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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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the new eastern span of bay bridge lit up tonight giving you a sneak peek of the nighttime commute. >> caltrans flipped the swiocht depleted eastern sky way station with special lights created just for this bridge. health sheth live for us on the new span. >> reporter: carolyn, we are on the westbound sky way but the camera is pointing eastward looking into the lights. when you are driving this bridge
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in just more than a year, when you are driving westbound you won't be looking into the lights like that. they will light your way forward. this is an $18 million lighting system that is more green and white than the old one because the color of the lights is white compared to the yellow and more green because it's 50% more efficient. they are supposed to last 15 years. >> five, four, three, two, one, go. >> whoa! >> reporter: nearly 24,000 individual l.e.d. lights lit up the new bay bridge tonight giving a glimpse what drivers will see in more than a year from now. when both sides are completed, 1500 fixtures will house them. creating a flat white light that does not shine into to opposing
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traffic. >> the buigt of this is commuter study for the lighting in the factory. so attach the fixture and put them wherever you want them. >> an iowa company designed the lighting. >> we used led's that are individually aimed. you create basically the ability to painted the roadway surface as opposed to just kind of throwing a bunch of light at it. >> for seismic safety they have poles have two inch base. they designed the poles to resemble the single tower. they have 95 factories around the world. >> we did this project in nebraska because it happened to be the most effective and efficient place for us to do this job in san francisco. that is where, when wreed the
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skilled labor to be able to do what we needed to do here, made in america. >> reporter: so we have turned around during the story and now the camera is facing westbound. same direction you would be driving on this particular part of the privilege bridge. toll tower, those are just work lights. it will have very special unique lighting system but that is down the road. it's on schedule to open labor day weekend next year and discussions are underway for all the opening hoopla, a lighting ceremony is a possibility. thanks a lot. >> people who donated money to keep california's parks open during the budget crisis are furious tonight, angry about hidden money suddenly discovered in state accounts, money that could have kept 70 parks off the chopping block and now might not
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be used to save them at all. lisa amin gulezian is live in san jose tonight. some are threatening to take action. >> reporter: that is true. several nonprofits are concerned especially after they help raises money to keep them open. tomorrow one of those groups will be publicly speaking out about this right over here. dan is treasurer of the if you had. he can't believe the state would use the $54 million or part of that money slated for closure. henry coe park was on the list until his nonprofit stepped in. they gave a check for $279,000. privately raised money to keep the park open. the group also promised to raise the same amounted over the next two years and give it to the
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state. >> if we don't get assurances from the legislature they will move the funds back to the state parks. we will dits solve the memorandum of understanding. >> other groups dedicated to saving castle rock state park which is located along the santa cruz county line want their money back. >> we trusted the state officials that they were out of money. the state has a $16 billion deficit right now. if we wanted to keep these 70 parks open, nonprofits and the public would have to step up. >> state legislators haven't committed either way but action has been taken with regard to staffing. the state parks director seen here resigned friday and her top deputy was fired. meanwhile, the sacramento bee is reported that a deputy director told coleman five times over five years about the hidden
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money. coleman says she doesn't recall the briefings. and the coe park pretty vacation fund will give the legislature until september 30th to make a decision. a two-year-old boy is being treated for third-degree burns after falling into a fire pit in marin county. it happened around 7:00 on dillon beach. the boy fell backward into the pit suffering burns on his back. family members were with the toddler when the accident happened. an ambulance was called in from bodega bay about 20 miles away. >> san jose police have released new details about a suspect in a double murder. they believe he may be on his way to mexico and he may be driving a black 2006 nissan similar to the one in the photo.
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medina is in the suspect of two murders that were found in a house on north 7th street. their three children were at home at the time of the murders. san jose police officers association has said up a found fund for those kids. if you would like to help go to dozens of protestors marched through the financial district to show their solidarity with people demonstrate go against police in southern california. >> tonight's demonstration started on the embarcadero and moved along washington street. protestors rallied at the same spot where san francisco police shot and killed a man last week. officers say he was armed with a knife and already stabbed a co-worker after they accused police shooting him in handcuffs. they deny that accusation. it follows four nights of protests, two separate shootings in anaheim set off klarns.
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>> newark police continue to hunt for four men who robbed a jewelry store this afternoon. it happened around 12:15 inside the newark mall. the thieves the storm into the jewelry store and smashed display cases. one of them fired a gun. police believe the robbers ran through a another store before getting into getaway cars. a newark woman has been arrested after police say she left her nine-month-old baby in the car while she went on a shopping simply. she was arrested in fremont. witnesses called 911 after they heard a baby crying in the back seat of the car. the baby was in the car for about 35 minutes but was not injured. >> a mountain lion was shot and killed by deputies after it tried to get into a home in san joaquin valley. it happened in turlock in stanislaus county.
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this is picture that was spotted in a tree on sunday. homeowner heard a crash and thought someone was trying to break into her house. >> all i could think of was defending myself. i go into the garage and we happen to have a machete in the garage and i dialed 911. >> when deputies arrived they discovered the front door was broken in but the house was clear. that is when they noticed the mountain lion in tree. it approached officers who shot and killed it. they say the area is not a known mountain lion habitat. >> coming up next, the high school student suing. why he is taking legal action after getting a "c" plus in chemistry. and later on "nightline". >> coming up next, with more and more americans renting everything from cars to furniture, we ask does it make more sense to rent instead of buy? plus, lebron, kobe and new
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basketball dream
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former albany high school student is taking legal action for a "c" plus he received in chemistry. he was receiving an "a" in class until the teacher refused to let him do makeup work. >> he is a good student. first two years in high school he received only two b's and rest a's. >> he is year away from college and dreams of going to ucla but a "c" plus he received could jeopardize his chances, he and his mother are suing the chemistry teacher, the principal and district. >> they allowed a rogue teacher to deny him what he had earned
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to basically steal from him. >> she says the whole ordeal when he missed a lab. this was the family in court that day. the teacher an award winning teacher initially agreed to make up the lab but then changed her mind and gave her a failing grade for lab work. because of that, his "a" plus in chemistry turned into a "c" plus. >> if she is a helicopter mom, she blackhawk, attack helicopter and we're going to get justice. >> district officials 6 changed the "c" plus to a "b" but they want an "a" plus or an opportunity to make up missed work. they also want damages for severe emotional distress and mom says there is much stake. >> it could determine a what school he gets admitted to and
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impact his ability to fulfill his dreams that he has worked so hard for. >> the teacher isn't working at the high school. our attempts to reach her were unsuccessful. he has been transferred to berkeley high school where he has received all a's. >> a health item, significant discovery in the fight against aids. two men are hiv free after undergoing bone marrow transplants. researchers in boston say the findings suggest giving patients transplants while they are on anti-viral therapy could help cure the aids viewers. further study needs to be done but very promising. it was presented today at the conference in going on in washington, d.c. >> 900 people fees ted on pasta and rubbed elbows with football heroes in santa clara tonight while raising money.
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dwight clark joined the players at pasta bowl six. >> i knew in the 80s, bill walsh had us going to something raising money for different khiartsd. >> it's to raise money for the 49er foundation. its fun event. corporate supporters and the entire 49er team. >> they have been so generous. the foundation hopes to raise about $160,000 tonight and fans got to see the team's five superbowl trophies. you will be able to catch them, it is n.f.l. thursday night football. catch the 49ers against the seattle on october 18 and raiders versus broncos on december 6th. that is thursday night football right here. >> we are ready for football.
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>> i hope you are ready for warmer weather. i want to show you the high temperatures. compared to normal, today's highs, santa rosa, 74 degrees. a good eight degrees below normal. oakland is running five degrees cooler, 67 today. biggest drop here in concord, 76. it was cooler today. 13 degrees below where you should be at the 89 degree mark. it was definitely below normal. we have one more day of it. i want to show you time lapse, looking toward sutro tower, you see the high clouds and marine layer up close and personal as we look at time lapse -- check out live doppler 7 hd and see what is on going on here. marin layer has deepened to 2500 feet and on its way to bayside communities. temperatures right now in the 50s and the 60s why the region.
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we dove low clouds and fog to speak of. with patchy drizzle tonight go below average temperatures on friday and warmer pattern later. this cool trough of low pressure will keep us in one more cool summer day mode for your friday and then we'll start to see a turnaround with the warming trend coming just in time for big plans for the weekend. tonight we do have extensive grays and we are going to see the low clouds and fog continuing to invade most of the bay area. 5:00 a.m. notice some drizzle, you will need the windshield wipers. damp roadways, and temperatures in the 50s to start off your morning and cool side then in the afternoon, numbers are coming up a couple of degrees but not quite where you should be for july standards, up in san jose, 75 in sunnyvale.
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69 in millbrae. 74 for palo alto. 59 in pacifica and fog is going to hang around most of the day. 60 in sunset district downtown san francisco. 64 degrees, get you up to the north bay and upper 70s for santa rosa and 75 in san rafael. these temperatures running a little bit higher tomorrow as the trough starts to kick on out of here. east bay, 68 in oakland, up to 70? san leandro. heading inland, it's a nice mild beautiful day. not exactly warm. 81 in livermore. 78 in dublin and monterey bay, 64 degrees in monterey. 80 in the morning an hill. 78 in gilroy. here is the forecast for the san francisco giants, if you are going to the game tomorrow night as they host the dodgers, partly cloudy at 7:15. cool temperature of 60 degrees. dropping down to mid 50s. certainly ultimate need a
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sweatshirt or jacket. upper 80s to low 90s inland coming your way. mike nicco at 4:30 tomorrow morning and give you the forecast again. >> why amazon is expanding into the bay area. >> and we would like to thank three people. they are three of the people who helped raise thousands of dollars for bay area foster children by liking us on facebook. >> you can make a difference, too. just like us and one dollar will be donated to the abc7 sleep trai
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amazon is expanding into the bay area. they make the kindle is on the verge of leasing space in sunnyvale. hacker dojo is raising funds to stay in its space. they want to get up to code by january 1st. they offer work space and classes for internet
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entrepreneurs. more on these headlines in silicon business journal. >> you know the olympics are about to start. stay with us for all the latest results for team u.s.a. here is how we're going handle without spoiling the fun. on the air we're going to announce a spoiler alert. you'll have plenty of time to turn away and save the surprise. on our website you will have to click a link to see them. follow us on twitter or facebook and always find us at we will censor larry. [ laughter ] >> i'm the spoiler alert. 49ers get set for training camp tomorrow. they have added size, leonard davis is so big it looks like he
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good evening, 49ers will hold their first practice tomorrow. >> coming off a 13-3 campaign, expectations are sky high, vernon davis says he will be disappointed if they don't reach the superbowl. >> i have high hopes for this team. high expectations. that is something we all to live up to as a team. we have a lot of talent. we have a lot of guys that are very capable. i do not doubt this team. >> they just signed leonard davis to a one-year contract, 6'6" and 370 pounds. he is looking to blocking. >> we can see what he can do and gore and all the guys, i've seen
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them and watched them. they are a good core group of backs. >> don't make him angry. we don't lose, this is what brandon inge, they lost a game in toronto. they won last night but josh reddick, with his 22nd home run of the year they build the lead. blue jays get back with one big swing, his 27th of the year and it's 3-3. and floodgates are open a bunt and tommy malone hits him in the back and two runs score. ball gets away. kelly johnson adds insurance in the seventh. tommy malone has allowed 17 at homes but just one at home. the a's are in baltimore tomorrow. dodgers are in san francisco for a three-game series.
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david freese drove in a pair and then matt halliday with his 17th. dodgers are three in back of giants. pirates and astros, starling gets a home run, pirates win 5-3. michael phelps will not march in the olympics tomorrow. he wants to rest up for his first race. this will be his last olympics, 14 time gold medalist will compete in seven events. he says sheez is pumped up and got emotional in london. >> it's going to be fun. >> thank you, larry. >> "nightline" is coming up next. >> we invite you to try out our new alarm clock app. wake up to the latest headlines and weather, traffic right there on your phone. >> check it out.
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for all of us here, thank you for watching. >> good night everyone.
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tonight on "nightline," rental nation, the new american dream? rent, don't own everything, your house, car, furniture, even baby clothes. tonight, is it really martyr to rent instead of buy. and, dream team usa, kobe, lebron, durant, they're the nba biggest superstars is, teaming up with one famous coach and headed to the olympics. we go inside their strategy for bringing home the gold. plus the


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