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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 26, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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cheryl jennings. terry mcsweeney was the first to bring thus story at 6 a.m.. -- bring us this story at 6 a.m.. he's live at the scene on cooley avenue. >> reporter: let me show you how close this came to be a tragedy. cadillac bounces off the corner of this building through the wall of that building. inside a mother and two little ones sleeping, nobody hurt that car came within a couple feet of 2-month-old layla. >> my grandson here, my daughter. >> reporter: broken wood and debris all over the bedroom where 5 this morning, 2-month-old layla, 3-year-old sean and their mother sarah gutierrez were sleeping. >> all of a sudden the car came right in and went right towards the bassinet. all i heard was her screaming.
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then my 3-year-old son was screaming. then my little brother had to break our door down to get us out of room because it was only halfway smashed. >> reporter: so much destruction an ambulance called, but no need for it, everyone is fine. shaken to the core, but fine. >> pieces all over me and the baby. >> reporter: pieces from the bookcase. >> bookcase saved her. >> reporter: the cadillac left 100 feet of skid marks it had to be traveling 50 mills an hour -- miles an hour. carmen was asleep. >> i heard a loud noise like i thought it was thunder. i was expect to hear rain, but no. >> reporter: police are trying to put the pieces together. >> getting reports of possibly two fled from the vehicle or maybe up to four. >> reporter: not a high priority case for police only
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a misdemeanor it would have been a felony hit and someone had been hurt it came up a few feet short of that. a few years ago there was another similar accident, a car fleeing a police chase slammed into the front of her house. this time around the damage that was almost caused could not have been repaired. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. the suspect in the san jose double homicide is believed to be in southern california possibly on his way to mexico. police believe pedro me dino knows he's wanted he may be en route to los angeles, san fernando or san diego. he has two tattoos on right lower leg picture of the grim reaper on right upper back shoulder initials pmc. early monday morning police found the bodies of a couple in a house on north 7th street. police say the murders were domestic violence-related. san leandro police are
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searching for the driver of a stolen car who drove 100 miles per hour on city streets then ran from the car and escaped. sky 7 hd was over the search at east 14th. you can see the suspect's 1994 jeep kerr can i parked on somebody's lawn -- jeep cherokee parked on somebody's lawn. police noticed the car speeding but didn't chase because of public safety concerns. the driver described as 25-year-old white or latino male wearing jeans and blue sweatshirt carrying a backpack last seen jumping fences in residential backyards. presidential eight and police on guard duty can't talk to each other or dispatchers on the radio the embarrassing story out of oakland police department following the president's visit monday. amy hollyfield is live at city hall. this radio system is almost brand new. >> reporter: yeah, it is only about a year although. police officers tell me they've had problems with it allyear lodge. but they are really upset this
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happened this time. president obama was in town when the radios went down this time. officers tell us they had been brought in extra police officers because of the importance of this visit. yet, police say they had problems with the radios throughout the day at one point it was down for 30 minutes come heatley down some officers couldn't talk to each other or dispatch. they are also dealing with protests surrounding the president's visit and there were concerns the protests might get out of hand. police are calling this new radio system a train wreck. >> this is outrageous an unacceptable situation that puts the lives of the citizens of oakland and officers who serve them in danger. remember, you have to frame it behind the fact we are 30% less officers now than two years ago, 20 increase in the most -- 20% increase in the most serious crimes and now a radio system that doesn't work. >> reporter: officers heard crews working on the two radio
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towers starting 3:00 this morning the downtown tower and the with one in the oakland hills. word is one of the three antennas just failed to operate. officers say all of the agencies and the cities around them have radio systems that work. they want to know why they don't? i've been told that the city administrator and the police chief in a meeting now behind closed doors here at city hall, discussing the issue. the mayor is expected to join in later this morning. then the plan is to make a public statement about what they plan to do next. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. twitter is back online right now after users around the world had problems accessing the san francisco-based site this morning the problem started before 9 a.m. twitter said engineers worked to resolve the issue but the company hasn't gone into detail. some use able to post tweets through their phones or
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third-party apps the problems one day before the official opening of the summer olympics in london which is expected to cause the biggest ever spike in twitter traffic. in a few hours facebook will post first earnings report since becoming a public company they made its debut may 18th on nasdaq. the fate hinges on ability to convince businesses that ads on mobile app are effect . the site has nearly one billion users. bad news from zynga the company lost nearly 23 million dollars in the second quarter analysts say citiville, farmville and other games aren't attracting as many paying players as they expected. zynga gets all revenue from games made on facebook. >> the jackson family feud takes another bizarre twist. katherine jackson speaks for the first time after losing temporary custody of her son
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michael's three children. the new questions she is now raising. ebay has a plan to target younger consumers.
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in washington the house has just passed a resolution condemning the mass theater shooting in colorado. a notebook believed to have been written by the suspect and mailed to the university
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of colorado believed to contain full details about how he was going to kill people. three hospitals will limit or completely cover the victims' medical bills. the congressman who represents aurora, colorado spoke this morning. >> aurora will never be the same after this horrific act of he occurred last week. the citizens are caring and resilient. >> warner brothers is pushing back the release of its movie "gangster squad" to january the film includes a scene where gangsters shoot into a crowded movie theater. late michael jackson's mother is back home and reunited with his children after a strange absence. yesterday a judge temporarily took away katherine jackson's guardianship of the three children because she had been gone more than a week. 2:51 this morning paris tweeted, grandma is here, thank you god. last night, 82-year-old katherine jackson give a
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statement to abc news that left more questions than answers. nick watt has more. hello, i'm katherine jackson. >> reporter: her first public words in 10 days exclusive statement given to abc news. katherine surrounded by her children, along with rebbie's daughter and employee of the resort where she has been staying. >> there are rumors that i've been kidnapped and held against my will. i'm here to let everybody know that i'm fine and i'm here with my children. and my children would never do a thing like that holding me against my will, it is very stupid for people to think that. >> reporter: late saturday night her nephew trent reported her missing and paris tweeted: my grandmother missing i haven't spoken with her in a week. i want her home now. michael jackson's will names katherine as guardian of his children. temporaryhnz custody was handed
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over to their cousin 34-year-old tj jackson. >> i'm devastated that while i've been away my grandchildren have been taken away from me >> reporter: in court the judge said katherine is being prevented from acting as a guardian by acts of a third party. >> ruling in court was about the guardianship. i think it was based on lights. -- based on a bunch of lies. i have a good idea who is doing that. >> that was nick watt reporting. today the controversy continues. michael jackson's 15-year-old son prince tweeted a photo apparently showing a group text message from monday to his aunts, in it he demanded to contact his grandmother. janet allegedly responded, please don't let them. prince tweeted he believes his grandmother was lied to. a lot of drama and there's much more on this coming up on "good afternoon america."
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right now meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with our forecast. >> [ laughing ] >> airing dirty laundry on twitter, crazy. we talked about clouds are going to be more stubborn, cooler, flight arrival delays into sfo we'll talk about when the pattern will clear and summer will come back. man's best friend, we'll tell you about a seeing eye dog that saved its owners life after sniffing out a gas leak. >> and how ebay is
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you can see
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. if you own a ford vehicle we have a new recall to tell you about. ford is recalling nearly 485,000 escape and maverick suv's they have sticking gas pedals that can cause crashes the recall affects 2001 through 2004 models. ford says the cruise control cables can snag on plastic cover on top of the engine and cause the gas pedals to stick. regulators started investigating the escape after
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13 crashes, including one death. parents this is something you wanted to hear. ebay wants your kids' money. the online auction site may allow people under 18 to open ebay accounts they would be able to buy vintage t-shirts, jewelry school supplies and other items. adult content would be blocked and parents would have to authorize things. >> i was going to ask about that. let's authorize a little sun. looks like it is being blocked. >> now that you said it, it is going to happen. >> all right. >> parental authorization for someone. -- for sun. there is sunshine, off with san jose through downtown clouds departed here how about south beach looking back to the north over downtown san francisco we still have clouds, flight arrival delays
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around 67 minutes at sfo, oakland san jose on time. doppler, we still have a little drizzle. very fine along the coast into san francisco right now over the next hour that is going away it will be dry. here's a look at cloud cover, pulling slowly out of north bay valleys and through the delta where coming out the slowest into salinas valley. over the next hour to hour and a half the only clouds mainly at the coast. right now temperatures 50s at the coast, san francisco, oakland, san rafael and santa rosa. monterey bay and inland low to mid 60s running a couple degrees cooler than yesterday going to be the theme for today and tomorrow's forecast coolest afternoons overcast skies tonight a little drizzle possible in the same areas this morning the coast into san francisco this weekend we'll warm up enough to be close to average during the
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afternoon today the big story five degrees cooler than average oakland with 68, san francisco, 63, san jose 77, livermore hive 81, napa 76. -- 73 -- los gatos 80 most of the south bay mid to upper 70s. millbrae 67, low to mid 70s peninsula, 50s along the coast pacifica and daly city 59, mid 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito. bodega bay 58°. mid to upper 60s richmond, berkeley oakland. everybody else in the low to mid 70s. san ramon valley upper 70s. highway 4 livermore and fairfield 80s. gilroy 77, 66 watsonville, 63 monterey. 90s central valley up to yosemite tahoe sunny and 80
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palm springs 111 and mid 70s around l.a. and san diego. tonight green flush with the coast where the best drizzle is. cloudy everywhere low to mid 60s. tomorrow like today sunshine couple hours quicker saturday and sunday, four to six degrees warmer. we may touch 90 next week inland 80 around the bay low to mid 60s at the coast. a seeing eye dog in alabama is being hailed as a hero after saving its owner's life. nancy jones started to feel lightheaded in her house monday her dog grabbed her leash and dragged her out of the house. there was a gas leak that could have been deadly. >> brought it to me, made me put it on her and literally drug me out the front door.
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>> jones says she is amazed that the dog was able to get her leash hanging six feet up on a wall. we want to thank some of the people helping raise thousands for foster children by liking us on facebook. a few of our new friends include ben b of san francisco, ashley e of sausalito and roy p from union city. you too can make a difference like us at and one dollar will be donated to the sleep train dream campaign. next, what's hot. >> right now what is coming up on good afternoon america. coming up, alec baldwin's new bride talking about their new york city wedding for the first time since they tied the knot. jamie kennedy goes toe-to-toe on men and women on whether they can be friends.
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all that and
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>> today at 4:00, michael finney shows the best video streaming services what you get when you pay for monthly subscriptions. then at 5, the new state law cracking down on spa services that cross the line performing medical treatments that can be dangerous. those stories and more on abc7 news at 4 and 5. garlic festival, dancing cows and pixar in concert there's lots to do this weekend. >> arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez has what's hot. ♪
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final check on the weather. >> you can see well below average today and tomorrow if you like and warmer weather that's what we have port weekend away from the coast. 80 around the bay upper 80s inland not hot enough to turn on the air conditioner 90s close leave it up to eric to decide whether he wants to do that or not monday, tuesday, wednesday, low to mid 60s at the coast. >> why don't we try your ac and come to your house. thank you for joining us. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next. our exclusive alarm clock app for the iphone download it for free. have a great day.
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[c ble by disney-abc domestic television] [cheering and applause] meredith: thank you. hi. thank you. hello, everybody, and welcome to "millionaire." when today's returning contestant got the call to be on "millionaire," he began dreaming of a house with a porch where he and his wife could sit on rocking chairs and watch the sunset. i'm really hoping that we can help make his dream come true. please welcome from charlotte, north carolina, david gomez. thanks, david. >> nice to meet you, meredith. meredith: mwah. that, to me, is heaven--a house with a porch and rocking chairs. it just says home. >> it does. it does,


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