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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 20, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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said in her tweet abc news you have the right person i need call the police, i need to fly out to colorado. the police chief says, a gunman wearing a gas mask and bulletproof vest set off unknown gas in the theater and opened fire into the crowded room. the death toll down from 14 to 12, youngest victim three months old. that three-month-old was shot. 38 time that number keeps changing were wounded. some of who survived are being treated for gunshot wounds some for tear gascon tam nation. one man describes what he -- what he saw and felt. i thought it was a firecracker or a firework or something i thought someone was just like it is the batman premiere i'm going to bring firecrackers in and get people riled up. it want until the alarm sounded saying there's an emergency in the building, that's when i figured out it
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was serious. >> reporter: it is possible that there are explosives at holmes' home that's what he told police. authorities went there immediately, evacuated the apartment complex and now searching and investigating that site. president obama has said committed to bringing whoever was responsible to justice and ensuring the safety of our people and caring for hose who have been wounded. -- for those who have been wounded. investigators believe that holmes does not have ties to domestic or international terrorism. however, we are learn paris premiere of the new bat money movie has been cancelled. -- the new batman movie has been cancelled. stay with us all morning long about the colorado shooting. the president will address the issue 8:20 this morning we will break into programming to bring that to you.
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in other news, you see low clouds but we are going to warm up. absolutely, sunshine faster than we saw yesterday warmer weather on the way today and the weekend, good morning. doppler is dry this morning. heading around the bay today drier conditions at 7:00, mid to upper 50s by noon sunshine, 4:00 and 7:00 noontime temperatures upper 60s to low 70s top out between noon and 4, mid and upper 70s hanging out in the 60s into the evening hours. inland cool with a few clouds, temperatures in the 70s by noon, 80s by 4:00, 70s and 80s as you head out during the evening if you are at the coast clouds most dominant breaks between noon and 4:00, temperatures whole in the 50s to low 60s. -- temperatures hold in the 50s to low 60s. nothing to complain about, nice and quiet, a few
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accidents, nothing to slow you down. bay bridge toll delay inform tree, headlights eastbound, westbound more conjested still find out of hayward no problems on 880 or 101. south bay looks great traffic moving northbound towards cupertino and 280 fine up the peninsula into san francisco. other news, suspended sheriff mirkarimi headed to court to get his wife back the couple will ask the judge to lift the stay way order. this comes a day after lopez wrapped up her testimony before ethics commission. lopez testified that the fight she had with her husband on new year's eve sent her life into a tailspin. amy hollyfield will have more on what she said, at 6:30. today the santa clara county district attorney is expected to formally announce
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charges will not be refiled against a man accused of beating a priest who he says sexually abused him and his brother when they were children. a jury found william lynch not guilty of charges against retired catholic breeze gerald lindner. 15 suspecte sexual president -- sexual predators under arrest. in a series of coordinated raids police served warrants on 20 homes yesterday including this one in san jose. one was taken into custody. silicon valley internet crimes against children task force spearheaded the sweep. memorial service scheduled in millbrae for two people who died when their house caught fire in san bruno a week ago today. the 62-year-old died in the hospital, her 2-year-old grandson was killed in
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friday's fire on lake drive. investigators believe candles from the families religious alter in the second floor hallway may have started that fire. officials will study a proposal to charge motorists a tax on every mile they drive in the nine county region. members of the mta and the association of bay area government approved going forward with further study. drivers could be required to install gps-type odometers in their vehicles and pay as little as a penny or as much as a dime for every mile driven. would it raise funds for roads and public transit while reducing traffic and car emissions. the idea could take a decade or more could be launched. first case of west nile found in sonoma county confirmed. tests show a dead crow found in petaluma last week was infected with west nile. the virus is spread by the
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bite of infected mosquitoes only one in 150 infrequented become seriously ill. -- infected become seriously ill. a lot of people may be heading to the pools, beach this weekend making plans yet? >> i'm going to make them as soon as mike is done with his forecast i'm thinking about going to see that great white shark in santa cruz. >> i can see him doing that with his hawaiian swimsuit, -- white legs scaring everybody. >> they are tanned. >> i have no idea, i'm kidding. having fun because the weather is quiet, cloudy haven't heard reports of drizzle, flight arrival delays into sfo check out our flight tracker oakland and san jose on time.
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warmer everywhere this morning. antioch, san jose the same. fog forming three to one degree warmer. low pulling away you can see the orange of dry air coming in high pressure backing is way towards us, exceptionally hot high pressure that's why we are going to have warm weather around the bay and hot inland the coast stays the same the next couple of days today in the 50s everywhere this morning, 60 at the coast by noon, low to upper 70s from the bay to inland. mid 70s around the bay at 4:00, low 80s inland mid 60s at the coast friday evening festivities does for low to mid 70s inland mid to upper 60s around the bay mid to upper 50s at the coast. 80s and 90s from the coast, stay in the 60s could be hotter monday looking forward to the warm-up and you can look forward to a quiet commute this friday morning.
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slowing we are seeing only confined to the east bay now. westbound 80 still flowing well more conjested for headlights past university in berkeley not much of a wait at the bay bridge toll. westbound 4 slows in antioch, lone tree towards loveridge, 33 miles an hour. slowing westbound 580 through the altamont pass. north bay, southbound traffic through san rafael, totally delay-free to the golden gate bridge. 6:09. >> we'll continue follow breaking news from colorado deadly mass shooting inside a movie theater, update, next. high-tech means deep discounts the meeting that is bringing facebook and wal-mart together today. you've heard of distracting driving. what about distracted walking? growing nati
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6:13. back live to aurora, colorado for our breaking news story. overnight in a movie theater showing the new batman movie, there was a mass shooting. now what you are looking at is the apartment complex where the suspected gunman james holmes resides and police and s.w.a.t. team have just moved in to this apartment to search it there's word they belief there could be explosive there is he said something to the effect at the scene after the
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shooting in which 12 people were killed and 38 time have been injured. just got new information about this suspect out of our denver sister station. they are saying that james holmes has no ties to terrorism that are known and no criminal history either. right now they are trying to enter and do a thorough search of this apartment complex two block area evacuated. we'll continue to follow this breaking news story for you the denver theater shootings with katie marzullo with another update shortly. in a world of facebook there are likes and then really big likes. mark zuckerberg is about to ache one of those big ones. he's going to two days at wal-mart store headquarters in arkansas meeting with executives of the world's largest retailer. talking about ways to deepen their relationship is what they are saying. no one is saying what the agenda is going to be.
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wal-mart, again the number one retail behind in online sales, facebook coming off a problematic public offering. we've had plenty about the dangers of using a cell phone while driving. there's also distracted walking you may have seen that. michael finney tells us how to stay save. >> reporter: good morning! it might be -- time to take a break from constant communication injuries from distracted walk something a growing problem. you may have seen this video of a woman item leng into a fountain at the mall while texting. -- it might make you chuckle. consumer report says phones put pedestrians in a fog. >> clearly, drivers aren't the only people distracted by electronic devices pedestrians are too ain't can be dangerous. >> reporter: in a poll consumer reports found 85% of americans had recently seen
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someone use a mobile device to talk, text, e-mail or use apps while walking. of those who witness such behavior, 52% say the pedestrians have dangered themselves or others. >> numbers are hard to pin down, injuries are occurring while pedestrians are using a mobile device appear to be going up. >> reporter: a project estimates that injuries of nonmotorized people mostly pedestrians distracted by cell phones are increasing by more than 180 a year. >> falling into a fountain might be funny. what is not fun stories of people walking and texting when crossing the street. >> reporter: after reading about several fatalities that authorities suggest were related to distracted walking she said she won't texan walk at all any more. >> i don't think it -- it matters where you live i think a pedestrian in today's times must be length and aware of their surroundings and it is
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-- must be vigilant and aware of their surroundings. >> reporter: now she acts like a driver, pulling over to answer a call or text. authorities in some cities are starting to crackdown on distracted walkers getting -- giving out tickets to pedestrians who walk and talk or walk and text in utah crossing train tracks while talking or texting could everyone you a $59. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> i've seen it walking across intersections. >> if you are texting where your face is down, probably dangerous. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco and talk about the warm-up. sunshine, beautiful picture as we look at mount diablo in the disthank rising above the cloud deck -- distance, rising above the cloud deck. dry start to the day, a little
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spike the sunrise you spree modesto to south of -- we know the sun is up, just can see it in most areas unless you hook from a tower cam. mid to upper 50s same around the monterey bay until you get to watsonville at 50°. more sunshine and warmer today, warm to hot inland and around the bay, warm around the bay to hot inland during the weekend. today temperatures back to average. 74 oakland, one degree warmer. san jose two degrees cooler and redwood city 78 which is five degrees cooler the only areas that don't make it to average today, but you will tomorrow. fog in the north bay by 11:00 back to the coast during the afternoon includes break open there, 60s for you, 90s starting to develop in the south bay low to mid 80s except -- mid to upper 70s on
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the peninsula today with low to mid 60s along the coast, upper 60s around downtown south san francisco, 71 sausalito upper 70s to low 80s north bay low to mid 60s along the shoreline mid to upper 70s east bay valleys. east bay valleys mid to upper 80s east bay shore in the 70s. temperatures in the 90s tomorrow through tuesday inland 80s around the bay head to the coast for the free air conditioning. northbound 280 skyline off-ramp injury crash doesn't look like it is blocking lanes. traffic moving at 64 miles an hour on 280 and 101 towards sfo moving along nicely at 62 miles an hour, mike was telling us about weather-related arrival delays at sfo, about an hour and a half, check if you are picking somebody up at the airport. bay bridge toll, metering lights not yet on just minor
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back up for some of the cash paying lanes. it is friday light. also a nice ride across the san mateo bridge westbound traffic for taillights looks good out of hayward eastbound also light and no major problems on the peninsula, no major accidents around the rest of the bay area. 6:20. we'll continue to follow our breaking news story out of colorado. here's a live picture in aurora, the apartment complex where police have moved in searching the apartment of the suspected gunman who opened fire inside a packed theater showing the dark knight rises. killing 12 people, injuring 38 to 50. we are just getting word in that new york city police are now providing more coverage at theaters showing the dark knight rises. in paris they've cancelled the premiere of the movie after this tragedy that unfolded overnight.
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welcome back. we are looking at a live picture of air force one at west palm beach where the president is going to be boarding shortly going to fort meyers addressing the nation with regards to shooting in an record colorado in just a little bit. he has cancelled an event in
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orlando, as a result of the shooting. it took place 12:30 or so, colorado time this morning during a midnight showing of the new batman movie. a man walked in front of the theater, apparently he a rifle and a handgun and a canister of what may have been tear gas, opened fire, he killed at least 12 people and wounded dozens, perhaps as many as 50. that is what happened in colorado. right now what is going on in colorado is they have his apartment surrounded. he mentioned to officers that there were explosives inside his apartment. they've evacuated the area around it. they've gone in to see if that is the case. right now as far as presidential moves as a result, the president will be talking the incidents at fort meyers on the west coast of florida, 8:20 this morning. we'll be breaking into coverage to bring you that. >> you can see what is happening here, our sister
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station in denver, abc7 carrying continuing live coverage interviewing witnesses people at the movie theater what they are reporting now police have not said what the motive for the shooting is. they say the suspect james holmes no connection to terrorism that they know of, no previous criminal history. we just have this -- this word from congresswoman nancy pelosi from san francisco here our thoughts and prayers are with them as they grapple with the random sense of lie lens. president obama will be
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>> announcer: right now breaking news. i'm terry mcsweeney in ear for -- in for eric thomas. 12 people confirmed dead after a shooting during the midnight premiere of the dark knight rises. >> it happened in aurora, a suburb 10 minutes from denver. police have been searching the suspect's a >> reporter: right, the latest news is good news that suspect 24-year-old james holmes told police he explosives at his house. cnn reporting no explosives were found. authorities have been searching since they got that piece of information. they believe he acted alone
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that threat may be over and the focus now on motive. you are looking live at pictures out of denver right now. police chief says holmes was wearing a gas mask and a bulletproof vest and he set off -- this is cell phone video from earlier that you see now -- that he set off some kind of gas in the theater before opening fire the death toll stands at 12, 10 died at the theater that victim who is three months old was treated and released, parents took him as a precaution there's a 6-year-old among the victims. 38 to 50 people wounded that number keeps changing. we continue to hear more from people if -- inside the theater. i thought it was like a firecracker or firework i thought someone was like it is the batman premiere i'm going to get people riled up. it wasn't until the alarm
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sounded saying there was an emergency, something is going on that's when i figured out it was serious. >> reporter: investigators do not believe holmes has any ties to domestic or international terrorism. there's no word on motive. and we are leaning the paris premiere of the movie has been cancelled. also, back here at home police offering extra police coverage at movie theaters in new york that are showing the dark knight. president obama is going to speak about this shooting, these are live pictures right now you see a reporter there in colorado doing his report. we know president obama is going to speak to this tragedy at 8:20 our time. he's going to do that in florida. he's cancelled a campaign stop in orlando and going to fly back to washington. many public officials releasing statements. homeland exec ter janet napolitano saying she has break -- decked the department of homeland security to provide any support necessary.
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and the department is committed to bringing those responsible to justice. here in san francisco, people behinded up to see the new batman movie at the amc where we find amy hollyfield, continuing our team coverage getting reaction from there. >> reporter: good morning. these people in line behind in line at 9:30 last night. they found out about it while in line they are waiting for the 8 a.m. show. one woman saw it on our facebook page and word spread. people are calling the shooting ridiculous, heinous and unreal saying they are trying to not let it put a dam per on their movie experience. there are 100 people in line, some in costume. looks like the 3:45 a.m. show is getting out now you see people leaving the theaters others still in line. many of the people in line tried to get tickets to the midnight showing and the 3:45 a.m. showing but they were sold out so they had to settle
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for the 8:00 show. one couple heard it on fair facebook saying they are from colorado they are hoping no one they knew was hurt. they say they can just imagine their friends would have been at that move . they are waiting for word from colorado -- amy hollyfield, abc7 news. right now you are looking at a live picture of air force one in west palm beach on the tarmac waiting to take the president to fort meyers in florida where he had a previously scheduled event. there we are told president obama will address this tragedy in colorado and talk about the theater shootings. then he will cancel his next campaign stop in orlando and fly straight back to washington, d.c. so he is cancelling an orlando event in light of what has happened. mitt romney also has put out a statement on this and a lot of
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other political types has talked about what has happened. right now we have michelle and you are shocked and saddened by the written statement released by white house federal appear local law enforcement are still responding my administration will do everything we can to suort the people of aurora in this extraordinary difficult time. right now you are looking at a live picture in san francisco of the theater where people have been waiting to see the dark knight rises. many are following the news expressing they are stunned. believe we have a person right now this is from our sister station -- 303-872-5292. the doctor can give you a status update. . >> good morning.
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we started receiving patients about 1:00 this morning. some of the initial patients arrived by police vehicle. some of the most critically ill were immediately seen, evaluated and taken to surgery. we received 15 patients, 12 which had gunshot wounds, three of which had some sort of fume chemical exposure. at this point we've admitted seven patients to the hospital. four as i said have gone to the operating room, and i'm happy to say those patients are life. we've had no fatalities so far. we have two pending surgeries this morning. we've had four total patients discharged. we don't anticipate further patients but we are always prepared. as a level two trauma center we have an intern disaster program we activated and were able to mobilize trauma surgeons and emergency physicians and staff from the rest of the hospital to attend to our most critically ill. i'm happy to say we've had no
6:36 am
fatalities so far. if i could, i could answer any questions you may have. >> can you describe the nature of the injuries? >> most of the injuries were again, gunshot wounds, varied from wounds to the chest and abdomen trunk to extremity wounds they appear to be of high calibre. >> [ inaudible ] >> i don't know how you could be prepared for such a thing but i think the staff did an excellent job they did what they they've been trained to do at this point they are starting to settle down. there's a program we have to go through a briefing and support not only the patients and the family but the staff. >> [ inaudible ] at this point i don't have information on anybody who is that young seen at this
6:37 am
facility. there were teenagers here, but we don't have anybody younger than that. >> [ inaudible ] we serve this community for many years we are always prepared this is outside of the scope of what we routinely see. i think they all did a very, very good job. >> can you describe what the scene was like as the patients started coming in? >> there's a lot of uncertainty at the initial stages this was a lot of chaos at the beginning. everybody settled down and we took the patients rapidly, assessed their needs and many were treated immediately and taken to surgery. >> are there still people in critical condition here? >> yes, there are four in critical condition that i'm aware of. >> talk about the chemical? >> at this point we think it
6:38 am
was some sort of gas tear gas type situation. we don't have a specific identification at this time. the patients that we did see had burning skin, burning eyes, burning and irritation to their nose and mouth. those three patients were seen, decontaminated and discharged. you mentioned it is still a critical time, are they over the hump yet or it is still -- still more -- [ inaudible ] i think certainly this is a difficult time for a lot of those patients but we are optimistic. excellent surgeons here taking care of those patients no fatalities again we are in the early stages of this >> [ inaudible ] >> again, those in critical condition the information that i have is those are gunshot wounds to the neck and torso and abdomen. that's about as far detail i
6:39 am
have at this point. >> [ inaudible ] >> we have a staging area in the hospital where families are being received westside port counselors available to them those patients whose family have been advised. >> [ inaudible ] certainly that's beyond the scope of my forensic knowledge. again we take care of the life-threatening injuries and wounds as far as anything forensic, that's beyond the scope of what i do as an emergency physician. >> [ inaudible ] >> no. >> you are saying that -- [ inaudible ] >> at this point, no again i don't have updated information on those critically ill
6:40 am
patients. [ inaudible ] >> i don't have information on that at this time. how many released? >> four patients released. >> do you have a break down, male, female? >> i think almost an equitable mix of the type of patients, male, female we've received they are on the younger side. >> practice mit age range -- approximate age range? you have been listening to a news conference live from aurora, colorado, dozens injured, we have been listening to the emergency physician at one of the facilities in aurora talking about the 15 total victims that he had to treat, 12 gunshot victims, three chemical agent victims. the three chemical agents had
6:41 am
burning skin, burning eyes, discharged. 12 gunshot wounds some with wounds to the chest, neck, tees. >> some of those injuries consistent -- consistent with tear gas witnesses say they saw the suspect basically tes canisters before he started shooting. that was one description from witnesses. we also have word now from the mitt romney campaign also issuing a statement this morning regarding the tragedy. he says ann and you are deeply saddened: we are praying for the families and loved ones during this time of deep shock and immense grief we expect the person responsible will be quickly brought to justice. we'll take a break and come back with more news for you.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. 6:46. more on the colorado movie theater shootings in a moment. for today and the weekend, here's mike nicco. a lot of cloud cover nothing on live doppler,
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flight delays into sfo of 88 minutes, oakland, san jose on time. fog santa rosa quarter mile visibility there everybody else okay. clouds around the bay and at the coast patchy drizzle maybe at the coast unlikely compared to what we've been dealing with earlier in the week. five taoefrs the next hour or so 12:00 clouds back to the coast and pockets of sun developing, 60s and 70s around the coast and bay to 70s mid to upper 70s inland 70s and 80s inland by 4:00. 70s around the bay 60s at the coast. heading out this evening, 50s along the coast thickening clouds there, 60s around the bay, 70s inland. over the next three days, warming trend going to take place away from the coast, homogenized steady mid 60s mid 80s around the bay and low to mid 90s inland.
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now we have three injury accidents. >> one reported in walnut creek southbound 680 past treat. here's a live shot past treat near north main the accident could be before the shop slowing near north main towards highway 24 we'll keep you posted. then a couple more southbound 101 in the north bay near marinwood not supposed to be blocking lanes even though a big rig reported. 46 miles an hour, you see there is a little slowing on the shoulder. another injury accident northbound 280 skyline boulevard on the off-ramp blocking the right lane traffic flowing well 280 through san bruno and 101. mass transit systems reporting no major delays. there were some delays on muni's j church line due to a stalled car that seems to have been cleared. bay bridge toll right now still friday light haven't
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turned the metering lights on. good ride here san jose for cars moving northbound 280 up towards cupertino. we are continuing to follow breaking news out of colorado. 12 people confirmed dead after a shooting during the midnight premiere of the new batman movie it happened in aurora, 10 minutes from denver. katie marzullo has just gotten new information. >> reporter: this is coming from twitter just now that a witness told cnn that the man got into the theater through an exit door when somebody heard him knocking and let him in. a witness telling cnn that would shed new light on how go in before he carried out this -- carried out this mass murder. newest information from a doctor at one of the hospitals where some of the victims taken a level two trauma center, a surgeon telling us
6:49 am
everyone brought to his facility is still alive, at this time. but he sees some critical patient there is the most critical shot in the neck and chest this white car that is believed to be the suspect's car that he was parked at the movie theater where police found him pretty much immediately after the shooting. identified as 25-year-old james holmes. when police took him into custody at the theater he told them he had explosives at his house they went there evacuated the complex and began searching for that. cnn reporting no explosives were found there. this is the shooting scene at the theater, mass hysteria. the gunman went in according to witnesses and released a tear gas maybe and then opened fire. among those injured 38 to 50,
6:50 am
fluid number, some treated for gunshot wounds some for tear gas inhalation. the death toll right now stands at 12, downgraded from 14 which was the count earlier. a lot of teenagers in their 20s waiting in line to see the midnight shooting a three-month-old taken to the hospital as a precaution and was treated and released. a 6-year-old involved, we don't know if that child was shot or not. the fallout from this continuing across the country, across the world. the paris premiere of the dark knight movie has been cancelled. in new york city extra police are coming out to the theaters where the movie is showing, just in case. president obama getting involved with this. he has released a written statement, he has cancelled a campaign stop. going to make remarks from another location in florida,
6:51 am
8:20 this morning our time he's cancelling an orlando stop and moving to washington to deal with this national tragedy the police believe james holmes acted alone. the fallout being felt across the world at this hour. one thing, it has happened in colorado, mass killing reminds some of us of what happened at columbine, 18 miles from aurora colorado to the columbine high school. >> just getting word one of the victims, a young sports writer she narrow lay voided remember that toronto shooting last month. she wrote a blog about how she narrowly avoided that shooting. she tweeted she was waiting in line for the movie to start.
6:52 am
that is sad and eerie. let's check out what is happening here in san francisco. reaction where the batman movie is debutting. >> amy hollyfield continues our team coverage from there. what are folks saying? >> reporter: you said the 3:45 show just let out when you in a dark movie you are in somewhat of a media blackout. we met a man coming out of the movie didn't know what happened he said no one inside was talking about it. it was a jolt he was very upset. no one inside was talking about it. these people in line are aware of it they've been in line since last night waiting for the 8 a.m. show. some -- [ inaudible ] they don't want it to ruin their experience. those are people getting out of the 3:45 i don't think realize what is happening. some say it has put a damper
6:53 am
on their experience others saying they are trying not to think about it, because they don't want to ruin this moment they've been hooking for calling this event of the sum -- been looking for calling this event of the summer. we've heard in some large cities they were adding security to keep an eye on things. people here tell us believe this is an isolated event. they don't feel worry. they say they would hope that nothing like this would ever happen anywhere and not happen here this morning they feel like it was an isolated event still going forward with their plans this one starting 8 a.m.. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. right now back to the scene of the crime an or , colorado this is not the -- aurora, colorado not the scene of the crime where police thought there might be the scene of a second crime, suspect said he left explosives officers went to his apartment,
6:54 am
evacuated buildings, checked it out traffic flowing again, it has been cleared. that was an empty threat by the suspect in the movie theater shooting with 12 dead up to 50 wounded. just getting word that police are tell -- are saying what they found belonging to the suspect four weapons assault style rifle, shotgun and two pistols. our sister station in denver saying the suspect is not cooperating with police. he's in custody, police found him at his car where they took him into custody he's not talking to them now. he is 24-year-old james holmes, and right now you are looking at a live picture of his apartment in aurora, colorado. we'll continue to follow this story on twitter, follow abc7 news day area or go to we will be continuing to cover
6:55 am
this story latest decision movie theater dark knight rises showing, it happened overnight, 12 people ted now, 38 injured. >> some of the individual stories coming out now, one woman talking to associated press saying the suspect stood four feet in front of her pointed the gun at her, she just froze, he moved the gun and shot the people behind her. we are hearing that he paused only to reload one of his weapons. and went on with his shooting. that woman survived and she is okay. we'll hear more. quick check of your weather with mike. live doppler 7 hd, a lot of cloud cover, no moisture flight arrival delays of 88 minutes into sfo oakland and san jose okay mid to upper 50s now, the same around the monterey bay maybe cooler around watsonville. back to average today, check
6:56 am
out the warmth, 80s around the bay this weekend, heat inland 90s. final check of the bay bridge toll, it friday light, metering lights haven't been turned on, hot spot southbound 680 at north main in walnut creek this injury crash causing slowing for folks heading through walnut creek now. >> thanks for watching us. that does it for this edition of the abc7 morning news. "good morning america" with much more coverage of what happened in colorado. abc news will have a special report when the president speaks at 8:
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good morning, america. major breaking news right now from colorado. a mass shooting inside a midnight showing of the new "batman" movie, "the dark knight rises." the gunman broke into the theater, exploding smoke canisters then fired on the packed house. >> and there was about 50 to 75 gunshots and we just like stayed down behind the chairs because we were afraid to get up and played dead. >> abc news confirmed 12 dead, 50 injured. the bloody and confusing chaos captured on camera. reports of children and infants injured. >> you hear bang, bang, bang, just really, really loud. >> the suspect identified this morning.


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