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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 24, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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going to begin with the end of president's visit to san francisco. the motorcade coming through at 6th and harrison a little over an hour ago. always an impressive sight. pictures of the motorcade as it passed by. no matter how many times you see it, still impressive, the most powerful man in the world passing by in oakland last night at the fox theater, powerful words from him and a powerful show of support for president obama. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: president obama told the adoring fox theater crowd, two things. one, what he feels he has done and wants to continue to do for them and focused on the economy. >> the president: this country was not built from the top down. i was built from the middle class out, from the bottom up. >> reporter: and two, he told them what they have to do for him. >> the president: now i'm asking to you knock on doors and make phone calls and do all the things that we did in
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2008. >> reporter: the message last night from oakland protesters, stop using federal agents to raid pot dispensaries. there was mixed reaction from drivers near the inter-continental hotel where several streets were off limits to traffic. >> bad for me because i can't make where i'm going. >> awesome, i think it is very awesome. i mean you know we never get a chance to see the president or even come to our city really awesome. >> reporter: one woman had an emergency and had to make it to drugstore last night did not appreciate the security. >> policeman said you are not supposed to go out. and i said well i have to go, it is an emergency and he said, all right are you coming back? i said of course i'm coming back, i live here. >> reporter: that motorcade indeed impressive sight and welcome for some people. i talked to a number of people
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i didn't find anybody who was terribly upset about what the president was doing even though some said because of the economy not going to be able to vote for him, come know. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. katie marzullo continues our team coverage live from san francisco international airport. >> reporter: we are at sfo we watched president obama takeoff about an hour ago. you can see as president obama begins to board air force one. he gives one final wave at the top of the staircase. brief moment in time that requires a lot of law enforcement, a lot of secret service and planning to get the media in place to grab that shot and get the president on the plane. air force one took off a little after 10:00. president obama arrived sunday night, busy and profitable. he held three big fundraisers one at a home in piedmont, 60
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people paid nearly $40,000 a piece. 2,000 people had a more reasonable bargain paying $100, up to $7500 at the fox theater monday night. some paid $10,000 for a photo-op with president obama. another two dozen paid $35,800 to see the president at the scottish rites center. all told the president collected between three and four million dollars in his time here. the president now on his way to portland, oregon he has two fundraising he -- event there is. by this evening he should pittsburgh in seattle for more of the same. katie marzullo, abc7 news. meantime, mitt romney is about to address the veterans of foreign wars convention in reno, nevada any moment this is a live picture from the stage where he will soon go up and speak, not just yet.
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romney small business leaders yesterday in orange county. he's accuse president obama of leaking classified details of the raid that killed osama bin laden for political gain. president obama spoke at the vpw yesterday. developing news on a fatal fire in pleasant hill the fire department says smoke detectors were not working in the fire that killed two people. it was reported on donegal way in pleasant hill. amy hollyfield is there with more. >> reporter: firefighters think if they had working smoke detectors they would have survived. turns out they woke up too late by the time they woke up the fire was too big and it was too late. a woman who lives in this apartment complex took this picture after safely escaping her home. it would be a few minutes later that she would learn two of her neighbors and their cat died inside. >> i'm still kind of stunned in general, you know.
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it hasn't fully sunk in yet. it is tragic. >> reporter: the fire spread to two other buildings the other 60 residents got out sail many have their neighbors to thank. >> sound asleep, somebody started banging on the door, get it. grabbed my family and left. >> reporter: some said it was the smell of smoke that woke them. >> it was a lot of heavy flames, lot of smoke, the wind was carrying the smoke through the different buildings. glad to be okay. >> reporter: the fire started 3:30 this morning in the briars apartment complex on donegal court in pleasant hill. firefighters realized why the couple didn't wake up until it was too late. >> we don't believe there were working smoke detectors in this unit. the neighbors who called 911 had a working smoke detector which woke them up in the middle of the night they went out, saw there was a fire in
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the unit next door that it was well progressed. >> reporter: firefighters say the victims were found on the second floor. they think the fire started on the first floor. they say it appears the man and woman tried to escape but couldn't. their neighbors say they were in their 30s. >> just be glad that you're, you know healthy and safe. >> reporter: the corner -- the coroner has not released the names of the victims. firefighters are still looking for the cause. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. an alleged gang member was arraigned today, four years after he's accused of murdering a father and two sons in the case of mistaken identity and the accusations against him changed. wilfredo reyes was arrested two weeks ago in north carolina and appeared in a san francisco court this morning. prosecutors say he was in the car with edwin ramos when the two mistook anthony bologna
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and his two sons as rival gang members. ramos was convicted and sentenced to life. ramos claims reyes was the gunman. prosecutors amended their complaint against reyes saying ramos was the gunman. latest on the tragedy in colorado. survivors revealing more about what happened inside the theater saying the shooter was yelling and seemingly targeting people. shouting for people to stand up and picked some up and shot them. investigators continue to examine the evidence from holmes' apartment. the apartment was booby-trapped with more than 30 homemade grenades and 10 gallons of gasoline. 12 people killed, four sacrificed their lives to save others that included a man who shielded his girlfriend from the bullets. >> he would do anything for me, he always told me that too.
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i wish i could have protected him the same way he protected me. >> warner brothers has donate add undisclosed amount to the victims' fund that has raised nearly two million dollars. members of the denver broncos visited some in the hospital. a couple hurt in the theater shooting has someone to celebrate today. 21-year-old katie gave birth this morning at the university of colorado hospital in aurora. the same hospital where her 23-year-old husband caleb remains in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the head. the couple had gone to the midnight showing as a last date before becoming parents. the hospital says mom and baby are fine. stay with abc7 news and for all the latest developments on the colorado theater massacre. we've also created a slide show remembering the victims on the front page of our
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website. why it may not be a good idea to keep the computer or television on late at night. >> michael jackson's feuding family. police were called to the jackson family home. how the king of pop's children are getting caught in the middle. two sisters try to steal from a store but stopped by security. you won't believe what police say they left behind trying to runaway.
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more drama today for the family of the late michael jackson. paris claims she has not been able to contact her grandmother her legal guardian. she tweeted nine days and counting. paris and her two brothers normally live with 82-year-old catherine jackson in southern california. the grandmother has been caught in the middle of the family feud over michael jackson's 500 million dollar estate several of her children has taken her to arizona. yesterday the sheriff's deputies were called to catherine's home. sources tell abc news randy, jermaine and janet showed up and tried to take jackson's kids away. >> our deputies did determine that a minor scuffle occurred between two jackson family members. >> as a result, the executors of michael jackson's estate are drafting papers to apply
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for emergency guardianship of the three children. penn state's former president who was ousted last year during the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal now says he was once a victim of child abuse. spanier and other executives were charged with helping cover-up the abuse he says he would never have ignored such allegations. also today construction workers tore down a wall dedicated to joe paterno. two days ago crews removed a 900 pound bronze statue that stood in front of the wall. meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast running in to tell us about it. latest looks like it going to get cooler the next couple of days before a big warming trend this weekend. special video out of phoenix. we'll talk about whether those clouds will come back tonight
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and bring drizzle to the bay area for your morning commute. plus, researchers and their expedition to solve the mystery of what happened to aviator amelia earhart
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caught on video in florida a young mother left her 1-year-old boy in a shopping cart after being accused of shoplifting. police released video showing a confrontation with two sisters at a wal-mart as they tried to steel $57 in clothes they took off leaving the child behind ran throughout parking lot. police arrested both of them. the child is with protective services. >> oh my gosh that poor kid. they denied the baby was theirs. >> even more shocking. meteorologist mike nicco is here with some cooler temperatures. cooler temperatures, absolutely neither bay area. i wanted to show you cool out of phoenix where this time of the year the monsoonal flow that reversal of winds brings in enough moisture to create thunderstorms and out of those thunderstorms you get gust
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fronts which is where the cooler rain cooled air the heavier air that sets off the stage for these gusts of wind that develop these minnie cold fronts in -- these mini cold fronts this sandstorm, dangerous can't fly through, don't want to dry through, breathe that care, this one tame. looking like something you wouldn't want to mess with. let's talk about our weather. right here clouds moving back to the coast even a little bit of sunshine developing there. anywhere elsewhere -- clouds clinging to the coast watch where the pockets of sun are developing from pacifica down to half moon bay up in the north bay you will get sun at beaches soon just going to take longer than it is for everybody else. let's talk about what is going
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on temperature-wise. we are running cooler than yesterday, 60s and 70s out there, temperatures one to six degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. we have low to mid 60s around the monterey bay inland salinas. afternoon sun, cooling trend continues even though we'll see more sun, the sea breeze is stronger today and cooler. mostly cloudy, cooler tonight and warmer afternoons more summer-like for the weekend. 24 hour temperature change. concord 83, oakland 70. santa rosa two degrees cooler than yesterday, fremont 75, san francisco 66 three degrees cooler than yesterday. area of low pressure away from us air from high to low, lower levels of the atmosphere that's why we have the steady sea breeze. south bay 77 milpitas, low to mid 80s for everybody else. 80 palo alto, 70 in millbrae.
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low to mid 60s along the coast where is going to be breezy. pockets of sun around bodega bay and stenson beach low to mid 60s for you. mainly mid to upper 80s valleys, walnut creek cooler 82. 84 in morgan hill near 100 fresno, 107 palms springs, no more thunderstorms in the sierra. cloudy and 80 in tahoe. at&t park tonight, 7:15 first pitch. 55 by the end of the game. temperatures drop another couple of degrees tomorrow and thursday, coolest afternoons below average saturday back to average possibly away from the coast sunday and monday we could be slightly warmer than average. the mystery of amelia earhart's final flight on this
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day she would have turned 115. two million dollar expedition has been trying to find wreckage of her plane in the south pacific is calling it quits. researchers returning to hawaii with no conclusive evidence they will study video and sonar and are planning another expedition next year. they believe she crashed off a remote island 75 years ago with her navigator while trying to become the first woman to circumnavigate the globe. researchers at ohio state say sitting in front of a computer or tv screen or leaving them on when you fall asleep could increase your chances of becoming depressed. they studied hamsters. the findings in the journal molecular psychiatry. turning off electronics late at night could reverse depression symptoms in two weeks. new government figures show women who are co- baiting
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-- co-habiting are having more babies, increase of 14% in 2002 to 23% in 2006 and 10. -- and 2010. experts say people in committed relationships who are living together are ambivalent about pregnancy they are not trying to have a baby but also not doing much to prevent it. we all need a little pampering. even elephants get a spa day. >> it is a tough job for zookeepers. here's lara spencer on what is coming up. coming up on good afternoon america the stars of -- [ unintelligible ] reality store -- --. [ unintelligible ]
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you can see
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we would like to thank the people helping raise thousands for bay area foster kids on facebook. you can still make a difference and maybe get mentioned on the news. just like abc7 news on facebook now and one dollar gets donated to the sleep train dream campaign. today at 4:00, michael finney heads to zumba class. he will have advice on how to
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keep you injury-free. then at 5, sentencing day for the first u.s. church official convicted of covering up sex abuse claims in the catholic church. those stories and more later today. lighten the mood as we go. some zookeepers in china, i shouldn't say lightened up, the worldest biggest pedicure. >> given to the elephants in eastern china. toenails wear down quickly in the wild they could be infected. >> the workers use a tag team technique, one distracts the elephant with apples while the other cleans and files. in case you are won doering that file is almost two feet long. long. didn't paint
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[captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] [cheering] meredith: thank you. thank you, guys. hello, everybody, and welcome to "millionaire." today's contestant has a degree in government from harvard university, and he turned all of that education into a job as an ice cream maker. please welcome, from manchester, new hampshire, chris pappas. hey, chris. pleasure to meet you. >> you, too. meredith: all right. chris, i'm teasing you a little bit because, yes, you do make ice cream. >> i do. meredith: but it's part of something bigger that you're involved with. >> it is. i'm involved in my family's restaurant, which has been in


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