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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 30, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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didn't know the ride was shutdown today. closed for the day. >> ugh! really? >> reporter: a lot of people were disappointed. >> that's sucks! i was stoked to ride everybody else was like no, i'm like yeah come on. >> reporter: we did find some who were nervous about what happened yesterday. >> i've been wanting to ride it, but not after what happened yesterday, i think while wait a little longer. >> reporter: maintenance workers still trying to find out what happened to this ride. cal osha inspectors were not here today. park officials tell us state oversight agency is satisfied with the park conducting is own investigation. this ride will remain closed until further notice. the park will not reopen the rollercoaster until they are absolutely sure it is safe. vic lee, abc7 news. two people were shot in san francisco visitation valley neighborhood this
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afternoon. police say somebody called 911 reporting a fight between two groups, after 1:00. then, gunfire erupted. both victims were sent to san francisco general. the gunman ran after the shooting. officers encountereded a large hostile group of bystanders when they arrived but were able to calm them down so far no arrests. fire burning near highway 4 in pittsburg damaged two homes this afternoon. sky 7 hd was over the scene on andrea way. the fire started in one home, quickly spread to the neighboring house. they brought that fire under control quickly, nobody was hurt. cause of the fire still under investigation. the chp investigating how a santa cruz woman fell out of a moving party bus and was then run over and kill. 25-year-old natasha nolan died late friday night on highway 17 returning from the brad
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paisley concert she was the daughter of the owners of the well-known pacific wave surf shop. investigators say 12 to 15 passengers were onboard the bus, many intoxicated. nolan and a 20-year-old woman got into a fight the door to the bus opened up and they both fell out. friends say they are in shock. >> she was just such a beautiful person, coming from the family she came from, she was raised right. she just put a smile on everyone's face. >> the other woman involved in the incident was treated for road rash. the driver has not been charged. two passengers were arrested for public intoxication. a man facing dui charges even though he want the one driving. 28-year-old man was riding with his girlfriend on highway 101 friday night he got angry and pull the parking brake his girlfriend lost control of the car, careened down an embankment, nobody was hurt.
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he ran from the crash, officers arrested him later he's been booked on dui charges. the newest developments in the tragedy in colorado. prosecutors this morning filed 24 counts of first degree murder against james holmes. that's two counts of each for the 12 people killed. holmes also faces 116 counts of attempted murder for allegedly wounding 58 other moviegoers in court today he looked much like he appeared during his arraignment, with bright red hair, eyes dazed and confused. >> i also felt sorry for him in the sense that here was a brilliant person that could have done a lot of good. but what went wrong? >> legal analysts believe the defense will bring holmes' sanity into question. his attorneys revealed that holmes was looking for psychiatric help before that shooting rampage.
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police say a teenager who was found dead in san francisco's diamond heights neighborhood yesterday morning was the victim of a homicide. the medical examiner's office identified him as an 18-year-old san francisco resident elijah hopkins. police say hopkins was shot to death, no arrests have been made. we are getting our first look at the pit bull that bit a toddler in the face over the weekend. the 5 year tkolgd is under quarantine to determine -- the 5-year-old dog is un ran taoerpb to determine fit has rabies. the -- the boy was bitten in the head, surgeons had to reattach an eyelid. the owes owners may be required to obtain a dangerous dog permit if they want to keep the pit bull. authorities have called off the search for an elderly woman who went missing in pacifica last week. police held their last active search yesterday for 76-year-old maria jansen they
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don't have more searches scheduled. for five days search-and-rescue teams covered rugged terrain without any sign of the avid hiker. police say it is unlikely she survived on her own for so long. she suffers from dement shoppers beware it will be much more difficult driving around union starting today stockton between ellis and geary will be closed to all vehicles to accommodate the construction of the new central subway project. stockton will -- we are talking five years except for holiday periods when it will reopen for thanksgiving to new year's day. grand avenue a block down from stockton will be converted to to two-way traffic. new stayed home for the 49ers began taking shape today. steel beams with are being hoisted along the outer skeletons of that 68,000 seat facility. the stadium is being built
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next to the great america theme park. sue thompson reports construction is moving quickly. also lowering the county's unemployment rate for construction workers in the south bay >> reporter: as the very first steel beams go in, the new san francisco 49ers' stadium is now taking shape and fast. >> this is very exciting in the life of a project this is a big deal. >> reporter: a big deal because now crews will work around the clock. building the steel frame of the stadium, piece by piece, four cranes, 300 workers, 18,000 tons of steel. some beams weighing in at 36,000 pounds. >> this is the first kind of manifestation of a project coming to fruition coming out of the ground. before today much of the work in the pit was to put in underground utilities, found elements and retaining wall. crews say, by labor day, you will see a full skeleton of
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what is to come. santa clara's mayor is encouraged by the project and its impact on the workforce. >> we have 36% unemployment here in the valley. now we have all these people working on the site over 300 working on the site, ramping up to over 1,000 by the end of the year. >> reporter: workers will likely remain employed for some time as this 1.2 billion dollar stadium comes together with more than 68,000 seats, state-of-the-art technology it will soon be one of the nfl's best. >> there's a lot of work still remains this is getting us off to a great start. >> reporter: all of that steel is american made. according to the 49ers it is having to be trucked into the job site. you may have heard the santa clara mayor mention about the 36% unemployment in the valley. he is referring to the skilled construction jobs. he says the last couple of years construct workers have faced tough times and this 49ers' stadium project has
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been a big improvement. in santa clara, sue thompson, abc7 news. we are gearing up for football season here at abc7, we will be broadcasting two thursday night football games this season first 49ers hosting the seahawks october 18th. december 6th, raiders vs. broncos at the oakland coliseum. we'll have huge tailgate parties on both of those game nights with more details to come as we get closer. you are invited by the way. >> i hope so. >> you will be front and center for the big party. >> i'll bring the snacks. >> maybe it will be cooler by then. today has been a really warm day inland and going to remain into the evening hours the heat is going to be slow to recede. wide range of temperatures this evening from 56 at the coast up to 80 in some inland spots will be slow to cool. tomorrow morning mainly sunny, some lingering coastal fog will be around temperatures in the morning from 51° to 60.
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tomorrow afternoon mild to warm again, sunny, highs in the low to mid 60s at the coast, mid 90s inland. the heat goes on, i'll show you how long this warm spell will last in my forecast in just a few minutes. still ahead, don't walk this way. there are new numbers today on the health costs of walking, talking and texting. also, googlization of yahoo how the new ceo is changing things from the inside out. we want to thank you bay area for helping us raise thousands for foster kids by lyinging us on abc7 news on face bike. a few of our fans: marine e from fremont, edna f from san francisco and lorraine m also from san francisco. you can still make the difference and maybe get mentioned. just like abc7 news on facebook now and one dollar gets donated to the sleep train dream campaign.
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emergency room visits have skyrocketed in the past several years because of pedestrians who wind up being injured while using their smartphones. more people are not paying attention to their surroundings injuries from distracted walking have quadrupled in the last several years. emergency rooms have logged 1100 visits from people injured because of distracted walking. doctors are sure that figure is under reported. >> we get so involved in our devices, texting or communicating somehow or listening to something, people forget that basic lesson that
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we all learn when we were in kindergarten, which is you look both ways when you cross the street. >> common sense, right. cities are taking notice in fill the city unveil add e-lane for distracted walkers -- unveiled an e-lane for distracted walkers. it was a joke but pedestrians were upset when it went away. the ingredient that gives curry its flavor could stop diana in certain high risk patients. people with prediabetes seemed to avoid developing the full blown disease if they take a supplement everyday for nine months, a compound in the spice. research published in the journal diabetes care. previous research that the compound can fight inflammation and damage to cells. google's workplace culture coming to yahoo. the man who many thought would he'd the company is leaving yahoo. -- would lead the company is
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leaving yahoo. the man who lost the yahoo ceo post to marissa mayer is leaving. ross son took over after scott thompson's resume disaster back in may. many thought that levinson was a shoo-in to get the job permanently. but he's making his exit effective tomorrow in a statement yahoo said ross has done a terrific job during his time at yahoo we wish him all the best. he will be getting a severance package equal to one year of his base salary which is $700,000. the new yahoo ceo marissa mayer spent over a decade at google now bringing some of google's perks and policies to yahoo. this includes free food at the company's cafe. all things digital says she wants to change the lay-out of the offices to make them more
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collaborative and cool and will be updating the swag in the company's store to get employees excited about working for yahoo again. >> a controversial cyber security bill is front and center in the senate this week lawmakers begin debating the measure. senators are expected to examine dozens of amendments to the legislation with a final vote before the end of the week. the bill would set security standards for companies and government agencies to meet. supporters say it is vital to protect u.s. companies and infrastructure from cyber attacks. opponents say it could stifle business by adding new regulation. >> apple says there have been more than three million downloads of its new mountain lion operating system in four days that makes it the most successful release in apple's history. microsoft says it is going to release new tablet october 26th, the same day when windows 8 comes out.
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microsoft did not indicate the price and the government filing. >> stocks declined on concerns that markets have run too far ahead of economic growth. bloomberg index posted higher on gains in apple, cisco and ebay. meanwhile, wal-mart embracing solar power in a big way. the retailer has 150 solar projects and expects to have as much as 90 megawatts of capacity by year's end. more than ikea and apple. wal-mart plans to have 1,000 solar powered locations by 2020. in san francisco, i'm emily chang with bloomberg west. now a look at forecast. >> if you like it toasty. very toasty, upper 90s in quite a few inland locations now closing in on 100°. sunny skies, beautiful weather, who is complaining. live view from our
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high-definition sutro camera looking nord towards the golden gate that tells our data -- weather story through a portion of the area. sunny inland and around the bay. live doppler hd gives you a good idea of way was describe ago that area of fog along parts of the coastline south of the golden gate, completely clear inland and around the bay. under sunny skies these are our current temperature readings, 98° at fairfield, 97 antioch livermore 94 concord, 93, 92 los gatos. 89 at fremont mountain view now 71 in san francisco, warm to hot all around the bay area. patchy coastal fog overnight warm days continue through thursday then start cooling down for the weekend. the weather pattern looks like this satellite shows huge mass of hot air covering much of the interior u.s. that has
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been pushing west, cool air coming from our northwest, tuesday through thursday, mild to warm conditions very much like what we have now with cool air trying to advance in our direction and hot air holding on for a while. not much change for the next few days in our weather. overnight a little sliver of fog along the coast, low temperatures mid to upper 50s, mild all across the bay area tonight maybe cool north bay valleys to 51° overnight at santa rosa. tomorrow morning 5:00, little shreufr of fog along the coastline. -- little shreufr of fog along the coastline. will burn away from the coast by mid to late afternoon wide range of high temperatures tomorrow like today, 60s coast, 70s to 80s around the bay and 90s in the warmest inland locations starting with the south bay this is how things shape up tomorrow, sunny, warm south bay mid to upper 80s, 86 san jose, cupertino on the peninsula, 82 redwood city and
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palo alto, mid 60s coast, half moon bay 64 drizzle downtown san francisco high of 68 tomorrow north bay upper 80s and low to mid 90s at cloverdale, clear lake and ukiah. east bay highs mid 70s up to 80 castro valley fremont inland east bay warm with highs in the low to mid 90s. mid 90s inland through thursday. low 80s around the bay, mid 60s coast. cool down slightly friday, more significant cooling over the weekend. still a pleasant with weekend highs 80s inland, 70s around the bay. it won't be hot, but it will be warm. next, the show will go on as the stars of modern family get back to work. also, fans of lord of the rings are getting more than they expected. coming up at 5, outrage in a san francisco neighborhood over a homeless man who was allowed to live in his car and stockpile ammunition and assault weapon.
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this is big news for lord of the ribs fans. it is being split into three movies. the director made that announcement this morning on facebook. he says large parts of the fantasy novel would remain untold if there isn't a third
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film. jackson says the crew will need to shoot additional footage. all three films are in digital 3-d part one of this december, part two in december 2013 and part three the summer of 2014. it is back to work for the stars of "modern family" as they start production on another season. >> here's rachel smith with the latest. >> reporter: the emmy nominated stars of "modern family" happily started shooting their fourth season today now that they've reached contract deals. they all sued 20th century fox studios last week claiming their contracts were illegal. now deals have been reached, terms haven't been disclosed. abc celebrated upcoming fall season with a huge press party full of stars from new shows and some returning favorites, including "revenge."
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>> we just got the script i had my first day onset, it is on! >> reporter: it premieres september 30th, here on abc. the same night the supernatural new drama, 666 park avenue premieres it stars vanessa williams who talk with us about how this show will compare to her days on "desperate housewives." >> drama for sure, more important things will happen weekly. >> reporter: it rehere's september 30th on abc of for more premiere dates go to -- i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> the high stakes trial over high-tech gadgets begins to take shape here in the bay area. next, inside the battle between two tech giants that will play out inside a san jose courtroom. there are some people who have taken a look at those
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comments and scratching their heads a little. >> the aftermath of a statement today by mitt romney that palestinian leaders are calling racist and out of touch. the vice president gets passed over. the white house picks another big name democrat for a prominent role in the
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>> announcer: receipt now abc7 news begins with breaking news. the breaking news in downtown san francisco, a report of a truck that has spilled oil on 4th and how word an estimated 100 gallons. this is a -- live look. the spill at 4th and howard. u can see 4th and howard down to one lane as we give you a look at the impact this is having on the afternoon commute. >> traffic is already bad enough in that area they have to wait for crews to pour sand on the oil, then they have to sweep it up and pick up the sand. the oil is believed to be cooking oil, not motor oil. no word on how that spill happen. we'll bring any new information as it comes in >> check us at major battle between two global tech giants kicked off today in a san jose courtroom.
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>> this pits apple against samsung over charges of copy designs for smartphones and tablets. david louie joins us outside the courthouse to explain. >> reporter: high stakes, apple is crying copycat at samsung for allegedly stealing the design of iphone and ipad. appear sell is seeking 2 1/2 -- apple is seeking 2 1/2 billion dollars in damages. up on the 5th floor where no cameras are allowed the judge and attorneys for both tech giants are trying to find 10 fair-minded jurors. it is hope home to apple, samsung's corporate home is in south korea. >> you have so my people who live and breathe apple kind of a cult, i'm one of them, i don't know if i could be
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impartial. >> reporter: patent law expert says jury selection will take time there are 72 prospective jurors in the pool, 10 will be impaneled. >> you run the risk that a large portion of the jury pool will either work for one of the two companies, have a close family member who works for one of the two companies, have a friend who works for one of the two companies or just a real enthusiast of the devices of one of the two companies. >> reporter: apple will show jurors photos of samsung smartphones before and after the debut of the iphone five years ago to support its claim. samsung will use other photos to argue apple copied designs from sony. >> there's always a concern in patent trials some of the evidence presented, especially technical evidence will be over the heads of a certain lay jury pool. lawyers, experts will try very hard to make everything as simple as possible to make the evidence sort of bite-sized nuggets. >> reporter: whoever wins could seek injunctions to stop
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the sale of the other's products. turn the din dust street on its head. stakes so high patent disputes like this are usually cemented before going to trial. it is clear both sides have dug in their heels. estimated legal cost for apple and samsung combined could be 20 million dollars. consumers could pay, depending on who wins and who loses on the loosing side if they are barred from putting some products on the marketplace that could mean less competition that translates generally into higher prices. david louie, abc7 news. there's this apple being sued for patent infringement by taiwan's national university accusing apple of choosing proprietary software to develop suri. the examining whether smartphone voice recognition systems have infringed on its patents. republican presidential
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hopeful mitt romney is wrapping up his international goodwill tour with a stop in poland. first he outraged palestinian leaders with comments made earlier today in jerusalem. romney hopes to end his trip on a positive note. >> reporter: mitt romney made the third and final stop of his overseas trip today with a visit to poland. the republican contender got an endorsement from former polish president lech walesa. romney's cordial visit to poland a mix of political and cultural events was overshadow he suggested that culture was a contributing factor to the economic inequality between the israelis and palestinians. the statement inrain -- enraged some palestinian leaders. >> people are equal such racist statements does not --
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>> reporter: the romney campaign said his comments were grossly mischaracterized. in a rare move they released a full transcript of his remarks. the white house declined to weigh in. >> it is clear there are some people who have taken a look at those comments and are scratching their heads. i would leave it to governor romney to further explain what he meant and what he intended when he said that >> reporter: the palestinian dust-is the latest on this trip. last week in london romney riled up the brits when he suggested they may not be prepared to host the olympics in an interview with david muir romney didn't back down. >> i tend to tell people way believe. >> reporter: romney heads home tuesday then back to the campaign trail. the next challenge for him and president obama, getting voters' attention dung the olympics. karen travers, abc7 news. obama campaign confirmed
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that former president clinton will play a major role at national convention he will speak on the third night, formally place president obama's name into nomination. the white house says the decision to choose bill clinton wasn't difficult. >> it certainly means that president clinton is a very effective communicator in terms of talking about the challenges we face and the kind of vision that he and president obama share in addressing and confronting these challenges. >> vice presidented by will introduce president obama on the fourth and final night of the convention held september 3rd, through the 8th in charlotte, north carolina. coming up at 4:00, abc news exclusive former vice president cheney talks about his hem, same-sex marriage and why he thinks -- his health, same-sex marriage and why he thinks president obama is a problem. truck loads of produce could be wasted if somebody doesn't step up to help the east bay food bank. looking at a little fog
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through the golden gate, no cooling trend in sight. i'll have the warm forecast, coming up.
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the alameda county food bank needs hundreds of volunteers. >> wayne freedman joins us from oakland with the story itch >> reporter: this is strange. we do a lot of stories about the food bank and how they have needs around the holidays, how they need food or money
4:38 pm
this is august and they have no problem filling that truck over my shoulder. the only problem they have is the hands to load it. if you donate to the alameda county community food bank this is the end of the line more specifically, the end of one line among many. an organization where on an average day they give food to 300 needy people. it is a labor of love launched by sharon who retired san francisco muni bus driver who cannot stan around when she sees people in need. >> everyone -- gives choices when he eliminate the waste they take what they want. >> reporter: a need fulfilled county wide by the food bank which has a need of its own not so much for food but for volunteers. it is vacation season and volunteer staffing has dropped by 70%. all perishable items and not
4:39 pm
enough hands to move them, they need volunteers like sarah, the 15-year-old from the church of livermore she volunteered time today to stuff boxes. >> put in vegetables and try to make it mixed and think about the family who is eating it. >> there are starving people out there these people are starving. >> reporter: what we are looking at is a problem of logistics. the food bank feeds 49,000 people in alameda county a week, 12 million pounds a year. half of that food is perishable. as of this morning for next month they had 1,000 volunteers -- volunteer slots unfilled. they are looking for anybody who can bring in a group of five or more to help them fill the boxes, get the food out to those people who need. in alameda, wayne freedman, abc7 news. if you would like to help with the alameda food bank we
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have a link with more information at look under see it on tv. still ahead, -- hard put to find any democratic president that i disagreed with more. >> former vice president cheney talks to abc news about why he thinks president obama is doing a bad job. most us eat frozen food every now and then. have you ever seen it look like the picture on the package? michael finney will have advice on what you can do when that picture is way off. coming up as abcñ/&ñfñ!ñx1q1q
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>> former vice president cheney has given his first interview since undergoing a heart transplant in march. he spoke about same-sex , president obama and his own health. -- -- >> how are you feeling? >> excellent. >> you were in end stage heart failure. >> the transplant is nothing short of a miracle what it does for you.
4:44 pm
>> when you go that surgery you don't know if you are going to come out alive. >> that's one way to look at it, the pump was the toughest, i lost 40 pounds, heavily sedated in the intensive care unit for weeks after, i had pneumonia while i was in recovery from the surgery. by the time i came out from under, looked in a mirror and what i saw was my dad shortly before he died. this was four months ago. there's not been a single glitch, no sign of rejection, everything has gone perfectly. >> reporter: dick cheney is back, fiesty as ever. your overall assessment of president obama. >> obviously i'm not a big fan i think he's been one of our weakest presidents, fundamentally disagree with him philosophically. would be hard put to find any democratic president that i've disagreed with more. >> reporter: worse than carter? >> yes. >> reporter: doesn't he deserve credit for the war on
4:45 pm
terror, you have 24 or so high valued al-qaeda targets have been taken out, bin laden is dead. >> i wouldn't say he's been soft on terror. i think he's made a number of mistakes. bin laden, fine a lot of that intelligence that laid the ground work for what led to the capture of bin laden came as a result of programs we had in place in the bush administration. >> reporter: gay marriage one issue where cheney and president obama see eye-to-eye. last month his daughter mary cheney married her longtime partner. do you wish you had pushed harder on that issue? >> why? >> reporter: well i mean -- >> if i was out there 12 years ago in the first campaign in 2000, in the debate joe lieberman in front of millions on live television and laid out my circumstance then, hasn't changed, no i've addressed it and moved on. >> how was mary's wedding? >> i'm sure it was fine.
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we wished them well she wanted to avoid having it be a media circus or having it become part of the political debate. so lynn and i were very proud and happy and congratulated them, they've been an important part of the family for a long time. >> reporter: one of the most controversial vice president ever he told us he's at peace with his legacy. >> i'm comfortable with what i did, why and how i did it, i'll let others judge whether i like -- whether they liked it or not >> reporter: do you have any regrets? >> not real lip. >> reporter: he's back -- he told me he won't be attending the republican convention in august. he will be going fishing instead. jonathan karl, abc news, washington. a new york fifth grade getting national attention after his school banned him from giving a speech about same-sex marriage. he wrote that speech for a school competition two months ago but the principal decided
4:47 pm
the topic was inappropriate. when it went viral on the internet the school allowed him to give his speech at a special assembly. >> original message was no matter orientation you are, you should be treated the same way as a straight person. >> a special honor for cameron when city officials heard about his story they invited him to deliver the speech to the new york city council. he's moving up quickly. spencer is here with an update. conditions nationwide tomorrow another hot day for much of the country with high temperatures in the interior sections of the country above 100° in st. louis, dallas, 92 denver, 101 phoenix national heatwave continues. in california tomorrow warm in some spots highs of 97 chico, 99 sacramento, 97 yosemite, 102 fresno and palm springs,
4:48 pm
80 los angeles, even coastal areas will be warming up in bay area warm tomorrow sunny from coast to inland 60s on the coast, upper 70s to low 80s around the bay. low to mid 90s inland, antioch, livermore and north at cloverdale and clear lake, a little south highs monterey bay in the 70s near the bay, upper 80s to 90 inland. we always enjoy receiving weather photos from our viewers this came from richard c, clouds, interesting cloud formations tomorrow lots of sunshine >> consumer news. the number is staggering, americans spend more than 100 billion dollars a year on processed foods, boxed, frozen, canned, more than we on any other type of food. >> you may have noticed pictures on the packages rarely reflects what is inside. michael finney is here with failure information. >> reporter: the pictures make it look good. >> good photography.
4:49 pm
>> reporter: shrpbts. the food looks delicious but it can be a disappointment when the food stkfrpbt match, consumer reports gets a lot of complains about this. walking down the supermarket aisle you see one mouth watering photo after another. how does the food look when you get it home? >> whatever comes out of that microwave is a far cry from what was advertised. >> they make it look appetizing it usually is no with >> reporter: we have a lot of people complain about the food that doesn't resemble the pretty pictures on the box. we decided to buy a cartful of products. consumers reports evaluated more than three products from broccoli to bacon to sweet treats. some products did appear as pictured. we found others whose photos didn't come near reality. this pack of lentil soup shows
4:50 pm
pretty red and green vegetables. where are they once you heat the soup? the spaghetti and meatballs on this box look appetizing. the actual meatballs are smaller and the spaghetti is in pieces, not strands. while this barbecue steak from healthy choice looks is shown on the package there's less than you would expect. in lean, right there with the lean pocket pretzel bread sandwiches. see the chunky filling on the book? the pockets consumer reports bought were far from full. what can you do when your food isn't picture perfect? >> i suggest you complain to the company. the worst that can happen is maybe they will give awe apology. the best that can happen, you get a free product. >> reporter: perfect if you bought a product that doesn't measure up let me or consumer reports know about it, go to and look under 7
4:51 pm
on your >> problem is they send you more of the product. >> reporter: more of the same stuff now guy a case of this. [ laughing ] >> michael, thank you. still ahead. real life return of the jedi one of the coolest dads ever surprising his son. how the jackson family and their mother put aside differences and came together in a big way the bay area concert, coming up on abc7 news at 5. >> here's diane sawyer with what is ahead on "world news." tonight we are inside sear the -- syria. the intense fighting raging on. we'll show what it is like to try to live there, walk the streets and raise children with all that firepower. >> the crushing night for jordan, three tiny nations undoing the work of a lifetime. we'll analyze those and tell
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what female gym misses are doing now they have $'@-ñ
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here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ]
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♪ the one and only, cheerios
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trending searches on google all about the olympics starting with jordan weaver, that poor girl heartbreaker for the gymnast when she did not qualify. another gymnast suffered injuries during a mild concussion during warm-ups. warning, warning, warning! i'm about to give you results from the olympics today in london. if do you not want to note results now is the time to turn way or close your eyes when the music stops that means it is safe to come back. you can see all results on take a look:
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be sure to join us on abc7 the olympics tonight jump over to a special midnight edition of abc7 news. right now video a man who could be the coolest dad in the galaxy, it has gone viral. >> this is a great story. air force kernel rob keebler has been -- air force colonel rob keebler has been serving for 14 months. he wanted to surprise his 5-year-old son a huge "star wars" fan he did it by dropping in the party as a jedi knight. >> jedi, come forward. reveal yourself.
4:57 pm
[ laughing ] [ applause ] >> he is holding on so tight to his daddy. keebler stayed at a hotel after he got back from afghanistan to keep his return a secret from his little boy. he said it was tough not to see him right after returning home. but boy was that worth it. >> how cool was that the look on his face, priceless. >> thanks for joining us. >> don't forget you can like abc7 news on facebook and being make a difference to bay area foster kids for every new like this summer one dollar guess to the sleep train dream campaign. abc7 news at 5 begins now. outrage in a san francisco neighborhood. how can a homeless man live miss -- in his car with ammunition for weeks. examining limo doors to
4:58 pm
see how a party bus fight turned into a deadly freeway accident. warmer today i'll let you know how long the inland heat know how long the inland heat will hang around. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good evening i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm larry biel. disturbing find inside the jeep of a san francisco homeless man has a neighborhood outraged. >> cache of weapons and ammo parked one day after the deadly shootings in colorado. >> leann melendez joins us live with the story. >> reporter: i can tell you neighbors are upset because jones was realized before and they found guns at the time, several weeks ago. this is the exact location where his parked car had been parked. neighbors say for several months, not knowing what was inside or if they were in any danger. san francisco police say
4:59 pm
robert jones, a homeless man had a substantial amount of weapons and survivalist gear inside his jeep cherokee when he was detained. >> four weapons, a lot of ammunition. a lot of knives. >> reporter: none registered in his name. jones is now in custody on weapons charges. the jeep was also taken by police. one of the first encounters jones had with police occurred in late june when he harassed this man's daughter leaving her a note on her car. >> telling her you gonna be dead or something. she took it to the police department. >> reporter: when police confronted him they found only two weapons a shotgun and rifle in his car. he was taken to san francisco general hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, but released within the required 72 hours. after he was leased, he continued to live out of his -- was released, he continued to


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