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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 2, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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5 and -- 5'8, 200 pounds taken into custody without incident. the threat is over. shocking moments here. this is 37-year-old scott foster, 5'8, 200 pounds arrested 1:30 this morning on campus for a domestic violence incident. he been pulling his girlfriend's hair. he lives on campus not an employee, he is the son of a stand ford employee. we do not know the father's position with the university. he had been arrested for domestic violence, assaulting his girlfriend. taken into a squad car, cuffed in the back, and he managed somehow to get out of that squad car and make his getaway. go out of the squad car that is being investigated how it happened and headed towards el camino about 2:00 this
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morning. here we are four hours later where ended up they say he just came walking out still in handcuffs, towards el camino and he was taken into custody. there was a lot of concern on campus about this gentleman. he been arrested before for alcohol and for drugs. there had been violence in his past always against someone he knew not just generally against the public there was concern the camps on the campus might have to be shutdown they have a number of summer camps going on all of that is a moot point because scott foster is in custody once again you have to believe this time not going to be left unattended in the back of a squad car. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. thank you for that up dated information. >> -- :02 time for a check of the weather. >> relief from the heat coming? >> yes, not necessarily today
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but tomorrow into the weekend. good morning welcome to thursday, live doppler is dry right now, at the coast today we are starting off with cloudy conditions, low to mid 50s, partly cloudy by noon and 54 to 59, 50s in the low 60s by 4:00 with sun breaking out if you are hanging around the bay we start off where mid-50s and a few clouds. sun by 4:00, spread from 71 to 81, comfortable inland right now temperatures around 50 up to 61, you will need the ac again in some areas we hit the mid 80s to the upper 90s before we get to 4:00. mike we are hearing about a major problem heading to the benicia bridge southbound 680 from eastbound 780 two traffic spotters report major accident one three minutes ago and also one 13 minutes ago. traffic very heavy, 16 miles per hour as you head from eastbound 780 to
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southbound 680 there have been reports of a possible police chase that ended up on the freeway and also possibly a car fire we are trying to get more details we'll bring them to you as soon as we find out. new crash reported in san jose within the last minority 101 at mckey, looks like a motorcycle crash in the left lane. lastly, northbound 880 slow approaching 980 because of debris several vehicles on the shoulder now. 6:04. in the north bay police are looking for two inmates who escaped last night from the sonoma county jail in santa rosa. spokesman says the inmates went over the security fence at the north county detention facility on ordinance road around 9:30 last night and got away on foot. deputies caught a third inmate before he could escape. the escapees are a 42-year-old man of santa rosa and 22-year-old of santa rosa if you have any information on
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their whereabouts you are asked to call your local police. san francisco police commission is closer to considering use of tasers by officers after police chief made a plea for a pilot program last night. his land would allow officers that have completed crisis intervention training to use stun guns to deal with mentally ill. the debate was triggered by a police shooting when a 32-year-old armed with a box cutter was shot and killed by an officer after assaulting a co-worker. the police department is the only -- the san francisco police department is the only agency in the bay area that does not use tasers. >> i'm not asking it for the entire police department i'm asking for our trained officers there are 74 now. >> you don't know the mental and physical background of the person you are tasing on the street that can increase the rate of death just as much as a shooting. public hearing and discussion on tasers will be held later this month.
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same-sex marriage supporters are planning to converge on chick-fil-a restaurants across the nation tomorrow, demonstrating by kissing. yesterday there was a huge show of support for the restaurants and traditional marriage this was the line outside the fairfield restaurant where thousands stood in line to support the company's president. he ignited controversy last month when he came out publicly against same-sex marriage. it was so busy in fairfield it ran out of food after serving 5,000 customers. it now official, san bernardino is the third california city to file for bankruptcy profession in 2012. -- protection in 2012. . the city may the official filing yesterday after declaring a fiscal emergency last month. city officials say services will continue by they add cutbacks could occur in the future. san bernardino faces a 45 million dollar shortfall, already this year stockton and
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mammoth lakes have filed for bankruptcy. northbound lanes of i-5 are now open after a wildfire closed it. the fire is burning mount shasta halfway between two lake shasta crossings, the fire erupted 1:30 yesterday afternoon, 20% contained the flames have destroyed one building, 100 others are threatened that has forced evacuations. there's a high to extreme chance the fire will continue to grow. 6:07. time for a check of the weather. we have a cool down coming. >> we do up in the reading area hot once again today. they will be pushing 100 again, the breezes won't be that fast but the heat will be taking a toll on the firefighters as they firefightering that blaze burping there. let's -- good morning. thursday, -- burning. good morning.
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thursday, closer to cooler weather not today, not inland. temperatures now 50s to near 60 under mostly sunny sky noon clouds back to the coast mid to upper 50s mid 70s around the bay and mid 80s warm inland for lunchtime near 90 4:00, mid 70s bay, low 60s coast, cool back to 80 by 7:00, 71 around the bay warmest along the coast, 7:00 mostly cloudy sky mid to upper 50s. moderate tree and ragweed, grass and mold high in your pollen count. this spells out the cooling trend. two to four degrees cooler tomorrow 90s inland as you head towards saturday and sunday temperatures drop significantly. our warmest highs mid 80s inland. mid 70s around the bay and upper 50s to near 60 at the coast more clouds and cool sea breeze saturday and sunday.
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this could be major hot spot this morning. southbound 680 heading to the benicia bridge, major accident, traffic heavy from eastbound 780 as you head towards the scene. what we are hearing is that there may have been a police chase that ended up with a car fire and lanes could be blocked or likely blocked at this point heading towards the benicia bridge. you may want to consider the carquinez bridge as an alternate. we are sending sky 7 hd to the scene. also, northbound 880 because of debris earlier that had several cars and vehicles, including a bus off to the shoulder. 580 good alternate. the crash in the south bay north 101 at mckey slowing things down a bit in the center divide. accident northbound 17 at the summit they are trying to clear. so far good at the bay bridge toll plaza. 6:09. the late night rocket
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launch making history at the international space station. and what it means for astronauts. remote controls change more than channels these days. michael finney is ahead with the high-tech features now
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for the first time ever a cargo ship has docked at the international space station on the same day it was launched from earth. russian ship blasted off from
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kaczynski late last night aboard a soyuz rocket, -- stan late last night aboard a soyuz rock . officials say shorter flight time will save on supplies and offer more cop for the for astronauts. remember -- more comfort for astronauts >> good morning changes in remotes. consumer reports tested top new remotes to see if they make watching tv any easier. remote controls that work differently with far fewer buttons are coming with smart tv's you use this from lg like a wand it moves a customer sore on the screen to navigate
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the menu but not perfect. >> this remote does -- make it harder to navigate the usual menu and do normal functions like change input from cable to and 10 >> reporter: it has voice recognition. >> consumer reports. >> reporter: fine for searching the web not for regular tv viewing. this panasonic comes with a traditional remote that performs basic tasks like volume and channel-changing and a touch pad for smart tv fudges like searching the web. >> the secondary remote does look cool most other remotes that come with the tv's is not universal. >> reporter: samsung has a set that comes with a conventional and touch pad remote it can be used as a universal removement plus, samsung set has gesture and voice controls. consumer report finds they make some things more difficult, like turning up volume.
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>> volume up. volume up. volume up. >> reporter: so, do the new remotes make watching television easier? >> they are designed to help you navigate apps, do searches and surf the web. they do it well. >> reporter: if you are just trying to catch the latest episode of "mad men" you are better off with your regular old remote. more televisions are coming with internet capabilities where these touch pad remotes shine. while these remotes still have kinks to work out you can expect to see more in the future. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> if you want to just watch tv use your regular old remote but he didn't say which one. >> i'm still stumbling with that. >> do you have a remote for the weather? can you turn the temperature down? >> i wish i could, i wouldn't be here because i would be rich. of course i would still be
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here. >> yeah. >> i wish i had the thermostat in my hand and try to make everybody happy, try the key word. clouds out but no flight arrival delays into sfo, oakland or san jose this morning. you can see clouds are out there, but pretty dry this morning. let's tack about temperatures, i just updated them, antioch 60, as expected santa rosa dropped to 46°, everybody else mid to upper 50s monterey bay and inland low to mid 50s. sun this afternoon, hot inland. clouds at the coast and in the bay tomorrow morning again for the commute and cooling trend that will hit all neighborhoods starts tomorrow and accelerates through the weekend. livermore seven degrees above average. oakland, san jose on average, san francisco may be one degree cooler, redwood city 79, four degrees cooler. 60 at the coast 73 oakland, 97 brentwood.
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36° spread this afternoon. peninsula mid to upper 70s. low 60s coast upper 60s downtown and south san francisco, low 60s along the north bay beaches, mid to upper 80s inland cooler 72° at sausalito. mid to upper 70s east bay shore. berkeley stronger sea breeze and 71. near 80 hercules, castro valley and fremont. dublin and concord 91. brentwood 97. throw upper 80s holster, guillory, morgan hill. 70 watsonville, 73 santa cruz. you need the sunscreen at at&t park today. 12:45 first pitch, 65, warming up to 69 by the time the game ends. during the evening as 7:05,
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clear and 57 by the end of the game. 50s tonight, possibility of drizzle better along the coast tonight special there weekend when sea breeze kicks in. two to four december cooler from the coast continue land tomorrow, another two to eight degrees of cooling from the coast to inland saturday we'll hold steady through sunday, warming trend back to average monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week. we first reported this accident half an hour ago possible major problems for the commute heading southbound to the benicia bridge thanks to a traffic spotter. it was reported a complete standstill around that time. we sent sky 7 hd to the scene over the benicia bridge as you head southbound traffic is flowing. we heard reports of a police chase that did temporarily block all lanes heading to bat knee shah bridge.
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looks like everything is flowing well cars here looking good. i'm showing on the waeusz traffic maps we are not -- on the waze traffic maps we are not picking up any slowing. looks like the problem all cleared there. also northbound 880 still slow approaching 980 because of debris, 580 good alternate, great here at the bay bridge toll, summertime light. no problems either across the san mateo bridge just slowing in san jose north 101 because of an accident at mckey in the center divide. 6:20. a swimming pool shocker at the summer games. the cal bear who is bringing home the gold for team u.s.a.. he's giants' new
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you can seeñ/&ñfñ!ñx1q1q
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this afternoon the giants will try to gain a split in their four game series again the mets. last night the fans welcomed hunter with a standing ovation cain struggled but kept the giants in the game. giants deficit 2-opposey stacked 14th homer of the season to make it 2-1. giants couldn't get closer they lost. zito will start the finale first pitch 12:45. this morning uc berkeley
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celebrating one of the most dramatic races in olympic history. he shocked himself and the favorite australian by winning the 100 meter freestyle. pause for drama, by 1/100 of a second. it is adrian's first individual gold. he joins former cal star who was the last american to win the event at south korea olympics in 1988. >> if you win by 1/100 of a second you have to wonder if you know you won at that point. [ talking over each other ] still ahead, we are continuing to follow breaking news from stanford the search for a domestic violence suspect is now over we'll have an update. yesterday we told you the uc davis police officer at the center of a controversial pepper spray incident is out of a job. this morning we know the official reason. overnight accident on one of the east bay's main highways shutting tkufpb traffic on all lanes.
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>> reporter: is there room on bart for bikes? bart is going to experiment with this idea this month if you ride a bike or bart you need to know about in. we have the information, coming up. -- >> low 60s along the coast to upper 90s east bay valleys, around the country the warmest weather st. louis 101, dallas 10 , phoenix 104, everybody else -- 80s and 90s. all major airports and local regional airportsñ!ñcús
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very good morning to everyone thank you for joining us it is 6:30 on this thursday morning. we know you are getting ready to get out the door. take a second, just pause and take a look at your tv now is gorgeous the sun coming up and the fast moving clouds in the foreground this is from our sutro cam gorgeous way to start your day. good morning i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. and i'm eric thomas. mike, i expect you to cue the choir over that shot. >> looks like -- [ unintelligible ] live doppler showing clouds aren't dropping any moisture in fact, just cloudy at the coast now temperatures low to mid 50s partly sunny by 4:00,
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58 to 63. if you are hanging around the bay, a few clouds mid to upper 50s by noon mid 60s to mid 70s, spread 4:00, 71 to 81. inland mild now sun 50 up to 61, warm during your lunch hour, 78 to 86, by 4:00, we peaked still hot 83 on the low end and 93 on the high end. let's get a first look at traffic with frances. good morning. westbound 80 through berkeley getting more crowded injury crash reported westbound 80 as you head towards the hilltop off-ramp looks like it is on the off-ramp, i don't think that is going to cause too much slowing on the freeway itself. bay bridge toll plaza you can see metering lights on. fastrak lanes not backed up to west grand. not a bad wait.
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northbound 880 as you approach 980 a lot of vehicles to the fright earlier debris, traffic has recovered, moving close to 60 miles an hour. we have breaking news. we first brought this to you at 4:30. police realized a suspect for the second time this morning after he escaped custody on the stand ford campus. terry mcsweeney is live -- the stanford campus. terry mcsweeney is live. >> reporter: they had scott foster in handcuffs at 2:00 this morning, somehow he got out of the back of a squad car and spent four hours, somewhat in freedom, handcuffs still on 'em. this wrapped up 45 minutes ago. scotts to kerr, 37-years-old wasound -- scott foster, 37-years-old was found walking off campus. a palo alto police officer saw him, no doubt about it, here the guy in the t-shirt, blue
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jeans and handcuffs. he is now in custody he was taken into custody averagely 1:30 this morning on a domestic violence charge. he lives on campus, the son of a stand ford employee don't know his relationship -- of a stanford employee don't know his relationship with the university he lives with his father. he was arrested for killing his girlfriend's hair. police had him in custody originally in handcuffs he got way we talked to the chief about how it wrapped up. a palo alto police officer standing a perimeter in the area saw mr. foster walking out of prim -- perimeter thought he matched the description, othered he was wearing handcuffs. other officers responded to the area and scott surrendered without incident. >> reporter: he originally was
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facing possibly a domestic violence charge. might be a felony, might be a misdemeanor to be determined. now he's definitely facing escaping, which is a felony and evading arrest which is a misdemeanor. the one serious charge might be misdemeanor might be a felony is now far worse with the addition of a felony and misdemeanor. everything is back to normal on the stand ford campus with the 37 year -- on the 37-year-old scott foster. the warning is lifted and life can return to normal, the investigation will continue into how he got away from the police officers out of the
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back of that squad car. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 6:34. new this morning, all lanes of westbound highway 24 near orinda are open after a fatal accident involving a motorcycle. a motorcycle and vehicle collided before 2:00 this morning the motorcyclist was killed he may have been hit by another vehicle after the initial crash. authorities detained a person at the scene and an investigation is underway into what caused the accident. the westbound lanes were closed for about an hour. 6:35. this morning san jose police looking for shooters who wounded two men last night. police say the shooting happened before 8:third -- before 89:30. the victims suffered nonlife-threatening injuries -- their names have froth been released suspect got away. tomorrow bart will lift
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baena keeps bikes off trains at certain hours. amy hollyfield is live in berkeley to explain how it works. >> reporter: this is going to be a controversial one. we met bart ride others who say no way, leave the bikes at a station like this park them, do not take them on the trains. however, bart bike riders tell us they need to be able to take them on the bart trains to have a smooth commute. right now there's a bike blackout because the trains are so crowded. for the month of august only on fridays they are going to allow them all day to see how it goes this is an experiment to find out can bike and bart co-exist? >> [ unintelligible ] >> i don't know why bart doesn't have a train for bikes. what is the point of having a
6:36 am
great transit system like this when people who want to bike can >> reporter: this idea stars tomorrow, bart will be reaching out to riders to get their thoughts on how this is working throughout the month. they are asking for politeness during this trial period. they hope if bikers see a full i train they will wait until the next one. officials point out bikes are allowed on the new york subways, so why not here? amy hollyfield, abc7 news. our time is 6:37. this morning, we are leaning the uc davis fired police officer caught spraying students with pepper spray why he was fired. video of the incident in november sparked outrage across the country. as we reported yesterday uc davis confirmed lt. john pike no longer worked at the school. now the sacramento bee reports that uc davis police chief
6:37 am
carmichael chose to fire pike. the decision to end his employment came even though an internal affairs investigation concluded pike acted reasonably and should have only faced suspension. :38. time for a check of the weather. live doppler 7 hd dry no report of flight arrival delays into sfo, oakland or san jose. clouds thickest along the coast improving visibility a little. ebb and flow to the low clouds and fog this morning. don't be surprised if the visibility s if you are traveling a little of a distance to get to work or possibly school. jet stream well north once again high pressure dominating our weather, hottest inland today. mainly in the 50s through 7:00, even 40s up in the deepest valleys of the north bay. clouds back to the coast by
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noon, even pockets of sun starting to develop there with mid to upper 50s that san francisco, 60s around oakland and san rafael the rest of us 70s to 80s during the lunch hour, warmest around 2, 3:00. by 7:00, lower sun angle is going to cool off rapidly, 57 half moon bay upper 60s to low 70s around the bay 70s and 80s inland. the next three days changes are on the way. two to four degrees cooler tomorrow, two to eight degrees cooler from the coast continue land neighborhoods, saturday and sunday highs below average. we start off with a live shot in san jose. northbound 280 fine up towards cupertino this is highway 17 out of santa cruz mountains. several incidents, 17 northbound at the summit, minor delays through the area also north 101, a little sluggish in spots through san jose because of an earlier
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crash. at this point p no major hot spots, good news. here's a live shot of the san mateo bridge, westbound traffic flowing well drive time from 880 to 101, 14 minutes. bay bridge toll just a little beyond the end of the parking lot for the fastrak lanes. cash paying lanes less of a wait now. golden gate bridge low clouds fog and you can still see clearly across the span, no problems marin county into san francisco also no major mass transit delays reported. weekly job numbers are out. trading is underway on wall street. we have a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. first a live look at the big board dow is off now more than 80 points. first, close call. this morning we are learning about a near midair collision between three jets. the investigation is underway. caught on camera, would be robbers get more than they
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. coming up on 6:45 many 90s east bay valleys rest of inland neighborhoods in the
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80s 70s bay shore 60s along the coast into san francisco around the state live doppler quieter than the last couple of days heat is the word. 104 palm springs, 106 fresno top 100 yosemite and sacramento. tahoe 85, 80 in l.a., san diego 4. we want to thank some of the people helping raise thousands for foster children just by liking abc7 news on facebook. thanks to kristen v of san francisco, chris z of san francisco and genie w of vallejo. just like abc7 news on facebook and one dollar will be donated to the abc7 sleep train dream campaign.
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let's check in with amy for what is coming up on "good morning america". complete olympics wrap-up live from london, close are look at the fab five, american gymnast who grabbed gold and won america's hearts. we'll take you inside their lives with a closer look at how they became champions. this morning, there are questions about whether there were warnings signs before james holmes allegedly carried out the colorado movie massacre. abc news has learned the psychiatrist dr. fenton who was treating holmes at university of colorado was also a key member of the school's threat assessment team. denver affiliate kmgh reporting that by early june dr. son notified other members of the team about -- dr. fenton notified other members of the people about holmes behavior. the ph.d student told the university he was quitting. the large --
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>> i think that's a signal to intensify efforts not walk way under those circumstances, most well trained threat assessment teams would have gone into action. >> earlier this week the university of colorado chance already said he believed the officials at the school did everything they should have done. this morning, federal investigators looking into a very close call involving three us airways commuter jets at washington's reagan national. the three planes carrying a total of 192 people were seconds if from colliding in midair tuesday afternoon. officials say bad weather caused air traffic controllers to move the pattern of incoming planes. that information was not apparently passed along two outgoing flights were cleared towards the direction of an incoming jet. the planes reached their destinations safely. five masked men entering a
6:47 am
southern california jewelry store in an attempted robbery. watch what happens when the owner decides to fight back. this happened last thursday in garden grove. men walked in before closing, wearing masks and hoods some carrying pillowcases. the 60 few-year-old owner quickly reacted pulled a pistol and fired the gun. they could not get out of there more quickly. i don't mean to laugh, i know it is a serious situation. they left in that white ford suv. police say she acted appropriately. >> it is like a three stooges movie, i'm sorry. new report finds south bay has strongest job market in the country. the mercury news reports jobs related to high-tech and business investment are now in high demand and the surge is more widespread. according to the labor department, the number of jobs in silicon valley increased by 4% over the last fiscal year.
6:48 am
san francisco, san mateo marin market increased by 3.6%, east bay a little more than 1%. one of facebook's early investors says he's in it for the long term. >> jane king joins that and it is shaping up to be a tough morning. it is. interesting morning so far, very volatile. those numbers and what is behind that in a second going to be hearing a lot about jobs today and tomorrow. today we get the weekly numbers, they were a little better than what we expected. although they were up from the previous week. big monthly report for july comes out tomorrow many unemployment rate in san francisco, 8.3%. the lowest in the nation among big cities, bismarck, north dakota, 2.8%. highest in el centro, california almost 29%.
6:49 am
here's how wall street is shaping up this morning. we are , there's a press conference going on this morning -- we are lower, there's a press conference going on this morning, europe's financial leaders not offering a plan on how to deal with the debt crisis. bloomberg index trading slightly lower. facebook shares down more than 45% since the stock began as a publicly traded company in may. asia's rippest mantling reporters in hong kong his -- richest man telling reporters in hong kong he is not selling his facebook shares. yahoo being sued over hack attack may have affected half a million accounts. one user in new hampshire has filed a complain saying yahoo inadequately protected his personal information.
6:50 am
i'm jane king, bloomberg news. 6:50. mike joining us with another look at forecast. sfo has flight departure delays, 15 to 30 minutes. cooling trend is the big theme. wanted to make sure i got that breaking news to you first. 6:51 -- looking down on some of the clouds, it is dry this morning. as clouds just don't have enough moisture to create any issues this morning. 46 santa rosa for the cool spot, 60 antioch for the warm spot, rest of us upper 50s when you leave the house, low to mid 50s monterey bay afternoon sun except clouds around the coast, hottest inland again today, clouds around the bay even fog at the coast for tomorrow's morning commute, that will intensify
6:51 am
as the sea breeze does this weekend. we could have drizzle during the morning hours saturday and sunday. today, 91 concord, 83 in san jose, 67 in san francisco, we could jump one degree to 81 fremont, oakland 73, one degree warmer santa rosa, 85, five degrees warmer than yesterday. clouds around the bay shore and coast, most prevalent during the morning hours by 11:00 out of the bay by 12, sun develops at our beaches. 60s at the coast, 90s inland. east bay valleys low to upper 90s today. air conditioning weather once again. hercules, castro valley, fremont 80. rest of the bay shore 70s, berkeley 71. low to upper 80s tess to los gatos. -- mid to upper -- low 60s along the coast upper 60s downtown and south san francisco. north bay valleys, mid to upper 80s, 20 to 25° cooler at
6:52 am
beaches, monterey 65, low to mid 70s rest of the bay low to upper 80s holster, gilroy and morgan hill. games in the afternoon 12:45, sunny and 65, heading up to 69 by the name time the game ends at 3:15. evening game a's and rays, 57 by 9:00:35. starting tomorrow, -- less -- warmest areas low 90s mid 80s inland for saturday and sunday. mid 70s around the bay, fives at the coast temperatures below average. live picture from sky 7 over house fire reported in san mateo somewhere near 40th or on 40th avenue looks like the fire is out, don't see
6:53 am
smoke. fire trucks still at the scene lanes could be blocked in the area. 40th avenue in san mateo we'll bring more information as we get it. in the south bay morgan hill up towards san jose traffic slows 31 miles an hour because of an accident at dunn in the center divide dive time from monterey to highway 85, 24 minutes. capital -- capital core door 40 minute lanes on twain 521. -- slow through the altamont pass, 25 minutes from the altamont pass to 680. westbound across the san mateo bridge crowded because of a new stall westbound near the highrise heavy traffic reported by a traffic spotter five minutes ago. looks like it is blocking a lane towards foster city, we'll keep track of that as well. as we get ready to hand things off to
6:54 am
"good morning america" here are five things to know buff go: number one, an hour ago palo alto police rearrested a domestic violence suspect who escaped from police this morning. scott foster was being booked by police after 2 a.m. and managed to get away while still wearing handcuffs. bicyclists who ride bart will be able to take their wheels onboard starting tomorrow. existing bike restrictions monday through thursday will not change. >> number three, northbound lanes of i-5 are open north of reading after a raging wildfire closed it for several hours. the fire is burning near mount shasta, 20% contained. one billing has been destroyed. 100 other billings are threatened. 12:45 this afternoon, barry zito will take the mound as giants try gain a split in their four game series with the mets.
6:55 am
giants still hold a lead. number five, vanna white will be in oakland today as part of the rebuilding together program. a joint effort between wheel of fortune and maxwell house to help revitalize neighborhoods. she will talk about the money raised and help plant a garden. now mike tells us we will have sun on this cloudy day. good morning. dry live doppler 7 hd a few flight departure delays out of sfo, oakland and san jose doing fine. mild 71 to warm 81 around the bay. if you are inland hopefully you can find relief from the heat. we could be as cool as 84, as hot as 97. we'll start off with a check of the bay bridge toll, summertime light, metering lights on.
6:56 am
it looks like the slow spot now is westbound 92 heading across the san mateo bridge. there's the picture, sorry it is sideways, several people reporting heavy approaching the highrise with a stall blocking the right lane. thanks for watching. that is going to do it for this edition of the abc7 morning news. don't forget to download our new alarm clock app for your iphone. wake up to latest headlines, weather and traffic information right on your phone. >> mike himself.
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good morning, america. this morning, team usa gets its gold. missy franklin, allison schmitt do it again. america's swimming sweethearts taking home their second gold. and watch this. 0.01 of a second meant gold in in the 100 free for nathan adrian. in the 100 meter free. and redemption in menace jim mastics as danell leyva takes bronze in the all-around. and breaking overnight, a terrifying near miss over washington. >> we have to get on the ground here pretty quick. >> three commuter jets coming within seconds of a massive collision.


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