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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 19, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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katie marzullo joins us from san jose with the story. >> reporter: it is called operation chicken hawk. we are at one of 20 homes where search warrants are being served, right now. >> anything to say? >> reporter: we were there as police put the suspect at this location into the van. he and 19 others are accused of being part of a suspected khus ter trading online images, peer to peer of child pornography. the sergeant on scene tells me that creating, possessing and trading child porn are all crimes. police hope this sting will prevent worse crimes. >> our biggest fear is that people that are engaging in this type of behavior online might escalate and start to actually target the children in our community that is unacceptable just the possibility is not acceptable to us.
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>> reporter: this operation is being carried out by the internet crimes against children task force. the task force is special because it has mobile units that can go to the scene and process computers, hard drives, thumb drives on scene if in the past police officers had to send those off to a lab and wait for them to be processed. this is the largest child pornography bust in northern california, 30 agencies taking part, 165 officers just today. katie marzullo, abc7 news. san ramon police issued arrest warrant for a fourth suspect wanted in connection with a deadly jewelry store robbery. wanted on a $300,000 warrant for robbery, false imprisonment and conspiracy in connection with the may 30th at today robbery of the store on san ramon valley beautiful. 18-year-old was shot and killed by the store owner two others face murder charges
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both are being charged under the provocative act doctrine where defendants can be convicted for actions that provoke a killing even if they didn't do the killing. the wife of ross mirkarimi resumes her testimony today in front of the ethics commission considering whether her husband should keep his job. eliana lopez took the stand for half an hour last night and changed her story. she told the commission mirkarimi never said he was a powerful man during their argument and she wasn't worried he would use that power to get custody of their son. different than the remarks she made on video taken by a neighbor after the fight. she explained why she has been living in venezuela. >> how i feel? i feel so scared. >> even now you feel scared that -- >> absolutely. >> that you would lose custody of theo. >> that is why i'm in event develop because i'm scared of this madness. >> mirkarimi was suspended out pay in march after he pleaded
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guilty to misdemeanor false imprisonment for bruising his wife's arm. the panel is expected to make its recommendation on the sheriff's future to the board of supervisors august 16th. san jose city officials cleared out a homeless camp in the past couple of hours they issued notices this week officials have been concerned about health and safety and the risk of fires in kelly park. terry mcsweeney is live near the park. >> reporter: there have been fires down here in the area near kelly park that is not the reason that the san jose social services moved in today to help the homeless here in the area near the park transition to a safer place. take a look at pictures of the cleaning out today. they came down as you can see they were taking belongings from people, many people have come down here, it is flat, open, near a creek and they had not been bothered until recently. when the city of san jose for environmental and social
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reason, health reasons starting putting up signs saying we are going to be moving everybody out near coyote creek. homeless affected obviously. we talked to a city rep about why they are doing it and how? we talked to somebody who suddenly has to move from the place he was staying to a new location. >> we've been working carefully with other partners who are involved with homeless services so we can connect people out here in the encampments with alternative houses to get into a better path. >> people down here -- [ inaudible ] we cleaned up the area here. this side looks disgutting so i see why they kicked us out. >> reporter: right now the movement that started 9:00 this morning moving the homeless out to safer place and getting their belongings
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out of here has pretty much wrapped up. you can see the san jose police department still has a couple cars out here they were here for the operation today just in case and from what we can tell they were not needed this went off without a hitch. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. the former neighborhood watch volunteer accused of shooting and killing teenager trayvon martin has given his first television interview. george zimmerman said what happened was 's plan. karen travers has more. -- >> reporter: in his first television interview since he shot and killed trayvon martin, george zimmerman stuck to his side of the story. >> is there anything you regret? do you reget getting out of car to follow trayvon that night? >> no, sir. >> do you regret you had a gun? >> no, sir. >> reporter: he tells fox news he believes the shooting was
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almost out of his hands. >> i feel it was god's plan. >> reporter: martin's family was outraged. they say they must worship a different god, because their god wouldn't want trayvon dead. >> i do wish there was something, anything i could have done that wouldn't have put me in the position where i had to take his life. >> reporter: police say he could have avoided the fatal shooting by identifying himself or never leaving his vehicle as police instructed him to do. zimmerman apologized to the martin family in court in april and again last fight on fox. >> i am sorry that they buried their child. i can't imagine what it must feel like. and i pray for them daily. >> reporter: the interview has legal experts scratching their heads. they say it was risky. >> every statement, every comment he makes in the context of this interview will almost certainly be fodder for prosecutors who are looking for discrepancies.
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>> reporter: zimmerman insists martin was the aggressor who slammed his head on the concrete and went for his gun. zimmerman said he's not a racist nor a murderer. still ahead, two major automakers announce recalls. the important safety information you need to know. >> plus, abc news exclusive interview with ann romney the wife of mitt romney. she opens up about her husband's refusal to make public more of his tax returns. and her emotional battle with multiple sclerosis. >> also, new developments in the crisis in syria. united nations action today. president bashar assad did not waste time filling his inner circle one day after a bombing
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you can see
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> china and russia again vetoed the united nations resolution threatening sanctions against syria. in beirut president assad took immediate action to replace his defense minister today because the previous minister was killed yesterday in a blast along with two other members of assad's inner circle. this was the first appearance of assad since the blast. >> the wife of mitt romney has given an exclusive interview to "good morning america" robin roberts. ann romney reinforced her husband's refusal to make more of his tax returns public.
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>> we've given all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation and how we live our life. >> she said her family 10% of their income to the mormon church and he did not take a salary as massachusetts's governor. she says being diagnosed 14 years ago with multiple sclerosis was her darkest hour. >> it wasn't just the feeling, it is the unknown where is this taking me how long is this going to go on is it going to drag me down so much i have nothing left in life? >> romney says she found value in life again during her therapy with the help of family and friends. president obama started two days of campaigning in florida one of the major battleground states. the president departed washington this morning and is hold ago event now jacksonville, florida. he will be in west palm beach trying to win over vets, seniors and independent
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voters. morgan freeman announced he's given one million dollars to a political action committee to help reelect president obama. steven spielberg has also donated to the group. sun coming out quicker today, sfo delays over, warming trend on the way. we'll talk about when 90s will get to the bay area and where they will be most prevalent during the weekend. the emmy nominations are in. which abc show got the most nods? why did jimmy kimmel show
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the primetime emmys are out this year's award show will be hosted by jimmy kimmel who made the announcements very early in the morning. >> they rousted me out of bed in the middle of the night last night. >> clearly. >> this could be just as good at noon, really. [ laughing ] >> jimmy, who are you wearing? >> this is from the husky baby collection. >> yes. he did the honors in his pj's. his show was nominated for outstanding variety series.
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>> should i give a speech now or what? that could have been uncomfortable. >> modern family has the most nominations among comedies with 14, including outstanding comedy the show that has won that category in the past two years in a row. dancing with the stars up for outstanding reality competition. mad men and mini series american horror story leads the nominations with 17 each. other leading nominees cloud downton abbey, hatfields and mccoys. watch live sunday september 23rd starting at 4:00 right here on abc7. a full list of all the nominees on click on see it on tv. exciting stuff. >> he was pretty funny this morning. he's up early our time 5,
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5:30. know your pain jimmy. >> nice pajamas. >> yeah let's talk about the weather. the sun is breaking out as we look west, that's sutro tower you see from south beach towards sutro tower between peaks marine layer of clouds are all but gone compared to this morning even around san jose a lot of the sunshine showers earlier were trying to clip the extreme east bay heading towards oakley as you throughout altamont pass into the central valley near tracy right now doppler quiet out there showing how dry it has become upper level three was to our north that brought this cool weather early this week is retrograding west and becoming less of a factor as is moisture from fabio now moving into the sierra going to create showers and thunderstorms from yosemite up to tahoe today. 73 antioch, 71 los gatos everybody else mid to upper
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60s same around the monterey bay into salinas, gilroy warmer and 71°. partly cloudy and warmer today, mostly cloudy, patchy drizzle possible along the coast maybe the east bay hills that's about it, heat returns especially inland this weekend. taking baby steps oakland and san francisco one degree warmer today at 70 and 66 fremont 74, san jose 77 four degrees warmer concord 82, five santa rosa up to 78, six degrees warmer than yesterday. 80 los gatos most of the south bay mid to upper 70s today, mid to upper 70s peninsula, millbrae 70. low to mid 60s along the coast mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito pockets of sun north bay beaches low to mid 60s inland almost complete sun mid to upper 70s, 80s napa, 60 berkeley low to mid 70s east bay shore hercules possibly 76 low to mid 80s east bay
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valleys today morgan hill gilroy 62 i should say mid to upper 60s around monterey and carmel to low to mid 70s with more sun around watsonville and santa cruz. 73 tahoe, 88 yosemite, scattered storms. rain is over in los angeles, 85 today, 77 in san diego, 107 in palm springs. yankees are in town for a four game set starts tonight 7:05 first pitch, partly cloudy at 61, dropping to 56, clouds roll in after the game, 50s, green that's drizzle along the coast. high pressure moving in going to be more summer-like tomorrow we warm two to four degrees another two to six saturday from saturday through tuesday in the 90s inland near 80 around the bay comfortable, a little sun at the coast free air conditioning there you know where to go, mid 60s.
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we have breaking news. there is some sort of police action on the golden gate bridge now. you can see what it is going to traffic, it is very, very slow which means backed up northbound and southbound. there's activity in the center of the bridge we are still trying to find out more. at least for now, if you you are headed in either of those directions or waiting for folks, traffic is going to be very slow. we'll follow up on honda recalling more than 172,000 vehicles in the united states because the doors may not close. the recall affects 166,000 crv, suv's from 2012 and more than 6,000 acura lx's from the 2013 model if the inside driver or passenger door handles are used at the same time as power or manual door locks the inner door latch may not work i a
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latch would open the company says there have not been crashes or injuries reported. dealers will inspect the cars and fix them if needed. ford recalling more than 11,000 of 2013 escapes over concerns the engines could catch fire warning people not to drive the vehicles because fuel line could crack and leak only affects models with 1.64 cylinder engines from ail to july eventh of this -- from april to july 11th of this year. the company says it has three reports of fires, including one while a customer was driving. fortunately, nobody was hurt. we want to thank you so much for helping to raise thousands of dollars for bay area foster children by liking us on facebook. here are a few of our new friends: rick f of benicia, cody l of mountain view and maria d of san francisco.
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if you would like to make a difference in the lives of the children go to abc7 news facebook page and click the like button. coming up next, your weekend starts early in what's hot. first lara spencer has a preview on what is coming up on good afternoon america. coming up, today the emmy nominations are out. who scored and who got snubbed? we have all those details. carson crest with shopping in our clothes -- carson kressley is with us shopping in our own closets. the real housewives of new york are with us, dishing on their fellow cast m
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today at 4:00, it is laundry day for michael finney. which of the new premeasured pods gets clothes cleanest? new study on the damage done to babies when women drink during pregnancy especially if they engage in a particular type of drinking behavior. those stories and more later today. celebrating radio and show horses perform in the south bay. don sanchez has what's hot.
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>> the world premiere upright grand a music, poignant and funny opens in the lucy stern theater. the 3nd san francisco jewish film festival the best of jewish cinema highlighting more than 5700 years of culture in bay area theaters. the 15th brave new voices international poetry slam the largest in the world finals saturday at oakland's fox theater. don sanchez, abc7 news.
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