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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 2, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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stranger with a gun. police searched all four floors and some were taken outside and no arrests were made. >> a 27-year-old parole josha james benton will be booked following a manhunt in santa clara. police responded to a call at 4:30 and first called this an attempted murder. after talking to the victim police say it was domestic violence-related. by that time, benson had run to a friend's house and a shelter in place was put into affect. >> there is an update on a story we brought you yesterday. police located a statue stolen from a church. investigators found the missing statue not far from some mary of siri catholic
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church. they received a tip and police say the statue was wrapped up and still no word on who might have taken the statue. >> attention cyclists. bart is rolling out an experiment and many are less than thrilled. there is this bart train carrying people into san francisco just before 8:00 this morning. now, imagine adding bikes to the mix. >> to is this is sometimes very crowded and there is not room for passengers to ride, or stand. >> right now, bikes are banned from bart during morning and afternoon commutes. there are stations for people to park before boarding train buzz some say they've skipped bart because of the ban. >> i don't know why bart doesn't are a separate train for bikes. and what is the point of
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having a great transit system like this if people that want to bike, can't? >> officials realize it makes a commute tough for bicyclists so they're going to try an experiment, allowing bikes on trains on fridays of the month at any hour of the day, then, they'll see what people think. this is clear some do not like bikes on the train. >> people just leave and they're falling and hitting people. it's kind of anowing. >> alley sullivan says she realizes they're bulky and dirty and trains are crowded and she's holding out hope for a solution. >> i understand. if there is something that could be designed to accommodate bikes better together that would be spectacular. >> this program starts tomorrow, members will be
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handing them out and it explains a pilot program tells you how to get bart feed back. >> there is other ways to get bike as cross the bay bridge. during commute hours caltrans bikes up bikers and drops them off in san francisco. there is a service taking them back to the east bay. cyclists travel in van autos commuters traveling between vallejo and san francisco have been facing problems and commute runs cancelled. this morningment were stranded again after one boat stopped running. there is a ferry operator couldn't find spare buses to get riders where they needed to go. and. >> over several months there are a few boats available.
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there have been boats undergoing a mid life refurbishment. now, they're operating three boats without back up. >> this fall a web site will go up providing better information and commuters should be able to get text alerts to make plans. >> and deadline for last night. the field is smaller and organizers promising it will be a huge event for san francisco. mark matthews has details, mark? >> there is outside of pier 23. this place where we are, new america's cup headquarters, this will be the hub of the activity for america's cup this, is how organizers are selling the show. lots of action, excitement. all they need is an audience. >> this is a reality.
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>> the ceo is confident and this last race was tell yaft on television. improvements being made which will be the hub of the event. >> there this is not counting exhibitions and the shopping mall. during races all of the teams will be camped out on piers 30, 32 right next to red's java hut. they're putting up a fence between them. and barkley says smaller boats race for four days off the marina green. >> this is about a main event which is next year. >> only four challengers for
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the main. >> i vent next year there are teams in with the home team, organizers say this will be a billion dollar benefit to the region. >> and i'm confident it's in the ballpark of where it was reported to be. >> raising a big audience is a new concept. and in all of the coverage i haven't seen a tv lifting for olympic sailing. >> and there is olympic sailing. teams expected to come and didn't make it were french team, team from china and a swiss team that had the america's cup before larry ellison took it away from them.
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and there is a big reason why there aren't more teams, at 6:00. >> and tear talking about 12-16 teams now, four challengers. >> spencer christian is here to check weather. >> there is a wide range of temperatures from 50s on the coast to low 90s inland this, evening, mainly clear skies and there is fog back on the coast. temperatures up to 80s inland loks there is sunny skies and temperatures raininging from 50s to about 60s tomorrow after the noon. sunny skies, warm, but not hot. and there are upper 50s to low 90s.
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and there will be further hot weather coming our way. >> still ahead why getting paid sick leave could make you less likely to get hurt on the job. >> and why one yahoo user is suing the company. that story and more on the bloomberg after the bell report. >> and there is high tech remote that's do a lot more than just change channels. >> there is checking downtown san francisco, giants playing a day game so that messes everything up. it's the crawl heading left to right the lower deck of the bay bridge. better for folks heading towards the peninsula. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues in just a moment. [ male announcer ]ñx1q1q in your marriage, is this a typical conversation?
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i'm making prime rib for our -- mm-hmm. [ male announcer ] a typical friday night? [ snoring ] it feels like i'm married to espn. [ male announcer ] then this wednesday... yohave come here to bring excitement back into your marriage. [ male announcer ]'s time for a little hope. ♪ but you got to keep your head up, oh ♪ [ male announcer ] meryl streep, tommy lee jones, steve carell. i got us champagne. you did? how did that go? oh! it was good. [ both laugh ]
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[ male announcer ] "hope springs." rated pg-13. checking healthy living news employees who get paid sick leave are less likely to be hurt on the job. people who work in industries with high rates of injuries suffer fewer injuries while on the job. they're also healthier oversaul. -- call. the cdc believes people with paid sick leave take time off to get better instead of showing up sick and risking on the job hazards. >> and researchers at ucsf found that the less sleep you get, less effective vaccines are in the body. doctors found people who slept less than six hours per night were less likely to build antibody responses to
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vaccinations and found people 11 and a half times more likely to be unpredetectived and recommend getting enough sleep at night. >> there is a warning for million who's take natural vit minutes. complications from taking supplements may pose serious health risks and even death. consumer reports investigated safety of the supplements and found 115 people died and 10,000 people suffered complications mixing supplement was other prescription drugs. and some got sick after overdosing on certain vitamins. >> on to business news there are updates on a controversial cyber security bill we've been telling you about and why one viewer is suing the company. we're live with today's after the bell report. >> good afternoon. linked dgs n sails shooting up
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nearly 90% and linkn boosting it's forecast. the larnlest professional receipt net work reporting sales rose to $228 million. linkedn seeing sales from hiring services and there is a listen to what afendale partner had to say about that. >> we're seeing more and more individuals use mobile for recruiting. and that is taking share away from other companies that are not really moving as aggressively in that direction. >> and could we see a facebook brain drain? three senior employees are leaving the social network just a month after officer brett tailor left the company.
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facebook dropped no another record low, finishing the day down 4% and remember that hacking incident in yahoo? 450,000 user sames were stolen last month. one yahoo user claiming his credentials were posted online is suing the company and saying sales added to protect his personal information. >> there is a supporters failed to get votes to break a filibuster in the senate. it may be brought up again but that is not expected for a while. congress heading on a month-long august recess. would it have established optional standards for companies to meet to guardians attacks. and there are stocks fell as
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they failed to reassure investors about how officials will fix the economy. the bloomberg silicon valley index closing in the red. and you tube doubling down on the big bet spending $200 million to market dozens of channels from celebrities like jay-z and amy pohler but the fact it through $100 million hollywood's way certainly raises the stakes. >> there is not hot weather coming our way. >> that is right. we've got not hot weather coming up. it's going to be cool some spots.
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there is sutro tower and a lot of fog at the coast. there are areas along coast of the coastline with breaks from golden gate south ward there is a foggy coast. it's hot inland this, may be the last day of truly hot weather. there is nearly a 40 degree range between current temperatures and highs -- current readings in antioch, livermore and fairfield. areas of fog tonight, cooler days inland and there are
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water vapor showing an interesting development here, there is moisture movering up from our south bringing some not only moisture but high clouds and this is going to factor into weather. high clouds and associated moisture will feed into possibility of thunderstorms in the sierra. there is a good chance of thunderstorms. there is a fire weather watch because of the possibility of strikes thain includes lake tahoe area from saturday afternoon to evening. there are winds and these contribute to increased risk of fire. there is low temperatures into mid-50s and mild overnight period like pattern we've had last couple weeks.
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and tomorrow, low to mid-80s. on the peninsula, highs into 70s. there is only upper 50s on the coast. there is up in the north bay, mild with you but not very warm, highs up yir 70s to mid-80s. and there is inland east bay highs into mid to upper 80s and low 90s in antioch here is the accu-weather forecast. there is mid-70s around the bay. upper 50 to 60s on the coast. there is no sharp rise in temperatures. >> there is next, actor collin
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farrell gets ready to debut in a role made fame by arnold schwartzeneggar. >> and ipo that is not living up to its hype. >> 4:21 is your time. let's take a look at your time. if you're paying cash you're waiting just a while. stay with us
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beyonce joins a new humanitarian effort. >> ask this is today's entertainment report from on the red carpet. >> and now, collin farrell is taking his turn at the thriller, we caught up with him at the hollywood premier last night. and he says the remake had to have its own thrill for obvious reasons. >> god knows the man cast a big shaddo little me would have failed miserably. >> beyonce is using star power
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for good, teeming up with united nations on a global humanitarian campaign to encourage people to get involved and will shoot a music video that will premier on world humanitarian day. now, actor cuba gooding junior expected to face a judge on battery charges. and we heard the bartender who claims he pushed her will be dropping charges. gooding's publicist called the ordeal a misunderstanding. >> coming up at 4:00 a near disaster in the skies. officials want to know why three planes came close to one another. >> and i can't make it. >> california hiker hangs on to a ledge for days and prepares to say goodbye to his family, then a dramatic rescue. >> there is a woman telling
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her story of abuse by the founder of
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today marks five years to the day when oakland journalist chauncey bailey was murdered, shot and killed
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while walking to work in downtown oakland by members of your black muslim bakery. he was working on a story about the baker's finances and several members of the bakery were arrested and convicted of killing him. >> a woman known as jane doe one has come forward to tell her story of rape and abuse by your black muslim bakery leader. is he she's is he decided to step forward to help other children trapped in similar situations. and nick smith is live with the story. >> i'm only feet away from where chancey bailey was murdered and killed by a masked gunman because he was investigating a north oakland business and its leader. now, the woman who says she was abused is speaking out using the anniversary of his death as her laumpbling pad to advocate for those who have been a victim after bus. take a look.
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her name is, she's known as jane doe number one. with the help of our media partners the 44-year-old shared how her testimony led to criminal charges being filed against the leader and founder of the popular bakery. she told police that bey fathered three of her children, getting her pregnant at age 12. in 198 she escaped with her children. >> i said i'm going to tell you something i'm sure no one else has told you. he said what is that? i said, sir are a rapist and child molester. let me tell what you i'm going to do to you first. first i'm going to the police and i'm going to press charges against you, then, when i'm done i'm going to sue ask you take all of your money. he knew from that day forth it
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was over for him. >> and the now defunct bakery's signs are faded. she was able to prove with dna evidence. >> nothing happened to him. he lived a very good life until the day he died. >> now, he died in the hospital before facing trial. records revealed he fathered 40 children, calling up to 100 women his wives, she is a born again christian has been married 18 years and has become an advocate for abuse. she's writing a book about her life and time at the bakery. >> thank you. >> a domestic violence suspect escaping from police is back under arrest right now. the 37-year-old was caught near embarcadero road around
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5:45 this morning and arrested earlier, somehow escaping from their custody. police warned people to lock doors and windows while he was on the lose. they say he's the son of a stanford employee and lives on campus. >> there are police looking for two inmates who escaped from jail. a spokesman says a 42-year-old and 22-year-old got way on foot. the men are considered dangerous. if you have information call police. >> at least one person is dead after a double dker bus slammed into a concrete overpass traveling from chicago to kansas city whit crashed this mosh morning about 55 miles north of st. louis. there are 81 passengers on
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board and there are dozens injured. police say a blown tire caused it to hit the overpass. >> there is abc news learned a psychiatrist expressed concerns about james holmes weeks before the shooting in colorado. discovering the doctor that treated holmes while' tended graduate school and she warned other members of the school threat assessment team about holmes but the team took no action because he quit the phd program in june. experts say the exit should have been a red flag. >> that is a is a signal to intensify efforts. under those circumstances most well trained threat assessment teams would have gone into action. >> he says he believes the school has done everything koit have done. >> a santa barbara man clung
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to a sierra hillside for two days and nights. he wasn't sure he was going to make ate live. and that is a on the second day his body started to slide he thought he was a goner, he started to write a goodbye note to the family. >> i basically hoped i had this stamina to bear the pain and hang on. >> and 52 hours later a team repelled down the cliff waiting helicopter and lifted him to safety. >> that is incredible. >> there is a near miss over skies of washington, d.c.. there ae are three jets flying too close to one another. >> a near mid air disaster when three commuter jets
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flying for u.s. airways were taking off and landing in washington, d.c.. to avoid a approaching storm air traffic controllers in virginia changed direction of planes but the washington post reports the information was pass add long, they didn't communicate to other parties. two planes were sent into the path of nornl flight landing. >> this is pretty rare. usually no changes are made for other airports without everybody being on the same page. >> tower controllers saw the mistake turning one flight south, just 12 seconds from possible impact. >> there is a in all 200
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passengers aboard the jets. overnight, faa confirmed the near miss saying it will take appropriate action to address this miscommunication. and u.s. airways saying safety is the top priority. >> that is a a big controversy turned into profits for chick-fil-a. the appreciation day set a sales record for the chain. the vp of marketing will not release exact numbers people said they wanted to support the owner of the company who came under fire for voicing his opposition to same-sex marriage. tomorrow, supporters of same-sex marriage say they'll protest and by showing up and hising. >> and why the mom of michael
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jackson says she zrnt a working telephone or television for days. >> and i'm michael finney. remote controls change more than just channels. the fee fewers -- features now available. are they worth the price? >> this is a view from mount tam looking at approaching marine layer. there is cooler weather on the way. i'll have the forecast coming up. >> there is the goden gate bridge just hanging there. and smooth sailing for commute qlerers into san francisco. stay with us. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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here is a look at what is trending on twitter. l is today's giants game, which i'll tell you did not go well for the home team and $800 for an iphone? rumors that put the iphone 5 will cost. you can follow us on twitter. >> and there is some answers in the disappearance of michael jackson's mother. according to court documents she was kept from communicating with outsiders while at a resort. she did not have access to her ep phone or ipad and tv in the room didn't work and this is
4:39 pm
despite asking employees to fix it. she caught a glimpse of a tv report. during the disappearance a judge granted her grandson tj, custody of the children. >> this role is that she's been a phenomenal guardian for the children. >> a court aloud her to regain partial custody of the kids. >> this is never too early to start looking ahead to weekend weather. >> there is wednesday, thursday, we start into that direction. >> and now, there are changes coming our way. this is what we call our summer spread that will be in effect tomorrow, and there is temperatures of about 57 degrees tomorrow with fog at
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the coast. moving inland we'll see highs in brentwood of 93 degrees so that is our summer spread. now, taking a look at this weekend there is a in the sierra, sunny skies tomorrow and there is a chance of thunderstorms over the weekend. so there are thunderstorms chances here saturday, and sunday, high temperatures into low 80s and a high fire risk because of the possibility of lightning. there is yosemite, a chance of showers there on saturday. in southern california there is partly cloudy skies to mainly sunny skies, highs into 70s so there is a pleasant
4:41 pm
weekend if you're traveling that way. >> and there is a dance helping to change lives of young people. >> and this is a world wide phenomenon. >> and with new technology comes changes to remote controls. there is a look at top remotes. do they make watching tv easier? >> no. no. >> and there
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oakland biggest festival of the year is this weekend with 50 bands on five stages and a dance battle with bay area's best street dancers. and abc 7 joins us now with more on a young film maker and some dancers this, is great stuff. >> this is something spread around the world. and with help from a video that went viral, changing
4:45 pm
their lives. >> there is a dancing in the rain is a tribute to a brother of a dancer killed in a car accident. >> there are things that caught on. it looked raw and unrehearsed. >> can and it's up to 82 million today, launching the career of his company, yak films. there is a way to document street dance to let them express themselves in a way that is unique, and original. >> and there is apparent.
4:46 pm
>> we don't only taste food but engage young people, film videos and change perspective of the neighborhood. >> and he says he found these moves on russian tv. >> to see people who we never met connect with us, it's a part of being human. >> and when there is a dance competition there is a bigger message. >> just showing youth aren't just about violence and about drug dealing. >> and there are people responding and playing with them.
4:47 pm
and this will be on saturday afternoon and night. it's a showcase of diversity. we have links on our web site. >> and is life changing. >> absolutely. they're now on looking at global perspective. there they are as he indicated shing there is a everything originating in oakland. and this is an amazing phenomenon. >> they're going saturday night and first time they're going to have lots of music.
4:48 pm
so a lot of things going on thisweekend saturday and sunday. >> so can you remember last time you got up and pressed a tv button? >> is this an age joke? >> there is mike black and with white? >> there is new technology coming changes in their remote controls. consumer reports tested top remotes to see if they can make watching tv better or easier. >> there are remote could be
4:49 pm
controls with smart tvs. there is this one like a wand. it moves the screen to navigate but it's not perfect. >> this does make it harder to do normal functions or change input. >> and there is voice recognition. >> consumer reports. >> and it's not fine for regular tv viewing. this panna sonic comes with a pra tra decisional remote and one that performs tasks like volume and channel changing and a touch pad. >> secondary remote does look cool, it is not universal. >> samsung says it can be used
4:50 pm
as a universal remote. consumer reports finds they make something more difficult like turning up volume. >> and do they make watching television easier? >> they're designed to help you do searches and surf the web. >> if just trying to catch latest episode of "madmen" you're better off with the old meem yot. >> and after these remotes shine krorts says these have some kinks you can expect to see more in the future, advice is that there is a getting better every day. >> there is almost you need a
4:51 pm
remote to control another remote. >> big thanks to people taking part in abc 7 sleep train campaign. there are new friends with jenny. you can help make a difference just like abc 7 news and $1 gets donated to the campaign. >> still ahead at 4:00 sad news involving a popular rez denlt at monterey bay aquarium. >> and would you buy a tech device that is studded with diamonds? >> and there is a suspect's young son playing with a gun.
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>> tonight on world news alleged terror plot unfolding. we asked were they planning to fly in on paragliders. and an 82-year-old nun scaling wall noodz a nuclear site and sl is a win at the olympics tonight. what truly happened in the blink
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monterey bay aquarium announced the death of joy, the otter, she had a blonde head. she got the name super mom because she raised 16 stranded sea otter pupz. and she was 14 years old, dying of old age. >> with explosion in touch
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screen devices the computer mouse may seem like it's becoming a devalued tech device. not this one. there is called a perfect gift for a wedding anniversary. the designs can come customized and the mouse is the same bought at stores just blinged out. >> there and thanks for joining us. we want to remind but our new alarm clock app you can down road for free. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> there ipo not live lg up to its hype. why facebook is proving to be a big disappointment in california and a disturbing gun toting child picture police found. >> there is cooler patterns
4:57 pm
unfolding for weekend plans. temperatures are coming up. >> feeng, facebook plunging stock now sinking california's hopes. >> and there is governor brown hoping the state would get tax revenue and shares opened today but look what happened today. they dipped below $20. and abc 7 news is joining us from the capitol. >> there is a huge problem. there is it could mean facebook isn't the state budget save yoer after all nchl a stunning fall since ipo, there are a record low
4:58 pm
compared to the opening tis of $38 on day one. wall street concerned about the expenses and whether it can grow or hang on to, users given how walk ward sit to use. >> there are concerns there could be quser loss or hot as rapid as it grows on facebook due tolt clunk glees of using it in a setting. >> this year's budget relies on the stock price. there is about a billion and a half dollars in the treasury. >> there is republicans sounding larmz saying you cannot put a spending plan together that relies on the
4:59 pm
whimz of the stock market. >> this is not the time to be looking at revenue that is phantom. >> the brown administration says there is plenty of time to regain ground. and is eyeing november when they have to pay a tax. >> there is a is critics saying they should brace them self autos we'll take a look at cuts by the end of the year. >> there is a budget is that does not account for gains tax when shares are sold at a profit. that could boost state coffers. >> there is


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