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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 1, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> the dramatic survival story of that father bitten by a shark just feet from his son on cape cod. he's here to describe the harrowing moments in an abc news exclusive. and the hottest bodies are winning gold at the games. how you can get those abs, those legs, that body. we have the winning secrets direct from the stars that can make you look as good as gold. and good morning to all of you. robin has started her summer vacation. lord knows, she's earned it. george will be back here. happy to have amy robach with us this morning. you have lara, paula and sam, not to be forgotten. oh, boy, folks. so much history and grace last night in the gym and the pool.
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if there's a snapshot, what we love about the olympic games. you see it right there. team gold for the u.s. women in gymnastics. their first since 1996. and that moment, when they realized that all of those years have all added up to gold. and so, they got to enjoy it. let's take a look. once they got their hands on those medals, perhaps just to make sure they were really -- jordyn wieber there, the reigning world champion. didn't qualify for the all-around. >> most of them were 1, 2, not even born back in 1996. >> incredible to think about it. this may be their only shot. that's another thing that makes the games so great. the fact that, if only for one moment, it can all be theirs. it was also liquid gold for the swim team on tuesday. allison schmitt took the 200-meter freestyle with a absolutely dominating performance. grabbing her first gold, as she crushes the competition, setting a new olympic record.
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on the other hand, controversy brewing on the badminton courts. could these world-class athletes really be throwing their matches in order to get easier opponents on their way to medals? >> you can see officials are furious, we have more on that inquiry that is shaking the olympic games. let's get to our olympic desk in london, and abc's bill weir, who is covering it all, where history was made last night. bill? >> history, indeed. amy, chip, chip. greetings. cheerio from london. michael phelps, who moves water like no one since moses. and of course, since you said, the gymnast girls from team usa who literally woke up with gold medals under their pillows. so many people wondered how jordyn wieber would respond after her disappointing weekend, how she would play with the team. before the announcer could introduce the first event, she was off, down the vault runway, like a shot.
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all that frustration from the weekend funneled into an explosive opening vault. she nailed the landing and got the first hug from aly raisman. it was a near perfect opening to a perfect night. all of the girls too young to remember america's last team gold, looking like they grew up in this pressure-packed arena. kayla ross, looks like she grew up on the mat. to end it, raisman on the floor. they knew they were gold before the scores were even flashed. >> gets the gold medal. >> reporter: confirmation brought tears of pain for the russians and chinese girls. sheer joy from the fab five. meanwhile, over in the water, no olympic comeback needed for michael phelps. two wins would make him the winningest olympian of all-time. but the first race brought more frustration than joy. south african chad lacrosse
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snuck past for gold in the 400 meter butterfly. but then came the 4 by 200 freestyle relay. one more gold. 19 career medal, undisputed king of the pool, and greatest olympian of all time. and he has three more shots at gold. in other news, chinese officials defend the exploits of ye shiwen, who won another olympic medal last night. they're also looking at expulsion not for doping, but for tanking. yes, two members of the badminton team for flowing their matches in order to get a more favorable draw in the next round. in riding. it's high, ho, silver for zara phillips. she's the first royal woman to win a medal and got it draped around her neck by her mum,
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princess ann. former olympian. and give the horse a sugar medal. a good night for hope solo and team usa soccer. the famous home of manchester united has not seen women play there in over 20 years but a crowd of 30,000 really enjoyed the girls' 1-0 game over north korea. goal by amy wambach. and they celebrated with the ancient olympic tradition, doing the worm wave. and a reminder that i am here for all of you who like your olympic medal news poppin' fresh. you can follow me on twitter. @bill weir. we'll see you later for faster, higher, stranger. >> yes, indeed, bill. i've never been more jealous of you each and every day. we'll see you in a bit. bill mentions tweeting. the athletes are also tweeting. look at what kyla ross had to say. i don't know about you. but i think we rocked the house, in reference to she and the rest of the american women who won gold in team gymnastics. and then, well, the athletes are
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also getting tweets. this came to michael phelps. congrats to michael phelps for breaking the olympic medal record, b.o. who would that be? that would be the president, barack obama. take a look at the overall medal count in all of the big names represented. you notice germany here as cracked the top eight, no surprise there. talk about no surprises, it was going be china and the u.s. it is now the overall medal count, neck and neck. 23-23. china has an edge in gold, not, though, for the efforts of those swimmers. and for more on what's happening in the pool, take a look who we're joined by now. abc and yahoo! analyst, summer sanders, live in london. summer, so much to get to. but you cannot start without the history we saw yesterday. 19 individual medals and counting, now, for michael phelps. this is someone you've known and seen for a long time. can you -- can you boil it all down for us, what that was like when he did it? >> you know, it's interesting you bring that up. the first time i interviewed him was in 2000.
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and he was 15 years old. and he surprised us there. we knew something special was happening. it's amazing to me. and the first thing i think everyone thinks of, is where in the world is he going to display those 19 medals? i, for a long time, have called him the greatest olympian of all time, because of the gate golds in beijing. i think that's extraordinary. an unbelievably grueling schedule. but to have the most medals of any olympian from any country, certainly puts him in an even bigger category. if there was a greater word than greatest, he has that. >> of course, as a former olympian yourself and decorated, you know. i want to talk about the women. to be called phelpsian now is arguably the greatest compliment you can lend someone. and missy franklin is starting to put her stamp for the american women. and yet these ups and downs. she doesn't get to the podium as allison schmitt dominates in the 200 free. >> i know. and it's hard for me to say that's a disappointing race for her.
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but let's focus on the positive. alison schmitt. you guys said it earlier. she came to win. there was no question. and i haven't seen her swim like that for a while. i have to think that she took her race and she wanted that gold. my mom had said it, too, when i was little. the person who wins wants it the most. you could tell that allison did. and go back to missy's 100 backstroke. that double she had last night was extraordinary. for her to get a gold in the 100 backstroke was truly extraordinary. >> very quickly, summer. he's 27 years old. does michael phelps return in four years? >> no. he said no. but then again, he said he wouldn't swim in the 400 i.m. but he swam it here. so who knows. i hope he goes on vacation. >> and he's got three more races to go, including a 200 i.m. matchup with ryan lochte. summer, we appreciate the time. >> thank you. amy. now, to breaking news overnight about the united airlines jet forced to make an emergency landing, due to a suspicious item found onboard. passengers were diverted to boston.
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fighter jets, following the plane as it landed. abc's jim avila joins us from washington with all of the details. jim? >> reporter: good morning, amy. an extra night stateside for a plane full of united airlines passengers off to europe. an alert flight crew noticed something tucked in a seat back, they could not ignore. scrambling a military escort and leading to tense moments over the atlantic. just two hours into united flight 956 from newark to geneva, switzerland, air traffic controllers at boston's logan field got an emergency call shortly after 9:00 p.m. tuesday. >> i can't delay him. he's got a big problem. i got to get him in here. >> reporter: the plane, escorted by two f-15 fighter jets, requested an emergency landing, diverting, after a flight attendant noticed a camera inside an air sickness bag and stuffed into the pocket on the back of an empty seat. passengers onboard said it wasn't theirs. so, the pilot, out of an abundance of caution, decided to turn around. >> i got an emergency coming in quick.
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>> reporter: once on the ground, the 157 passengers on board were rescreened. >> we've instructed the passengers to leave everything on the plane, including their handbags. >> reporter: the camera, inspected by security agents and given the all-clear. why would an abandoned camera cause this type of reaction? sources tell abc news, terrorists have been searching for new ways to get devices past airport screeners. just two months ago, intelligence officials say they believe the man behind the underwear bombing was trying to develop a way to hide a bomb in a camera. in the end, the camera contained nothing more than someone's now missing vacation pictures. united airlines said it traced the errant camera to a forgetful passenger on an earlier flight on the same plane. as for the trip to geneva, it's scheduled to resume this afternoon. >> thanks, jim avila. a lot of vacation plans destroyed over that one. or at least delayed. paula faris is here with the other top stories developing
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right now. >> good morning, josh. we begin with another midair scare. this time on an united airlines flight from dallas. a huge bird, slamming into the boeing 737, just outside of denver. you can see the gaping hole it left behind, right below the cockpit there. the pilot declared an emergency and landed safely. 151 passengers were onboard. thankfully, no one was injured. and another needle has been found inside a sandwich served to airline passengers. this time, on air canada. authorities say it's too early to know if it's connected to the half-dozen needles found in sandwiches on delta flights last month. overseas a major escalation in the crisis in syria. this morning, u.n. observers report that fighter jets are attacking rebel positions in aleppo, syria's largest city. earlier, the rebels took control of two police stations. and in a rare public statement, president bashar al assad, said that the battle to hold aleppo will determine the fate of the country. and the worst blackout in world history is over.
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the lights are back on in india. but authorities are only beginning to investigate why three of the country's major power grids collapsed on tuesday. leaving 670 million folks miserable in the summer heat. and a literary celebrity who influenced a generation has passed away. author and playwright gore vidal's works, "lincoln" and "myra breckenridge." and his tony nominated play "the best man" was just revived on broadway. but vidal was known for his out-sized personality and scathing wit. he was a star on the talk show circuit. he even ran for office. he died in los angeles from complications of pneumonia. he was 86 years old. and finally sick of all that e-mail you get at work, i know we all are. no wonder. a survey out finds that the average worker spends 2 1/2 hours every day, writings, reading and deleting a whole lot of e-mails. if you do the math, it amounts
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to a staggering 81 work days spent on e-mails. 81 work days, you guy, that we will never get back. i don't know if they factored abc news into that survey. >> i think i'm beyond 2 1/2 hours. >> i think i'm carrying three people here. thanks a lot. paula. now, to "your voice, your vote." the return of mitt romney, returning home after a rocky overseas trip. will the announcement of a potential running mate heal the damage? jonathan karl joins us from washington with that. jon, good morning to you. now that romney is back home, how long before we have an announcement here? >> reporter: the campaign won't say. i can tell you this, josh. at least two people on his list of potential running mates have been told to be standing by, to be ready for an announcement any day, now that they are back. they are planning a bus tour on august 10th, which looks like a really good place to introduce your nominee. as for how they'll do it, josh, is they released an app called mitt's v.p. all it tells me right now is it is coming soon.
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>> coming soon. so who is on the short list that seems to change by the moment? >> reporter: i think now it comes down to three names. you have rob portman of ohio. tim pawlenty of minnesota. and paul ryan of wisconsin. others are in the mix. marco rubio, kelly ayotte, and bobby jindal. the governor of louisiana. >> again, we will wait to see what the app says. jon karl in washington, we appreciate it. amy. now, to baseball hall of famer, cal ripken jr. his mother kidnapped, abducted at gunpoint. fortunately she's back at home and doing well. now, there's newly-released surveillance tape of the man they say could be to blame. abc's david kerley has that. >> reporter: this is our first good look at the man suspected of nabbing vi ripken at gunpoint and blindfolding her.
7:15 am
the tall, white man walking in and out of a maryland store. at the same time, he allegedly had, tied up, outside in her own car, the mother of cal ripken. known as baseball's ironman for his streak of not missing a game. the next day, the hall of famer's mother was found in her car, near her home in the baltimore area. it had been a 24-hour ordeal. ripken told neighbors she was scared but the abductor took care of her needs. >> she said he was really nice. they stopped at royal farms and got food and other things. he lit cigarettes for her. >> reporter: during the 30 seconds of video released by police, it appears the suspect bought something at the store. you see him carrying a package. police got a tip about this video. but say this morning, they are frustrated they still haven't cracked the case. >> it's taking more time than we originally thought it might take. >> reporter: police have released this sketch and are offering a $2,000 reward, but are not saying anything about a possible motive. >> clearly, the abductor did not
7:16 am
have his heart in this. he took a lot of risk. doesn't look like he got much out of it, other than inflicting fear on the ripken family for a number of hours. >> reporter: according to family and friends, vi ripken is resting and working with police. hoping they catch this man soon. for "good morning america," david kerley, abc news, washington. >> thank you, david. let's now head back to london, shall we, to bring you the faster, higher and stranger side of the olympics which can only come from abc's bill weir. bill, good morning to you, once again. >> good morning, josh. we're going to start with a new franchise. you know you're good when. apologies to jeff foxworthy. if you're standing on the steps and you recognize the anthem, you're probably good. if you're shaking the other team's hand and one of them takes off his shoe and asks you to autograph it, you're probably really good. that happened to kobe bryant. tunisian forward mow homohamed
7:17 am
dudha dudhani. way to seize the moment, mohammed. i know their slogan used to be, when it has to be there overnight. but the u.s. equestrian team fedex'd their horses to london. that's right. fedex has planes with stalls and hay and water. and the horses have passports with their pictures and innoculation records. you can imagine the custom official. purpose of your visit, ma'am? >> and finally, as much fun as it is to watch the athletes, you have to give a medal to the parental reactions. if you don't get misty and laugh you're made of stone. aly raisman's folks, it's so cool to see devotion and love. laid out, bearing for the world to see. and teenage girls? you want to be friends with justin bieber? get your butts out of the mall and into the pool. check out the biebs. heard @missy franklin is a friend of mine. i'm a fan of hers, too.
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congrats on winning gold. much love. omg, josh. >> the best part is, she responded. i just died. it was great. bill weir, in london. we'll see you soon, my friend. time, now, to turn to sam champion. i'd ask you to sign my shoe, sam. but you're all the way over there. >> josh, immediately after the broadcast. no problem at all. we'll take time for that. amy, josh, paula, everyone, good morning. we're going to start with the entire summer of dust storm, flooding. dust storm, flooding. into the southwest. let's show you some pictures. we've gone from giant dust storms to record flooding. once in 100 years does the phoenix area get 2 to 3 inches of rain in 1 event. that's exactly what happened yesterday. that's the fourth straight day of flooding and dust storms. here's where the big heat will go today. we're looking at a record, probably tying it in dallas. oklahoma city getting a record today. little rock at 105 degrees. 13 states have heat warnings. and heat, drought. looking at the tropics, there's two zones in the circles of suspicion there. we think this one will probably be the one that will develop.
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still to come, from oscar winner to wanted man.
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7:24 am
the scene. heavy smoke pouring from the home on kendall court. there were two women inside when the flames erupted about 6:00 this morning. they got out safely. firefighters were concerned the fire may spread to vegetation around the home. >> pilot program begins in san francisco to have panhandlers rescue dogs from the city's shelters. >> we have a sig alert in the santa cruz mountains at boulder creek, all lanes blocked. an accident at windchill% and benicia bridge, two lanes are bl
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welcome back. check out this beautiful picture of downtown san francisco. few more clouds but no flight arrival delays into any of our airports. clouds will get out of bie here by sewing, temperatures will be above average, redwood city maybe a
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♪ ♪ girl, look at that body i work out ♪ you're looking at divers, team g.b., celebrating themselves. some say they're showing off. as we look at the bodies that make them truly olympian. this morning, we're going to show you how to get into gold medal shape because it's that easy. >> right. >> you follow steps. and all of a sudden, there you are. able to go higher and faster and stronger. or not. robin is away on a well-earned vacation. so is george until monday. and amy robach joining the gang. >> thank you, josh.
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and a real-life drama for cuba gooding jr. after a confrontation with a female bartender in new orleans. we'll tell you what allegedly happened inside that bar. and you're going to meet the man who was bitten by a shark in the waters off of cape cod. we'll tell us about the harrowing moment and how he miraculously swam back to shore. >> and you saw there, his son, j.j., right by his side in the water. can't imagine what that meant for him. we're going to begin with the oscar winner in trouble with the law. lara, you have the latest on cuba gooding jr. >> i do, indeed. police in new orleans have issued a warrant for gooding's arrest. he is filming an upcoming movie called "the butler" with oprah winfrey. but right now, he's in the spotlight for all the wrong
7:31 am
reasons. cuba gooding jr. burst on to the scene as a rambunctious football star in "jerry maguire." >> show me the money. >> reporter: but now, cops aren't looking to show him the money. they want to show him a warrant. the oscar-winner is in new orleans filming "the butler," with oprah winfrey. but it reportedly happened here early tuesday morning that has cops calling for his arrest. according to the official police statement gooding, quote, became very aggravated by some photo-seeking fans. and then, allegedly pushed a female bartender twice. he then left the scene. heading to another bar around the corner called the alibi. >> sitting there, having a few drinks. three new orleans police officers told cuba he had to come outside. they stood out there for 10, 15 minutes, talking. and they let him go. >> reporter: it is hardly behavior befitting an officer or a gentleman. like the one he played in his last movie, "red tails."
7:32 am
and it's a far cry from gooding's ecstatic oscar speech in 2 hush011. >> it's not what we're used to seeing, inappropriate actions. >> reporter: earlier this year, he shot down reports that he allegedly groped a group of women in new mexico. telling tmz, the claims were -- >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: gooding's attorney says the actor is taking necessary actions to address the matter. but this star, who has used to hollywood's adoring glow, is under the glare of a different kind of spotlight. hard to say what will happen next for the oscar winner. we will keep an eye on this story. amy and josh? >> all right, lara. now, to the drew peterson trial. opposing sides clashing tuesday. opening statements painted two very different pictures of that former suburban chicago police sergeant, now, charged with the murder of his third wife.
7:33 am
abc's alex perez is in chicago with all of the fireworks. >> reporter: in words fiery and direct, prosecutors opened their case against drew peterson tuesday, saying he plotted to kill his third wife, kathleen savio, just weeks before her death, the state's attorney told jurors. he told her he was going to kill her and she wouldn't make it to a divorce settlement. the defense attorney fired back, saying the former police sergeant is a victim of a legal frenzy, which began when his fourth wife, stacy peterson, mysteriously disappeared. >> the challenges for the prosecution, of course, are overcoming the fact that there's no eyewitness and there's no smoking gun. no dna. >> reporter: after stacy peterson vanished in 2007, attention quickly turned to drew peterson's relationship with his third wife, who was found dead in a dry bathtub three years earlier. at the time, savio's death was ruled an accidental drowning. but in 2009, her body was
7:34 am
exhumed and her death reclassified as a homicide. that same year, peterson told abc news, he doesn't trust those findings. >> it was fresh. >> reporter: in court tuesday, peterson's attorney also denied the charge. telling jurors, there's not one shred of evidence whatsoever that drew peterson, or anybody else, for that matter, was in that house. why? he asked. this was a household accident. that's why. savio's sister, susan domen, who could be called as a witness, has always maintained it was something more. >> she said he's going to kill me and it's going to look like an accident. >> reporter: the first witness to testify was an emotional neighbor who found kathleen savio. and degree peterson told her not to cover the body because investigators would want it untouched. the trial is expected to go two to three weeks. time, now, for the weather and sam champion.
7:35 am
>> hey, everybody. crowded field over there. let's get to the boards. we're going to talk a lot about heat. there's so much of it still in the country. these were yesterday's records. we have to apologize to our audience. they went through one of the big, soaking rainstorms here in times square. lit's getting better. tulsa, oklahoma, 112. wichita falls, 108. it will be likely the areas will be near today. we ran out of colors. the hot spot in bright white. midland, you're at 102. dallas, 107. oklahoma city, 110. heat baking the dry ground, making more heat, making it more dry. drought problems in that
7:36 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by target. now, to the packed desk. >> sam, i'm open. hit me. >> i just broke it up. m co-ing up, we're going to talk about the dad who survived a harrowing shark attack, just feet from his son. and managed to swim to shore. he joins us live in an abc news exclusive. hi parents, big year for spelling. here's what the kids will n-e-e-d. ♪ pens and markers, paper wide ruled. ♪ ♪ hoodies, sneakers, tape, sticks of glue.♪ ♪ large boxes pencils, highlighters. ♪ ♪ sneakers and t-shirts. ♪ notebooks and jeans, ♪ notebooks and jeans, ♪ notebooks and jeeeeans, yeah! ♪ ♪ notebooks and jeans! announcer: school takes a lot, target has it all. hershey's drops.
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now, to the victim of that shark attack off of cape cod beach. a top shark expert says he believes it wausz great white, which makes this even more remarkable. the man being taken to an ambulance there. chris myers survived. we'll talk to him in a moment. first, his harrowing and miraculous story. >> what's the happen? >> a shark attack. >> reporter: you can hear the panic in the 911 calls. >> he's bleeding quite badly. >> reporter: the harrowing moments just after chris myers emerged, still alive from the waters off cape cod monday. beachgoers had watched helplessly as a shark pulled myers under the water, as he and his son body surfed on ballston beach. >> something came up behind them. had a dorsal fin about so high. >> reporter: myers was bitten on both legs above the knees, possibly in one strike. >> both of his legs were pretty
7:41 am
bad. >> reporter: massachusetts top shark scientist says it was most likely a great white. >> it's not likely to be a macko, a blue. all this adds up to a white shark being the most likely candidate. >> which makes us very thankful that joining us now from massachusetts general hospital in boston, is chris myers. you see his son, j.j., there, who was by his side through it all. chris, it is great to join you this way. we want to ask, first and foremost, how are you doing? >> well, under the circumstances, quite terrific. thank you. >> well, you and justicement j. are out body surfing. and then, what happened? >> well, we were trying to get out as far as we could to a sand bar that was a good ways offshore. probably 400 or 500 yards. we were swimming through some deeper water trying to get out to the sand bar. as you're swimming, j.j., when
7:42 am
did you understand what had just happened to your father? >> well, i heard him scream. and i turned around. and i saw the back and the fin of the shark up out of the water. at that point, it hit me that it was happening. but at the same time, i felt like none of it was real. the shark looks too much like a shark. it all seemed too real. it seemed like a movie. none of it seemed real until i was on the beach. >> did you have a sense of how big the shark was? >> i mean, it was really hard to tell. but it was a good sized shark. >> i would assume so. so, you're 400, 500 yards out, chris. how, then, did the two of you get back to the shore? >> well. >> we didn't have a whole lot of options. and we were very motivated. so, we swam hard. and i was thinking, as i was swimming, that i was starting -- my lungs were fine. my kick was fine. but i was starting to feel kind
7:43 am
of dizzy and wondering if i was losing blood. i knew i had been bit pretty bad. my concern was i going to make it back to shore? but we were able to do it. >> j.j., when you get back to shore, you see how badly your dad was hurt. what did you think? >> i was so fortunate that both of us were on the shore. his injuries looked bad. but it could have been so much worse. and i felt really blessed that we were both sitting on that beach. me, with no injuries, and minimal injuries. >> chris, you will recover? the rehab, i'm sure, will be quick. are you going to get back in the water this summer? >> well, i think i might wait to see some -- i might try swimming a little closer to shore. it will certainly be -- it will certainly take some gentle effort to get back in the water. but i hope one day. i've been swimming at that beach since i was a little kid. and nobody, in recent memory,
7:44 am
has had a shark attack, let alone by a great white, which is what they're thinking it was. our odds are pretty good. but people need to be more careful than i was. >> we see the bandages. and again, we're thankful you can join us and discuss it with a smile on your face. chris myers, your son, j.j., we appreciate your time this morning. >> okay. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> don't be an easy meal. still to come -- that was "the play of the day." we'll have the second-best one "the play of the day." we'll have the second-best one in just moments. music plays ]
7:45 am
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7:48 am
here's "the play of the day." >> and a very special one at that. take a look. this is greg altringer. that's his girlfriend, erica. three years. he's going to propose at the cubs game, at wrigley. he's getting nervous. he's okay. they're going to throw up. they're going to throw up on the
7:49 am
big jumbotron. they're going to throw up -- >> i'm going to throw up. >> erica, will you marry me? the problem is, erica needs to be there to see it happen. >> oh, no. >> they're going to join us live here to discuss it all. as you can see, it did end well. erica and greg, joining us via skype. so, how did this possibly go wrong? erica, where did you go? >> well, i -- greg had sent me to get a couple beverages. apparently, his plan was to let everyone around us know what was going on while i was away. and he was giving the people up behind him his camera and someone to videotape it and take pictures. >> greg, when she's gone, she's gone for a while. what are you thinking as the seconds are ticking away? >> oh, i was so nervous. the inning was quite short. and when two outs came, i took
7:50 am
off out of my seat, just to find her to pull her out of line. i needed a quick second to give my camera away and let everyone know what i was doing. but the lines were long. and the inning was short. so, it just didn't work out like i wanted it to. >> we have a few seconds. but quickly, we did see it happened the old-fashioned. and erica, you said yes. can we see the ring? >> i did. >> yay. >> we really do appreciate you joining us. and congratulations. >> thank you. >> congratulations, guys. >> congratulations. >> oh. coming up, the secrets of, i'm told, the sexiest olympians. >> oh. i'm told, the sexiest olympians. >> oh. >> go nowhere. be to breathe and what that feels like. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled
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7:55 am
we have developing news in fairfield where police responded to an explosion in a quiet neighborhood they believe was some sort of prank. it involved large soda pop containers. it brought police who closed part of the neighborhood near evergreen drive. this was the scene short time ago. no injuries. >> it's going to be another warm
7:56 am
one inland. livermore 94 degrees. redwood city will be four below. 80s around bay and 90s will be contained to the east bay valleys. >> 101 south at whipple. very slow. northbound third and problem at almaden expressway with an accident in the right lane. san mateo bridge,
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ i'm sexy and i know it [ cheers and applause ] it's a crowd inside. but, boy, what a crowd outside. they are packed ten-deep. and they get the spirit award today because sam belted them with a downpour. >> wait. >> way to go, sam. >> we invite the people here. >> i can't give it -- >> we have them here. sam, the least you could do is provide them with blue skies that are now outside. >> america, i did warn them. there was a big rainstorm. >> i was surprised.
8:00 am
>> robin is away on vacation. boy, has she earned it. george back here monday, after a vacation of his own. happy to have amy robach here. and what performances we've seen. and perhaps you're happy because of what the folks are wearing or aren't wearing as they perform. we're going to reveal to you the body secrets of the olympians. maybe we can get an olympic physique of your very own. and maybe you won't. >> eye candy, if anything else. >> we can just look. >> i like to report the news. >> right. of course. we're also going to take a look at a provocative new reality show on parents. here's the twist. the mothers and their teen daughters are pregnant at the same time. already a firestorm on the mommy blogs. you'll get to look at it first. what's the old saying? something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
8:01 am
how about renting the wedding dress? they're renting the cakes. >> how about the husband? >> can you rent the husband? >> you can't rent the cake. >> sam, you can. i'll tell you how. >> all right. we're also going to meet bub the kitten. a huge following on the interwebs. >> look at that. >> like a baby. >> there's something -- that's stub on the right. i'm working. i'm busy working. i'm prepping a show. our feline contributor will be bud, live. there she is. first, paula faris here with the top developing stories on the morning. good morning. >> good morning, you all, on this wednesday morning. we begin with the games in london. this morning, the united states and china are tied with 23 medals apiece. the chinese have 13 golds. the u.s., nine.
8:02 am
one of those went to michael phelps. making him the most decorated olympian ever. allison schmitt clinched gold in the 200-meter freestyle. and the american women gymnastics team won gold for the first time since 1996 in atlanta. in the meantime, a world scandal. badminton players from china have been disqualified for losing their matches on purpose to get a more favorable match-up in lateer rounds. a scare on a flight to switzerland. the plane was diverted to boston because of an unattended camera that was left onboard. there's been concerns of terrorists using cameras to carry out attacks. but it was just a false alarm. and a large bird caused this scare on a united flight to denver. a bird strike resulting in that gaping hole. the pilot managed to land that plane safely.
8:03 am
>> a pterodactyl. >> it was a pterodactyl, josh. good job. ra terrifying ride for a man from albany, new york, after getting in a fight with another man. he was dragged at the back of that truck for three miles. he managed to call 911. take a listen. >> he just hit me. i'm hanging on to his truck. hurry. hurry. oh, please. hurry. i can't hang on too much. he just ran over my leg. he just ran over my leg. my leg. my leg. ow. >> okay. that's enough. that's slightly disconcerting. he eventually got free. and the truck driver was arrested. now, diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> hello, paula. hello to everyone at "good morning america." and tonight, the le ov a brother. what a story this is. a 9-year-old showing everyone what it really takes to be a family. a big lesson for us all. that's coming up tonight on "world news." see you then. >> thanks, diane.
8:04 am
that's the news this 8:00 hour. think we had enough of that 911 call. unofficial survey there? i want to get straight to "pop news." good morning to you all and to you. so, here's some great news. "the brady bunch" is coming back to tv. vince van is rebooting america's favorite family. this time, the show will center around bobby brady who will be a divorce dad, who has remarried a woman with children of her own. sound familiar? >> see what they did? ♪ a show of their own thank you, sam. they're keeping things in the family. the sun of the show's creator, is the executive producer. >> hey. >> no word yet on who will play cindy. >> yeah. >> why couldn't you play cindy? >> i was trying to give a subtle --
8:05 am
>> golden curls. >> anyway. "vanity fair's" best-dressed list is out. and for the third year in a row, the duchess of cambridge tops the list. >> third year in a row? >> third year in a row. she has remarkable style, whether or not she's recycling or going bargain. the woman knows how to put it together. she continues to dazzle and win our hearts. i'm wearing it now, sam. >> beautiful. >> for the first time on the list, her brother-in-law, prince harry. and others on the list, jay-z, alicia keys. and victor cruz. made the cut. didn't he look fantastic. >> i think he's going to wear that suit again. he's going to recycle. unbelievable. >> you don't get it. >> sam, they're going to wear clothes again. >> yeah. that's cool, josh. now, a follow-up on a story we brought you yesterday. it turns out it was matchmaker ethel kennedy who reportedly was behind the pairing of her
8:06 am
grandson, conor, and taylor swift. the story goes that 83-year-old ethel is a big fan of swift's music. she introduced the two. this year, smith walked the matriarch down the red carpet. at the premoor of an hbo documentary on her life. she set up her pal, taylor, on july 4th. fireworks went off. once again, grandmother really knows best. >> grandma, really? >> yeah. cute. this is funny. snoop dogg knows he's king of the jungle. that's why the hip-hop superstar has renamed himself snoop lion. he has retired the dog after, quote, ooh spiritual awakeness he had in jamaica. >> what do they do in jamaica? >> the rapper, known as the dog father, so serious about it, he
8:07 am
was christened by a priest. he joins a long list of stars who have played the name change game. prince changed his name to symbol. puff daddy is now p. diddy. and ron artest is now metta world peace. >> upon returning to the united states, he couldn't remember a single sentence. sammy, what have you got out there? what are you doing to the poor people now? >> we're going to put everybody who stood in the rain on "good morning america," on camera. gorgeous signs. some of them, a little -- this is what happens to cardboard when it's in the rain. tell me your name. >> i'm kate. >> gabby. >> you've been best friends forever. >> since fourth grade. >> that is forever. >> you moved away and you kept in touch. i love this story. let's get to the boards. you're both soaking wet. i'm sorry about that. getting to the boards this morning. there's heavy rain popping up in the southwest again. some of the rain in the monsoon
8:08 am
flow gets towards the denver area. we had a line of showers come through new york. another line will come through new england with a dying front this afternoon. a quick look at the big board. basically, there's a couple of areas of strong to severe >> we are live in times square. we will get everybody on. if it kills us, we'll get you on tv. oh, lara, who is your handsome co-star?
8:09 am
>> well, it happens to be josh. here's what's coming up on your morning menu from the spencer family. the spencer family. my boy here. the ear muffs, josh. the sexiest olympians. how do get your own gold-medal body. plus, the new chapter in parenting that has mom saying -- oh, boy. josh, step away. my teen is pregnant and so am i. and how will you afford a $100,000 wedding dress? all that and more ear muffs for my son, on "gma" from times square. s square.
8:10 am
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8:14 am
[ cheers and applause ] oh. our crowd, certainly in the olympic spirit after a downpour here in times square. maybe cooling them off. those olympics, hotter than ever. of course, we go to cecilia vega to discuss the ultrafit athletes. we're going to take a look at those bodies and how they got them that way. good morning to you, cecilia. >> reporter: josh, this is one of the tough investigative assignments. really tough one out here in london. these athletes train all their life to get here. it's their job to be in the best shape they can possibly be. and clearly, in this category, they're all taking home the gold. they're the faces of epic
8:15 am
strength. superhuman endurance opinion sheer greatness. and their bodies, not so bad either. champion hurdler, jones, is so ripped. from gold soccer star turned dancer, hope solo's never-ending legs, to misty may-treanor's beach-bearing bum, they are rock-hard glory. >> they become these sex symbols. and that we do see them, we can't get enough of them. >> reporter: and we know who ryan lochte is by his chest, his ones. >> you can say that again. >> reporter: we showed off the famous abs at olympic park. who are we looking at here?
8:16 am
>> phelps. >> lochte. >> does it resemble him? >> reporter: the consensus, we wish. this is not me, by the way. >> it looks good. >> does it look like the real deal? >> reporter: what would you have to do to get to this point? >> i would have to work out all year long. >> reporter: try lifting a tire or dragging a shape yard chain like lochte does. >> i know how to push my body to limits that no other athlete can really handle. >> reporter: the rest of us may not have to go that far. hope solo called jump rope the best workout. misty may lifts weights and runs uphill. lolo jones love s pilates.
8:17 am
how long would it take for you to get your ones to look like that? cheers. if i did situps all week long, i wouldn't look like this. this is my favorite souvenir from the london games. i'm going to hang it in my office. josh, if you're lucky, i might send it back to you. >> i can only hope. thank you for that hard-hitting report, cecilia. we'll talk to you in a bit. if you don't have time to work out, like a spare eight years or so, you can find out which olympian matches your current physique. slug in the height and weight. lara, you are the perfect match for a number of athletes, including a swimmer from glab. a track and field competitor from great britain. or, perhaps, a male judo competitor from niger.
8:18 am
amy, apparently you're lacing up the gloves. a boxer from tunisia. what could have been. >> what's yours, josh? >> you evaded that question? >> it's ryan bailey. from the water polo. >> did he seem appreciatishly tall? >> whoa. >> it just came out. >> with the freakish? just when you think you've heard of every twist of every kind of pregnancy, tlc is giving us a new one tonight, with the debut of its reality show, "my teen is pregnant and so am i." how the baby bumps are just the beginning of the mother/daughter duos. >> you're 17 years old. that is mine. >> reporter: it's the latest stitch in the rich tapestry of the reality teen pregnancy
8:19 am
drama. tlc's "my teen is pregnant and so am i," chronicles the journey of teen mothers whose own mothers are suspecting at the same time. how did you react when your mom told you she was pregnant? >> i was kind of upset. >> reporter: liz forbes and her 36-year-old mother, ann, are two of the mother/daughter duos the show follows from pregnancy through birth. >> i'm going through the same thing myself. >> she's mine now. >> are you married to her? >> no, i'm not. >> reporter: while the other families go to war with one another, liz and ann seem to be turning their simultaneous pregnancieies into a bonding
8:20 am
experiment. >> it brought us closer again. >> reporter: although the show is supposed to entertain, it raises provocative questions about parenting. >> you can see mothers in the audience saying, maybe she doesn't hard enough on you. >> her being hard enough on me, doesn't change the fact that it happened. >> reporter: doo you think teenagers are in la la land about what it means to be a teenage parent? >> yeah. >> reporter: now that you're in reality. >> it's is not all fun and games. so many bumps in the road. it's not like work where you get your break. no. there's no break. >> reporter: as liz faces the reality of motherhood at such an early age, she's found appreciation for her own mother's struggles. it wasn't until we sat down with liz, that great- grandmother pat
8:21 am
became clear to her. >> reporter: tell me about the cycle that you're a teenage mom. your daughter is a teenage mom. >> i'm going to try my best. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. we turn, now, to a new trend in weddings. something old, something new, something borrowed, something rented. it doesn't rihyme, but it is th wave of the future. in a moment, we'll have a rented fashion show. but first, here's abc's abbie boudreau. >> reporter: it's the moment every girl dreams about. finding that perfect dress for the perfect day. >> it's gorgeous. >> reporter: a dress to have and to hold for better or worse, till death do you part. at least that's the intention. when i got married, i was beyond
8:22 am
excited to wear my wedding dress. but it's been relegated in the top shelf. the dress i was going to love forever, i haven't touched in three years. but for today's conscious bride, that sentimental feeling is quickly replaced by real savings. cheryl, who owns one night affair, doesn't sell but rents designer wedding gowns. >> men should be buying a tuxedo. and women should be racing their wedding dress. hi. kelly wants to look like a princess on her big day. after finding the perfect guy. she plans to keep him. but the dress, she plans to borrow. i can't wait any longer. first up, this lazarro dress,
8:23 am
retailed at $7,000. rented at $695. this at $5,000. rental price, $495. finally, did kelly find that perfect gress? this gucci dress is $12,000. rental cost, $895. a savings. do you sort of want to buy it? >> for $12,000? no. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. we want to bring in "gma" financial contributor, mellody hobson, to get to the bottom of this. what do you need to know to rent for a great wedding? >> you want to make sure you are doing what you can afford. the average wedding in this country, average, $27,000.
8:24 am
and yet, the median income, $52,000. that means people are borrowing a lot of money to have a wedding. >> we have examples. first, our bride. this is jill. >> everything she is wearing is rented except for her shoes. that's a $2,900 dress that's been rented for $495. >> all of the jewelry is real. $11,000 earrings. even the clutch. $2,700. she's wearing about $43,000 worth of stuff. and it's all been rented for just over $4,000. and bridesmaids dresses. >> two dresses here. first, one that's more formal. everything rented. that dress retails for $195. it's been rented were $75. on mckayla, her dress has been rented for 50. even the flowers are rented.
8:25 am
>> real flowers can be rented? they're fake. >> oh, nicely done. >> this is a bold cake. you can have the first tier made as a real cake. or have one piece made of the cake for the photo. normally, a take like this, thousands of dollars. >> you have another cake made up? >> it's less expensive. >> that's not a bad idea. what about if you want to keep your wedding dress for your daughter? >> you won't be able to do that for your daughter. and what most don't know, you're not looking at the dress on a regular basis. >> fashions do change. mellody, thank you so much. coming up on "gma," is this the world's cutest cat? meet bud.
8:26 am
good morning, i'm eric thomas. san francisco police are searching for two suspects after a shooting left one person dead and another with life-threatening injuries. it happened after 10:00 p.m. on san bruno avenue. two victims were standing in front of a building when two men shot them. witnesses say they left the scene in a white four-door vehicle. on monday, two men were shot to death about a mile away. one of the victims had gang ties. >> if you are driving from hayward toward foster city on the san mateo bridge, earlier accident. traffic in the westbound direction in bumper-to-bumper. two lanes were blocked there.
8:27 am
northbound 85 we have accident and on the peninsula it's been very slow
8:28 am
welcome back. here is a look at cloud cover that is lingering along the coast. throw the temperatures up there and what you can expect as you step outside.
8:29 am
50s everywhere else except for 60s. 70s and 80s around the bay and 90s inland. seven-day forecast, tomorrow will be the hottest. relief from the h [ cheers and applause ] and good morning to you, america. great crowd. very patriotic here in times square. robin off this morning. george is, as well. he'll be back monday morning. great to have amy robach with us. the dynamic neo, going to answer your questions. you'll tune in. what's the testifiest part of being a dad?
8:30 am
how do you stay in great shape. cecilia vega was handling that. two days and counting now. something else you can't wait for. the kitten that's perfection. he has thousands of facebook friends. she's here with us. you're going to meet bub, the fantastic feline called the cutest cat in the world. >> bub is very cute. >> isn't that a kitten, though? >> you are correct. also special, a few hours from now, "good afternoon america." this afternoon on the show, we have louis van amstel. he's going to teach us how to dance away to a thinner you. also, music from the sensational joss stone, shoeless, i'm sure. and so much more coming up on "gaa." 2:00, p.m., 1:00 p.m. central. i don't mean to start
8:31 am
controversy. i love rachael ray. some people are cat people. dog people. take a look at this. rachel is coming in. our best summer food ever with rachael ray. but also abamazi an amazing thi going to talk about. >> isn't she beautiful? >> what are you doing? >> she is really great with cats. really great with cats. i would think that she would be, champ. >> no, she's terrific. >> sam, it's raining on the good people right now. it's literally raining right now. >> i know. it's going to rain. it's going to rain. >> thank you. >> here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> it's going to rain. we'll tell you about the aspca
8:32 am
challenge. you can get information on our website on yahoo! you can help the way she does every day. i'll take baby over the kitten. i'm a dog guy. i no e that's controversy. i'm throwing it out there. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning where you are. some folks don't like the rain. others find it nature's way of revitalizing plants. you can look at the west coast. the numbers are cooling down at the coastline. the heat is roaring back in america's heartland. st. louis about 100 degrees. atlanta, you're 93.
8:33 am
>> and we are live in times square. josh? we're so happy, now, to welcome jason lezak, part of the 400 relay team that took silver. jason, congratulations on the successes in these olympic games. i want to ask you about your teammate, michael phelps, a man you've known for quite some time. what was it like to see him get 19? >> i've been on a lot of relays with him. we share a lot of medals. it was a great feat. obviously going to stick around for a long time. you've been shoulder t shoulder. that spotlight shines squarely on all of you.
8:34 am
after years of training for a few moments, what's that pressure like? >> there's been a lot of pressure. and i like to compete in front of a huge crowd. for me, i've always enjoyed it. some people do get nervous. we have a lot of tradition with fast swimming in american history. the rest of the world getting fast and catching up. it's making it difficult on us. but that's pushing us to be even better. >> michael phelps and ryan lochte will go head-to-head in the match here. >> those guys have gone head-to-head. last summer was an amazing race when ryan broke the world series. michael was just a touch behind him. there was a flip-flop. tonight's the semifinal.
8:35 am
but tomorrow will be an amazing final. >> some are wondering if michael fell indianapolis will be swimming four years from now. you allowed michael to set the record for golds. you're 36. is there another olympics in you? >> i can't chent right now. i'm going to move forward from here and take some time to figure things out. i think i might show some of the younger guys it's possible to keep swimming. hopefully, i know michael's talked about retiring. but hopefully -- my show, 32. i could have the best show of my life. >> he's former olympian, jason. continued success. >> thanks for having me on. it's finally time to meet
8:36 am
bub. she's toothless, stubby legs and no toes. our paula went out and about in new york with bub to make some smiles. >> reporter: little bub has a twitter feed, websites and merchandise bearing that adorable face. she's got 25,000 facebook friends. and almost 1 million fans have watched this fre line frolic on youtube. how did bub get so tiny and so dorn cute? lady gaga said it best. she was born this way.
8:37 am
i couldn't get to way lil bub the big apple. bubway. no longer the subway. bub loves new york. he needs to thirty, too. here we are. central pub. taking you to strawberry fields. looks like somebody would like to have a catnap after a long day in the city. here she is. there's bub. very unique looking. and her owner who saved her. she's a rescue, correct? >> that's correct. >> how did she get so famous? >> i took some picture of her. started a blaug. and she developed like a cult following. >> the mouth? the extra toes? >> it's probably everything.
8:38 am
she can put up with anything. she's adorabldorable. >> and she's not a dwarf, cat, correct? she was not bred. >> dwarf isn't -- it times just happens. but bub was a stray cat in the little. there's specialists looking into what's going on with her. she's the weirdest animal most have ever seen. >> she's special. she has six toes. we took her through times square on the subway and she did amazing. i don't know of any other animal that would take this kind of stimulation and be okay with it. >> she has a following on youtube and her own facebook page. go to our website,
8:39 am on yahoo! to see more of@ññ!ús
8:40 am
8:41 am
she played the straight woman on sitcoms like "the office," and "parks and recreation." now, she is breaking out in her new romantic comedy "celeste and
8:42 am
jesse forever." she is one half of a couple that is getting a divorce. my ex is here. we just made eye contact. >> it's going to be okay. >> he saw me. you know, you should leave. you should just go. >> i'm not going to leave. >> it would be better for you. he's here now. hey. >> how's it going? >> joining me now to talk about her new movie "celeste and jesse forever." it is rashida jones. it is laugh out loud. you co-wrote it with your ex-girlfriend. >> one of them. >> which is part -- one of many. part of the story line. was that your inspiration? >> kind of. will and i dated for two weeks. i don't know if it counts. we got out early. we were smart to get out early and preserve some friendship.
8:43 am
we were best friends and really close. i think because we're a man and a woman, we're really close. we had that experience. it was fun to write a couple. your co-star, andy sandberg in the movie, you're like what a cute couple. they're in the middle of a divorce. how is that working? you were almost laughing delivering the lines. how was it behind the scenes? >> it was pretty fun. andy and i have been friends for a long time. it was one of the best experiences i've ever had. and i think the chemistry really works. >> how much of it was scripted and how much did you just have fun with. there's probably some things in the morning that were ad-lib a little bit. we shot it quickly and for no
8:44 am
money. >> growing up, you have such an amazing history. michael jackson, friend of the family. l.l. cool j. raps for your sweet 16 birthday party. and you have music if your blood lines. and you sing backup of two of maroon 5's songs. did you always want to get in the family business? >> i like music. i'm intimidated by it. when i can be involved, i'll take the chance, for sure. >> what was it like growing up? >> we had fun. my parents are awesome and loving. >> they did something right. you went to harvard. you have so many co-stars, past and present. you are so funny. we thought we would put you to the test and see if you can make us laugh. >> no pressure. >> what's the first word that
8:45 am
comes to your mind when you see this lady? amy poehler. >> brilliant. >> one word for this guy. steve carell? >> the best. that's two words. genius. >> this is going to be a tough one for you. >> kermit the frog. >> lexy. i did it. >> you can't use it for this next one. >> justin timberlake. >> talent. straight talent. >> he is talent. and you can probably use sexy, too. what's next for you? >> i'm going back to "parks and recreation." >> with your brilliant co-star. look for that and "celeste and jesse forever" in theaters august 3rd. thanks for having me, guys. coming up, rachael ray fires
8:46 am
up the grill.
8:47 am
8:48 am
guess who's back. rachael ray is here. >> hey, everybody. i'm done playing with puppies. the reason i was here today with baby, who is 6 years old and great with cats, if you're looking to adopt, our food, nutrish, our partners, they help me make food that's human standards. and all of my proceeds, 100%, go to animal rescue. so, we've raised about $4 million. we joined us with aspca to be part of their 100 "k" challenge. if you go to a shelter that participates, if they have an increase, they can win $100,000 for that shelter.
8:49 am
if you're thinking about expanding your family with a pet, i urge you to go to shelters. there's shelters participating in all 50 states. so, save all these animals this year. we'll have all of the information on >> it's not just a show, rachael ray, every day. but you bring the meat. you bring the meat. you bring the meat. >> you bring the meat. this month, on these days. our first ever italian issue. my husband and i, married in italy. but also, it's a guide for all of the great little italys across america. italys across america. this is a simple idea. it's a pepper and onion and relish salsa. you can put it on anything. we have steak here. >> can you hear the sizzle? >> you can put this on any lean grilled protein.
8:50 am
fish, tofu, chicken or steak. you go ahead and eat. i'll show them. a big bell pepper. we have a hot and sweet pepper. these are fresno chilies, but they're not too hot. one red onion. a couple of cloves of garlic. a couple of sprigs of oregano or marjoram. >> everybody into the pool. >> everybody into the pool. lots of pepper. sea salt. sherry vinegar. >> and a little olive oil. >> and a little v.o.o., baby. slather it up. >> a little dab will do ya. >> then, pop the lit on. and pulse chop this. it is delicious. you can make dinner in minutes. this is the time of year where you want simple, out of the kitchen.
8:51 am
this can go on anything. it's a great recipe. and it will be up on the website. >> the burger of the month this month. you can make it with ground pork or chicken or turkey. it's a broccoli rabe burger. >> that is delicious. we have a beautiful, beautiful, solid down there. >> heirloom tomato salad. so simple. pick up our italian issue. it will be front-to-back. great, easy italian recipes. >> help out the aspca. >> 500 million of them need homes, guys. >> also, the recipes will be here. on yahoo! bow wow wow to you all. we'll be back.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
a big thanks to our dear friend, rachael ray. >> thank you, guys. >> it turns out, sausage and
8:55 am
broccoli rabe burger is one of the great inventions of mankind. we, as a people, are better today. help out the aspca. tomorrow here on "gma," jaw-dropping "steals and deals." and how to get kate middleton's olympic outfits for less. we're always online at on yahoo! and remember "good afternoon america" later today. >> bye, baby. ñ/&ñfñ!ñ'ñx1q1q
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8:57 am
8:58 am
>> i'm eric thomas. giants host the mets tonight and a's take on the rays this afternoon. mike nicco has the baseball forecast. >> first pitch in oakland is going to be 63 but warming up to 70 and it will be cooler at at&t park. 90s the warmest. rest of us in the 70s and even 60s along the coast. it will be hottest tomorrow. >> situation improving westbound on the san mateo bridge earlier accident cleared out of the
8:59 am
lanes. very slow traffic on the south bay, 880 north bouchbd heading into san francisco, bumper-to-bumper earlier accident. and slow announcer: it's "live! with kelly." today, fashion guru and dancing man, carson kressley, and a performance from singer, songwriter joss stone. also, we check out the 17-day diet as we continue "live's" diet week. and nick lachey joins kelly at the co-host desk. all next on the emmy award-winning "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now, here are kelly ripa and nick lachey! announcer: now, here are kelly ripa and nick lachey! [cheers and applause]


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