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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 30, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. monday morning just about 6:01. thanks for joining us, i'm eric thomas. and i'm carolyn tyler sitting in for kristen sze. >> frances dinglasan is in for mike. a little bit of musical chairs this morning. live doppler temperatures mid 50s for most everybody. it does seem cool at this point. you probably won't need your jacket later on. we'll see more sunshine the marine layer not as deep today. the clouds will breakthrough a little earlier. but, with the continued sea breeze it will still be cool along the coast, especially peninsula where you see cloud cover, partly sunny, low 60s. around the bay upper 60s to near 80° and then inland temperatures getting warmer to even the low 90s. i'll have your seven day
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forecast coming up. for now here's sue in for me. >> yes i am in for frances. this is a live look at the incline section on the bay bridge a little haze. i wanted to show you traffic starting to bunch towards the tunnel stall center lane before the tunnel, you will find slowing behind the toll plaza, metering lights off, traffic light, no back-ups as you head into the incline section expect that stall to be moved quickly and then we'll look at what the metering lights are when they come on. a milestone day at the new 49ers' stadium at the site in santa clara. sue thompson is joining us live with progress that is being made today. good morning sue. >> reporter: good morning. quite a day here for the san francisco 49er franchise. the construction gates have just opened.
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those construction crews are beginning to move in. it is going to be quite an event today, because the 49ers are going to clear another big hurd until getting their new stadium built. three months ago, you may remember the nfl franchise broke ground in a fantastic celebration. it is expected to cost 1.2 billion dollars, a few months later in may the cement trucks started rolling in to lay 3,000 piles used for the foundation for the stadium. last week the first shipments of steel arrived instaled on the four corners of the stadium as that work begins the santa clara mayor will be here as well as top stadium project executives. the stadium is definitely taking shape. the 49ers in a matter of a couple of years will go from having the oldest stadium in the nfl to having the most
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high-tech state-of-the-art stadium in the nation. 49ers continue to say they are going to continue that goal to open in 2014. sue thompson, abc7 news. two tech titans are set to go to court in san jose today over a patent dispute. apple suing samsung for intellectual property infringement for allegedly copying its ipad and iphone design and scrolling technology. a jury expected to be picked to hear the case. apple is demanding 2 1/2 billion dollars in damages and intends to push for more injunctions. newest rollercoaster at vallejo's discovery kingdom shutdown indefinitely after a dozen people got stuck on that ride yesterday one of the cars on superintendent man coaster stopped at the top of the ride, 15 stories from the ground. crews used a large crane to get to the righters, it took
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nearly two hours to get -- riders, it took nearly two hours to get them down, everyone was okay, the cause under investigation. the superman coaster remains closed. to the latest in the colorado shooting massacre. prosecutors are set to file formal charges in about 90 minutes against 24-year-old james holmes, including a dozen first degree murder counts. he's accused of killing 12 people and wounding nearly 60 others at a movie theater during the showing of the new batman movie. attorneys will argue for information about a notebook he allegedly had delivered to his psychiatrist. defense contends it is privileged communication. legal analysts expect the case to be dominated by arguments over holmes' sanity. stay with the abc7 morning news coming up, we go live to colorado for an update on today's court appearance. 6:05. investigators want to know if
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underaged drinking played a role in a fight on a party bus that ended in a woman's death when two people fell from the moving bus it happened late friday night on highway 17 in los gatos a group of a dozen people on their way home to santa cruz from a concert at shoreline ampitheater, two women got night fight, investigators want to know how the bus' emergency door opened. 25-year-old natasha know land died when the bus ran over her -- her the other woman who is 20-years-old is expected to be okay the bus driver is not being charged. especially trained dogs joined search volunteers in pacifica effort the weekend to look for a missing woman who suffers from dementia, 76-year-old maria jansen vanished from her home wednesday afternoon. pg&e says, mill valley residents might smell some natural gas this morning the
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utility plans to vent a pipeline. they've been doing similar venting to repair pipelines throughout the bay area. the work now will take place over the next two mornings. pg&e says any gas smell or sound near that work, don't be worried they say it is harmless. 6:07. beautiful yesterday, you think we'll have a replay today? >> i think so. frances dinglasan is here in for mike nicco. she has good weather. yeah, a repeat from yesterday, still quiet for live doppler, low clouds, clouds not as thick as yesterday morning. temperatures now in the mid 50s for you all around the bay area we tend to see some our coolest numbers and fog develop before sunrise at :12 this morning, a few more minutes to go, some of us might see think morning with clearing in the interior valleys, high of 68 in
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san francisco, even though you will need your jacket now you probably won't later on, 74 oakland, 81 fremont, 90 livermore. monterey bay reaching near 90 in gilroy and 74 in watsonville. the next few days, today inland low 90s, tomorrow we'll see a slight dip in numbers with increased sea breeze onshore flow and warming up wednesday into thursday i'll let you know how hot it is going to get midweek. here's sue. we have a stall on the upper deck, before treasure island a little tougher to see because the haze is coming in, fog rolling in you can see brake lights from the incline section center lane before treasure island beginning to bunch up on the upper deck. behind the toll, metering lights off, starting to bunch up a little if you are cash paying, fastrak and carpool
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lanes going by smooth other issues out of central valley 205 westbound before 580 accident still blocking a lane, very slow towards the altamont pass into livermore, dublin pleasanton, 20 minute drive into the 680 dublin, 580 interchange, 280 northbound de anza, cupertino area, chp not being specific. 6:09. the huge bill facing the u.s. postal service this week and the cuts being made to keep the agency afloat. anyone who has ever bought frozen food knows the problem, pictures that don't match what is inside the box. michael finney is ahead with the worst offenders.
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>>:13. the u.s. post office faces a wednesday deadline to pay a 5.5 billion dollar loan payment a symbol of is enormous financial problems this covers retiree health benefits. postal officials have asked congress to help. the usps can probably meet this payment, down the road is another matter. the postal service has offered retirement packages to
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employees and wants to eliminate saturday service as a way to save money. boxed, frozen or canned, americans spend more than 100 billion dollars a year on processed food more than any other type of food. michael finney tells us, the pictures on the packaging don't always tell the truth about what is inside. >> reporter: good morning. what's pictured on packages looks delicious it can be a disappointment when the food doesn't match the picture. consumer reports gets a lot of complains about this walking down the supermarket aisle you see one mouth watering photo after another. how does the food look when you get it home? >> whatever comes out that microwave is a far cry from what was advertised. >> they make it look appetizing it is usually no >> never going to look as good as what is on the box. >> we had a lot of people complain about the food that doesn't resemble the pictures on the box. we decided to buy a cartful of
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products. >> consumer reports evaluated more than three dozen prod bucks -- products. some products did appear as pictured. others didn't come near reality take this package of lentil soup that shows pretty red and green vegetables. where are they once you heat the soup? huh! the spaghetti and meatballs look appetizing. the meatballs are smaller and the spaghetti is in pieces, not strands. while this barbecue steak from healthy choice does look like what is shown on the package, there's less than you would expect. lean pocket pretzel bread sandwiches see the chunky filling on the book? consumer reports said -- the
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far from full. >> i suggest you complain to the company. the worst that can happen is maybe they will give awe apology. the best that can happen you get a free product. >> if you spot a product where the food doesn't measure up to the picture let me know about it. go to i'm michael fin 7 on your side. >> michael, i think -- i think you will get lots of complaints. >> frances is the real deal. [ laughing ] >> sorry you caught me running to the desk. i'm always trying up-to-date the numbers. we have a beautiful sunrise for you, check out this live shot sunrise at 6:12 this morning. you do need to be above the clouds to catch it, most of us under these overcast grey conditions right now. we will see the sunshine and we are going to see it a little earlier today than we did yesterday here's a look at
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live doppler 7 hd showing cloud cover around the bay area. not as widespread this morning. marine layer, clouds are not as thick that's why it is going to warm up a little more. right now 50 tour -- 54 in san francisco, 58 in san jose. monterey bay fog reported in monterey, watsonville, salinas. in monterey, they say visibility down to half a mile. also, sue was driving through the waldo tunnel this morning she ran into patchy dense fog. right in that spot. look out for possible fog through the morning hours. then, sunny and mild today, warming inland, this week or midweek i should say, high pressure building going to be warm into the mid 90s. but, for today, expect temperatures to be warmer high of 83 in san jose. mild, lots of sun 86 los gatos. 78 in redwood city.
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but, even though we'll see less cloud cover along the coast still get an onshore breeze going to keep temperatures cool by the coast to 62 in daly city, 68 downtown san francisco, range of temperatures in the north bay, 94 clear lake, 83 sonoma, 70s east bay with the exception of fremont 81 and 68 richmond with the cool sea breeze there. low 90s around pittsburg, antioch and one more stop, 76 in santa cruz. here's the seven day forecast, expect a slight dip in temperatures tomorrow with stronger sea breeze. midweek warming up for a very hot day thursday inland and sunny skies all week. good morning. going back to the bay bridge had a stall on the upper deck centers anchorage and center lane, a few brake lights misty there, traffic throwing, heavy into san francisco on the it
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-- flowing, heavy into san francisco on the upper deck. minor back-up if you are paying cash. fastrak and commuter lanes flowing nicely into san francisco. central valley westbound 205 before 580 that accident still in lanes it has been there an hour traffic slow up and over the altamont approaching 25 minutes over the altamont pass. 280 northbound at de anza debris in lanes, you may find slowing in that area in cupertino. eastbound 24 noncommute direction, stall blocking right lane. 6:19. check your pockets. somebody in the bay area still has a lottery ticket for 52 million dollars. plus who would expect the olympics to be the hottest ticket in town. th
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you can see
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building pass, corporate card, verizon 4g lte phone. the global ready one ? yeah, but you won't need... ♪ hajimemashite. hajimemashite. hajimemashite. you guys like football ? thank you so much. i'm stoked. you stoked ? totally. ... and he says, "under the mattress." souse le matelas. ( laughter ) why's the new guy sending me emails from paris ? paris, france ? verizon's 4g lte devices are global-ready. plus, global data for just $25. only from verizon. welcome back. it is 6:23 on this monday morning. thanks for joining us we appreciate the company. this is a live look from our vollmer cam showing a lot of cloud cover. looking north there, clouds should lift a little later today. we have a warming trend in
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store this week. frances dinglasan will be around shortly with the full forecast. so far, no one has come forward to redeem the winning lottery ticket sold at a liquor store in fremont. the one who does bring in that winning ticket will win 52 million dollars. the ticket matched all five numbers and the mega number friday night in the drawing. the winner has 180 days to claim that 52 million dollar jackpot, here are the winning numbers: 2, 3, 4, 8, 43 and the mega number of 26. what i could do with that 52 million. maybe head to the olympics. if you watched the games over the weekend you might have noticed empty seats at several venues are. here are still photos showing the seats, whole sections remained empty saturday and yesterday in response, olympic
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officials handed out free tickets to students and troops. officials expect the seats to start filling up as the games move through the preliminary rounds. to the box office the dark knight rises number one for the second week in a row another 64 million dollars over the weekend. toting 289 million in -- totalling 289 million in 10 days, 60% decline lacking behind staggering numbers of its predecessor, dark knight. ice age second, the watch opened in third, step-up revolution opened in fourth place followed by ted. still ahead, south san francisco power outage leaves thousands in the dark. we've got the latest on the problems created. the restoration and cause. amber alert remains for a monterey county teenager. the deadly discovery spurring the statewide >> reporter: instead of
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carrying thrill seekers today the rollercoaster will be surrounded by inspectors. i'll tell you why, next. more sun today, temperatures into the 90s with low clouds, flight arrival delays at sfo 52 minutes. none reported nationwide, no other delays reported nationwide. keep track of flights b [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh.
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good monday morning. typical summer grey start to the day. things will improve on this july 30th. we thank you for start your day here good morning i'm eric thomas. and i'm carolyn tyler in for kristen sze this morning. thank you for joining us. let's check fought are correct about the skies lifting. frances dinglasan in for mike nicco. >> grey skies will be lifting earlier today compared to yesterday cloud layer not as thick quiet now live doppler, already seeing sun in some of the interior valleys, you got to see the sunrise this morning most of us still unclouds. along the coast partly -- under clouds. along the coast partly sunny, around the bay up to 80°, very
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warm conditions inland. temperatures in the low 80s to low 90s. we have a warm-up on the way midweek i'll tell you all about it in my next report. here's traffic with sue. good morning. a live shot of walnut creek where the sun is shining, traffic flowing smoothly on towards highway 24, no delays there and through the san ramon valley southbound 680 to the 580 junction moving well. metering lights on traffic backed beyond the west grand over crossing to pay tolls. upper deck heavy earlier stale cleared. accident southbound 680 before pacheco, right shoulder, still there noncommute direction stall blocking right lane. 6:31. the newest roller -- rollercoaster in vallejo is still shutdown after the ride left several passengers stuck in the air more than an hour.
6:31 am
amy hollyfield is live at the park. >> reporter: i just talked to the park's spokeswoman she said yesterday they did an assessment of the ride and couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. she says today they will do the actual intersection. riders were stuck up there for about two hours, 150 feet in the air, sitting upright. at least they weren't dangling upside down. the fire department checked on them, gave them water they didn't want to take them down. they believe the safest route down was having the coaster bring them down that took a firefighters told the rideers to try to shake the car loose. that didn't work. while crews tried to figure out what was wrong they all had to sit in the sunshine and wait. >> it was amazing, just crazy experience. i was shocking but it was fun at the same time. >> as best as we can determine,
6:32 am
no mechanical situation whatsoever. >> reporter: finally, mechanics decided to shake the train themselves, it worked. except it pushed the train backwards. once again big surprise for riders crews said it was a safe way for them to get down. everyone was checked out by paramedics and they were all fine. they were all given a season pass and fast pass they can shoot to the front of the line whenever they want to here at the park. this rollercoaster opened last month to a lot of fanfare. it is now closed, indefinitely. the park opens 10:30 this morning. instead of people climb ago to ride this rollercoaster, it will be surrounded by inspectors trying to figure out what went wrong. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. it is 6:33. amber alert remains this morning for a 16-year-old girl kidnapped from monterey county
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yesterday at the girl's home where the bodies of two men were also found over the weekend. eunice serrato is believed to be with her boyfriend and his father. police say they may be headed to mexico in a tan 2007 honda civic. we had the license plate there. >> it was 6 juk 098. if you see that plate, please call police. pg&e crews working to get the final 106 customers in daly city back online after 3600 lost power last night the outage affected customers in south san francisco and colma. crews found downed power lines near the intersection of clay in daly city after 8:00 last night. utility crews say a metallic balloon hitting the power lines probably caused the
6:34 am
outage. the power at the south san francisco bart was shutdown as a precaution that resulted in three people stuck in an elevator who had to be rescued. power at bart station is back on this morning. expect more traffic delays around san francisco's union square today, stockton street closed to all cars between geary and ellis. crews have been relocating utility projects underground preparing for construction of that 1.6 billion dollar central subway project. saturday part of grant street between geary and sutter was converted to two-way traffic to try to help with the flow. stockton street closure expected to remain in effect until 2017, except during the holiday shopping season. construction crews in santa clara are about to start installing the first steel support columns to form the framework of the new 49er stadium. spoke man says the first delivery of steel arrived last week, a big deal for any construction project demand
6:35 am
for steel in developing christmas made it hard to come by in late may, cement tricks -- trucks began pouring the foundation to support the beams. 6:35. pit bull that mauled a 2-year-old boy in rodeo remains in the custody of animal control. crust were on the scene saturday night the boy was tacked at the home of his babysitter doctors reattached one of his eyelids yesterday morning he has been released. san francisco police spent the weekend searching for clues after a dead man turned up behind a home in diamond heights a resident found the victim yesterday morning off diamond heights boulevard. the victim had been shot, one neighbor thought he heard gunshots the night before.
6:36 am
new video out of southern california shows a dramatic arrest. highway patrol officers confronting a driver in orange county yesterday. a couple of officers tried to smash in the truck's windows. dozens of officers waited with their guns drawn. the driver took off, he was taken into custody after a crash with patrol cars. investigators are not commenting on his identity or the charges. president obama will head to new york city this evening for another fundraiser. the president will attend a dinner and deliver remarks at a manhattan hotel, this is not the first time the president has visit the big apple he held a trio of fundraisers there early last month. republican presidential candidate mitt romney is in poland today after receiving a warm welcome in israel. he met yesterday with prime minister netanyahu. the two discussed iran and its controversial nuclear program. 6:37.
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we should check in on the weather. how we're starting off the workweek. frances dinglasan is in. >> in violet this morning. here's a look at live doppler, we've got some low clouds over the bay area not as thick starting to see sunny conditions in the interior valleys livermore clear at five five°. 54 in san francisco and -- 55°. 54 in san francisco low clouds causing flight arrival delays into sfo for almost an hour. highs warming up a few degrees more compared to yesterday, 60s along the coast with sea breeze, 68 in san francisco, 74 in oakland, 81 free movement low 90s inland, 89 in gilroy, 74 in watsonville. here's the forecast ahead, temperatures coming down a little tomorrow with an
6:38 am
increased onshore flow. then warming up wednesday into thursday looks like the warmest day i'll have your seven day coming up in my next report. good morning. san rafael southbound 101 past the civic center on up the hill into central san rafael moving well, no problems. sun is trying to come out, had earlier fog there this morning that hand says has been talking, no traffic -- traffic problems traveling through the macarthur maze, it is flowing smoothly no problems when you get to the bay bridge toll, metering lights on traffic bunched up there. problem eastbound 24, noncommute direction, still blocking right lane with a stall road sensors not picking up major slowing as you head towards lafayette. all mass transit everybody is on time this morning. great way got if you are heading out this monday morning, no delays, is on
6:39 am
schedule. -- apple and samsung going to court today. trading underway on wall street. we'll have a live report from the new york stock exchange straight first, a look at big board, things starting off slow, dow off about three points. coming up, the man accused of carrying out the colorado shooting massacre head back to court in less than an hour. we'll be live in colorado with what is expected to happen today. and the piece of evidence now at the center of the investigation. you saw there protests in san francisco about the easy availability of assault weapons that they've linked with that shooting incident. 11 bomb threats in three days. the
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning i'm frances dinglasan in for mike nicco today so don't get confused. no major traffic trouble now. highs today getting warmer with less cloud cover later on 92 antioch, 68 in san francisco, eight -- 83 san jose, fresno 101°. potential thunderstorms later if you are headed to las vegas this afternoon with a high of 96. there are flight arrival delays at sfo right now, 52 minutes, complete forecast coming up shortly more news
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with eric. we want to thank everyone who helped raise thousands for bay area foster children by liking us on facebook. three of our new friends include: marina e of fremont, edna f of san francisco and lorraine m of san francisco. you can make a difference as well, like us at and one dollar will be donated to the sleep train dream campaign maybe your picture will be on channel 7. 6:45. let's check with amy for a look what the is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. good morning, drama shakes olympics hopes dashed in the pool men come up short. gymnastics' star -- in 45 minute the man accused of opening fire inside a colorado movie theater is
6:45 am
expected to appear in court again. brandy joins us live in centennial, colorado with a preview of what is expected to happen in the courtroom. >> reporter: good morning. we will soon find out the charges filed against james holmes for the first time in a colorado courtroom behind me. you can see the police presence and crowds already gathering. all of this as the victims of this tragedy continue to deal with more and more heartache. the prosecution is expected to lay down the hammer on 24-year-old james holmes, 10 days after the movie theater massacre. at his arraignment, holmes could face hundreds of charges, including 12 counts of first degree murder, 58 counts after tempted murder, first degree assault and reckless endangerment for the explosives in his apartment. >> i don't care what your motive is, he knew what he was doing. that's it, i want to see
6:46 am
justice. >> reporter: ashley's stepmother says she will be in the courtroom. ashley not only lost her 6-year-old daughter veronica in the shooting spree, she too was shot several times and has suffered a miscarriage. >> it was because of stress, because of trauma. ashley has been through a >> reporter: so have the victims' families. many buried their loved ones over the weekend. now at the center of this investigation is a notebook holmes sent to his psychiatrist. police intercepted that book which recordly clouds plans for a massacre. >> if a psychologist or psychiatrist feels someone they are treating, a patient of theirs may pose a threat, in most states they are obligated to do something. >> reporter: holmes' attorneys claim the seizure of that note book is in violation of doctor-patient privilege. they will be arguing about that in the coral this morning they are trying to keep it out as evidence.
6:47 am
back to you. 6:47. the investigation continues this morning into who is behind phony bomb threats at wal-mart stores in kansas. someone made the threats against stores in leavenworth and lawrence yesterday morning. police cleared the stores, found nothing. this makes a total of 11 threats against wal-mart stores in kansas and missouri in recent days. officials will not say if all those threats are connected. stay with abc7, "good morning america" is going to have much more on this investigation now underway, coming up at 7 a.m.. right now, 6:48. twitter and apple tried to team up but it didn't work out. >> jane king at the new york stock exchange with that and apple and samsung bring their epic battle to a bay area court today. good morning this has been going on for months these two
6:48 am
giants battle it out. huge day for apple. jury selection in apple's 2 1/2 billion dollar patent infringement case against samsung begins. the district judge practiced as an intellectual property litigator for eight years this battle for dominant in the more than 300 billion dollar smartphone business on four continents. apple shares this morning -- by with the way apple just revealing that facebook's service will be integrated with its new and popular mountain lion software. apple getting from it all sides microsoft unveiling mice and key wheres to work with -- [ unintelligible ]
6:49 am
apple was in talks with twitter a year ago it didn't work out. the talks ended without a deal. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. we should have a great day weather-wise. frances dinglasan is here told us the details. nice one on tap for us today, once we get past the low clouds again. what you will notice this morning is clouds are going to clear quicker. here's a live view from our roof camera towards the embarcadero, treasure island in the background. yesterday this time the fog and low clouds were much thicker. we are seeing already a little break in the clouds. check out live doppler 7 hd
6:50 am
for you, doing a sweep around the bay area, i just skipped past the graphic. it pass been quiet other than low clouds. no major problems now, temperatures in the 50s for you, 54 in san francisco. 55 in livermore. we are getting fog reported around monterey bay at this point and salinas and watsonville. we still could see fog develop in some areas patchy fog at this point, then clearing quickly, sunny and mild today, temperatures a few degrees warmer compared to yesterday and high pressure builds. we'll be warming inland even into the mid 90s looks like our warmest day will be wednesday, thursday. model shows clouds almost all gone by lunch time. yesterday they hung around even in the afternoon into the evening. then this afternoon, pretty sunny as well along the coast
6:51 am
partly cloudy in half moon bay. temperatures are going to warm up a little more. the cloud cover disappearing faster and also thinner clouds right now. 83 san jose, 80s south bay, 70s peninsula. high of 76 menlo park. downtown san francisco, 68°. also look for 80s for the most part in the north bay 892 in petaluma, 87 -- 82 in petaluma, 87 santa rosa, 70s east bay, fremont 81 cool in richmond at 68, sea breeze coming in through the golden gate bridge. low 90s through pittsburg and antioch and upper 80s morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. heading to the giants' game toe tonight always good to bring a jacket it cools to 56 by the time the game ends. numbers come didn't a little tomorrow with a stronger sea breeze an -- come down a
6:52 am
little tomorrow with a stronger sea breeze and onshore flow. warming up into the mid 90s midweek and mid 80s around the bay. fewer accidents i was watching bay bridge crews push a stall off the right lane off the upper deck as you need san francisco, second stall in the last hour on the upper deck on the incline section of the bay bridge. tolls as you approach the bay bridge metering lights on traffic backed beyond west grand overcrossing. a bit of a grind getting into san francisco at this hour. san mateo bridge better eastbound a little haze and fog towards the highrise otherwise smooth sailing to foster city same with eastbound direction towards hayward. drive times leaving marin county, 37 in novato into san rafael, looking good, just 10 minutes out of antioch slow traffic beyond that hillcrest into concord at 242 less than
6:53 am
10 minutes. another grind 580 up the altamont pass to 680, running about 30 minutes towards the pleasanton area. just about 6:54. the san diego zoo has a special new addition. the panda guy birth to her sixth cub over the weekend. she is changing positions to make it more comfortable. the cub is just four ounces we won't know the gender for weeks. she is 20-years-old and is one of the oldest giant pandas to give birth in captivity. as we get ready to hand off things to "good morning america," here are five things to know before you go: number one, investigators will be out at vallejo's discovery kingdom where the newest rollercoaster is closed indefinitely. a dozen people got tuck for two hours yesterday -- got stuck for two hours yesterday, nobody was hurt. >> number two, construction
6:54 am
crews in santa clara about to install the first steel beams to form the framework of the new stadium. >> number three, we are getting new information on an amber alert for a kidnapped testimonier from monterey county the authorities are looking for a tan 2007 honda civic. 16-year-old was abducted from her home where the bodies of two men were discovered over the weekend. >> number four, prosecutors in colorado are set to file formal charges in a little more than a half hour against 24-year-old james holmes, including a dozen first degree murder counts. he's accused of killing 12 and injuring nearly 60 at a movie theater in colorado, 10 days ago. number five, apple vs. samsung in federal court this morning the two tech titans begin jury selection over a patent dispute. apple suing samsung saying it
6:55 am
illegally copied the ipad and iphone design. here's a look at live doppler, just dealing with low clouds this morning. it will clear a lot faster today. cloud layer not as thick. partly sunny along the coast, sea breeze keeping it cool with temperatures in the low 60s to mid 60s around the bay with more sunshine early on temperatures climbing into 80° and then warmer inland low 90s. back to the lafayette area, once again this is eastbound 24 still with a stall in the right lane, bit of slow traffic as you head westbound. , eastbound the noncommute direction bart, muni, all mass transit running on schedule no delays. grey way coming into san francisco or elsewhere good alternative. bay bridge toll metering lights on, it jammed.
6:56 am
bart would be a great alternative if you are coming into san francisco at this hour. that does it for this edition of the abc7 morning news. >> don't forget to download our new alarm clock app for your iphone wake up to the latest headlines, weather and traffic info right there on your phone. what wasn't on my phone was the memo about wearing purple. i hope to get that next time. [ laughing ] >> thanks for joining us, see >> thanks for joining us, see you later! captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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good morning, america. victory and agony at the olympics. u.s. star swim duo phelps and lochte come up short in the pool. as ryan lochte loses their big lead in the relay. america's top hope for gymnastics all-around gold misses the cut but can jordyn wieber come through for the usa? 1k bomb scare at walmart. panicked shoppers as stores throughout the midwest are evacuated. who is turning the aisles of the biggest stores into a danger zone? super man gets stuck. after


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