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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 21, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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still developing this morning after 24 hours after the one of the worst massecres in u.s. history. but this is not over yet. right now police are taking look at his booby trapped apartment. here's rebecca steens. >> as the sun comes up over aurara, colorado, 30 people are still in the hospital and some still in critical condition. police are looking at not one, but two crime scenes. >> a crowd gathered for an impromptu prayer after one of the worst u.s. massecres in u.s. history. a day that started innocently at the screening of the new batman film. halfway into the movie hundreds fled the carnage inside.
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a state of shock and bleeding from bullet holes. >> oh, my god! >> known had any inkling of the horrors to come. the lone gunman, 24-year-old james holmes, watched the film like everyone else until he got up and used his cell phone. then he slipped through an exit door to get an arsenal of weapons from his car. holmes went back inside to the front of the theater and hurled two green canisters. >> they started hissing and smoke everywhere, and then by the time i turned the corner they went off just pop, pop! and then shooting. >> then he shot up in the air and everybody started to panic at that point. >> the baby was in my arms at that time and then it was just chaos. >> at that moment i remember thinking i'm not going to die in here. me and my kids, we are not going to die in here. >> just minutes later police arrested holmes outside the theater near his car. officials won't say if the suspect talked about a motive. right now they are worried about
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his apartment. it is booby trapped. >> i see an awful lot of wires, trip wires, jars full of ammunition, jars full of liquid. some things that look like mortor rounds. we have a lot of challenges to get in there safely. >> now police are hoping to get into that apartment sometime today. they had no luck last night and they are hoping they are going to get some help from federal enforcement officials. reporting live from aurora, colorado,abc news. >> we have a reporter in colorado that will are continue to bring us live updates. as we heard in that report from rebecca stevens, this morning bomb technicians are going into holmes' apartment. it is booby trapped. they used a twelve foot pole to put a camera into the apartment.
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they found trip wires and flamable liquids inside. firefighters tried to determine what those chemicals are. police believe the man he set the traps and hook to take more lives because he expected officers to kill him at the theater. james holmes has roots in the monterey area. he's the grandson of a decorated military veteran who went to the prestigious york school in monterey and his uncle lives in carmel. >> james holmes grew up in san diego in the upper myths class community. he played junior varsity soccer, graduated from high school there and then from uc riverside with a degree in new row science. >> he was an honor student. academically he was at the top of the top. he really distinguished himself from an academic point of view during his four years with us, graduating with highest honors.
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>> but it was a different james holmes that showed up at the san diego pawn happen over the last few months asking about tips about firing a gun. >> i immediately recognized him when i saw him picture. my first words out of my mouth was, oh, my god everybody looks so familiar. >> i just can't imagine what turns a young man from being a good student and living in a good neighborhood and then going off to school and what happens? i don't know. >> when he couldn't find a job after graduating his mother pursued him to pursue a graduate degree at the university of colorado but he was in the process of withdrawing from the ph.d. program. when his mother was contacted she did not seem surprised. she told them you have the right person. >> his father left san diego under police protection to fly to colorado. >> carolyn johnson reporting.
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the holmes flame released a statement saying, quote, our hearts go out to all the victims and to their families. >> one person at the theater was stopping over from the bay area. he was riding his bike from san francisco and stopped there to visit friends. he was hit in by shrapnel in the arm, legs and neck. >> felt very surreal. even watching the news reports it's like trying to translate myself back into that moment, it's still very strange, very strange feeling. >> and we are starting to learn the identities of more of the victims. alex sullivan's family confirms he was one of the twelve. he died on his 27th birthday. he was set to celebrate his first wedding anniversary tomorrow. he was from the aurara area. and 23-year-old micayla medek.
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and colorado native petra anderson graduated from the conservatory of music back in may. her family said she was shot multiple times but is recovering. the university has been in contact with her family. >> the campus community new her well. she was a scholarship recipient and we are truly saddened by what has happened to her. >> and in a twist of fate, almost impossible to believe, 24-year-old jessica ghawi barely escaped a mass shooting last month in toronto, only to be shot and killed in the theater in aurora. she was embarked on a career as a television sports reporter. her television name was jessica red field. if you would like to honor the people, we are posting badges as they are identified. we will share more information as it becomes available. the mass shootings have
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prompted a response by bay area police department. many theaters released a statement saying, quote, we will not permit face covering mask or fake weapons inside our buildings. abc7 news reporter sergio has the story from san mateo. >> the showing was sold out and standing beside the line of people waited to go get into the theater san mateo police in full uniform. >> we are trying to get our officers out there to help the residents feel safe. >> many said they thought twice about coming tonight but didn't want the tragedy to colorado to square them off. >> i was nervous about it but things happen. you can't hide and stay home. you have to enjoy it. >> columbine, the kids, one guy goes crazy, that's not the world that i want to live in and it's not the world that i want to have to add just to. >> and the people in line for this sold-out showing of the new
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batman movie are not the only ones undeterred. there are a couple of soldout showings at this theater and other theaters showing "the dark knight rises" are also sold out. one couple is here to watch it again. they watched it in san francisco last night. >> we got in the car and heard the news and we freaked out. we had just come out of the movie. we had been to that theater before, we used to live out there. >> they worried about friends they had in colorado but decided they liked the movie so much they wanted to come again they are trying to put the tragedy into perspective. >> it doesn't happen everyday so i hope as a country we don't overreact and prevent midnight showing or prevent people from wearing costumes. >> all the bay area police of that been dispatched to local theaters say they don't have any reason to believe there will be any kind of a repeat attack. they just wanted to have an extra police presence to ease
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the minds. theater-going public. in san mateo, abc7 news. abc7 news will have continuing coverage throughout the weekend of the colorado theater massacre. we will also have the latest developments online at you can also get breaking news updates on twitter at abc7 news bay area and on our facebook page. up next, a white powder alert. four bay area police stations receive letters with a suspicious powder inside. and back together again. suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi and his wife,
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>> the fbi is trying to determine who mailed envelopes containing a white prouder to four east bay police departments. they were discovered yesterday morning at police headquarters in hayward, san leandro, berkeley and union city. abc7 news reporter thomas ramon haz mat teams determined powder in three of the four was harmless while the fourth remains sealed. >> it began at the almeda county police department. haz mat teams were called out and there was a partial evacuation of the building as
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investigators check the contents. a clerk discovered the prouder and called in the alert. it turn out to be powder. meanwhile union city police commander, kelly musgrove, found a similar envelope after getting notice. >> we had the fire department come in there and take a look at it but the letter was still sealed. >> the fbi now has the letter. the union haul is dark every other fry due to budget cuts. they came and removed it. a half-hour earlier san leandro personnel opened a envelope containing a white powder. that proud wares also determined to be flour. at 2:17 the berkenly police department was also partially evacuated after a clerk opened an envelope and white powder spilled out. >> we evacuated the area. it was for public safety. we had other parts of the building shelter in place. we turned off our heating and
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ventilation air conditioning units to the building. >> the berkeley fire chief said the powder was vegetable based and none of the envelopes contained any other information. >> was it just addressed to the police department. >> just to the police department. no return address or anything else. >> an alert has been sent out to all bay area police departments, including a photograph of the envelope. police also say there was a postmark on all the envelopes but they aren't sharing that information. the case has now been turned over to the fbi and postal regulators. abc7 news. >>. suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi and his wife have been united. lopez told a judge she and her son feel safe so there's no need for the seven-month-old stay away order. the judge agreed and lifted it. >> i'm not -- he said he wants
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to be together, that is the best thing. >> mirkarimi may still lose his job as sheriff. he was suspended after a domestic violence incident. he is fight to go get reinstated. lisa argen joins us now, and it was so warm yesterday. it was hot. >> yeah. today once again, you like that? >> i do like it. >> if you are liking it more and more, we have a forecast i think you are going to like a look outside from our roof camera. you see the clear skies. no clouds to speak of. and a quick warmup today but one day will be warmer than the other this weekend. i'll clue you in coming up. >> also, is he back? tim lincecum has a sec consecutive impressive outing. that's next in sports.
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>> welcome back. looking out over the east bay back toward the city you see the bay bridge there and you see how calm the water is. it is a still morning. walked out my door this morning and you could tell it was going to be a great day. it felt great about ten to three. probably still feels good. >> yes. the best part of the day i usually say is in the morning. >> about ten to three-ish?
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>> yeah, right around there. 68 yesterday half moon bay. nice day at the coast. the sea breeze was there. low 90s in sonoma and inland valleys. and you see the date. very pretty out there with the sun up and a little bit after 6:00 this morning and we will be looking at a beautiful day. if you like it on the warm side. if you like it a little cooler, well, that's coming your way, too. here's a look at live doppler 7hd. not picking up anything in the way of low cloudiness or precipitation. looks to be free of that all weekend long. in fact, the low clouds that do return will come in and be confined just to the shoreline. so everywhere this morning compared to yesterday is warmer. we are in the upper 60s in antioch. 11 degrees warmer than at this time yesterday. three degrees warmer in fremont and mountain view and we are looking at temperatures in the 50s closer to the bay. 56 in san francisco with 60 in oakland, 62 livermore, as well
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as san jose. so really a nice start out there. with the clear sky, maybe a patch of fog. five mile visibility around half moon bay. hot inland over the weekend. we will be warmer today than tomorrow and we will look for much cooler weather headed our way tuesday and wednesday. so with each and every day we will drop a few degrees out there. so get set for another warm one. the reason we won't see much of the extended period of warming trend is that offer sea breeze is not going to go away. we are looking at the fog to all about disappear today. although the temperatures are going to warm up nicely. upper 60s again from the shoreline. we will see 7070 70s in the city. and plenty of 90s and near 100 in our inland valley. it's due to the big ridge of high pressure and it's building westward so this is the heat that's encompassing much of the nation. we have a couple of travis continuing to rotate to the north and west of us.
5:21 am
as one inches a little bit closer tomorrow and that will aid to the cooling. 101 in sacramento. not as warm as it could be this time of year and just a temporary warmup because the valley will also be cooling down the next self days. 98 fresno and 108 palm springs. back home, 85 sunnyvale, and 84 menlo park. on the coast pretty nice. 66 pacifica. 74 downtown today with 75 in south city. 93 sonoma. look at highs in the east bay ranging from 80 in oakland to 84 fremont. here's where the heat is really on. some upper 90s, how about 99 brentwood, 96 danville and down by the monterey bay plenty of sunshine with low 80s from santa cruz. 91 hollister. and if you are planning to heading to the city for the a's game tonight, boy, really nice. mid-700 he is dropping into the low 60s. game time 6:05.
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the warmer day today and slightly cooler sunday and monday and more rapid cooling tuesday and wednesday. a pretty good-looking weekend and week. >> and the normal is something that would happen next week? this 90s is well above, right? >> coming up right in the middle there. low 90s is it it should be inland. >> thanks a lot. in sports this afternoon matt cain starts against phillies lefty coal hamilton. last night tim lincecum was look for a second straight strong outing. collin resch has the highlights. >> in morning. there was a moment in last night's giants game whether tim lincecum forgot how many outs there was. he laughed at himself. if the laughter is secure, maybe the worst is behind him this year. and phillies led here 1-0. eli whiteside starting behinded plate. came through in the fifth a double. flies nate summer holes. he goes 7 innings and picks up
5:23 am
his fourth win of the year. and he is crushing it. giants 6-1. the second grand slam. rbi single in eighth. 5 rbis for crawford in a 7-2 giants win. a's and yankees last night at the coliseum. i don't know much by do know you don't have your wits but if you think you can contest josh reddick. and mark teixeira was doing that. a double off the wall in right for brandon inge and the other brandon scores, that would be moss. and they can field, hit. and he goes seven scoreless but doesn't get the win. top nine, robinson cano. we are going to extra innings. and we don't call them the amazing a's for nothing. here comes yoenis cespedes. he will score. tenth walk-off win for the year. 3-2 the final in oakland.
5:24 am
ranked 29th in the world rankings, brett centered the british open with 150 to 1 odds of winning. after yesterday's round two his odds are now 3 to 1. he tied the course record with 6 under 64. snedeker did the same on friday. five birdies in seven hole stretch to take control on 18. trying to avoid his first bogey of the tournament and he does. and phil mickelson, baaed to worst. three bogeys in round 2. he missed the cut. rory mcillroy, the bunker eats him up. he's playing today but twelve off the pace. and the long birdie putt on 10. he enters the third round one back of snedeker, 9-under. and here the birdie putt to make the cut. oh, yeah, tommy. be there today. and tiger 5 back on the greenside bunker on 18. instead of bogey he does this.
5:25 am
chip-in bird. second straight 67 for tiger. he's alone in third to started to's third round. celebrity golf in lake tahoe. alex smith involved in a champagne spray off. and he netted fourth place in the tournament. tied for third. and he's smoking a guitar. a few feet of a hole-in-one to the left. inches really. and former a mark mulder is the first round leader. and i'm collin resch, have a great day, everyone. >> coming up next the latest on the deadly shooting at a colorado movie theater and what president obama is saying this morning. also, after colorado, where does california stand on gun control? the new debate over a longstanding issue. and is batman now getting a black eye? fans of the
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5:29 am
also calling aurora mayor steve hogan. this morning he's asking all americans to pray for the families of the tragedy in colorado. this weekend i hope everyone takes time for prayer and reflection for the victims of this terrible tragedy, for the people who knew them and loved them. for those still struggling to recover and for all the victims of the less publicized acts of violence that playings our communities on a daily basis. let's keep all these americans in our prayers. >> on the issue of gun control, mitt romney signed a gun control law as governor but his stands is to protect gun owners right. the victims of the tragedy are still in a state of shock but even so many are coming forward to describe the deal that they somehow survived. marcus we've still has shrapnel
5:30 am
in his arm after being shot inside the theater. after being treated tore wounds he returned to the scene to give a firsthand account of what it was like to be in there. >> there were bullets hitting the seats in front of us. he was shooting at people at the exits. you can see the white lights kept going. every eight or ten shots he would stop and that's when you heard -- i can still hear it now, just the little kids screaming and parents asking where their children are and people crawling over you, just a herd of people. >> a dozen families waited all day long holding out hope that somehow their unaccounted-for loved ones might have escaped but last night aurora police win door to door notifying all of the families of those who died inside the theater. we will have more on in this evening. this morning the shooting
5:31 am
suspect's father is in aurora after leaving his home last night under police escort. robert holmes, a software company manager had nothing to say to reporters at the airport. the holmes family released a statement saying their hearts go out to those involved in the tragedy and to their family and friends. the suspect's mother and sister came home as visitors came by to offer their support. the theater massacre in colorado is calling for calls for gun control in california even though this state has the reputation for having the toughest gun laws in the country. capital correspondent nannette miranda reports from sacramento. >> the campaign to prevent gun violence ranks california as having the strongest gun control laws in the country. while the state has had the assault weapons ban in place for nearly two decades. they say the aurora shooting highlights the need for tight rear strikes. >> we have an assault weapons ban but how you define what an
5:32 am
assault weapon is is a little tricky and manufactures have figured out how to get around that. >> even before the theater massacre, state lawmakers have been working on several gun control proposals, including one that requires the reporting of lost or stolen firearms. bans open carry of unloaded long guns and open carry of unloaded handguns is prohibited. >> in the state of colorado we have a bullet button. >> storeowner, joe, showed us a weapon like the one used in colorado. if he got the assault weapon in california it would have come about with a bullet button that slows down the time it takes to reload. and the limit is ten bullets. you can buy them with 100 bullets in other states, which are illegal to bring here. and he thinks california needs more gun laws. >> and they are a little bit overkiln i think right now we have enough laws in place to adequately keep anybody from owning a gun that shouldn't with
5:33 am
the exception of the law enforcement and street purse which we have no control over. >> but tragedies spark legislation. >> we should be asking our legislators, members of congress to strengthen gun laws so it doesn't happen again. >> this is a person issue, not a gun issue. we need to keep that in mind. >> and congresswoman gabrielle gifford was shot they had stronger gun laws. >> and chris knight, the director of the movie, is reacting and he said the shared experience of watching the story unfold on screen is an important pastime and that someone would violate that in such an unbearably savage way is devastating. meanwhile questions are emerging about what this will do to the batman brand. wade freedman has more on that. >> who better to analyze a possible link between a comic
5:34 am
book eye on and a real life tragedy than the people who know batman best, his fans and patrons. >> we have batman here and someone more featured stories. >> to appreciate the depth and breadth of the economic empire look no further than san mateo where batman has become so popular in anticipation of the new picture, some items sold out. mark manages the store. he said anything between the shooting and the story remains superficial. teargas was used and other things, and actually described to take people out. >> at theaters some people stayed away. >> i'm not going to take my grandchildren to go see batman. i had mean, we were. >> still, it played to mostly packed houses on three screens. zach hadn't even heard of the tragedy until we told him.
5:35 am
>> it may be the only psychological correlation i can see with this person that may have killed a lot of people sounds like -- >> a thought that resonated back at lee's where customers point the out with batman any violence remains fictional, at least until we learn otherwise. >> somebody just had a break with reality and had access to things that most people shouldn't. >> in san mateo, wade freedman, abc7 news. >> the movie chain amc said it banned fans from wearing costumes, full-facemasks or carrying in fake weapons. holmes wore a gas mask and armor and he blended in. >> people were allowed to wear costumes because batman costumes and his enemies so it was not something -- it wasn't unusual for him to be dressed the way he
5:36 am
was dressed. >> "the dark knight rises" is playing on screens across the country but so far the amc movie house is the only movie house to ban costumes. stay with us for continuing coverage. we will have the latest developments online at you can also get breaking news updates on twitter, abc7 news bay area and on our facebook page. straight ahead, helping the thousands of foster kids in the bay area. abc7 news saw lieutenants the volunteers making a difference in their lives. and right now a live look out from the east bay looking at emeryville, the bay area nice and calm and a real, real warm day on the way. and lisa argen, looks
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5:39 am
>> welcome back. you are looking at a live picture of the golden gate bridge. the picture is the slightest bit misleading. if you are look at the overcast there and are thinking it must be everywhere, it is not. it is just dripping over the bay and certainly over the ocean near baker beach and out toward ocean beach, but you get into the city, you get inland at all and you are not going to have much of that. what you see there is not going
5:40 am
to last too long anyway. we are going to get more from lisa origin on what is going to be a very sunny and hot weekend in just a couple minutes. within a few hours, contra costa county firefighters will remember two of their own who died battling a fire in san pablo five years ago today. captain matt burt and scott desmond will be honored in this morning's ceremony at the contra train division station on tree boulevard. they died while searching for two elderly residents inside a burning home. firefighters were overcome by heat and flames in a phenomenon known as a flashover. they are among 16 contra costa firefighters who have died in the line of duty since 1969. abc7s dream campaign is helping improve the lives of foster children in california. there are nearly 60,000 kids in foster care in the state. lyanne melendez reports on those making a difference. >> she is a foster child who was
5:41 am
ten years old when lori weber came into her life. the young girl was hungry for love and support. >> no one was going to her rewards ceremonies at school and she was a wonderful student. >> that was nine years ago and the two are still friends. >> she was there for me. if i needed anything she was always there for me and she helped me be my escape from my everyday hardships. >> weber is a court-appointed special advocate. one of 471 volunteers in santa clara county working with another 5 hundred 80 foster kids. they are one of a few stable people in a child's life. and this is a nonprofit that runs the program. >> attorneys change, foster parents change, schools change, teacher changes, no continuity for the child. >> every six months a foster child is scheduled to appear before a judge. that advocate knows that kid so very well that he or she is
5:42 am
allowed to make recommendations on behalf of the foster child. >> if you need help academically you can make recommendations for tutoring. if they want a join band and can't afford an instrument, you can make a recommendation and make sure they have an straw as well. >> he has been an advocate for the same boy for nine years. >> i remember going to the gas station and i asked him do you know how to pump gas and he shook his head and he said no. i said come out and i'll show you. >> child advocates also provide needed clothing and toys for children and teens. >> you need to pay attention to nonverbal cues. >> advocates go through 30 hours of training and must commit for at least one year. she is starting her training today. >> make a small decision in one child's life so they can have the same confidence, self-esteem to become a product itch member of society. >> many advocates stay with the same child for years. >> anybody with an open heart
5:43 am
that wants to help a child can do this. >> sally and ms. weber found a connection through horses. this 19-year-old is headed to evergreen community college and has started a support group for current and former foster youth called the hub. >> going into the program i thought i was going to change this kid's life and he ended up changing mine, as well. >> lyanne melendez reporting. now if you like abc7 news on facebook and you make a difference to bay area foster kids in need, for every new like this summer one dollar goes to the dream campaign. your like could change a life. go to lisa argen is here now to talk about the hot one we have on the way. >> we have everything out there. we have some low clouds and fog. the view from mount tam showing clear conditions. a dryer air mass and that means the relative humidity goes down today.
5:44 am
fire danger and temperatures going up. we will have the forecast next. >> also ahead, shopping for the end to america's housing crisis. 7 on your side's michael finney explains why we could be hey, there's barely a line at space mountain. you there ! i am looking for someone, hair black as night, skin white as snow ! yeah, yeah, i got that ! she is at the castle. dad ! honey ! but she's on the move. disney mobile magic, on verizon. you wouldn't happen to have an apple ? find characters, access wait times for the park you're in, and enjoy premium features when you download disney mobile magic, powered by verizon.
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aal recad3 cirath asth b miiu. cnve nn hinto
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>> 5:47 on a saturday morning. you are looking at a live picture from aurora, colorado. this is the apartment where james holmes, the suspect in yesterday's shooting at the theater which killed 12, wounded 58, this is where he lived. this is an apartment which appears to be booby trapped. firefighters, investigators have gone to a window to look in and what they are seeing is a whole lot of trip wires and a lot of containers containing chemicals. they don't know what. he's not cooperating. but he did tell authorities that his apartment was booby trapped and this is a scene from there. they have not gone in yet. they do not know exactly what they are dealing with but they are saying that sometime today they are going to go into that apartment to try to figure out exactly what he booby trapped it with. and the area around the apartment and buildings around have been evacuated as a precaution. we will keep you posted on that. much more on that situation
5:48 am
coming up in just a little bit. crews expect to have the robber's fire burning in placer county under control today. a person is being held in connection with setting the property on fire. he burned near 2600 acres near forest hill and it has destroyed at least one home. moments ago, and lisa argenen with the forecast and you are talking about temperatures going up, fire danger obviously going up with it. and there's an example of what can happen. >> right. temperatures and we are flirting with 100 degrees with a pretty dry air mass, especially inland in the east bay. but we have some fog. you see a shallow layer of it out there. and mostly sunny but we have a five mile visibility from half moon bay. this fog is not going to last too long. we will look for it to burn back but still have a nice sea breeze at the shoreline. live doppler 7hd this morning. not picking up much in the way
5:49 am
of low clouds and fog and motrin speak of. in fact we will be talking a lot of heat, especially today. and there is an area of low pressure, a trough that will bring the temperatures back into a little more comfortable range tomorrow. not a dramatic cool down, though. this morning three degrees cooler in half moon bay but everywhere else from 2 to 11 trees warming, especially out toward antioch. numbers in the 50s closer to the bay. 60 concord, 62 livermore with the clear skies down toward los gatos and a few clouds around monterey bay. for the most part clear away from the coast. hot this weekend. we will still have some 90s tomorrow but on the upper end of the 90s today. mid-90s tomorrow, and look for more dramatic cooling as we bet into tuesday and wednesday. then temperatures will edge up a little bit after that. we do have a trough to the north and west of us, but today not allowing for much of a sea breeze. it's a big ridge that will be
5:50 am
expanding from the nation's midsection and with that you will notice pretty colorful here with the temperature profile with lots of dark red and that means the 90s moving on in from the central valley. with the upper 60s along the santa clara region. so getting pretty warm here and a few 90s around cloverdale well far to the north. but we will hold on to the 60s at the coast. yesterday 68 half moon bay. so this is the culprit. by tomorrow this trough will slide a little bit further south. that increases the low clouds and fog and a sea breeze is a little more generous. we will look for more cooling around the bay the second half of the weekend. temperatures todd wellemeyer into the upper 90s in yosemite. look for 82 in tahoe. so pretty nice weather there. a few extra clouds around sunday in the northern sierra. 71 in big sur with 101 in sacramento. we will look for temperatures around the bay then about 80 in the city. 74 san francisco.
5:51 am
97 in concord. and in vallejo today jazz festival, looking good for that. down around the monterey bay there is santa cruz, a boardwalk motorcycle ride so that should be interesting. 82 santa cruz. 92 in hollister. we will look for temperatures then to really be quite toasty from the try valley and around the bay. tomorrow just a little bit of cooling if you like the cooler we will expand that into the inland valleys tuesday and wednesday and still a little bit below average from thursday and friday. the average should be around 90 inland. can't quite get there, above or below. >> not only do you know you have your finger on these events going on lout the bay area. are you going to do the motorcycle thing tonight? >> i don't know. [laughter] >> i just thought i would ask. lisa, thanks very much. getting your home mortgage modified is no easy tasks because banks sometimes drag their feet through the process. as 7 on your side's michael finney turns out, theres a place
5:52 am
you can turn to for help. with the help of 7 on your side, regina harper was able to get her mortgage modified but she remembers those dark days before the new lone came through. >> i remember when i used to look at the four walls and think how long have i got to be here. >> we hear a lot about foreclosures. we see our neighbors forced out of their homes so we ask when is the pain going to end? the answer, according to, a foreclosure help company, this is going to go on for years. >> slowly being ripped off like a bandaid instead of dealing with it in a quick manner. it's a long process and it will continue to go for a long time. >> john madduks is a co-owner of that company. he said banks are taking their sweet time.
5:53 am
uwalkaway have a long time before they even hear from a bank. >> a high percentage of our clients haven't even received a foreclosure notice for 15 months, 16 months, 18 months. you know, and some as high as two and a half years and still haven't received a foreclosure notice. >> he said if things keep going at this rate the housing crisis won't end anytime soon. >> it's not going to really considerably starting to back on the upward trend for, in my opinion, any kind of significant upward trend for about ten years. >> the good news for those hoping to increase their home equities, presence are now going up and buying a home is looking like a better deal all the time. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> coming up next, the annual march of the penguins. the san francisco zoo gets ready to
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>> good morning, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. legs begin with a quick look at the weekend weather forecast a hot one on the way. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, terry. we do have fog. we have a sea breeze that will keep the coast cool but elsewhere around the bay the relative humidity is dropping and the temperatures will be coming up today. 50s and 60s to start that out. 50s and upper 70s by noontime. and inland we are talking upper 90s by about 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon. terry. >> thank very


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