle through 7:00,
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especially around the bay by 4:00, mostly sunny, 68 to 74 our temperature spread. inland cool conditions, mostly cloudy, low to mid 50s at 7:00, by 4:00, mild with sunshine and high clouds and 74 up to 81. if you are at the coast drizzle this morning, brighter by 4:00, temperatures cool in the upper 50s to mid 60s. good morning. to the south bay sunnyvale area 85 southbound at el camino real accident reportedly blocking a lane there, sensors not showing any significant slowing past the scene. 580 eastbound as you are heading towards richmond area at marina boulevard parkway marina bay parkway accident blocking right lane 101 peninsula northbound before san bruno avenue accident lane number three. the wife of suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi will take the stand again today in her husband owes ongoing it things probe. amy hollyfield -- joins us
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live in city hall with the story. >> reporter: good morning. she is downplaying what happened on december 31st and even changed her story a little bit. eliana lopez testified before the commission that her husband never said that he was a powerful man during their argument. on a video taken after the fight lopez says, she worried mirkarimi will take their son away from her, because he told her he's very powerful and he can, he can do it. but, at the hearing she said that was her conclusion that he never said that. she did tell the commission that the couple has talked about divorcing. but she says custody of their son would be a big concern for her. >> of course i don't want anyone taking theo away from me. so, as a family always we have to be together in making the s together and looking always for the best for neo.
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>> reporter: -- for theo. >> reporter: lopez flew in from venezuela the trip was paid for my private donors. she told the panel she there because she is scared of all of this madness here. next month she says they as a family will decide whether she and theo will be returning to san francisco. the commission will recommend whether ross mirkarimi should remain as the sheriff the board of supervisors has the final say. she is expected to testify again today. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. the mirkarimi's son remains in venezuela you see 3-year-old theo in a picture coming up, from an interview i-team reporter dan noyes did with lopez in venezuela in may. abc7 news will be there when lopez returns to testify today. the pan next is expected to make its recommendation to the board on august 16th.
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fairfield police investigating a shooting that sent a man to the hospital. it happened before 10:00 last night on dana drive. someone opened fire on a 23-year-old -- man. the victim is at the hospital in stable condition. police have little information at this time but they say they have no reason to believe the shooting is gang-related. santa clara police asking for the public's help in finding a man reported missing. police say the 32-year-old left work in mountain view for lunch yesterday and never came back. he was last seen at a store in south winchester in santa clara, one in the afternoon. police found his cell phone, they say his disappearance is suspicious. he's 6'1, 195 pounds, brown hair and brown eyes. to people recovering at a if hospital after their car was hit by a vehicle during a
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police chase -- it happened 9:00 last night. police are trying to stop the driver of the suv driving erratically the suv broadsided a vehicle injuring the two in the car the suspect ran an off-duty sheriff saw the incident chased down the suspect and arrested him. police ramping up efforts to catch two sexual predators. investigators leased a sketch of one wanted for assaulting a woman last month in the mission district described as a black man between 20 and 25 about 5'4, weighing 140 pounds. his accomplice described only as a hispanic male. if you recognize this man, san francisco police would like to you give them a call. authorities in san jose will move into kelly park this morning to clear out any homeless in ments that are still left this follows a --
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encampments that are still left this follows a series of suspicious fires. warning signs went up monday morning giving people advanced notice of today's sweep. southern california city face ma -- facing major financial troubles one step closer to bankruptcy. san bernardino city council voted to officially declare a fiscal emergency to allow the city to allowed a -- to avoid a lengthy mediation process and head straight to bankruptcy court. they may not be able to meet august payroll. making matters worst, a -- maker matters worse, a dozen employees have retired. chick-fil-a trying to open a new store in mountain view some want that decision reversed. a resident doesn't want a chick-fil-a drive-thru moving into town and take over the spot now occupied by sizzler
6:36 am
on el camino because of extra traffic. there's a perception that chick-fil-a's president is against gay rights. the restaurant was approved by the zoning administrator last week. we have been watching the clouds lift seeing more and more of the bridge behind us and other cameras around the bay area it is going to continue. >> let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco who has the timeline. live doppler 7 hd showers moving into the central valley this one heading to just about north. most of the us don't need to worry about that it is moving away from the morning commute. it is out there and bringing much needed rain to the extreme eastern parts of contra costa county, very, very light as you can see the blues and greens. visibilities are well just about everywhere outside the coast where they are improving rapidly, an also as this low
6:37 am
pressure starting to lift and take the lid off the atmosphere that creates morning marine layer and drizzle. low up to -- warmer weather on the way today, mid to upper 60s along the coast san francisco low to mid 70s bay shore north and south bay mid to upper 70s east bay valleys low to mid 80s warm spot. 70s back towards the monterey bay. 67 with a few lingering clouds around monterey. next three days, today we warm, tomorrow we warm back to average, saturday and sunday warmer 80s around the bay and 90s inland. 60s at coast. good morning. happy thursday. update on a couple of problems in the south bay 85 southbound at el camino real accident still blocking not seeing too much slowing past the scene. northbound 101 before san bruno avenue that accident cleared to the side of the road not affecting traffic
6:38 am
flow that area. to the richmond area 580 eastbound if you are heading off the richmond san rafael bridge in the area towards 80 eastbound, marina bay that parkway you can find an accident in the right lane at that interchange. now 80 once you grow 580 east on to the east shore freeway, traffic bunched up but moving into the bay bridge and macarthur maze. back-up now metering lights on earlier stall incline section now cleared out of lanes but you will find sluggish traffic upper deck into san francisco as you are heading into town marin county commute past the civic center traffic flowing smoothly. 6:39 now. oil prices that are higher are starting to impact summer vacation whether you travel by driving or flying. trading underway on wall street. live report from the new york stock exchange coming up. dow up 39 points right now.
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first new apology george zimmerman is making in his first tv interview and the threat he says trayvon martin made against him. you saw an hour ago the nominations for the primetime emmy live from hollywood. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh.
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welcome back. 6:44. sunshine this afternoon mixed with high clouds low clouds will pull back to the coast by 12:00 tops possible sun developing with 60s into san francisco low to mid 70s around the bay 70s and 80s inland. down to the south check out showers and thunderstorms those will head into the high country as we head through the morning into the afternoon hours. 73 with a thunderstorm in tahoe same in yosemite 86, fresno 92, 107 palm springs. we want to take a moment to thank those of you who contributed to the abc7 sleep train foster kids dream campaign bun dollar donated for every like we get. here are three people who have done just that. terry m is that me? no, san jose. allen s, fremont, david t, of
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san francisco. i know a guy named david t. to like us on facebook go to the abc7 news news page click the thumbs up button. what is trending now on twitter in san francisco, a lot emmy-related. nominated shows trending modern family, downton abbey and american horror story. also trending fred willard, the veteran comedian arrested by police for lewd conduct in a hollywood adult theater. just follow us for the latest news. right now we check with josh for what is coming up. >> reporter: good thursday morning to all of you coming up robin's interview with ann romney opening up about the lay taebgss on her husband to
6:45 am
her battle with multiple sclerosis. plus is her husband closer to picking a running mate right here on go m . -- on "good morning america." george zimmerman talked about the night trayvon martin was shot in an interview with fox news. zimmerman said when he got out of his car martin approached him and as zimmerman tried to grab his phone he said martin punched him he said martin said you're going to die tonight and tried to grab the gun zimmerman was carrying. zimmerman said he would like to talk to martin's parents. >> and i'm sorry they buried their child. i can't imagine what it must feel like and i pray for them daily. >> zimmerman charged with second degree murder in the teen's death. contingency planning for what is believed to be the imminent fall of assad is underway in washington. a strike at heart of dictator
6:46 am
assad's command center armed rebels claimed responsibility for yesterday's bombing in what could mark a turning point in the 18 months of fighting. u.n. security council meets today expected to vote on a new resolution demanding assad withdraw troops and weapons. vegetarians have more options if they say in the bay area, you probably know that >> i know that. >> higher oil price is impacting drivers and airlines, including southwest. >> are the two stories related? ellen joins us live from the new york stock exchange. south wet airlines 42% rise in second quarter profit helped by falling fuel cost the ceo says it is keeping a close eye on oil prices crude topping $91 a barrel on the rise for the past seven session.
6:47 am
higher oil force -- in the past week aaa says the price for regular unleaded in san francisco up six cents in san jose. for the market up day, helped by better than expected earnings. bloomberg index on the rise, biggest gainer in the index ebay shares up almost 10%. bargain hunters shopping on the site some think of ebay as market place for old used items but the ceo says 70% of the items are new. ebay's mobile picking up popularity downloads of mobile apps surpassed 90 million worldwide since being introduced in 2008. tonight all about google out with second quarter earnings at the close. a lot of choices in the bay area for vegetarians like me. sometimes food options can be limited turns out san jose and san francisco ranked among the
6:48 am
most vegetarian-friendly cities san jose number two behind seattle, san francisco number seven. the list is based on the percentage of restaurants in each city that offers vegetarian cuisine. the primetime emmy nominations have just been announced this morning. they will be hosted by jimmy kimmel and will air on abc7. >> they rousted me out of bed in the middle of the night. >> clearly. >> this could be just as good at noon. >> how can you be that funny that early in the morning? >> he's been up all night that's humidity >> came out in his pj's as you saw his show is up for outstanding variety series. modern family had the most nominations among comedies with 14, including outstanding comedy. of course you are looking at dancing with the stars also
6:49 am
nominated. overall, mad men and the mini series american horror story lead in the nominations with 17 each. other leading nominees include downton abbey, hatfields and mccoys and hemmingway. you can watch the emmys live from the nokia theater sunday september 23rd, starting at 4 p.m. right here on abc7. nominated for best meteorologist on any abc7 morning show, mike nicco. >> thank you very much. a lot of competition for that one. looking at includes from mount tamalpais, not as thick as yesterday, they will break up almost as quickly. today is the beginning of the warming trend. doppler showing showers skirting the bay area nice to get a little rain but it is not going to happen so your morning commute will be dry mid to upper 50s not only here
6:50 am
but also around the monterey bay. apparently cloudy and warmer today, mostly cloudy tonight, patchy drizzle along the coast, heat returns inland this weekend where going to be hottest. today still cooler tan average from san francisco, 66, two degrees cooler, napa and oakland three degrees cooler. tomorrow normal, here the cloud cover making its farthest push east by 8:00 and retreating back to the coast by noon there it will start to open up during the afternoon we'll see 60s, 70s and 80s in the forecast. here's a look at what going to happen the next seven days. we'll have those 80s inland today mainly in the east bay valleys low to mid 80s there. coast 60s two to four degrees warmer tomorrow, another two to six degrees warmer saturday,
6:51 am
saturday through tuesday, low to mid 90s inland low 80s around the bay, low to mid 60s at the coast. you come out of waldo tunnel southbound 101 toward san francisco in the fog limited visibility on the waldo grade once you get on the golden gate bridge traffic flowing smoothly visibility is good. san mateo bridge headed eastbound you will find slow traffic headed towards the incline into foster city traffic eastbound direction moving well no delays there. san jose great commute from san jose proper into the cupertino area light traffic on 280 northbound. couple trouble spots 85 san jose accident still blocking el camino real, eastbound 580 at marina bay accident blocking right lane. pardon my voice you can blame the walk-off homerun at the a's game for that. >> no blaming there, sue thanks.
6:52 am
the food bank of contra costa and solano counties was the setting for the latest listens meeting a chance for viewers to talk with us about what is on their minds. eric thomas hosting the discussion last night. abc7 news manage we are president and general manager burden phone attending dozens of community agencies turned -- turned out. some of the biggest issues, lack of funding caused by cuts at state and federal level. we heard about non-profits and the good work they are doing, including work with local food banks, youth, homeless and struggling s. >> i was over 50, lost my -- lost my job, i found opportunity junction which is a non-profit in antioch and i learned computer skills. >> thank you for that if your group would like to team up to host our next meet going to
6:53 am click on abc7 listens meetings. abc7 news will cover the issues and topics raised at last night's meetings. eric isn't here this morning, he's got jury duty. 6:53. here are five things to know before you go. number one, the wife of suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi will continue her testimony later today in her husband's ongoing hearing. she has been out of the country in her native venezuela since march. last night she said she may the move because she needs to work to support their son. >> number two, authorities in san jose will move into kelly park this morning to cheer out any homeless encampments still left signs went up monday giving peep advanced notice. this -- giving people advanced notice. number three, vector control will begin fogging
6:54 am
some communities to kill mosquitoes that may be carrying west nile following the discovery of two dead birds. >> number four, the wife of mitt romney talks to robin roberts. she says her husband still has not decided who his running mate is going to be. see the full interview coming up. number five, you saw the emmy nomination announced live here, jimmy kimmel came out in his pajamas to make the early morning event in hollywood he will be hosting this year's show. modern family has the most nomination among comedies. the ceremony airs sunday september 23rd here on abc7. the forecast one more time. >> not in pajamas in a suit. on the east bay especially valleys, a few showers showing
6:55 am
up just skirting outer regions and will day that way over the last three hours they've been moving out of the southern sections of santa clara valley higher elevations. it going to stay off to our east. cool with a lot of cloud cover through the morning. mild by noon, high clouds and sun by 4:00. temperatures top out in the 60s along the coast, near 80 as we head inland. update for you traffic-wise, san jose we had the early accident in the sunnyvale area, 85 southbound at el camino real still blocking a lane there 58 omagh rina bay parkway, richmond area accident blocking right -- right lane, san francisco off the new doyle drive extension a stall before lombard blocking right lane that will be slow coming off the golden gate bridge. bay bridge toll metering lights are on traffic very sluggish into san francisco on the incline and upper deck all the way into downtown.
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give yourself a little extra time. >> you have been paying for with it your voice it was worth it being at the a's game. >> you helped them win. >> it was great. >> that does it for this edition of the news that -- of the abc7 morning news. >> don't forget to download the alarm clock app. get it for free on the apple app store. you will be informed the minute you wake up. >> and mike can say coffee, coffee, coffee. >> where is that coffee? can you find me some coffee? >> we'll brew
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good morning, america. and massive freak storms pummel the northeast. 100,000 without power from chicago to pittsburgh. 1,000 lightning strikes in just 15 minutes in new york city. this incredible moment caught on camera. and it is not over. sam is tracking it all. breaking his silence. george zimmerman speaks out in his first interview, saying he has no regrets about what he did the night trayvon martin was shot, that it was, quote, god's plan. this morning we hear reaction from trayvon's parents. and abc news exclusive. one on one with ann romney. what she's saying this morning about her husband's choice for vp. and the calls to get the romneys


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