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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  August 5, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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details coming up. a man shot several times by police is hospitalized this morning in san francisco. the incident started 6:30 last night police got a call a man was waving around a hand gun in the projects, that's when police stepped in. residents told abc7 news off camera, they heard five shots after police warned the man to stop. >> they kept hearing him say stop, police, he turns on the officers, produces a handgun, black and silver the officer fearing for his safety discharges his weapon, strikes the subject. >> is hekay? >> the unidentified man was shot a number of times in stable condition at san francisco general. the officer involved was not hurt. this morning, san francisco police investigating a shooting in the western addition that left one person injured at the buchanan street mall about 11:00 last night that mall is at buchanan and turk streets
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police cordoned off the area to con their investigation. the circumstances and condition of the victim have not been released. more details as they become available. authorities in the central valley ton of patterson are trying to figure out whose bodies were found this weekend bound and shot to death along a rural road, 30 miles south of tracy along i-5, two bodies were found yesterday at 7:00 in the morning. investigators say they won't be able to release any details until they can at least identify the two victims. this morning vallejo police investigating a triple shooting at a house party. investigators say it started as a drive-by shooting 5:30 last evening people at the partied fired back none of the injuries considered life-threatening. the man accused of shooting and seriously injuring arizona congresswoman
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gabrielle giffords and kill wounding several people is expected to plead guilty this week. in exchange for a sentence of life in prison. mental health officials believe the 23-year-old is competent to understand the charges against him. the assault killed six and injured 13. in the wake of the shooting massacre at the movie theater in colorado, a california bill seeks to close a loophole in the assault weapons law. attorney general harris and leland lee of san francisco are seeking the change. -- a teenager from monterey county who has been the subject of an amber alert for a week has turned herself in, as has her boyfriend. the two surrendered yesterday in san diego county. the 16-year-old disappeared eight days ago from her home
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20 miles southeast of king city. two men were found inside that home shot to death. her boyfriend, 19-year-old juan salazar, jr. is one of the suspects in the double murder. in santa cruz county firefighters are keeping watch on a seven acre fire that is fully contained to make sure it does not flare-up today. it broke out yesterday morning west of los gatos. sky 7 h tkwarbgs over the scene the fire raced through a rural area -- threatening more than 200 homes. a couple was ready to evacuate they lived a mile from the fire. >> we could see flames and we started to think about what was important and what wasn't. started packing. >> we hooked the computers, decided to look for photographs that were hard copies and put the cats away. >> just as the beckers were about to leave calfire declared it under control.
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wildfire in national forest 100% contained crews mopping up the 1,000 fire. all road restrictions in the area were lifted yesterday evening one of several fires burning around the state. a 60 acre wildfire is now 0% contained. crews pulled back yesterday because of safety concerns. in riverside county, fire now 95% contained. in san onofre county 150 acre -- in san louis obispo county, 150 acre fire contained. statewide, 10 wildfires have destroyed 100 buildings half homes. officials don't have an exact count. manhunt on for possible arsonist after witnesses
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reported seeing a man tossing burning newspapers out of the window. are you a thrill seeker? six flags officials in vallejo say they are about to reopen the superman rollercoaster got stuck sky high last weekend. >> why southwest airline is issuing big refunds and
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southwest airlines officials promising refunds to customers who were mistakenly over charged in a promotion frenzy. 50% off round trip on specific dates to loyal customers. the promotion was to celebrate the airline reaching three million fans on facebook. some customers were charged again and again and again on their credit cards. >> all hands on deck making sure that we identify the problem and that we work towards a solution. if a customer was charged overdraft fees through their banks, we will refund that. >> some people were charged 30 times for that flight. drivers on the
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benicia-martinez bridge are going to notice changes. fastrak and left will be closed daily from 8 p.m. until noon. closure began last night runs through friday august 10th. fastrak-only will be shifted to the single lane far left bypasses the toll plaza normally reserved for buses and carpools. lanes will be closed so crews can install a new toll system. superman is expected to return at six flags in vallejo today. last sunday this was the scene. the ride had a glitch and stranded a dozen people, 1 five fight in the air almost two hours. -- 150 feet in the air almost two hours, nobody was hurt, tests were performed, park officials nothing appears to be structurally wrong. they are confident the ride will be opening today. super woman is here now. it is going to get nice,
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lots of clouds, hour and 15 minute delays still at fo you can see plenty of low -- at sfo, you can see plenty of low clouds. 68 in antioch that warmth is working our way. i'll have the weekend forecast next. also, why nasa scientists say they excited and terrified at the same time about a planned mars landing, hours away. i'm a dancer. and until now, my feet showed it. [ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate healing foot cream. 7 penetrating moisturizers and vitamins, 'cause foot skin's 20 times thicker. this stuff really works.
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we are looking at a live picture from our emeryville camera when you look at the two bay bridges next to each other you see major difference the modern sleek design of the one on the right and the one who has carried us all these years on the left. also notice the clouds that's lisa's department. we'll leave it to her. powerful new explore heading towards mars. the cure rossi rover is preparing for a landing tonight spine fists are describing as seven minutes of terror.
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-- >> reporter: the ultimate mission to mars that tonight will have nasa holding its breath. as the 2.5 billion dollar mars science laboratory hits the planet's atmosphere at 13,000 miles per hour, scorching 3800 degrees before a supersonic parachute hits the brakes. then using a sky crane maneuver never tried before sophisticated rockets kick in designed to help lower the rover to a landing zone a galactic hole in one that requires perfect choreography and no margin for error. nasa describes it as seven minutes of terror, creating a universal hit with this dramatic viral video rivaling the best hollywood previews. >> if any one thing doesn't work just right, it is game >> reporter: mars has always been a fierce opponent of the nearly 40 missions only 15 succeeded, mars concorded the
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-- conquered rest. >> mars has been winning. this is the most challenging landing we've attempted. >> reporter: if curiosity can survive. >> i'm confident, emotionally ter find >> reporter: the rover will embark on a two year mission exploring for new clues about past or maybe present life on mars. >> we are exploring, we see a mountain we want to climb it. as scientists we want to answer the big question. >> reporter: observers may spot a jar of these in mission control tonight, peanuts. turns out it is a tradition to pass them and before a critical part of the mission. with so much on the line tonight, nobody wants to mess with tradition. clayton sandell, abc news, los angeles. >> the curiosity is scheduled to land tonight, 10:30 our time. we'll bring you live coverage on abc news at 6 and 11.
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and get information on under see it on tv. are you giving odds on the success of that mission or are you going to leave it to nasa? >> i'm going to leave it to them. but it is exciting. >> clouds beginning to lift that's exciting too. we are going to see a sunnier day today. it was gloomy yesterday as we head out now still nice from mount tam you can see the fog in the distance and beautiful picture here, still plenty clouds in marin county, going to take a couple hours to clear, 8:14 sunset, five mile visibility along the coast, half moon bay, breezy winds towards the delta, doppler shows how extensive this marine layer is our valleys are covered. we are looking at a little mist and drizzle along the coast. oakland misty conditions this morning, but it going to take
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another half hour for the fog to clear far east bay and through the rest of the morning and midday clearing elsewhere. take a look at wrap around effect from this moisture from reno western nevada to the north eastern portion of california we are looking at thunderstorms in fact, lightning around crescent city in the last hour still very dangerous conditions with the red flag warning north and east of the bay. it has been dropped for the sierra nevada, always dry conditions this time of year. 60 oakland, upper 60s antioch, the breeze in fairfield, 65, sunny all morning long. elsewhere even with cloud cover, mild this morning. waking up to the upper 50s and 60s has allowed for a degree to seven degrees of warming since this time yesterday. once we clear and that sea breeze kicks in it is going to feel good. cloudy and mild this morning, with warmer temperatures by five degrees today and the afternoon clearing more like
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peninsula, marin county, coastline, partial clearing. we are warming up a little today, as much as five to seven degrees of warming tomorrow we are not stopping there. there's the low pressure that continues to lift north and east still allowing for rumbles of thunder in parts of the state this is what is to come very hot air mass headed our way not only for the week ahead looks like into next weekend for inland valleys comfortable at the coast red flag warning until 5:00 for dry lightning from western nevada to northern california we are still looking at dangerous conditions through the rest of the evening. in terms of the forecast back home, 90 sacramento, 100 fresno. warm in vegas 105 this. oakland sunshine with mid 60s for the 1:00 hour. by 4:00 you should be about 70° there. beautiful day into the east
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bay. back home looking at numbers across the bay from the mid 70s for the fremont festival, renaissance faire in san jose, 78. couple things going on in the city, sunnier, milder, mid 60s couple degrees below average, 84 gilroy. look for temperatures to continue to warm tomorrow getting hot inland by tuesday and we're looking at maybe temperatures near 100 thursday and friday. very nice at the coast. if your plans were to go to vallejo nice and toasty today. >> yes. >> we just got word that the superman ride is up and running. >> 70s there. >> all is well, 70s, all right, thanks very much. in sports in afternoon giants and lincecum at the mound as the team goes for a sweep in colorado. last night giants had offensive lotion. highlights. -- good morning before heading to colorado the giants
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loss seven of their last eight, against rockies they may have rediscovered mojo. fans got a rocky mountain high out of this contest. pose continues his hitting two-run shot -- batting 471. in the third the milk man delivers solo bomb off francis, 11th of the season for milky. bumgarner looks laid one run over six innings struck out seven. pagan going four for six which included this homerun of the 9th out of here, giants win 11-6 over last two games, 33 hits and scored 27 runs. at the coliseum weeks was doing a little pr work before the contest. griffin had to leave in the second after tightness in his right shoulder no word on how serious. jay's threatens in the second, throw home is in time to nail
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sierra. oakland took a 1-0 lead rookie catcher norris drives in ing. like friday, cook gives up a game tying homerun in the 9th to cooper in 11 edwin tries to throw third, toronto takes the lead, blue jays tack on one more to make the final 3-1 that is sports for a sunday morning. i'm rick kwan see you tonight at 5:00. right now we want to thank some people helping raise thousands for foster children by liking abc7 news on facebook. kim b from fremont, steve t san francisco and dee dee p from oakland. just like abc7 news on base book, one dollar will be donated to -- on facebook, one
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dollar will be donated to the sleep train dream campaign. >> next, dead heads converge today on a san francisco ampitheater that bear the james of jerry
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here are the winning numbers from last night's nine million dollar super lotto plus drawing: nobody got 'em all. wednesday night's jackpot estimated at 10 million dollars. >> 10th annual gerry-day festival at the jerry garcia ampitheater to honor the grateful dead leader. his followers are loyal sure bet they there there starting at 11:30 had this morning. he would have been 70 on august 1st. i wonder what kind of music he would have been playing now?
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>> midday clearing for san francisco, you will be getting in on a partly cloudy sky by that time, 70 in oakland today, upper 70s in jay holo80s inland valleys, sunny day in santa cruz much warmer weather on the way throughout week even next weekend. >> thanks for joining us. next newscast at 5 p.m.. we are off early today because of indy car racing, coming up next. i don't know if lisa has a projection on that she has put a lot of
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plus, global data for just $25. only from verizon. the following is a special presentation of espn on abc. for over 50 years the rolling hills around north central ohio have produced some of the best road racing in history. all form of motorsports has competed here. and some of the best viewing vistas here. historic mid-ohio sports car course for the 29th time, bringing them with an international competition worthy of olympic status. lexington, ohio, home to one of america's storied road racing
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courses. for over 50 years, this technical race has waged classic call battles. today, a new battle will take place as stars of izod series will continue their final run to the championship. early on, the moment was carried by aussie will power, winning three races in a row. then ryan hunter-reay ree peted the same feat mid-season. now helio castroneves coming off a perfect race in ed monton. >> win number three at st. petersburg. >> with four races remaining we're in a dog fight. the road to a championship rolls through the hills of ohio. next. inside, inside snmplt


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